Community Announcements - David Prassel

There has been some confusion regarding what we're up to and I wanted to clear a few things up for everyone.

A little while ago we cancelled all other titles/developments at Trek Industries once we internally committed to approaching The Orion Project again. While most of these titles and games were never publicly announced or mentioned, some were.

These cancellations included games like:
1. ORION: Interlude (sequel to Prelude)
2. ORION: Interlude (Episodic Campaign)
3. ORION: Retro (action/platformer)
4. ORION: Fueled (Adrenaline Racing)
5. ORION 1 (Campaign, Trilogy)
6. ORION 2 (Campaign, Trilogy)
7. ORION 3 (Campaign, Trilogy)
8. OrionVR

We decided to cancel these titles not because we're not going to be delivering these experiences, but because we want to deliver them in a new and unique way - a way that doesn't split or segregate the community by forcing an annual or bi-annual re-purchase of a new game or sequel. This also benefits us on the development side of things allowing us to focus on what we create instead of going backwards and re-creating/re-modulating systems and modules every year.

Instead we're going to use all those designs and technology and integrate it into one giant and connected experience via The Orion Project. These are games within games, but are being called Modules because of their inner-connected relationships/parallel activity alongside other modules at the same time.

So you'll be getting that sequel to Prelude, which is incredible FPS and Third-Person gameplay with the ability to purchase Weapons/Vehicles (coming after 1.5) and tackling side objectives and bonus missions. It won't just be a new camera angle and weapons as we've also evolved the overall gameplay that occurs during these modules and perspectives and will be taking it a step further.

You can see these in changes like the mobility of the power source (Harvester) compared to the Power Gen (Prelude), the ability to buy weapons/vehicles anywhere rather than running all the way to a shop, the confirmation of weapon attachments, the deeper player customization and so much more.

So if you're a fan coming from ORION: Prelude you will find the experience of the sequel within The Orion Project courtesy of the FPS Module 1.0 and 2.0, otherwise previously known as and using content/assets/designs from ORION Interlude (aka ORION: Prelude 2).

You're getting an entire FPS games worth of content courtesy of this integration. We will be doing the same thing with the Mechs and we will be doing a full games worth instead of a Mech-spin off game.

So instead of just one Mech vehicle with a preset weapon loadout in the game like Prelude, we will have multiple classes of Mechs with an on-going and growing list of unit types within those classes. In addition we are developing an entire arsenal of weapons exclusively for the Mechs and the content of the Mech module will be comparable to a game like Titan Fall 1.

The same goes for the Racing module(s), the Campaign, and so on and so forth.

- - -

We are tackling each project one at a time to not get overwhelmed and I believe we are making incredible progress and a year from now people will very much enjoy what we are all building together.
Community Announcements - David Prassel

We are going to work our butts off in order to deliver you all (and us) one hell of a game! The direct sequel to our first indie mega hit, ORION: Prelude is coming June 2016 courtesy of The Orion Project!

The ultimate Space Adventure and Combat Video Game for PC. The Orion Project is a living, breathing and Persistent Universe allowing for you to travel the Galaxy and experience Open World Gameplay like never before!

There will never be a pay wall between any two friends. Even for specific/exclusive content like the 2017 Campaign, if one friend owns it he or she can invite any non-owning friends to participate, for example.

The Orion Project is one of the largest video game projects ever undertaken. It will ultimately be a culmination of many games pieced together as one giant one.

I want to make Racing games, Fighting games, Social games, Sims, Building Games and more. But instead of making 20 or so titles over the course of 5-10 years and charging you anywhere from $10-$60 for the, I'd rather focus all those experiences into "The Orion Project" in interesting and creative ways.

Many people ask what happened to these games and if they still exist. This title of course still exists and is coming to The Orion Project under the name of "FPS Module".

If we sell anything inside of The Orion Project for a real-world currency it is our objective to also make it obtainable via Store Credits all the same.

There are already a variety of ways to earn Store Credits in the game, including: Daily + Weekly Quests, Trek Achievements as well as an upcoming ION-to-CREDIT conversion system.

"ORION 1" is coming courtesy of the newly announced Campaign Module starting in 2017. Get ready for some epic cooperative/single-player missions and story!

The Orion Project is only $1 on Steam
Community Announcements - David Prassel
Here is the very first sneak peek at our new FPS module, coming packed inside of The Orion Project!

We are going all out on this new title and hopefully this first glimpse illustrates that. There is a new map being previewed here and it is the Swampland Region, also known as "Grogg".

This is the very first integration test and many things are subject to change. We are working very hard on getting this amazing update out as soon as possible and we hope you enjoy!

The Orion Project is now on Steam for only $1
Community Announcements - David Prassel
Today celebrates the four year anniversary of what once was the worst game on Steam - but now one of the best games on Steam!

We recently allowed the ability to go back in time and play the original ORION: Dino Beatdown from inside your ORION: Prelude game build!

This version is as it was in 2012, bugs and all. For tips and gameplay information please visit this thread:

ORION: Dino Beatdown was a less than stellar game that had a forced early release. You may read more about the history of that here:

After three years of free updates we evolved it to ORION: Prelude, a massive game with more content and features than ever originally planned. Now you can go back in time and see where everything came from, whether you're an original founding member or simply want to see what everyone was making a fuss about.

ORION: Prelude is having a Flash Sale! Grab the original Dinosaurs + Jetpacks + Mechs experience for less than a candy bar and experience one of the best Co-op games on Steam!

If you enjoy our work, check out our brand new game on Steam called The Orion Project:
Community Announcements - David Prassel
The results from our very first Free-2-Play event with The Orion Project on Steam are now in. We want to thank everyone who participated for playing the game and helping spread the word.

( VERSION 1.4.3 )
We are currently working on Version 1.4.3 which is expected to release very soon. It will feature slightly improved maps, a new third person camera, camera animations, fixed orbital command and more. Full changelog preview coming soon!

Unfortunately this was not a success, with only selling around 40,000 copies give or take. We appreciate all who bought multiple copies (you lot are insane and awesome!) and told friends about the event. While you won't be awarded the prizes we still will do a Trek Credit handout to ALL players as a thank you.

( $1 FOR LIFE )
There was a bit of confusion regarding whether or not The Orion Project would be $1 going forward. The answer is yes, absolutely. The F2P event celebrated the last week of Founder Access as well as introduced the new pricing model. The game is still $1 and will remain this except you will NOT be marked as a Founder starting May 3, 2016.

Thanks to all who contacted to report that our website was down. The issue has been resolved and it is nice to know people visit!

ORION: Prelude is having a Flash Sale! Grab the original Dinosaurs + Jetpacks + Mechs experience for less than a candy bar and experience one of the best Co-op games on Steam!
Community Announcements - David Prassel
ORION: Prelude is having a Flash Sale! Grab the original Dinosaurs + Jetpacks + Mechs experience for less than a candy bar and experience one of the best Co-op games on Steam!

ORION: Prelude is rapdily approaching three million copies sold globally and we couldn't be more proud! Grab a copy now for you or a friend and help grow the Orion franchise!

Learn more about ORION: Prelude and what makes it so special to us:

If you really love Dinosaurs, check out our brand new game:
Community Announcements - David Prassel
Your chance at a FREE copy! Experience The Orion Project on Steam!
Community Announcements - David Prassel
The Orion Project is now on Steam! Experience the full game courtesy of a week-long Steam Free-2-Play event starting on April 25 and ending on May 2, 2016 with a 90% Discount!

From now until May 2, 2016 this game will have a Free-2-Play Steam Event and it will also be discounted 90% taking the price down to $1 dollar/euro/pound. When you buy and play this game before May 2, 2016 you will receive FOUNDER ACCESS! Save over $100 with the following exclusive rewards:
1. Ten Guardians ($70 value)
2. 20,000 Store Credits ($20 value)
3. Gold Armor Skin ($2 value)
4. Gold Weapon Skin ($2 value)
5. Founder In-game Icon (TBD Value)
6. 50% Store Savings For Life (Priceless)

1. Starts with three Guardians (Assault, Support, Recon). Other Guardians must earned through PLAY or PAY. After May 2, 2016 the game will be priced permanently to 1 dollar/euro/pound. However, owning and playing this game AFTER that date won’t provide you FOUNDER ACCESS or its rewards.

We tested this model with our first game, ORION: Prelude and it was a great success.

Community Announcements - David Prassel
Hello Guardians! As some may recall, we had an active prototype in development catering to our FPS roots called ORION: Interlude. This was more of a direct sequel to ORION: Prelude and focused on what made the original great.

We are here today to confirm that it is no longer in active development and instead all of it's associated technology and content is being migrated into Guardians of Orion.

The First-Person Module is expected to arrive in Version 1.5. We are on schedule to release Version 1.5 shortly after the game leaves the Founder Access period on May 1, 2016.

In FPS-related news we still have support coming to our first game, ORION: Prelude witihn 2016. This will include a variety of new maps for both Co-Op and PvP-related game modes. More details on these as we get closer towards Summer.

Guardians of Orion
Community Announcements - David Prassel
We are expanding production on Guardians of Orion and we will be adding many new modules that will evolve this experience exponentially.

This includes:
· Open Galaxy (Exploration Module)
· Star Guardian (Orbital PvP Module)
· Drone Defense (Orbital PvE Module)
· Orbital Command (Social Hub Module)
· Hangers + Squadron (New Lobby Systems)

We've put together a WIP system for how we will transition between modules once implemented in the video above, using placeholder assets.

We have many more things that we'd love to add to the game and look forward to talking more about them in the near future. You can watch Part 1 of this video here:

Right now we are focused on getting Version 1.3 (March 2016) into your hands, which adds the following notable content:
· New Guardian: Marksman
· New Weapon: Sniper Rifle
· New Ability: Thermal Vision
· New Module: Orbital Command (Social Hub, 40 Players)
· Level Cap Increase: From 30 to 50
· Offline Gameplay
· 4-Player Local Co-OP
+ more!

Guardians of Orion on Steam

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