Community Announcements - David Prassel
'Guardians of Orion' is an epic action-adventure game featuring Cooperative + Competitive Multiplayer and SNES era-inspired gameplay. This is our first brand new video game project in over half a decade!

[UPDATED 8/28/2015 @9:15am]

Early Access coming to Steam in 2015.
Official details and trailer coming soon.
Aug 14
Community Announcements - David Prassel
Come try this new Steam game, Quiplash with us!
All you need is a mobile device:

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Enter Room Code "QTQV" (no quotes) and create account name
Community Announcements - David Prassel
ORION: Prelude has sold over 2 million copies on Steam! Thanks for your support!

We are expecting to release v3.1 in Q3 2015. This will include at least one additional map as well as a variety of game improvements, fixes and changes.

Happy gaming!
Aug 1
Community Announcements - David Prassel
Think YOU can reproduce one of the ORION: Prelude bugs??

If you provide the steps to create this "Floating Arm Bug" and we can reproduce it on our end we will put $100 USD in your pocket via PayPal.

We are not able to produce this on our end and it seems like a very rare bug inside the public domain. Any help is appreciated. You can either paste it below or submit it officially to
Community Announcements - David Prassel
Rooster Teeth / Achievement Hunter plays 'ORION: Prelude'!

If you are a YouTuber/Streamer please contact us for free press keys ( Make sure to include your site/blog/channel in your contact email.

We have always and will always allow all YouTubers and users to monetize any ORION related videos that they desire. We want to support you in doing what you love and we hope it helps at least a little.
Community Announcements - David Prassel
We are thrilled to announce that ORION: Prelude has accumulated over 20,000 Steam User Reviews with a "Mostly Possitive" rating of 75%.

To celebrate we are participating in a Steam Summer Flash Sale that adds a 51% savings discount bringing the game to $0.49c USD (single copy) and $1.49 for a 4-pack.

This is the BEST time to buy the game and the cheapest price it will ever be so make sure to spread the word before time runs out!
Community Announcements - David Prassel
Own one of the BEST Dinosaur games on Steam for less than $1. Support Developers who support their fans!~
Community Announcements - David Prassel
Blizzards, Hurricanes, Volcanoes, Tornadoes and Sand Storms.

We have been developing our backend technology for all upcoming titles, including both Project Guardians AND the Marvel Tech demo. Here is a Pre-Alpha showcase of some more advanced weather features. We hope you enjoy!
Community Announcements - David Prassel
"Approaching the release of ORION: Dino Beatdown was one of the most stressful points of my life, only surpassed by what would come shortly after. By December 2011 we were running out money fast. In January 2012 we were out of money entirely. I sold my car at the time in order to get whatever money I could to funnel back into the development of the game."

May 18
Community Announcements - David Prassel

This is a video demonstration showcasing the back end we are building up on the new Unreal 4 Engine. This is the back end that will power most / all of our future \ titles for the next foreseeable future, including the upcoming Project Guardians and Marvel Tech.

This early Pre-Alpha technology demonstration showcases various aspects including Weather, Screen Effects and the Water/Ocean developments. We have other upcoming videos that will showcase the Advanced Weather system, including Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Volcanic Environments and more!

*The demonstrations use community environments. We will be showcasing our custom environments soon enough!*

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