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arma 3 alpha screenshot competition
Product Update - Valve
  • Showcase SCUBA:
    • More forgiving alarm threshold
    • Added more hints
    • Improved scenario endings
    • More rockets for the launcher added
  • Showcase Helicopters:
    • Performance optimizations
    • Few minor tweaks
  • Showcase Vehicles:
    • More forgiving alarm threshold
    • Few minor tweaks
  • MP: Escape from Stratis
    • Fixed: Mission success after resuming game
    • 'Combat Get In' module added
    • Respawn time is now 30 seconds (was 120)
    • Improved mission endings
    • New task appears when both choppers on the airfield are destroyed
    • New mission ending "all boats and helicopters destroyed"
    • Warning hint pops up when the group leader is AI controlled
    • Patrolling Ka-60 Black now unloads troops when under fire
    • More enemies at the airfield
    • Some new map locations populated
  • MP: Headhunters
    • "Exfiltrate" task is now set as current after all targets are eliminated
    • The mission will now end when either all players are near the exfil marker or in a boat
    • 'Combat Get In' module added
    • Possible respawn desync in multiplayer fixed
  • New scenario ending screen added
  • Task notification visuals improved
  • Seagull in "BIRD", "GROUP" and "SIDE" respawn replaced by a basic spectator camera
  • Scenarios-button now always available, even when there's no content
  • Added more entries into Field Manual
  • Compass and watch re-sized
  • Ka-60 minigun now rotates
  • Ka-60 doors and glass made correctly penetrable
  • MH-9 passengers can now see the tail
  • Helicopter weapons tweaked
  • Class names for Ifrits changed to be the correct ones
  • Alamut and MX SW now have correct icons in command menu
  • Countermeasures now stored in one magazine per vehicle
  • Correct Alpha Lite logo in splash screens added
  • Most windows in houses are now destructable
  • Static weapons should be more durable, shouldn't be targetable by guided missiles and shouldn't be flippable by user action when destroyed
  • Added more camoflage selections for vests and helmets
  • Red faction uniforms have proper class names
  • Changed priorities in action menu
  • TRG iron-sights remodeled after feedback
  • Collimator sights are now default primary on combined optics (Ctrl + RMB is the default switch)
  • Camera shake on 6.5mm ammunition removed
  • Server browser UI overlapping fixed in some places
  • Squad URL is no longer automatically upper-cased (and thus broken)
  • Editor loading took long when using MX rifles - fixed
  • Added freelook in vehicles via default option
  • Correct tracer colors have been distributed among factions
  • Fish should be less inclined to travel on land
  • Shadow improvements implemented
  • Improved network performance (vehicles are no longer lagging as much)
  • Fixed several game crashes
  • Fixed synchronization of cargo poses in MP
  • Fixed various inventory-related bugs and crashes
  • Improved vehicle collisions
  • Grenades can no longer be thrown under water
  • Fixed airplane / helicopter camera shaking
  • Default and Development versions have different numbering to prevent incompatibilities in multiplayer

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One. Is Looking. For Something. To. Do. Over!The scenario: you have the Arma 3 Alpha and you’ve exhausted the stock missions the game comes with. You’re also rubbish with the editor, and you don’t live with someone Arma Arm Armasson, who can show you what to do with it. Don’t worry. There’s no such person, so you’re not missing out on his sage wisdom. And Arma 3 is pretty easy to have fun with. Here’s what people have been up to (more…)

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Arma 3 screenshot competition

Arma 3 is a hardcore military simulator, sure, but there’s more fun to be had in the alpha than just flying helicopters and firing high-tech weapons. Using the built-in editor you can enable a debug free camera (see our guide here) to take beautiful screenshots. You can place units and vehicles, change the weather and time of day, and even apply Instagram-style colour filters. The screenshots in this gallery were all taken at ultra settings using the debug camera/editor.

But I'm sure you can do better.

In fact, we're running a competition to prove as much: you have until Monday to post your own gorgeous snaps of Arma 3 in our forum's screenshots thread. We'll put up a gallery of the prettiest pics next week and select three winners, each of whom will get a key to the full Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition.

Above: the Greek island of Stratis in all its sun-baked, war-torn glory. View distance set to maximum.

A rifleman surveys the area, or maybe he’s just admiring the postcard view.

Divers are new to Arma 3. Their SDR rifle allows them to fire from, and under, water.

This radar dome is one of Stratis’ landmarks and is part of the helicopter showcase mission.

Stratis at night. You can use the editor to set the time of day, weather, fog, and cloud cover.

The sun dips below the horizon. You can just make out the airfield in the background.

A squad of riflemen patrol Agios Efstratios, the island’s largest town.

This wooded valley on the East side of the island is where the infantry showcase takes place.

The picturesque port of Agios Efstratios from above. Hold shift to speed the free camera up.

You can adjust the focus of the free camera using the scroll wheel.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Craig Pearson)

What happens when I get hold of the Arma 3 editorBohemia Interactive is doing smart things at the moment. The first smart thing they did was to give me access to Arma 3 before everyone else had it, which made me happy. That is a smart thing, because I am very important person>, and my mum says I am handsome. The second smart thing they did was to release the Arma 3 Alpha to people who are not me, because it makes multiplayer games a lot more fun, and it means they can get to work with optimising their Greek pixels. The third smart thing was just launched: everyone who owns a copy of the Arma 3 Alpha has copies of the Lite edition to give away. Check your Steam Gifts, everyone. A heavily armed Santa Claus has been!


PC Gamer
Arma 3

Being an alpha release hasn't stopped Arma 3 from scouting out the top end of the Steam sales chart. It's probably because of the hyper-realistic military simulation scenarios that the game offers. But if tactically significant turtles aren't enough to persuade you to part money at this early stage of development, Bohemia have released a free Lite version. It does, however, come with some caveats.

The big one being that it's invite-only. To access the Lite version you'll need a key from someone who's purchased the Alpha. Of course, if any particularly charitable Alpha owners are at a loss for where to send their pass, I'm sure you'd find some willing takers in the comments.

With the Lite version you're only getting a small taste of the full alpha package. Specifically, multiplayer and modding support have been stripped out. What's left are the singleplayer showcase missions - giving you a chance to play with the game's infantry and vehicles. And go scuba diving.

For everything else, you'll need to upgrade, which will also provide access to the eventual beta and full release.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Jim Rossignol)

Over the past few years I’ve noticed a theme of players seeming to “get” certain games as well as – and often even better than – the developers of said games do. The Arma games are one such series, where the input from ultra-dedicated players is one of the most powerful assets to the series. Who better to captain the Arma 3 trailers, then, but one of Arma’s own superfans, Andrew ‘Dslyecxi’ Gluck, who helps run the ShackTactical community.

This new trailer series (first one below) is ostensible about the Arma 3 Alpha, but this first trailer ends up being about the series generally. If you’ve not ever dabbled and want to understand the appeal, this is where to look. (more…)

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Jim Rossignol)

The Arma 3 Alpha has shot to the top of the Steam charts, and for good reason. It’s looking like Bohemia’s most potent offering yet.

Trailer and thoughts below. (more…)

Product Release - Valve
The Arma 3 Alpha is now available for purchase on Steam!

Purchase the Arma 3 Alpha now to receive immediate access to the Alpha, 3 Alpha Lite invites for your friends (available March 14th to June 18th 2013) as well as Beta access and the Full game upon it's release!

In the Alpha, you'll be able to explore Stratis Island, enjoy a taste of Arma 3's diverse gameplay, and team up with your friends to fight against enemies in 2 co-op mulitplayer scenarios! There are also 8 different vehicles featured in the Alpha and a collection of weapons to help customize your loadout.

In celebration of the Alpha's launch, we're also discounting all previous Arma titles! Now until March 12th at 10AM Pacific time, take 50% off the entire Arma and Arma II series of games!

Mar 4, 2013
Community Announcements - Dwarden

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