Announcement - Valve
Celebrate top French independent game developers with the French Indie Sale, running today on Steam!

Organized by Seaven Studio together with over dozen other French indie developers, the promotion features 15 innovative French indie games. Pick from hits like Evoland, Fly’N, Strike Vector and gems like Tetrobot and Co., Type:Rider, Ethan: Meteor Hunter and many more!

All of these titles are discounted on Steam starting Sept 17 at 10 am Pacific Time for 48h only until Sept 19 at 10am Pacific time.

For more details, and the full list of titles on sale, please see

Community Announcements - Captain Will
Hi submariners,

To thank you for supporting us and playing our first game Blocks That Matter, we created a permanent discount for all of you.
You can now purchase Tetrobot and Co. with an automatic 25% discount.

With your support, we hope we''ll be able to fund our next game, Seasons after Fall.

Thank you for your attention :)

Announcement - Valve
New Weeklong Deals roll over every Monday at 10AM Pacific Time.

Community Announcements - nitram

Hello everyone!

Today, we are updating Blocks That Matter to add Steam Linux support!

If you have any issue with the game, please reach us at

One more thing...

To celebrate this new platform release, we are taking part of the Weeklong Deals this week (February 24), with a 60% OFF discount!

<iframe src="!" frameborder="0" width="600" height="190"></iframe>

Have fun! And please spread the word!

The Swing Swing Submarine team

Note that our lastest game "Tetrobot and Co." is also 60% OFF during that week!
Community Announcements - nitram
Hi there!

We’ve just launched the Steam Workshop Beta for Tetrobot and Co.!

Here is a little FAQ, to answer the questions you may (or may not) have:

1/ What should I do to enter this Beta?

You just need to launch your Steam client, wait for Tetrobot and Co. to update and launch it! That’s it!
You can check that the version on the main menu is something like “1.1.x” and you’re good to go!

2/ What can I do in this Beta?

Well, you can create your own levels, complete with all the blocks and features used in the main game! And of course, you can share your levels through the Steam Workshop. You can recreate all the levels that you encountered in the game and much more!

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you're running the game under Mac or Linux systems, we are currently facing an issue that will prevent you to download/upload items to the workshop. But you can still able to get your hand in the level editor, locally. Once the issue will be solved, you'll be able to upload your creation to the workshop!

3/ Will you allow us to create custom language files (i want my game in 1337!)?

We can’t confirm it for sure, but it’s definitely in our mind, yes!

4/ Is the editor more user friendly than the one in Blocks that Matter?

Well… YES!
We put a lot of efforts improving the editor. In Blocks that Matter, the editor was released with the exact same level of “polish” that it was during the production of the game (i.e. none!).
With Tetrobot and Co., we decided to delay the release of the editor to make it clean and shiny!

5/ Is there any tutorial to understand how the editor works?

Even though the editor is as intuitive as OSX, we’ve published some official Steam guides for you, and in the future we will centralize any relevant information in this thread.
If you encounter any issues, please report them in this other thread.

6/ Will you release the in-game level editor for the DRM-free version?

We will allow you to create levels locally for sure. But we still need to find a good alternative to the Steam Workshop to store the user generated content!
The Beta will only occurs on Steam, because it the fastest way for us to update the game depending on your feedbacks.
If you purchased the DRM-free version on our website (or the Humble Store), you should have a Steam key that can be used to participate to this Beta!

7/ Anything to add before I jump into this beta?

Only one thing: Psychobot is waiting you to unleash the love, the love of blocks!

Community Announcements - nitram
Hi everyone!

Just in case you missed it, <b>Blocks That Matter</b> and <b>Tetrobot and Co.</b> are in sale until December 3.

Both of them are <b>50% OFF</b>!

Don't hesitate to <b>spread the word</b>! And have fun finding good deals during the sale!

(personally, I'm going back to Paper Please! haha)

Here are the links to the store for the games:

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="646" height="190"></iframe>


<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="646" height="190"></iframe>

See you!

Community Announcements - nitram
Hi there!

Posting this on the Tetrobot and Co. official group was a non sense, so I'll put that here!

We've just created a little giveaway. Enter it to get a chance to win 1 of the 4 copies of Tetrobot and Co.!

You just need to follow this link:

Have a nice day!

Community Announcements - Captain Will
Hi sailors,

We (Guillaume, Benoit, Géraud, Yann and William) are proud to annonce that our next game Tetrobot and Co. will be released on Steam tomorrow, on October 15.

You can already watch a narrative trailer and some screenshots on this Steam store page :

We worked 12 months to create this new puzzle game made out of blocks, and we hope you'll like playing it :)

Quick FAQ (based on your questions)
1. How much will it cost?
Tetrobot and Co. will be priced 11.99$ / 9.99€ / 8.99£. On its launch week, the game will be 10% off and we'll offer Blocks That Matter.

2. When will the Workshop be available?
The level editor of Blocks That Matter was clearly not simple enough, and we don't want to release something bad. That's why we'll keep working on it and make a big (free) update before Christmas 2013 with all community features (+ bonus levels).

3. Will I get a gift copy of Blocks That Matter if I already have it in my library?
That's a good question. I don't know.

4. How much Tetrobot and Co will cost in CIS countries?
The game is priced 7.99$ in CIS countries.

5. Do owners of Blocks That Matter get a coupon for extra sale?
No, sorry.

6. Are you planning to add Linux support to it?
Tetrobot and Co. is available on Windows, Mac and Linux :)

7. Can we translate this game in future like BTM?
It could be nice. We can't promise this feature right now, but we'd like to add it.

See you later,
William, from Swing Swing Submarine
Community Announcements - Captain Will
Hi sailors,

We hope you're having a great summer, swimming, working, playing great games or collecting trading cards of Blocks That Matter :)

Today, we want to share with you no less than 3 gameplay videos of our next game, Tetrobot and Co., that we will release on Steam at the end of summer.

If you have very little time, just watch this one:
Tetrobot and Co. - Early Gameplay #3

And if you want to see more:
Tetrobot and Co. - Early Gameplay #2
Tetrobot and Co. - Early Gameplay #1

We are still working to improve everything, but we hope these videos will help you see how you'll be able to play with Psychobot, our new microscopic robot hero.

Keep it cool,
William (Game Designer)
May 21, 2013
Community Announcements - Captain Will
Hi members of BTM steam group,

The development of Tetrobot and Co. (the sequel of BTM) is going well. We are now 100% sure that you'll be able to play this new game before the end of summer. We will announce a more precise release date later.

Our first playtests with players are extremely cool. Everybody like the new controls (way easier to manage) and they like to see that puzzles are still challenging, specially to find memory blocks.

Of course, we are preparing proper screenshots and gameplay video so you can see how the game feels like before its release, but here's a new illustration about Psychobot, our main character, exploring the inside of a damaged Tetrobot :

<img src="" alt="What&#039;s inside Tetrobot (cover)" width="400" height="533" class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-4717" />

When you'll play Tetrobot and Co., you'll discover how sophisticated the inside of a Tetrobot can be.
Electric arcs, lasers, fans, switches, holograms, doors, water, slime, and blocks of matter : you'll have to deal with a lot of different elements, learn how everything works and use their physical and chemical properties wisely.

If you want to have more updates about our games, you can visit our website, or follow us on Twitter / Facebook.

Thank you again for your support and for your attention,

William, Guillaume, Benoit and Géraud (Swing Swing Submarine)

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