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Community Announcements - lemmy101
Hello all, so apparently us having a nice server list for people to find games has been deemed worthy of repeated attacks by some unknown. We're having masses of fake servers being added to the list, often containing racist or homophobic slurs, and were the victim of a DDoS attack the previous time the server list died (we didn't say the reason at the time since we didn't want to give oxygen and satisfaction on the attacker). As usual, the culprit seems to claim he/she is doing some benevolent 'showing us our security flaws' favour, instead of the truth which is being an offensive bigot, ruining a game for tens of thousands of people and engaging in a criminal activity.

More frustrating is the fact that our tireless and wonderful server admin, Kirrus, who ends up having to deal with all this crap, is not even a paid member of the team, moreover refuses payment, and is helping us out beyond his actual job description out of the goodness of his heart and for the benefit of the community at the same time as his full time job. And it's him that has to deal with all this nastiness when it crops up. It's not fair.

We don't have the set up, resources or development time necessary to create a more secure server browser system ourselves that could deal with these kinds of unprovoked attacks from spoofed IPs or VPNs without seriously dragging the server browser's performance down and requirements up.

Consequently, despite our resistance to doing so, we feel we have one course of action to take: we've decided we are going to explore implementing Steamworks into the game for matchmaking and server list functionality. The game will still continue to be playable on player run servers outside Steam providing an IP address is known. However any public server will require being a Steam member so you can be more strictly authenticated

In the meantime, I'm afraid the public server list system will be disabled from this point on. It's just not realistic and good sense for us to expect to be able to secure the system and it'd be a battle that would expend way too much time and still possibly leave us open to these....people.

Sadly this will to an extent, while still providing non Steam versions of the game full multiplayer functionality, potentially segregate the community as those servers that use steamworks would be inaccessible to non Steam users.

On the other side this has, yet again, provided a distraction away from getting NPCs in, since I'm the one who will need to deal with all this and it'll probably take a few weeks to get running.

This is why we can't have nice things. :(

On the plus side, hopefully:

* We can have players on public servers accountable to hacking, with banning becoming effective and at best stopping hackers, at worst at least making the asses have to purchase another copy on a new steam account to get back on a server they have been banned off.

* Improved connectivity, less configuration for servers / clients to communicate.

* Inviting people to a server you're playing on, or joining friend's games.

* Potential other stuff that comes with Steamworks.
Community Announcements - nasKo
Hello everyone for another one of those not much gamey stuff to talk about Mondoids. Just a few quick updates on what is going on.

Happy Birthday Mash!

It’s Mash’s buuuurthday today, so why not send all your birthday love to her on the twitter and forums! Cause she’s awesome, and has crappy date-blind idiot guys as team-mates we want to make sure she gets extra birthday love this year! <3<3<3

Return of the Will

Okay, Will hasn’t really been anywhere, but due to the delayed and very mountainous amount of development for the NPCs we had a huge backlog of Will’s work that had yet to make it into the game, with Lemmy pulling his hair out and up to his neck in the various code challenges along the way and resulting in Will essentially twiddling his thumbs waiting for Lemmy to get everything into the game, Will has in the meantime been keeping himself busy writing for the awesome Alien: Isolation by Creative Assembly. SPOILER: It’s awesome. This results in the rather boast-worthy situation that the Project Zomboid writer and (we finally figured out all our company titles) Indie Stone’s creative director has been writing lines of dialogue for Sigourney Weaver and others from the original Alien cast. How cool is that?

Now Will’s work on Alien: Isolation has wrapped up, it’s turned out to be spectacularly convenient timing, considering the NPC development has now FINALLY started to reach the point where Lemmy has (yes, I know) rejigged the NPC codebase, rewritten all the things that needed rewriting, and is craving new words and situations for those NPCs to get themselves into. This is really exciting and we are currently all talking about a whole bunch of new situations that can arise from NPC groups. Our ultimate dream of an infinite procedurally generated Walking Dead plotline generator (hopefully with no walking through woods shouting ‘Sophia!’) are that much closer. As we’ve said in the recent NPC mondoid, this doesn’t mean that they are imminent, but there’s some reeeeally exciting stuff on the horizon and we’d like to think that the NPCs will truly be the legacy of this game, if we’re lucky enough for it to have a legacy at all.

To get back into the swing of things, Will is starting work on a new revamped canon and back-story for the game (largely to fit with the expanded world), radio broadcasts, and world building that will help drive the overarching story of the apocalypse.


We recently ran into an old friend whom Binky and Lemmy both worked with back in the olden commercial industry days. Just so happens he’s an animator! What does this mean? It means in September, when he’s free, we will be working with him to finally start getting a ton of new animations into the game. This is extremely exciting, because while Binky has the anim skillz, not only is his time split between so many things, but by his own admission he’s never going to produce the results that a full time professional 3D animator would, or as fast for that matter. We’re anticipating getting a whole host of new character animations into the game very quickly. From sneaking, pressing against walls, crouching, more zombie walks, hostage taking, looting, backpack manipulation, we’ll suddenly be getting pretty much full time animation support at least for a few months following September. Let’s put it this way. We sent him a list with some 40-50 animations and his response was pretty much a shrug and ‘yeah that sounds cool, bring it on!’

A complication here is it will be impossible to get all these anims working on the 2D models, as it would drive the memory usage up by many gigabytes, however we will make sure the game continues to be playable with 2D characters without those extra animations. We’re resigned to the fact that there are too many people who cannot run the game with 3D models for us to justify dropping support, but I’m afraid we cannot provide the animation variety to those people that we’d like.

However those who can run the 3D models will find the animations flooding in for the latter part of the year, and it should have dramatic ramifications on what is possible for the combat system, and stealth gameplay, and we can finally start ironing out the slightly flakey combat system and make character control and gameplay a lot more intuative, varied, fluid and just plain sexy. It’s all super exciting!

That’s about it really. Romain is taking a well earnt break in Venice this week, and EasyP is continuing on the vehicles, which are coming along very nicely, as well as his usual bug massacring. We’ll probably be due another IWBUMS release very soon.

Love you all,

The Indie Stone
Aug 11, 2014
Community Announcements - nasKo
Hello all, so this week we have an announcement to make that we’re sure a few people suspected might happen one day or another. At the moment the PZ team is working with modder extrordinaire TurboTuTone to bring the incredible Erosion mod into the base game!

To those who are not aware of it, the mod is incredible, and simulates the wear and tear of the world over time, with cracks appearing in walls and floors. Grass, vines and trees growing over urban areas as nature reclaims the planet. It also will bring seasons into the game, with snow in the winter, brown trees and grass in autumn, and flowers blooming in summer.

In the process we will be expanding the system, and TurboTuTone has already been working on some awesome new stuff such as soil moisture maps, with Mash drawing new trees, bushes and grasses for the various seasons and map areas!

Here are a few screenshots, please note these are WIP:






The winter will also be getting some love, though we have no screenshots of those yet! Mash intends to do extra stuff such as leaves on the floor for autumn, and grass coming through cracks in concrete and all other good stuff!

So a big big thanks to TurboTuTone for allowing us and helping us bring a more evolving dynamic world to Project Zomboid, and we can’t wait to see what he does in future!

Build 28

As you may be aware, last week we released a test build of 28 onto the password protected Steam branch I Will Backup My Save, which can be found by following the instructions here.

Easy and Romain have been hammering away at a bunch of fixes to the most commonly encountered issues in the test build, and we’re planning on shipping it out to official soon. There may be another hotfix to the IWBUMS branch before that happened, but fingers crossed it won’t be long now!
Work on the map, vehicles and NPCs continues apace, nothing specific to report except as to say they are going very well!

Later folks! <3

Be sure to check the upcoming version post and subscribe to our newsletter to be sure you won’t miss anything!
Community Announcements - nasKo


  • Weapon overhaull (more things in the info post will come).

  • Multiple text lines editor.

  • You can now write a note and read them (more of a multiplayer thing), you can lock them so they'll be editable only by you.

  • Semi-3D Sound ! Sound will now go left to right, fade away, etc..

  • Burn zombie corpses ! It'll need some petrol and a lighter/matches.

  • Windows can now perma lock if you try to open them for too long.

  • Bandages will now be removed after a certain amount of time.

  • Disabled the corpse decay.

  • Added experimental population management: after an area is abandoned by the player, new zombies will migraite slowly from this point. I'll need feedback on it. :)

  • [MP] Added experimental loot respawn, you have to setup the serverOption "HoursForLootRespawn", if you set it as 48, it mean the zone will have to be unseen for 48 in game hour before loot respawning, same as zombies respawn, I'd LOVE to have feedback on it :)

  • I'm also working on (idk if it'll be done for this build tho..) the ability to paint letters/text on wall.

  • New crafting : Bookcase, shelves, bed...

  • Map fixes (no more falling through Mall stairs, etc...).

  • Weapon upgrades (fully moddable), they'll come alone at the gunstore, or directly mounted on some weapons, you need a screwdriver to put them in/out.

  • Firearm need to be held with 2 hands (except pistol).

  • [MP] You will be now instant disconnect if trying to join a server with a different build version than yours.

  • Added paintable signs (skull, arrows..) over wall or post sign (new crafting) for every in game painting color (you need a paint brushe and the color you want).

  • Zombeis who die by fire will now continue to burn/spread fire after their death.

  • [MP] If you have a dice you can now do /roll 6 (number up to 100) to roll a random number, this will be shown to every near players. Picture

  • [MP] If you have a card deck you can now do /card to draw a random card, this will be shown to every near players. Picture

  • The zombie migration have also a server option : HoursForZombiesRespawn, same as the one for loot respawn.

  • [MP] Chat is now locally logged : you can press up or down while in the chat text entry to review your last entered message (saving the 20 last messages), then you can enter them again or modify them.

  • Some new items :

    • Thread

    • Needle

    • Tarp

    • ...

  • Tent will now require a tarp (instead of the sheets) to be crafted.

  • You can now craft a mattress with some sheet, pillow, thread and a needle.

  • Another server option for the loot respawn : MaxItemsForLootRespawn = 4 // For the loot respawn, if a container have more items than this number, it won't respawn loot (use it to limit respawn in safe house for example..)

  • You can now type admin commands directly in the console, no need to log as admin, for example do a : additem "rj" "Base.Axe" directly in the console to add this user an Axe, more admin commands are coming (probably for this build, will do it while testing), like broadcasting message and.. Well.. Idk yet :P (I'll update the "how to administrate your server" post today)

  • You can now add game meat (I mean rabbit, birds, squirrel.. from trapping) inside soup and stew.

  • Loot respawn can't happen in a zone where the player have built (or barricaded) stuff (to avoid spawning in/near safe house).

  • This is for Serrate Bloodrage (aka combat-medic badass :D) : You can now make your own bread ! Make a bread dough from flour, yeast, salt and a bit of water, cook it : become a true French today.

  • Cleaned the server console a bit (less messages).


  • Fixed some incorrect map zone.

  • Fixed some incorrect loot distribution.

  • Fixed tent/campfire couldn't be build on tall grass.

  • Fixed some world filler.

  • Map exported with multiple fixes from Mash.

  • Zombies can't jump over closed/barricaded windows anymore.

  • Hammer will now correctly be equipped (if required) before crafting something.


  • Increased the difficulty to open windows when you're not strong.

  • Increase a bit the spawn of twine (specially inside the sewing shop).

  • Bait for trapping will now use only 5 hunger reduction from the food you use as bait, also fixed minors things on trapping.

  • Lowered a lot the time required to cook bacons.


IWBUMS branch for testing

and reminds everyone that THERE MAY BE BUGS so please only partake in testing if you’re okay with the potential for bugs.
Make sure to tell everyone that for more information on the IWBUMS branch they should read here:

Mention that of particular interest is how people get on with the new aiming system>

Community Announcements - nasKo


Mais oui! Bienvenue à lundoid, this week featuring a whole new never-before-seen concept in internet thingummywhatsits. Not content with mere words lovingly typed by hand and transmitted via cable, satellite, and the deepest corners of our hearts to your PC, laptop, phone, or whatever the hell you choose to read this guff on we have instead upgraded – yes, upgraded to 21st century audio. And not just any audio, no the sweetest sexist audio imaginable. Hearts will flutter. Knees will tremble. Romain has the mic!

Viewer discretion advised: The following video contains sexy French accent

In other news, Lemmy is still hard at work on the NPCs and, specifically, NPC inter-relations. Basically, what this means is that NPCs will have the ability to form friendships and rivalries based upon their traits and in-game events. In other words, get a bunch of NPCs in a group and their relationships will be dynamic. As they learn more about one another, they may start to distrust one-another, or conversely, a bond between them may form. If you brutally murder an NPC, therefore, there may be consequences – their friends will not be super-keen on you from that point on, but their enemies may look kindly upon you. And so forth.

The remainder of this blog post is the full transcript of the above video, just in case English is not your first language and you’d like something to copy and paste into Google translate.

Video Transcript

“Project Zomboid: Upcoming Build 28″

Hello everyone, I’m Robert Johnson French coder of Project Zomboid. Welcome to this first upcoming version video, and apologies for my outrageous French accent.

This is our first build video for a while, so let us know if you liked it – and feel free to give us pointers on how we can improve them.

This video covers some of the major changes in Build 28, and the full patch note is linked in the description bellow.

Firearms overhaul

A primary thing that’s changing are Zomboid’s guns.

Video = Player shooting at things randomly.

Firearms have been nerfed to bring the game closer to reality. This means no more bullet piercing for the shotgun, and no more 100% accuracy.

Shooting is based a lot more on your aiming skill, and each weapon now has base stats like hit chance, damage and head shot chance. Each stat is then influenced by aiming skill.

So let’s lift the lid on one of our two new weapons: the Hunting Rifle.

Hunting rifle video

This rifle is being used by a good marksman, next up is how it works when you have an aiming skill of zero.

Video = Player shooting at zombie for like 20-30s with the hunting rifle.

As you can see, lot’s of non-exploded brains there. With a low aim skill I also need to stand still for some time to aim correctly.

So this is now a player with an aiming skill of five.

Video = Player shooting at zombie for like 20-30s with the hunting rifle.

Hooray! Dead zombies!

Video = Player shooting with all weapon during the next text.

All this means that the shotgun will be perfect for begginer marksmen, as they have small range but huge damage. After you’ve gained some experience though, you’ll probably move onto using the pistol – with its better range, but poorer damage. Finally, there’s the rifle huge range and huge damage, but with a long recoil and reload.

Video = Player showing some weapon upgrades in inventory, mount/unmount some.

You can also now modify weapons with various upgrades.

These can be mounted as scope, sling, stock, canon or clip – and you’ll need a screwdriver to attach them.

With this you can increase damage, range, weight or recoil delay. Each can be found directly mounted on the rifle, or alone in a gunstore.

Video = Black screen + Title “Other stuff!”
Video = Black screen + Title “Burn zombies !”

Onto other areas and, very excitingly, in build 28 You can now also burn the zombies corpse with a lighter or matches and some petrol.

Video = Player burning some zombies.


Video = Black screen + Title “Loot and zombies respawn”

We’ve added some tools to help server owners.

Video = Player doing stuff (looting, killing zombies, classic playthrough)

Server owners can now setup a loot respawn, and dabble in zombie respawn management.

If a zone is unseen for a few hours, then the next time a player sees the area will respawn some zombies and some loot inside the containers.

This is a very experimental and optional system, and we would love feedback on it once Build 28 is released.

Video = Black screen + Title “Leave messages!”

You can now leaves notes for other players in MP.

Video = Show how the notes works.

If you have a sheet of paper and a pencil, you’ll be able to write abnote for your friends – or perhaps your enemies.

You can also lock the note, so you’ll be the only one who can modify it.

Video = Black screen + Title “Painting and crafting”

Multiple new crafting and paintable signs have been added to the game.

Video = Player building new stuff, painting sign.

You can now craft a bed, bookcase, shelves and do other home improvements.

You can also paint signs on walls, or create wooden signs, to indicate a safe house, a danger, or a direction.

Video = Black screen + Title “The End” ?

There’s a lot of other tweaks and additions in Build 28, and more stuff being added to the list all the time. Be sure to check the upcoming version post and subscribe to our newsletter to be sure you won’t miss anything!

Thanks everyone and have a safe day, I hope I wasn’t too French for your delicate tastes. Au revoir!
Community Announcements - nasKo
Yep, against our better judgement we decided that perhaps you’re all due a bit of a meatier update on the NPCs. Please read the following disclaimer before continuing:


Are we clear? Then go ahead and read this week's Mondoid:


(had to link it because of length restrictions for Steam announcements)

Community Announcements - nasKo
Yaaaaay! It’s Monday again! It’s probably going to be another fairly short and sweet “wot we’re up to” blog post this week, but there is a video. Not exactly the most tremendously exciting video you’ve ever seen, but a video none-the-less.


This continues to thunder ahead. While we are still not ready to tip our hand with the NPC development, they are getting more and more solid as time goes on. Lemmy has been busy with adding a ton of behaviors into the NPCs brains, layered on each other with quite intricate priorities and behaviour sub-trees that mean that, for example, if an NPC requires an item, they will not only check their own backpack, their safehouse, or look out for the object on looting missions, but will also consider any ingredients that can be used to craft said items.

Basically, NPCs have the power to be completely aware of all crafting recipes and can just ‘desire’ an item and make it so. They can use backpacks flawlessly now, and may even have partaken in a little tree chopping and log sawing! There’s plenty more but we’ll save that for a later date. That said Binky did take a little time out from the map making to help the NPC cause by coding up a little zombie avoidance system in C# that Lemmy will port into the game. Since we’re nice here is a lovely video!


It’s a little hard to see in the video, but in the top-left corner is a counter for the number of times our heroic little green dot has found itself within scratching range – the fact that this number stays at zero is, therefore, really promising and does not indicate a bug with the scratch detection. I know this for certain, because the first version of the avoidance code saw this number climb to about 1,000 in about a minute. So that code was swiftly burned and replaced.

As you might glean from seeing the dots move around, little green dot fella is trying its damnedest to reach its little blue dot goal. In an in-game scenario, where the NPC will be trying to get will change depending on many, many factors – so they won’t be prone to stubbornly trying to get somewhere ridiculous, such as the middle of about 200 zombies. Also, unlike this green dot, NPCs will be capable of engaging and killing zombies. So this video in many ways represents a “worst case scenario” especially since in this test-bed, zombies have perfect line-of-sight visibility and only stop chasing the green dot when they’re extremely far away.

Map Expansion

Development on the map is going at a nice pace, with the trio Mash, Binky and Ringo all working at it. Mash recently made a building that’s a little inhospitable due to the large number of infected types that congregated there in the early days of the outbreak. Binky also had to spend some time making sure there were exactly 18 of what he was making.

The Bit At The End Where We Plug Stuff

Firstly, the glorious Mighty Tactical Shooter is almost half-way to its Kickstarter goal, with 17 days remaining. There’s a demo on the Kickstarter page, so if you fancy finding out how a turn-based tactical arcade shooter actually plays you can find out there, and then consider pledging.

Secondly, huuuuuuuuge congratulations to our friends at Ironward on their Steam Early Access release of The Red Solstice. You can snap it up now at a whopping 40% off until the 24th July. So if real-time strategy RPGs are your thing, definitely check it out!

Don’t forget, you can get all our announcements and Mondoids in an e-mail lovingly deposited into your favourite e-mail client using this handy form!
Jul 7, 2014
Community Announcements - nasKo
Howdy all, it’s Mondoid time again! This week we’re all at the grindstone trying to get those last missing promised gameplay features into the game, as detailed here.

That’s not to say we don’t have some juicy info about what’s coming. This week its from Romain, who has been revamping the ranged weapon systems to reintroduce aiming skills.

In Romain’s own words (with a few edits!):

Weapon Changes

The ranged weapon have receive a bunch of fixes/changes, I tried to stick to the reality, even if I’ve never fired a gun.. Meh.

First thing, bullets don’t really pierce zombies now, meaning if you shoot a zombie, and there’s a zombie behind him, he won’t die, but he could take slight damage from rests of bullets (even being knocked back/down and become a crawler, yay for crawlers!).

So by knowing this, you already know the shotgun has been really nerfed!

The range of weapon has been slightly nerfed, as well as their angle too (mostly for the pistol), that means you will need to be at the right place to aim for a shot. No more 45° kill with a pistol.

Guns have now a critical chance (modified by aiming skill, but more on that below), understand it as a “head shot”.
For example a pistol can have a great chance of critical, while the shotgun will just blow up a zombie's chest (in a bloody glory moment !).

Weapon also have a recoil delay, meaning you can’t fire like an assault rifle with the shotgun.

It will mean no more taking a 300 strong zombies horde with 3 shotgun shells.
So by now, I’m sure you understood that the shotgun is a good weapon to start, and the pistol will be more deadly at end level, because it has a larger capacity, less recoil, makes less noise and way better range/critical chance than the shotgun.

Take your time

Second thing I’ve changed, is the physical aiming and panic influence over guns, you’ll now need to aim for a little moment to shoot accurately. If you run then shoot, your shot will likely be far away from your target, but again, aiming skill decrease this malus.


Yes, Panic can reduce the hit chance/damage done, panic usually mean trembling hands, so it’ll take a good skill to bypass that and make a true shot while you’re surrounded by zombies, again, it depend on weapon, a pistol will require concentration, while a shotgun will almost always hit his target(s).

Just stand still, breathe, take your time, and blow that head up. Please.

The glorious aiming skill

While making my changes to weapons, I saw that the aiming skill barely modified the hit chance, damage and stuff, well, that’s the past.

Aiming skill will now influence a LOT of things! Here’s a list :

  • Hit chance! Like really? It require skill to aim correctly? Jeeze Devs nowaday…
  • Critical chance! Yup, it’s not a FPS where “aim for head = head shot”, we’re in isometric world, so I can add a skill modifier to this (remind you of Fallout?)
  • Range ! Range is now also influenced by aiming skill, at least for the pistol.
  • Angle! Well ok, that may sound weird, but because we’re in an isometric world, aiming can be hard, so now, with a better aiming skill, you won’t have to be at the perfect angle for a straight shot (again, specially for the pistol).
  • Rate of fire! Well, I’m still trying to know how the great shooter can shoot faster than others (maybe it’s a combination of aiming + strength ?)

It’ll mean that you can avoid being violently murdered by a guy with a pistol if he can’t really aim with it, you could try to run toward him with an axe and take him down before he gets you, and with a bit of luck you may get an axe to his head!


Ah. Assault Rifle ? No way. Well, not now!
So, let’s do a little run down of the current ranged weapons:

  • Shotgun have small range, big angle, low critical chance.
  • Pistol have better range, small angle, big critical chance (specially at high level).
  • IT’S A BOLT ACTION RIFLE ! Huge distance, huge critical chance, long recoil time, small clip, so yup, it’ll need a lot of practices (understand aiming skill) to master that gun, but I swear with it, you can take down lot of danger from a long range !
  • Oh also, we won’t have new model/animation for it now, I’ll re-use the shotgun one, but I’m sure Andy will be on it soon, aye Andy ?

And for the future ?

I definitely want to see a bow in game, crafting weapon, silent, powerful, arrow piercing.. And require tons of skills to be mastered.

Also bear in mind that all these numbers will be balanced. You don’t know it, but Chris has a rule for my stuff: take all calculations I do and multiply them by 20, because I suck at balancing things :D

I may do an explanation video of it, with different weapons/aiming skill to show you the difference between a Daryl and.. Well, me for example (oh wait, I had a pistol air gun in my childhood.. I’m sure I’m a beast with weapons!)

REMEMBER, YOU CAN NOW SUBSCRIBE with several options to receive either release notification e-mails, unstable test release notifications, and even receive Mondoids right to your e-mail every week!

Follow this link to sign up:
Community Announcements - nasKo
Hello again.

As per the last Mondoid, we’re hard at work plugging away at all the things we said we’d be plugging away at last time so this Mondoid is just going to be a bit of us reporting in, with a little bit of new stuff to prevent Mathas from having to talk for ten minutes about puppies again.

So first, new thing!


Woop! Yep, you can now burn all those zombie corpses you’ve been stacking and thus re-create “the pit” from “The Last Man on Earth” / “I Am Legend” (the book, let’s not mention the film) except with additional accidentally setting yourself on fire.

All this moving and burning of corpses is paving the way for disease and other unpleasantness as a result of having rotting corpses decorating the inside of your safehouse – something we’ve wanted to deal with for a long time but would have been horribly punishing without a mechanic for removing / destroying bodies. But now we have that, we can have the other. HOORAY!

The Reporting In Bit

The game world, so far, consists of Muldraugh, West-Point, and a bit to the north containing a bunch of stuff including a (really, really big) mall and the amusingly-named “Knob Creek” *muffled laughter*. It’s pretty big, so far as hand-made game maps go BUT NOT BIG ENOUGH. To put everything into perspective, this image shows the areas mentioned above and then I’ve indicated the areas currently in progress.


Wowzers. Quite big, eh? So don’t be expecting this map expansion like, tomorrow, or anything since as you can see we’re talking about doubling the size of what’s there currently. And it’s not just bigger in area – that bit to the north? You know what’s up there, don’t you? Yep. A city. Which means that whooooole area is jam-packed with high-density buildings. So we’re talking twice the area but significantly more than twice the number of buildings (and… well, flupping loads of zombies too).
So, yeah…

Short Mondoid this week and I’ve tried to be fairly vague with the map stuff to avoid spoilers, but that’s where we are at the moment. Hope this was enough for you, Mathas <3

*Featured image credit: Steam user "D_loaded", link to source.
Community Announcements - lemmy101
Hello everyone!

Our servers are currently down so no access to projectzomboid.com, theindiestone.com, pzwiki.net and more crucially our ingame server browser is currently down for now.

When trying to see the server list you might experience the game freezing. Just leave it "hanging" for about a minute or two. The browser should then disable itself.

We're working on it, however it may take a day, two, potentially three to get sorted. We'll let you know when the dust is settled what has happened.

Massive apologies to everyone, particularly those who have bought the game over the sale, this is lousy timing and we're very unhappy, but we'll strive to get things back up and running as soon as possible.

Direct connect should work fine, for all those who have favourite servers set up.

Thanks for your patience,


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