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There's only one thing better than a huge bundle of great games, and that's a free bundle of great games. You know what's even better than that? Five free bundles of great games. By stunning coincidence that's exactly the number of EA Store game bundles we have to give away today. There's more than £1700 worth of games up for grabs, so read on for a chance to get your hands on Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the Dragon Age 2 Digital Deluxe Edition, both Mass Effect games, Crysis, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and more.

Five lucky winners will scoop a copy of each of the following games, courtesy of the EA Store.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Digital Deluxe Edition

The huge, destructible battlefields of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 play host to some of the most frantic and explosive multiplayer scraps on the PC. As well as a wide range of tanks, helicopters and attack drones, there are tons of unlockable weapons for each of the game's four classes, so you can customise your load out every time you go to war. You'll also get a copy of the recently released Vietnam expansion which adds four new maps and a collection of new weapons and vehicles to fight with.

Dead Space
Dead Space is a third person survival horror set on board a spaceship infested with aliens. The key to taking these creepy beasties out lies with Dead Space's arsenal of surgical weapons that let you clip the limbs off your foes one by one until all that's left is a wobbling torso. Disgusting? Yes. Satisfying? Even more so.

Dragon Age: Origins Digital Deluxe Edition
Whether you start out begging for scraps in the Elven slums or fighting rebellion in your castle as a human noble, in Dragon Age: Origins you're ultimately destined to become a hero of Ferelden, one of the Grey Wardens responsible for putting down the menace of the Darkspawn uprising. You'll also get Dragon Age: Awakenings, an expansion set after the events of the main adventure of the first game, and a copy of the Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition which comes with all of the game's nine content packs, adding extra armour and quests to the game.

Mass Effect
If you've ever wanted to command your own spaceship and save the universe, Mass Effect will let you do exactly that. There are few better lead characters than the charismatic and occasionally violent Commander Shephard. Spend your career through the universe punching out reporters and shooting suspects, or play it cool and become the saintly saviour of the cosmos.

Mass Effect 2
Commander Shephard returns to once more take on the galaxy's greatest foes. Mass Effect 2 builds on almost every aspect of the first game, adding even more characters, more spectacular locations and a brace of satisfying new combat abilities.


It's been out for more than three years now, but Crysis is still one of the best looking games you can buy. The sandy beaches of the game's massive island are a beautiful setting for the game's superhuman firefights. Your character's nanosuit lets you tear up your enemies with invisibility, super strength and super speed.

Crysis: Warhead
Crysis: Warhead explores the emotional range of Psycho, one of the background characters from the first game. He even sheds a tear at one point. Then he pulls himself together, leaps onto a gatling gun and mows down an alien invasion singlehandedly.

The Sims 3
The best soap opera sim in the world, The Sims 3 lets you create your own family and control every aspect of their lives. Help them find a better job, true love and happiness, or just trap them all in a windowless room and watch the fireworks. You'll also get three expansion packs. The Sims 3: World Adventures lets you take your sim adventuring abroad and hunt for treasure among famous monuments. Ambitions lets you control your sim on the job, letting them become a firefighter, private investigator, doctor and even a ghost hunter. The Sims 3: Late Night takes the game to the nightclubs, letting you take charge of your sim's big nights out.

FIFA Manager 11
Take command of your favourite football team and lead them to victory in FIFA Manager 11. You'll have to manage every aspect of your team, from their finances to player signings, to your tactics on the pitch if you want to have a chance of taking home football's finest silverware.

If you'd rather be scoring goals than managing your strikers, you won't find a footballing sim better than Fifa 11. The revamped engine means even more realistic ball control than ever before, and a sublime animation system adds extra crunch to every tackle.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

In Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit it doesn't matter if you're a crook or a cop, you'll always be behind the wheel of a steaming supercar. As a cop you'll be enforcing the law at 200 miles per hour, ramming boy racers off the highways of Seacrest County. As a criminal your job is to beat your fellow racers while evading capture, earning rep and buying new cars as you go.

If you fancy entering, there are a few terms and conditions. The offer is valid in the UK on www.eastore.co.uk, and is valid for PC Download only, and that no pre-orders, points packs or time cards are included and that offer can not be redeemed in conjunction with any other offer.

The best thing about the space-borne survival horror, Dead Space is the array of ridiculous weapons you can use to cut up your alien enemies. To win, post in the comments below with a weapon capable of dicing the toughest monster. Tell us what it is, what it does, and give it a name. You must live in the UK to enter. The five entries that make us laugh the most will take home a bundle.

Come back tomorrow for another great giveaway. The gift giving will continue all the way up to Christmas day.







I will get in touch with the instructions on how to claim your lovely prizes. Huzzah!

January offers double the Dead Space, with the sequel to Visceral Games' sci-fi horror hit landing on the 25th and the similarly gory animated spin-off, Dead Space Aftermath, arriving the same day.

EA expands the Dead Space universe even further with Aftermath, a bloody animated film that follows up on the events of the original game. Dead Space Aftermath is a mix of hand-drawn and computer generated animation, soaked in blood and burning flesh, the kind of stuff perfect for Saturday mornings. It's coming to DVD and Blu-ray, if the Dead Space universe is something you'd like to explore even further.

If your initial impression is "Not gory enough!", give it a minute or two. Heads start exploding and skin starts flaying at an alarming rate as the trailer builds up steam.


Dead Space 2 Looks Pretty Rough, IsaacAside from the inclusion of multiplayer, probably the biggest addition to Dead Space 2 is "The Sprawl", the confined, segmented sections of the first game's spaceship replaced with the cavernous interior of a space station.

That's a lot of ground for our hero Isaac Clarke to cover, so you can excuse him for popping the helmet off and taking a breather! After all, if you were going to spend a bunch of time doing nothing but running around a space station in the dark shooting monsters and crapping your pants, you'd need to take five every now and again too.

Horror game Dead Space 2 will be out on Xbox 360, PC and PS3 on January 25, 2011.


Mirror's Edge, EA's 2008 parkour-flavoured FPS, "fell short" of the publisher's expectations.

EA Games boss Frank Gibeau told Develop, "First-person parkour across buildings is fun, but to be blunt, Mirror's Edge's' execution fell short."

"What I learned from Mirror's Edge is that you have to execute, you have to spend more time on a game to ensure it's polished, and you need to have the depth and persistence of an online game," he explained.

"There were issues with the learning curve, the difficulty, the narrative, and then there was no multiplayer either."

"The key learning from us was that if you're going to be bold with that kind of concept, you need to take it as far as it can go in development."

We'd say Gibeau needs to easy up on the DICE-developed title. Sure, it wasn't perfect, but it was certainly one of the more interesting new IPs of the last few years.

Eurogamer's Christian Donlan gave it 8/10, saying, "For those who can shrug off the contradictions and the limitations, ignore the tearing cityscape and lingering qualms about value for money, this will shove you so deeply into the experience of being in someone else's body, and taking it on a terrifying, breakneck joyride, that nothing else will matter."

Gibeau didn't stop at Mirror's Edge though – Visceral Games' largely excellent Dead Space also came in for a bit of a pasting.

"It made money for us, but didn't hit expectations. We felt like we had an IP that struck a chord, and one that hit quality, but again it missed multiplayer modes.

"So when we re-worked Dead Space [for the upcoming sequel], we looked at how to make it a better idea, how do we make the story more engrossing, how do we build Isaac as a character, how do we make this game a success online."

Dead Space 2 is out on 25th January on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but what of a Mirror's Edge sequel? "One thing I will say is that we won't give up on those IPs," promised Gibeau. "A new idea obviously has a lot of risk attached to it, but if you get it all right it can be huge."

PC Gamer

The horrors of the first Dead Space game have changed Isaac. He has a face, for a start, and he'll be doing a lot more talking in the horror sequel, which again pits the universe's unluckiest engineer against the Necromorph menace. The latest video details how Isaac has changed as a character, and shows off some of the huge zero gravity zones. You'll find the trailer below.

The game's set for release on January 25th 2011. There's plenty more information on the sequel on the Dead Space 2 site.


Screens Showcase Dead Space 2's OPFORGet your talon-like hands on this batch of 15 multiplayer screens for Dead Space 2 that Electronic Arts sent out out yesterday. In addition to the humans, you can see a couple types of playable necromorphs.

Dead Space 2 is due Jan. 25, and it blows me away that's three months from now. Sheesh, where has 2010 gone?

[via Eurogamer]

Announcement - Valve
The Steam Halloween Sale is on now. Save 50-75% off select spooky titles now through November 1st. Plenty of zombies, ghosts and horror to keep you busy all weekend.


Command & Conquer Lives On As One Of EA's Visceral GamesThe studio best known for making Dead Space and Dante's Inferno is expanding, welcoming more developers—and more than just action adventure games—into its fold, including EA's venerable Command & Conquer strategy game series.

Electronic Arts senior VP and group general manager Nick Earl tells Gamasutra that more games, including the Command & Conquer title that's "pretty far off," will exist as Visceral Games label projects. Whatever that new C&C project is, you can count on "fundamental innovation" coming to the real-time strategy series.

The growing Visceral Games brand, which will tap the talents of EA development studios in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Montreal and Melbourne, Australia, will bring you more than just Dead Space, more than just third-person action. Earl calls the Dead Space series "really emblematic of the kind of games we're building," even if that doesn't necessarily mean Command & Conquer is due for a graphically violent makeover.

Hey, it sounds better than Command & Conquer for Facebook, right?

Visceral Games is currently hard at work on Dead Space 2 and is rumored to be working on a title based on Jack the Ripper.

For more on Visceral's plans, check out the full article on Gamasutra.

Interview: Earl Reveals EA's Expansion Of Visceral Label [Gamasutra]


A new Dead Space game for the iPad will launch in December, EA has revealed.

The publisher announced the game at a press event in Tokyo's Apple Store, according to TouchArcade.

The game will bridge the story gap between the first two Dead Space titles and feature motion-based dismemberment, letting you lop of necromorph limbs with the swipe of a finger.

A slideshow presentation at the event promised, "Third person shooter - no rails, no mode switching."

The slide made no mention of an iPhone version.

Hopefully the game will fare better than EA's other recent spin-off, Dead Space Ignition. Eurogamer's Chris Schilling deemed the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade download only worthy of 3/10.

EA also showed off a number of other games in the works for Apple's device at the event, including Reckless Racing, Monopoly, NBA Elite 11, EA Sports Active and Pictureka!

EA's mobile division has been very busy of late. It recently unveiled its first slate of titles for Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 OS, including versions of Need For Speed: Underground, Tetris and The Sims 3.

Dead Space 2 launches on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 25th January 2010.,


Development on a sequel to Dante's Inferno is not underway, developer Visceral Games has revealed, and there are no immediate plans to get started.

Joystiq asked Visceral's Zach Mumbach whether we'd be seeing adaptations of the remaining sections of Dante's Divine Comedy.

"I'm sure that if enough people are like, 'I got 60 dollars for Purgatory or Paradiso,' then we would make that game. But I don't know. I don't get to make those decisions."

Visceral's God of War competitor sliced its way onto PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 last year. Eurogamer's Ellie Gibson was relatively unimpressed, awarding it 6/10.

Mumbach went on to reveal that the studio was under no pressure from publisher EA to release annual Dead Space titles.

"I think they do a real good job. I've never felt like, 'We should be doing this, but EA is making us do that.' Especially since JR's [CEO John Riccitiello] come on board . JR's like 'Make good games. I need good games, give me good games.'"

Dead Space 2 arrives on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 25th January 2011. A downloadable 'midquel', Dead Space Ignition, is available on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow.


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