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Keep calm and run fast. The second ESL Kick-Off Cup is today!

  • Today
  • 5PM CET
  • Over 170 sign-ups already
  • All regions welcome

    edit - congrats to our French player mattress itch!
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We've decided to see what happens if we allow all regions to compete in today's kick-off cup. The prize is an in-game trail and the purpose of the cup is to see how the rules workout.

Sign Up Here - 100 people signed up so far!

Matches start at 5pm CET (3.5 hours after this message posted)

Remember to enable Steam Broadcasting or to at least save your replays. We will be featuring the best Youtube videos that come out of this.

May the speed be with you my friends

Edit: Over 80 people showed tonight, which I consider a huge success!

Congratulations Metanet01 for taking the first trail in this Kick-Off. If anyone has videos recorded - share them here, we will feature them through the week.

Replay of the finals (thanks DistinctMadness!) - twitch replay
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YOU GUYS, this is finally happening! Together with ESL, we are officially kicking off the Go4 SpeedRunners Europe series with some serious cash prizes involved!

Until end of year there will be 7 cups, including 3 kick-off cups and 4 Go4 series cups.

Official links:

Upcoming Kick-Off Cups:

On every Sunday at 17:00 CET in November we will host one Kick Off Cup for all European players. The goal of the Kick Off Cups is to finalize the rule book together with you, the community. We want to start the Go4 Series in December with the best possible rule set we can have. To make the competition even more attractive the winner of each tournament will get an in-game trail similar to this one:

  • Nov 15th - 17:00 CET
    1on1 Kick Off Cup #1 Europe - Sign Up

  • Nov 22nd - 17:00 CET
    1on1 Kick Off Cup #2 Europe - Sign Up

  • Nov 29th - 17:00 CET
    1on1 Kick Off Cup #3 Europe - Sign Up

Upcoming Go4 Cups:

The Go4SpeedRunners Series is free for everyone and all players can sign up for it. Each week we will have one tournament, where you can earn points to qualify for the Monthly Final. On every Sunday players, who win at least one match, will receive points and the winner will receive an additional 50 EUR prize money.

The Monthly Final will take place at the beginning of each month. The final will consist of eight players who gathered the most points during the weekly cups. They will compete for a total prize money of 200 EUR, which is split between the first and second place.

On top of the cash prizes, we will send these 4 Golden Falcons (they're not real gold) to the winners of each Go4 Series tournament in December.

  • Dec 6th - 17:00 CET
    Go4SpeedRunners Cup #1 Europe - Sign Up

  • Dec 13th - 17:00 CET
    Go4SpeedRunners Cup #2 Europe - Sign Up

  • Dec 20th - 17:00 CET
    Go4SpeedRunners Cup #3 Europe - Sign Up

  • Dec 27th - 17:00 CET
    Go4SpeedRunners Cup #4 Europe - Sign Up

    Why Europe?

    Fear not, if this series takes off (which you can help us with by SIGNING UP!), we will expand into more territories. It's just much easier to manage for the studio being in Europe, and the ESL Summer Series was a good test to see how we ca pull it off.

    Again, don't miss the official announcement on ESL -
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It's time for a speedy resort! R45 adds artwork for Prototype 2 which is now known as Resort, overhauls the UI for game lobbies, and adds a ton of goodies!

You might notice the focus on replays. Now you can easier playback your favorite moments and share them as videos or GIFs! We're obviously preparing here for the competitive aspect of SpeedRunners and spectating matches.

Audio update:
  • Added new menu music track.
  • Updated game music tracks.
  • Added a bunch of new sound effects.

Huge update on replays:
  • Playback control, fast forward, rewind, slomo!
  • Overhauled the replay menu so it can handle more replays.
  • Note that old replays can't be played back anymore (we'll keep an old version of the game live for a while on the obsolete branch once this build is live, so you have some time to record videos of your old replays).

Overhauled the lobby:
  • Focus on making local games and friend invites easier.
  • The friend invite system has changed in that only friends can join whom you've sent an invite to.

Replaced the music player:
  • Starting music should not cause framelag anymore.
  • You don't need windows media player installed anymore.
  • For those who have +nomusic as a launch option, this may be the time to remove it.

Replaced the gamepad code:
  • More types of gamepads are now supported natively.
  • You should not need x360ce, Xpadder, Key2Joy and the likes anymore.

  • The "Prototype 2" level is now called "Resort" with all new art.
  • Added a Ukrainian translation.
  • Added mouse support for the in-game pause menu.
  • You can't use weapons the first 1,5 seconds in a round anymore, we need feedback on this one!
  • Bug fixes and optimizations all over the place.

What do you guys think of the new lobby UI?

Update - GJ posted a quick-fix yesterday to make sure there are no crashes. So far we're consistent with preventing them. Please post here or on the forum if you encounter any crashes.
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You know what you have to do.

*to anyone wanting to disable this, go to options
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Do you like Speed and Running?

Do you want to win A Golden Gamer Trophy?

You should probably check out Gfinity's SpeedRunners Golden Game Ladder.

  • Ladder runs until November 30th
  • Matches start today
  • Win subscription to Edge Magazine
  • Win the Golden Gamer Trophy

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The gang is throwing a Community Tournament this month! It's your chance to compete with some of the best SpeedRunners players around.

Announcement in the SpeedRunners Tournaments Group -

From that thread:

SpeedTime Community Tournament is finally here! Start Date: 26 October 2015

For those willing to join and participate the tournament here is the link:

So, this is how is going to work:


- Single player elimination
- Play as in ranked matches (items and lethal spikes)
- BO3: First player picks a map of his choice, the second player will also pick map of his own choice. The third map will be random. Note: Random workshop maps can only be voted once.


We will give away 4 games only for the winner! these games are:

Counter-Strike: Global offensive
Super Meat boy
Garry's Mod
Tomb Rider

Every game will be recorded by the Hosts: Randomness (me) and BordertheA

Organizers: RelinQ, Randomness, GraphiqueNez2 and BorderTheA

Feel Free to sign up!!!
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Hi everyone! Tom made this trailer today and I think it's awesome. Anyone doubting if they should try SpeedRunners out - just watch this trailer. Features the latest music, environments, weapons, feedback visuals and the anxiety that makes you want to punch the opponent through the internet :D
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Adam Smith)

Time for some freerunning. DoubleDutch’s SpeedRunners [official site] is a spiffy side-scrolling competitive platformer in which each player controls a superhero attempting to reach the scene of a crime ahead of his or her cohorts. It’s a game about running, dodging, jumping and – most importantly – swinging from a lovely grappling hook. It’s a splendid game, supporting local and online 2-4 player games, as well as solo play against bots. You can try it for free this weekend, starting now, and there’s a 67% discount should you wish to buy.

… [visit site to read more]

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Go play this game. Right now. Veteran players - get back into the game and enjoy the new scrubs :)

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