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Community Announcements - nasKo


Mais oui! Bienvenue à lundoid, this week featuring a whole new never-before-seen concept in internet thingummywhatsits. Not content with mere words lovingly typed by hand and transmitted via cable, satellite, and the deepest corners of our hearts to your PC, laptop, phone, or whatever the hell you choose to read this guff on we have instead upgraded – yes, upgraded to 21st century audio. And not just any audio, no the sweetest sexist audio imaginable. Hearts will flutter. Knees will tremble. Romain has the mic!

Viewer discretion advised: The following video contains sexy French accent

In other news, Lemmy is still hard at work on the NPCs and, specifically, NPC inter-relations. Basically, what this means is that NPCs will have the ability to form friendships and rivalries based upon their traits and in-game events. In other words, get a bunch of NPCs in a group and their relationships will be dynamic. As they learn more about one another, they may start to distrust one-another, or conversely, a bond between them may form. If you brutally murder an NPC, therefore, there may be consequences – their friends will not be super-keen on you from that point on, but their enemies may look kindly upon you. And so forth.

The remainder of this blog post is the full transcript of the above video, just in case English is not your first language and you’d like something to copy and paste into Google translate.

Video Transcript

“Project Zomboid: Upcoming Build 28″

Hello everyone, I’m Robert Johnson French coder of Project Zomboid. Welcome to this first upcoming version video, and apologies for my outrageous French accent.

This is our first build video for a while, so let us know if you liked it – and feel free to give us pointers on how we can improve them.

This video covers some of the major changes in Build 28, and the full patch note is linked in the description bellow.

Firearms overhaul

A primary thing that’s changing are Zomboid’s guns.

Video = Player shooting at things randomly.

Firearms have been nerfed to bring the game closer to reality. This means no more bullet piercing for the shotgun, and no more 100% accuracy.

Shooting is based a lot more on your aiming skill, and each weapon now has base stats like hit chance, damage and head shot chance. Each stat is then influenced by aiming skill.

So let’s lift the lid on one of our two new weapons: the Hunting Rifle.

Hunting rifle video

This rifle is being used by a good marksman, next up is how it works when you have an aiming skill of zero.

Video = Player shooting at zombie for like 20-30s with the hunting rifle.

As you can see, lot’s of non-exploded brains there. With a low aim skill I also need to stand still for some time to aim correctly.

So this is now a player with an aiming skill of five.

Video = Player shooting at zombie for like 20-30s with the hunting rifle.

Hooray! Dead zombies!

Video = Player shooting with all weapon during the next text.

All this means that the shotgun will be perfect for begginer marksmen, as they have small range but huge damage. After you’ve gained some experience though, you’ll probably move onto using the pistol – with its better range, but poorer damage. Finally, there’s the rifle huge range and huge damage, but with a long recoil and reload.

Video = Player showing some weapon upgrades in inventory, mount/unmount some.

You can also now modify weapons with various upgrades.

These can be mounted as scope, sling, stock, canon or clip – and you’ll need a screwdriver to attach them.

With this you can increase damage, range, weight or recoil delay. Each can be found directly mounted on the rifle, or alone in a gunstore.

Video = Black screen + Title “Other stuff!”
Video = Black screen + Title “Burn zombies !”

Onto other areas and, very excitingly, in build 28 You can now also burn the zombies corpse with a lighter or matches and some petrol.

Video = Player burning some zombies.


Video = Black screen + Title “Loot and zombies respawn”

We’ve added some tools to help server owners.

Video = Player doing stuff (looting, killing zombies, classic playthrough)

Server owners can now setup a loot respawn, and dabble in zombie respawn management.

If a zone is unseen for a few hours, then the next time a player sees the area will respawn some zombies and some loot inside the containers.

This is a very experimental and optional system, and we would love feedback on it once Build 28 is released.

Video = Black screen + Title “Leave messages!”

You can now leaves notes for other players in MP.

Video = Show how the notes works.

If you have a sheet of paper and a pencil, you’ll be able to write abnote for your friends – or perhaps your enemies.

You can also lock the note, so you’ll be the only one who can modify it.

Video = Black screen + Title “Painting and crafting”

Multiple new crafting and paintable signs have been added to the game.

Video = Player building new stuff, painting sign.

You can now craft a bed, bookcase, shelves and do other home improvements.

You can also paint signs on walls, or create wooden signs, to indicate a safe house, a danger, or a direction.

Video = Black screen + Title “The End” ?

There’s a lot of other tweaks and additions in Build 28, and more stuff being added to the list all the time. Be sure to check the upcoming version post and subscribe to our newsletter to be sure you won’t miss anything!

Thanks everyone and have a safe day, I hope I wasn’t too French for your delicate tastes. Au revoir!
Community Announcements - nasKo
Yep, against our better judgement we decided that perhaps you’re all due a bit of a meatier update on the NPCs. Please read the following disclaimer before continuing:


Are we clear? Then go ahead and read this week's Mondoid:


(had to link it because of length restrictions for Steam announcements)

Community Announcements - nasKo
Yaaaaay! It’s Monday again! It’s probably going to be another fairly short and sweet “wot we’re up to” blog post this week, but there is a video. Not exactly the most tremendously exciting video you’ve ever seen, but a video none-the-less.


This continues to thunder ahead. While we are still not ready to tip our hand with the NPC development, they are getting more and more solid as time goes on. Lemmy has been busy with adding a ton of behaviors into the NPCs brains, layered on each other with quite intricate priorities and behaviour sub-trees that mean that, for example, if an NPC requires an item, they will not only check their own backpack, their safehouse, or look out for the object on looting missions, but will also consider any ingredients that can be used to craft said items.

Basically, NPCs have the power to be completely aware of all crafting recipes and can just ‘desire’ an item and make it so. They can use backpacks flawlessly now, and may even have partaken in a little tree chopping and log sawing! There’s plenty more but we’ll save that for a later date. That said Binky did take a little time out from the map making to help the NPC cause by coding up a little zombie avoidance system in C# that Lemmy will port into the game. Since we’re nice here is a lovely video!


It’s a little hard to see in the video, but in the top-left corner is a counter for the number of times our heroic little green dot has found itself within scratching range – the fact that this number stays at zero is, therefore, really promising and does not indicate a bug with the scratch detection. I know this for certain, because the first version of the avoidance code saw this number climb to about 1,000 in about a minute. So that code was swiftly burned and replaced.

As you might glean from seeing the dots move around, little green dot fella is trying its damnedest to reach its little blue dot goal. In an in-game scenario, where the NPC will be trying to get will change depending on many, many factors – so they won’t be prone to stubbornly trying to get somewhere ridiculous, such as the middle of about 200 zombies. Also, unlike this green dot, NPCs will be capable of engaging and killing zombies. So this video in many ways represents a “worst case scenario” especially since in this test-bed, zombies have perfect line-of-sight visibility and only stop chasing the green dot when they’re extremely far away.

Map Expansion

Development on the map is going at a nice pace, with the trio Mash, Binky and Ringo all working at it. Mash recently made a building that’s a little inhospitable due to the large number of infected types that congregated there in the early days of the outbreak. Binky also had to spend some time making sure there were exactly 18 of what he was making.

The Bit At The End Where We Plug Stuff

Firstly, the glorious Mighty Tactical Shooter is almost half-way to its Kickstarter goal, with 17 days remaining. There’s a demo on the Kickstarter page, so if you fancy finding out how a turn-based tactical arcade shooter actually plays you can find out there, and then consider pledging.

Secondly, huuuuuuuuge congratulations to our friends at Ironward on their Steam Early Access release of The Red Solstice. You can snap it up now at a whopping 40% off until the 24th July. So if real-time strategy RPGs are your thing, definitely check it out!

Don’t forget, you can get all our announcements and Mondoids in an e-mail lovingly deposited into your favourite e-mail client using this handy form!
Jul 7, 2014
Community Announcements - nasKo
Howdy all, it’s Mondoid time again! This week we’re all at the grindstone trying to get those last missing promised gameplay features into the game, as detailed here.

That’s not to say we don’t have some juicy info about what’s coming. This week its from Romain, who has been revamping the ranged weapon systems to reintroduce aiming skills.

In Romain’s own words (with a few edits!):

Weapon Changes

The ranged weapon have receive a bunch of fixes/changes, I tried to stick to the reality, even if I’ve never fired a gun.. Meh.

First thing, bullets don’t really pierce zombies now, meaning if you shoot a zombie, and there’s a zombie behind him, he won’t die, but he could take slight damage from rests of bullets (even being knocked back/down and become a crawler, yay for crawlers!).

So by knowing this, you already know the shotgun has been really nerfed!

The range of weapon has been slightly nerfed, as well as their angle too (mostly for the pistol), that means you will need to be at the right place to aim for a shot. No more 45° kill with a pistol.

Guns have now a critical chance (modified by aiming skill, but more on that below), understand it as a “head shot”.
For example a pistol can have a great chance of critical, while the shotgun will just blow up a zombie's chest (in a bloody glory moment !).

Weapon also have a recoil delay, meaning you can’t fire like an assault rifle with the shotgun.

It will mean no more taking a 300 strong zombies horde with 3 shotgun shells.
So by now, I’m sure you understood that the shotgun is a good weapon to start, and the pistol will be more deadly at end level, because it has a larger capacity, less recoil, makes less noise and way better range/critical chance than the shotgun.

Take your time

Second thing I’ve changed, is the physical aiming and panic influence over guns, you’ll now need to aim for a little moment to shoot accurately. If you run then shoot, your shot will likely be far away from your target, but again, aiming skill decrease this malus.


Yes, Panic can reduce the hit chance/damage done, panic usually mean trembling hands, so it’ll take a good skill to bypass that and make a true shot while you’re surrounded by zombies, again, it depend on weapon, a pistol will require concentration, while a shotgun will almost always hit his target(s).

Just stand still, breathe, take your time, and blow that head up. Please.

The glorious aiming skill

While making my changes to weapons, I saw that the aiming skill barely modified the hit chance, damage and stuff, well, that’s the past.

Aiming skill will now influence a LOT of things! Here’s a list :

  • Hit chance! Like really? It require skill to aim correctly? Jeeze Devs nowaday…
  • Critical chance! Yup, it’s not a FPS where “aim for head = head shot”, we’re in isometric world, so I can add a skill modifier to this (remind you of Fallout?)
  • Range ! Range is now also influenced by aiming skill, at least for the pistol.
  • Angle! Well ok, that may sound weird, but because we’re in an isometric world, aiming can be hard, so now, with a better aiming skill, you won’t have to be at the perfect angle for a straight shot (again, specially for the pistol).
  • Rate of fire! Well, I’m still trying to know how the great shooter can shoot faster than others (maybe it’s a combination of aiming + strength ?)

It’ll mean that you can avoid being violently murdered by a guy with a pistol if he can’t really aim with it, you could try to run toward him with an axe and take him down before he gets you, and with a bit of luck you may get an axe to his head!


Ah. Assault Rifle ? No way. Well, not now!
So, let’s do a little run down of the current ranged weapons:

  • Shotgun have small range, big angle, low critical chance.
  • Pistol have better range, small angle, big critical chance (specially at high level).
  • IT’S A BOLT ACTION RIFLE ! Huge distance, huge critical chance, long recoil time, small clip, so yup, it’ll need a lot of practices (understand aiming skill) to master that gun, but I swear with it, you can take down lot of danger from a long range !
  • Oh also, we won’t have new model/animation for it now, I’ll re-use the shotgun one, but I’m sure Andy will be on it soon, aye Andy ?

And for the future ?

I definitely want to see a bow in game, crafting weapon, silent, powerful, arrow piercing.. And require tons of skills to be mastered.

Also bear in mind that all these numbers will be balanced. You don’t know it, but Chris has a rule for my stuff: take all calculations I do and multiply them by 20, because I suck at balancing things :D

I may do an explanation video of it, with different weapons/aiming skill to show you the difference between a Daryl and.. Well, me for example (oh wait, I had a pistol air gun in my childhood.. I’m sure I’m a beast with weapons!)

REMEMBER, YOU CAN NOW SUBSCRIBE with several options to receive either release notification e-mails, unstable test release notifications, and even receive Mondoids right to your e-mail every week!

Follow this link to sign up:
Community Announcements - nasKo
Hello again.

As per the last Mondoid, we’re hard at work plugging away at all the things we said we’d be plugging away at last time so this Mondoid is just going to be a bit of us reporting in, with a little bit of new stuff to prevent Mathas from having to talk for ten minutes about puppies again.

So first, new thing!


Woop! Yep, you can now burn all those zombie corpses you’ve been stacking and thus re-create “the pit” from “The Last Man on Earth” / “I Am Legend” (the book, let’s not mention the film) except with additional accidentally setting yourself on fire.

All this moving and burning of corpses is paving the way for disease and other unpleasantness as a result of having rotting corpses decorating the inside of your safehouse – something we’ve wanted to deal with for a long time but would have been horribly punishing without a mechanic for removing / destroying bodies. But now we have that, we can have the other. HOORAY!

The Reporting In Bit

The game world, so far, consists of Muldraugh, West-Point, and a bit to the north containing a bunch of stuff including a (really, really big) mall and the amusingly-named “Knob Creek” *muffled laughter*. It’s pretty big, so far as hand-made game maps go BUT NOT BIG ENOUGH. To put everything into perspective, this image shows the areas mentioned above and then I’ve indicated the areas currently in progress.


Wowzers. Quite big, eh? So don’t be expecting this map expansion like, tomorrow, or anything since as you can see we’re talking about doubling the size of what’s there currently. And it’s not just bigger in area – that bit to the north? You know what’s up there, don’t you? Yep. A city. Which means that whooooole area is jam-packed with high-density buildings. So we’re talking twice the area but significantly more than twice the number of buildings (and… well, flupping loads of zombies too).
So, yeah…

Short Mondoid this week and I’ve tried to be fairly vague with the map stuff to avoid spoilers, but that’s where we are at the moment. Hope this was enough for you, Mathas <3

*Featured image credit: Steam user "D_loaded", link to source.
Community Announcements - lemmy101
Hello everyone!

Our servers are currently down so no access to projectzomboid.com, theindiestone.com, pzwiki.net and more crucially our ingame server browser is currently down for now.

When trying to see the server list you might experience the game freezing. Just leave it "hanging" for about a minute or two. The browser should then disable itself.

We're working on it, however it may take a day, two, potentially three to get sorted. We'll let you know when the dust is settled what has happened.

Massive apologies to everyone, particularly those who have bought the game over the sale, this is lousy timing and we're very unhappy, but we'll strive to get things back up and running as soon as possible.

Direct connect should work fine, for all those who have favourite servers set up.

Thanks for your patience,

Jun 23, 2014
Community Announcements - nasKo
Hello everyone, we’ve had a rather wonderful weekend of Steam saleage, and are feeling in very high spirits. We’ve also concocted a plan for our advance to the ever elusive 1.0 and graduation from Early Access, as well as beyond, which we would like to share with you all!

Fear Not, For It Is Not The End

Firstly we need to stress that any talk of 1.0 is not talk of us hanging up our Zomboid boots. This needs to be stressed with underlines and bold, so I will go back and do that right now.

Now there is part of us that always gets a bit confused when some people complain about ‘how long the game is in alpha’ as if perpetual updates were a bad thing, however it does feel at this point that PZ being an alpha in-development game is becoming increasingly a burden on the game in terms of popular opinion, and we’re eager to free it from those shackles.

It’s also about drawing a line under our promises when we started PZ. Right now there are several things outstanding that underline Project Zomboid’s incomplete state:

2) Vehicles
3) Map Completion

These are the things that we promised going into the game that have not yet been fulfilled. There is also one gaping hole in the survivalist gameplay which needs to be addressed:

4) Hunting


Yeah, they are coming. Lemmy has made some awesome progress this weekend in particular, and while they aren’t imminent we feel very confident in their recent progress and Lemmy has ceased waking up in cold sweats about them. Due to the evolution of the game the old in-development NPC system needed a lot of ripping apart and transplanting / revising since the last batch of videos, and its been a very stressful and arduous task.

However things are running at full steam again, and we are currently planning a way to deal with releasing NPCs in stages, starting with Kate and Baldspot, then a release of sandbox NPCs with a smattering of meta-game / group mechanics, followed by a fully functional release, and finally multiplayer support. Holding back it all until completion is starting to feel like a bottleneck and while we may get a few who don’t read the Mondoids throwing their shoulders up and ‘is this it?’ at the early release stages, if it gets NPCs out there sooner and eases development it’ll be worth it.

There is a massive body of code and behaviour scripts and in entirety the is still a bunch to be done before it all works in harmony, truth be told months and months still likely remain before the entire system is ready for release. But it is relatively trivial for us to pluck the still flaky chunks out to stablise it for a Kate/Baldspot release, and a phased release of NPCs where the behaviours and meta-events can then slot in in subsequent updates.

That said we’ve still got some work to bring Kate and Bob up to speed and finish off a few things, so don’t take that as ‘KATE AND BOB TOMORROWS’!


These are on their way too. EasyPickins has taken up the work while Lemmy cracks on with NPCs. They will use bullet physics which means a few challenges for the map streaming, in constructing a physics world along with the PZ game world, and there may be some multiplayer challenges to meet, but it’s on its way! More details when we have them.

Oh and what’s this?



Since he’s done such an awesome job with trapping, fishing and the like, Romain will head up the hunting development. Finally you’ll be able to wander around the countryside trying to shoot rabbits with a shotgun. Hurrah! This will round off the survivalist gameplay and make the game feel much more complete as a survival sim.


Right now there are a bunch of areas of the map that are highly undeveloped. Big rectangular chunks of forest, road layouts with no buildings, and of course no lovely Louisville. In line with our plans to stride toward the 1.0 line, Mash, Binky and RingoD will all join forces to really put the map expansion into overdrive. Louisville, or at least the part on the Kentucky side of the river, Brandenburg, and of course Fort Knox will all be on the agenda, though the latter may need to wait for NPCs to drop so we can get the military in there.


At this point, after sufficient bug releases and polish, we will be at a place we’d be comfortable calling it PZ 1.0. However, as we underlined above, that is not the end of the road. There is so so much more that can be done with the game, and we see no reason to stop until, to be frank about it, the amount it costs to support development outweighs the amount of money it makes (and even then you can be sure we’d find it difficult to let go)

If there’s a feature you’ve been hoping for that isn’t on the 1.0 list, then you can probably expect that feature as a free DLC styley update on the ‘completed’ game. Nothing will really change in terms of updates, at least for a long while after the 1.0, but we can sit back and feel proud that we delivered everything we initially set out to do and everything from that point on is a lovely bonus. We’re very excited to see where it goes!

So that’s the situation, hope you’ve enjoyed reading, and now back to trying to make those damn NPCs understand that smashing a window right next to an open door is just not cool.
Jun 16, 2014
Community Announcements - nasKo
Hey Mondoid people. Hope this finds you well, and not locked in a Mall side-room with about a hundred deceased shoppers making their presence known on the other side of a wooden door. Zombie spawn’s pretty nasty round there, huh?

A smidge of Build news first, as Hotfix 2 to Build 27 has recently been uploaded onto the IWBUMS beta branch on Steam. Once we’re happy it’s fully functional it’ll get a wider release, so if you get a surprise update you’ll know where it came from.

Another task this week has been providing our sound expert NJ with a new wishlist for fresh PZ noises. As he scurried away with a list that included new death noises, river burbles, hammering, sawing, and the noises of trapped and dying animals (!) we grabbed him and made him answer a few questions. And made him release a video. It’s quite… elucidating… we’re sure you’ll agree.

Hi NJ! Can you introduce yourself? Who are you and what’s your story?

My name is Nathaniel-Jorden Apostol, I am 32 years of age and I live in the UK. I’ve been writing and performing music for over 15 years and I’ve always been a huge video game nerd.

I decided after years of teaching music and working in musical instrument retail, that I wanted to take my sound design and composition and focus it on to my main passion, game audio!

So, I took a degree in experimental music practice which is a very unique course that helped me shape the way I think about sound as a whole. That might be to blame for some of the methods I used on Zomboid!

Well, that sounds like an invitation to show your… lovely… video of Zomboid sounds being recorded. Enjoy Mondoiders!

Well, that was just lovely – I’m sure we all agree. How did you get involved with Zomboid in the first place?

Whilst I was showing another project I was working on at Birmingham’s game show ‘Rezzed’ I took the time to check out some other games, and Project Zomboid really caught my eye.

Seeing that it was still in development, I did what most audio enthusiasts do and thought ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if’ and ‘just imagine if that was’. I talked to the team, and I said ‘You have to let me make you some sounds for the game!’.

After some emailing back and forth I made some sounds doing what I do, and now they’re in the game.

What’s your day job? Is it sound-orientated as well?

My day job for the past two years has been with White Paper Games, making our debut puzzle adventure game ‘Ether One’. My main role is sound design and composition, however I also did a lot of voice acting and script writing for the game as well as directing the other voice actors.

Being a small indie team we all had to learn to handle multiple jobs around the studio so that we could create a better experience for our players. I love what I do so much and see each new challenge as a way to expand my skill set.
What other PZ sounds did you record that aren’t featured in the video you made for us?

There was actually a really nice sound of a knife being pulled out of a zombie and the blood splattering out (if you could call that nice?). And also some footstep sounds for when the player foolishly attempts to run away!

Now, there was one other… some might say extreme… methodology that you used to obtain some of the female zombie noises. Could you elucidate the masses on that one please?

So the video I made only showed a couple of the methods I used. Elspeth (the female zombie actress) knows me very well and was very trusting and brave.

She knows how I work and think, and I told her I didn’t want to make something that people had heard before. We decided that if a zombie was dead then it should not sound like something living and breathing with ease. What the video didn’t show was me putting Elspeth in to a sleeper hold.

(She was fully consenting and was in control of when I started and stopped at all times).

This isn’t something that is safe to do or recommended so that’s why it doesn’t feature in the video. But it did create a sound of uneasiness in the female zombies.

Also we used different items to block the sound coming out of her mouth, like bread to give a different tone that she couldn’t make normally. So it maybe sounded like a chunk of human flesh, or a wounded zombie.

I just didn’t want to do anything I’d seen done before. That’s why I also chose to add the layer of vomiting under the zombie death sounds. People who haven’t seen this wouldn’t have known what that sound was (and it’s only faint in most) but I wanted to add something truly grim to the undead horde.
In Ether One there is a moving mechanical chair at the beginning that just sounds like a hydraulic system but is actually 50% noises from torture scenes in films. Again no one would know but it has a personality of its own.

The sounds you make seem to be recorded in a somewhat off-the-cuff and home-brew fashion. Do you think hugely expensive sound-proofed studios and recording equipment are vital to stuff like this, or can a sound recorded while your fingers are down your throat above a kitchen sink be just as effective?

I don’t think many indie studios have the luxury or budget for using a big studio these days. And I don’t claim to have the best gear in the field of audio engineering, but I do have the inclination to be different and daring with my approach. Whilst working on Ether One I chose home recording for the soundtrack over the studio space we did have available because it was actually quieter and more controlled from home, the same goes with the sounds for Project Zomboid.

Having said that, when I was recording the vomiting session, I was so caught up with trying to prepare myself for doing the act itself that I didn’t put the microphone I was using close enough and the sound wasn’t quite what I wanted. Only one sound was good enough to use, so I had to do it again afterwards to get what I wanted. That wasn’t a fun day for me!

What’s your favourite PZ sound you recorded for us?

Probably the head smashing sound when the zombie goes down for good. It’s very satisfying.

So what’s next on the list? What have you been tasked with recording, and what do you think the game needs personally?

I think the game needs a little more audio feedback. When the player is bleeding out, or if they’re in danger of getting too tired or hungry. Helping in these areas will do a lot of good. Also a little more ambience around the world can go a long way.

I know you’ve only recently received the list, but off the top of your head how do you think you’ll go about recording some of these new requests? (Please don’t do anything that will endanger your health any more than is necessary!)

I only use bizarre methods when the sound itself is something that is open to interpretation. Where possible I like to record pure sounds. Footsteps from feet and doors from doors, but if you ask me for the sound of a nuke going off then I may have to get creative again. Don’t worry I won’t endanger the planet with my methods!

What other games have you worked on, so we can give them a shameless plug?

As mentioned before: ‘ETHER ONE’ a first person adventure puzzle game exploring the fragility of human memories. It’s on Steam now! Go and buy it!
Sorry, the post was too long for Steam. The rest of the post can be read here:
Jun 9, 2014
Community Announcements - nasKo
Hello, Mash here! It’s a quick Mondoid this week just to catch you up on some news, if you haven’t checked in since last Monday!
First: build 27 is now up on Steam! (don’t fret Desura users–the update is coming, but we have to make sure it’s ultra-stable first). This is an official build and should update automatically, so if you haven’t been playing the betas you can look forward to (among other things) animal trapping, a map expansion (including a mall), and a server browser for finding fellow survivors to MP with!
And speaking of multiplayer, now is a good time to get friends/family/neighbours/strangers-on-the-street in on the Project Zomboid action with the new 4-Pack on Steam! Look at it, all shiny and new… the “Add to Cart” button beckons to you: long had you heard the heady tales of PZ from LPers and streamers, epic tales of bravery and survival, but you had been hesitant… but like Odysseus who could not quell his curiosity and had to hear the beautiful siren song with his own ears, you have yearned to experience it for yourself. You stare at the button. “Click me,” its siren call intones, “click me!” If only you had crafted earplugs from beeswax…! But you have not, and are powerless to resist the sirens’ commands even as it leads you to your DOOM (in the game). O tread carefully! Will your avatar forever frolic in the fields of Elysium after much pain and sacrifice, or will it wallow in the darkest depths of Hades after a death of cowardice and shame? Or will it, to the defiance of both the immortal gods and mortal men, wander forever upon the earth as an empty vessel?
Also, don’t forget: if you never want to be caught unawares about a Project Zomboid build update again, you can subscribe to our email list!
Jun 7, 2014
Community Announcements - lemmy101
Highlights include:

* New map area (north-east of West Point) including a Mall and other surprises!
* Trapping - capture rabbits and other wildlife (even rats!) to keep hunger at bay!
* Server browser. Now you can find servers with ease (it may take a day or two for more servers to start using the public server list though) (server operators read here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/8768-how-to-public-server/)

Full changelist here:


Any problems let us know.

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