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Community Announcements - CarbonJames

You might have heard we launched AirMech on Xbox 360 recently--the launch went amazingly smooth! With that out of the way, we really wanted to merge the new Matchmaking systems into PC (called Party2) which changes a whole bunch of things. We intended to do that before launching Xbox, but it was just too much work at the time.

As the PC version was always intended to be the main version of the game with all the latest features and content, it became super important to finish moving the one system that was more advanced on Xbox back to PC, so from here we can go forward with the latest and greatest code.

This is the first of a series of patches, and the focus is mainly to test the new Matchmaking. If you haven't been following the Canary updates, here's a summary:
  • To make a Party, first pick the game type in the Play menu, then Invite players into the empty slots. If you don't invite anyone, it will find others for you.
  • Your Party will stay together after you finish a game! You'll be placed back in a lobby after you win or lose a match.
  • There are no Party leaders--if you don't like someone in your Party, you should leave and create a new Lobby
  • If all humans on one side of a match leave, the game will end! This is something we really wanted for a long time.
  • To change your loadout in the Lobby, right or left click your own name
  • To change modes (parts/units/etc) right click the AirMech image
  • To change bot difficulty, click the bot "name" at the top (Solo 1v1 doesn't have this, but will be fixed next patch)
  • Ignore the prompts for gamepad and click the Queue and Ready buttons as needed. Queue means "get in the matchmaking line" and once all players are found you will be give the option to Ready up

We aren't sure how bug-free the new systems are, but that's what Beta is for. Definitely give us feedback about what is working, what need improving, anything you want in the forums. We really didn't want to continue fixing the old broken system of Party1, so now that we have moved to Party2 we are much more open to expanding and improving it.


  • Updates to AI behaviors for Survival modes with some tweaks to later waves
  • Added two unit wide formations to unit group movement!
  • Gothic Saucer has been added (and on sale for a limited time)
  • Moon Festival Cards are dropping, and all 4 can be crafted into a Mooncake Box using the Nanoforge
  • Moon Rabbit and Mooncake are available for a limited time
  • Part points have been increased for mk1->mk4 parts, from +1 to +2 per rarity level
  • Updated some of the secure points for Twin Peaks and Salt
  • Play Menu and Matchmaking UI have been updated
  • Main Menu music will now cycle through 4 different songs from the FLA original soundtrack!
  • Simple has been updated with some new art assets and renamed “Dust”
  • Fixers can now have orders assigned to them
  • Autobuilder (if enabled) will now build abilities as well as units
  • Add faction name to in game UI when teammate is in a common faction - drives new stats!
  • Increase view distance when in free-cam mode

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug on Spiral where the Striker could get out of the level
  • Fixed a bug where the chat window would go offscreen while in spectate mode
  • Fixing an issue with sonyas sliding long distances when placed next to units
  • Fix Saucer deathray damage when paused
  • Fixed issues with secure locations on some outposts on Salt
  • Fixed messaging on mail send failures due to mail banned accounts
  • Fixed chat issues with embedded links
  • Some fixes to replay playback
  • bugfix so recently destroyed airmechs don't 'block' additional shots
  • some fixes to position reconciliation (position snapping) of your AirMech in online games

Balance Changes:
  • Turn off AirMech collision damage against fences
Community Announcements - CarbonJames

Beta Bundle is back! After much discussion and negotiation, we have settled on the contents and price to re-release the Beta Bundle for players as we near the end of Beta. All existing owners get free upgrades to the new content, including the amazingly awesome Beta Striker, the second generation of the Alpha Striker. The price is high, at $75, but was arrived at by looking at the price of the Beta Bomber on the Player Market for completed sales. It's average price would be over $45 USD, so adding a second exclusive variant, actually makes this a great deal. And it can only go up in value from here.

Balance! We've been saving up a lot of balance changes for after the tournament, along with a number of changes to attempt to make the game more accessible for new players. Something that might give an initial shock is the reduction of movement speeds in the air. We need to slow these down to give us the headroom to increase lag tolerance. Proportionally, they should all be the same as they were before, and some of the carry speeds should be a bit better.

Pay close attention to the global changes to AirMechs below. They have always had a reduction in damage vs units to balance them out a bit, and we're reducing this value which will make them a lot more deadly vs units. There will be a domino effect here, changing the survivability of almost every unit vs AirMechs. The auto-repair changes are also quite drastic, so make sure you try it out.


  • Beta Bundle released! Needs to be purchased ingame.
  • Alpha Bundle owners receive special pricing for the Beta Bundle!
  • Beta Striker awarded to existing Beta Bundle owners on login
  • Wooden Zeppelin is the newest Diamond VIP bonus reward

Balance Changes

All AirMechs

  • Lunchboxes on Outposts now are a shield like the Fortress (should work better)
  • remove auto-repair when moving/firing
  • 100% increase to auto-repair rate (after 3 seconds of not moving/firing)
  • note that auto-repair rate is doubled in ground mode (always been this way)
  • reduce all air movement speeds by 10%
  • tweaked carry values for heavy loads to reflect new movement speed
  • increase damage vs units by 30%
  • decrease recharge rate over Outposts by 8%
  • increase turning responsiveness of various AirMechs


  • increase Air DPS by 4%
  • increase Melee DPS by 20% (Melee does not get the +30% buff)
  • increase Armor by 7%
  • decrease Fuel use for Bombs by 30%


  • increase Air DPS by 7%


  • Increase transform to air speed by 10%
  • Increase pistol Piercing damage by 10%


  • Assassin Melee Damage increased by 33%
  • Assassin Build Time reduced by 33%
  • Assassin Movement Speed increased by 11%
  • Joker HP decreased by 4%
  • Joker Piercing Damage increased to 20 from 5
  • Joker DPS reduced by 25%
  • Zipper Piercing Damage doubled
  • Tango Piercing Damage doubled
  • Jackal Piercing Damage increased by 17%
  • Longhorn/Gemini/Goliath/Devastator Movement Speed decreased by 22%
  • Longhorn/Gemini turret rotation speed reduced by 22%
  • Goliath/Devastator turret rotation speed reduced by 17%
  • Grinder rear weak spot added (it is a tank after all)
  • Dinger HP increased 33%
  • Bucky Accuracy increased 33%
  • Seeker missile damage reduced 9%
  • Seeker and T99 missile lifetime reduced 6%
  • T45 Build Time reduced by 25%
  • T45 Build Cost reduced 17%
  • T45 HP reduced 17%
  • VaultBox HP increased 50%
  • Bombs Build Time increased 14%
  • Bombs Cost increased 9%
  • Bombs Carry Weight reduced by 30%
  • Bombs Damage reduced by 7%
  • Bombs Upkeep increased to 1 (from 0)


  • recharge rate decreased (last patch)
  • energy capacity increased (last patch)
  • Armor increased to 50 from 35
Community Announcements - CarbonJames

You've got mail! Or is it AirMail? Either way, we're happy to introduce our latest "we never thought we'd add something like this when we started" feature--ingame mail. I'd consider the mail system very "alpha" because it hasn't been tested much, but I expect after getting it in players' hands we will quickly see what needs to be done to finish it off.

There are some rules for mail however. Due to the risk of people abusing the mail system, non-VIPs are only allow to send mail to people on their friends list. We made it cost 10 Kudos to send a message, and 10 Diamonds per attachment. We'll watch the behavior of players and tweak this up or down as needed. As long as you have Silver VIP status you can send mail to anyone, but abuse of the mail system will result in your ability to send mail being cancelled. Players will always be able to receive mail, just not send it.

For our American players, Happy Independence Day! We've turned on our "Liberty" exclusive items, including the Liberty Paladin. He's also backed up by the new Camo Paladin skin which is part of the Military set and has teamcolor support!

Someone ask for new Parts? We have just the thing for you! In preparation for raising the level cap for AirMechs, we're adding some rare parts. These will generally have the "Mk2" distinction, though as we add more we may revise how we present it. Feedback welcome!


  • New Feature: In-Game Mail System for sending and receiving messages between players
  • New Angel Quests: "Spotter", "Hunter", and "Kentucky Windage"
  • Auto builder will now not build units if the player is at 90% of their total Upkeep
  • New Paladin Variant: Camo Paladin
  • New Warthog Variant: Mecha Warthog
  • New Parts: Heavily Armored Engine Mk2
  • New Parts: Titanium Shield Mk2
  • New Parts: Reprogrammer Mk2
  • New Parts: Amplified Heal Beam Mk2
  • New Parts: Agility Hand
  • New Parts: Armored Hand
  • Continued updates to the AI
  • Adjust some of the drop tables
  • Full Force Cards are no longer dropping (the item they will craft is being worked on and will arrive in a future patch)
  • Greatest Matches Cards are now dropping
  • created by ThyTombstone!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where AirMechs would sometimes get stuck when transforming on the ledges and scaffolding around the Thar and Rath main bases
  • Fixed a bug where AirMechs would sometimes get stuck when transforming near the broken bunkers on Nesthorn
  • Fixes some position reconciliation bugs in network games, and forced transforms to air on outpost and fortress corners
  • Fixes bugs in the sound system causing sound clipping and playback problems
  • Fixed a bug that doubled the effect of the Credits Earned stat modifier
  • UPDATE: Fix a desync, this is why there's a second patch

Discuss this update on the Carbon forums: http://airme.ch/v27320
Community Announcements - CarbonJames

NOTE: 2v2 Matchmaking has been removed temporarily to let people practice for the 3v3 Tournament: http://airme.ch/FullForceTouney 2v2 will be back after that, and you can still use Custom games if you really want to play 2v2.

Goliath is back, with friends! Due to changes to Outpost recharge, units with a ton of armor should be balanced more, so we can buff Goliath a bit to get it back in the sweet spot. We might balance it a bit more after going live, but the goal is we want to bring it back into everyone's loadout! To mark the event, we're introducing a very special unit variant: the Gothic Goliath! And if that's not enough, we're also rolling out Ultimate Goliath! We're very curious which one of these will be unlocked more--vote by unlocking! We'll make more Variants or Ultimates based on the results.

Did I mention we reworked Outpost recharging? We tore the system apart and are rebuilding it. The previous system was very simple, and didn't properly allow for differences in energy and health and it was in some ways easy to exploit, and frustratingly broken in others. We've put a new set of balance numbers in and we'll see how it affects both beginner play and high rank play and tune it live.

If you have been getting used to the improved AI, but annoyed about some of the dumb things it was doing, get ready for the next version of AI! Dan has been hard at work teaching them all kinds of new tricks. This is still an ongoing task, and every day we see new things happening with it. If you're a Prime owner, definitely play around with the difficulty settings to find your own sweet spot.

We have two new Pets designed by Black Diamond VIP members Nolij and HarL3quin. I think they turned out to be great additions. Note that there is no particular order we are working through the BDVIP list. It's a bit random based on what people have suggested that lines up with things we think won't be too hard to do. We're not playing favorites and will be getting to everyone, rest assured.

Did you know you can spectate games and still be in Global Chat? Well did you know that NOW you can also earn rewards and drops from spectating games? Players who spectate are 18% cooler than those who don't, and have whiter teeth, so we want to make sure everyone takes advantage of this special offer. There's even a Quest just for spectating! No seriously, you should spectate some more games. If you don't, boblan will know.


  • More updates to AI behaviors
    • significantly more difficult on Ruthless setting

  • Sandrim has been updated with some new art props
  • Spectators can now earn rewards for watching sessions
  • New Quest: Watch and Learn, earned by spectation 3 matches
  • New Guardian Unit: Blade Guardian
    • how come we didn't add this earlier?

  • New Guardian Blaster Variant: Gothic Blaster
    • works the same, looks awesome

  • New Ultimate Unit: Ultimate Goliath
    • let's just say it's pretty boss

  • New Unit Variant: Gothic Goliath
    • functions like a Goliath, just looks way cooler

  • New Head: Harlequin Head (designed by HarL3quin)
  • New Pet: Book of Nolij (designed by Nolij)
  • Limited Time Pet: Soccer Ball or Football, as some might know it as
  • A Send Private Message option is now available for your friends when opening their Player Card

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where some of the textures would get stretched out in Twin Peaks
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Paladin Hammer throw not to work correctly on Salt
  • Fixed some bugs in the UI with long player names overlapping other names and icons

Balance Updates:

  • Outpost energy drain/repair system has been reworked
  • Goliath turret rotation speed increased by 20%
  • Goliath movement speed increased 10%
  • Goliath weight reduced by 100
  • Goliath range increased 13%
  • Devastator range increased 7%
  • Longhorn and Gemini build time increased 10%
  • Power Station recharge rates match other outposts while balance is being worked on

Known Issues:

  • Quests that don't happen at the end of a game won't trigger. Complete any game, Challenge, or restart to be able to trigger them. (things like the Wishlist quest)

Discuss this update on the Carbon Forums:
Community Announcements - CarbonJames
Watch on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/optvlive

Also join us ingame! Lots of rolls and fun going on while we cheer on the competitors.

You might recognize OPTV's host, Steve! This is his new brand/persona, stop by his new home and be sure to Follow to get notified when events start.
Community Announcements - CarbonJames

FREE Warframe Helmet when you log in!

For the next few days, you can claim your Warframe Helmet simply by going ingame and checking your Inventory! We promised to give the reward to everyone who helped Warframe win the Ultimate F2P Showdown but as we can't tell who voted or not....EVERYONE get it!

One per account, and we're disabling selling it until after we stop giving them out to discourage Market manipulation. Make sure you get yours, since like all other limited time crossovers this will be sure to be quite valuable later on.

It even has teamcolor support! Check it out on the Gothic Paladin below:
Community Announcements - CarbonJames
Double XP because...

...do we really need a reason? :D
Community Announcements - CarbonJames
Congrats to Tangibility and Broadside (Winged Walruses) for taking home the AirMech Tournament Cup! When the dust settled they were left standing as champions in a long and hard fought battle. They each won $100 Diamond Bundles on top of being immortalized on the AirMech Tournament Cup.

Bracket reacap: http://challonge.com/AMDoubleKill

In a few days areyouwhy will post the games on his YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/areyouwhy0x

2nd Place: NuclearPizza and Turkleton (Memento Mori)

3rd Place: Boomhower and WayWay (Festive Present 2 v2)

4rd Place: LaiYR and ULA (Angry Nubs)

Congrats to everyone, some prizes have gone out, and competitor badges for participants and organizers will be going out over the next day or so.

We've also done another pass off the drop tables, and have turned on Double Drops (meaning double time earn, so a drop every 30 minutes of game time instead of 60, or whatever your drop interval is). You can get more info by typing /drops in the Info tab to check your current bonus.
Community Announcements - CarbonJames
Double XP Event is live, join us ingame to jump up a few levels, or hang out in chat and talk about what's coming next!

Random Tip: Did you know you can type /quiz in the info tab? Answer the questions right, get free stuff. :D
Community Announcements - CarbonJames
Vote here, no registration, one click: http://airme.ch/1dspK1O

Let's keep it civil everyone! Warframe is a great game and a worthy competitor, but our community has shown a lot of spirit in the voting so far. Cheating will get us disqualified, so if you want to help it's by sharing the voting link to your friends any way you can.

And if you haven't yet, you can still get your reward from the last round, the MMOBomb pet for the next 24 hours. You get it automatically on login, it doesn't matter if you voted in the last round or not!

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