Community Announcements - Alex@tinyBuild

The gang is throwing a Community Tournament this month! It's your chance to compete with some of the best SpeedRunners players around.

Announcement in the SpeedRunners Tournaments Group -

From that thread:

SpeedTime Community Tournament is finally here! Start Date: 26 October 2015

For those willing to join and participate the tournament here is the link:

So, this is how is going to work:


- Single player elimination
- Play as in ranked matches (items and lethal spikes)
- BO3: First player picks a map of his choice, the second player will also pick map of his own choice. The third map will be random. Note: Random workshop maps can only be voted once.


We will give away 4 games only for the winner! these games are:

Counter-Strike: Global offensive
Super Meat boy
Garry's Mod
Tomb Rider

Every game will be recorded by the Hosts: Randomness (me) and BordertheA

Organizers: RelinQ, Randomness, GraphiqueNez2 and BorderTheA

Feel Free to sign up!!!
Community Announcements - Alex@tinyBuild

Hi everyone! Tom made this trailer today and I think it's awesome. Anyone doubting if they should try SpeedRunners out - just watch this trailer. Features the latest music, environments, weapons, feedback visuals and the anxiety that makes you want to punch the opponent through the internet :D
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Adam Smith)

Time for some freerunning. DoubleDutch’s SpeedRunners [official site] is a spiffy side-scrolling competitive platformer in which each player controls a superhero attempting to reach the scene of a crime ahead of his or her cohorts. It’s a game about running, dodging, jumping and – most importantly – swinging from a lovely grappling hook. It’s a splendid game, supporting local and online 2-4 player games, as well as solo play against bots. You can try it for free this weekend, starting now, and there’s a 67% discount should you wish to buy.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Alex@tinyBuild

Go play this game. Right now. Veteran players - get back into the game and enjoy the new scrubs :)
Announcement - Valve
Play SpeedRunners for FREE starting now through Sunday at 1PM Pacific Time. You can also pickup SpeedRunners at 67% off the regular price!*

If you already have Steam installed, click here to install or play SpeedRunners. If you don't have Steam, you can download it here.

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time
Community Announcements - Casper van Est

Hi everyone!

Today is an important day in SpeedRunners' history, as we released update r44, in which we actually went back and changed Alley! OMG Whuut?! Yep, we made a few minor gameplay changes, but more importantly; we completely overhauled the graphics and renamed it to 'Metro'!

Some of you might be sad to see this classic map being changed, but we're hopeful it's all for the better. Either way, that's definitely not all we did. We also added another two new music tracks, made new artwork for Prototype 1 (which is now called 'Festival') and we've overhauled the replay system, allowing you to store multiple replays. There's even more, so check out the full releaselog here:

Community Announcements - Casper van Est
Join us on Twitch, while we show off upcoming features of the r44 build of SpeedRunners! Updates include new artwork for Festival and changes to classic maps Alley, SS Royale and Warehouse!
Community Announcements - Gert-Jan Stolk

Hi everyone!

We've got another update for you today, and it's a big one! r43 adds two new music tracks, a solo-run practice mode and has the main menu focusing on some cool community stuff! There's also a ton of gameplay, XP and editor improvements, so check out the full list below!

Release log for r43:

Overhauled the Main Menu with a focus on the Community:
* There's a dedicated 'Updates' box, with important information
* Added a 'featured content' box, where we highlight cool stuff, like youtube videos
* Added a dedicated box to the King of Speed tournament
* Animated the background a bit
* Level Select: the workshop list will show the level your opponent voted on, making it easier for you to vote on the same map, even if you are not subscribed to it

New Music!
* Added 2 new music tracks, played randomly
* They're 'work in progress', and will get a quality-upgrade later

Added a Practice Menu:
* Has an option to quickly set up match against bots
* Or, allows you to run any map all by yourself

* Tweaked the camera movement, focusing more on the player in the lead
* New artwork for the Shockwave, also changed the functionality a bit
* The Shockwave should work a lot better and more consistent now
* Doing quick turns with the grappling hook is a bit more forgiving with regards to which buttons you press
* The golden hook-grab should feel a tiny bit more elastic now
* Added a little swing ceiling in Prototype2
* Improved some graphical feedback on gameplay events, like when you hook misses or is blocked
* If you shoot a golden hook into a box, the box will be destroyed
* Fixed a minor checkpoint issue in Casino
* Made lethal spikes/lasers look different from non-lethal ones
* Fireballs explode when they hit eachother
* Reduced Handicapped-frozen time from 1.5 to 1.0 seconds
* Superboost now also works when Frozen
* You can now only trigger Triggers (with a bomb or fireball) that have Switches connected to them
* Made Sherlock Bones and Doctor Smart fit the collision shape better.

Improved feedback in the XP System:
* The post-game screen is a lot quicker now,
* and better communicates how many points you scored and for what
* Added some in-game popups that tell you when you did a cool thing, like a Triple Freeze

* Massive framerate improvements
* Improved the camera movement
* Press "I" to give yourself an item, during playtest
* Shows the HUD during playtest
* Disallowed moving box-selected Actors out of the levelBounds

* Fixed a bug that caused the game not to start up sometimes
* Fixed a bug where sometimes you would teleport upon landing
* Fixed a desync issue causing the sudden death explosions to appear at the start of a round
* Fixed some crashes and bugs in the editor, specifcally when switching themes
* Fixed a bug which caused the item-box in the HUD to be stuck in its animation sometimes
* Fixed a bug where your vote for a workshop map sometimes didnt register
* Restored functionality where a newly subscribed level automatically shows up in the level list
* The "Recently played with" steam list is now also filled if you are not a lobby host
* The sudden death start stinger is now treated as music in terms volume.
Community Announcements - Casper van Est
DistinctMadness is challenging PurpleTurkey right now! Join us on Twitch to see the epic best-of-15 battle between these two extremely good players, and find out who will be the next.. King Of Speed!

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Jim Huxter)

SpeedRunners [official site] had my attention at the mention of walljumping and grappling hooks. Two years later and the racing platformer, still in Early Access, has grown more than I ever expected. It’s officially recognised by the eSports League and it s been downloaded over a million times. This is a look at how SpeedRunners has progressed since its initial Early Access release, and why it stands as a shining example of the development process used correctly.

… [visit site to read more]


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