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The long-lasting 2D incarnation of the MOBA known as Awesomenauts [official site] is going free-to-play, developers Ronimo have announced. They ve been working up to this over the past year, they say, bringing other features to the shooty multiplayer platformer such as a new matchmaking system, a spectator mode, and a level editor. But now it is taking the final plunge into the deep F2P abyss. … [visit site to read more]

Awesomenauts - Mitaki

It's really happening! Awesomenauts is going free to play on May 24th! Soon everyone can be an awesome space mercenary!
Going free-to-play has always made sense for Awesomenauts, as more players simply means it’s a better game for everyone. It greatly improves the matchmaking and networking experience, and brings more people to community events and the amazing community-made mods.

We couldn't have done this without your support! Your continued feedback inspires us to dream big, and many of the changes we’re introducing with 4.0 are a direct result of that. Thanks to your support, Awesomenauts has grown from a scrappy indie title to one of the few enduring online games. And with your help we're going to launch Awesomenauts into the stratosphere!

Before we get down to talk about all the cool new stuff, we need to mention two very important things that will stay the same amidst all of these big changes:
  • Awesomenauts is still the platforming MOBA you know and love. Nothing changes to the gameplay.
  • We won’t sell power. You can’t pay to win. Players won’t be able to spend real money to get an advantage during matches.
So, with that out of the way: let's get down to all the cool new stuff in this update!

Existing Player rewards!
We couldn’t possibly have made this massive update without the support of all our awesome existing players! That’s why everyone who played Awesomenauts before April 26th will automatically be rewarded ‘Founder’ status, granting an exclusive portrait and medal! Of course, you'll also have a huge head start over all newcomers, as you will already have lots of characters unlocked!

Even better, if you own the base game plus both expansions before May 24th, you'll automatically be upgraded to the 'All Nauts Pack'! This grants you every 'Naut, forever.

And as always, your feedback remains essential! So don't hesitate to tell us what you think of all these changes.

Portraits, Medals and Droppods
Custom Portraits, Droppods and Medals have been added to make sure there is plenty of cool stuff to unlock! To help show off these sweet new unlockables we've also taken the opportunity to completely overhaul the match intro and scoreboard. Not only does the new intro show off your Droppod, Medals and Portrait, it also gets everyone pumped to get started!
Portraits can be gained through normal progress, while Medals are rewarded for achieving special feats. Droppods on the other hand, are bought with the new currency: Awesomepoints!

Level up your Profile and Nauts!
When playing matchmade games, both your Profile and played Naut will gain experience! And both of them can go up in level separately, granting you unique rewards. Items are now the first thing a 'Naut unlocks, which makes completing your build much faster. Levels will also get you Portraits, Awesomepoints and other goodies!

The Profile screen has also be revamped to hold all everything progress related. Here you'll find your stats, 'Naut progress, Medals and Portraits.

Awesomepoints are here!
On top of experience, playing will also get you Awesomepoints! These can be spent on unlocking any 'Nauts you don't own yet, or the new Droppods and Portraits. Every Awesomenaut can be unlocked this way, even if they were previously part of an expansion. There's also a new testing environment for 'Nauts you don't currently own yet, so you can try before you buy!

Real money is still the only way to buy the 'Naut skins, but can now also be used to buy individual 'Nauts and Droppods.

Introducing the 'All Nauts Pack'
If you just want to have all 'Nauts available to you at all times, this Pack is for you. It not only gets you all current 'Nauts, but also all the new ones as they come out! The Pack will also grant 'Collector' status, giving you an exclusive Medal and Lonestar skin.

And as mentioned before, if you own the game plus both expansions before May 24th you will automatically be upgraded to the 'All Nauts Pack'! To help all our existing players upgrade to this Pack, we'll be discounting the expansions until the free-to-play launch.

New game mode: Co-op vs. Bots!
Not feeling very competitive today? Team up with your fellow man and take down a team entirely comprised of Bots! When firing up this new mode you can pick you own difficulty, and Galactron will go look for allies with similar wishes and a low ping. Beating up the Bots will net you rewards just like the regular vs. Player mode, so no worries about missing out.

New menu: Armory!
Want to pick up some new Awesomenauts or Droppods? You need to be in the Armory! Here you can easily browse all the content you’ve unlocked so far. Every item can be digged into for more details, including backstories and splash art. In case of the characters there’s lots of info on their gameplay too, including their Shop items and skills. You can even take characters for a quick testdrive!

Recruit all the friends!
Reaching level 5 will grant you a special recruitment code, which you can give to any other players!

New players will be able to enter your key and unlock Raelynn, for free! Any player can only be recruited once!

Whenever a player that you have recruited reaches level 8, you will gain 1000 Awesomepoints! You may recruit up to 50 players this way.

Completely new tutorial!
To help all those new players get their bearings in Awesomenauts, we've completely overhauled the tutorial. It features a lot less player downtime and also explains every aspect of the game a lot more thoroughly. The first mission still features Sheriff Lonestar, but in the second players can give Scoop a whirl to learn all about pushing and staying alive.

All in all, there's a lot of awesome stuff in the new update, and there's even more to look forward to in the coming months.

Exciting times are coming, and we'd once again like to thank you for all the support you've given us over the years. We're excited about the future, and hope you'll join us on this next step in our adventure!

Thank you!

- Ronimo Games
Awesomenauts - Rylynn

The level editor contest ran for almost a month and the winners were announced on the last Streamisho! There were 28 entries to the contest and only one could win the grand prize, so congratulations to Blatoy for winning with Super Awesome Nauts!

There are two maps under this name. One of the maps has a great combination of custom textures and adventure map gameplay, while the other map is a custom-textured 3v3 Awesomenauts map. Blatoy received most upvotes with these maps. Therefore, he wins the Golden Gearlyfish icon to show-off ingame, an exclusive Clunk figure, a Roboscoop skin, and the Awesomenauts costume party bundle DLCs!

Check Super Awesome Nauts out:
To show our appreciation to other custom map creators, we introduced honorable mentions which were chosen by the Ronimo team. We picked our winners by looking at textures, layouts, gamemodes, and in particular the creativity of the map idea. There are 11 honorable mentions winners and they all win the Silver Gearlyfish icon, a Roboscoop skin, and the Awesomenauts costume party bundle DLCs!

Thank you all for those who participated in the level editor contest. It was amazing to see all the great ideas come to life and see a lot of players try out these great submissions on the Steam workshop! We encourage everyone to continue creating and uploading maps and we will try to share the great work from the community on our social media channels.

The honorable mentions can be found below, if you like to check them out:
Slot Machine Madness 2.0 by VMAR
Beach Party by Irdl Dinsfirefly
Vault Heist - Coop Puzzles by BurkusCat
Luxor by BaconBomb, conorbebe, and Kidasmuln
Sorona Dunes Deathmatch by VikriTheGamer
The flying seas of Okeanos v2 by Nikey9
Mists of Tundraria by BeLozey
Control Point Gamemode by Stu
Underground by CationF
Castle Siege by CationF
Gnaw Story Mode by Paraakie Editor!
Ezaelia Forest by Luckytime!
Moonrush V2 by BurkusCat
Awesomenauts - Mitaki
Awesomenauts 4.0 is just a week away! Tune in to the Streamisho on April 26th for the full reveal! For now, on top of all the stuff we've teased over the last week, we revealed a brand-new scoreboard and a player-status dock for the new update!

The new player-status dock will give you all the info you need during a pitched battle! Health of your team mates and respawn status of all players are only a glance away in 4.0!
Awesomenauts - Mitaki Awesomenauts 4.0 is launching on April 26th, and we've got lots of new stuff lined up for you to get excited about. For now, it's time to meet a new friend!
Awesomenauts - Rylynn

This week’s Streamisho covered teaser images, community news, and level editor contest maps! We will cover everything you need to know here. If you want to watch the VOD, you can do so on Youtube here:
Crowdfunding pledges closed on the 12th of April and this marks the end of the crowdfunding campaign that spanned over three and a half years. This campaign made Starstorm a reality, lead to the level editor, the custom game browser, and many other features! We would like to thank everybody who supported our campaign!

The current prestige system will be removed from the game on the 26th of April, so grab new levels while you can!
The icons you get now from prestiging will remain available to you when this system is gone, so don’t worry about any of your accomplishments going to waste. Whatever we’re replacing the system with will allow you to flaunt the icons you’ve already unlocked!

Awesomenauts 4.0
The 26th of April will mark the reveal of a new Awesomenauts update! This will not be labelled as update 3.6 but 4.0! We have a lot of awesome stuff in store and will be revealing bits of the update on our social media channels in the coming weeks! The first thing we showed was something that looks like a Droppod! Be sure to keep an eye out on our social media channels this week and you might catch another sneak peak!

Contest maps
Almost all level editor contest maps have been showcased and discussed during the stream. There are 21 contest maps so far and the contest ends on the 19th of April at 17:00 EU time. The countdown timer can help you with submission deadlines here

We made a list with contest map submissions and will be updating the list, if people decide to submit maps in the final week! You can find the list here:
Awesomenauts - Mitaki
Big news today! The next update for Awesomenauts will be labelled 4.0 and I can promise there is plenty of cool stuff to look forward to in that update!

This new update will go live on April 26th, and we'll be unveiling new stuff that will be included in that update over the next two weeks. Check out the image above for a sneak peak of some of the changes. That looks like a droppod... right? Looks nice, doesn't it? Well, that's just the start...
Awesomenauts - Rylynn

The level editor contest has been underway for a few weeks now, and you still have a few more days to submit your own contest map! Contestants have a chance at winning the Grand Prize or one of the honorable mentions, and we'll reveal these during the Streamisho next week! We gathered all the maps that have been submitted so far and will add new contest maps to the list here if people decide to upload them later! You can find all the contest maps below with an accessible link to check them out, and remember to upvote the map(s) you like the most!

Contest map submissions

Zork Ind. Convenience Store
Shrine of Vitax
Slot Machine Madness 2.0
Pirate Wars!
Beach Party
Super Awesome Nauts
The Awesomenauts discovered an old game device brought from the past by Yoolip! They started to play together on a really famous game. Join them and try to destroy the castle of your enemy on a retro-styled map or play alone and beat monsters to rescue the princess*!
*princess not included, may be in another castle.
Vault Heist - Coop Puzzles
You and your team have been contracted to rob one of the galaxy's largest vaults that exists in an undisclosed location. No one is around, but the vault has some of the most advanced security systems you have ever seen!
Moonrush V2
Admiral Swiggins, who found himself highly affected by the crisis, has pinpointed a promising candidate for mining, Sorona's own moon! Swiggins has deployed a transponder and signalled the other Awesomenauts. It's time for the Moonrush!
Ezaelia Forest
A mid-sized map with plenty of unique features like scorching fire that you can control with a button, poisonous gas vents, and all the bouncers you've ever wanted.
Sorona Dunes Deathmatch
A deathmatch map situated on the dunes of Sorona with a new hazard, quicksand!
There are 2 worms under the quicksand on each side of the map with solar right above them, be careful not to fall in!

Maps for Modders
Both maps are meant to be accessed through the level-editor, simply create a map and use "Play Room" or "All Orignal Maps" as template and get inspired for your new map! Just play around with all these different mechanics and see what cool thing you can come up with!

The flying seas of Okeanos v2
This is a full-fledged 3v3 Awesomenauts map, with 3 turrets on each side, working bot paths and Team Deathmatch Arena walls.
Okeanos, being an ocean planet, has its underwater areas, making characters and projectiles fly around for a little longer while submerged. Also be careful around the dangerous water vortex at the bottom of the ocean that will try to suck you in!

Scrapyard is an attack and defend map which only lets you proceed to the core once you destroyed both turrets in the first area. This will allow the blue team to push towards the red core, but beware of the red team who can now defend this area!

Mists of Tundraria
Ice, snow, more ice... welcome to Tundraria! Zork Industries has long sought after this planet, it's rumored to have the most desirable solar in all the Galaxy. It is also known for its undesirable low temperatures and the creatures who call it home.

Battle of New Sedna
Brace yourself, this map is quite a challenge! Very similar to defaults apart from 2 diferent jungles and a huge elevator in the middle. Don't get caught underneath it or you are in for a big suprise!

Omicron City
A 3v3 Awesomenauts map in the middle of Omicron City! Take advantage of the jump pads and quickly go from the jungle to the top lane. Fight out battles in an open bottom lane and go head to head with your opponents!

HideNSeek Portal Edition
This map was made for intense chasing, hiding and of course seeking.
Additionally, the map comes with 12 rooms, each having a hiding area
and portals to 2 other rooms.

Control Point Gamemode
The One's and Zero's must fight for a foothold in order to sabotage the rival solar drill. An intense and close-quarters battle commences...
This game mode takes the fast-paced play of team deathmatch and adds objective play to the formula.

AI Station 127
AI Station 127 is a classic 3v3 map based on AI Station 205. However, portals are added together with a solar boss, different jump pads, places to hide from the enemy, and team only accessible areas to make it more exciting and giving players new escape strategies!

Gnaw Story Mode
Learn about Gnaws past, why FroggyG hates him so much and how he joined the Zeros after being Kidnapped by Kremzon Scientists. Learn about the Story through wall of text and solve puzzles or fight enemies to progress.
Keep in mind that you can skip, all story related content and only play the mod for its puzzles and PvE.

Warpspace Station OZ-3
The activation of the giant weapon system on the Starstorm station caused a warp in spacetime near Ribbit IV, tearing open a wormhole to an unknown dimension. The first few brave enough to venture through either never returned or only made it barely alive on a broken spaceship. They had caught glimpses of a shattered space station floating around in an otherwise barren plane of existence, with large amounts of Solar pouring out of it.

Vulcanion is a custom map with unique challenges and hazards. Fighting for a mining facility located on top of an active volcano, you will need to be careful not to fall into a fiery death as both volcanic eruptions and a controllable hatch might catch you by surprise.

Solar is more abundant beneath the surface...
Underground is a large and unique map that offers new challenges and tactical opportunities. Half of the map is underground and needs to be illuminated.
The problem is that the generator is unstable and it will occasionally lose it's power, leaving the entire cave in the dark!

Cloud City
The toxic gases that the planet produces are too deadly to allow any type of lifeforms to live on the surface, which is why the planets has been left untouched with all of its resources still intact. As time went on and new technologies were discovered it became possible to build a city on another nearby planet and then transfer it to this vile and harmful planet so that the planet could safely be researched.

Awesomenauts Hide & Seek
The idea is that everyone has one health and should be killed
in one shot. Kill people by hiding yourself and harass them or play
the seeker and go around the level searching for people hidden
in their hide areas!

Countdown Timer
The deadline for the submissions will be before the start of the Streamisho on the 19th of April, 17:00 EU time. We will look at all the submissions before the start of the stream and will announce the winner and honorable mentions. If you are not sure about the times, check out the countdown timer here
Awesomenauts - Rylynn

During the Streamisho we covered some Awesomenauts news and played custom games with viewers. You can read the stream recap here! If you want to watch the whole stream, you can do so here:
Community news
The Skolldir Showdown was played last weekend and the 1st place was taken by niki! Paulo! and Starsan finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. Congratulations to niki, who proved to be the best Skolldir in this tournament! We would like to thank the Awesomenauts Rumble team for hosting the first ever custom map Awesomenauts tournament.

You can watch the final match between Paulo! and niki on Youtube:
The Awesomenauts Rumble completely overhauled their website. Check it out for VODs, tournaments, and updates:

In addition, their Scrim Show will be live on Twitch at 18:00 EU, 17:00 UK, 12:00AM EST, 9AM PT over at

Custom maps
Two dev-made custom maps were played during the Streamisho. Both of them are team deathmatch maps that show the possibilities of the level editor!

Sorona Express
This dangerous Deathmatch map is set on a run-away train crossing the deadly Sorona deserts!
Only venture away from the train's relative safety at your own risk, as strong crosswinds might turn you into premature wormfood!

Try it out here:
Skull Station
An enclosed deathmatch map where you cannot hide from the enemy. Go in and show off your skills!

Try it out here:
Level Editor
We want to remind you on the level editor contest which runs until the 19th of April. The level editor maps need to have (contest) in their title, have a thumbnail, and show in-game screenshots on their Workshop page. There have been great submissions so far and we encourage everyone to upvote the maps they like the most!

Find all the contest maps here:
Awesomenauts - Rylynn

This week’s Streamisho focussed on the level editor and AI modding in particular. In case you missed it, the community news and the level editor info will be discussed in this update. If you prefer to watch the VOD on Youtube, you can do so here:
Community news:
The ALWB: Galactic Warfare tournament played their Grand Final last weekend and came to a close! The main event was won by the Killer Koalas after playing 5 matches against the Mind Collection. The Mind Collection won the first two matches but a great comeback and three consecutive wins ensured the win for the Killer Koalas. The last match was played on Sorona and you can watch it back in game by entering this matchID in the ‘Watch’ menu in-game: 2H8V5Y80.

The open competition finals also took place last weekend. The tournament was won by Is this Minecraft? Congratulations on winning!

Both the main event and the open competition were a great success and we want to thank the ALWB for organizing Galactic Warfare: The first Wave! We’re already looking forward to the sequel!

Skølldir showdown
Awesomenauts Rumble will start the Skølldir Showdown tournament this weekend. The tournament will have open qualifiers on Saturday, the 1st of April and the playoffs on the 2nd of April. Signing up is still possible until 8PM EST, 30th of March or the 31st of March, 03:00 EU time. Find all necessary information here and show off your Skølldir skills:

Only three more weeks remain to get prestige levels! The current prestige system will be replaced soon with a new system, so grab new levels while you can! We haven’t yet put a final date on when this ability to get new levels will be removed, but for now please assume you have three weeks left.

The icons you get now from prestiging will remain available to you when this system is gone, so don’t worry about any of your accomplishments going to waste. Whatever we’re replacing the system with will allow you to flaunt the icons you’ve already unlocked!

Now that all the kickstarter features have been released, we are closing the crowdfunding after the 12th of April. Crowdfunding pledges will still be possible before this date, if you really want to get Ghost Leon, Cyber Coco, the Voltar announcer and the Papa Gnaw announcer. All donations will still be going into the development of Awesomenauts.

Level editor contest
The level editor contest has started and is running until the 19th of April. Putting (contest) in the title of your existing or new map will make it eligible to win. For all the rules and the prizes, click here: Check out all current submissions over here:

Wave defence map
Davey & Joost demonstrated how to work with the AI and set up a wave defence map during the stream. They played with two others and tried to hold back waves of Scoops and Clunks trying to destroy the core. You can download the map here:

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