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Community Announcements - YorisYan
FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
UNIT: Main Branch
ACTIVITY: Game Update: 1.26 (Guaranteed network messaging, Sharpen filter, Launcher presets, Launcher newsfeed)
SIZE: ~846 MB

More in the full changelog and SPOTREP
Aug 19, 2014
Community Announcements - YorisYan
FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Update delay, Weapon Inertia, Sling Loading


There has been a small delay in getting the final 1.26 update Release Candidate approved and released. QA Lead Miloslav Cinko and his team uncovered a potential for desynchronized game states under some multiplayer conditions, and rightly insisted we hunt & kill that problem first. As of today the source has been found, the problem has hopefully been fixed and the new build is in testing. Also, several collateral optimizations were made as a result of the thorough investigation. We'll continue to update the Steam RC branch until the update is released proper. Whether that is tomorrow or a little later, depends on test results.

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Community Announcements - RoyaltyInExile
FROM: Sandbox Design Dept., Programming Dept.
TO: Arma 3 Users
OPSUM: Launching Arma 3's Steam Workshop integration to the next level.


During our Public Beta, we tested Steam Workshop with scenario publishing and were glad to see that the community picked up on the new method of sharing, with thousands of custom scenarios published by Arma 3's launch last September.

This was just the first step. Now, finally, we are gradually introducing Steam Workshop support for addons. Let's talk about the background to some of our decisions, some details of its implementation, and set out our future plans.

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PC Gamer
title="Permanent Link to Changing Arma 3′s helicopters is Bohemia’s first step toward a deeper simulation">Arma 3 Helicopter DLC

Arma 3 is good at many things. Bohemia Interactive s military sim is a huge, open-world playground where action dramas unfold, but its greatest strengths show when it dwarfs you with scale. Being a lone sniper in three miles of sprawling mountain wilderness or driving with a vanguard of advancing tanks will strike awe into the heart of the most jaded gamer. Whatever it s doing, Arma paints these experiences in broad strokes you can t find anywhere else in gaming.

On the other hand, Take On Helicopters, Bohemia s 2011 helicopter simulator, was great at a single, specific thing: modeling helicopter flight physics. Beyond the high-definition cockpit, its world was a blocky and lifeless version of Seattle. Seattle wasn t the point, though: the inside of that cockpit was the point. All the love in that game went straight into those dials.

It s kind of wonderful, then, that Arma s next update will be a free DLC focused on bringing the high-definition flight controls of Take On Helicopters to Arma s vast, rolling landscape. It s a long overdue chocolate-and-peanut-butter proposal, one that will change the way pilots interact with their vehicles. Plus, ground troops will get new ways to fight alongside their airborne taxis. To nail down the details, I tried to relearn my helicopter piloting chops with the new, more advanced flight model in Arma 3. Here s what happened.

Ah, jeez. You ok, guys? Guys? You'll be ok.

The Rookie

Let s get this out of the way first: the new flight mechanics have a steep learning curve. Anyone who takes passengers on board with the advanced flight model engaged had better have done their homework, or they ll end up with a dozen corpses and a lot of angry friends. The new model replicates wind, weight, momentum, acceleration, and G-forces. Arma s standard helicopter controls could hardly be accused of being arcadey, but now the helicopters feel like they re punching the air to keep you from falling.

Engaging the advanced flight model, which can be turned on or off at any time through the settings menu, adds five dial readouts to the pilot s HUD. They are, from left to right, speed, altitude, horizon, vertical speed, and wind direction. Alarm lights for torque and engine RPMs are there to flash yellow and red as you gracefully spiral through the sky toward an imminent, fiery death. Though overwhelming at first, with practice these inputs create an interactive map of every force acting on your vehicle.

With our approach to DLC, we had an opportunity to focus in upon a particular aspect of the sandbox and find ways to bring about more gameplay, Bohemia creative director Jay Crowe told me when I asked him about why these options were being introduced to the Arma 3 ecosystem. Of course, for the helicopter enthusiasts out there, the advanced offers a more authentic experience than our 'basic' stock one more precise control and a greater variety of simulation inputs which has been talked about on our forums and feedback tracker for some time.

No matter how fancy the physics get, sometimes you still feel like a giant taxi.

In Take On Helicopters, slamming too hard on the accelerator would cause undue stress on the engine and lead to a bumpy, choppy ride as the machine deteriorated. Failing to heed engine light warnings would cause the troubled components to groan, complain, and then fall right off. Though the advanced flight model replicates these warning lights, the parts can t fall off. To test this I flew like a demon, throttle wide open and collective swinging around, and never had a rotor come spinning off. Small mercies, I guess.

Just because the parts won t be falling off, though, doesn t mean you can fly recklessly. The new flight model includes a more realistic take on stalling and losing lift, so making a hard turn at high speeds will always end in a ball of fire.

elicopters are a big part of everyone's experience on the combined-arms battlefield, not just pilots, Crowe said. Expanding gameplay for a variety of players is definitely a big goal. Crowe also hopes that the advanced model will give dedicated pilots a deeper way to dive into the simulation. We hope flying helicopters will become more fun to master for our players, he says. Strangely, Crowe thinks that the new advanced model might actually be easier for pilots to grok. n some ways and as long as you have assists like Auto-Trim switched on handling the helicopter becomes less difficult and more logical/intuitive. It moves a bit more like you'd expect in real life, so we hope it might open things up to a few new pilots, too.

It s on this final point that I just don t agree. For all my hours in Arma s helicopters, though, I still fly like a baby polar bear learning to walk. For a second opinion, I sought out another authority on flying in Arma.

It's dials within dials. It's dials all the way down.

The Veteran

Dslyecxi, aka Andrew Gluck, is one of the biggest names in the online Arma community. The group he founded, Shack Tactical, is known as one of the best-organized gaming groups in Arma which is saying something for a community that prides itself on military simulation. He narrated a series of tutorial videos for Arma 3, but he first came to my attention when I was new to the game and trying desperately to suck less at flying helicopters.

Frankly: the guy s a wizard. After he made a video on his first impressions with the new flight model, I tracked him down to get his feelings. Right now, he says, they re pretty mixed.

As an advanced flight model, I think it needs some tweaking and some additional functionality for it to really live up to the expectations one has when hearing advanced flight model. Once you dip into the more intricate aspects of helo flight, there are a lot of aspects that all mix together to represent what it takes to control a helicopter. He also doesn t agree that the flight model will be a good way for new pilots to earn their wings.

What he was hoping for and honestly, what I thought I was getting my hands on Dslyecxi pointed out all the things that were missing is a true simulation experience. Notable details are missing from the Arma 3 flight model, including localized rotor damage and the horrifyingly named vortex ring state. VRS is a sickening quirk of physics where a helicopter descends into its own downwash, causing a loss of lift. (For context, one of the helicopters on the Osama bin Laden raid crashed due to VRS.) Pilots in Arma, though, can t enter VRS, and it alters the ways in which helicopters can safely fly.

With these omissions, the new advanced flight model isn t realistic enough to be considered a sim, but the new bells and whistles make it too finicky to be accessible to new players. For this reason, Dslyecxi says, he won t be enabling the advanced flight model in ShackTac s main game sessions. One of the best parts of Arma's native flight model is the accessibility of it it gets the basic themes of helicopter flight correct, but anyone can have a decent chance to fly with it even with just a mouse and keyboard. It's easy to pick up, but difficult to master.

Dslyecxi isn t entirely down on the DLC, though. For one thing, the new flight physics are completely optional, and adding in more native systems for players (and modders) to tinker with is always a good thing. For another, everyone at Bohemia has been open about the update being a work in progress. Just in the past week, changes have been made to improve control responsiveness.

Helicopters in Arma will eventually be able to carry sling loads, which will allow heavy choppers to, say, deliver tanks and jeeps to the battlefield rather than simply ferry infantry back and forth. Even better for the infantry troops relying on helicopters for battlefield transport, troops will soon be able to shoot their personal weapons from the passenger seats or running boards. Anyone who has ever dropped into a hot LZ will recognize how important this would be for virtual soldiers.

Bohemia isn t talking about a release date for the Helicopters DLC yet, but they do hope to get both sling loading and firing from vehicles into beta testing during the next month. Taken together with the recent updates that added a training mode, a single-player campaign, and a player-directed Zeus multiplayer mode, Bohemia is continuing to add content and depth to satisfy their niche audience of simulator die-hards. And when you re dealing with die-hards like Dslyecxi (who says he has about $1,000 worth of flight sticks, rudder pedals, and headset gear on his desk for flight sims), the best solution is always going to be: more. More content, more depth, more variables to tweak and play with.

Ultimately it comes down to what any given person is looking for in the experience, Dslyecxi says, and whether having a more complex flight model helps or hinders that. Some people will benefit from it and enjoy it, others will find it to get in the way or unnecessarily complicate things.

Note: I took all of the screenshots for this article while flying in Wibbler's Helicopter Training scenario. If you need practice landing in hot LZs, in the advanced flight model or not, I recommend you download it.
Aug 13, 2014
Community Announcements - YorisYan
FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Update 1.26 coming, RotorLib tweaking


In the midst of the summer holidays and heat, the team has pushed on full steam with their work on Arma 3 Helicopters and more. A release candidate for the 1.26 update has been mastered and is close to release. As has become usual, we're staging the update on Steam's hidden RC branch. Keen server admins, modders and players can try it using access code Update126Arma3Splendid in the BETAS tab of the Steam client. The central feature of the update is the roll out of the so-called guaranteed network messages. See the LOGISTICS section for a bit more on this multiplayer optimization. Another, more trivial addition, is the set of sounds for opening / closing doors of various materials (and therefore technology to add sounds to other objects with animation sources). This update does not include the RotorLib flight model yet! The final version of that technology is to be released in a game update alongside Arma 3 Helicopters. We'd like to remind players to consider running a Steam local verification and defragmentation on HDDs after updating to solve potential file corruption issues and to improve performance.

More in the full SITREP
PC Gamer
title="Permanent Link to The PC Gamer Show episode 3: Videoball, GTA 4 no-friction and more on LPC Jr., Arma 3 Zeus mode">pcgamershow3-teaser

It's The PC Gamer Show! In episode three we're introducing the new Large Pixel Collider Jr. with an afternoon of special living room gaming challenges. Can Counter-Strike maven Evan Lahti win when he's forced to play with an Xbox controller? Who will survive the frictionless mayhem of GTA 4's Carmageddon mod? Plus, we play upcoming electronic sport Videoball, and PC Gamer UK walks us through ARMA 3's awesome Zeus mode.

In this episode...

Act I: As if Octodad: Dadliest Catch wasn't already wacky enough, Evan and Tyler race against Wes and global EIC Tim Clark in a competition to become the best co-op octo-pair.

Act II: The gang goes two-on-two again in Videoball, Action Button Entertainment's upcoming minimalist electronic sport.

Act III: Evan tests out his Counter-Strike skills by playing on the LPC Jr...with a controller. Meanwhile, Tyler plays with a keyboard and mouse, as any sane man would.

Act IV: Our program heads over to the United Kingdom, where the other half of the PC Gamer team play Arma 3's Zeus mode. Vengeful god Andy Kelly controls the battlefield from above to torment his teammates.

Act V: It's carmageddon in GTA4's famous no friction mod. We race through the chaos to see who can survive the longest in a whirlwind of flying cars.

The PC Gamer Show is a new and evolving project for us, and we want your feedback to help make it better. What kind of segments do you want to see? What games should we play and talk about? Who should we have on as guests? What's coming up next?

Shout at us in the comments below, or shoot us an email directly at letters@pcgamer.com. We're listening. And we'll see you in two weeks.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Graham Smith)

Get to the choppaaaurgh.

Part of Arma 3‘s recent roadmap includes more regular updates to the game’s dev branch, introducing all manner of tweaks and new tools to the terrifying military simulator. As of this past week, that includes new helicopter physics.

Using knowledge gained via Bohemia’s own Take On Helicopters (my title for this post is really very clever), a new set of flight physics have been introduced which “is more complex, taking into account things like a helicopter’s construction, the weight of fuel/ammo, wind influence, stress damage and much more besides.” There’s a video of the new model in action below.

… [visit site to read more]

Aug 5, 2014
Community Announcements - petrkol
FROM: Creative Director
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Advanced Helicopter FDM Deployed


It's been an exciting time on Arma 3's development branch as - alongside our usual line-up of tweaks, fixes and additions - we've just rolled out the first version of the advanced helicopter flight model! Rotorhead-in-chief, Karel Kališ, found the time to put together a splendid OPREP, which outlines the changes to helicopter flight, customisation options, controls and GUI elements! Together with Lukáš Miláček and Vojtěch Hladík, we're keenly awaiting your feedback on our official forums!

More in the full SITREP
Community Announcements - RoyaltyInExile
FROM: Sandbox Design Dept.
TO: Arma 3 Users
OPSUM: Bringing advanced helicopter flight dynamics to Arma 3.


Right now on the Development Branch, the advanced helicopter flight model is available for all existing helicopters. This new functionality is composed of multiple layers: significantly different behaviour of helos in flight; a set of optional helpers and new customisable actions/keybinds; new gauges and indicators. We'd like to explain these things in more detail.

More in the Full Report
PC Gamer
title="Permanent Link to This Arma 2 firefight video has a teeth-gritting, cinematic ending">arma-2-firefight-video

What does it take to rattle 80-some veteran players of Earth s most hardcore military sim? ShackTac bossman Dslyecxi pointed me to this insane firefight and extraction attempt in one of his recent videos. Short on ammo, shorter on men, and their backs literally against a wall that may or may not be indestructible, Dslyecxi leads the survivors of a trapped infantry unit as they improvise an escape plan.

Dslyecxi contextualizes the chaos: "At the 33:40 mark, we're all critically low on ammo. As a fireteam leader, I've given everything I had left to other members of my fireteam, and I'm running around trying to see what we're going to do next. There are enemies swarming all over the exterior of the compound and we have reason to believe that they've started to breach into it in some areas as well. It's very much a fog-of-war period at that point. There are reports that the convoy has arrived, and while I saw a few of our vehicles earlier, I heard quite a few explosions and wasn't sure if they were still alive. I'm just waiting for orders and seeing where I can help out in the meantime. We get those orders a few minutes later, which starts the chain of events leading to the crazy finale."

We ve highlighted a few more of Dslyecxi and other Arma players variously heroic and hilarious moments in the past: watch them here. Dslyecxi also has a Patreon page where you can support his continued creation of combat and tutorial videos.

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