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Community Announcements - Dylan
Happy holidays! This week on Radio we've got some songs from the one and only Jonathan Coulton!

We start off with "Chiron Beta Prime," a fast-paced futuristic Christmas carol. Then we move onto "Christmas is Interesting," a cynical tune for those of you who are more of the bah-humbug variety.

Next we've got a couple of songs about shopping: "Ikea", a fast-paced ode to the home of allen wrenches and meatballs, and "Skymall," which combines the themes of shopping and traveling.

We used a couple special modes: Ikea has grey blocks for every character and Chiron Beta Prime has extra white/black blocks.

You may know Jonathan Coulton as the "Still Alive" guy--and yes, he is, but there quite a few other gems in his collection. A ton of his songs are for sale on Amazon mp3 downloads and are also available on his website, and other online music stores.

Dec 18, 2009
Community Announcements - Dylan
This week on Radio, we're featuring the electronic stylings of Ontario's Renard. He works under an array of pseudonyms, a different one for each variety of electronic music he produces (drum n bass, hardcore, dubstep, raggacore, etc), and he says his biggest influence is the mid-to-late 90s rave scene. He publishes all his works under his own label, lapfox trax (www.lapfoxtrax.com, formerly vulpvibe records), and is responsible for a few "internet sensation" songs, including the tracks John Freeman (and its associated 2009 remix), and Coward Killing Time.

"Laugh at Life", and "How I Love," are fast-paced tracks that have a mix of hardcore and lighter elements. "Settle down, mate" features a driving beat throughout with a small plateau in the middle. And finally, the aptly titled "Play this in Audiosurf" is a bunch of garbage-can-bangin noise my parents would tell me to turn down--but it's a shockingly fun ride!

Thanks to uber-player Pyritie for pointing us to Renard.

Dec 11, 2009
Community Announcements - Dylan
RUN! If you've played CANABALT then you can imagine what a great ride the theme song would be. You're right, it's awesome, and it's available on Audiosurf Radio all week!

We've even got five other tracks straight from the musician himself, danny B. They're all fast and fun, but be especially sure to ride BOSS FIGHT AAAHHH from upcoming WiiWare/PC game Super Meat Boy.

Community Announcements - Dylan
We start Radio off this week with an 8-minute trance number from Speedsound called "Dark Star." It's got a series of hills and valleys--it's fun to get a big match to clear off at the bottom of a dip so you can coast up a hill and reflect on your awesomeness.

Next we have some Greco-Roman inspired electronica from Italy's Oreste Fiengo. Maybe this is the kind of stuff Titus Pullo would have listened to if there was techno in his day. "Dyanah" has a strong almost middle-eastern beat to it. "Cornelia" is built around a melody sung by a female voice and a violin.

And we round things off with a short folk/reggae/slightly surfer inspired tune. "Tu En Mi" by Marle Kani just made me think of hanging out on the beach in the warm sun.

Nov 27, 2009
Community Announcements - Dylan
This week on Radio we bring you some lovely songs from Paris' David Chapel (otherwise known simply as 'david').

"Amoureux du soleil" is a nice blend of chanson and country western/honky tonk, complete with harmonica. It reminds me a bit of the Allman Brothers' "Jessica."

"Delirante planete" crams a lot of beautiful french consonants into just a few minutes. The guitar work as well as the traffic gets thicker as the song goes on.

"J'y suis j'y reste " reminds me in chords and in tone of "Hey There Delilah" by the Plain White T's It has such a cute lil ending.

"Le petite guignol" seems to be a political protest ditty, what with the mentions of "Sarkozy" and the fact that 'guignol' means 'puppet'. See, you learn a new thing each week here on Radio! It's got an almost polka-like feel to it with an oompah bass line and some accordion.

As if you needed another reason to visit Paris, david has several gigs there in the next month.

Community Announcements - Dylan
This week on Radio we're featuring the electro/ambient/world-music stylings of France's Phillipe Caerou.

First up is "Anthem," which reminds me of Moby in some thick-layered guitar sections. Next is "Eden", which has some dream-like chimes layered over a steady beat. Then there's "Wires," which starts out with a Gregorian-like chant section and ends with some wicked red twisting tunnels. This one reminds me of a more electro-fied version of some of Peter Gabriel's instrumental soundtracks.

I also included a couple more experimental-style tracks as a bonus: "Jhada" has lots of that very Chiense-sounding flute I don't know the name of, that Chinese harp I also don't know the name of, and gongs. "Moonsoon" has a Chinese/Indian/new-age spa texture to it, with some Native-American elements thrown in for good measure.

I was liking "Circuits" sound effects on these.

Community Announcements - Dylan
This week on Radio, the French surfer-rock band Juanitos returns with a few tunes off their latest compilation album. "Everybody loves the partys" and "She dance flamenco" have that unique France meets Austin Powers style. Last time we featured Juanitos, one of our top players dschallert made some custom lava lamp sky spheres to enhance the 60s ambiance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKlZ9_k8cOU

And next we have the inaugural appearance of the didjeridoo on Radio. Frenchman Phillipe Mayne has managed to create two blues/jazz tunes featuring the didj ("Unplugged" and "Blues for Didj") that I really enjoyed riding. I found that the "circuits" sound effects worked the best with this instrument.

Community Announcements - Dylan
This week at Audiosurf Global Headquarters (aka the living room) we've been playing a bunch of old Cure records. So maybe that's why the Robert Smith-esque stylings of The Sway grabbed our attention. "Going Blind" has a pretty guitar riff and a stair-step-shaped track. Don't let the beginning orchestral bars of "No one comes (close to you)" fool you--this is a downhill track with plenty of twisting curves.

Then we bring you some modern, bossa nova meets electronica music from Brazil's Pipo Pegoraro. "Nonsense" and "Me Despeco" both have fun rhythmical surprises and sexy Brazilian vocals.

Oct 30, 2009
Community Announcements - Dylan
Trick or treat? It all depends on how you feel about Speedsound's 8+ minute, crazy traffic density trance tunes "Love in Paz" and "Chemical Trip." These songs will put your sugar-rushed brains and twitchy fingers to the test.

We've also got a couple of Halloween-ish themed songs from KJBO, "Future ghosts." and "It's hard to love a ghost." I'm sure the internet will kick the crap out of me for suggesting that the lead singer's voice resembles a male Courtney Love in texture. There you go, internet--take your best shot. To take the Halloween theme to a corny level, try the spoooky 'cyclone' sound effects with these.

Watch out for all those ghouls this week.

Oct 23, 2009
Community Announcements - Dylan
This week we bring you some songs from the prolific and generous indie acoustic rock musician Josh Woodward. His new album "Breadcrumbs" just came out this week. "Swansong" features a banjo and a glockenspiel, and is a bell-shaped ride. "I'm not dreaming" has an epic feeling to it with some epic bumps to match. "Stars Collide" is our slow dance song of the week, again with the glock (and I'm not talking about the gun), some piano and some hand clappin.

We're also featuring a short jazz piece by Sam McNally called "Rabbit Funk". It sounds a lot like the piano music from "The Firm" and a sax solo in the middle spices things up a bit.


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