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The Lara Croft of 2014 may have fancy TressFX hair and a killer bow, but we still have fond memories of the original Lara, who fearlessly explored mysterious and oppressive tombs way back in '96. The rebooted Tomb Raider's Definitive Edition is a console exclusive, but we say the real definitive Tomb Raider has been on PC for 18 years.
To prove that the sunglass-wearing Lara looks as sharp as ever, we grabbed Tomb Raider 1+2+3 from GOG and installed the games on the Large Pixel Collider. The LPC deemed Tomb Raider's original resolution unworthy, however, and opted to run the game at 2400x1800 about 3.5 million more pixels than the Voodoo graphics cards of the '90s were used to pushing. We left everything else about the game pure and unmodified. No mods. No texture packs. Original 4:3 aspect ratio.
How to play Tomb Raider at high resolution
Want to play Tomb Raider at 1080p, or 1440p, or even 1800p like us? It's surprisingly easy. First, grab the game from GOG or Steam. Install the game, and download a free program called nGlide. This handy utility allowed us to run Tomb Raider at the highest resolution we could muster. Now let's go step by step.

Install nGlide. Nothing fancy; stick to the defaults.
Run the nGlide Configurator (nGlide should create an entry in your start menu, or you can run nglide_config.exe). Set your resolution to your preferred res, or leave it as "desktop" to run at your desktop's native res. This is what we did, since the configurator doesn't have an 1800p option!
Navigate to Tomb Raider's install directory and find the file glide2x.dll. Rename it to glide2x_backup.dll. This will allow nGlide's settings to take over controlling Tomb Raider's resolution.
Within Tomb Raider's directory, there should also be a DOSBox folder. Open that folder. There should be another glide2x.dll file inside. Rename it to glide2x_backup.dll as well.
Run Tomb Raider. If nGlide does its job, it should run in glorious high resolution, though the old FMVs will still be low-res and stretched.

Now ready for a dose of early 3D nostalgia? Then grab your dual pistols and check out our screenshots of Tomb Raider, released on October 25, 1996 in the UK and November 14 in the US.
Make sure to click the screens below to download the full-res 2400x1800 images.
Return to the Caves

The Lost Valley: dinosaurs are still scary

Qualopec's Tomb, still lookin' good

Remember Larson?

St. Francis' Folly: being eaten by lions

Community Announcements - Square_Jason
Hey folks.. We're aware of the English language option suddenly disappearing from the game, and on some users this is causing it to download an alternate language (french for most)

We're working on a fix as quick as we can.. Hopefully we're talking minutes.

<Update> - This should now all be fixed for everyone.. IF however you are still displaying another language, please try right clicking on the Tomb Raider name in your steam client, select `Properties` and then the Language tab, this should be set to English.


Product Release - Valve
Tomb Raider is now available on Mac!

Tomb Raider explores the intense and gritty origin story of Lara Croft and her ascent from a young woman to a hardened survivor. Armed only with raw instincts and the ability to push beyond the limits of human endurance, Lara must fight to unravel the dark history of a forgotten island to escape its relentless hold. Download the Turning Point trailer to see the beginning of Lara’s epic adventure.

Shacknews - Andrew Yoon
Both next-gen consoles received a "Definitive Edition" of Tomb Raider featuring fancy new effects that PC players can't get right now. However, does the PS4 version of the game (proven to be more definitive than the Xbox One version) really trump PC? A comparison between the two reveals that both platforms have trade-offs.
Shacknews - Nathaniel Hohl
PS4 and Xbox One aren't the only new platforms to get Tomb Raider. It's now available on Mac, although without any of the shiny bells and whistles of the new Definitive Edition.
Shacknews - Andrew Yoon
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition updates last year's game with fancy new visuals targeting the next-gen consoles. However, what if one version were more definitive than the other? An early report suggests that the PS4 version outperforms the Xbox One version by reaching 60 frames per second on a more consistent basis. This wouldn't be the first time a multiplatform game has performed better on PS4 than Xbox One, and may only be the latest indication that Xbox One is indeed less beefy than its competitor.
Shacknews - Steve Watts
Tomb Raider's upcoming Definitive Edition is certainly prettier than its current counterparts, thanks to a host of graphical bells and whistles that Crystal Dynamics packed into the new console releases. We've seen side-by-side comparisons, but a new official trailer give a broad overview of the new visual upgrades.
Shacknews - Steve Watts
Tomb Raider initially fell short of expectations, as Square Enix expected it to sell a third more out of the gate. It did eventually recoup, though, as executive producer Scot Amos says the game has now turned profitable.
PC Gamer

The how and why of game updates sometimes seems like a strange bit of alchemy. Last year's Tomb Raider reboot is getting a re-release this month in what's being called its "Definitive Edition," but only if you happen to own one of the latest-generation consoles. A recent FAQ with the developer reveals the latest iteration of Lara Croft's adventures likely won't be appearing on PC.

Since it's being billed by developer Crystal Dynamics as the "ultimate expression of our original vision for Tomb Raider," it's only natural that PC owners might be interested in the new version of the game. Set to include all the DLC released since launch as well as improved graphical features and a new Lara Croft character model, it sounds at the very least like a better way to jump into the game for the first time.

"The team didn t just up-rez the game," reports the developer. "They pulled it apart and rebuilt it with new technology, finally allowing us to reach the vision for Tomb Raider that we always wanted."

We learn from Crystal Dynamics that because "Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is not a port of the PC game," it appears players not on a latest consoles won't be seeing the new physics and particle effects for the time being. But the developer's answer to a question about whether or not the original PC version would allow for an update to the new Lara Croft character model remains somewhat cagey: "At this time a PC update is not planned."

For more on what we thought of Tomb Raider at its release, check out our review.

Hat tip, PCGamesN.
PC Gamer
Saints Row 4 1

Welcome to the PC Gamer Game of the Year Awards 2013. For an explanation of how the awards were decided, a round-up of all the awards and the list of judges, check here.

There are always nominees that mean a lot to just one or two judges. In past years these might have been included as runners up, but this year we wanted to recognise them in a more substantial way. In addition to the main awards, we've each taken a personal pick, and written about why that game made such a great impression in 2013.

Tony Ellis - Total War: Rome 2

So Rome 2 didn t fix the flaws of the Total War series. Here s the thing: it didn t have to. The original Rome was so damn good, all they ever had to do was give it prettier graphics and not break it. I m still madly tackling armies twice my size, because I know that if I can just massacre this unit and this one before they join up, I have a chance. I m still dry-mouthed at the sight of a wavering company of Hastati, because I know everything is lost if they rout. When Rome 3 comes out, that ll probably be my game of the year too.

Andy Kelly - Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

I could never enjoy The Dark Descent because of the sanity system. For me, it got in the way of the story. So I was happy to discover that not only would the sequel not have it, but it was also being developed and written by Dear Esther creators The Chinese Room. As someone who plays games for atmosphere and storytelling, Machine for Pigs is ideal. It spins a strange, compelling yarn, and the increasingly terrifying depths of that awful factory will stay with me forever. I haven t been able to look at bacon since.

Chris Thursten - Saints Row 4

I m easily won over by a good music cue, and SRIV makes phenomenal use of them. Its best bits made me happier than any other game released this year, and it is way funnier, more adventurous and transgressive than a game about gangsters has any right to be. The series has climbed from a GTA alsoran to gaming s answer to Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker comedies like Airplane! and Hot Shots!, and the fourth game in the series was my favourite mainstream game released in 2013.

Ben Griffin - Sim City

OK, let me explain. Look beyond the conga line traffic, broken leaderboards, idiot citizens, shrunken plots, saved game corruption and what might be the most catastrophic launch in gaming history, and you ll find SimCity is quite good. I love the tilt-shift aesthetic. I love how tactile it is. I love watching streams of tourists gamble at my garish casinos. Most of all I love how Maxis made the insane complexity of running a city beautifully simple. There s a brilliant game here it s just really well hidden.

Evan Lahti - Papers, Please

It hands you power and helplessness. As an impoverished checkpoint border officer in a pseudo-Soviet state, if you perform poorly at your miserable, taxing job, you won t be able to keep your family alive. But despite this low position, you re granted enormous influence over the lives of others. With one stamp, you can separate spouses, quash a conspiracy, liberate a killer, or save victims. The way the game stacks these moral quandaries atop your own instincts as caretaker is a big part of what make it worth playing.

Cory Banks - Tomb Raider

More than a reboot, this is simply a better take on Lara Croft. Previously, she was little more than an avatar, climbing poorly rendered cliffs in short shorts with a polygonal smile. Here, Crystal Dynamics turn her an actual person, a 21-year-old with faith in her convictions but fears that she s making the wrong calls. We see her struggle and suffer in the game, an aspect that made many uncomfortable, but we also see her become a hero. She s a Lara Croft I want to follow into future adventures.

Tom Senior - Assassin's Creed 4

Open-world games are benefiting hugely from new technology. Black Flag s tropical paradise is a technical marvel, a bustling archipelago bound together by dynamic oceans full of storms, colonial fleets and vulnerable trade schooners. Whether freerunning through jungles or sailing the high seas, mere traversal feels dramatic, while those islands have a knack for drawing you away from the prescribed path to hunt animals, capture forts and commit piracy. It s 2013 s most vibrant adventure.

Phil Savage - The Stanley Parable

I d played the original mod, so I thought I knew what to expect. Sure enough, I was led across the abandoned office, past the doors, through an underground complex and on to the canonical end. That was the last time across the many different branches and endings that I could confi dently predict what would happen. Nothing else I ve played this year had the same feeling of weird, hilarious and surprising discovery. The beauty of The Stanley Parable is that anything can be on the other side of a door.

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