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Dec 16, 2013
Community Announcements - doomdark
Here are the major changes (complete list here! ):

- Added a "Depose Antipope" Casus Belli
- Added an "Antiking" faction. The leader usurps the liege's primary title, deposes the antipope and passes papal investiture. The Pope can be called into the resulting war.
- Not possible to set up an antipope within 50 years of one being forcibly deposed
- Fixed bug in Linux where the game became totally unplayable if you ALT+TAB
- Now possible to play in Ironman mode with the ruler designer and mods (but you won't get achievements)
- Significantly reduced the amount of event-spawned troops across the board to better reflect the rebalanced levies
- Fixed crash bug in the Mac launcher
- Fixed religion reformation crash
PC Gamer
Game of Dragons

"Khaleesi"... "Car-leesy"... "Kaleeeessi". Oh, sorry. You've just caught me practising my Jorah Mormont impression. I want to get it perfected before next week, when Crusader Kings 2's brilliant Game of Thrones mod will launch its Essos update. That's because the arrival of the Eastern continent will also mean the introduction of its most famous inhabitant: Dany Stormborn and her three dragons.

"Daenerys is obviously a very important character in the Song of Ice and Fire," write the mod's creators in a development update, "and so we have given her a detailed event chain that spans the Clash of Kings and Feast for crows scenarios to try and recreate her story for the player in the mod."

"The main chain will follow her progress from Qarth to Astapor where she claims an Unsullied army," they continue. "From there the player must defeat the other cities of Slaver's Bay, and will hopefully one day eradicate slavery and return to Westeros. There are a few tangents the player can go on as well, maybe you will choose not to go to Slaver's bay and go straight to your homeland to reclaim your birthright?"

Elsewhere, the mod will be updated to take advantage of the base game's Sons of Abraham DLC. The Cardinal mechanics have been re-appropriated for the fantasy world's fiction - meaning the High Septon will be elected by a Council of the Most Devout. The DLC's pop-up events will also be repurposed with a ASoIaF twist.

The mod's update will release next Tuesday, 17th December. You can download the Game of Thrones mod from ModDB.
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PC Gamer
Crusader Kings Z

You see folks, this is why April Fools' Day is dangerous. Or awesome. Delete depending on your affinity for zombies. Back in the dark ages of seven and a bit months ago, Paradox Interactive released a teaser for a fictional Crusader Kings Z, a game that hypothetically merged zombie invasions with medieval European strategy. Months later, and that joke is now a real thing that you can play in Crusader Kings 2. Thanks mods!

For those who've played Sunset Invasion, Paradox's own alternate history add-on, Crusader Kings Z follows a similar pattern. At some point past the year 1000 AD, an event will trigger that unleashes a zombie horde in Ethiopia. From there they build in strength and numbers, spreading from Africa to Europe. It's your job to build a big enough army to stop them, all while stopping your dick half-brother from poisoning you. Just because there are zombies, that's no reason for regal intrigue to cease.

It's a small but enjoyable mod, with an understandably significant impact on campaigns. You can download Crusader Kings Z from here, although you'll need a Paradox forum account to access the page.
Nov 22, 2013
Community Announcements - doomdark
- Added missing Jewish religious icons
- No longer possible to play as a Jew without the Sons of Abraham DLC
- The "Legitimize Bastard" decision now sets the correct dynasty
- Cathars now have access to the "Absolute Cognatic" succession law
- Jewish priests are now allowed to marry
- The kingdom of Jerusalem decisions to vassalize the Knights Templar and Hospitaller now work
- Heresies are now also shown on the religion page in the ledger
- The Knights of Santiago now have their historical activation date and first Grandmaster
- Fixed a bug where an antipope installed as proper Pope in Rome would get an antipope successor
- Fixed a bug where the Pope could restore himself in Rome infinitely, for astronomical amounts of Piety
- GamersGate users no longer incorrectly get the Steam overlay
- Different platforms don't get different checksums anymore
- You can no longer get a barony level character when pressing the Random Character button
- Added more descriptive text when Ironman is disabled
- Removed some ways in which one could cheat in Ironman
- Disabled autosave to cloud storage option in settings if no cloud storage is available
- Fixed some bugs with the new 'hold_election' effect
- AI: Massively reduced the chance that it will create antipopes, for now
- Fixed an issue with ridiculously powerful Mongol stacks if there were Jews in the world
- Fixed so Shift + I does not act like Shift + Insert anymore
- Religion status changes (Mending the Schism, etc) are now properly reset on resign
- Fixed a bug where most councillor job action events were men only
- Blocked Ultimogeniture for West African pagans
- Limited the intrigue gained from certain successful plots
- Fixed error in 'Viking Raider' achievement script
- Fixed a bug with Zoroastrian Xwedodah marriages not being considered sacred
- No longer possible to select Jews in multiplayer if the host does not have Sons of Abraham
Nov 19, 2013
Community Announcements - doomdark
Major changes (full patch notes here):

- Ironman mode
- Steam Achievements
- Religious (non-heretic) rebels
- Women can now die in childbirth, and there can be other complications, like illness and sickly infants
- Added a bottleneck logic to battles where the defender benefits from the surrounding terrain to make the opponent fight on his terms
- Being outflanked is now much more devastating, especially through the center or from two sides
- Support for the metaserver dropped
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Graham Smith)

If you enter in to Crusader Kings 2 with a plan to win, you’re going to be frustrated. It’s a complex turn-based strategy game set during the Middle Ages in Europe, with an overwhelming array of options available whether you start as a mighty King or a lowly Count. If you approach it as a role-playing game though, with an interest only in being interesting, then it’s an accessible, surprising delight to muddle your way through and craft your own stories.

That’s why any new expansion to the game is so exciting; every added layer of detail gives you a new role to perform. Sons of Abraham focuses on expanding the Jewish and Muslim faiths. It’s out now and there’s a new developer diary below. (more…)

Product Release - Valve
Sons of Abraham, all new content for Crusader Kings II is Now Available on Steam and is 10% off!*

Crusader Kings II: Sons of Abraham is the fifth expansion for the critically praised strategy/RPG. Gameplay focuses on the Abrahamic religions; Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Get your bishops appointed cardinals and tap the might of the Papacy, borrow money from the Knights Templar and send troublesome relatives off to live out their days in a monastery. Sons of Abraham also introduces the Jewish religion and allows you to recreate the Kingdom of Israel and rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem.

Additionally, checkout three additional DLC's that have just released, the Military Orders Unit Pack, Warriors of Faith Unit Pack, and Hymns of Abraham.

*Offer ends November 25 at 10AM Pacific Time

PC Gamer
Crusader Kings 2

Thanks to a slip of the finger, I'm now thinking about the game Crusader Kingz. I imagine it would be a grand strategy in which you formed a hip-hop collective and, through bribery, intrigue, and sick rhymes, conspired to bring down the So Solid Crew. I would play the heck out of that game. As it turns out, though, this development diary is more concerned with Crusader Kings 2 and its Sons of Abraham DLC. Where the last video concentrated on changes to Christianity and Papal politics, this time Paradox show you their new Jewish and Muslim mechanics. That's mechanics as in game systems.

Crusader Kings 2: Sons of Abraham will be released later today, for around $10.

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