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Altis Life for Arma III

After two hours of tense waiting, the op was launched. The four of us, all policemen wearing night-vision goggles, slithered from our vehicles, spread out silently, and sprinted around the darkened buildings in the middle of the night. We converged on the civilian helicopter pilot who had landed nearby a moment ago, surrounding him, our weapons drawn and ready. Then we politely asked him to produce his pilot's license. He promptly did. We thanked him, dispersed, and met back at the vehicles. No illegal activity had transpired. Mission accomplished.

Altis Life, the police and civilian role-playing server mod for Arma 3, reminds me a bit of the time the very little time I spent on a few Garry's Mod role-playing servers. Rather than engage in multiplayer warfare, players engage in, well, virtual life. If you're playing a civilian, you buy a car, get a job, and collect a paycheck. If you're a cop, you police the civilians and enforce the law. The laws that include the requirement to have a proper license to operate vehicles such as helicopters, boats, and cars, hence the covert nighttime op.

Cool goggles! And they only cost $2 billion.

Speaking of cars, after the exciting conclusion of Operation: Does That Guy Have The Proper Paperwork To Fly A Helicopter, we drive off and stop at a street corner where our vehicles can be hidden behind bushes. My commanding officer (technically he's a private, but he's got better gear than I do, plus, he orders me around a lot) shows me how to use my pistol as a radar gun. Any cars going over 100 kph counts as a speeding violation, so we can stop anyone we record speeding. In the hour spent on the side of that road, we detect no cars going over 100. We see no cars at all, in fact. We just sort of stand there for an hour.

I feel the NEED. The NEED for SPEED. Detection. And apprehension of civilian motorists.

Why so much time spent watching for speeders and interrogating helicopter pilots? Well, one of the jobs civilians can undertake in Altis Life is that of a drug mule. They can collect drugs from dealers (helpfully marked on the map!) and transport them around the world. That's why we stopped the chopper pilot and why we've been standing here for ages waiting for cars to pass by.

It's hard to look casual while hovering, but this NPC drug dealer pulls it off.

Eventually, we go straight to the source: a dealer of drugs. This is an NPC quest-giver that we can interrogate. We surround this ne'er-do-well, who is somehow hovering several feet off the ground (probably high on dope!) but no one has had dealings with him lately, so it's expenditure of of time with no crooks jailed or shot or even detected.

Growing a little tired of spending hours waiting for crime to show up so I can fight it, I run off on my own for a bit. That's right, I've gone rogue. For all I know, my partners are all dirty, trying to distract the one good cop (me) from the real criminal activity. I head to an NPC turtle dealer on the map poaching turtles is illegal and pounce on him. He spills no info either, and no one tries to sell him turtle meat while I'm standing there with my gun drawn. I guess it's good that the crime rate on this server is zero, but it doesn't really make for thrilling action. But then, this is a life simulator, so it's to be expected.

Serpico? I'm more like DERPico. Or SerpiCAN'T. Or, oh, I just stink.

As a cop, I'm a complete bust, so to speak. I decide to join a new server and try on the civilian lifestyle instead. For civvies, there are a few basic tasks to get started. First, head to an ATM and withdraw some money. From there, head to a DMV to acquire a driver's license. Finally, visit a car shop to purchase some wheels: Altis is a massive map, and you won't be going far on foot. Then, if you're me, the next step is to run yourself over with your own car.

Like Ralphie from Christmas Story, that which I yearned for hath become my undoing.

I'm not sure how I fell in front of my own moving car thirty seconds after purchasing it, but chalk it up to not being particularly familiar with all of Arma's 6,439 control keys. Anyway, I'm fine. The only thing hurt is my pride, and my spine, and probably my car's tyre. It doesn't matter much: a few minutes later, I crash my car while trying to read the map while driving, so I have to downgrade to an ATV.

The server I'm on seems to have a lot more illegal activity than the other one. For instance, I drive back to the ATM to take out some more cash so I can buy a pickaxe I want to do some salt mining but all my money is gone. This is because the Federal Reserve has been robbed by outlaws. In fact, it seems to be getting robbed more or less all the time.

What. I'm just driving to the bank wearing night-vision goggles. Is that suspicious or something?

I head to the bank to take a look at it myself, and perhaps have some stern words with the robbers. Do they know the real victims are civilians? Do they know I just want to buy a pickaxe and mine salt and earn an honest living? On my way there, an SUV rams me, and then a cop jumps out and shoots me to death. Sheesh! The criminals are awful and the cops are trigger happy. Is there no room in this world for an honest salt-miner?

In my next life, I respawn and run to the police station to complain, both about the police force's inability to protect the bank and the fact that a policeman just bullet-murdered me without so much as a verbal warning. I'm stopped at the station by another officer, who cuffs me, points a gun at my virtual junk, and tells me he'll put me in jail if I don't leave the premises.

Please don't shoot me in the penis. I can't afford to buy a new one.

It seems no matter which side I'm on, cops or civvies, my Altis Life is a challenging one. Fun, though. If you're looking to do a little roleplaying as a drug trafficker, bank robber, jerk cop, or innocent civilian, I recommend checking it out. The official site is here.

Installation: You don't need to install anything. Just start Arma 3 and look (or filter) for an Altis Life RPG server. When you join you'll be able to choose if you want to be police or civilian. A lot of servers appear to save your progress as well and will keep track of your collected stuff and cash. Much like DayZ, most servers restart every couple of hours.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Craig Pearson)

It's not too baaaaaad

I’ve played Arma 3 for about 70 hours. At least 20 of those hours involved me loading up the editor, planting a helicopter and pilot on the map, and just flying all over the island. Altis is a breathtaking creation. I can’t get over the fact that it exists. Bohemia’s main duty since October has been to create a single-player campaign that uses their remarkable creation and engine, and the final part of The East Wind series of episodes was released a short while ago. I’ve played it and completed, and here’s Wot I Think.>

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - RoyaltyInExile
<b>FROM</b>: Quality Assurance Dept.
<b>TO</b>: Arma 3 Users
<b>OPSUM: </b> Taking on the whale: tweaking AI configuration options.

We've made some progress in terms of documenting and refining the basic values that affect our AI and in terms of giving players more meaningful control over setting up their game, making some tweaks and updates to the difficulty options. While our work isn't over yet, we wanted to share an update on the actions we've taken so far.

More in the <a href="http://dev.arma3.com/oprep-ai-configuration">full Report</a>
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arma 3

Our companion to most things Arma 3 over the last year, Andrew "Dslyecxi" Gluck, is back with another patented community guide. This time, we're treated to tactics in the military sim that favor the off-beat, underdog approach of guerrilla warfare.

In Arma 3, it's the conventional forces who get to carry the biggest sticks the heavy armor, air support, and latest technology. Guerrilla troops offer different advantages and disadvantages in the kind of asymmetrical encounter that often takes place when they make a raid on better outfitted soldiers, as Gluck explains in the video below.

"Surprise is essential," Gluck says. "The shock of sudden unexpected contact gives the guerrillas an advantage that takes time for the conventional force to properly react to ... Surprise is so significant in fact, that many operations should be outright aborted if it isn't achieved. There's nothing worse than trying to ambush a convoy that knows you're there, and is choosing to bring heavy weapons to the fight to counter you with."

Our sim of the year for 2013, previous community guides have tackled topics such as sniping, helicoptering, and general infantry and vehicle teamwork. And beyond the helpful strategies, the videos are all great theater from one of the most stunningly beautiful, player-driven experiences of recent years. You can find the full rundown of Arma 3 community guide videos here.

Community Announcements - Nelios
Bohemia Interactive today released a brand new episode in their official Community Guide video series for Arma 3. In the latest episode, Andrew Gluck (better known as Dslyecxi) from ShackTactical explores the concept of guerrilla warfare - something which factors heavily into the Arma 3 singleplayer campaign.

Guerrilla warfare relates to an asymmetrical form of combat, where a smaller, less equipped force fights against a larger and more conventional military force. Approaching the concept from the perspective of guerrilla fighters, the new video explains how to deal with the equipment disparity, how to conduct successful hit-and-run attacks, how to safely withdraw from the area of operations, and more.

Bohemia Interactive’s Community Guide video series aims to explain some of the basics of Arma 3. Previous episodes focused on topics such as infantry combat, multiplayer teamwork, helicopters, sniper- and launcher teams, combined arms warfare, and air assault. The full Community Guide playlist is available on Arma 3’s official YouTube Channel.
Mar 25, 2014
Community Announcements - YorisYan
<b>FROM</b>: Project Lead
<b>TO</b>: Arma 3 Users
<b>INFO</b>: Campaign completed, Zeus development wrap
<b>PRECEDENCE</b>: Flash

There were lots of releases last week: the <a href="http://www.arma3.com/news/bohemia-interactive-completes-arma3-episodic-campaign">conclusion to our campaign</a>, CAS jets, new Altis locations (which in many other games could be considered a new 'level' by themselves), <a href="https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Terrain_Builder">Terrain Builder</a> and more. Get all the Intel from the <b><a href="http://dev.arma3.com/spotrep-00021">SPOTREP</a></b> and <b><a href="http://dev.arma3.com/techrep-00005">TECHREP</a></b>. And because you can never have too many REPs, encoder <i>Martin Gregor</i> has posted an <b><a href="http://dev.arma3.com/oprep-fixed-wing-configuration">OPREP</a></b> about fixed-wing configuration. He discusses what went into taking the static 3D models, and adding functionality to them. Encoders tackle the configuration and tweaking of weapons systems, flight models, cockpit instruments and component animations to name a few things. There are also some differentiating characteristics between both CAS jets. Finally, he mentions further tweaks (to the flight models), which are already coming up.

More in the <a href="http://dev.arma3.com/sitrep-00049">full SITREP</a>
PC Gamer
Arma 3

The majestic helicopter gets a bit of a raw deal in the following trailer for Win, Arma 3's third and final piece of campaign DLC. Also on Bohemia's hitlist: buildings, and people in a rival army to the one you're fighting in. Those guys are just the worst. Win continues the story of soldier Ben Kerry, asking players to "deploy all the skills and experience they've gathered to bring the flashpoint to a resolution". They could have almost called it 'Operation Flashpoint', but I have a feeling that name might be already taken. If you own the game on Steam it should have automagically been updated by now, bringing with it a bunch of sandbox content which I'll list after the break.

It might be a little easier to win with Win, thanks to some new aircraft: the A-164 Wipeout, To-199 Neophron and A-164 CAS jet. There's also a new Tempest transport truck, which despite the name doesn't transport classic arcade games but rather medical, fuel or ammo cargo. New points of interest have been added to the map too, including an athletics stadium and hotel compound.
Mar 21, 2014
Community Announcements - YorisYan
<b>FROM</b>: Project Lead
<b>TO</b>: Arma 3 Users
<b>UNIT</b>: Main Branch
<b>ACTIVITY</b>: Hotfix: 1.14 (MP crash fix)
<b>SIZE</b>: ~16 MB

More in the <a href="http://dev.arma3.com/spotrep-00022">full changelog and SPOTREP</a>
Community Announcements - RoyaltyInExile
<b>FROM</b>: Encoding Dept.
<b>TO</b>: Arma 3 Users
<b>OPSUM: </b> Expanding the Sandbox: introducing CAS planes to Arma 3.

Recently, Arma 3 received two new fixed-wing aircraft: the A-164 'Wipeout' and the To-199 'Neophron'. In this OPREP we'll take a look at these new assets, discuss their role, details and differences but also outline what's new for planes in general - improvements that benefit our own vehicles as well as future community creations!

More in the <a href="http://dev.arma3.com/oprep-fixed-wing-configuration">full Report</a>
PC Gamer

In a new video for 2017, an upcoming survival-horror mod for Arma 3, the creature prototypes hint at multiplayer enemies with a dark and and maybe inhuman past. A good horror story usually has a moment where the hunted get's a glimpse of what's hunting him. It's often a split second of terror where the main character finally realizes just how out-matched he really is. And with its creeper and sadist characters, 2017 is putting its idea of horror on clear display.

The two creatures support the mod's move away from a scenario of infected humans initially proposed as a setting for the mod last year. Taking place some years after the collapse of human civilization, 2017 will put players in a survival role inspired by post-apocalyptic fiction such as The Road. With this inspiration in mind, beasties like the sadist, with his bulging belly and burlap-sack mask point to the corruption of a person who at one time, maybe, was just like everyone else.

The creepers on the other hand, with their burned-looking flesh and spindly bodies, set an entirely different mood. If the sadist has kept his more-or-less human appearance in the wake of the apocalypse, the creepers are something else entirely. The video above has packs of the prototype creatures lurking around the broken-down Arma 3 landscape with animation that only makes them seem more faceless and evil.

The video also gives some insight into the mod's progress, with the announcement that a closed alpha build is being tested this month. For more on 2017, be sure to check out its official website and forum here.



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