Product Update - Valve
- Fixed Supreme Strategist can now be earned.
- Fixed Temporal Tower modifications from the Command Decision map will no longer carry over to other maps.
Product Release - Valve
You Monster!, new content for Defense Grid: The Awakening, is now available on Steam.

Defense Grid: The Awakening and a bundle including Defense Grid: The Awakening and all 5 of the DLC are 50% off until December 14th, 2011 at 10AM Pacific Time.

In this first full-story expansion to the award-winning Defense Grid, GLaDOS, the menacing AI from Valve’s awesome Portal franchise, guest stars and shakes up the Defense Grid world. Players will battle not only alien hordes, but the deviousness of GLaDOS as she tests the player’s skills and changes all of the rules that you have come to know. Can you protect the cores in spite of her intrusive testing?

Product Update - Valve
New free Defense Grid Community Challenge Update released:

- Mission Selection UI has been simplified, you can now see all medals for all modes at a glance
- New Fully Loaded game mode added: All towers and all upgrades are available (suggested by community member Salmusco)
- New Frozen Core game mode added: Cores do not float back to the housing
- New Shredder game mode added: The aliens keep coming. And you don’t earn interest.
- New Balanced Build game mode added: You need to build one of each tower type before you can build a second of the same type
- 32 new missions added with leaderboards
- Fully Loaded missions added to all early levels up to and including Center of Power (except for Out of Fuel)
- Frozen Core missions added to Ancient Research, Long Descent, Out of Fuel, Guardian’s Fall, Crossed Signals, Waste Disposal, and Last Stand
- Shredder missions added to Ancient Research, Flight Plan, Cold Storage, Guardian’s Fall, Center of Power, Standing Order, Crossed Signals, Turnabout, and Lockdown
- Balanced Build missions added to Cold Storage, Standing Order and Lockdown
- Out of Bullets missions added to Turnabout and Lockdown
- Fix: voice over volume control affects more audio lines than before
- Prepared for more content ahead
- Fix: Top of the Class achievement now able to be earned and description changed to reflect the new level names and requirements
- Fix: Few and Proud achievement clarify requirements needed
- Fix: Splash screens are skippable again
- Fix: Borderlands levels Entanglement and Infiltration let you build towers again
- Fix: No more purple textures when playing You Monster level in a low-res graphics level
PC Gamer

Glados has escaped the confines of the Aperture Science testing facility, and has decided to spend a bit of time tormenting tower defence gamers instead. You Monster, the new expansion for Defense Grid, will add eight new maps and 35 challange missions, in which Glados will challenge you to hold back another alien invasion, noting your progress all the while and designing new tests for you to complete. The DLC is set to come out on Steam on December 7. Check out the Defense Grid site for more info.

What happens when one of the world's best tower defense games meets one of gaming's most beloved power-mad robotic villains? Fans line up to pay $4.99 or 400 Microsoft points for the Defense Grid: You Monster expansion, that's what.

Coming December 7 to Xbox Live Arcade and Steam, Defense Grid: You Monster is the first full story expansion for the award winning futuristic tower defense game, featuring eight new maps, 35 challenge missions, and one hell of a crazy cameo.

Warping her way over from Valve's Portal franchise, GLaDOS is extremely curious about what the player and his more civilized artificially intelligent computer are doing with all of these towers, and when the all-powerful machine scientist gets curious, it's time for some tests. Players will be responsible for managing their defenses across a series of Portal-themed levels. That, and dying. Lots of dying. Don't worry; it's all for science.

On December 7th Portal's GLaDOS comes to Defense Grid [Hidden Path Entertainment]

Shacknews - Steve Watts

Defense Grid: The Awakening is getting its first story expansion next week, December 7. Titled "Defense Grid: You Monster," the downloadable content will feature GLaDOS from the Portal series. It will cost $4.99 on Steam or 400 MSP on Xbox 360, and requires the original game to play.

The expansion consists of eight new levels and 35 challenge missions, facing off against both aliens and GLaDOS' tests. Hidden Path claims it packs new achievements and a whopping 15 hours of playtime. Plus, the studio released the free Community Challenge update today, with improved UI, more than 30 new challenge missions, and five new game modes.

Defense Grid has intersected with the world of Portal before, as it was one of the first indie games to catch attention as part of Valve's Potato Sack ARG. This eventually led to intrepid fans unlocking Portal 2 a few hours early.

Announcement - Valve
Midweek Madness! Grab a special collection of Indie titles for one low price!

The Indie 2D Bundle includes: Swords & Soldiers HD, Bit.Trip Runner, World of Goo, NightSky, and NyxQuest.

The Indie Strategy Bundle includes: Revenge of the Titans, Sanctum, Sol Survivor, Defense Grid: The Awakening, and Anomaly: Warzone Earth.

Offer ends Thursday at 4PM Pacific Time.

Product Update - Valve
  • Defense Grid now supports Steam Cloud! Your local profiles will be automatically merged with whatever is in the cloud
  • Splash screens can be skipped by pressing ‘esc’, ‘space’, or ‘enter’
  • Leaderboard UI has been cleaned up and simplified
  • There is now a UI setting to switch the behavior of the fast forward button between “press and hold” and “toggle on/off”
  • All modes of all levels are now unlocked by default
  • Shortcut keys added for building towers, selling, and upgrading
    • 1 : build Gun tower without UI
    • 2 : build Inferno tower without UI
    • 3 : build Laser tower without UI
    • 4 : build Temporal tower without UI
    • 5 : build Meteor tower without UI
    • 6 : build Cannon tower without UI
    • 7 : build Tesla tower without UI
    • 8 : build Missile tower without UI
    • 9 : build Concussion tower without UI
    • 10 : build Command tower without UI
    • U : upgrade without UI
    • Shift-U : sell without UI
  • Cleaned up ARG content
    • Voice over volume slider now affects GLaDOS in the CHAS levels
    • Console remains in, but passwords have been removed
    • Potatoes are now gone
  • Tesla tower now does 2x damage vs. shields
  • Fixed a crash with the new leaderboards
  • Prepared for summer camp
Announcement - Valve
This weekend is the last chance to pre-purchase Portal 2. Get your copy now, save 10% and be ready to play the moment it is released.

Help release Portal 2 early: From now until release, play any or all of games in The Potato Sack to expedite the launch of Portal 2. Your efforts will be tracked on the official GLaDOS@home page.

Each game in The Potato Sack has received a massive Portal-themed update, making a collection of 13 hit indie games even better. So why not get a taste of Portal 2 now while you help launch it?

Product Update - Valve
Updates to Defense Grid have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Defense Grid April 2011 Portal 2 ARG Updates:
  • Two free new and original Defense Grid Levels with new voice acting and story.
  • Portal's GLaDOS invades the network and brings a new style of level design to Defense Grid.
  • New computer console off the main menu. Poke around in the old computer archives, try out puzzles, and learn some DG back-story.
  • Tesla towers now recharge faster and do more damage.
April 13 update:
  • CHAS level is now unlocked for everyone!
  • Recruiting is still important, so keep it up.
  • Tony has one more trick up his sleeve
  • Three more clues to find

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