Community Announcements - David Prassel
( Version 2.1 )
ORION: Prelude achieves 17,000 Steam User Reviews. Version 2.1 is released in celebration.

  • Added: HUD Radar and Game Info elements.
  • Fixed: Issues with T-Rex and Spinosaurus Roar audio.
  • Fixed: Issues with changing weapons while cloaked.
  • Fixed: Memory leak bug related to HUD markers.
  • Fixed: Issues with Revive + Fallen HUD markers.

Buy it at the Steam Store:

Watch the Launch Trailer:
Community Announcements - David Prassel
First footage of the new Orion game that is currently in development. This is the first early Developer Pre-Alpha game build, focusing on an animation showcase.

Production officially began just over a week ago on February 1st, 2015. Level development has been underway since January 1st, 2015.

We hope you enjoy.
Community Announcements - David Prassel
We are David & Francesca - and we are just two of the faces at Trek Industries. Trek Industries is an independent software / media developer and a philanthropologist corporation.

( Video Tour )
Here is the very first look at the Trek Bus in which we Live, Work and Travel the World from full-time. It runs fully on Solar Power & Bio Diesel to help promote cleaner and smarter working conditions - not to mention much better office views!

( Show - Behind The Scenes + Travel + Interactive Media )
Over the course of this next decade we will be developing a set of next generation Orion games across the globe courtesy of amazing developers and incredible partners. We will be documenting this entire experience, showcasing behind the scenes footage and what it is like for an independent game studio to create a game from beginning to digital store shelves. This will of course include us but also the other developers who participate in the creation of Orion from all around the world. Locations include: United States (All), Canada, Australia and the UK.

( Keeping It Local )
Along the way we fully intend to embrace small and local businesses. We will be scouting out “mom and pop” type shops to eat and shop at instead of big businesses. Investing our time and money into these special places and helping to grow their community. We want to live life like a local wherever it is that we are traveling to, getting a real vibe for each destination while supporting their individual city and town.

( First Great Departure )
We are preparing to make our first great departure! Across this experience we will be showing off every inch of North America and Canada - including Alaska and the Yukon, which are some of the very places that have motivated and inspired the vistas of Orion.

Let us know what you think below and what else you’d like to see. Stay tuned for our next upload!
( )

Music: Broke For Free | “XXV”
Community Announcements - David Prassel
Hey everyone,

I've been trying to get to typing this ever since we released v2.0 but life's been crazy. More on that later!

( The HUD )
First up, the controversial HUD change! Before this we had intentions of possibly even adding to / growing the HUD. But when looking across the upcoming titles and seeing the how the changes they had incorporated in the UI design would affect ORION: Prelude, it was beneficial and added the immersion/survival factor.

Because of this we implemented it into Prelude and re-organized any seriously crucial information to appropriate places, such as the Energy Bar, Game Information being in the Multiplayer Information screen and Credits being visible in the same area or where they are used - in-game shops.

( The Reality )
After release we quickly realized this upset some of you who have grown accustomed towards certain parts of the HUD. In response I stated we would be able to release a quick hot fix that allows users to manually add them back but it appears I spoke too soon. The HUD was rewritten using the new philosophy from scratch to aid in performance. Given that is the route we went it'd require additional rewriting rather than a "toggle back on/off".

Because of this it won't be fixed as fast as originally intended on my behalf, however it will be a part of v3.0 which will also include the Remastered Weapon Audio and a few weapon buffs.

( Version 3.0 - Q2 2015 )
Also please feel free to suggest additional changes/bug fixes/tweaks that you'd like to see in Version 3.0 as we begin to compile the Master List.

Until then please enjoy the new experience, as it *will* remain the default (have to manually add the other areas) and I truly think you may end up enjoying it when it stops being the "new kid on the block".
( )
Community Announcements - David Prassel
Version 2.0, the latest game update for ORION: Prelude on Steam is now available. Restart your Steam Client to automatically begin downloading.

( ORION: Prelude - Version 2.0 Changelog )
  • Added: Improved game performance + LOD’s to most game models.
  • Added: Last 5 dinosaurs at the Side Objective now visible on HUD.
  • Added: Small credit gain for Stasis Fury with Medic Gun.
  • Added: Healing based credits now display on screen.
  • Added: Automatic toggle for Xbox Icons when using a Gamepad/Mouse.
  • Added: Covan, Depth and Eden to PvP game modes.
  • Fixed: Issues with Lives in Rampage not working as intended.
  • Fixed: “Saved” message displaying at incorrect times.
  • Fixed: Useless Teammate achievement unlocking mechanics improved.
  • Fixed: Negative numbers displaying with Utility Gun use.
  • Fixed: Grenade and cloaking issues.
  • Fixed: Heal/Ammo percents now visible with Crosshairs disabled.
  • Adjusted: Reduced Rham amounts in Slaughter.
  • Adjusted: Removed money perks from CTF.
  • Adjusted: Dinosaurs now have infinite lives in Rampage.
  • Adjusted: Renamed bots to ‘PreludeBot’.
  • Adjusted: Rhamphorynchus air speed reduced by 30%.
  • Adjusted: Player HUD for better organization and performance.

You can view all change logs for ORION: Prelude here:
Community Announcements - David Prassel
We have been working on a variety of projects these last few months, including updating our Steam title, ORION: Prelude. On top of this we are starting up additional productions including our next game and a TV show that follows behind the scenes development and world travels.

[ Prelude Version 2.0 ]
We are getting ready to launch v2.0 which will include a significant amount of changes, improvements and optimization. The current expected release date is February 2015. More details about that patch and the community-inspired changes can be found here.

[ Our Next Title - Steam, PS4, Xbox One ]
In addition, we are also in full production on our next official game title which is targeting a 2015 release on Steam, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. We haven’t released *too* many details about this project but we typically post most sneak-peeks on the Facebook page.

[ TV Show ]
Because of this we are doing something large in 2015, which is something new for me personally, especially. We are going to have cameras rolling typically 24/7 and will be doing a TV Show of sorts showing behind the scenes development on these new titles as well as our world travels.

[ Now Hiring + Musicians ]
Most of the developers from around the world are participating in this. Locations include Canada, Australia, UK, Midwest USA, East Coast USA and West Coast USA. We will be working with many musicians so if you’d like to have your music featured within please contact us for paid work. We are hiring for ALL positions.

[ Ending Notes ]
There is no official name yet and early filming has only just commenced, which is what this footage is from. Getting used to the tech and cameras being around and making sure audio levels/video quality is where it needs to be.
Community Announcements - David Prassel
We are going to be releasing a brand new ORION video game this year for Steam, Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. Official game details / press release is expected next month. First media below:

( Source )
Community Announcements - David Prassel
Happy Holidays from TREK! We asked Steam to allow the community to have the opportunity to reduce ORION: Prelude to an even more crazier price to help spread the dino-love.

( Steam Store )

Because of your support, we have won the Steam Community Choice by vote and we are offering ORION: Prelude on Steam at it’s lowest price ever with a 50% off savings!
Community Announcements - David Prassel
Happy Holidays from TREK! We asked Steam to allow the community to have the opportunity to reduce ORION: Prelude to an even more crazier price to help spread the dino-love. Make sure to participate in the Community Choice vote going on RIGHT NOW to have a 50% sale on ORION: Prelude!

Like, Share and help Spread the word!
Community Announcements - David Prassel
Dinosaurs + Jetpacks + Mechs + Pumpkin Kings...?

Happy Halloween from TREK Industries! ORION: Prelude is $1 on Steam and we've worked hard to make it one of the best cooperative gaming experiences for you and your friends!

To celebrate the holidays, Dinosaurs and YOU we are giving away 1,000 free copies of ORION: Prelude to better your chances at having fun this Holiday with the TREK Trick or Treat 2014 event:

Help support us by spreading the word (Like, Share, Scream) so we can continue supporting you in fun and interesting ways!

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