Jul 31, 2013
Product Update - Valve

Added: BTR-K Kamysh tracked IFV
Added: IFV-6c Panther tracked IFV
Added: BattlEye anti-cheat engine integration
Added: Commander position for Marshall and Kamysh
Corrected position for optics and coaxial machinegun moved to correct place (AMV)
Added clan sign support for many Beta vehicles
Added: Various vehicles have adjusted items in inventory
Fixed: Ifrit GMG now has 96 grenades instead of 64
Fixed: Hunter GMG now has 96 grenades instead of 64
Fixed: Strider GMG now has 96 grenades instead of 64
Fixed: Bad glass sorting on Strider
Fixed: Tweaked AI driving skills with Speedboat
Fixed: Lowered hit of 40mm HE grenades as they were too strong and MRAPs now uses magazines with 96 grenades
Fixed: APC turrets now have more authentic vision modes
Fixed: Tweaked suspension of APCs
Fixed: Improved crew and cargo animations of APCs
More believable braking performance of Marshall and Marid
Remotely controlled turrets on new APCs have no hatches (so crew cannot turn out from them)
Adjusted lift force of xH-9, AH-99 and PO-30 helicopters
Adjusted collective of xH-9 family helicopters
Adjusted xH-9 family maneuverability around roll-axis
Moved Blackfoot gunner optic view to correspond with PiP
Fixed: Destroyed parachute doesn't start to burn
Supply parachutes now have correct colors per sides
Fixed: Changed glass materials for CH-49 Mohawk
Daytime version of UH-80 is now listed as made by Bohemia Interactive
Copilot of the UH-80 now uses the cyclic
Fixed: Blurred tail rotor in cargo-view
Transport helicopters have means to detect incoming missiles
Helicopters: added bodyFrictionCoef config parameter
Doors should be openable by scripts for helicopters
Improved cockpit PiP monitors
Added plain brown versions of Mk. 20 rifles (classes arifle_Mk20_plain_F, arifle_Mk20C_plain_F and arifle_Mk20_GL_plain_F)
Added specialized collimator for SMGs (classes optic_ACO_grn, optic_aco_smg, and optic_Holosight_smg)
Improved animations of Mk.20 rifle
Fixed: Iron sights now have 100 m increments (up to 600 m)
Even holosight should have basic zeroing of 200 m
Fixed: Repaired AS map of MX rifle family
Added some delay between throwing 'nades
Fixed: Hammer of ACP-C2 is correctly readied to fire
Better cursor for laser designator
Revamped sound suppressor configuration
Correct name sound for Scalpel missiles
Fixed: String error after after shooting a smoke round from MX 3GL
Tweak: Cannons and Skyfire rockets AI engagement ranges and probabilities
Fixed: Showcase Infantry - Undefined variable error when engaging the spotters
Fixed: Showcase Infantry - No artillery rounds were hitting the village at the end of the mission
Showcase Helicopters: Radio issues fixed - some conversations were not playing because using wrong channels
Showcase Helicopters: Ambient animations added to starting location and Camp Rogain
Showcase Helicopters: Problem with mission not ending when helicopter crashed into water fixed
Showcase Vehicles: Various tweaks: more sunlight, exfil task position, player can get in the boat before his driver now
Fixed: Showcase Supports - Mission should end a bit sooner now
Added: BIS_fnc_log and BIS_fnc_error now display player's profile name
Added: Sector module - creates a contested sector, handles its capturing and map visualization
Added: Respawn Position module - adds respawn point for specific side and unit / vehicle type
Added: Vehicle Respawn module - set vehicle respawn, including customizable position, delay, notification, etc.
Added: Additional military buildings can now be garrisoned by Sites
Added: When "ORBAT group" module is not synced to "Strategic Map" module, the icon will be displayed on the main map instead
Added: "Defend" mission type (used for example in "Defend Kamino") is now using unified sectors. Mission ends when enemy side holds all sectors on the map.
Added: functionPriority entry for module logics. It's now possible to set order in which modules are initialized. The higher the value is, the later the module function is executed.
Added: When player joins to a mission with MenuPosition respawn template, he'll be moved to the latest, not random respawn.
Added: CfgNotifications classes now supports soundRadio entry; these are radio sentences played by HQ (created by "Headquarters Entity" module).
Fixed: Disabled vehicles were not respawning
Fixed: Script error messages caused by Supports module (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=11326)
Fixed undefined variable errors when using BIS_fnc_UnitPlay
Fixed: In module setup preview, optional connections appeared transparent. However, the transparent line looked a bit like grouping line. Now only the icon remain transparent to prevent this issue.
Fixed: Main menu script error
Fixed: After JIP, persistent functions were sometimes executed before mission objects were created.
Firing Drills: Targets would not deactivate when leaving Competitive CPs
Firing Drills: FM records with introduction, rules and tips added
Firing Drills: bonus & penalty logic between Training and Competitive made consistent
Firing Drills: first version of PiP feedback added for long-range accuracy targets
Firing Drills: There could be a doubled icon next to previous times
Firing Drills: Final times were not colored correctly in all cases
Firing Drills: The main task is now completed when ending the challenge
Fixed: undefined variable in CoF: Blue
Fixed: undefined variable in CoF: Green
Changed: Titan used instead of RPG-42 in Showcase SCUBA
Improved: Script initialization on the mission start. Functions, modules and automatic scripts are now executed on the correct order
Fixed: BIS_fnc_selectRandom no longer shows a scripting error when an empty array was passed as argument
Find more documentation on modules and other design topics here
Added: Vertical position of map in loading screen is now randomized, adding some variety to it
Fixed: Broken drawing of comboboxes in date modules
Fixed: Wrong column widths in the Multiplayer display with some UI size
Fixed: MP display error
Radio Protocol: Targeting and Reporting tweaks and fixes (distances, probabilities, etc.)
Radio Protocol: Missing words fixed for several protocols
Added: New attenuation effect for interiors of vehicles correctly dampens the outside noise (e.g. from weapons)
Added: Noise sounds for APCs
Fixed: Sounds of some vehicles have their file paths changed to correct ones
Better sound for smoke launchers
Lamps have better emissive material
Roadcone and Roadbarrier lights are now operational
Added loading screen environment trivia
Fixed: Tweaked fog on horizon and clouds (removed visible transitions for some fog settings)
Fixed: Ambient light is now correctly affected by moon and stars intensity
Fixed: Sunken fuel station on Stratis
Sprinting left and right while standing allows for quick drop to adjusted left and right urban prone positions (use prone key while sprinting sideways)
Adjusted poses received boost to fluency
Improved responsiveness of stance changing
Added: Korean, Japanese and Cyrillic symbols to fonts
Fixed: AI ability to track enemy that is not visible
Fixed: Adjusted content of ammunition and weapon crates
Restructured grouping of editor objects and renamed object editor categories
New control presets
Hiding in the grass now affects AI better (configuration on Stratis surface types done)
Adjusted visibility and audibility of fire for AI
Many small objects and furniture are now PhysX-simulated when spawned in editor / via script
Note: You may see some of the faction names have started to change from their generic color names. Nothing to worry about. We'll introduce them properly when we're ready for it :-)

The game will now report undefined variables in scripts as an error, hopefully motivating fixes in these scripts, and better scripts in the long-term.
Fixed: SMAA Post-Process
Fixed: Small performance tweak in rotation blur Post Process
Fixed: Flash suppressor changed sound of underbarrel grenade launchers
Fixed: Some cases of sliding players
Removed sensitivity smoothing for aiming deadzone
Helicopters: main rotor collision added
Helicopters: startDuration config parameter added
Added: mainBladeCenter and mainBladeRadius for all helicopters
Added: liftForceCoef, cyclicAsideForceCoef and cyclicForwardForceCoef config parameters for helicopters
Helicopters: autorotation tweaks, barrel roll tweaks
Added: added allowAgainstInfantry ammo config parameter
NVGs are hidden inside vehicles, and this can be configured per position
Added: New parameters for particles created by script
Fixed: Scripting command tvSetData
Added: Error message when trying to pass Array in Array as parameter for tree commands
Fixed: Tank shells now have visible tracer
Fixed: Freelook not turning the whole player anymore
Fixed: Inconsistent land shadow segments while switching landscapes
Fixed: Broken parallax mapping on the terrain in some places
GPU benchmark should not cause "driver not responding" conditions anymore
Instancing now takes craters into account
Changed: Particles quality is set to Standard instead of Low when Overall quality is set to Standard
Stance indicator fades in / out when changing stances
Fixed: AI ballistic calculation
Fixed: AI now can shoot over animals
Fixed: AI now consider proper muzzle direction for rocket launchers
AI shouldn't take unguided missiles as guided
AI shouldn't use rockets against infantry that much
AI ballistic calculation improved for unguided rockets
AI prefer crouch stance while engaging
Continual fire will be decreasing position error (as a counterweight to decreased visibility of shooting)
Lock is now independent from zoom

Jul 30, 2013
Community Announcements - YorisYan
<b>FROM</b>: Project Lead
<b>TO</b>: Beta Users
<b>INFO</b>: Patch released, Dev branch highlights, Early release prep
<b>PRECEDENCE</b>: Flash

After last week's release of the second large Beta patch, we are now storming towards what is likely our last patch opportunity ahead of release. The goal for that patch is still to include the second content package (sporting various aerial and ground-based drones), as well as Workshop support. The latter is ready to release from a technical point of view, but we are getting the publication side set up with our partners at Valve. Read more about how the final stages of development and patching will work further on in this report. Oh, and later in the week we should have the first episode of a new season of Community Guide videos ready for you; a spectacular look at rotary wing flight!

More in the <a href="http://beta.arma3.com/sitrep-00020">full SITREP</a>
Jul 25, 2013
Community Announcements - YorisYan
<b>FROM</b>: Project Lead
<b>TO</b>: Beta Users
<b>UNIT</b>: Arma 3 Beta
<b>ACTIVITY</b>: Game Update: 0.74 (BattlEye anti-cheat, APC Package)
<b>SIZE</b>: ~905 MB

More in the <a href="http://beta.arma3.com/spotrep-00008">full changelog and SPOTREP</a>
PC Gamer
Zoombies Ragdoll

I’m inside of a wall, inside of a fire station. I see a fellow survivor—only not really, because I’m inside of a wall. Mashing V repeatedly, I slowly slide down to the ground floor of the four-story tower. As my feet touch the floor, I sprint back into the traversable interior of the fire station and begin the hunt. I step outside and immediately spot N3m3sis. Zeroing in on his head, I pull the trigger and he drops to the ground.

DayZ players everywhere anxiously await the impending launch of the DayZ Standalone’s alpha. People aren’t content with the dated graphics, the endless list of bugs, and the general state of the DayZ mod. DayZ Arma 3 is here to change that. The Zoombies team has ported the DayZ mod straight into Arma 3. You’ll be seeing the exact same models, zombies, and weapons rendered in the full glory of the Arma 3 engine. Let me be the first to say that it looks absolutely amazing.

Can something so beautiful really be the backdrop for a zombie game?

On my rig, DayZ Arma 3 runs much better than the standard DayZ mod—a credit to Bohemia’s Arma 3 optimization. Even if many of the textures are just upscaled, the difference in lighting and detail is terrific. Even the guns look amazing. In the DayZ mod, the Lee Enfield is abhorred by experienced players everywhere for being an aural flare gun. Shooting it alerts every zombie within an almost ridiculously large radius. In DayZ Arma 3, that same gun transforms into a beautiful amalgamation of wood and metal. It's not functionally different, but it looks amazing. Throw in Arma 3's improved physics and all the weapons feel as powerful as they look.

I hope he has knee pads.

The ragdoll physics of Arma 3 are hilariously applied to the zombies. One minute they’re alive and well, zigzagging across Chernarus for a chance to take a swipe at you. The next, they're somersaulting backwards into the pavement. Seeing a zombie faceplant is inherently satisfying and makes killing zombies so much more fun.

Although the zombie animations are still awkward because of their tendency to random stop, player animations have seen some subtle improvements. There's a distinct sense of weight that accompanies each stance—running, walking, or sprinting. I noticed each and every step that I took which is important in a game where being seen or heard is tantamount to being dead. Although many of the animations look nearly identical to their Arma 2 versions, additions like prone sprinting and a better walk animation go a long way towards making the game look tighter.

The Arma 3 inventory: I would be happy even if he didn't have two guns.

There’s one thing that makes DayZ Arma 3 infinitely better than the original DayZ mod—inventory. Arma 2’s inventory system was never to meant to support a loot-driven game like DayZ. Zoombies has fully integrated Arma 3’s glorious, low-input inventory system with multiple inventory spaces (backpack and vest) as well as near instant interaction. Picking up an item isn’t nearly as hard as it used to be.

If you have ever had any interest at all in DayZ, go try this right now. DayZ TV has a great guide on how to get DayZ Arma 3 installed. Braver readers can visit the official site and figure it all out themselves. The bugs may not be fixed, but the games looks, feels, and plays so much better.
Jul 23, 2013
Community Announcements - YorisYan
<b>FROM</b>: Project Lead
<b>TO</b>: Beta Users
<b>INFO</b>: Upcoming patch, AI tweaks, Firing Drill improvements
<b>PRECEDENCE</b>: Flash

As the working days slowly start to melt together, we are preparing the release of the second Arma 3 Beta patch. This update will bring the <a href="http://www.battleye.com/">BattlEye</a> anti-cheat implementation and tracked APCs to the main game branch. Speaking of these armored vehicles: in the full version of the game, both will have Anti-Air variants as well. Sneaking up on us after that is the next content addition, which you probably have spotted a glimpse of in the <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5Qhmq_drXE">official Beta trailer</a>. Another huge focus is the full game and its release. All personnel is being mobilized, we are working with our external partners, and finalizing the release schedule. Within weeks you should know the specifics of the Arma 3 Q3 release, as well as some of our plans beyond that.

More in the <a href="http://beta.arma3.com/sitrep-00019">full SITREP</a>
PC Gamer

Arma 3's new beta trailer is a veritable shop window of soldierly hardware—stealthy helicopters, mini subs, and fearsome sniper rifles. But it's not just a training exercise as we also get a look at how all those weapons of war might be put use in Bohemia Interactive's upcoming military sim.

The Arma series is of course known for its massive scale. It has huge maps, heaps of equipment to master, and an impressive attention to detail. The new trailer dials up the detail level to 11 and invites us to wonder—is there anything we can't do in this giant sandbox world? We get a glance at firing drills, co-op missions, and night operations, among other scenarios. It's safe to say there's going to be a lot to mobilize when Arma 3 eventually releases.

You can purchase access to the beta through Steam and will then receive a release copy when the full game is finished. The first beta patch has already been added and it appears feedback is flowing in the right direction as all the early-adopters take the battlefield.

For more on Arma 3, check out our hands-on look at the alpha-phase gameplay.
Jul 18, 2013
Community Announcements - Nelios
Bohemia Interactive has released a brand new trailer for Arma 3. Presenting the new SP showcases, MP scenarios, firing drill challenges, faction, vehicles and weapons available in the Arma 3 Beta, the video also teases vehicles and military hardware that will be added in the near future.

The Arma 3 Beta features the 20 km² island of Stratis, 20 weapons, 18 vehicles, 3 factions, 8 showcase missions, 4 multiplayer scenarios, 4 challenges, the scenario editor and modding support. To participate in the game’s development, people can purchase the Arma 3 Beta (34.99 EUR/29.99 GBP/44.99 USD) or the Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition (44.99 EUR/39.99 GBP/59.99 USD) on Steam or https://store.bistudio.com/arma3-editions. Both editions include a Steam version of the full retail game upon release. Prices will increase once the complete game becomes available.
Jul 16, 2013
Community Announcements - YorisYan
<b>FROM</b>: Project Lead
<b>TO</b>: Beta Users
<b>INFO</b>: BattlEye, APC Package
<b>PRECEDENCE</b>: Flash

<a href="http://beta.arma3.com/spotrep-00007">SPOTREP #00007</a> and therefore the first Arma 3 Beta patch, was released last Thursday. It had a long list of additions, fixes and changes. However, we were mostly keen to get this patch released so that we can now focus on bringing content additions. <a href="http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?149636-Development-branch-changelog">Development branch</a> has finally received the first deployment of <b><a href="http://www.battleye.com/">BattlEye</a> anti-cheat</b> integration. Its creator Bastian Suter is working with us closely to gather server administrator feedback and to keep improving it. One of the goals for the Arma 3 version is a more seamless integration. You do not have to install anything separate. When first connecting to any BattlEye-enabled server, you can accept its End-User License Agreement once and you're good to go. Hopefully this is a big step towards a more stable multiplayer environment.

More in the <a href="http://beta.arma3.com/sitrep-00018">full SITREP</a>
Jul 16, 2013
Product Update - Valve
FROM: Project Lead
TO: Beta Users
UNIT: Arma 3 Beta
ACTIVITY: Game Update: 0.72 (Interface layout options, Steam invites, Fatigue feedback, Fixathon)
SIZE: ~885 MB


Added: Ability to set starting time of Defend Kamino (MP)
Firing Drills: Automatic reload and resupply added upon restart (for lazy Mr. Endstar)
Firing Drills: Now using symbology on selector targets
Firing Drills: Ability to immediately quit at the end of CoFs added
Firing Drills: CoF Green - updated to reflect changed magazines for sidearm
Firing Drills: Times of day tweaked to match new Stratis configuration
Firing Drills: Use of color was inconsistent for non-medal times
Firing Drills: Restarting within a CP would leave the IGUI element active
Firing Drills: Medal icon sometimes shown using Training rules
Firing Drills: Added audio cue when going over the next medal time
Firing Drills: Conversations all switched to radio again
Showcase time of day tweaks to match Stratis sunrise configuration
Showcase SCUBA now uses Titan launchers instead of RPG-42
"Interface Layout" configuration tool added to Game Options
Added: More heads to select from in user profile
Interface clock control replaced with an improved version in map, editor, briefings and tasks
AI icons in role assignment screen are not deformed anymore<
Fixed: Cargo cannot take control from commander
Gunner and driver of class "Car" and its children now use optics to detect targets
Tweaked collision damage to vehicles. They now should be a bit more resistant, mostly at lower speeds.
Tweaking of wheels and suspension of both APCs (floating in air)
Adjusted agility of helicopters
Added parachutes to light helicopters
Passengers of all helicopters are now able to eject and paradrop
Added cargo parachutes for supports
Fixed: It is no longer possible to get directly from flatbed / cargo space to cabin of Trucks and vice versa
Adjusted radius of Zamak's destroyed wheels
Zamak now has the correct wheels destroyed (by shooting)
Doors of Mi-48 are closed by default now
Fixed getting in UH-80 as pilot for more players simultaneously
Gunners of UH-80 should be able to switch seats
Added day camouflage variant of Ghost Hawk
Weapons of CH-49 cargo no longer stick out of the roof
Tweaked hit points of the CH-49 Mohawk
Disabled levitation of the Strider's wheels
Fixed glass on doors of Ifrit
Green faction assault boat has its own texture
Green faction has its SDV now
Marid's crew should now abandon vehicle when all steerable wheels are gone
Fixed: Marid should have correct names of weapons
Fixed: Path to sounds of Speedboat
Speedboat's water friction has been tweaked
Engines of armed Strider hit points now have correct names
Fixed: AMV map icon was too small
Fixed: HEMTT exhaust right next to passenger head
HEMTT now has correct destruction of cargo part
Fixed: HEMTT windshield destruction
Fixed: HEMTT various descruction issues
Adjusted AH-9 missile burst for AI
Basic collimator optics should have the same zeroing
Iron sights of SOS optics now have correct zeroing
Tweaked basic setting of the direction of grenade throws
Fire mode switches are now animated for most weapons
GM6 rate of fire has been adjusted
Katiba variants are back
Flares light intensity tweaked
Changed magazine for Green faction pistol in equipment
Aiming of the ACP-C2 has been adjusted
ACP-C2 uses .45 magazines
Fixed: ACP-C2 and Vermin should have sound suppressors for .45 ACP ammo (class muzzle_snds_acp)
Improved ASRAAM behavior
Tweaked recoils for Scorpion and Vermin
Fixed: OPFOR Recon should have their weapons back
Fixed: Tweaked dispersion of mortar shells
Fixed: PCML and RPG-42 use unguided missiles
Careless AI are no longer stuck in prone after crawling under an obstacle
Parachuting soldiers are not sad anymore (death pose removed)
Adjusted vulnerability of character heads
OPFOR helmet heads-up displays retracted
OPFOR recon units inventory loadouts changed to match their BLUFOR recon counterparts
Weight and capacity of all uniforms, vests and bags overhauled into one logical, balanced and gradually scaling norm, where bags of the same type and / or purpose should share corresponding values with minor side unique differences.
Fixed: OPFOR Recon inventory loadout
Adjusted Stratis' world coordinates (affects time of day effects)
Fixed: No units on certain Sites
Animal Sites enabled
Animal Sites generation reworked into a function
Animal Sites MP support added
Changed: Minefield Site now rotates all mines in the direction of the Site module
Fixed: Support type no longer available without any usable providers (Supports module)
Fixed: Script error messages caused by Supports module (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=11326)
Added: Dialog for custom init code for virtual providers in Supports module
Added: Dialog for custom supply crate init code for supply drop in Supports module
Added: Custom HQ parameter for Support Requester module
Added: HQ now informs you if you have new supports available (when using the Supports module). You can disable these reports by using BIS_SUPP_reportNewSupports = false;
Added: "Create diary record" module now allows adding a briefing entry to sides of synchronized units and to all playable units (the same options as "Create task" module have). This should simplify MP mission configuration.
Added: Module for setting a group callsign, can be found in "Group Modifiers" category.
Fixed: Units created BIS_fnc_spawnGroup were in the wrong order and of incorrect ranks.
Added: "Headquarters" module, assigning HQ speaker with specific callsign for the given side.
Added: Scripted event handler "ticketsExhausted" is now called when number of respawn tickets reaches 0.
Fixed: Error messages when placing certain modules without input parameters
Suffocating PP effects disabled for animals
Fixed: Error in BIS_fnc_arrayShift (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=10276)
BIS_fnc_endMission is now terminated when trying to trigger a good ending over a bad one
Apart from "Synchronized Units" and "Groups of synchronize units", the "Create Task" module now offers new options - "Sides of synchronized units" and "All playable units"
Entering Splendid Camera while in vehicle optics resulted in NVG / TI modes being black
Removed: Ambient Combat module. It was a simple port from Arma 2 and it wasn't maintained anymore.
Fix: respawnDelay entry was ignored when defined as a string, not as a number
No more infinite clicking if space is held to skip titlecards or establishing shots
No longer possible to press buttons other than Space and Esc while titlecards or establishing shots are playing
Added: Respawn templates expanded by ability to define side specific templates using new description.ext params: respawnTemplatesWest, respawnTemplatesEast, respawnTemplatesGuer and respawnTemplatesCiv. When not found for player's side, existing respawnTemplates param is used instead.
Added: In CfgFunctions, 'forced' entry allowed designer to execute a function on mission start, before units are initialized. The entry is now renamed to 'preInit', and new entry 'postInit' provides option to execute the function right after objects were initialized.
Config definition parameter (_this select 7) in advanced hint function removed. No need for it anymore, function checks all config files now.
Notifications now support independent definition of picture color and picture text color
Introduced several variants (5 up from 1) of glass shard effects for destructible glass based on size and shape of windows
Fixed: Selections of windows on airport control tower
Fixed: Missing radio protocol sentence for Helicopter Attack "chopper destroyed" event
Fixed: Mortar sound reload spectral edited

ACP-C2 now uses 9Rnd_45ACP_Mag magazine and a new muzzle_snds_acp sound suppressor
Vermin SMG now uses 30Rnd_45ACP_Mag_SMG_01 and 30Rnd_45ACP_Mag_SMG_01_tracer_green magazines and a new muzzle_snds_acp sound suppressor
Green faction has received its SDV with class I_SDV_01_F
Green faction has received its Supply create with class I_supplyCrate_F

Support for Steam friend invites / joins
Added: Wind synchronization in MP
Disabled loading screen when switching closing map
Switching weapon modes doesn't require two key presses when the weapon info IGUI is hidden anymore
AI use Thermal Imagery to detect enemy when available
Removed warp when reloading in 3D optics
Improved thread synchronization of object drawing
Recognition of damaged part of body has been improved
Fix and slight optimization of detection of Simul Weather optimization
Fixed: Brightness of nearby objects in the first frame after map display is closed
Fixed: Items disappearing during inventory operations
Fixed: Unable to take weapons from non-local containers
Fixed: MP: Unable to throw grenades after taking vest from ground
Fixed: Magazine not being removed for other clients if a player loads it directly into their gun
Fixed: When player tries to place a vest or uniform into a backpack from the ground, target backpack will be copied and stored on the ground
Fixed: Headgear no longer displayed after leaving a multiplayer game
Fixed: Players could not access vehicles that cannot move
Fixed: Helicopters don't wait with another burst of CounterMeasures
Fixed: Helicopter collective ascent / descent rates were not consistent among devices
Fixed: GET IN waypoint - AI went for wrong seats in the helicopters
Fixed: Icons and text outside of valid area in combo boxes, added ST_NO_RECT style support
Fixed: Text alignment support for map icons
Added: Scripting commands for tree interface control
Fixed: Command enableEnvironment to toggle off all ambient wildlife
Fixed: setAmmo command description
Fixed: AI turn limitation while aiming

PC Gamer
Arma 3

If passwords were soldiers, you'd not entrust them to protect even the most minor strategic point. They may look the part, but they're always getting captured. Arma 3 developer Bohemia Interactive are the latest group to fall victim to nefarious internet mercenaries - who broke into the website and took users' account names, emails and passwords. Luckily, those passwords were encrypted, ensuring the hackers are just getting the Geneva Convention standard: name, rank and number.

Here's the statement from Bohemia:

"We have unfortunately discovered that an illegal attempt has been made to access certain of our online websites, leading to the download of a database containing usernames, email addresses and encrypted passwords. Please note due to the encryption of the passwords it is very unlikely that anything nefarious can be done with this information.

"We would like to reassure everyone that no other information such as credit card details is stored by us and thus was not at any risk from this illegal breach."

Passwords have now been reset, so to access your Bohemia account you'll need to pop over to the recovery page and create a new one.

Looking on the bright side, despite a recent spate of compromised services, sites seem to be much better and handling security issues than only a few years ago. Encrypted passwords and off-site card details have become the norm. And while it's minor annoyance having to think up yet another series of letters and numbers, at least the important stuff is being kept out of unscrupulous hands.

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