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Infested Planet is a top-down strategy game about warring spray hoses. Your enemies are Starship Troopers-style chitinous bugs who spawn in their hundreds from alien hives. Your own units are fragile marines and stationary turrets who spray bullets. Little by little you advance, destroying hives and capturing resource points until the aliens are driven back.

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Community Announcements - RocketBearGames
You've asked for trading cards and here they are! This patch also fixes a couple of crashes and exploits.

Major Changes
  • Added trading cards

  • Fixed a way to get infinite BP by recycling
  • Removed metrics
  • Fixed a crash at the start of the game
  • Fixed crash relating to mimic eggs
Community Announcements - RocketBearGames
Horde mode has been added to the weekly challenges and the campaign. There are also a bunch of small fixes and improvements.

Major Changes
  • Added horde mode to weekly challenges and campaign
  • Added limit to how long officer inspiraton can last
  • Added campaign buff for starter medical crate
  • Added stop command to keybindings

  • Made leaderboard scores update only at end of match (to solve Steam losing top scores)
  • Removed prefix periods from game esc menu
  • Fixed missing officer buff icon and added medipod buff icon
  • Added log messages to asset loading and fonts
  • Fixed possible triangulation bug for the map (caused black maps)
  • Fixed typos in campaign
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Graham Smith)

Infested Planet keeps drawing me back. ‘I’m not ready to write about it. I need to play it more before I decide what I think.’ Then the same thing happens as every other time. I play a mission, and it’s not hard exactly, but it is a slog. It’s a battle of attrition, territory claimed inch by inch against a skittering mass of Starship Troopers-inspired bug aliens. There’s thousands of them, and clearing them away feels like fighting a rising tide with a leaky bucket. I’m sick of it. I’m bored of it. I don’t want or need to play anymore.

Right as I’m about to give up, the tide turns. My five soldiers gain a foothold in the war for the map’s capture points, and I claim enough resources to defend my turf against counter-attacks using turrets. From there, I begin to rapidly advance, pummeling my enemy into submission with helicopter bombardments and rocket blasts. My troops mow down thousands, and it feels immensely satisfying to win a hard-fought battle against overwhelming odds. I’m thrilled by it. I’m confused by it. I need to play more.

This is wot I think. … [visit site to read more]

Product Release - Valve
Infested Planet is Now Available on Steam and is 20% off.

After a successful Early Access development period, Infested Planet has moved to full release on Steam!

Command a team of 5 elite soldiers against an alien horde of 100,000. Surrounded on all sides, you must outmaneuver and outsmart the enemy.

The enemy is closing in around you. Your soldiers are being flanked and the perimeter is slowly collapsing under a vicious alien assault. Robotic turrets will not last much longer. Just a little more and the bugs will swarm into your unprotected base. What are your orders?

You order your soldiers to fall back to a defensive chokepoint and rebuild your defenses. Sacrifice the forward squads to gain some extra time. Gather your team while equipping them with flamethrowers and laser guns. Start building a siege cannon for fire support. Then, while the aliens are busy, flank their main hives to destroy and capture them.

You have just pulled off a tactical victory - but there's no time to rest.

The aliens are constantly mutating. One moment your shotguns are ripping through the horde, the next the aliens grow hard, bullet-proof armour. You must adapt as well. Equip your team with stealth suits, miniguns, grenade launchers - your commands will decide the battle's outcome.
Community Announcements - RocketBearGames
Infested Planet is coming out of Early Access on March 6th! This patch upgrades the game version from Beta to 1.0

  • Changed game version to 1.0
  • Added beta profile warning
  • Revised a bunch of text
  • Tweaked mutation power to make guardian mutation more probable
  • Changed patch counter to "Coming Soon"
  • Removed texture map compression, due to bugs on AMD cards
Community Announcements - RocketBearGames
Welcome to the last scheduled patch before release! It's been a crazy ride to get here - thanks for coming along and testing the game in Early Access. I'll see you all on the other side of the launch wormhole.

Some of the changes in this patch went live last week, so that reviewers have a smoother experience.

  • Fixed exploit with buying weapons and weapon cooldown
  • Added importing profiles to Steam Cloud
  • Added vsync to graphics options
  • Tweaked campaign dialog button order
  • Added ability to skip tutorial missions
  • Added text tips to notices
  • Fixed notice pointer positioning
  • Added options hints
  • Added non-linear scaling to audio sliders
  • Added graphics optimization through alpha blending and testing
  • Fixed chopper UI vanishing with res change
  • Fixed grenading marines getting stuck bug
  • Fixed bug with assault targeting and movement
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Graham Smith)

These guys are cannon fodder, one way or another.

John, Craig and I used to meet mulitple times a week in front of a projector screen to watch good films, bad films, action films. Of everything that we watched – Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Hercules in New York and The Villain included – no one provided us with more entertainment than Paul Verhoeven. His films were good, bad and action all at once>.

That’s why I look at Infested Planet and get a little thrill from its Starship Trooperisms. It’s a top-down strategy-lite in which a small squad of soldiers can mow down thousands of chitinous alien bugs. It looks slightly less satirically fascist, but from up here, I can pretend every single soldier is Casper Van Dien.

It’s been in Early Access for a while, but is super-available to ultra-buy come its full-release on March 6th. New trailer below. … [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - RocketBearGames
This patch updates the look of the game with the introduction of shadows. They can be turned on and off in the options menu. Those of you who enjoy competing in the leader boards might also note that silver mode has been made easier.

The release for Infested Planet has been set for March 6th, so there's exatly 1 patch between now and then. It will probably be bugfixes and polish.

Major Changes
  • Added entity shadows
  • Added shadows graphics option
  • Prevented some mutations from appearing too early in random maps
  • Made growing defense towers more vulnerable to sap damage (for example, siege cannon)
  • Reduced silver challenge difficulty

Minor Changes
  • Prevented capture alert sound from being repeated quickly
  • Optimized retargeting for several entities
  • Added ability to hide dialogue UI
  • Added text announcement to recaptures
  • Revised campaign buff descriptions
  • Changed "grab mouse" to "trap mouse" in options
  • Tweaked challenge briefing
  • Changed leaderboard screen to go to global leaderboard if user is unranked
  • Added icon to game window
  • Added version number to profiles
  • Added ram amount to log

  • Fixed mortar firing rockets at immune targets
  • Added additional checks to Steam Cloud loads, to prevent crashes
  • Improved script robustness for tutorials
  • Fixed leaderboards name fetching to reduce chance of [unknown] name
Community Announcements - RocketBearGames
This update adds a large feature to the game - Weekly Challenges. I hope that you'll join me and other players in attacking the maps each week and seeing how well you compare to everyone else.

This update is the final large patch before the game releases. Future patches will be mostly fixes and polish.

Major Changes
  • Weekly Challenge mode
  • Improved random map generation
  • Steam Cloud saves

Minor Changes
  • Added a more flashy effect to officer inspiration
  • Tweaked Engineering tech to use ammo continuosly
  • Added Engineering tech out of ammo warnings
  • Increased health of medical pods
  • Made mortar more responsive to manual targeting
  • Changed Robotics tech armour bonus to a shield

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