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Hi everybody! UTV Ignition and Golgoth Studio, want to celebrate with you the upcoming release of Magical Drop V MMXIII Edition.We wish to allow as many players as possible to discover this Amazing and Epic Action-Puzzle game. We think, the best way of doing this, is by offering copies of the game and let you talk about it with your friends. Good luck to anyone who will entry !
Community Announcements - golgoth21
Yes i think we have now complete the list the contents we wish to add in the Patch 6, so rendez vous here, to know what you could expect from this patch.
Community Announcements - golgoth21
For the Upcoming patch 6 we are pretty happy to add 12 new achievements, so we bring now the total to 24 Achievements and we have redo all icons Arts for the pleasure of your eyes :)
Community Announcements - golgoth21
Yes 2013 just started and we want to begin this new year by offer gifts to player ! so rendez vous here and apply, i wish you good luck :
Community Announcements - golgoth21
We'd like to announce following the Huge Patch 5 released few days ago, we are currently working on the Patch 6, check the forum here to discover what will be include in this upcoming patch.
Community Announcements - golgoth21
Hey, everyone !

We've just published a serie of Guides to explain the core gameplay of Magical Drop V, including also some Hidden Secret.

We invite you to read them if you want to be able to understand the complexity of the game , rendez vous in the guide section of the Game

Community Announcements - golgoth21
History Update :

22 December 2012 - Patch 5
Game size increased from 450mo To 850Mo
Check Below the content of this amazing update :)

-Online Ranking Match available
-Online Battle Points system available in ranking match
(win/lose points and increase your rank starting from E )
-Online new search settings available by "Region or skill"
-Online Menu settings described in hud
-Online Menu "Online Players Available" number display
-Online Lobby now displays Player Rank
-Loading display Versus Opponent (card,Steam ID,BP)
-Leaderboards : New Leaderboards Battle Points
-Leaderboards : Fixed entries number by leaderboards

-Full Gameplay reviewed including when holding direction
-GRID Balls Freeze issues, and some others mechanics.
-All Magical Drop Character Attack Pattern Modified (new shields)
-Full review of Drop table Pattern in all mode
-2 different Drop Table available in match settings Random and Same

-Ghostlop can now spawn ball by pressing Y (answer to QUOTA balance against MD)
-Ghostlop Attack lines changed

-KOTH mode, match duration increase to 3,6,9 minutes
-KOTH mode, rounds are now available per match

-Story added Dynamic Path, let Fate decide your next opponent, select a card in the deck and fight!
-Story cosmetic: improve on Character Art during Dialog
-Story cosmetic: all character ending pictures are now full screen
-Story cosmetic: new intro to suit with character ending style
-Story cosmetic: review Stage number display Art
-Story- there are now 2 distinct paths, one for MD characters with Fortune as the Final Boss and no GL Characters. The Ghostlop Patch now has Mushman as the Final Boss
-Story mode new different Drop table pattern by stage group (1to4 , 4to8, 8to12)
-A.I bubble issue Fixed
-A.I First difficulty review (10 differents levels by difficulty),
-A.I In Story mode: if you lose, A.I scales back 2 difficulty levels maximum

-Localization and text : some characters dialogues are modified
-Localization and Text : Removed inappropriate expression (lol etc..)
-Localization and Text : Japanese text glitch fixed
-Localization and Text : Grammar fixed in Spanish thanks @Dr. Yepernambucano
-Localization and Text : Grammar fixed in German @Dennis
-Localization and Text : Grammar fixed in Italian thanks @Ziano
-Localization and Text : Grammar fixed in English thanks @Athena & Star

-Black screen issue fixed
-Steam Cloud issue fixed
-Hard Crash Random Fixed
-Hard Crash after very long play session fixed
Community Announcements - golgoth21
Yes, the Magical Drop V Demo is now available! You like Puzzles? You like Epic Battles? For all those reasons you need to try Magical Drop V, one of the funnest games in the genre! Try it, and join our great community!
Community Announcements - golgoth21
I guess in France everybody knows Benzai... and if you don't, I really recommend you follow him. This guy is funny and knows what he's talking about! Benzai reviewed Magical Drop V, and for those who have not yet had the chance to play or test the game it could help you decide! If you're still not sure, we invite you to play the Magical Drop V Demo releasing this week.

<iframe width="320" height="240" src="" HD=1;rel=0;showinfo=0;controls=0"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Community Announcements - golgoth21
There are a lot of players who have not had the chance to test Magical Drop V because the demo version was missing. Early next week, a Free Demo version will allow you to test the game's single player mode and will transform you into a Magical Drop fan for sure!

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