Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki
Qi'Tara has been preparing her blades for a little while now, and is now one step closer to joining the Awesomenauts! Try her out in the open beta right now and share your feedback on the official Awesomenauts forums!

In Update 4.5: Revenge of the Renegades we'll finally have all the members of Rocket's Renegades reunited as members of the Awesomenauts. Qi'Tara complements the team as an incredibly agile assassin that excels at chasing down her victims.

This update also brings a cool new feature to the Level Editor: the animation editor! This new tools gives players the ability to create elaborate animations, and it's the same tool the developers use for many of the in-game effects.

For a complete list of what's new, please check out the patch notes for this first beta. For a guide on how to access the open beta, please visit our official forums.

In addition to bringing a new character and this upgrade for the level editor, Update 4.5 will also bring a couple of changes to the different types of content-bundles we have available right now.

Based on a lot of data and user feedback we will be replacing the All Nauts Pack when Update 4.5 launches! In it's place will be a new Starter Pack that's cheaper and more player-friendly, while also keeping the sense of progression intact.

Of course, players who already own the All Nauts Pack will continue to receive new characters as they release - so this change won't impact existing owners in any way.

Furthermore, we'll also be replacing the Costume Parties with a new type of bundle when the update launches. Since the game has gone free to play, not all players have access to the same characters anymore and having a fixed pack of skins for various characters no longer makes as much sense. In the weeks ahead, we'll detail the new Starter Pack and the new skin bundles.

We'll let you know at least two weeks in advance before the All Nauts Pack and Costume Party packs actually retired, so stay tuned for more news. If you've been holding out on the All Nauts Pack you'll probably want to pick it up in the coming weeks before it's too late!
Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki
Unlimited Power is back! Play this awesome game mode in the Weekly Brawl and experience true power with your favorite 'Nauts!

In Unlimited Power, there are no restrictions on how many upgrades you can own and all upgrades are a lot cheaper than they usually are. As with all other Weekly Brawls, you'll receive a massive Awesomepoint and XP bonus for your first couple of games.

Log in, play some games, blow stuff up, have a blast... have a great weekend!
Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki
The weekend is coming up, and that means a new Brawl of the Week is now live! This week, you'll be facing off against other players in Randomnauts - which means you're assigned a random character every time you die, and receive randomized upgrades every time you've earned a fixed amount of Solar! Log in and play a couple of games before the weekend is out!

Get ready for hectic battles and ever-shifting team compositions, have a great time, and earn a massive Awesomepoint and XP boost for your first couple of games.
Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki On the latest Streamisho, Joost and Olivier showed off the first gameplay footage of Qi'Tara! Catch the VOD above for a full rundown of her skills and her current pre-beta upgrades. We've still got some work to do on Qi'Tara and will be doing tests at Ronimo HQ over the next few weeks, so please note that many of these items are still subject to changes.

We expect to be able to make the open beta for Update 4.5, containing Qi'Tara, available in two weeks time, so make sure to tune in to the the next Streamisho on November 15th!
Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki
Hey everyone, Qi'Tara is slated to become the next character to join the Awesomenauts and we'll be showing off gameplay later today on the Streamisho! Tune in to at 17:00 EU time, noon ET, 9AM PT.

On top of a whole lot of info about Qi'Tara and our raffles, we'll also be showcasing some new stuff that will be added in Update 4.5, so make sure to tune in!
Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki
Halloween is coming up soon, and that means it's time to don a costume and scare some people! Luckily, the Steam Halloween Sale is here, and that means we're discounting lots of spooky Awesomenauts costumes by 40%. Lots of items are discounted, so make sure to browse the Armory in-game to see what's on offer!

Some highlights are linked below - click on the images to go to the

Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki We've teamed up with Slow Wolf to bring new players a video-introduction to Awesomenauts! This video helps new players learn everything they need to know about the game, and should help them prepare for their first matches.

Over the coming weeks, we'll be releasing a couple of additional videos in which Slow Wolf covers the basics of Froggy G, Sheriff Lonestar, and the Scoop of Justice!
Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki
With Awesomenauts 4.4: Cirque du Brawlee live for two weeks, we're slowly turning our attention to the next update for Awesomenauts. We're hard at work to finish Qi'Tara, the fourth Renegade to join the Awesomenauts, and will be giving you all a gameplay demo during the next Streamisho on November 2nd.

For now, we do have a couple of teaser images that highlight some of the new skills for this mysterious 'Naut!

Qi'Tara is shaping up to a great new addition to the cast, and we can't wait to show you more. Stay tuned for more teases over the coming weeks, and a full reveal on November 2nd!

In the meantime, don't forget to log in this weekend for a new Brawl! This week we're playing Team Deathmatch, which pits your team against three players on a small map with very few opportunities to escape or heal!
Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki
Hey everyone, we just released Update 4.4.2, which addresses several of the remaining bugs from our last update and makes improvements to the stability of Brawls. As always, please let us know about issues by reporting them in the Support section of our forums:

Thanks for helping us iron out the last couple of issues over the last week, and we hope you have a blast with the latest update :)

Update 4.4.2

  • Fixed that 2 missions would be granted after a day rather than 1
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when quitting the game
  • Fixed incorrect display of ‘M_PartySlot_DownloadingMods’ when locked out of matchmaking
  • Unlocked Raelynn for recruits who didn’t unlock her when they were first recruited
  • Added some UI elements and effects to Daily Mission UI to better clarify that only 1 Daily Mission will appear per day.
  • Fixed that the brawl timer tooltip that appears when hovering over the Brawl button in the Play menu sometimes showed incorrect brawl ETA.
  • Fixed that quitting the game sometimes took very long
  • Fixed that it was possible to play with other nauts than Rocco in the Tip Top Brawl, and prevented the same from happening in similar Brawls.
  • Fixed that players could make custom changes to Brawls

Commander Rocket
  • Box of cirean cigars, fixed that the second stage did nothing.

  • Derpl should no longer fire his Nuke from his feet.
  • Nuke, fixed an issue where it was possible to desync the charging and firing of the Nuke.
  • Tweaked Derpl’s visual indicator to show the area in which Derpl’s nuke deals damage.
  • Deployment Pads, fixed that the knockback pulse sometimes wouldn't trigger.

  • Gettin’ Out of Da Hood, no longer applies to allied droids.
  • Spiritual Cooking, no longer applies to allied droids.
  • The last pieridae transformae, fixed that it didn’t kill enemy droids when playing as team blue.
  • The last pieridae transformae, fixed that the gold from the killed droid wouldn’t fly to Genji.
  • The last pieridae transformae, fixed that a droid would spawn and despawn whenever a floor or ceiling was hit by cocoon.

  • Overexposed nature photo, fixed that the upgrade would still extend the duration bar shown during bond.

Jimmy and the LUX5000

  • Micey the Mech-pilot, fixed that the knockback pulse wouldn't trigger correctly when the skill isn't cancelled.

Max Focus
  • -Galactic police scanner, fixed that it didn’t stack correctly with Incriminating dirt and Addresses of the Stars!

  • Orb of Omicron, fixed that the orb sometimes wouldn't spawn.

Penny Fox
  • Tweaked Penny Fox’s visual indicator to show the area and trajectory in which Pulse deals damage.

Professor Yoolip
  • Badly washed lab coat, fixed that the cooldown effect was also triggered by hitting turrets.
  • Laboratory Centrifuge, affected droids now drop healthpacks again.

  • Fixed that Soulhuntress’ Raelynn’s trail would show up when invisible.

  • Circuits of Time, fixed that the upgrade wouldn't create a clone.

  • Steeldrum, fixed tooltip stat.

  • Bash with Fistbump upgrade can now deflect projectiles again.

Ted McPain
  • Shotgun, fixed that it was possible to shoot at the same time as activating stimpack. This resulted in a shotgun blast from Ted’s feet.
  • Angel wing toilet paper, fixed that activating stimpack and teleporting at the same time while in possession of this upgrade would keep your shotgun filled up during the stimpack’s effect.

Vinnie & Spike
  • Tweaked Vinnie & Spike’s visual indicator to show the area in which Spike Dive deals damage.

Known Issues
  • Purchasing Dead Seahorse Head causes the skill visualization of Spike Dive to remain fixed in the level until cast again or casting Smoke Screen.
  • Not all skill visualizations accurately predict the range of an ability when targetting behind you.
Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki
It's time for the beakening! The new Brawl of the Week is now available and it's time to get your bow out with Rocco. Tip-Top is here, and you should be playing it right now!

This brawl pits both teams, with every player as Rocco, against each other in a Team Deathmatch-style encounter... with damage boosted up to 300%! You'll have to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge as many arrows as you can to survive while taking out the opposition.

Log in to Awesomenauts and play a couple of Tip-Top matches to earn a massive XP and Awesomepoint bonus!

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