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Hey hey it’s Monday morn again, it’s Lemmy again, but this time it’s also a public holiday in the Brit land, so we hope you’ll forgive a slightly lazy Mondoid for this week! We’ll try and cram in something cool and new in picture form, as well as get to those questions we missed last week. Since I forgot to arrange any Mondoid stuff last night it looks like I’ll be answering all the questions myself! Oopsie!

“Whaaaaaat kind of cool admin tools (if any) are in the works for mp servers? (i.e. teleport players, quick server setting adjustments, pve zoning, etc.)”

This is one of the cooler side effects to the upcoming Creative Mode. We see no reason why admins shouldn’t be able to access those tools, particularly the mini-map. One idea for combating cheating we thought of was a replay buffer file of sorts, a log that can be replayed on the minimap and show player movements across the map during the game. There are likely a ton of other admin tools that’d be handy too, definitely server setting changes and the like. In particular I’d personally like to see more support for creative stuff like Machinima to be easier as well as game admin tools.

“Will claim safehouses get any more attention (fine tuning), or is that in the finished pile?”

To be honest that was a spur of the moment ‘cool idea’ that had a few problems in practice. It’s the sort of thing that probably needs more time thinking about, and to be honest is a little immersion breaking and gamey in its initial form. We’re still undecided on the way to go with this feature.

“We will be able to swim in the lake or river? and another question: Have you been thinking about adding more winter clothes and implement the system of cold and heat?”

Regarding swimming, who knows. A year ago we’d have said no way. Now we’ll say probably not, but maybe?

The second part about winter cold, I will answer with the cunning use of (NOT BUILD 33) pictures from the awesome Martin!


There are more, as well as new weapons, items, backpacks and all sorts of other stuff, but sorry they’ll have to wait until the animation system is finished and out there! When it does though, BAM the doors are blown right off for adding new animations, visible backpacks, models, weapons, clothes, character texture overlays (think zombie damage / blood). That’s not build 33 though sorry, but very hopefully 34!

So, will Build 33 integrate that new killer animation upgrade that makes you fall from failed climbing attempts ? (because you’re Unlucky or Clumsy)

Erm I guess I just answered this one then.

Are you close to having backpacks and damage showing on your character?

Wow three for one!

Do we get throwing in the future?

Yes (though as far as I remember it’s already in with the bomb stuff no?), once we get the physics engine integrated fully (to allow vehicles to work on MP) we will be able to do much cooler throwing physics, to make thrown objects move through the air naturally, bounce off walls, smash against stuff, etc.

Has adding random occurring optional missions in the game ever been brought up? Objectives like saving a fellow survivor, or getting asked by an npc to find a missing friend?

Oh these will be common place once NPCs go in. Our plan is to have all manner of story events and mission like things being generated by NPCs in the world.

Are NPC’s going to be brought into the game any time soon?

Any estimated or a far guess for the arrival of the npc?

Very unlikely in the remainder of this year, realistically speaking. A NETA is all we’re willing to do because it’s the only thing we can know for sure.

I know UI isn’t top priority, but is there any way to be able to have a separate location for global chat and local chat in multiplayer, and possibly the ability to change it soon? In multiplayer, this is definitely a hassle.

First time I’ve heard of this being an issue, but if there’s enough demand for this as a feature I don’t imagine it’d take too long.

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Aug 24
Community Announcements - nasKo

Howdy folks! Due to the sheer length of our fifth "Ask Project Zomboid Developers The Indie Stone Anything"-session, we have to link you to it instead:

Community Announcements - nasKo

Happy Mondoid everyone. We come to you with the exciting news that our Steam integrated IWBUMS public test beta is now live. EasyPickins, hero of the hour, is working out the kinks – but Spiffo’s Workshop is open for business, we’ve got a proper anonymous dedicated server that can be installed and updated using Steam CMD and a myriad of tweaks and fixes have gone in alongside them.

For instructions on how to join our IWBUMS public beta channel then go here, while patch notes for the initial release 32.20 can be found here, and its follow-ups 32.21 and 32.22 hereand here.

There’s clearly various other tweaks, additions and refinements en route, but at this exact moment in time the focus is on making sure the new package works for everyone: Mac/Linux/Windows, 32-bit/64-bit and in both Steam mode and non-Steam mode.

We’d like to thank some of our intrepid modders, like Hydromancerx and Svarog amongst others, for entering uncharted waters and getting some of their wares up on Steam Workshop already. Similarly Onkeen is doing some sterling work in terms of making the Workshop look organised and pretty by creating preview PNGs for our industrious workshoppers. Thanks everyone, it really is appreciated.

Everyone who owns Zomboid will be able to see it, but to fill in those who haven’t dipped in yet then this is the sight we’re all seeing…

Build 33
It’s starting to feel like the various strands of Build 33 are really coming together now. We’re not there yet, but in terms of both MP and SP then Creative Mode, Radio/TV, Movable furniture, the new botany trait, Blacksmithing and the fresh focus on a ‘lived in’ world (whether playing Week One or Eight Months Later) are all tying together to make it quite a special release.

Creative Mode, especially, is coming on in leaps and bounds – as these videos will attest to. Firstly, the top down map now allows you to quickly navigate to any point in the map in a heartbeat. As well as this the player can quickly move up and down between floors and fly around. This is a real time video, and please forgive any bugs and glitches.
Secondly, here’s a look at a few of the additions to Creative that allow for quick customizable and filterable copy and pasted map pieces, more precise pasting and clearing and the ability to copy and paste to/from specific floors or heights. We have also reworked stairs game-wide to allow for more compact stairwells and to overcome the collision issues that badly placed stairs can cause.
With a few other neat smaller features, narrative nuggets and musical/sound additions that are still likely be added to the Build 33 roster – it’s all starting to come together rather nicely. As, indeed, are work and plans for the Builds beyond.

This week’s Featured Image from NikNik64Rus over on Steam. As a block of italicised text it’s rare to feel any form of satisfaction in life, but the growth in activity on the PZWikialongside various well-wishers on internet forums has made this past week a less distressing one. With a renewed sense of pride in my role as information-providing reading matter could I please direct you to the email subscription service offered by TIS for Mondoids, Build Releases, Changelists and Other Big News? Today is a new day. Yesterday a distant land. I know my role in life, and it’s one in which I excel.

For support questions, please do not post them in the comments. Post them on our discussions hub instead :)
Community Announcements - nasKo
Go here for details! You can now try out the new steam build of PZ if you go into our 'I will backup my save' branch!

Mod authors in particular may want to get their mods up on the workshop! Others may want to start using it. You can only see it while logged in and owning PZ until it is promoted out of IWBUMS:

Bugs possible / probable.

(No achievements yet)

If you're having trouble, post on our discussions hub instead of in the comments. The comments section is a fairly inconvenient place for support
Community Announcements - nasKo

Top of the Mondoid to you all. It’s Build 33 fun and games today, followed by a quick service announcement. Let’s cut straight to the quick…

One of the fun things in game development is how work on one area of the game bleeds into entirely unexpected ones. In this instance, work on Creative Mode has produced something rather like something that’s a regular player request.

You see, after our initial tests we discovered that the isometric perspective makes some of the more precise tasks in Creative Mode a little bit difficult – particularly in placing buildings and it potentially being unclear if it is going to fit the space allowed for it. As such: top down minimap!

[Now, clearly, this doesn’t mean that there’s going to be a map function for SP and MP in Build 33 – and when it does it will look and work in a way more appropriate for the game to boot. Thanks to Creative Mode, however, it’s already being made to work under the hood – or ‘bonnet’ if you’re a cool English person.]

In Creative Mode we’ve now got a complete parity between tool behaviour in the game map and the minimap. This means you can draw tiles, rooms, place buildings, copy and paste, and every other tool directly from the minimap. It’s only really possible to display floor tiles in the map, ripped from the isometric into flat perspective via code, but it grants you much more precision when dealing with placement of rooms, copy and pasting floor pieces and all that cartographical jazz.

Another new feature is that players are now able to teleport to any position on the map at a moment’s notice – which will let you and your friends move between building projects, or to quickly get to places on the Zomboid map (or community map) that features buildings you’d like to copy and paste.

One of RJ’s many missions for Build 33 is the creation of a new Botanist trait. This will give you the ability to find medicinal herbs while foraging, and also let you craft remedies and poultices from ingredients found in the natural world. So there’ll be small healing and endurance boosts, natural ways to reduce the agonies of food poisoning and various other non-pharmaceutical boosts.
On the flip-side, a Botanist will also know how to spot a poisonous berry or mushroom. It’s not just the White Berries that could be dangerous in Build 33, and all Average Joe will see is ‘Unidentified Berry’ and ‘Unidentified Mushroom’. As such it’ll take learning or the Botanist Trait to determine what sort of foraged foodstuff has been found, and also what it could potentially do to damage your insides.

Turbo is doing all manner of cool stuff – working out UI, channel packages, wavelength ranges, preset channels and just how Walkie Talkies and HAM radio will function. He brings you a video in tribute, but please excuse the debug presentation – and also please note that UI and menus will be streamlined before and during the internal testing process.

Were you someone who bought the Fanboy edition on Desura back in the day? If so, please visit this page and send us a mail as we need a way to keep track of you. Thank you!
This week’s featured image is from TheGuy821 over on Steam. Does anyone ever actually read this bit of Mondoid? I guess the only way I’d ever know would be through a sudden influx of activity on the PZWiki as a result of my role as a block of italicised text. What’s more, maybe I’d notice a sudden surge in interest in the email subscription service offered for Mondoids, build releases, changelists and other big news.
Sigh. It’s tough being a weekly block of information-providing reading matter sometimes. If I’d worked harder at school then maybe I’d be a Headline or an Introductory Paragraph by now. Sometimes I wonder if Mom was right all along.
Community Announcements - nasKo

Good afternoon Mondoiders, thanks for stopping by. We’ve got some fun and interesting nuggets of desperate survival today, so let’s crack on with it!

Steam MP Integration update
EasyPickins is currently plugging away at Uncle Gabe’s electrical plumbing, making sure that we hit the ground running when we release the final iteration of Build 32 with its Steam Integrated loveliness.
Most excitingly, he’s coded a function that allows servers to use Workshop mods and maps. This means that, when joining a server, players will be given the option to automatically install any required items before the client joins in the fun online. Or to disconnect if they’d rather not, of course. Work in Progress screenshot below!

EP has also built in the functionality to create and update Workshop items from inside the game, and also edit the change notes visible to any and all interested parties who are browsing the Steam mainframe. For all the above reasons he has been officially lauded as TIS hero of the week.

Narrative Planning and Game Modes
We’re at the stage of formatting all the radio and TV content that has been written for Turbo’s system (latest debug vid found here) that will serenade the opening week or two of people’s survival. All things being well, we’ll have the full script in and working this week, while radio sets are now in-game alongside the walkie-talkies we showed last Mondoid. At the time of writing Turbo is linking up the whole system to his ‘item moveables’ work. It feels like it’s all coming together.

Thing is, it also got us thinking…
While many players will enjoy listening to the infection taking hold while they swipe fresh food from well-stocked fridges, a large number of players clearly prefer to feel that society has entirely fallen. They favour the atmosphere of solitude, despair and total breakdown of apocalypses such as that of The Road, The Last of Us or The Walking Dead. As developers, we don’t want to start getting in the way of how you enjoy RP-ing our game.

Likewise when we introduce themes more in keeping with a ‘post-apocalyptic’ vibe – then murderous NPCs, survivor radio stations and all the empty silence in-between… well all that just doesn’t make much sense if we’re starting while there’s still a scared newscaster on the television telling people to keep calm and that help is on its way. Likewise, Bob smothering Kate with a pillow is even MORE harsh if it’s happening on Day Five.

As such we’re currently giving serious thought to having two entry points to an overall ‘Classic’ timeline – one at the start with the downfall of humanity chirruping through TV sets, and another six months later in the heart of Winter with rotten food, the electricity cut-off, more burnt out homes, more ransacked buildings, and more ‘Scenes o’Horror’. The hardcore Survival mode, meanwhile, would still be played from the start of the timeline, for as long as you are physically able. Indeed, for all people playing the full gamut there’d be plenty of cool stuff hidden at the harder-to-reach time periods of the overall PZ experience.
Coming at it this way also brings other advantages. For example, we’d likely have new preset difficulty levels that land between First Bite and Survival coming alongside the new framework – for those who don’t want to fiddle with deep and complex Sandbox options. [Although the internal debate on exactly how we’d present this is ongoing!]

Most importantly, however, this will provide structure and goalposts for all future creative content being dropped into the game. Key events in the timeline can be targeted at these key periods, more secretive and mysterious stuff can be put at a distance from them. It’s also a great way to repurpose older plans for Kate and Baldspot stories within the framework of what the game has become in their absence.

TLDR: Long-held plans are crystallizing at the moment, and it’s all very exciting.

SpiffoSpace Announcement
A belated mention of the fact that the SpiffoSpace servers have now been whitelisted, which is why you might have seen them drop from view on your Public Servers list. If interested to play on them, as you should as they’re great, you can enquire within.

The Prodigal Mathas Returns
It’s great to see YouTuber Mathas, amazingly enough the originator of the term ‘Mondoid’, back playing the game. Woo!

Thanks everyone! See you next week!

This week’s featured image is from Wolish over on Steam.

You know what needs some love? The PZ Wiki can get lonely without regular factual input. Go on, won’t you be a sweetheart? Also, be at one with Mondoids, changelists and other big news with our email subscription service!
Community Announcements - nasKo

Mash here, a last-minute substitution for your usual starter Will. Will I drop the ball? Not if I immediately pass it to other people!

Here’s a sneak peek at a WIP of the new radio/TV UI that Turbo is currently working on:

In the words of Turbo: “There can be 2 of these panels open at max, one for a radio in inventory and one for the radio/tv’s in world. The panels have modular subpanels that can be loaded depending on device type. Shown in vid are the basic panels, other optional panels will include tape, VHS tape, scanner etc.”

And the ball goes to RJ! He’s working on some new things to do with botany. We’ll release more details soon, but for now we’ll just that that it will have some big implications for those who like to rough it in the wilderness.

Noooo don’t pass the ball back to me!  Quick, what other news do we have?

This week in Creative, we’ve managed to get better landscaping tools into the game. This will allow you to do nice paths, roads, grass and mud patches and for it to blend seamlessly as you paint. We were planning on holding off on this feature, however it became clear it was a must to be able to quickly make larger areas.

And in case you missed it, here’s a replay of SirTWiggy’s livestream using Creative mode to build TwiggyVille from the ground up (please excuse bugs/crashes). Highlights include building playgrounds near a highway, and a school next to a bar and gun store.  What fantastic violations of zoning codes will YOU create in Creative mode?

Uh oh, now the ball is in my heads again! Umm… my secret project is going well, and hopefully we’ll be able to reveal its results soon!


Well, nothing exploded, but I think we’ll all be happy when Will comes back next week.

This week’s header image is from Opt_0 on Steam.  Have loads of PZ knowledge to impart? Why not contribute to the PZ Wiki? Also, stay on top of Mondoids and other big news with ouremail subscription.
Community Announcements - lemmy101
For those wanting a closer look at the upcoming Build 33 Creative Mode, Twiggy is currently streaming an early build of it!

EDIT: Stream over, view past broadcast here! Welcome to Twiggyville.

Expect bugs, crashes but creative fun.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alice O'Connor)

Which jackass friend built this shoddy deathtrap for me?

I’m not sure when – or if, or how – Project Zomboid [official site] will ever be finished, as developers The Indie Stone are forever finding new things to add to their open-world zombie survival sandbox. Simulating a world with thousands of characters, players and NPCs, can be a mighty deep rabbit world. DayZ has gotten lost down that hole at times, but Zomboid has at least seemed to be heading towards a finished game.

The next big addition will be a ‘Creative Mode’ which makes creating your own levels far less of a pain in the bum, and will let players do it together online.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - lemmy101

Today we come to you with an awesome new mode for Build 33 that should have an explosive impact on the Project Zomboid modding and mapping scene, as well as providing a fun new way to play the game.

Creative Mode is something we first experimented with in the dim and distant past, but came back to mind when we were looking at the speed of our own map production and the tools that we use. The Louisville map we’re building is very ambitious so, alongside EasyPickins’ awesome existing mapping systems, we started to think about ways we could populate our world more quickly.

At the same time in development, meanwhile, TurboTuTone’s awesome furniture decoration system arrived on the scene for Build 33 – while General Arcade and EP’s work on Steam Integration meant that Steam Workshop was also suddenly in the offing.

Put them together, and what have you got?

When we started Zomboid, and agreed upon a static map for the game, we (perhaps optimistically) anticipated hundreds of maps for players to download to provide almost unlimited amount of exploration. Despite there been some amazing map projects already released, this didn’t quite happen. The learning curve for the toolset, the drudge of copying files, the exporting and all the rest made it an intimidating process.

Creative Mode, we hope, takes all that away. It lets you build maps faster, have fun and work as a team. In essence, it lets you edit the map in any way you can imagine. You can use any buildings or other map pieces available: whether you’re subscribed to them on Steam Workshop, copying and pasting them from the existing PZ map or creating them yourself.

It’s a mode that lets you, as an in-game Zomboid character, create extra buildings, districts, even complete towns and cities. What’s more, absolutely anything can be shared to the Workshop – at the moment via an external app, but soon straight from the game itself. Coming back the other way, anything you’re subscribed to will automatically be available to place within Creative Mode.

Furthermore, Creative Mode works completely in online multiplayer, so players can join forces to build an entire town on their server – before using it as a fun and engaging place to die from zombies. Split screen support isn’t currently coded, but will certainly be something we look into as we refine the system.

In terms of Build 33 – the first version of Creative Mode will cover only the essentials: containing basic house construction, furniture population, landscaping and so on. As we roll it out further, however, we’ll provide additional tools that will let you create neat road systems, sidewalks, gardens, fences, levels of erosion and all that fun stuff.

It’s our dearest hope that by empowering everyone and anyone to make map content and share it via the Steam Workshop, and in making the process of building as fun and as co-operative as we possibly can, we’ll foster a new community of building-obsessed doozer players and a flood of new map content. Every player’s game world could potentially be many orders of magnitude bigger than the current Zomboid map, and potentially completely unique to them, or their server and their community.

Then if all servers have their own unique maps, who’s to say we couldn’t see about giving them an option to have their borders connected one day? With Build 33 the Zomboid infection will be easier to spread than ever before. Exciting times!


Before we go something else that happened last week and was a bit exciting was that Mike Laidlaw the Creative Director of the ace Dragon Age games at BioWare streamed some PZ – and provided what was an excellent guide and tutorial for the game. It seems Twiggy has some competition! You can view his butterknife and bacon adventures here. Byeee!

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