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Today's Mondoid exceeds the maximum ammount of characters for Steam Accouncement thingies.

Head over to our blogpost to read, hear and see what kinds of magic NJ and Martin are up to in regards to Sounds and Animations:

Tell us what you think in the comments below this announcement.

Have a great week! ːcherrypieː
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Hello Survivor! A Mondoid of dev-nuggets this week, but hopefully you’ll find them to be nuggets of gold rather than… other substances that are occasionally found in nugget-form.

There’s quite an important note for Linux PZ server hosts at the foot of this Mondoid too, by the way, so please scroll down immediately if you’ve just realised that we’re talking directly to you!
For everyone still on this paragraph though, let’s Mondoid!


First off a super-quick mention, amidst sighs of adoration and love, for Blindcoder’s amazingPZ map.  It’s pushed a remarkable 9.65 TB of data SO FAR this month, and he’s currently hard at work generating build 29′s map. It’s on track to be released later this week. Thanks Blindcoder, TIS and the community all thank you for your travails!


As you might recall, a while back a chance meeting in the new office building reunited Lemmy and Binky with a long-lost colleague from their distant AAA past. Martin the lovely Animation Man is currently on-board with the PZ team, and has now gone over all the current anims in the game on a polish/tweak run.

His task right now is on the stealth anims. These include movements like sneaking along walls, crouch sneak movement (instead of just aiming weapon/walking), peeking around corners and others of a crafty ilk.

This is all a part of our overall plan to make the looting game a lot more built around stealthing around the town and trying to avoid attention. We’ll show a few examples of his work and its integration, as well as badgering him for a bit of a Q and A in future Mondoids.


Binky’s been busy finishing off a lovely tool to help toward NPC movement, to further make characters move in a believable way. Its functionality that was once upon a time coded directly into the NPC build of the game, but this proved way too cumbersome to use and maintain. Now it will be a nice external tool that will allow us to create a library of maneuvers that a character can do to move from one location to another. These can then be pieced together, and chosen based on personality or possible military training of the NPC in question.

We did actually do a video long long ago of the results of the early in-game tool, which you can witness once again here. YES, we’re finally doing re-runs! Fear not though. we have a new video for you too!


For the longest time our sounds have been put through OpenAL, which unfortunately led to a fair few incompatibilities on a lot of people’s systems in which they couldn’t get directional sound working properly. This has been a long-term irk that has rankled, and as such we’re looking to move to the much more AAA FMOD sound system. This is totally funky, and offers us a lot of extra things into the bargain that should make the sound in Project Zomboid a ton better. Here’s a little video of our experimentation:

It’s not ready to go yet, and we have to license the library before we’d be able to distribute it, but this will provide a much more immersive soundscape in Project Zomboid. It’ll make distant sounds much more realistic and atmospheric, provide reverb and other effects such as having the world geometry affect the attributes of the sound, as well as to provide much better supported 3D sound and more consistent volumes, and hordes will really sound like hordes with many many groaning voices creating a sea of unsettling sound as you approach a densely populated area. Helicopters will also be less likely to burst eardrums.


There’s been a really nasty security bug announced in Java over the weekend, of note to server hosts.

Windows Server Hosts:
We’ve sent an update out via steam, please make sure you update and then restart the gameserver.

Linux Server Hosts:
An update has not yet been released by Debian or Ubuntu for all of the bugs.
Debian server hosts can check here to see when an update is released:

Ubuntu server hosts can check here:

Server hosts can update OS via the command “apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y”
Server hosts like Nitrado should already be aware of this, and will apply upgrades without prompting, only those hosting ProjectZomboid servers on VPSs or dedicate servers should upgrade.

This security vulnerability allows the remote modification of java code, those hosting Project Zomboid gameservers on Linux should watch the link for the OS they’re running, and apply the patches immediately. You should restart the gameserver after you’ve applied the patches in order to bring the patch into effect.

Everyone else:
Due to the nature of the way these bugs work, issues only mainly affect server hosts. We do recommend that you keep your computers patched anyway, but you don’t need to worry about Project Zomboid, this is preventative maintenance to make multi-player servers safer for everyone.

Today’s image courtesy of Coolflat (Ed.: Visible on our own blogpost, as Steam doesn't have header images.)

Be sure to check the upcoming version post and subscribe to our newsletter to be sure you won’t miss anything! That’s it for now. Thanks so much for living and dying in our game! Love y’all.
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Hey survivors, bit of a general update-y Mondoid today – running simultaneously to Build 29 being pushed beyond the cosy confines of our IWBUMS test branch and out into the big wide world. So…
Build 29! Woo!
The latest version of PZ is now official! If you’ve been keeping clear of our test branch then now is the time to dive back into the Knox Event – new sounds, scavenging, melee revamp, bug fixes, translations. All that jazz, which can be looked at in greater depth right here. Once we’re sure there are no unexpected bumps in the build roll-out we’ll get in touch with Desura and get PZ updated over there as well.
Multiplayer Improvement
Since the inception of Zomboid online play, we’ve all seen increased lag as the number of players on a server begins to tot up. With the released version of Build 29, however, we think that Kirrus, RJ, BryBry and EasyP have made some significant improvements. It should be noted here, that we all deeply love BryBry. And so should you.

Servers were pausing for the briefest of moments when new players joined/left, which clearly became something of an exponential issue the busier the map became. We think we’ve nixed this, and internally have had a 29.3 server with 10 players and absolutely no lag. We need to get you guys and girls trying it out in the wild to make sure, but we’re certainly hoping that your online experience will be somewhat improved.
Radio: What’s New?
As discussed in a previous Mondoid, Will has been busy concocting radio and TV channels for you to listen into while you forage, fight and fend off the undead. There’ll two broadcasts from every radio station and TV channel to tune into every 24 hours, and a fixed narrative timeline for them all to follow.
At the moment portable radios have a news channel, a talk radio channel, a public broadcast station and (although Will is regretting it) a wavelength devoted to Country Music. Those watching TV, meanwhile, will have the option of tuning into News, News Commentary, a shopping channel, a kids channel, a ‘Life and Living’ survival channel and (of course) a cookery show.
We’ve also now had the feedback on our (forever secret!) outbreak lore from a top specialist in infectious diseases at a London university – who’s presumably a bit busy right now what with world events. As such the next step will be to feed his tweaks and suggestions into the body of the radio and TV broadcasts, as well as write a few extra news channels to give you a true feeling of ‘channel hopping’ as you flick through coverage of the disaster.
When all that’s done, after a final polish, the spreadsheet will be passed over for integration into the game – hopefully to appear en masse in either the next build or the one after.
Future Builds
The basic plan is that Build 30 will feature the Medical revamp, while Build 31 will herald the start of ‘Operation: Fix Late Game By Killing You Before You Get There’. As a taster, here’s the WIP health screen with multiple wounds inflicted.

It’s also worth noting at this point that since we now have full time animator we’ll be looking to adding limps and assisted walking that will play heavily into the medical system – as well as putting an increasingly mobile Kate back into the game. In the background, meanwhile, work has begun on an extremely cool new map location (still some way off, so we won’t start hinting yet) while background work continues on all the other major systems required for 1.0.
Thanks for Mondoiding everyone!

Today’s Header Image from Steam User Fix’t Fastah (Ed.: Visible on our own blogpost, as Steam doesn't have header images.)! Be sure to check the upcoming version post and subscribe to our newsletter to be sure you won’t miss anything!

That’s it for now. Thanks so much for living and dying in our game! Love y’all.
Community Announcements - lemmy101
A few things likely missing on this list, but many many fixes and additions.

  • Fixed issue #838

  • Fixed issue #841

  • Fixed issue #850

  • Fixed issue #852

  • Fixed issue #830

  • Fixed issue #840

  • Fixed issue #842

  • Fixed issue #844

  • Fixed issue #839

  • Fixed issue #827 (even if I can't change the tracker status.. :()

  • Fixed 100% CPU on Linux server.

  • Fixed high lag issue on multiplayer.

  • Lowered fire sound.

  • Added a heart beat volume option.

  • Stop hammer/sawing sounds when interrupting a carpentry action.

  • Update the loot window after cutting down a tree (so the logs/twigs/branches appear).

  • Framerate fix for food warming/cooling.

  • Don't do ambient sound when the game is paused.

  • Removed some debug output.

  • Improved dialogue font to be more readable and not scale with zoom


  • Modified some experience needed for level on some skills.


  • Tons of new sounds (74 so far and counting !)

    • Ambient sounds: scream, dogs, wolves, owls... Depending on your current zone and day time.

    • New crafting sound: saw logs, duct tape, slicing food...

    • New foot step sounds.

    • And much more...

  • New Scavenge skill (does not require any tools, usefull for MP !):

    • Go into the forest and right click "scavenge", you'll find berries, mushrom, worms and other edible plants/insect.

    • The number and the type of food found will depend on your skill.

    • Plants/insect aren't unlimited in a zone, if after a while you don't find anything, go elsewhere and try again, they'll be replenished after a while.

  • Little revamp of the melee skill:

    • Blunt and blade now have 3 sub skills:

    • Accuracy: Influences hit chance, damage done, critical chance..

    • Guard: Helps you to avoiding being scratched when wearing a weapon.

    • Maintenance: Helps you to not lower the condition of your weapon when using it.

    • Accuracy and reloading skills are now part of the sub skill : Ranged.

    • Balanced how the weapon knock down a zombie (basically, a bit less knock down if the attack is not fully charged).

  • New crafting: make axe and hammer from stones, tree branch and ripped sheet.

  • The stone hammer condition decrease when you build things with it (like walls, floor..)

  • Build log walls with 0 in carpentry skill, they are strong but really expensive (4 logs and 4 ripped sheets/twine/rope), usefull when you don't have a saw and you want to build things !

  • Added a sub menu "Wall" in the construction menu.

  • Chopping trees can drop branches and/or twigs.

  • Panic will decrease faster if you have survived for a while (you get used to zombies, but still get jump scare).

  • Fishes aren't unlimited anymore, after fishing in a zone for a while, you won't find anything, go fish elsewhere, the fishes will be replenished after some time.

  • The items Bandages (the one you get from rip your clothing) is now call Ripped Sheets, still can act as bandage.

  • Added trapping skill books.

  • Traps won't catch animal if a player is around.

  • Renamed Scavenge in Forage.

  • Push a zombie on a fence won't make it climb it, but return in attack mode.

  • Added more chance to hit with a ranged weapon if the target is really close.

  • No auto age for item being respawned by the server.

  • Added a 15 mins day length options in sandbox.

  • Added wine in loot distribution.

  • Now render the dead body in 3D.

  • Tweaked "Customise Character" screen to allow choosing skin color, chest hair and stubble.  Use comboboxes instead of left/right buttons.

  • nightlengthmodifier server option (default 1.0) for altering night length


  • Fixed issue #000751

  • Fixed rain barrel and trap data not being updated on the server when IsoThumpables were destroyed on a client.

  • Fixed cases where lighting + vision weren't updated when objects were added/removed.

  • Fixed zombies continuing to thump destroyed objects in multiplayer.

  • Fixed traps not being updated if the map area containing the trap was never loaded.

  • Fixed issues placing and interacting with traps.

  • Remove grass blend tiles when taking sand/dirt/gravel with the shovel.

  • Fixed corpses sharing inventory with a zombie.

  • Fixed no zombies spawning after a server soft-reset.

  • Fixed soft-reset exception with traps.

  • Fix for missing zombies in Last Stand challenge 2.

  • No more tree chopping with a frying pan, baseball bat etc.

  • Sometimes there were 2 trees on the same grid.

  • Lighting fixed for sand bags.

  • Fixed issue #652.

  • Fixed issue #769.

  • Fixed issue #761.

  • Fixed issue #784.

  • Fixed issue #775.

  • Fixed issue #773.

  • Fixed zombies thumping carpentry window frames instead of climbing through them (unless barricaded).

  • Fixed some reloading issues.

  • Fixed an issue with attacking a zombie that was climbing over a fence.

  • Fixed player corpse inventory sync in MP.


  • Increase the drop rate of petrol can.

  • Decrease the spawn rate of paintings and farming seeds inside crates.

  • Increased the water bottle loot rate.

  • Some change on melee combat : no more always 50% chance knock down, endurance used tweaked (it'll prob need more balancing, need feed back ;)).


  • Updated Russian, Japanese, German, Spanish, Czech and Italian translations.

Community Announcements - nasKo
After surprise news that Alien: Isolation, the game Will’s being penning words for for a long while now, will unlock on Steam a day earlier than we expected, and the Mondoid still remaining unwritten, we hit a bit of a dilemma. The solution we figured was to write a really quick Mondoid but try and cram enough info into it that we don’t look like we’re being lazy. Perhaps with a self-referential joke about being lazy in the opening paragraph to distract everyone and kind of disarm the situation.

20 minutes? Did it really take me 13 minutes to write this paragraph? HURRY UP.


We’ve just released hotfix #3 for build 29 on IWBUMS! Wooooo.
It looks a little something like this:


  • Fixed some missing zones for foraging.
  • Fixed non trapping xp point in MP.
  • Fixed no rain when building a wooden floor and standing on it (it now need a roof).
  • Fixed server pause causing lag on player join.

The last one in particular may make a huge difference in the lag people experience on public servers. On a server with 64 slots with people coming in and out all the time this may have accounted for a lot of the lag experienced.
You can read how to get in on the IWBUMS build to try out build 29 by clicking here.

We planned to roll this out today, but we chickened out in the end and bumped the official release until tomorrow, because we were concerned about anything breaking the current build of the game considering…

40% SALE

We’re currently in the midst of a 40% off sale on Steam! Click here to buy it, if for some unfathomable reason you’re reading a Mondoid without already owning the game.


We also wrote this little thing, that explains exactly why 40% is all you’re ever going to get until the game goes to 1.0, or at the very least goes up in price post-NPCs and Vehicles (if indeed the price increase happened before the 1.0) – In short, it’s very important to us to reward the early adopters of our game, and not undercut them with sales while the game is still in Early Access.


Another big thing we’re focusing on at the moment is fixing the late game, where many experienced players start to find the game becomes too easy once they have a good stockpile of stuff and a secure safehouse. This isn’t in the spirit of the game we originally envisioned, and as more ‘long term survival features’ have gone into the game they have created a late game that was never intended to truly exist. We’ve come up with various solutions, and this is going to be an ongoing focus for some of the team while the big 1.0 features are completed. You can read all about it here.

That’s about it. It’s almost time for Alien: Isolation so please go away. Love you!

Be sure to check the upcoming version post and subscribe to our newsletter to be sure you won’t miss anything! That’s it for now. Thanks so much for living and dying in our game! Love y’all.

10 minutes…
Community Announcements - lemmy101
EDIT: Sale now ended, sorry folks.

Hey all, since we've had various people inquiring about whether we'd do a bigger sale down the line, just thought I'd write a little here about our steadfast decision not to go beyond 40%, the reasoning behind it specifically.

When we first launched the game, selling via our paypal account and manually sending out keys, and for a good year or two afterwards, the price was £5/$8. Even though apparently people thought the game well worth the price for what we offered at the time, it didn't have 1/10th of the features the game has now. It was really really buggy and early.

We also weren't on Steam, and a lot of people purchased before we were even on Desura. People have expressed concerns about Early Access games now, but just imagine dumping money straight into our paypal account. That's some massive trust and faith placed in us that we really really needed at the time. We were broke, literally unable to pay the rent the following month. These people made our dreams come true and set us on our way to where we are now.

Those people put faith in us and bought in early. They could have waited until the game was more developed, but if everyone did that we wouldn't be here today.

As such it was a decision we made very early on that we would not under any circumstances let anyone else who purchased the game during development, or for a good period after it was completed, get the game for equal or cheaper than those original supporters paid for it. Truth is we could probably make a lot of money by doing some crazy sale, or going on a bundle, but its important to us that we reward those who helped us on this path and make their purchase a good saving for years to come. It's a matter of ethics to us.

As such 40% takes us to just above the price they paid for it. We won't go below that.

Once NPCs and Vehicles go in, possibly when we go to 1.0 but its possible it'll happen before, we will increase in price one final time to our release price. That will be the final 1.0 price of the game. At this point we will perhaps consider going beyond 40% in sales, but again, we will only go as far as to keep the original alpha price the cheapest the game has ever been, so it'll be a bigger % of a higher price that will likely amount to the same price it is now during the 40% sale anyway.

Then when enough time has passed, PZ is in its twilight years, we will probably do bigger sales, or consider bundles. This is a long way off though.

We're aware that when buying a 4-pack during a 40% sale this technically does take it below the original alpha price per copy, however considering the investment of purchasing 4 copies at once this still seems fair, buying in bulk and all, and it would be way too difficult to arrange this otherwise.

So if you're on the fence about buying, or holding off for a cheaper price, then just bear in mind that it will be some considerable time. I would be amazed if you could get the game cheaper any time next year. Perhaps the year after.

Hope this explains the situation and makes people aware we're not being greedy or cocky for refusing to discount any further (though we honestly and proudly feel it is well worth its current full price). Steam is all about the sales, for customers and devs alike, so while its counter-intuitive to say we're putting ourselves out of pocket with this decision to keep the price up. I also want to make it clear that it's not specifically the 40% that's our ceiling but the price it takes it to, so people don't see a bigger % sale down the line when the game's price is higher and think we've gone back on our word.

But its an assurance that the price it is now is certainly the cheapest you'll be able to get it this year or next. We may do 40% again, but I find it unlikely we will this year. We don't know this for certain though. If this prices anyone out of purchasing then we apologise, and hope to see you some time in the future when the game is complete.

Hope this fills people in on the situation :)

Thanks everyone for your support, We're always really proud when I step in here to see what a positive and friendly Steam community we have <3
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Today's Deal: Save 40% on Project Zomboid!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Tuesday at 10AM Pacific Time
Sep 29
Community Announcements - nasKo
Today's Mondoid is one of the longer ones, so I cannot mirror the content here, completely.

Before just giving you a link leading you into the great unknown, I'll tell you it's totally about the integration of TurboTuTone's Erosion mod into the vanilla game, and fill this space with a few unnecessary characters.

Also, Bacon.
Community Announcements - nasKo
Time for a Monday release of… Build 29 on the IWBUMS branch! Woo!

Build 29 IWBUMS release!

For the uninitiated, IWBUMS (the ‘I Will Back-Up My Save’ branch) is our experimental build released for final bug-chasing and testing. For the full scoop on how you can get it fed into your Steam Library go here.

Amidst the tweaks and fixes of Build 29 there’s some cool new stuff. The awesome SFX of Mister NJ Apostol, Romain’s sprightly new forest foraging, some survivalist crafting and the all-new melee skills of blunt and blade. Oh, and updated translation stuff. Finally, controversially, watermelon consumption is no longer fatal. Full changelist here!

Creating a Knox Event Mythos

Ever since Will returned from his writing duties on Alien: Isolation he’s been focussed on creating a back story for your doomed travails in and around West Point and Muldraugh. Much of this has been in fleshing out and locking down our earlier thoughts on what this zombification disease is (and whether it is rooted in science or religion), why it’s happened and how it all panned out.

You’ll likely never know the truth, as per the laws of proper zombie fiction, but the clues will be out there amongst misinformation and speculation. Will has written TV and radio reports that can be played during your opening days – which will then gradually turn to static, one by one.

We already have four TV channels and three radio stations fully scripted – which will have something new to hear after every 12 hours passes in-game. These include news stations, call-in radio talk shows and a TV shopping channel. Occasional NPC dialogue and parts of the Kate and Baldspot storyline will also, clearly play into the wider back story.

We want to have five channels/stations on each medium before they go into the game, but already have good feedback from a few select community people who’ve been exposed to Will’s mega-spreadsheet. Some elements of it still might change however, as we’ve sent our super-secret lore document to two scientists who specialise in applicable disease outbreaks (we know!) who’ve kindly agreed to be consultants on the game.

Quite how close we can stay to real world disease when dealing with the affairs of the undead isn’t yet clear, but we’re doing our utmost to keep in shouting distance of it.

Build 30 Medical sneaky-peek

We’ll hold off from going into precise detail as to what will be in the next Zomboid build, buthere’s something that’ll give you a fair idea of what’s next on the menu. Yup, Medical overhaul is on the cards. (Please note we expected a more exciting screenshot than that, but it seems we’ve lost Romain for the evening before getting a tasty screenshot. Damn youuuuu RJ!! Keep an eye out on our twitter feed and we’ll throw that out to you when we get it!)

All the other usual stuff

As always there’s tons of other stuff going on in the background – Steam integration things, NPCs, exciting musical developments, vehicles, fresh animations and all that jazz. Next Mondoid we’ll, most likely, be talking to you about TurboTuTone’s fine work on getting Erosion into the main game.

Kirrus’ Newsletter bit

Be sure to check the upcoming version post and subscribe to our newsletter to be sure you won’t miss anything! That’s it for now. Thanks so much for living and dying in our game! Love y’all.
Community Announcements - nasKo
Kate Winslet once famously asked Leonardo Di Caprio “Do a build update video of me, like one of your French girls” in the celebrated 1997 movie ‘Titanic’. With this in mind, then, the highlight of today’s Mondoid is some giddy Gallic build commentary.
Build 29
Build 29 is deep inside the internal testing process. New sounds are being balanced, forests are being foraged ruthlessly and melee skill points are popping into character stats like nothing that’s ever come before.
While applying hot-fixes alongside fellow coder EasyPickins and eradicating bugs [not the edible kind] coder Romain ‘RJ’ Dron found the time to create another of his Upcoming Build videos. If you compare and contrast it with the last one then you’ll notice that he’s stuck a few points into his Video Editing skills as well. Stick around till the end for a very important French lesson.

You can find the full patch notes for Build 29 here. Its IWBUMS branch isn’t super-imminent, but keep an eye on our twitter for any and all updates.
Vehicular Fun
This week the mighty EasyPickins showed us a little something vehicle related, and it wasgood. We’ll hold off on any videos for now (mainly because of sound license issues) but the work he’s done on them is something to behold. There are a few technical issues still to resolve, particularly on how multiplayer streaming of cells will deal with high vehicle speeds, so its hard to say when they will be ready. But when they do! Head lamps, suspension, turning wheels, skids and all that physics fun. We’re very very excited! And hopefully we’ll be able to share soon!
Something else
As well as all the usual fun and games of our forums, certain members of our moderating team wanted to abuse their position of privilege by asking for the Mondoidation of the ‘Colour Me Stupid!’ game. It has nothing to do with zombies, but because it’s almost always hilarious we felt it necessary to comply.
Don’t forget that you can beat the Monday blues by subscribing to our Mondoid mailing list, and get email alerts for all our stable and IWBUMS releases at the same time. Just point your internet in this direction.

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