Community Announcements - InsaneFirebat
Our pricing experiment continues! As you may have noticed, we're running a test where all the Kudos prices for things have been dramatically reduced. Do new players enjoy it more when they can more easily unlock units, mechs, and parts? We'll find out I guess! Note that during this test we have disable rebuying and selling these things on the Market. But feel free to take advantage of it and complete your collections--and let your friends know this is a great time to get their collections started.

We felt it would be nice to make a card in honor of Leonard Nimoy after his passing. We call it live long and prosper, as he did. The card will be available for a limited time and then retired.

Plus, and I hope you're sitting down, we have just added Orange Contrails to the Shop--try to contain yourself! Apologies for not offering the full range of colors earlier, we're going through and trying to correct that. There's also Blue if that's your thing, and we added a more common version of the MeMo Pad called simply the Kill Pad, so we can make the MeMo one Ancient.

Nicholas has been hard at work improving various particle effects (on top of making those sweet new contrails and tracers) and Matt has been busy tearing the guts out of the level loading. We've been investing considerable effort getting the game ready to be able to send maps down from the server. Which doesn't sound that interesting until you hear that Dan has been spending more time getting the Editor in shape! Watching Matt and Dan work on this stuff is like two sides of a bridge that are going to meet in the middle. I'm super excited that we're almost there!

To top it all off, a ton of balance changes have been handed down from the AirMech Council. See the details below, but I think we're getting to a good spot reacting to player feedback with the recent patches. Still reading? Be sure to follow us on Twitter, where you might catch a glimpse of the new AirMech in development....

General Updates:
  • Collectable Live Long and Prosper card in memory of Leonard Nimoy
  • Kill Pad Pet added to the shop, counts up your kills
  • MeMo Pad is now Ancient, can only be made by crafting
  • Orange Contrails added to the Shop
  • Blue Contrails added to the Shop
  • right-clicking bot difficulty now cycles the other way
  • new Hangar background art (work in progress)
  • missile debris tweaks
  • tweaks to artillery shell particle effects
  • updated impact particles for bombs
  • neutral unit spawns changes on Duel
  • more work on in game editor/sandbox mode
  • new destruction effects for some AirMechs (Striker and Helix) when on the ground

Bug Fixes:
  • some fixes to muzzle flash effects

Balance Changes:
  • changes to radar range for many units
  • Jumper reload time decreased from 3 to 2.5
  • Joker shot damage increased from 10 to 11.32
  • Rebel armor increased from 60 to 65
  • Stinger build time decreased from 11 to 8
  • Dinger build cost decreased from 10000 to 9500
  • Dinger hit points increased from 1000 to 1100
  • Blaster Guardian shot damage increased from 3 to 4
  • Cheap unit alternate hit points modification increased from -14% to -7%
  • Cheap Bucky missile damage modification increased from -20% to -15%
  • Cheap Rebel shot damage modification increased from -20% to -15%
  • Swift Rebel move speed modification increased from +7% to +13%
  • Fine unit alternate build time modification decreased from +20% to +5%
  • Rapid Arty range modification increased from -10% to -8%
  • Neutral Credit Box recycle value decreased from 20000 to 6000
Community Announcements - InsaneFirebat
A special treat for you in this patch--the fan-favorite "ZobaMech" game mode has started to be fleshed out into an actual option in AirMech! We'll see where it goes based on feedback, potentially making custom maps and adding features. Currently you are penalized for being in the air (with damage) and everyone spawns at max level and all abilities maxed. Your Fortress will lose damage when someone on your team dies.

The Full Force cards are finally craftable! The MeMo Pad can be made by putting all of them plus some Book Glue in the Nanoforge. It's a very unique pet that required new code--it's actually a kill counter that goes up to 10.

We're continuing to move features into the ingame editor, so if you have access to the Sandbox/Editor mode be sure to give it a try!

General Updates:
  • more hearts on Heart Exhaust
  • moved custom game options near the ready button
  • Red Envelope description updated
  • add a socket to the bottom right outpost on Spiral
  • added NavMesh and wireframe buttons to the editor and initial unit placement/creation
  • make Companion Cube roll like dice pets
  • Zoba-Mech added as a Custom PvP option

Bug Fixes:
  • potential crash & desync bug fix
  • fixed striker sword idle sound loop on destruction

Balance Changes:
  • artillery deflection range changed to 10 - 26; same for all artillery units
  • change Brute to ingame level 4 required
Community Announcements - InsaneFirebat
Update #200 - Build 33178, February 10th, 2015

It's hard to believe we're at update number 200--or maybe it's not for those who have been following our progress over the years. Continuing our revamp of old systems that just don't make sense anymore, we've turned our attention to the Hangar. It's midway through the redo, but seems stable enough to release for feedback and bug hunting. Things like Unit selection haven't been started yet, as we want to improve that quite a bit too.

Currently the loadout save slots still work for the entire army configuration, but we are considering revising that. Having the units have their own loadout set, and the mech have it's own feels like it would make more sense. In this design, each base AirMech class will have saved loadouts for the Parts, and changing a skin won't change your Parts as it does now. We've stubbed in a bit of this new UI but it doesn't function yet.

We're also testing out the idea of having "Pro" AirMech loadouts that don't have the current level requirements for Parts. Every Pro loadout will have 100 points from the start, and won't gain any more. These will be the loadouts you use for PvP to ensure a level playing field. This also will let us uncap the PvE Loadouts which can get more and more Parts and keep the current level progression.

AirMech Frames is something we've been preparing the art for a while now. Each AirMech class has 7 Frame components, and you will be able to combine them (in the future) and also use them for special Nanoforge conversions. We'll be detailing that more in a future patch, but we're going to start dropping them so that people have them in hand once we are ready to go live with the changes.

General Updates:
- updated Hangar UI
- AirMech frames starting to drop
- improve referral entry/dialog for new players
- various performance optimization work
- new art for team color tiles
- descriptions added for leaderboard badges

Bug Fixes:
- various pathing bugfixes
- update end game messaging when spectating
- some performance improvements to 'high' graphics quality setting
- fix friend icons in the friends dialog (for solo ingame and lobby states)
- bugfix for spamming start when going into a survival match
- fixed air DPS on stat cards for T99 and T45

Balance Changes:
- fix Bucky missile range (after missile speed reduction)
- Ratchet Heal Rate: 50 -> 45
- Ratchet Armor: 75->70
- Honeypot Armor: 65 -> 75
Community Announcements - InsaneFirebat
Update #199.1 - Build 32962, February 5th, 2015

Just a minor update to fix some bugs and add in a new "Very Low" graphics setting. We updated and improved the original 3 settings, but underestimated the number of people with older hardware. We didn't want to leave them unable to play with 60fps, so we added a new setting just for that. Note that the game looks pretty terrible with no shadows! Only use it if you really need to. AirMech runs great on most computers as it is.

General Updates:
  • new 'Very Low' graphics setting (disables shadows)

Bug Fixes:
  • fixed unit/ability hotkeys display
  • fix position of compose message box for accounts that can't attach stuff to mails
  • fixed a tutorial bug which allowed players to be out of view during the capture demonstration
  • fixed a rare desync bug
Community Announcements - InsaneFirebat
Update #199 - Build 32904 February 4th, 2015

Happy Year of the Goat everyone! The Chinese celebrations have so much character to them that time and time again players really enjoy them. We gave them Christmas, and they give us New Year's events with fun themes--12 different animals, and fun things like Red Envelopes. So much stuff to give out!

We're also switching out the gift with purchase to something fitting the New Year theme--the Silver Ram Head! Named silver to represent wealth, we almost renamed it since it is only silver for the blue team--that's right, it has full teamcolor support! And if that wasn't enough, it also gives +5% Kudos when worn ingame! What skin do you think will go best with it?

The new Decay map continues to get tweaks to make it more playable, and the basic editor features should be restored now so you can at least mess around a bit in Sandbox mode.

General Updates:
  • update render quality settings for in game shadows
  • some various particle effects updates

Bug Fixes:
  • fixes to editor mode (still under development)
  • smooth spectator camera movement improvements
  • various fixes to the new Decay map
  • fix so left and right mouse buttons can be remapped
  • some bug fixes to squad movement
  • fixed name links in outgoing mail
  • fixed XP award on Baloom and Hero

Balance Changes:
  • Bombs cost: 1200 -> 1400
  • Bucky missile speed: 19 -> 15
Community Announcements - CarbonJames
We've got a new map you can play in Solo or Custom games! As it becomes finalized we'll move it into the normal multiplayer pool.

It's a bigger map, though the two Forts are near eachother at the top, dividied by a large no man's land filled with floating mines. There's a lot of new double-wide ramps placed around, removing a lot of the bottlenecks and choke points.

Go straight for the enemy Fort? Or move to the bottom of the map and secure more Outposts? Lots of interesting debate already which side is better in this large asymmetric map.

Oh, and it's Double XP Weekend remember. :)
Community Announcements - InsaneFirebat
Have you experienced the new Drop system? Quicker drops, more drops--yummy yummy drops!

Did you make it on the Leaderboards last patch? New badges available for the top players--show them off!

Remember, if someone you referred purchased something, you'll be getting an ingame mail with a Diamond reward. This is in addition to the Quest rewards for referring players.

See you ingame!
Community Announcements - InsaneFirebat
Wondering what to do with all those Chips? You can craft PvP rewards! There will be more coming, as well as PvE rewards, but the first test is to make the Cardinal Bird and make sure everything is working as intended.

The tricky thing to get to craft the Cardinal Bird is actually the Red Paint--you need to have the PvP badge awarded to the top PvP players to even purchase it, similar to how the high level Dice pets work. So you can make progress toward crafting PvP items slow or fast since the top 25 players get Chips, but you'll need to reach the top 5 to get the badge and purchase your paint--at least that's the plan. Be sure to let us know of bugs with it!

More changes have been handed down from the Council, so anyone looking for those artillery tweaks you'll be happy.

General Updates:
- Special badge for top ranked PvP and PvE players each week (resets weekly)
- Cardinal Bird now craftable (Bird Frame, 5x Chip, Red Paint)
- Red Paint now available to those with PvP leaderboard badge!
- Player Market level restriction set to 50 for non-VIPs
- drop rates increased for all players
- AI difficulty levels must be unlocked via pilot quests
- add snow effect to Nesthorn
- add dust effect to Dust

Bug Fixes:
- fixed missing strings on Toy Sled
- fixed name alignment in-game
- fixed a bug with difficulty selection in multiplayer games
- fixed a couple of desync bugs
- disabled votekick in ranked/unranked PvP

Balance Changes:
- Auto-Deploy has a 4 second cooldown now
- Hero move speed increased from 5 to 10
- Hero build time decreased from 10 to 6.5
- SkyEye no longer appears on enemy radar
- Arty blast falloff radius decreased from 2.5 - 7 to 1.5 - 6
- Archy blast falloff radius increased from 1.5 - 3.5 to 2 - 3.5
- Arty shot damage decreased from 130 to 100
- Archy shot damage decreased from 130 to 100
- Bertha kinetic damage decreased from 200 to 180
- Bertha shot damage decreased from 225 to 202
- Joker movement speed increased from 7 to 8
Community Announcements - InsaneFirebat
A maintenance patch for you this time, fixing some bugs reported by the community, and some additional cleanup work continued from the previous patch.

But there's a ton of balance changes! More hard work from the AirMech Council taking your suggestions, debating them in their secret enclave, and passing up the sacred numbers to the Carbon team. Love the changes? Thank them! Hate the changes? Leave (polite) feedback in the forums--your voice does get heard!

General Updates:
- updated level up UI to not show for spectators
- quest icons added for new Saucer quests
- collection sets updated

Bug Fixes:
- fixed mouse wheel scrolling on mail UI
- fix for Alienware Bundle promo art
- fixed "Next Level" text overlapping shoulder buttons on Endgame screen
- fix the main menu not always clearing after MP game
- fix for inbox/outbox transitions
- fix missing pfx on Liberty Booster
- fix Double XP promo placement

Balance Changes:
- Warthog weapon increased from 50 to 60
- Neo move speed while firing penalty decreased by 10%
- Neo Cloak energy efficiency increased by 20%
- Neo Cloak energy soak from damage removed
- Neo ground DPS increased from 210 to 230
- Bucky missile accuracy increased
- Angel carry capacity decreased from 2660 to 2360
- Removed air speed reduction while healing on Osprey
- Arty blast falloff radius decreased from 2.5 - 7 to 1.5 - 6
- Archy blast falloff radius increased from 1.5 - 3.5 to 2 - 3.5
- Arty shot damage decreased from 130 to 100
- Archy shot damage decreased from 130 to 100
- Bertha kinetic damage decreased from 200 to 180
- Bertha shot damage decreased from 225 to 202
- Joker movement speed increased from 7 to 8
- Baloom weapon increased from 75 to 100
- Baloom shot damage decreased from 750 to 650
- Baloom move speed increased from 10 to 13
- Baloom carry weight increased from 850 to 1200
- Fixer mine disarm time decreased from 5 to 3
- Patcher mine disarm time decreased from 8 to 4
- Ratchet mine disarm time decreased from 8 to 5
- Honeypot mine disarm time decreased from 5 to 4
- SkyEye hit points increased from 275 to 650
- SkyEye vision range increased from 26 to 32
- SkyEye radar range increased from 26 to 32
- SkyEye build cost decreased from 5000 to 1500
- SkyEye build time decreased from 8 to 4
Community Announcements - InsaneFirebat
We have THREE new Ultimates for you this patch, and one of the most requested skins: BlackOps Warthog! And a new cosmetic Unit variant: the Beppo Probe! Yes, the stuff of legends has come to life and roams the battlefield. Beware!

You'll probably notice a bunch of UI tweaks and improvements. All part of our ongoing process to make the UI much better. Many of the things in this patch relate to organization of the UI, preparing us to dig down and next get into updating things like the Hangar and Lobby with some long overdue changes. Bit by bit, closer and closer to feeling good about exiting beta!

As you probably know, AirMech is also available on Xbox as AirMech Arena. As part of our ongoing efforts to support that platform, we made a lot of performance optimizations to the game which should also benefit PC players. Some of these things could create bugs, which is why this recent patch/test cycle was quite long. We feel things are in a good spot but we won't know for sure until we have a full patch in the live build. If bugs pop up, they are easy to fix--let us know about them though! Crashes or desyncs are key for us to know about, though most of that is automated--just make sure you restart the game at least once after any of those events happen to you.

Lots of smaller things that have been requested for a while are in this patch, such as the "Do Not Disturb" mode which you can turn on by hovering over your player picture in the lower left. Currently it lasts just an hour while we test it out. You can also now add friends by typing their name into the Friends search box in the Friends panel. Try it out!

Note that we are switching over to the number of released patches instead of the raw version number so it's easier to follow the progress of AirMech. Hard to believe update 200 is coming soon!

General Updates:
- BlackOps Warthog released! And yes it looks amazing.
- Ultimate Shooter is here for all your long range annihilation wishes
- Ultimate Jackal now available as a general purpose terror unit
- Ultimate Probe is, well, what do you think it is?
- Beppo Probe is science gone horribly wrong (it's craftable soon!)
- make using Nanoforge plans have the same usage flow as other items
- new UI at the top for using Auto-Deploy (for game modes that support it)
- add more fortress bunkers to maps (chasm, salt, sandrim)
- performance updates and improvements!
- party invites message the gamemode now
- added an initial 'do not disturb' system (hover over player portrait)
- cleared out a few choke points on Sandrim
- add '250 Diamonds' Nanoforge recipe (2000 Diamonds + Diamond Tester = 8x 250 Diamonds)
- add support for rarity colored content link tags (crate descriptions)
- new alternate units: Hellstorm Devastator, Fine Shooter, Goliath Aggressor
- bunkers added to close outposts on Crater
- removed Diamond Roll (3 Pack) from Level 100 quest

Menu Updates:
- top menu bar now useable in all areas including Lobby
- home menu now has Message of the Day and completed Quests shortcut
- patchnotes now shown on homepage until they are read
- can now invite Friends from the Friends menu (type in name)
- shortcut to bring up Promos from menu home (by request)
- leaderboards is now a floating menu like the others
- Faction Charter now links to the Field Guide when used
- mail UI redesigned with controller support

Bug Fixes:
- fix bug with guardian filtering in new inventory UI
- fix sales price displays in some currencies
- fixes to Void AirMech skin rendering
- bug fix for spectators cycling loadout slots and accessing chat
- fix firing animations and rates of turrets placed on pads
- a number of fixes related to the content 'try out' mode
- many fixes for the Quest Log
- fixed issues on Spiral and Chasm where AirMechs would dip below kill plane
- fixed an issue where units wouldn't path to top Outpost on Spiral
- fix for units pathing to the wrong side of the middle outpost on Chasm
- fix spectator unit count symbols to also count fliers
- bug fix for loadout/part saving not working
- fixed a bug where units following paths will not trigger mines
- fixed endgame stats not appearing after a completed solo match
- fix for latency warning tooltip being replaced by a recently viewed tooltip
- fixed Ultimate Moneymaker and Ultimate Generator having wrong scale/animations when being auto-deployed
- fixed Drop icon not showing up at end of game
- fixed an issue where AirMech could get stuck when transforming on Salt
- fixed Ultimate Boost status icons not hiding

Balance Changes:
- make Hero better at healing AirMechs
- more coming after the patch is live/stable

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