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Community Announcements - Casper van Est
I've just published a new update that allows you to create and share singleplayer levels, as well as multiplayer levels.

We're overwhelmed by the staggering amount of levels you guys have already made; if you keep going like this, we'll cross a thousand (!!) maps quite soon. A thousand! That's almost a hundred times more maps than we created ourselves!

Anyway, there are a lot of really cool maps out there already, but since there are so many new maps being created on a daily basis, discovery of quality content can become quite difficult. That's why, in this new build, we've also added a "most popular" list in the level select menu, so you can easily get in contact with hot new maps. You can even up/downvote those maps from within that same menu!

As always, enjoy these new updates!
Community Announcements - tinyBuild

Hi guys!

Welcome to the SpeedRunners Level Editor in r22! After a closed beta test, we are open for business with creating levels in the Workshop :)

Even more good news -- everyone who participated in the closed beta will be able to upload their locally stored levels to the Workshop! This post describes in-depth how to use the editor, both in video and text. Making SpeedRunners levels means a lot of work with lead detection, so please pay special attention to how to use that.

Video tutorial by Casper & Tom:


How to use the editor. Please read this carefully.

General controls:

Controls depend on which tool you have selected. For example, if you're in the tile tool, these controls will apply only to tiles, to objects, etc.

  • CTRL+Left Click = area select
  • Left Click & drag on corner of selected area = resize (applies to Volumes)
  • DELETE when area is selected = delete selected area
  • Hold CTRL while area selected = drag-copy the area
  • Right Click = bring up options
  • E and Q = switch between objects in a tool
  • "[" and "]" = switch layers
  • 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 = change brush size
  • ALT+left-click is delete, useful in the Tile tool to make tunnels

Specific tools:

[T] Tile Tool

This is used to create actual tiles. These are the things you run on. Most collidable objects are made with this tool. Useful to know is how to make slopes. Use E to get to a slope tile, and then press 1-9 (depending on the size you like) to scale it. Here using CTRL+Left Click is very useful to copy parts of slopes around. Remember that only white ceilings enable swinging, and they're part of the Tile Tool.

You can also use the Tile tool in background layers.

[O] Objects Tool

These are in-game objects. Let's run through them.

  • Item Pick-Up gives you a random pick-up, respawns on a timer
  • Falltile disappears on impact and doesn't respawn
  • Boostpad gives you boost, can be flipped
  • Box is a box. You stumble over it. It respawns.
  • - has skin variations in Right-Click menu
  • Spike kills you on impact.
  • - has orientation options in Right-Click menu
  • Rocket Launcher shoots rockets that kill on impact
  • Lasers spin around, make a great light show. Also kill.
  • - has rotation options in Right-Click menu
  • Gate is a gate that you can configure to do things with Triggers
  • - you can configure it's starting and end-angle in the Right-Click menu
  • The Trigger is the area which triggers your gate to rotate. Triggers are volumes you can resize.
  • - the TriggerID must match the gate you're trying to control

[G] Graphics

Each world has it's own set of visuals, and you have full access to them. Seriously. Here is where you want to learn to use Layers (shortcuts "[" and "]").

You can replicate the visuals of any level in SpeedRunners with this tool. Drag around, scale, place objects on different layers.

[C] Checkpoints

Controls: place around with the mouse, and use ALT to connect them together.

These are super important! Your levels won't run properly without Checkpoints!

Checkpoints are used to determine who is in the lead in your level. Think of them as laser-distance detectors (that go through walls). You need to know who is in front, and sometimes it's not clear with complicated level geometry.

In open areas, you should draw just one line that ends at a turn section, a junction, whatever. However in tight corridors you should always draw several lines that measure all possible angles of people coming into the corner.

Meanwhile in open areas, it's just a straight line.

First, draw a line that connect your start and finish. This can be a simple collection of straight joined lines that go through the level. Then you can add-on more lines in different corners to measure all possible angles.

We have a little preview generator if you press C. It will use gradients (from dark to light) to fill out the path. Lighter gradient means you're closer to the finish.

Let's take an example sequence.

1. Basic implementation. You just make a straight line down. Whoever is furthest DOWN wins. It will work, until you get situations where someone is slightly on the left or right wins, while logically it should be the other person.

2. Less basic implementation. Make it connect via diagonal lines that touch edges of platforms. The grey stuff you see in the screenshot is the C-button enabled gradient, showing you dead spots.

3. Advanced implementation. This is how you should really do it. Multiple lines track position. If this area is played in Sudden Death, its clear who wins no matter from which side the player drops out of screen.

This takes some patience and is probably the most important aspect of making a map. We spent a lot of time on this system and would love to hear your feedback on improving it!

[V] Volumes

Volumes are what we use to control bots. These are areas that you use in specific places to tell bots what to do. You can set an area for a bot to go right, left, jump, use boost, swing, etc. Bots by default just run forward like it's nothing, and we give them hints what to do in specific areas.

This design is very simple but as you noticed pretty flexible. You can tell bots when it's a good idea to use items for example.


Play saved levels in Custom Games -- there's a new icon that shows yours and the levels you subscribed to.

There are no saws yet.

We're actively looking for feedback on the editor, so please don't be shy!


We've added more features to the editor, checkout the video!


Community Announcements - tinyBuild

Thanks everyone for participating in the private level editor beta! We've got plenty of feedback. Now it's a question of time to integrate with the Steam Workshop.

As promised, we're sharing the full Hothead comic :) Also, Have a Speedy Valentines!

Imgur album for Hothead's comic

Amongst other things, we'll be showcasing SpeedRunners at GDC! Our booth is located next to the IGF Pavilion. We made a super accurate Unity Simulation of the booth's location.

This week we've showcased the game at Casual Connect Amsterdam, and Casper & Gert-Jan came up with a super neat feature. In the showcase version you can take over control of bots, and give it back to players. This way the game doesn't stop when someone decides he's had enough of speed and running.

If you missed Tom & Casper's video on how the level editor works, it's definitely worth checking out -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jlXPbVMpvM
Community Announcements - tinyBuild

Yup, we're working on a level editor :) For couple of days we've been gathering limited feedback in the official forum thread, now it's time to expand it a little bit and get more people in.

The editor can be a bit tricky to use, so we made a video of it's current state, check it out:
If you'd like to test this out, and most probably have your levels lost eventually -- head over to thefeedback thread to participate.

Also, we're preparing for GDC. We thought it'd be fun to have actual comic books there with SpeedRunners characters, we'll be revealing some of the comic books in the announcements. Here's the first page of Hothead's comic book:

Jan 3, 2014
Community Announcements - Casper van Est
Hi all,

we just published an update that has some much-needed fixes for a couple of connectivity issues. These issues caused infinite loading screens and the camera not working properly at some times.

We know these issues have been bothering many players, so we're happy to finally be able to post a fix. So make sure you update to r21, and let us know if you're still experiencing any issues that need fixing!
Dec 23, 2013
Community Announcements - Casper van Est
Hi all,

I've just published a new build that has a few bug fixes relating to the Origins mode. Some of these bugs allowed players to get an unfairly high score. This also means I've had to reset the leaderboards to make things fair again. Sorry about this!

In good news, we've added a restart button to the pause menu, so getting a new highscore should be easier! :)

Community Announcements - tinyBuild

The King of Speed tournament is now live! Win as your favorite runner to decide who gets crowned King of Speed on January 1st.

This is not tied to any ARG and there is no hidden content to uncover.

Full list:

  • Added King of Speed
  • Did not add any ARG
  • Did not create hidden content
  • Added taunts (press D-Pad UP or V)
  • Improvements to Prototype and other levels
  • Bot behavior tweaked
  • Added different colored characters, you can now play as a Pink Cosmonaut
  • Added Single player mode aka ORIGINS
  • Included new crowdsourced loading screens
Community Announcements - tinyBuild

SpeedRunners now has animated win poses for all the characters, and we decided to make them into gifs, so you guys can share them :) Feel free to decompile the frames and rearrange however you want. I did that with Hothead's animation as you can see.

Plus srennuRsdeepS is in the roulette now! There is a chance you will play mirrored levels as a modifier :)

Community Announcements - tinyBuild

We recently discovered that foosball is fun, so most of the days are now spent screaming at each other playing foosball, then cursing while playing SpeedRunners, and wrapped up with several hours of really bad jokes about speed, and running. We're slowly building up an archive of recorded playsessions which are... in need of editing. I'll get to that. Soon.

Here's what we've added in the latest release:

- added a new character (welcome Moonraker!)
- added a new level (in Prototype for now)
- tweaked movement
- new lead detection system
- achievements (yay)
- bug fixes

Moonraker is the first female character. She fits really well into the SpeedRunners universe. She's probably the most well-defined character in our loading screen tips & tricks.

The new level is based around this weird idea Casper had a few weeks back. It's a prototype level where you have a "perfect path". A path where if you do it right, you are constantly going SUPER fast. The map is also very friendly for new players, so on difficulty scale it's easier than Powerplant.

Please give us your feedback on the new map in the official forum thread

Other additions include a new lead detection system, random bug fixes, and Steam Achievements.

What do you think of Moonraker?
Community Announcements - tinyBuild

SpeedRunners' latest gameplay trailer is up on the Steam Store Page and on Youtube.

If you haven't played the game for some time, you will see plenty of improvements - both visual and gameplay wise. We've been working really hard to make SpeedRunners a bigger, better game -- and the trailer clearly demonstrates that :) Hope you like it!

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