Community Announcements - Swake
Hello everyone! We here at Shorebound Studios are seriously proud to announce our latest title Bob Was Hungry. You can check out the trailer below!
The game is available at a discounted price of $9.99 until September 2nd! It will then rise to $14.99. You can head on over to the Bob Was Hungry Steam Store Page to buy it!

Like Spectraball, Bob Was Hungry is a precision platformer. Unlike Spectraball, Bob Was Hungry is 2.5D. Left, right, jump, and dash is all you'll need to traverse the various perils through the 170 levels of the game, but don't let that deceive you. This game is extremely challenging! We really think the fans of Spectraball will really enjoy Bob Was Hungry!

Bob Was Hungry supports up to 8-player online multiplayer, so don't forget to let your friends know so you can all play together!

So far we have only released for Windows, but we are working on a Mac build and will get it out as soon as we can!

We really hope you enjoy Bob Was Hungry!

Community Announcements - rlabrecque
Release Notes for 9/23/2013


Decreased the amount of time it takes for speed & jump boosts to respawn
Added Audio Volume Options
The game now defaults to the desktop resolution

Bug Fixes:

Fixed elevators not completely resetting when returning to a checkpoint
Fixed overlapping names in credits
Rewrote the Map Hub doors to resolve various issues
Announcement - Valve
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Announcement - Valve
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Announcement - Valve
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Product Update - Valve
Spectraball: Extended Edition is an all new update to Spectraball.

This is a complete remake of the 2008 game built on a new engine which includes updated graphics and gameplay, additional and expanded maps, leaderboards, new minigames, and a map editor which is currently in beta. Currently, you can share maps with other players and we are working on a map browser feature that will allow an easy portal for downloading custom maps from other players. We are also working on a voting system for custom maps which will grant players who beat your map the ability to rate it.

Recent patch notes:
- Fixed a bug that caused the camera to be inverted on the desert stage for some players
- Changed the lava mechanics to include a fallout timer
- Added custom map renaming
- Added additional tiles and objects to the map editor
- Made improvements to the map editor controls


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