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Hello! The zombie paperboy just threw the following chewed and bloodied missive onto your lawn. Read on, survivor!


Since the release of Build 36 ten days ago, RJ continues to tinker with ovens, microwaves, timers and analogue dials – now focusing on the sensibilities of microwaving metal (bad idea), cooking temperatures and the way cooked/microwaved food impacts on character happiness and contentment.

He’s also, with the help of our admin team and various different servers, collating info on the various long-term server MP bugs that have popped up since Build 36 and looking for fixes.


The continuing quest to get the animations out the door continues. Next thing on the agenda is getting some completely solid uninterrupted gameplay with all the new anims that we can show you, and then release for you to play. We’re hoping to have something that’s solidly playable for a gameplay video soon, but no promises as to when – as we’ve been bitten by that so many times before.

When the build is ready it will be going into its own testing branch. It’s such a massive change that the inevitable initial teething troubles would disrupt the speedier public build schedule we intend to maintain this year.

Overall, you see, the wind is blowing back towards getting SP fully coordinated, up, running and out for testing. The recent pain in the bum behind much of the delay has been MP anims compatibility: since the animation drives a lot more of the game systems, making sure that everything is synced and smooth is tricky to say the least. Given the time it’s taken, however, it increasingly feels like we should get a settled build out there that’ll allow for feedback, and something solid to tie back into the tricksy MP.

In other anim related news we’re also talking to General Arcade to implement a new model loading system that will allow for modders to import practically any format of 3D model they want. This should make the ability to mod in weapons, animations and clothing much easier going forward.

This will be alongside the map downloading, streaming, chunk caching and game-object-processing work our lovely Russian friends will be doing to help us on our way to integrating EasyPickin’s fab work on the road to getting vehicles out of the garage online and off, as mentioned last week.


Turbo is wrapping up work on his development and modding tool ItemZed that we discussed just before Christmas.  This will give the community the ability to play around with item attributes, recipe contents, individual values, loot locations and spawn rates – and all kinds of similar cool stuff.

He needs to finalise the best way to have the ‘read only’ content from the base game present in the tool, after which he plans to release it on the forum. After this he will giving CartoZed a quick tune-up to make it compatible with user maps, before moving back to the main game and finishing his existing work on various in-game devices (VHS, radios, CD players, better environmental noise for TVs etc)  for an upcoming build.


Just wanted to point out that a cool website called SurviveThis has cropped up on our radar via their PZ  blog English-to-Deutsch translations, and looksees at cool stuff like Blindcoder’s PZ map. Google Translate suggests it's a really good place to have bookmarked for your survival gaming and horror needs.

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Community Announcements - nasKo

Hello! It’s Monday. It’s Project Zomboid. So it must be… Mondoiddddd.

Build 36 Released!

This year we intend to keep the build release process fairly free-flowing, as opposed to leaving improvements on the brew in IWBUMS public beta for longer than is necessary. With this in mind, then, last Thursday we publicly released a fast-fire Build 36 to follow on from Build 35’s release just before Christmas. This has now found a home on survivor hard drives everywhere.

The full changelist can be found here but the abbreviated highlights run as follows:
  • Survivor Trading UI. The initial MP iteration of a trading system that will later be expanded on in SP modes. Players can drag and drop items from their main inventory, and faction-owned surroundings, so they can barter with other players, make offers and finalise deals.

  • PZ builds now show changelogs on initial boot-up of new builds so survivors don’t have to hunt through Steam or the forums to find out what has changed.
  • Player can now move two-tile furniture like signs and paintings around, and also (with the correct tools) deconstruct larger objects into several smaller kit parts that can later be reconstructed. Movable item icons also improved in the UI to make system clearer.

  • Small stuff: Electrician starts with radio recipes. New tooltips. Recipes now overwritable to make life easier for modders. ‘Invite Friends UI’ made prettier and more user-friendly. Expanded respawn/forage zones. Trapping nutrition adjusted. Plentiful bug fixes n’ balance.


After their amazing work integrating VOIP with the PZ mainframe our friends at General Arcade have been digging deep into our codebase to find out ways they can help with the integration of various features destined for roll-out in the lead-up to PZ going 1.0. Namely, but not exclusively, vehicles.

The deep-dive is now complete, and GA are now gearing up to work on what they’ve discovered: initially map streaming improvements, net code optimization and an acceleration of the rate at which PZ (online or off) processes game objects.

It won’t be an overnight job, to say the least, but they’re improvements we can feed into the game build-by-build (improving the whole game’s performance as they go) to help us ease EasyPickins’ ace work on cars out of the dev garage and onto the road.


It should be underlined that the new animations, combat, outfits, weaponry and all that pizazz hasn’t fallen down a deep, dark well. We’re still going with it, and coming back to the coalface fresh from the Xmas and New Year break is proving fruitful. As we have done before, we apologise for the delay – but hope to have fresh news for you in the Mondoids to come.


The first thing on the menu for the first IWBUMS beta release for Build 37 is a UI feature to improve the life of chef survivors – an operational UI dial that will initially be used for alarm timers on ovens, and for microwave settings.

Small thing, yes, but also one that Turbo can use when we update the radio and walkie-talkie system to have more analogue station-tracking (handy for scanning airwaves in MP, and for plans for SP survivor radio) and also for setting some timed explosive devices.


Blindcoder, custodian of the ‘Recently Updated With Build 35’ PZ map and author of several mods integrated in to the PZ mainframe, has released a cool new mod that deals with the tricksy and much debated happenstance of Sky Forts.

The ‘Obey Gravity’ mod sees player-built structures fall down when supports are removed, and stops players being able to build floors more than three tiles away from supporting walls. Both ourselves and Ben would love to know what the wider PZ survivor populace thinks of his approach to sensible-shoes engineering.

Featured image from НЕКОКУН. The Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right hereOur Discord is now open for chat and hijinks too. A general overview of the content of PZ builds past, in testing and upcoming can now be found here. And oh my GOODNESS GRACIOUS some graphical bugs are rude 
Dec 19, 2016
Community Announcements - EnigmaGrey

We released Build 35 four days ago, and it’s been awesome seeing folk running around and trying it out. If you missed the changelog then you can find the highlights of it here.

Clearly a fairly big proportion of this week is now making sure that we tackle the various bugs and issues discovered by the substantially increased numbers of people playing the new beta-turned-public version.

To this end we released 35.26 on Friday, and have today with the help of General Arcade addressed issues hampering survivor activity on certain Linux set-ups. It looks like we still might need to address issues with the new TransactionID system in MP too, alongside other bugs reported in the PZ Tracker.

We don’t want to update the main public build with fixes until we’re sure they’re watertight, however, so will be released 35.27 as a public IWBUMS beta in the coming days. Once everything is fixed up we will update non-Steam download services and move onto Build 36.

As a little bonus we will be including Turbo’s recent work on movable multi-tile items so it’s all playable in the IWBUMS beta – specifically the ability to deconstruct large furniture and move them around in partial kit form. We’ve already covered this in a Mondoid but here’s the video of it in motion again:


Blindcoder anticipates that the new areas of Rosewood, March Point, the Rosewood Prison complex and all the rural areas in-between will be a part of the main Project Zomboid Mapping Project next week. Updates to the PZ online map require a lot of time and processing power, due to the vastness and detail of what’s being hosted.

Until then there’s a good annotated map on the TIS forum, while the recent release of our CartoZed tool means that there are now handy ‘standard’ maps available for your viewing pleasure. Rosewood is NW, March Ridge is SE.

A full cartographic look at the full current PZ map, meanwhile, can be found here – and here also if you’d prefer a more isometric version. CartoZed essentially uses the details from our map files to create NESW maps of whatever we choose – roads, buildings, electrical items, bodies of water etc.

In the New Year we intend to start working on an in-game lootable map system, but clearly the tool also opens up a lot of avenues for our modding community. Speaking of…


Also from the desk of TurboTuTone comes ItemZed, a tool we’ll soon be releasing to help modders easily create, edit and refine in-game items and recipe scripts. The biggest pain in the arse for any item mod, or any item added by the developers, is the manual generation of these scripts so…

As you can see – ItemZed gives developers and modders alike control over item attributes, recipe contents, individual values, loot locations and spawn rates. We hope it’ll make life easier for everyone involved, and also allow for easier game balancing.


Next Mondoid will be Boxing Day so Mondoid will be on our site but fairly limited what with the holidays. In the New Year we’ll be back with news on the other stuff still in the dev furnace and new stuff for the build(s) to come. Have a great Christmas if you’re celebrating!

Featured image from Pechenyshkin! The (Not) Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is now open for chat and hijinks too. A general overview of the content of PZ builds past, in testing and upcoming can now be found here.
Dec 15, 2016
Community Announcements - Captain Binky
IMPORTANT: If Build 35 fails to start on your machine then please check this thread. Steam may have failed to install the required VC Redist 2015 file.

Build 35 is here, and has a huge changelist. You can view it in its entirety here. The highlights are, however, listed below.

If you wish to report bugs then please use our bug tracker. If you have more complex needs please visit our Support forum.

We anticipate balance and loot tweaks that will be made from player feedback in the coming days. Build 35 will be released on non-Steam platforms after the initial patching process has ended.

Work on other systems such as anims/combat/clothing continues, but the large amount of additions already in the beta test of Build 35 made it sensible to release before the holiday season - this release is separate to the animation branch and will not impact on its arrival time. We anticipate that multi-tile object movement will go into a brief period of public testing next week before being merged into the main build.

Huge thanks go out to our friends at General Arcade for working on the VOIP aspect of this build.

Many thanks. Enjoy!

  • Visit the new towns of Rosewood and March Point, the farmland in-between and the vast Rosewood prison complex.
  • New buildings include court house, fire station, shopping areas, new police station, community centre, residential areas and military apartment buildings.
  • New profession-based player spawn locations in and around the town of Rosewood
  • New map tiles, furniture, decoration and building styles

  • Lets you talk directly to your co-op friends, and survivors you meet on MP servers.
  • Player voices can be heard when in ‘audible’ distance from other characters on the map.
  • VOIP available in 'Press to Talk', 'Voice Activated' and 'Listen Only' flavours, and accessed in the Options menu.

  • Metalwork crafting - weld metal sheets to create metal barricades, or put bars in windows
  • Metalwork profession and skills.
  • Multiple stage building to combine metalwork and carpentry skills.
  • Building now utilises items from inside bags carried by survivor.
  • Objects on the map can now be deconstructed to obtain materials if player has correct tools and skills.

  • Safehouse UI to claim buildings, change ownership and see connected players
  • Formable factions, with a visible four character tag above survivors - should they choose to show it.
  • Melee PvP disabled between faction-members
  • ‘Tree noise’ to automatically improve/randomise wilderness areas of the map.
  • Big trees in forested areas.

  • Community Translations of Radio/TV narrative content in French, Polish, Spanish, Russian and Turkish.
  • Radio/TV content and timelines now operate in-line with narrative tool WordZed, which has been released to the community.

  • Realistic nutritional values that see your character impacted by what he/she eats and their physical activity.
  • Visible nutritional information on food items with labels
  • Added associated professions and traits
  • Hugely improved player activity log system
  • Admin panel to goven players, safehouses etc
  • TransactionID savescumming prevention update
  • Warning point system
  • Admin abilities to check/modify player stats: add/remove XP, change displayed name, heal etc
  • Server access level ranks for admin staff
  • Ability for admin to easily create non-PvP zones on the map
  • Player names decoupled from usernames

  • Zombies more attracted to house lighting at night.
  • Night Events. Zombie activity can result in safehouse incursions should it be left unsecured while sleeping.
  • Alarm clocks and watch alarms are now used to wake up survivors. Tired survivors might wake up late without them.
  • Character will struggle to sleep when in pain, so should take painkillers or sleeping pills.
  • Anxious characters might wake up early, or even in the middle of the night.
  • Quality of sleep now impacted by where player chooses to rest
  • Composting - rotting food can be placed in a crafted composter to create crop fertilizer
  • 'Container' items weight reduces the more they are used (water bottles, gas cans etc.) and can be combined.
  • Pots and bowls fill with water in rain
  • Zombies can tear down sheet ropes.
  • Wet items dry over time.
  • More realistic tea and coffee making (!)
  • Paint all interior walls and wooden furniture
  • First aid equipment automatically used by First Aid panel
  • Smoker trait
  • Various other things
  • Selected loot container now highlighted

  • 'Transfer All' button when looting
  • New tutorials and updated tooltips
  • Ability to 'favourite' items to highlight them and prevent them from being dropped
  • 'Windows Explorer' Inventory improvements. Shift selects a sequence of items, Ctrl lets you selected different individual items.
  • New Skill books (First Aid, Metalwork)
  • New world-filler visuals
  • Park Ranger and Lumberjack walk faster through forest
  • General balance to loot locations, traits, fall damage, fatigue, recipe requirements, weights, fatigue, endurance, happiness, poisoning, generator fuel usage and XP.
  • Loads and loads of bug fixes
Dec 5, 2016
Community Announcements - nasKo

Hey all, Mondoid again. Work on the anims/combat build continues, and we’re still tying the new system into Zomboid’s multiplayer contingent. The new state machine stuff is quite a major shift in the game code, and MP is used to dealing with the old version so the dev wheel’s still (still) turning on that front. Elsewhere meanwhile…


So last Thursday we had 172 lovely members of the community jumping on the current Build 35 test version together, and it was great: directional VOIP governed by player position on the map clearly brings a ton to MP – so hurrah!

To see if lightning can strike twice within our awesome survivor-base we will be having The Great Big Build 35 MP Megatest: Part II this week, again on Thursday evening (GMT). This will be an updated version of the game (released fairly imminently – details below) and focus more on Factions and new Admin features that were a little too bugged to get proper feedback on last week.

Thankfully people seemed to have plenty of fun, but as a stress test our community playdate did its job by flushing out plenty of bugs for us and our friends at General Arcade to stamp out. We had a few crashes during the run of play, some heavy lag on the (rare, but important) times when there are 15+ players in the same area, a few issues with some Bluetooth headsets and a few bits/bobs of levels balance. Oh, and Rosewood Prison was mysteriously zombie-free.

Nothing sinister though, so hopefully we can iron out these last creases before finally releasing what we currently have in the public IWBUMS beta test to the public. If you want to check out some footage from the Megatest than .exe’s stream can still be found here.


The current Build 35 IWBUMS beta is content locked, so this feature may well be left aside until a follow-on build unless Turbo can sweet-talk us into thinking otherwise, but Turbs has now finished off his movable item system so it’s extended to multi-sprite objects. It’s something our base-build fanatics have been asking for, so here’s a quick vid to show it off.

You can now manoeuvre bigger furniture around, and also (with the correct tools) deconstruct larger objects into several smaller kits that will be able to fit inside your inventory – but will clearly be fairly heavy too. Many two tile items, like signs and paintings, will just fit into your inventory however. Turbo has also updated the movable item icons so they look like the actual object in question, rather than one for a generic category, and generally made the UI a nicer place to be as well. The ‘kit’ sprite will also get a Mash revamp too, as the ‘little box’ look could be improved.


That’s about it for this week, although as mentioned above we do have a new 35.23 beta build dropping tonight or tomorrow that will appear here. This contains some important longstanding fixes for modders, new farmsteads and farmland between Rosewood and March Ridge, the ability to choose different colours when painting containers (handy for colour-coding in MP safehouses), extra Faction and Admin teleport options, a ‘support ticketing’ system to let players to get in touch with server admins and expanded foraging/trapping zones.

This will, most likely, be the build that Thursday’s Megatest: II will run on. If you have any problems updating then please check out this thread, which outlines the VCRedist 2015 issue that some players are running into. Thanks everyone!

This week’s featured image from Gassy Taco over on Steam, who we assume is Blasted Taco of the TIS forum’s cousin or something.  The Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right hereOur Discord is now open for chat and hijinks too. A general overview of the content of PZ builds past, in testing and upcoming can now be found here.
Nov 28, 2016
Community Announcements - nasKo


Hey all, hope you’re good and that US folk enjoyed their thanks-giving.


As discussed last week, we’re currently polishing the current IWBUMS public beta build of PZ’s Build 35 to a point at which it’s at release quality – and we should be releasing a new test version mid-week. Overall there’s a bunch of new/updated features in 35 at the moment that feel ready to get out into the wider community. It seems daft to keep it all in IWBUMS beta, and anything additional put in will only add to the inevitable bug cascade for RJ after the public release.

To this end, we need to stress-test both the new VOIP functions and the full set of MP improvements like the extended Admin powers and Factions. So… if you’re a server admin, a habitual PZ player online or just someone with a spare evening who fancies some desperate survival: you are cordially invited to ‘The Great Big Build 35 IWBUMS MP Megatest’ at 5pm GMT this Thursday, 1st December.

This will carry on for as long as people want to play, and will have fun activities like clearing Rosewood Prison of the zed horde en-masse over VOIP, and a climactic Last Man Standing competition. There’ll also be PZ codes given out as prizes, and we’ll get a few devs and community people online too. (Just be warned that, by its very nature, this will be still be a test version so a few bumps in the road are to be expected.)

The details will be found here, and as always information on how to download the public beta build can be found here.


Work on recoding Stormy’s ‘reloading’ mod is now complete, and we’re now running through PZ’s MP side to make sure our online and co-op components are all correctly synced up with the new animation system.  Since it’s the animations themselves that now drive the states of survivor and zombie characters it could cause issues if they differ even slightly between servers and the clients talking to them. We need to make sure that all state changes (Bitten! Hit! Shot! Burnt! Bleached!) are synchronised, to keep the visuals and logic of the game consistent between clients no matter what precise animation frame you might be seeing yourself.

While we’re in there, meanwhile, we’re making a few improvements to make the overall system better suited for the weapon mods we’re hoping will be unleashed by the overall combat/anims/models update. As such we’re working on getting the swing, hit and reaction animations for the combat working from the easily accessed items.txt script files, instead of them being hard coded deep within the game files.

This will allow the new regime to play nicely with both modded weapons and items alike, and should allow plenty of cool new stuff to spring up on the Workshop.


Work on the new areas of the map (playable in the current IWBUMS beta) is continuing with a bit of life being added between the new towns of Rosewood and March Ridge in terms of farms, isolated homes, smaller roads and general rural buildings.

This will make the journey between the Rosewood spawn point and March Ridge a more varied and pleasant one, with a few more places to rest overnight. The following is a WIP image of that coming to fruition. Rosewood can be seen to the top of the image, and March Ridge at the bottom.


One extra thing we think we can sneak into Build 35, as bugs will fall on Turbo’s shoulders, is an update to the movable items system. Currently any furniture that’s larger than a tile can’t be picked up and carried – so with this we’re talking about items like beds, tables and arcade cabinets.

In the new system, however, players with the relevant tools and skills will be able to deconstruct these into specific (heavy) kit parts. These must then be carried to their eventual destination, most likely piece by piece. Some of this work has already been done code-wise, so it should go into the build fairly soon.


Looking forward to Build 36, in the next version we’ll be introducing specific characters you can spawn as – each with individual start locations, back-stories, inventories and characteristics. Our initial intent of this will be to make it less like people you’re playing as have just materialised five days into a full zombie apocalypse, but clearly will also fall neatly into line with our plans for survivor radio voices and other key features that we need for version 1.0.

With this in mind, then, seeing as we need a selection of new archetypes from all over Zomboid’s character creation it would be really handy to know what the favoured character build from our players is. In fact, this would just be good to know for us in general – as we don’t have any of the Big Brother telemetry systems that big publisher games have at their command!

As such, if you fancy helping us out, then please give us some examples of your favourite skill/trait/profession load-outs in the following thread. What doesn’t appear in peoples’ submissions will likely help us just as much as what does. Many thanks!

This week’s featured image from Muscular Beaver. The Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right hereOur Discord is now open for chat and hijinks too. A general overview of the content of PZ builds past, in testing and upcoming can now be found here. Oh and hey, if you think we’re half okay then there’s this Steam Game Award thing still happening. We haven’t got a hope in hell of getting anything, but still
Nov 21, 2016
Community Announcements - nasKo

‘Ello, here’s where we’re at:


Okay, so! Where we’re at is: we’ve filled in the yawning chasm that opened up before us in terms of getting the new game logic state machine system. So all the existing internal game messages to itself like (to choose three of a bazillion) ‘the zombie is attacking!’, ‘survivor health damaged!’ and ‘oh no, a bite!’ now work comfortably within the new animations. So, hurrah for that.

The vast majority of combat code is ported over, and right now we’re rewriting the lua bullet-reloading system that was so expertly contributed by Stormy in the early days. This relied heavily on the old animation system, and for purposes of finally getting anims out of the door we will probably concentrate on the standard reloading system for now, and leave the Advanced Reloading option for a later date.

After that we get it all running together, and then we spot any forgotten mechanics/states from PZ’s vast repertoire that appear during the gameplay. Then we fix them up (could be a big job, could be a small job) and a test version will finally (finally!) emerge. Finally.


We’re currently polishing the current IWBUMS public beta of Build 35 with the thinking that it’s got so much stuff in it at this point that we need to release it soon, or the mountain of bugs found by public testers in the full gamut of new/updated features will be too much for poor old RJ to handle.

To this end, then, a few of us have been running around the new areas of Rosewood and March Ridge and building a list of things that need quick tidying up in terms of game systems – while RJ has been ploughing through the bug tracker and fixing stuff that the community has been reporting. Mash, too, is still in and around the new areas updating the new map’s farmland areas.

We’ve just released IWBUMS public beta build 35.22 that (among other things) lets you see how many crafting recipes you still have to discover in each particular skill, reassigns cigarette and magazine loot distribution, fixes up some Factions issues, remedies some translation and UI woes and generally fix up bugs associated with new game systems.


Due for public release this week, to mappers and creators of general PZ paraphernalia, is CartoZed – a tool created by TurboTuTone to help the Zomboid team and our modders whenever we need a non-isometric ‘traditional’ map of what’s currently in-game to assign zed spawn maps, check locations and (in a build that lies beyond 35) maybe create a range of lootable in-game maps.

CartoZed can be used on any map (so the likes of Dreadwood, New Denver and Bedford Falls can also be put through it) and it can draw up top-down maps searching for whatever you fancy whether it’s the traditional road/rail map seen below, or a more diverse map that (for example) flags different items and locations on the map.

This map produced with different CartoZed settings, meanwhile, draws Muld in terms of the electrical devices: radios in blue, TVs in green and furnaces in red.


Seriously, have you seen the stuff MesCaLiN has been building in PZ? We’ve used images of his creations in Mondoid before, but please check out his full range of Spiffo playrooms, chess boards, space shuttles, ornamental gardens, art galleries and jewellery stashes. Amazing stuff.


A quick call-out to groups of friends playing our IWBUMS build. We need feedback on ease of use, voice quality, settings and the default ‘hearing distance’ between co-op players on the map. While you’re in there, let us know what you think of the current zed count in Rosewood, Rosewood Prison and March Ridge too. Cheers all!

This week’s featured image from MesCaLiN again, obv. The Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right hereOur Discord is now open for chat and hijinks too. A general overview of the content of PZ builds past, in testing and upcoming can now be found here.
Nov 14, 2016
Community Announcements - nasKo

We have just released a new update to our public IWBUMS beta channel (details of how to access found here) with some cool new stuff. The build is 35.21, and the primary items it contains run as follows:



Rosewood now has a player spawn option, meaning that you can check out the prison, courthouse and the like without a hike. The military residential area of March Point meanwhile, placed between Muld and Rosewood, can currently only be reached on foot. (This might change depending on the feedback we get from this test build.)

As a part of this update there are various fixes to the map in the previous version, more applicable loot to be found in new buildings like the fire station, expanded foraging zones and also an updated ‘zombie spawn’ map that looks a little like this. Bottom right you’ll see the existing Muld zombie spawn, then to the lift is March Ridge and up at the top is Rosewood. The brighter the white, the heavier the zed presence.

We especially need feedback on difficulty in terms of the heightened zombie numbers for these areas, and of course any and all map bugs to be reported in the PZ bug tracker. We are aware that Rosewood has been spelt ‘Roosewood’ in the spawn selection screen. This will be addressed in an upcoming build, and has resulted in a Frenchman apologising profusely through the medium of Skype emoticon.

This feature allows you to talk to your co-op friends and survivors you meet on MP servers. It’s not a general overall PZ chat channel, but instead allows survivors to communicate when they’re in ‘audible’ distance from each other on the map itself. We’re hoping that it will add some great new dynamics to the game when played with friends, and enemies.

To enable this venture into the options menu, then choose whether you want the system to broadcast when it automatically hears your dulcet tones – or through the press of a button (default: alt). Our thanks to General Arcade for all their amazing work on this.

We’d like feedback on levels, the default distance from which players hear each other (though server admins have control over this) and general usability/bugs. In future we will look into the VOIP system allowing you to broadcast your voice through Turbo’s in-game radios, and maybe record as well.

Something else we’d like to do is have lower speech volumes when players are on different floors in the same building and, although it’s quite a way down an already hefty priority list, one day have a more sophisticated sound propagation model to deal with indoor-to-outdoor sound levels and large obstacles/walls that block hearing. For now though, it’ll be as-is with finetuning – although General Arcade are currently working on giving Admins the ability to talk between themselves, which will be added into a future 35 Build.

Community Translations of all 4500 lines of current radio and TV content are now in-game for Russian, Turkish, German, Spanish, French and Polish (which we forgot to mention last week – sorry Geras!).


As of the latest beta build MP Factions are now a part of the game. Press Escape to access the user panel, add a tag of up to four letters, choose a colour and all of a sudden you’ll be a part of your very own survivor gang –  with it being your decision as to whether you reveal your allegiance to the players you meet, or not.

This system also disables melee PvP between group members, which you can also turn off should you need to turn on your friends or the recently infected. Overall control over how Factions work, meanwhile, is governed by the Admins – who can govern how many players can form a group, and how many days must pass before they are given the option.

Next up RJ will turn his attention to clearing the backlog of 35-specific bugs that have built-up in the Bug Tracker. In the background, of course, is still the much-anticipated (much delayed) work on our new animations/combat/etc  system that remains ongoing. We’re still filling in something of a crevasse the opened up when on the final approach, but we will get there.

As such, once RJ has chewed through bugs in the current IWBUMS build, we’ll make a judgement call on whether to release it to the public. It’s already got a fair wedge of new stuff (new map, VOIP, metalwork, finalized food system, jumbo trees, multi-stage building, sleeping revamp, item disassembly, composting, tools to make life as an MP Admin easier, lots of UI and Inventory tweaks and tons of community requested changes etc). The more we add at this point, the higher the bug mountain from the wider public player-base. So we’ll be seeing how it goes over the coming week.

This week’s crazy landscaping from the formidable MesCaLin, who’s also responsible for mannequin chess and this overall Prisoner-esque abode. The Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the  PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right hereOur Discord is now open for chat and hijinks too. A general overview of the content of PZ builds past, in testing and upcoming  can now be found here.
Community Announcements - nasKo


Two new areas have been added to the Project Zomboid map in the latest IWBUMS public beta build 35.20f. They are called Rosewood and March Ridge, and are a first for PZ in that we’re straying slightly away from a fictional version of the real world map so we can get in a few more interesting and engaging places for you to loot and survive in. If you want to get involved with the public beta then please go here.

We always like people to explore our new areas rather than just dump a load of screenshots on you and ruin any feeling of exploration, so we have made this spoiler thread for community discoveries.

The primary areas with new content can be found in the directions shown by these very professional looking arrows, but there are other small areas on the existing map that have been updated too.

If you spot anything that looks like a map bug, then, as ever please report in the mapping section of the TIS Bug Tracker.

We will be adding extra visual detail to these areas and fixing the issues you find as the Build 35 IWBUMS beta continues. Good luck out there!

  • We invited a bunch of MP community host people into a test of the latest VOIP build yesterday and the results were great, and as such we anticipate merging this into the current IWBUMS public beta this week. Voice quality is significantly improved, the build is way more stable, the system seems easy to use and the only issues that really came up were those of finetuning, in-game audibility distance and minor bugs. As such it makes sense to cast the net wider into the IWBUMS beta testers for its final tweaks while cherries are placed atop its audio cake. (If you want to check out how it’s currently shaping up then Mark.exe’s stream can be found here, though please note there are period when his streaming software causes issues – this was at Mark’s end rather than a problem with the build.)
  • Animation work continues with the hook system we described last week – transplanting the existing governance over zombie and character ‘action states’ at any given frame of animation (‘Biting!’, ‘Bitten!’ etc) into the system. This is tying together all the underlying gameplay dynamics of the old sprites into the bright new animated dawn – alongside standardising the code format we’ve written for all the new combat, weapons, outfits, backpacks and big-name features the animations will bring with them.
  • Also landing this week on a separate branch for community translation teams to check out, and also liable to be merged with the main IWBUMS channel pretty quickly if everything is in its right place, is Turbo’s work on translated Radio/TV content and mod support for the now released WordZed. This will allow players to add to existing broadcast content, as well as create their own for reasons of roleplay and roleplay servers.
  • We should also mention that in IWBUMS Build 32.20F are the many and varied MP Admin improvements we discussed last week. Admin panel polish, the ability to draw out ‘Non PVP Zones’, a new Safehouse UI and various other upgrades to make running PZ servers more tolerable have all been added. Our thanks to the various server hosts who helped us with guidance and bug testing in this mission.
Thanks everyone! Same bat time, same bat channel next week…

The Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right hereOur Discord is now open for chat and hijinks too. A general overview of the content of PZ builds past, in testing and upcoming can now be found here.
Oct 24, 2016
Community Announcements - nasKo

Happy Mondoid all. Here’s all the latest on all the stuff soon to come to PZ’s Kentucky heartlands.


The two new map areas are pretty much done, and Mash is currently linking them up to the main map with some new roads. They’ll need a brief stay on an internal build for sanity checking, but afterwards will be packaged into one of RJ’s imminent-ish Build 35 IWBUMS beta releases. We want exploration-minded beta testers to discover them on their own terms, but here’s a clue.

(We should probably say that it isn’t Fort Knox, as that would presumably have a few of these!).


We had a quick chat about your/our frustration with anims not joining in with all the testing last week, and are still under the bonnet connecting gears and sprockets today.

At present the code PZ uses for the state machines (ie. what’s going on ‘right now!’ for characters – so a zombie could be in ‘bite state’, or a player could be in ‘swing state’) is being transplanted into the new animation state system.

We’re writing a hook system to allow the xml that defines the animations and states to call Java or lua functions that mimic the structure of the existing PZ state machine very closely. In this way it becomes far easier to transplant the masses of code found in the state system into a similar structure within the new version. We can remove all the code that relies on 2D animation frames (for example: ‘on the 12th frame of swing bat animation, connect the hit and apply damage and XP!’) and then we can take the appropriate chunks of code and transplant them fairly unchanged into the new status quo.

This will both minimize the amount of work in the process, and standardise the system for new gameplay additions and modding in the future.


A test of General Arcade’s latest VOIP build last week revealed a few problems in terms of players whose microphones weren’t being picked up – which further analysis has revealed is connected to the sampling rate of the capture device. Popular ranges like 48000Hz and 16000Hz weren’t working, but now the bug has been worked out our industrious Russian friends are beavering away on a fresh build that (fix dependent) should be ready for a wider test.


RJ has been on a roll with MP improvements for long-suffering admins and hosts in the current public beta, and as such didn’t want to break his momentum. To this end the 35.20 release will have a vastly improved Safehouse system, and easier clan/group management that we’ll be calling Factions just because it sounds a bit more apocalyptic-y. Over to RJ:

“I’ve been talking to some of the people who run PZ servers to find out how we can make MP a better place for players.  This has entailed a bunch of powerful new tools for Admin, and also new stuff for players themselves.”

“I’ve reworked the Safehouse system with a brand new UI. This will make a Safehouse owner’s life much more easy: you can quickly add people from a list, change Safehouse title, hand over ownership and players can now also remove themselves from the building’s list.”

“There’s also a new server option: ‘DisableSafehouseWhenPlayerConnected’. Basically, if set to ‘true’ by the admin, it’ll remove the safehouse’s anti-trepass and non-looting security if anyone tied to it is connected online, and also a little while after the last player of a safehouse disconnects to avoid ‘safety-quitting’. I’m playing around with the system to check for loopholes and hoping that this will encourage some cool faction wars, while also still keeping peoples’ loot safe when they’re not playing the game.”

“Something else going into 35.20, or maybe 35.21, is the ability to form a Faction and invite players to it. Once you have enough in your gang you can choose a tag, which will always be visible to your faction friends – but you can choose whether or not the strangers you meet can see it and identify your allegiance. Faction PvP will automatically mean that melee attacks won’t hurt your friends, but this can be turned off by players themselves should they want to put friends out of their misery – while firearms will always be deadly no matter what.”

“Something else that’ll be good for servers has also been added and tested too: a ‘No PvP Zone’ that Admins can drag out over the map.  Players within this zone will be invulnerable to attack, but also won’t be able to attack – even with firearms. This also comes with a brand new UI that allows for quick deletion, changing the zone’s name and teleportation to other zones that have been created.”

This week’s pin-up player is the thunderstruck Thundahstuck. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right hereOur Discord is now open for chat and hijinks too. A general overview of the content of PZ builds past, in testing and upcoming can now be found here.

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