Community Announcements - Alex@tinyBuild

For the past several weeks we've been running a Workshop Contest where map creators could participate for a chance to get into the official SpeedRunners level roster.

The team has played through all the top maps and decided upon the winner!

Please congratulate GraphiqueNez2 for creating Fresh Out

This map allows you to pull off some crazy tricks and has a very nice flow to it. It will probably be adored by pro-players. We will create custom artwork for the level and include it in the official roster!

I would also like to thank everyone for participating - the amount of great levels created, and how much people vote now on user maps, are nothing short of amazing.

There are now over 8,000 user levels, with more appearing every day! Keep up the great work.
Community Announcements - Alex@tinyBuild

Happy Holidays everyone. Lerika (the artist on maps like Theme Park and Ski Resort) made this little postcard for you all :)

This has been a phenomenal year for SpeedRunners, so we decided to pull up some worldwide leaderboards in Ranked, and give some fame to the best players!

Here is the TOP10 of SpeedRunners Ranked Players Worldwide!

1. Taters - 44,575 points
2. trafalgar - 36,390 points
3. Roland - 32,490 points
4. Mario47 - 32,395 points
5. lesswill - 31,945 points
6. dipu - 30,810 points
7. WRU - 30,330 points
8. dams95100 - 29,175 points
9. Space_Pup - 28,190 points
10. DistinctMadness - 28,130 points

Congratulations and stay speedy!

(If you guys haven't yet accepted Lisa's friend invite, make sure you do, here is her profile link. We might just be sending something your way.)

On behalf of DoubleDutch and tinyBuild, a wholehearted THANK YOU for your support and Happy Holidays!

If you're interested in a longer read, here's a sort of 2014 summary
  • Launched the Level Editor
  • Launched Ranked
  • Made Massive Map Updates
  • Made Spikes Non-Lethal (later added option to make them lethal so the pro-players don't murder us)
  • Thought about making boxes lethal
  • Added the first character expansion introducing the most awesome character of them all (obviously the Falcon)
  • Figured out how to efficiently create new characters by using a mixture of 2D animation and 3D modeling
  • Added In-Game Chat
  • Added Mid-Game Joining
  • Added the Fireball
  • Started doing livestreams
  • Started to realize we all suck at SpeedRunners when playing against pro players
  • Showcased the game at a ton of events, realized we should do tournaments during those events
  • Added slope grinding (c) Casper
  • Added the Youtuber pack
  • Added tons of options to the game
  • Significantly improved stability of everything (c) Gert-Jan
  • Added the Scout
  • Raised $20k for cancer research
  • Added Salem and Skullduggery
  • Revamped the Checkpoint System
  • Launched the Workshop Contest
  • Added Swift Peaks (new map)
  • Added Freeze Ray Item
  • Wrote this announcement

    PS Who's going to PAX South?
Community Announcements - Alex@tinyBuild

Remember some time ago we said SpeedRunners would get a free offline mode? That day is today!

We have just released a SpeedRunners Party Mode in the form of a demo to the full game. The build is very similar to the one we use at shows like PAX or Gamescom - the game runs itself, no maintenance or setup required. Ideal for a party setting!
  • Launch game
  • Press A (or click on PLAY GAME)
  • 4 bots spawn, start playing the game
  • Press any button on any controller (or keyboard) to take control of a bot
  • If you're afk, the bot takes control back
  • SS Royale, Alley, and Theme Park are on auto-rotation
  • No setup, no explanation, ideal for a party setting!

Download the Party Mode on Steam (on Steam, works only if you don't have the full game - click Download Demo)

Download a Standalone Party Mode - works outside of Steam

*note - you can't install the demo on accounts with the full game, it's a Steam restriction - we're working on getting a similar Party Mode into the full game.

We really need the community's help to spread this demo, as we feel it's a great party game - that's free! Ideal for college campuses, bars, and any local multiplayer party!

Thanks for the support and Happy Holidays :)
Community Announcements - tinyBuild
In a few minutes (around 4pm cet) we will start a livestream with the development team of SpeedRunners, and a whole bunch of code giveaways!

Tune in at to see us wear silly hats
Community Announcements - tinyBuild

Introducing Swift Peaks - a cool new SpeedRunners map, providing an ice challenge to skilled players, and a new Freeze Ray item. This is the peak of SpeedRunners level design. It's all downhill from here. I don't know, make up your own puns. Here are some gifs of how the new item & level look:

Swift Peaks

Swift Peaks takes place at a Ski Resort and is a gorgeous Christmas-themed map that focuses on the Sliding Mechanic. A few months ago we enabled players to skid down slopes, gaining speed when doing so. Ski Resort is designed around that mechanic.

Freeze Ray

Freeze Ray instantly turns opponents in front of you into ice cubes, and works like a laser, slowly building up and shooting a beam forward - going through walls and hitting multiple targets!

Livestream tomorrow at 4pm CET

Tomorrow at 4PM CET we will be livestreamin SpeedRunners, playing against other people online, and giving away gifts! Don't miss it at <- subscribe now!
Community Announcements - Gert-Jan Stolk

Hey everyone! We know you've been waiting for the big update to the Level Selection screen, and the next official map from the SpeedRunners team... today's the day!

Introducing the SpeedRunners Workshop Competition! Starting from today, we're offering our SpeedRunners the chance to get their own levels added to the official SpeedRunners map rotation, right there on the main map selection screen for everyone to see.

As part of the update, we're rejigging the way in which players can navigate the user-created maps, and upvote/downvote user levels. Since there are over 6,000 user maps now, we really felt like there needed to be a more substantial way to sift through them!

And that's not all! Today's update also adds a brand new prototype map to the official roster, direct from the brains of the SpeedRunners team. Get it played and tell us what you think!

Stuff and running:
  • Workshop Competition Live
  • Runs until January 5th
  • Best maps will have the chance to get into the Official SpeedRunners map roster!
  • Updates to level selection screen
  • You can now play Random Workshop Maps in ranked
  • Added Random Workshop Map to make sure the above is possible
  • Figured out how to plug in 2 microphones to our streaming pc
  • Gert-Jan likes nerf guns way too much
  • After playing a Workshop Map you now get a pop-up asking you to upvote/downvote the level, or write a comment. Comments are only accessible with the mouse, and will prompt the Steam Overlay
  • Main menu now has rotation of popular maps, will be changed to Workshop Contest-only in a few days
  • You can easily subscribe to maps from main menu
  • Added new map
  • Made socks to put in the new map
  • It centers around big slopes, and will be Ski Resort-themed
  • Artwork coming hopefully before Christmas
  • Bought a big nerf gun that loads 20 bullets
  • The damn thing jams
  • Gert-Jan still dominates with a 3-barrel nerf pistol
  • Played gangbeasts, it's great fun
  • Signed space for 2015 PAXes. SpeedRunners will be shown at PAX South, PAX East, and PAX Prime in 2015
  • Found a music studio, it's shaping up really good
  • Trying to negotiate with Marvel. So far it's a one way communication line. Does anyone know anyone from Marvel?
  • Agents of SHIELD got pretty good
  • Holy crap it feels great to play Workshop Levels in ranked. And also very silly. The upvote system will ensure only good levels end up in Ranked Workshop Levels rotation. Or not.
  • Have you seen that Zero Skill Map? Crazy!
  • Added "Alley" to the workshop.
  • Added the bird object to workshop.
  • Added more feedback about why you are sometimes thrown out of a game.
  • Players are now spawned in a random order the first round, after that it's based on game points.
  • Fixed the cross section exploit in Warehouse.
  • Bugfix: a bug where the game stopped looking for lobbies if the first attempt to join a lobby failed.
  • Bugfix: pressing Esc while the steam overlay is active shouldn't affect he game anymore (with some exceptions).
  • Bugfix: rockets shouldn't blast you all over the map anymore.
Community Announcements - tinyBuild
Tune it today at 4pm CET (3 hours from this announcement post date) to see a new map and how we redesigned the UI of Level Selection screen.

The update should launch later today as well, and will officially launch the level editor competition, so get hyped!

Tune in at
Community Announcements - tinyBuild


Video is now live

This Friday we will have a very special Livestream. The folks from Team Reptile (developers of Lethal League) will be joining us for beers, and some friendly competition in both games!

When & Where

  • - please subscribe!
  • 4PM CET (Amsterdam time)
  • Will last for 2 hours
  • We'll play SpeedRunners, Lethal League, and drink beers
We also made a public Facebook event - SpeedRunners vs Lethal League on Facebook
There's also an event in the official SpeedRunners steam group

This should be interesting, don't miss!
Community Announcements - tinyBuild
We're going to launch a Level Editor competition soon, where you'll be able to create SpeedRunners levels and compete for a chance to get your creation included as an official level!

A recent SpeedRunners update introduced a more simplified checkpoint system, and today we sat down with Casper to find out exactly how it works. We used SS Royale as an example, since it's a very popular map, and has that trigger right in the middle.

You have time to perfect your level creation skills :)
Community Announcements - tinyBuild
Join us at for the Developer LiveStream going on right now

We will delete this announcement when it's off air

You can see new recolors of characters and ask questions

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