Jun 20
Community Announcements - nasKo


The biggest ‘key’ feature, as regular readers will know, are the new animations, models and combat which are, in themselves, a fundamental stepping stone in the plan for all the big-name content in later builds.

Right now Martin’s big re-export of all his work is at an end and Lemmy and Binks are getting the new system completed that will allow for both overlay clothing (so people can pop on a t-shirt, then a jacket on top of it) as well as overlays that will be used to allow for blood splatters during combat, zombie blood and gore to make the zombies a bit more grizzly to look at, and hopefully the ability to age zombies to make the zombies that have been shuffling around on the six months later scenario look a bit more like corpses that have been walking around for six months.

The ability to apply texture overlays will give us a huge amount of freedom to make the zombies extremely varied, something that has been lacking in the game up to this point. The backpack is in and working, as you can see, but still has a few weird issues we are trying to resolve before we can do any sexy in-game videos of it in action. So for now, an image! Hurrah.

RJ, meanwhile, is building up to an internal test of his metalwork revamp, and is currently back inside his Nutrition system to make weight loss/gain a less of a sheer face to fall down and climb – and also to nerf clever tactics like ‘chugging down jars of mayonnaise’ with a daily limit on calorific impact whether it’s dropping off you, or piling itself on.

A month or so ago we compiled a big report from all the community posts about the nutrition system (from both those who liked it, those who disliked it and who wanted improvement) and got a lot of good pointers that we’re currently acting on.

Something that we want to get RJ on to next, that we might have mentioned was in our minds a while back, is a refurb of the current sleeping system. In the earliest builds of PZ sleep felt a lot more haphazard – you had no control over when you woke up (or when you were woken by possible night incursions) and as such the simple act of resting felt quite scary and unpredictable. You’d also struggle to fall asleep when in pain, making sleeping pills more of a necessity.

This was all somewhat lost as the game developed, not least due to MP making sleep a trickier issue, but it’s now something we can get back to. It’s all under current discussion, but less controlled SP sleep, in-game alarm clock items (impact of which is heard by all players, and maybe zeds in close proximity in co-op) and maybe a few random events that player sleep opens up to us are all on the agenda.

TurboTuTone meanwhile is coming back onto the main game after getting WordZed up to a standard that’s fine for internal use, but probably not as user-friendly as we’d like for a public release. We’re at a point at which we can easily package what we considered our priority (the release of community translations for Radio/TV in the next build which is currently looking like French, Russian, Polish and Turkish) so now Turbs is coming back onto the main build for a bit – to finish integrating his work on player boredom, the necessity of entertainment, learning from live and recorded TV and radio shows and hopefully a more analogue radio tuning system to help with tuning into secret wavelengths etc.

On top of all this we have EP in the Engine Room looking to slicken things up for future features in the pipeline, Mash is in the sprite/map room prettying things up further and obviously we’ve got the helpful chaps at General Arcade investigating the best avenues to integrate VOIP into PZ for our MP crowd too. More on all of the above in future Mondoidage. Have a good week everyone.

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Jun 13
Community Announcements - nasKo

With Martin the animator’s great big anims export ongoing (the one necessitated by an update to the way the visible backpacks, blood overlays and layered clothing are going to work) we haven’t got a great big exciting new vid for you this Mondoid, but perhaps we can extrapolate a little deeper from what we’ve already put on show. Namely, the introduction of different sorts of zeds.

Zeds who were once people who collapsed while at work, and rose again wearing their uniform, carrying their work tools and can (most likely) be found shambling near to their place of employment. We introduced survivor corpses, ‘occupation’ homes, pre-barricaded homes and the like back in Build 33 – and having this sort of variation in zombies will let us double-down on this.

[Please note we’ll be adding a lot of dirt and blood splatter to clothing. These are WIP images.]

‘Career’ zombies will not be common, but if you spot a policeman zombie in the horde then you’ll know there’s a high chance he’ll be carrying a police radio and a firearm. If you head into a restaurant and notice a chef zed in the kitchen then it could well be carrying a high quality knife. Likewise, workmen zombies at in the McCoy logging will carry a high chance of having decent tools and axes in their inventories. The hope is that you’ll feel an element of risk and reward when you spot a Career Zed in a huge crowd, and weigh up the pros and cons of trying to separate it and take it down.


It’s still unknown just how much of Martin’s work will be going into the first animation build, we’re not sure whether backpacks-on-zombies will be in there for example. As we go along, however, then zombies with severed limbs will clearly have less chance of scratching you. In terms of firemen zeds, meanwhile, we can populate areas around burnt out buildings with them – to suggest that they were called out to the fire during the opening days of the outbreak when the occupants had been laid low with sickness.

And, of course, if you so choose these are all clothes you can strip from the bodies of the deceased and wear yourself. The impact the new system will have on RP servers online will, hopefully, be quite profound. Likewise, that feeling of excitement you feel when you’re playing online or off, and you see the zombie of a recently turned survivor. For the first time, we’re hoping, that the horde will be able to give you an enticing risk/reward amidst all the sneaking around.

More next week, but before you go (and because it’s always nice to have moving images) here’s a quick video to show the new trees that are going into forests. It’s mainly a visual thing, sure, but we hope you agree that it’ll be a cool addition for those who favour wilderness survival. [Please note we’ll likely play around with line of sight a bit more than what’s shown in the video]


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Jun 6
Community Announcements - nasKo

This week we’re going back over to Animation man Martin. Martin’s currently finishing up a fairly laborious re-export of all his anims, which needed some adjustments to bring them up alongside the way visible backpacks are working.

In the midst of all this, then, he seemed quite pleased to dole out some new animated treats for us.

“Animation-wise I’ve been doing some new zombie hit reactions, new player melee attacks, some more incidental anims like eating, drinking and a whole host of other stuff.”

“Beyond that I’ve modelled a couple of new items of clothing, but a lot of the work has really been new textures – adding some variety to what the player can wear. With Captain Binky’s new player character models we’ve been trying to optimise the models and textures so we can have layered clothing with the addition of dirt and blood splatter; but doing it in such a way that it won’t overly impact performance.”

“Then, as we showed two weeks ago we’ve got new items, some of which are derivatives of existing weapons like the hammer which, along with the original, now has variations like ballpeen, mallet and clubhammer. Other items are everyday objects a survivor may use to fend off zombies who get too close, like a toilet plunger, saucepan, pipe wrench etc.”

“As I mentioned last time though, there’s a lot of stuff to implement and balance. Creating the assets is only one part of the process – so don’t expect everything in the very first anim update.”

“With that in mind, then, I’ve also made a batch of improvised “spears” that have their own set of melee attacks. Whilst their material cost and damage still need to be worked out and balanced, the intention is that anything you can use to stab with will also have an improvised ‘spear’ version.”


“You’ll also be able to fix a bayonet or other improvised stabby thing to certain guns and use them in a similar way to a spear. Finally, as I said last week, please keep your suggestions coming on the forums. I read everything and people have come up with some great ideas!”

There’s plenty more cooking that we’ll discuss next week, although it might be worth mentioning that last week’s Operation Big Tree is done and awaiting the first internal test build of Build 35. Thanks to the hard work of community translators like Teesee, Geras and their teams, meanwhile, it’s looking likely that French, Polish (and maybe a few other localizations) of the Radio and TV channels will also be in 35.

Oh, and we also just wanted to spotlight a new PZ RP server that’s sprung up over the past week. So, if you’re of an RP persuasion, then please do check out http://zomboidrp.com/.

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Community Announcements - nasKo


Hello! Here is the Zomboid news. *Shuffles papers on desk*

Farewell 34 and new demo
First off, something that happened a smidge after the last Mondoid was published is that the final iterations of Build 34 came to a close with the release of 34.28 This has now also been released on GOG, if you’re one of the GOG guys/gals.

Given as our free demo was long in the tooth to say the least (from Build 2x!) we’ve also updated it on Steam with all the 2x goodness, added gameplay features and general betterness of the current game. Next time we update it, it’ll be once all our lovely new animation systems are live and stable.

Operation Big Tree
While the new animation, clothing, models and whatnot system is banged with hammers elsewhere Mash and EasyPickins have been working on something that became a natural progression from the 2X sprites that were a core part of Build 34. And so, without much further ado, here comes Operation Big Tree.

There are two new sizes of trees, in addition to the four the game already has, that ascend to a maximum of a two-storey height. Currently, larger trees will provide three and four logs respectively when you chop them down, but will clearly take extra work to fell them.

As a part of all this, we’re also experimenting with transparency when the player is behind the bigger trees, and also the slow-down when you pass between them and smaller shrubbery. Right now, these larger trees only appear in Forest and Deep Forest zones so they’ll come with an added bonus of being a visual indication of where you can start foraging.

Two-step building latest

RJ’s work on refocusing metal stuff continues, but in the mean-time here’s a fun screen showing new craftable walls and quick run-down on where we’re at with two-step building and multi-discipline building projects.

“As you can see the wall frame are getting in, which means that now to create a wall you’ll need to build the frame, then the actual wall. I’m also experimenting with how much walls ‘cost’ compared to what they do currently, but if you don’t want to do high-level walls then the option will be there to make a crappy one while you’re short on supplies and upgrade it later.”

“In general, a lot of the metal stuff you can build will come in poorer versions, but can then be improved later on when you have a higher level in that skill.”

This week’s featured image by lovely, lovely Tim from Canada.  The Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes directly to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Okay thanks bye!
May 23
Community Announcements - EnigmaGrey

Today we’ve got an update from Martin, our lovely animator friend. Something the animation update will bring is some improvements on in-game firepower, so he thought he’d share…


“One of the areas currently lacking breadth in PZ are firearms,” he explains. “The amount of guns in the game has been discussed in many threads on the forums in the past, but it’s always been the intention to have a wider range of boomsticks. It is America after all!”

“What calibres, and how many, is still under discussion. We’re by no means talking about as exhaustive a list of some of the (very cool) mods like ORMtnMan’s one, but we will be adding a few more guns and ammo types that’lll give the player some more options and problems to think about.”

“Obviously when I came to model the guns I was basing them around particular calibres/types that would generally be available to Kentuckians during the early-90s era that PZ is set in. They’ve been modelled with a degree of generalisation, in part to avoid licensing issues, but also to let them represent several guns of similar types.”

“In the above video you’ll also see that there are models with proper bayonets and improvised versions. This was something I was keen to include as using guns with bayonets is as old as firearms themselves – but you’ll also notice not all guns have proper bayonets or indeed can be modified to use improvised versions. The same can be said about modifying with sights. Again, this will give the player more options and problems to think about.”

“As part of some new melee attacks I’ve also included a couple of rifle butts and pistol whips for when things get desperate – like when you’ve run out of ammo and the zeds get too close for comfort!”

“While we’re talking offense it’s also worth mention that, along with new clothes, I’ve also modelled and textured some new items that can be used as melee weapons. Some of these are representing items already in game that currently don’t have a model (ie the crowbar!) but quite a lot of them are new. Suffice to say there’s a lot of stuff to implement and balance. Creating the assets is only part of the process, so not all of it may make it in the first animation update but will be rolled out as and when they get put in game. Should all be good though!”

“There’s plenty more I’m up to, and have been up to, but we’ll leave that to another Mondoid! I don’t tend to reply on the forums or reddit but I do lurk and take notes, so keep the suggestions for animations or items coming. It all helps, and a lot of it is going in. Thanks!”

This week’s featured image by Zo off of Steam.
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May 16
Community Announcements - nasKo


Good Mondoid everyone! Here we go…


Build 34 came out last Monday, and most people seem to be digging it. So: yay! We’ve currently got a version three iterations further down the line in IWBUMS public testing which should eliminate the issues flagged up by the wider release, fixed some issues with fatigue and generally did some good old EasyPickins fixin’.

As soon as it’s clear we’re all done and good we’ll be releasing the GOG version, we needed to have everything 100% before we call 34 ‘done’ and fully move onto the next version y’see. That time isn’t far off though. And speaking of the next version…


Right now RJ is polishing metalwork, and adding more depth and mod-abilty to how you build things in Project Zomboid.  The primary change in this is the ability to have multi-stage objects.

The best way to describe this is to use a simple example: the wall. Before, building a wall was simple. You’d right click select it, the build – but you couldn’t ever upgrade it. As of the next build, however, that time will be over. Once you hit the correct level you’ll be able to improve on it, which should see the end of people building countless wooden floor tiles to get to level 6/7 before you decide to start building walls.

Here’s a WIP image, with WIP UI stuff and… did we mention this was WIP?

To build a wall, you’ll first need to build a frame – and then onto this you’ll then be able to right click it and build the wall using it. So yes, construction will take a little more time – but also there’ll be more precious XP points on offer.

This is also where we introduce cross-skill abilities. Using the new metalwork skills you’ll be able to have similar metal frames that can be used with wood to create more reinforced walls. Meanwhile, another more zed-resistant wall will be a wooden-frame with light metal plates attached – which will have more HP than a standard wooden wall, but will make a lot more noise when zombies are slamming against it.

There’s plenty more to come with all this that we’ll discuss at a later date – but another example would be putting two poles in the ground and choosing what sort of construction material to use to link them. Wooden fencing, metal wire… all that cool stuff.


Also in the works are an unexpected book-end for Mash’s ‘2x sprites’ secret mission that we’ll wait on showing off until we have some vids to show off its cool factor, Nutrition polish and of course the animation system that, as this Mondoid is being written, Lemmy, Binky and Martin the Animator are having a big exciting meeting about. More on all the above, in a less ‘national holiday in France’ abbreviated format, next week!

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Community Announcements - nasKo

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, zomboys and zombettes… Build 34 is now open for general consumption on Steam! (note: this version will be uploaded to GOG once we’re sure there are no unexpected bugs–probably in the next few days).

Highlights include the 2x ‘Secret Mission’ that has seen every single tile in the game redone by hand at twice the resolution, and the ‘Easy PZ Co-op’ feature that via networking magic will let you conjure your friends into your game with a fraction of the faff you previously experienced. For a neat FAQ on the latter, visit this here thread.

The new food system is also in there (freezers, new foodstuffs, recipes etc) but the actual Nutrition component of it has to be activated in sandbox settings. Although player feedback has shown us we’re on the right track with our food tracking system, it isn’t quite there yet in terms of polish. As such you can expect a Metalwork/Nutrition ‘RJ Special’ IWBUMS public test in coming weeks – which will then either be released as their own build or (if timings fit) as a part of our the animation/backpacks/clothing/combat update, that will itself be the stepping stone to our next big features.

If you’ve been away for a bit, here’s what ‘2x’ looks like compared to the previous version:

For full details on what’s in Build 34 you can read-up on what’s under the hood, including the improved new lighting system and co-op sleeping, in the release notes.

As always the sheer number of extra systems that live in the world beyond our IWBUMS testers might throw up issues, in which case our bug tracker lives here.

This week’s featured image by Garvel Locan on Steam. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitterright here! Okay thanks bye! Oh, but finally. What on EARTH is going on here?
Community Announcements - nasKo

Hey survivors, here’s the latest from Zomboidton.

IWBUMS 34.19

The marvellous EasyPickins continues to build some nice tweaks and fixes in to the public test of Build 34, which seems to be coming to a natural climax now – although we still need to work out which side of the release fence polished nutrition and metalwork will be landing. An item of note in .19 is EP’s new precipitation system, which looks nicer and opens the door to falling snow and whatnot. If you want to join in with testing you can find details here.


So with the animation update now surging through the pipeline we’ve got anims that allow the player to take bags off their back, and rifle through the contents on the floor.

As well as looking pretty as they jiggle about – they’ll also make a significant gameplay difference. If you’re carrying a bag on your back you will, in most cases, be unable to go rooting around in it unless you first take it off and put it on the floor in front of you. This means there will be no more intensive backpack resorting done while wandering around, as well as making looting much more interesting, with the potential of a panicked looter leaving their bag behind if they are not observant.


(Note: in the anim cycle the strap currently disappears when the bag is taken off and reappears when it’s put back on. There aren’t any easy ways to avoid this, but with clothing worn and in-game it will be far, far less noticeable.)

Holding a bag in your hand will add the extra advantage of being able to interact with it without stopping, which will make bag management much more strategic. Finally we may be able to look into a few more traits to further increase player’s capability to interact quickly with backpacks, as well as provide different speeds based on the type and convenience of the bag used.

If you weren’t around for the previous bag vid then let’s have another repeat, as it does look lovely.



To complement all this, character-wise, Binky is currently experimenting with unifying the textures between the male and female animation meshes. Currently our new player and zed anims are all chaps, y’see. The result of this (if successful) will be a more in-depth way of assembling the base models. We’ll lose the need to double-up textures – have more variety in skin tones, will let players wear whatever they like and will also tie into having blood and bandage overlays on the characters themselves.

With the base mesh and clothing overlays all using consistent texture layouts we’d be free to overlay this stuff wherever appropriate. Better clean that bite mark, dress the wound, and grab a clean long-sleeved shirt if you want to pretend you’re unscathed and not in imminent danger of eating your compadres!


Do check out lovely Blindcoder, of map fame, and his new building mod. Thanks all!

This week’s featured image by Shadows on Steam.The Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the] PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Okay thanks bye! Oh, and community GoT spoiler chat goes…here!
Community Announcements - nasKo

Greetings survivors. It’s been an exciting week watching testers ease into General Arcade’s fantastic ‘Easy PZ’ co-op set-up, and we’re now pleased to announced that the OnlineTest build into the main IWBUMS Public Test Build. There are still kinks to be ironed out, but overall we’re really pleased that such a complex bit of work appears to be operating well on the many and varied internet connections of our users.

If you want to engage with IWBUMS public testing procedures then visit this post. The full IWBUMS release notes and feedback thread, meanwhile, can be found here.

Even better, the GA guys are game for doing some more work on our MP contingent while we crack on with the main game features. A preliminary poke around VOIP integration is next on the list, but we won’t talk of it again until it’s close – as this will again be long and difficult job for our Russian code buddies.

Elsewhere TurboTuTone has released his direct-to-game radio and TV localization software, and the full modding tool known as WordZed will be released in coming days. We’d like to ask all our community translators to have a look, have a play around and come back to us with comments and questions.

Once Turbo has finished with WordZed he’ll then be returning to main-game activities, making our somewhat digital radio system feel more ‘analogue’ so secret transmissions (whether scripted or player-made) can be discovered more easily, improving the impact particular shows or transmissions have on character boredom, letting the player learn recipes from recorded VCR tapes and all that kinda fun stuff.

We also had a really productive Metalwork meeting last week with RJ (who is ill today, with ailments you don’t want to hear about at all) and hammered out improvements and changes that are again more in-line with community feedback.

Multiple versions of makeshift forges, wall and barrier recipes that involve building frames to build-upon (and crossover with the carpentry skill), tools that aren’t up to the same standards as looted equipment and more were on the menu. We’ll go into more detail with that when it’s in and working in-game, as it’s a subject that’s had a lot of debate and we want to get it right.

Finally, it’s been a while since we did a main build release – players outside of our test builds haven’t been experienced the 2x visuals yet. Now co-op is in we’ll be directing attention towards getting Build 34 out of the door. That said, with Nutrition requiring polish and Metalwork still in progress it’s likely one will be left behind and kept for 35. We’ll have a chat with RJ once he’s off his sick-bed and work out what’s best.

That’s about it for today, fingers crossed we’ll have some anim fun for you to have a look at next Mondoid. Laters!

This week’s featured image by the amazing base of Opt_0 over on Steam. The Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the[/u] PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Okay thanks bye! Oh, and community GoT spoiler chat goes… here!
Community Announcements - nasKo

Nothing super interesting to talk about this week with the animation system, but plenty of progress. We’ve been doing a lot of work on fixing up various bugs with the new software skinning system (the system that allows for 3D models to work across much older hardware) that became apparent when trying to make the video for last week’s Mondoid and resulted in huge scary spikes of flesh petruding from players chests. We’re meeting up with Martin on Thursday to discuss what comes next for models or animation work for the update, or perhaps future ones (ideas are always welcome!), and Binky is progressing with the model texture and UV revamp that will bring in new opportunities for blood overlays, as well as to get the ladies back into the animation build of the game.

We were planning on releasing a build of the co-op system alongside the Mondoid, however a few last minute fixes are still being pushed out, and as 11 o clock ticks around in the UK we thought we better get the Mondoid out there before the panic buying of canned food starts. It’s still possible it will make it out tonight, but if not you can otherwise expect it very soon, likely tomorrow. Keep a look out on the TIS forums for an announcement, as it will not be appearing on IWBUMS and will in fact be on an entirely new branch for testing purposes.

(Edit: Help us help you: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19172-easy-co-op-test/#comment-231159)

Big thanks to General Arcade for their tireless efforts bringing some clever networking tech to Zomboid, as well as to EasyPickins for his work on the in-game server settings and his work getting the new system ready to test out,. At the moment it’s only the Steam version using steam invites that we’re testing out. There are still a few changes in the pipe to make non-steam servers work comfortably, though we’re on the case and this will be in place before it goes into IWBUMS proper.

The new multiplayer uses UPnP to completely avoid any requirement for port forwarding. In addition the way maps are transmitted to clients has been changed, and we’re hoping it’ll be much more robust with less chance of the langolier style black border issues that strike some players. At the moment the current version in testing still has a few UI improvements required to make it completely newbie proof, but it should prove infinitely more straightforward for the technically challenged. The steps are as follows:

1) The ‘host’ simply starts a game using the HOST menu option, launches the server from within the game, creates their character and selects a spawn location.
2) Once in-game, the host can send invites to their friends via the ESCAPE menu INVITE FRIENDS menu, here all their steam friends who own PZ and are online will appear. Invite away!
3) Their friends will get the invite through a Steam message, and when they click on it, the game will launch and …

That’s it. It really is that simple! In fact, in lieu of the version being live for the Mondoid, we planned to provide a few screenshots until we realized the process is so simple there’s not really anything to show!

There is of course the potential for bugs with some people’s set ups, in which case please let us know your router and PC configuration and we’ll try and get them resolved as soon as possible. We hope this will bring multiplayer with small groups of friends to a lot of people who until now found the process daunting and confusing.

In a related topic we apologize for the random update people will be getting. This is the Visual Studio 2013 redistributable package the co-op system will require to function. Sadly we don’t have the option of switching this on for only the testing branch, so will undoubtedly get a few people excited about a main branch update.

We want feedback from people playing the current IWBUMS build (34.15) on the way they currently feel about the food system balance. We’re aware it needs some extra love before it’s released, and will only release stuff to the wider community when we’re happy – so knowing your relative happiness levels to the whole shebang is pretty vital. So please deposit thoughts here.
We want to know how its impacting on your survival, what you’re doing differently while you play and overall if it makes you happy/sad. If possible, please keep your suggestions as to ‘how’ it can be improved to other threads – it really is the ‘feeling’ of the game in this current iteration that we want to hear back about in this instance.

Recently added to Build 34.15 is a server option that allows sleep during co-op MP , something that EP and the team felt important given the imminent easy co-op builds. When all players sleep the server clock speeds up until players wake themselves by aiming or moving. As we move on into other builds our non ‘BIG STUFF’ focus will be a lot more on polishing our older systems to gain more control and gameplay nuance – fire, moodles, boredom, building… that kinda thing. Sleep is also on the list, wanting to return to the scariness of waking up at unknown times from our earliest builds – and this is a step towards that. Similarly, EP has been experimenting with how we process rain in-game and seeing what other effects we could get from the system .
Unrelatedly, while we’re on EP stuff, wood stoves now work like fireplaces. They emit light, warm/dry the player, can be used for cooking, and don’t require electricity. Likewise barbecues, campfires and woodstoves can now warm/dry you.

We didn’t realize that quite an important feature for large construction projects wasn’t known about by some proportion of our playerbase. Upon reading mertsu’s quite humourous revelation on Reddit and a few people responding in shock at his findings, we thought we should give the community a reminder that while our game is hardcore permadeath, there is nothing to stop you creating a new character in your single player world, finding your old stomping ground, introducing your old dead self to your base-ball bat, and your new character claiming your previous self’s construction projects and loot as their own.

This week’s Featured Image from Max, with an RP shot taken from the Aggressive Gaming New Dawn Server. Amazing stuff guys! The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to point earnestly in the general direction of the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter here!

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