Community Announcements - ronma|Kewn
We just launched the 3.1.1 hotfix for Awesomenauts, fixing some issues players have been experiencing.

Patchnotes can be found here:

If you encounter any issues, please report them here:
Community Announcements - ronma|Kewn

We just launched Awesomenauts 3.1: Starstorm Showdown! After months of development and countless sneak peaks, the legendary Starstorm vessel is now fully engaged and ready for battle! This new map is available in the regular online map rotation, so jump into Matchmaking and fate might bring you to the Starstorm!

In addition to this brand-new map, Awesomenauts 3.1 also brings a massive amount of new custom games settings, as well as some cool new skins. 8-Bit Yoolip is the latest Ultimate Skin, which means it comes loaded with a custom theme song, unique killing spree, and loads of extra visual and audio upgrades. It's one of the most elaborate skins we've ever done. There's also a new Skree Announcer, for those who just can't get enough of our favorite technoshaman!

Furthermore, we're introducing Augmented Ayla, a new Ayla skin that's available for free! All you have to do is Follow Awesomenauts on Steam (, and it'll unlock straight away in the game!

We hope you enjoy the new update! For the full patch notes, head over to our official forum thread:
Community Announcements - ronma|Kewn
Da gods of da battle station await ya! Skree, the technoshaman that was marooned on the Starstorm Station until rescued by the Awesomenauts, is back!

We've teamed up with Weazel to bring you a new announcer! Can't get enough of Skree? Then this one is for you!
Community Announcements - ronma|Kewn
To celebrate the impending launch of the Starstorm Showdown update, we're revealing a new track that will be added to the game with Update 3.1! One Happy Galaxy is a track inspired by the Starstorm Station, has a chance to play on every map, and is available for everybody!

The track is composed by our friends at Sonic Picnic, who did all the sounds and music for the game! As with all other tracks, it'll be added to the digital soundtrack for your listening pleasure, if you own the soundtrack DLC!
Community Announcements - ronma|Kewn
8-Bit Yoolip is coming in Awesomenauts 3.1: Starstorm Showdown! As an Ultimate Skin, this new costume comes loaded with plenty of cool new visuals effects, sounds, and even his own unique character theme and killing spree theme!

And maybe... maybe there's even a very special cheat code, just for him!
Community Announcements - Mitaki

Always wanted to be part of Awesomenauts history and voice a 'Naut? This is your chance!

Over the years lots of fans have sent us their ideas and suggestions for the game. Of course, most these were ideas for new characters, gameplay elements or skins. But there were also many fans who offered to lend their voice to one of the characters. Well, now’s your time to shine!

This weekend we announced a contest in which you could become the voice of Ix the Interloper! This seemed like a great time for it, since it fits Ix’ community driven design. If you want to give this voice acting thing a go, head over to our website for more information:

We will stop taking submissions by Friday April 29, so make sure you submit your demo in time! The winner will have his or her voice heard ingame as Ix the Interloper, and will also receive a sweet DLC package and an original Soundtrack LP!
Community Announcements - [ronma]nog1potje

As promised yesterday, we just launched the Beta for Awesomenauts 3.1: Starstorm Showdown. This Beta is available for all players of Awesomenauts. Want to know how to get the Beta? Head over here:

This Beta contains a near-final version of the Starstorm map, a massive new set of custom game settings, and a whole bunch of balance changes. Check out the full patch notes over here:

Be sure to let us know what you think about the new map, new settings, and balance changes. As always, please share your feedback on the Beta forums, or join us on Twitch during our development stream:

The Beta is now available for PC, Mac and Linux!
Community Announcements - Mitaki

Hey everyone! The beta for Awesomenauts 3.1: Starstorm Showdown will go live tomorrow! In it, you'll be able to play on the new Starstorm map with near-final graphics, mess around with a whole new set of Custom Game settings, and test the new balance changes!

In case you missed the Streamisho, we just revealed a new Ultimate skin for Yoolip (8-Bit Yoolip) and a free skin for Ayla (Killer Koala Ayla). To get the new Ayla skin, 'Follow' us on Steam! You can do so from the Steam store page!

We also showed off a lot of the cool stuff you can do with the new Custom Game options. The Streamisho will be up on Youtube tomorrow, in case you want to relive the hype!
Community Announcements - Mitaki
Coming up this Wednesday, a brand new Streamisho about all the cool stuff coming in Awesomenauts update 3.1: Starstorm Showdown!

We'll be showing you the near-final version of the Starstorm map, talk about stuff going on in the community, and have a bunch of additional surprises lined up that are coming in the next update! The public Beta for this updates is slated to go live right after the show.

Plenty of stuff to get excited about, so tune in to our stream at this Wednesday at 1900 CET, 1800 CET, 1PM EDT, 10AM PDT!

Community Announcements - Mitaki

We just launched Awesomenauts 3.0.2.A1, an update that we've been working on in secret for quite a while! As you all know, Awesomenauts has always been heavily inspired by cartoons and games from the 80s and early 90s. And ever since we launched in 2012, we’ve never stopped releasing updates and kept the game’s spirit close to those classic games and series. Recently, we realised something was missing. Or rather, we had too much of it. Pixels!

That ends today. The new update we’ve just released brings the game back to the glorious, crisp, and hyper-realistic 180p graphics that blew our minds back in the arcades! The screenshots included below are from the actual live version of Awesomenauts on Steam, and have not been altered in any way. Log on and try it for yourself!

Furthermore, we’ve added a new 8-bit track to the soundtrack to fit this new vibe. For a limited time, this track will play every time a new match starts, just to make sure everybody can enjoy it!

Players who’d love a little more pixels with their pixels can increase the resolution to higher levels by hitting the cheat code CTRL + P. We think those people have no love for the classics though!


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