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Greetings! If you are reading this you have survived the [S]outbreak[/s] launch of The Reaper’s Due. Perhaps you now feel a stirring of hope; can society rebuild? But no, the DLC was too virulent and has spread too far, it is now endemic to CK2 and cannot be cured, there is no hope.

Certain death aside, we are very happy with the reception of Reaper’s Due and the reactions it’s getting. We have had a few problems, but our Code Physicians have been working hard on a cure and if all goes well we’ll be releasing a hotfix today. It’ll cover the education bug non-Conclave owners have, the lack of music when the Context sensitive option is used, and various other things:

########## The Reaper's Due ###########

# Bugfixes
- Fixes songs from the base game being disabled in contextual songs
- If the contextual song doesn't find a song to play, a song will now be chosen by ignoring the contextual song system
- Fixed children not getting their education trait upon becoming adults when you don't have Conclave
- Can no longer call ally into war against their own liege
- You can now get the achievement 'Papal Mache' by killing a Caliph, as implied by the description
- Epidemic diseases no longer stall if you are infected while you have a non-serious symptom
- The "desires a matrilineal marriage" AI modifier no longer happens when matrilineal marriages are disabled
- Horse doctors got a little better
- Incapable people no longer steal your food in seclusion
- characters will not accuse their liege during witch hunts since they have to approve them
- Vassals will no longer refuse their liege's marriage or betrothal offers to get a "better alliance"
- No longer will you get upset about your spouse/parent's grave getting robbed if you were the robber
- Removed the possibility to search for partial titles for performance reasons
- Eunuchs may only select the Groom an Heir ambition if they have a living child
- Fixed several cases of when a Christian Holy Order built a new castle, you would be notified that Beit Dejan was built, instead of the actual castle
- Court physicians now always ask their own liege for money.
- Generic reincarnation event requires your heir to be your child
- Added some more ai factors for when head of religion wants to blame Jews for the plague
- Fixed some broken text in reincarnation event
- The priest generated by event 3021 now has an education
- Murderers are now immune to prune (prevents the red skull from leading nowhere)
- Characters who are marked as special interest by the player, or immune to pruning are no longer killed by the court cleanser
- Fixed in issue with prisoners being able to complain to their liege that the chancellor was looking inappropriately at his wife
- Added the sayyid trait to al-Hadi (id 188648), son of Al-Mansur
- Crash fix that occurred in some mods using custom maps.
- Fixed an issue were you would be notified of eating your own close dynasty members
- Fixed 867 Sápmi setup
- Event WoL.6120 will now only trigger for adult characters
- Further reduced odds of under 16s getting cancer
- Rulers are now willing to negotiate non-aggression pacts with their vassals
- Fixed so infidel penalty is applied properly for betrothal/marriage
- Modded game rules should now be loaded properly.
- Fixed so call ally alert no longer shows if it's a war against your ally's liege
- Fixed a crash when using custom maps

After this, we’ll be working on the 2.6.2 patch which will, as well as general fixing, add some more events and content we thought up too late to do for the release or that have been suggested on this and other forums post-release -and on that note, please continue to suggest new Game Rules. But 2.6.2 details are for future DDs, that’s all for now!

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Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Brendan Caldwell)

Bring out yer dead, we ve got a lovely wheelbarrow ready and waiting. Dynastic strategy and infanticide simulator, Crusader Kings II [official site], has received its latest add-on. The Reaper s Due brings a bunch of new events and mechanics for Europe s worst case of the sniffles. The Black Death will ravage the land and you ll be forced to either fight against it or hide away in your castle with your pet cat. As usual, there s also a free patch tweaking other issues, for all the peasants unable to find 7 in their coffers.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - BjornB

STOCKHOLM - August 25, 2016 - Few things are more contagious than the stories people tell about Crusader Kings II. Tales of intrigue, piety, conquest and murderous sibling rivalry have circled the internet for over four years. Today, Paradox Development Studio adds the world’s greatest pandemic to the mix in The Reaper’s Due, the latest expansion to its best-selling medieval grand strategy-roleplaying game.

The Reaper’s Due adds a host of new mechanics centered on the Black Death and other world shaping epidemics. Lock your gates to keep the plague from infecting your court, even if it means cutting yourself off from your suffering citizens. Peace and good management will see your provinces reward you with greater wealth and manpower, but rampant disease may depopulate your countryside.

The Reaper’s Due introduces many new systems and features to what is already the richest medieval tapestry in gaming:

- The Black Death: New additions to epidemic system include this super destructive disease and a new map mode that track the expansion of deadly illnesses.
- Court Physicians: This new position for learned courtiers opens up a series of events tied to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases with medieval tech.
- Hospitals: Slow down the spread of epidemics by investing in these outposts that care for the sick and infirm.
- Prosperity and Depopulation: Watch your provinces thrive under your careful attention and degrade under the pressures of diseases run amok.
- Seclusion: Take a page from the Masque of the Red Death and hide yourself away with your court as plagues ravage the countryside.

And even more: New physical traits, new events chain and a host of smaller changes.

Are you a clever enough ruler to make it through one of humanity’s darkest moments? Invest wisely and avoid the plague, or shut yourself off and take advantage of the destruction later. The choice, as always, is yours.

Free update patch 2.6
And as per usual the expansion is accompanied by a free patch that should have been downloaded by your Steam client already. You can read the patch notes here!

The Reaper’s Due Content Pack
Also a new content pack has been released and is available . You can see a preview of the content here!

Full Plate Metal Music Pack!
From Tobias Gustavsson, composer of Viking Metal and Guns, Drums and Steel”, five completely original compositions have been created to add intensity to your Crusader Kings experience, with inspirations drawn from Viking music, the Main Theme, Nordic culture, and – of course – heavy metal. You can get it right here!
Community Announcements - BjornB
Hi all!

2.6.1 is finally out for you to enjoy. The release of the expansion The Reaper's Due, content pack and Full Plate Metal will be within an hour.

FYI: 2.6.0 + 2.6.1 were merged together and are released at the same time (now), that's the reason behind calling the patch "2.6.1".

Important information:
Older save games should work with 2.6 but if you want to be really safe you should finish off any games in 2.5.2 before updating

How to revert patch level: Right click CK2 in Steam, choose "Properties", click "Betas" tab, select 2.5.2 in the dropdown list and let it update

############ 2.6 The Reaper's Due 2016-08-25 #############

# Free Features
- Game Rules have been added to the game - Whenever you start a new game, you can change the rules to customize your experience:
- Major Epidemic (requires 'The Reaper's Due'): Dynamic/Delayed Dynamic/Historical/Deadly
- Gender Equality: Default/Historical/All
- Mongol Invasion: Historical/Random/off
- Aztec Invasion (requires 'Sunset Invasion'): 14th Century/Random/Off
- Shattered Retreat: On/Off
- Defensive Pacts: On/Off
- Dynamic De Jure Drift: Default/Restricted/Off
- De Jure Assimilation Duration: Very Short/Short/Default/Long
- Supernatural Events: On/Off
- Culture Conversion: Default/Restricted/Faster Melting Pots/Slower Conversion/Combination
- Religious Conversion Speed: Default/Slower
- Raiding: Historical/Unrestricted/Off
- Adventurers: Normal/Rare/None
- Interfaith Marriages: Restricted/Open
- Matrilineal Marriages: On/Off
- Custom Realms (requires 'Charlemagne'): On/Off
- Story Events (requires 'Charlemagne'): On/Off
- Vassal Republics: Restricted/Unrestricted
- Vassal Theocracies: Restricted/Unrestricted
- Invitation to Court: Default/Open
- Diplomatic Range: On/Restricted/Off
- Regencies: On/Off
- Provincial Revolts: Normal/Rare/None
- Defensive Attrition: On/Tribal Only/Off
- Pagan Reformation: Allowed/Disallowed/Players Only
- Assassination: Plots Only/Direct Action
- AI Seduction (requires 'Way of Life'): On/Off
- AI Intrigue (requires 'Way of Life'): On/Off
- Provincial Revolt: Normal/Rare/None

- The old succession screen has been replaced with one that is much more elaborate!
- The graphics and layout of the screen has been improved.
- A flavorful text will tell your more of the deceased character and what they will be remembered by.
- A picture representing the characters death has been added.
- You will now hear your own death sound when dying.

- Added events through which one can get female councillors, the women can either be talented relatives, vassals or strangers
- Added a 'Release Tributary' decision
- Added a decision to Recruit prisoners
- Added a decision to ask characters to leave your court (at the cost of prestige)
- Added decisions for Hindu Merchant Republics to claim the Vaishya caste
- Added a confirmation event whenever you expel a holy order to avoid expelling them by mistake
- Added a Continue button to the launcher, which boots the game into your latest save
- Added loads of new nicknames
- Added more autosave intervals: every 10, 25, 50, and 100 years
- Changed and optimized compression to improve Ironman saving (and saving in general) times. Unfortunately this means save files are also bigger. For reference, saving my test case file went from 29s to less than 6s.
- There is now an event informing the world when a Crusade/Jihad etc ends inconclusively
- Skilled or ambitious female vassals may now demand a seat on the council
- Added an event to rename "Middle Francia" to "Austrasia" if no longer held by a Karling

Way of Life:
- Added a bunch of new events for the War Focus (Way of Life) where you can get leader traits and teach them to your commanders
- Added a bunch of events for the Theology focus where you retreat into solitude to pray and reflect upon your life
- The Family Focus can now also remove rivalries between close family members

The Old Gods:
- Added some stronger versions of the Viking trait, Ravager and Sea King, which can be gain from further raiding.
- Added targeted decision 'Appoint Shieldmaiden' for Norse pagan rulers, which grants eligible female character the trait 'Shieldmaiden' as well as access to the Commander minor title
- Shieldmaiden training events
- Combat events where a Shieldmaiden can save her liege on the battlefield
- Event chain for befriending a Shieldmaiden
- Added two decisions for defensive pagans - one to worship the ancestors, where a sacrifice can lead to different outcomes in a chosen area, and one to summon a band of devout warriors when getting invaded by religious enemies.

There is more! Much more, but they don't fit in here, so please click here to continue reading...
Community Announcements - BjornB

Hello all, welcome to the final pre-release Reaper’s Due dev diary. As you might imagine, there is not a lot left to say at this point, so I’m simply going to tell you about the new Achievements and then post the 2.6 patch notes. It’s been a lot of fun making this DLC, and we all hope you have even more fun playing with dying horribly in it!

Hospitable - Build a Hospital.
Aptly Named - Die from the Black Death.
I Got Better - Survive from the Black Death.
Scarrrrrred for Life - Become One-Eyed, One-Legged and One-Handed.
Typhoid Mary - Contract three symptoms.
There Can Be Only One - Become immortal.
Eternity Denied - Kill a character with the Immortal trait.
Not So Bad - Survive the End Times.
No Solicitors - Go into Seclusion.
An Honest Mistake - From Seclusion, kick someone out who did not have the plague.
Close Call - From Seclusion, kick someone out who had the plague.
Papal Mache - Have elephants trample the Pope/Caliph.

you might notice the old "What doesn't kill you" name here, it was changed to Scarrrrrred and became a bit more piratey.

I’ll post the patch notes in sections first and then in full in the following post so I can both keep this post short and allow you to read them in a larger format if desired.

Don't forget you can see the Reapers Due content pack renders over here too!

...Due to Steam's limitation on text length this post was cut short. Please click the link below to read it in full.

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Community Announcements - BjornB
For those eager to know why they should fear the reaper in the upcoming expansion, Game Director Henrik Fåhraeus details what kind of grisly demises you can expect from horrendous world events such as the Black Plague in this video developer diary:
Community Announcements - BjornB

Hello all, it’s DD time again! As you hopefully know, it’s only a little over 2 weeks until Reaper’s Due is released (on the 25th), and you’ve seen pretty much all the new features by this point. As such, I don’t have any big reveals this week, so instead I will just tell you about a few assorted small features and share some of the 2.6 patchnotes with you. So, without further ado:

Reaper’s Due
As well as 2.6 making the Indian Reincarnation events work slightly better, RD includes a rare Reincarnation event which anyone can get, provided they have Fantasy Content turned on.

Parents now have some reaction events to their children being born, especially to their first child, and additional events if it is sickly.

When characters become Ill, it is possible they will suffer from a Mild, Normal, Severe, or Incapacitating version of their Illness. In the latter case they will be bedridden and will require a Regent for the duration of their Illness.

I mentioned we might do this in an earlier DD, but Nomad’s Pillage decision is now on a separate Alert to avoid accidentally Settling.

You can now zoom the camera out even further, allowing the entire map to be seen at once.

As mentioned in a non-DD thread, AI-called Crusades will be much more likely to target areas adjacent to provinces of their religion-group if they have no targets with Crusade weights set.

I thought those were interesting enough to mention, but here’s the entire “Balance” section of the 2.6 patchnotes:
# Balance
- Alliances and Call To Arms
- Restored manual call to arms
- Call to arms from allies can be declined again
- Added defines to enable/disable auto call to arms and possibility to decline them
- Added major opinion penalties to alliance breakers
- Added temporary alliance-breaker modifier (gives -5 diplomacy)
- Made alliance-breaker and truce-breaker temporary modifiers duration scriptable
- AI will consider dissolving alliances with alliance breakers
- AI is unlikely to accept alliances from alliance-breakers
- Fixed a bug that prevented vassals from joining wars against tyrants. Expect revocation wars to be more risky! (can be disabled through the define VASSALS_UNITE_AGAINST_TYRANNY)
- Can no longer call ally to war if ally has NAP with defender
- Alliance breaks with attacker if you accept call to arms from defender

- Flanders is now properly part of France
- Norse, Pictish, Visigothic, and Saxon cultures no longer split if controlled by a powerful ruler, or if their head of religion is of their culture
- Head injury in battle now has a chance to cause disfigured rather than incapable if your have Reapers
- many "active" minor titles, such as designated regent, cannot be held by incapable characters
- Alania is now Tribal from the Old Gods start point onwards
- k_hungary no longer requires a Magyar province to form
- Increased the troop count of the Shia uprising to make it succeed slightly more often
- AI holders of k_france will no longer create k_aquitaine unless they are close to forming Francia
- Gave Berber culture 'allow_looting = yes' and 'seafarer = yes'
- Added requirement for lvl 4 hillfort/market city when upgrading Tribal holdings as a non-tribal
- The AI now makes use of Tribal Armies
- AI Nomads can now acquire warhorses
- Increased the Steal Population effect on the Humiliate CB from 10% to 25%
- Increased the impact and deadliness of most Epidemic traits
- Updated the 'Funeral Procession' event with better rewards in the options
- Extort Subjects now available when at war
- Donate to Liege now available when liege is at war
- The 'Groom an Heir' ambition no longer requires you to be married
- Updated final 'Ambitious positive' event to be slightly more interesting
- When declining the papal request to switch to Papal Investiture, the Pope may now excommunicate you
- Rank 2 and 3 education outcomes are now more common
- Become King ambition now only lets chancellors fabricate one kingdom claim
- AI no longer calls all allies into war, but only tries to get more than 1.25 times the opponent's strength
- Changed age to set childhood focus to 6 so you can also choose an educator at the same time
- Pagan nomads no longer suffer from pagan defensive attrition (made it a define called NOMAD_SUFFER_PAGAN_ATTRITION)
- It's now possible to demand religious conversion of landless courtiers even while at war
- Moved the Theology and Hunting focus events to 'on_focus_pulse'
- Seduction Focus: The rebuff opinion modifier no longer lasts forever
- Boosted the opinion effects of giving gifts and of the "Improve Relations" councillor job
- Even with the law that allows revocation and retraction from religious enemies, their religious brethren among your vassals will now still be upset
- You no longer get Pagan homeland attrition if you're allies
- Made Agnatic the normal default gender succession law again, except in Christian realms or when you have equality laws, or the new game rule
- Blocked barons from having Agnatic-Cognatic succession (it's an inheritance mess)
- Rulers of all religions are now allowed to convert to the attacker's religion during holy wars, if their Moral Authority is much lower
- The Family Focus (Way of Life) can now also remove rivalries between close family members
- Exiled characters should no longer join courts of characters in seclusion, or court of the banisher's vassal
- Characters can no longer escape from House Arrest
- Monthly prestige/piety province modifiers are now added to the character
- Most of the minor titles can now be made available for female characters as well, provided the correct laws or game rules are in place
- Frail now has a small health penalty
- When a Tyranny war is lost while the Conclave DLC is enabled, the title revocation law will be revoked
- Intrigue Focus: Spy On: Nerfed the chances of abduction and murder unless you are a Master Schemer
- Added 1 Health to the Theology Focus
- AI Nomads will now Tribalize if they push too far outside the steppe IF they don't hold much territory in the steppe region + not many castles/cities
- When Nomads Tribalise they now culture/religion convert new provinces based on population/manpower
- When a Nomad Tribalizes a custom kingdom will be created if they would end up as duke rank or lower
- Nomads who Tribalize now get a small amount of event troops
- Changed the Eunuch Councilor events so that they are slightly better and show up in the event option so you can click them and check their stats before deciding
- Carousing Focus: You can now invite people to a new party 90 days after the last one (down from 500 days)
- Raised chance of reincarnation events for Indian religion group
- Changed the Jewish Councilor events so that they are slightly better and show up in the event option so you can click them and check their stats
- Lowered the war contribution that all theocracies and holy orders get as attackers in Great Holy Wars
- Powerful vassals will now only be angry that they haven't been given a position on the council if they're eligible for such a position, or they've recently been fired from the council
- Horse Lords: Unlocked the 'Perform Sky Burial' decision for non-Nomadic rulers of the Mazdan religious group
- Tanistry is now available without Late Feudal Administration, both for Feudal and Tribal Celtics
- Fixed firing Advisors applying the "Revoked Honorary Title" opinion modifier on top of the "Fired from Council" opinion modifiers
- Merchant republics can now always move their capital to a city if their current capital is a castle
- Reintroduced the Bankruptcy character modifier, which reduces army morale by 25% when a ruler has negative wealth
- Councilors who have promised council support to someone will now vote their conscience if the person they're supporting is abstaining
- Commanders can now only be relieved via the Relieve Commander interaction and the Minor Titles screen, which unlike the Revoke Honorary Title interaction, do not incur an opinion penalty
- Retreating enemy armies are no longer considered hostile for the purpose of disbanding units
- Adjusted the 'opinion_unfaithful_husband' opinion modifier
- Adjusted the 'acknowledged_bastard' opinion modifier
- Doubled the positive opinion modifiers from granting landed titles to someone
- Vassals are now grateful when you build buildings in their Holdings
- Viceroyalty succession now overrides all succession law opinion modifiers for that title, since succession law has no effect
- If succession law affects both the youngest and oldest child, and someone is both, they now always get the best opinion modifier
- Fixed heirs not getting positive opinion modifiers from succession laws (E.G., oldest_child_opinion in primogeniture)
- Visigothic culture will no longer split when in a powerful Visigoth realm
- Ladies can now gain the viking trait(s)
- Switching religious branch as an Indian religion will now also switch that of your close kin (if non-zealous)
- The Magyars have a significantly larger army in the 867 invasion of Hungary, they will now win more often than not
- Hungarians led by the Árpád dynasty will always want to settle in Hungary if they have the chance
- When the historical Magyars settle in Hungary, more provinces will convert to Hungarian
- Dynamic mercenaries are no longer prevented from marrying
- Even Malcontent voters will now vote for additional council power laws, as it means they'll have more to say 'no' about
- Prisoners from major revolts can now be executed and released
- Significantly increased the chance of vassals joining Grand Tournaments/Furusiyyas
- Reduced the number of unnecessary courtiers generated; should somewhat improve performance
- Redid the Varangian Guard events from MTTH events to yearly pulse events
- Added AI weights to event HL.10531, where a mercenary leader would accept or decline an invitation to a feast, to make it less random
- Moved event SoA.5219 to yearly pulse from MTTH
- Increased the prestige gain from 'Groomed to Perfection'
- Moved the SoA 'wicked priest' events to the bi-yearly pulse from MTTH
- Retreating from battles and sieges now starts the day after you right-click, so that you can cancel it on the same day if you misclick
- Tribals who are Tengri/Altaic will now raise more Light Cavalry and less Heavy Infantry in their summoned Tribal Armies
- William now starts with slightly more Heavy Infantry in "The Stamford Bridge" bookmark, to give him a higher chance of gaining England
- Rulers can now change crown laws every 50 years, rather than once per lifetime (cooldown still removed on death)
- Opinion of predecessor is now also inherited in elective government types if the successor is a close relative of, or in the same dynasty as, the old ruler
- Crusades on titles without a crusade weight are now less likely if said title is not adjacent to territory of the crusader's religion
- Now possible to ask one's liege to press one's claim even if the liege council isn't allowed to vote on war declaration
- Courtiers who have minor titles, friends, lovers, consorts or rivals are now excluded from the court pruning system
- Immortal characters are now immune to pruning
- If subjugation wars are invalidated, the 'once per lifetime' subjugation is now refunded
- If a Muslim Invasion is invalidated, the piety will be refunded

Horse Lords:
- When conquering Nomad land (empty provinces) as a non-Nomadic character, the following will happen:
- A basic Tribal holding will be constructed
- The Nomad culture and religion will be preserved in the province
- A 'Nomad Agitation' province modifier will be added, slightly increasing provincial revolt risk
- On succession, if a character holds provinces with Nomad Agitation they will automatically secede from the realm unless one of the following is true:
- A Castle or City holding has been constructed in the province
- (Only if Tribal) At least 2 buildings have been constructed in the province's Tribal Holding
- Provinces that secede because of Nomad Agitation will spawn a new Nomad ruler as per the culture/s of the released province/s
- If a newly seceded Nomad Ruler borders a Nomad of the same culture, they will join them as a Clan Chief
- If a Nomad conquers a province with Nomad Agitation, the modifier will be removed

- Raiding Adventurers can now properly invade & claim land from Nomads
- If they are the same culture as the target, they will become a Nomadic Clan Chief
- If they aren't the same culture they will become a Tribal Vassal

- Now when you choose to 'Settle as Tribal' as a Nomadic realm your Clan Chiefs will settle along with you

- The 'Pillage Holding' decision has been remade, it will now pillage the selected holding progressively (once every 6 months) until it's destroyed
- When a holding is destroyed from pillaging you get an event containing some flavor
- You can now pillage several holdings in the same province at once
- You can at any time choose to 'Stop Pillaging' a holding by using a targeted decision
- The Revolt Risk associated with pillaging is now capped at 30%
- Claiming a pillaged province as a non-nomad now clears the revolt risk (other penalties still apply)
- The revolts that spawn from pillaged provinces are now significant (no more 60-man whack-a-mole uprisings)
- You can no longer choose to pillage enemy holdings manually, instead it's triggered by event (gain gold or prestige)

- When choosing to settle as a Nomad the provinces that flip to your culture will now try to border each other
- The AI logic for when Nomads want to settle has been changed slightly, certain Nomad personalities will take longer to settle
- If a settling Nomad has only one vassal of king-tier, they will now usurp that character's kingdom rather than create a custom empire

- The Silk Road has received the following changes:
- The Silk Road has been extended by adding a new branch from Lut - passing through Rayy and Tabriz - to Trebizond
- The southern part of the Silk Road has been updated to also pass through Dhofar, Socotra, Busaso and Taizz on the way to Alexandria
- Increased the base wealth of the Silk Road to 122 from 100, to account for added provinces

That's all for now, but if you haven't already seen them, be sure to check out the various preview videos which are starting to appear on Youtube. Next week I will post the rest of the changes as well as showing the new Steam Achievements.

Finally, here's some eyecandy to remind you of your impending demise

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Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Brendan Caldwell)

Reigns [official site] is a game of decision-making and courtly governance that was described by Adam as Crusader Kings meets Tinder. You get presented with card after card of choices and have to swipe left or right (or in our case, click) in order to say yes or no to your courtiers requests. It s also out today. I ve just played 20 minutes of it. One of my kings was abandoned to rule over a kingdom of pigeons, another was slaughtered and thrown to the dogs by the merchant class, and another went mad, kicked a dog and started hearing the Devil. It s good to be the king.

… [visit site to read more]

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alice O'Connor)

Paradox and Adam may tell you that the next Crusader Kings II [official site] expansion is about diseases tearing through medieval Europe, but no. The Reaper’s Due is about cats. Lovely cats. Hunting dogs be damned, Reaper’s Due will let characters befriend a cat – which naturally brings bonuses. Then… maybe a few more cats. All of the cats. Lovely, lovely cats. Get carried away and you might get the ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ trait. And then something something black death bad omens angry mob blah blah but look, the point is: cats. Oh, and the expansion now has a release date: August 25th.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - TheLetterZ

Deadly New Expansion to Launch on August 25 with New Patch

Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer whose games have serious reaper-cussions, today announced the release date for The Reaper’s Due, the upcoming expansion for the medieval grand strategy game Crusader Kings II. Featuring new disease and medicine mechanics and a whole host of deadly new challenges for players’ in-game nobles, The Reaper’s Due will be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs on August 25, 2016.

This expansion will return the Black Death to its rightful place in the center of medieval history, and add new systems that reward sound realm management and planning.

But, as with all expansions from Paradox, The Reaper’s Due will launch with a new content patch for Crusader Kings II, updating the game for all players, whether they purchase The Reaper’s Due or not.

Among the changes coming in the new patch will be:
  • New custom rules options at start up for epidemics, invasions, legal changes and so on, so you get the Middle Ages that you want.

  • New options to auto-save the game at different time intervals

  • A new interface for better understanding the death and succession of rulers

  • Adjustments to how alliances work, including AI attitudes to disloyal allies

  • Major improvements to game optimization

  • “Continue” button on game launcher to get you to your map even faster • New mod triggers to account for The Reaper’s Due content • Tons and tons of balance and gameplay tweaks, plus new events

The new patch will also be available with the release of The Reaper’s Due on August 25, 2016.

For more information about Crusader Kings II, visit

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