Community Announcements - Castellon
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For Complete Details please see the entire change log in the announcement on our forums

We have a new launcher!
Mac, Linux and Windows finally have the same launcher, this allows us to put far more effort into our launcher, allowing us to do things like downloading steam workshop mods without the need to restart the game.
This patch is also full of other changes, big and small. For instance, Ironman now only saves every 6 months, memory usage has been reduced quite a bit and heaps of bugs have been fixed.

Here is the full changelist:
- Fixed crash after changing savegame directory with the delete save dialog open
- Minor optimizations
- Ironman now autosaves once every 6 months rather than every month
- Fixed crash where AI would evaluate religious elector titles when you didn't have Sons of Abraham
- Fixed OOS regarding battle chokepoints.
- Optimized AI for elector titles for religions
- Optimized so interface should seem smoother at all times, less stuttering
- Fixed a bug where wars against vassals would not start properly, and freeze any plot related to that war.
- Fixed crash when you hover over dead characters religion icon
- Fixed CTD when AI is evaluating targets
- Fixed issue where taking the last county from the Pope would not properly give its baronies to the winner.
- Fixed issue where taking the last county from the Pope ended his Crusades.
- Texture memory usage has been optimized, this should result in far lower memory useage, both on the graphics card and RAM.
- Even more memory usage optimization, reduced memory usage growth over time.
- Fixed issue where temporary revolt titles got inherited by characters outside the revolt. ( Old saves affected by this should also be repaired )
- Fixed issue where vassals under a temporary revolt title got independent on Liege's death.
- Fixed issue where vassals with a liege in a revolt could create new higher tier titles and become independent of the original liege when the revolt ended
- Fixed issue where a vassal got independent when they joined a rebellion outside the realm of its liege.

- Holding Alt and left-clicking while a unit is selected will no longer make that unit un-selectable.
- The Third Temple in Jerusalem is now completed even if the ruler who ordered its construction dies.
- Fixed an error in the German text for the completion of the Third Temple.
- "Great Indian Sultanate" and "Looking East and West" achievements now work even if Rajastan has become a part of the Empire of of India.
- Fixed an issue with the allow triggers for Kali Puja.
- Plots to revoke vassal titles no longer resets when not supposed to.
- Resolved issue were the educate child interaction would not auto suggest a guardian.
- Now properly resets the de facto liege of revolt vassals when the revolt ends inconclusively.
- Revolt wars now end when the provinces in revolt gets vassalised by another leader.
- Horse archers no longer use the Norse horse archers model as default.
- Fixed a bug where AI characters would not go on pilgrimages.
- No longer shows the order of a character's wife in the opposite order.
- The event to become Saoshyant no longer requires non-existing duchies.
- Game no longer crashes on death if the diplomacy view is opened.
- Fixed bug where a revolt Casus Belli became invalidated when it was not supposed to.
- Kingdom of Jerusalem's duchies can no longer be assimilated by other kingdoms
- Fixed small issue with logging incompability with launcher.
- Fixed freezing of plot when surrendering to a war to revoke a vassal title.
- Resolved issue with offering to educate children where the liege of the child was automatically assigned as a tutor instead of you or one in your realm.
- Fixed bug where rulers got vassalised when they lost a claim war even though they had vassals outside the contested title.
- Zoroastrian vassals now only consider liege marriages as divine if they are truly close kin.
- Fixed issue where the pope would always grant divorces as the marriages where wrongly considered a consanguinity.
- Fixed English localisation of Hellenic priests, training grounds and mustering grounds.
- Changed the "Become King" ambition to be called "Become Queen" for female rulers.
- Changed font for changing language in the settings menu to match fonts used for other settings.
- Resolved issue where thumbs up and thumbs down icons when browsing the list of claimants did not match if they could be invited to court or not.
- Fixed bug for Muslim rulers where your latest wife was set as your First Wife, instead of the wife you first married.
- Fixed bug where AI republic characters with other titles did not build trade posts.
- Fixed bug where the graphic for special units changed when merged with troops of another culture.
- Resolved issue where Muslim male characters could not get married if betrothed to a minor.
- Fixed issue where revolt occupations were removed when another revolt claimed the contested title.
- Improved AI decision-making for inviting vassals to celebrate Ramadan.
- Faction backers are now removed from the faction upon death.
- Now properly shows the special unit icon in the reorganize unit view.
- Now properly updates holy sites for Muslim religions.
- Added missing localisation for coa_plain_pagan and coa_plain_indian.
- Modified decisions, achievments and events for Indian empires to also trigger for the empire of India.
- Your spymaster can now properly persuade other nobles to join your faction.
- Fixed a bug where characters were having their tutor reassigned from the tutor the player had picked for them
- Muslim Special Troops now use the Muslim Horse Archer model, rather than the Western Light Cavalry model
- Fixed issue where a character would not be counted as incapaciteded or pilgrim after loading a savegame
- Fixed a minor bug with the white elephant events.
- Fixed a bug with scheming regents sometimes not stopping their schemes if they lost their original target.
- Vassals can no longer participate in the same war as their lieges, except in Crusades or when fighting the liege in a rebellion.
- Lieges can now offer to join vassals wars when they are pressing a claim outside of the realm, replacing the vassal as participant.
- Jewish buildings and retinues no longer need Jewish religion, only Israelite culture group.
- Added Nubian cultural retinue and building.
- Pagans can now raid and use holy orders against each other.
- Fixed a bug that made it possible for a player to activate several pilgrimages at once.
- Costs for pilgrimages fixed.
- "What Schism?" achievement now correctly uses Constantinople and not Thrace province in trigger.
- Fixed a bug in the trigger for the "Visit Mount Athos" event.
- Fixed a minor bug with an opinion modifier in the Jeanne d'Arc events.
- Changed 'Have a Son' and 'Have a Daughter' ambitions to work properly with the gender of the character.
- Ghanan band and Ghilman merc compositions are no longer naval.
- Saint Addai holy order is no longer available before the event chain enables them.

For Details on the Changes in these areas please see the complete announcement on our forums
PC Gamer

Excited for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but can't bear to wait until next February to get some fresh Witcher action? The Witcher Kings mod for Crusader Kings 2 might tide you over in the meantime. This full conversion mod (still being developed) transforms medieval Europe into the Witcher's world. Go to war with Nilfgaard (or rule them), employ sorcerers and witchers in your court, and send your children to magic academies in hopes of developing their arcane talents. Or, like I did, become moderately obsessed with the idea of becoming besties with Geralt himself.
The mod is set around the time of the events that take place in Witcher 2, which we all know are... um... okay, to be perfectly honest, I have not played any of the Witcher series. So, I'm probably not the best person to say how accurate, or faithful to the fiction, this mod is. As far as I can tell, though, it's been made by real fans of both the games and the book series, and to my uninformed eyes, they seem to know their business. They've even gone so far as to note, in every single character's traits, whether they're a legit canon character from the Witcher fiction or just a game-generated NPC.

Right off the bat, there's some lovely new portrait work, with some of The Witcher's non-human races, like dwarves, elves, and dryads being skillfully represented. Even Geralt looks pretty accurate, right down to the vertical scar across the eye that 86% of video game heroes have etched into their faces at the Badass Academy graduation ceremony.

Don't I know you from somewhere?
Naturally, my first order of business in the mod is to find Geralt and make sure we become bestest buddies. As fate would have it, I've chosen to play as King Foltest of Temeria, and there, just chilling in my court, is Geralt himself. Well, that was easy! Geralt has a decent opinion of me, but not a great one, so I send him a gift of some gold, award him an honorary title, and just as insurance, have my court magician the mod gives you one as a council member cast a charm spell on him.

Even not knowing this world, how can I not get excited about a map like this? I love CK2 mods.
In the mod, there are sorcerers, witches, and druids, and each has magical abilities available to you if they're on your roster. Sorcerers can heal you, charm others (as I did to Geralt), and aid you with stat boosts during battles and sieges. Witches can heal but also curse, which I didn't witness in game but I assume applies penalties to some of your stats. Druids can heal, but in ways a bit more spiritual than physical: their spells lift the burden of stressed and depressed traits. Using spells drains the health of the spell-caster and prevents them from casting further spells for several months.

Ain't much to look at, but the tuition is way cheaper than Hogwarts.
Magic isn't just for adults! Every child born has a chance to posses some magical traits, and these chances are improved by magic already running in the family (so marry a magic-user, if possible). To help bring these talents out, you can send your kid to a magic academy for tutoring, though they'll have to remain there, essentially disinherited, until they fully graduate: no running off half-baked like Luke Skywalker. These magic towers, by the way, dot the map as special counties. They don't serve as a tax base but come with some custom building options, and must be run by a sorcerer.

Nilfgaard! My ancient enemy I've just become aware of!

As far as my own game goes, being besties with Geralt is problematic. He's nice enough to go fight some hellhounds that are running rampant around my country (though he gripes that he "got hurt" doing so), but shortly after leaves my court to go work in Maribor, a sizable city to the south of Wyzima. I invite him back, and he accepts, but is shortly off again, this time to Dorndal. Again, I invite him back, but he soon splits to Loc Muinne.

It eventually dawns on me that, oh, right, he's somewhat of an adventurer, crisscrossing the world for various reasons, which is presumably why his games are so beloved. Who would be interested in him if he just bummed around one county his whole life? Eventually I just have three children and name them Geralt, Geralt Jr., and Geralt Again in hopes they turn out as cool as the real dude.

Do you think he'll be flattered? Or creeped out?

As with just about every full conversion mod I've played for Crusader Kings 2, this one is enjoyable, stable, and well put together. Again, I'm not the best to judge if they've done a good job bringing all the lore and flavor of The Witcher faithfully into CK2, so I'd love to hear thoughts from any tried and true Witcher fans who have played the mod.

Installation: Download it here. Extract it to your CK2 mod directory (even if you have a Steam copy, it'll be in My Documents > Paradox Interactive > Crusader Kings 2 > mod). Start up CK2, and check the box that says Witcher Kings.
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Apr 28, 2014
Community Announcements - doomdark
- Fixed broken MP from v2.1.2, for real

- Save games now written to virtual memory before writing them physically to improve stability.
- Some trait cost fixes, all trait costs lowered.
- Can no longer press the create Hungary button multiple times.
- Fixed a bug where spouses were no longer allies.
- Fixed a bug where you could assimilate into revolt titles.
- Fixed a bug where revolting as a patrician could give you the wrong government type.
- Indian holy orders can now fight other indian religions.

- Updated heir description for piety name in dynasty view.
- Updated interaction description for piety name in interaction view.
- Can no longer press the red skulls of people killed by rabble.
- Bug Fix where realm view used to show demesne incomes instead of tax incomes.
- Fixed a bug where marriage notification showed that a character was marrying himself.
- Title and CB selection in diplomatic interactions now gets sorted by CB type and title name.
- Added icons for the Order of Addai.

- spawn_unit matchmul no longer counts in event spawned and mercenery units.
- Added hostile_within_group flag for religion groups which decides if holy orders will fight other religions within the same group.
Community Announcements - BjornB
As you have noticed we have had crash problems when launching the game via steam on MAC. We have come to the conclusion that there is a problem between our launcher and the steam overlay. The previous workaround was shutting of the steam overlay but after a recent update to steam that no longer seems to work.

So. We are doing to following things about this problem.

1) We are currently building a new launcher that you will see a first version of very soon. It should not have these problems and eventually it will have some nice new features.
2) As of now, when you click PLAY in steam on MAC you will no longer go via the launcher and go directly into the game. The unfortunate side effect to this is that you cant turn off DLC nor mods when launching this way.
3) Then there is a workaround. If you want to use the launcher to, say, turn off DLCs, you can still start it manually. To do this, go to the eu4 install-folder in the console and start ./ As long as steam is running in the background you should still have MP etc.

Again, we are working on getting out a new launcher but in the mean time you should be able to enjoy the game.

Original Post:
Apr 11, 2014
Community Announcements - doomdark
2014-04-11: v2.1.3

- Fixed broken MP from v2.1.2
- All Muslim rulers are now notified and given an imprisonment reason when a dynasty member refuses to straighten up
- Added a notification event when a dynasty member goes decadent
- Only Kshatriya women are generated in feudal Indian courts
- Can no longer pick the "Excommunicated" trait in the ruler designer
- Fixed a bug where dead characters could get the wrong liege set
- Fixed bug where the "Become King" ambition would abort due to holding a temporary revolter kingdom
- Added better text when losing decadence from a title grant
- Adjusted to care more about Caste for marriages
Apr 10, 2014
Community Announcements - doomdark
This patch should fix all major issues reported since the release of Rajas of India!


- Memory optimizations (graphics DLCs)

- Fixed a bug where allies could be called into certain Major Revolts by attackers, resulting in some erroneous vassalizations at the end of the war.
- Temporary titles no longer increase the multiplier for Decadence gain if they are the character's highest tier title.
- Hunts and Fairs should now be more interesting.
- Hunts and Fairs should no longer give you bundles of events on the same day.
- Hunts and Fairs should now almost always fire at least one event.
- Tournaments will now end properly after all winners are chosen.
- Fixed a bug where an adventure would declare war ahead of time.
- Asking to join a crusade is no longer limited by the distance to the religious head.
- Arrange Marriage no longer shows people with a different caste if you're Hindu.
- Now possible to search for trait names and last names in character finder.
- Spouse no longer likes you less if you have a different caste.
- Fixed a bug where decadence would be incorrectly reset when resigning.
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't grant county titles to Hindus even if they would have their barony become the primary holding in that province.
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't grant lower titles of the incorrect type.
- Fixed a bug where you could designate dead heirs.
- Ruler designer costs improved for balance.
- Fixed a bug where commanders could be offered marriages which they would accept.
- Fixed a bug where the pope would be listed as your best candidate.
- Fixed a bug where the guardian would its wards far away with them.
- Fixed a bug where characters of special interest would be cleared upon inheritance.
- The Robin Hood event series should no longer fire more than once per campaign.
- Fixed some issues with the Aztec invasion.
- Made Buddhist ambitions easier to fulfill.
- Added religion triggers for certain nicknames.
- Fixed a number of minor text bugs.
- Celibate characters should no longer be worried about their conjugal lovelife.
- Added/changed some trait-based opinion modifiers.
- Made Mount Athos an Orthodox holy site instead of Piraeus.
- Bogomilist women can now be appointed as court chaplains.
- Homosexual characters can now have the "get married" ambition again.
- Tweaked various factors affecting whether AI chooses the "get married" ambition.
- Fixed a bug with the decadence "straighten up" action.
- Fixed a bug where characters sacrificed to Kali would mysteriously survive.
- Blocked some ambitions for court gurus.
- Fixed a bug that gave Indian provinces way too much revolt risk from certain events.
- Fixed an issue with the timing of events at Indian feasts.
- Fixed an error with flag clearing at Furusiyya and Epic Tournaments.
- Fixed several event triggers that failed to correctly check a character's location.
- Applying history backwards was working incorrectly.
- Fixed a bug where you wasn't able to reform pagan.
- Fixed a bug with the allow_laws console command
- Now allowed to arrange marriages regardless of diplomatic range if you have a courtier who is betrothed to someone in the target's court
- The Messalian heresy now has access to Absolute Cognatic Succession
- Now allowed to assign a leader to a flank without one regardless of crown authority
- Fixed a bug with lover event 64065
- Fixed a bug with the vassal king opinion penalty being applied multiple times
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't arrange marriages as a child.
- No longer costs any piety to banish if one has a valid reason.
- Banishment description shows the cost to banish.
- Games already in progress no longer show up on the server list.
- Ransom interaction no longer distance limited.
- Fixed some issues with the Samrat Chakravartin decision. It should now be much more attractive for the player.
- Removed an exploit with muslim schools and tech points.
- Fixed a bug with temporary revolt titles and certain achievements.
- Fixed error in troop amount trigger causing horse archers to get elephant tactics.
- Added missing localization for jungle terrain combat effect tooltip.
- Indian temple corruption and local death cults are now immediately removed if province owner is of a non-Indian religion.
- Fixed a bug which sometimes prevented the player from building some holdings.
- Updated so all light cavalry based tactics affect camel cavalry as well
- Fixed invalid patrician trade post cost calculation
- Nestorians can now only appoint landed bishops as Autocephalous Patriarchs (court chaplains)
- Fixed so technology gives bonuses to some special troops
- Improved the logic of bribing people into plots.
- Adapted pilgrim events to include Messalian and Paulician heresies.
- Fixed a bug where the usurp button for kingdoms usurped vassals as well

- Will only ask vassals or below to "Straighten up"
- No longer possible for AI to plot to assassinate self (unless they are a lunatic)
- AI can now start Claimant factions again

- Holy Warrior has a better effect description.
- Fixed a case where righteous imprisonment alert was shown even though imprisonment wasn't available.
- Piety name fixed in ledger.
- Piety name fixed in religion view.
- Piety name fixed in law view for Muslims.
- Piety name in casus belli selection for declare war diplomacy.
- Piety name in score description fixed
- Piety name in end of combat/battle dialog fixed.
- Cursor offsets for character finder.
- Autosave to cloud no longer open main menu upon completion.
- Find province window updated.
- Character selection could show a wrong CoA for lowborn.
- Piety name fixed in execute interaction.
- Clients no longer show "waiting for server id"
- Ransom button in intrigue view disabled when the employer can't/won't ransom the person.
- Fixed invalid text shown for special troops in commander traits
- Fixed moral authority tooltip for indian religions.
- Fixed upside down CoA's on map for versions using OpenGL
- Added missing top bar extension for Indian republics
- Added missing jungle terrain picture
- Vassal tab shows patricians as patricians now
- Fixed another [Player.Religion.GetPietyName] localization issue

- Renamed cost to ruler_designer_cost for trait age costs.
- ruler_designer_cost now forces the cost instead of applying an offset.
- Added a check for characters holding titles before they were born.
- Error log now alerts for any duplicate landed titles.
- Fixed a bug with the event filter 'only_independent' and revolters

- Made a number of changes to starting characters and dynasties, above all in Northern India.
- Ruler of Agen in 987 is now shows as the bishop he is.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Graham Smith)

A logo, yesterday.

I really appreciate the efforts of the voiceover man in this launch trailer for the new Crusader Kings expansion, Rajas of India. He’s doing his very best to make the game sound exciting and dramatic, even as the camera pans slowly across colourful cartography and static menu screens.

Except, as we players of Paradox’s medieval soap opera know, this is> exciting. You don’t need to say it in a dramatic voice: Rajas of India adds the Indian subcontinent, three new religions, and a lot of new ways to commit lusty barbarism.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Pallidum Treponema
Read the full patch notes here.

- Major map revisions and additions: East Africa, Armenia, Central Asia, Siberia and India
- Added Steam matchmaking support
- Added Steam workshop support
- Added diplomatic range, blocking diplomacy and councillor actions vs too distant characters
- Factions will now revolt as a single unified realm under a temporary title
- Added attrition for units that have been "out-of-supply" for too long (can't live off the land in neutral counties, etc)
- Added support to change window mode setting: fullscreen, borderless or windowed
- New unit type system allowing for more flexible unit types, including War Elephants, Camel Warriors and Horse Archers
- Blocked "North Korea Mode"; you now lose huge parts of all income and levies if your demesne is too big
- Save games are now compressed by default (can be toggled on and off)
- Major memory and performance optimizations

Edit: Since we've added several major new features in the patch, old saves are no longer compatible. There is however a workaround if you wish to finish your old save, or play with mods that have not yet been updated.

- Right-click on your game in your Steam Library
- Select Properties
- Go to the Beta tab and select the 2.0.4 version in the dropdown menu. New DLCs will not be available in this version for comaptibility reasons.
- To revert this, go to the beta tab again and select None in the dropdown menu.
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