Want to Play the New Counter-Strike? Answer Some Questions.Valve is ramping up participation in the Counter-Stike: Global Offensive beta, promising a whole round of keys will be handed out to people who complete a survey on the game.

All you've got to do is head here and answer some questions, and "over the coming months [Valve] will make selections from the survey participants".

In good news for the curious, unlike the company's DOTA 2 beta, new players will be welcomed as part of the intake.

Survey [Valve]

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cs go survey 2
The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team just published a blog update detailing how future sets of beta keys for the game will be sent out. Key recipients will be selected from a pool of people that've completed a survey. The survey is a simple template intended to judge your CS savviness, combined with an automated peek at your hardware. Copy this into a Windows Explorer address bar to open Steam and start the survey: steam://takesurvey/2/

Being absolutely honest about your skill, as I have above, is probably in your interest. "Over the coming months we will make selections from the survey participants. Sometimes we might add experienced players, other times new players. Sometimes 1.6 players, sometimes CSS players, sometimes people who have played neither."

"If you don’t fill it out, you won’t be getting a key," reads the post. Of course, Valve also states that active, current CS:GO players can expect to receive keys to gift to their friends through Steam.

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Counter-Strike Global Offensive - poseur warriors
The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta has sprung into action after a quiet couple of months. Last week the CS:GO website updated with the announcement of the addition of "more maps, more weapons, and most importantly more players." A massive patch added three new maps, Inferno, Train and Nuke and the weapon selection has been expanded with the addition of the Nova shotgun, Bizon and MP7 SMGs.

7,000 beta invites were also set out last week, with another 2000 planned for today. Valve say that they're sending out invites to active Counter-Strike community members, and are running contests on big CS sites like Gamebanana. "We will also have a survey up in the coming weeks that can help you get your name on the list for a key," they say.

The new Counter-Strike blog also mentions Valve's plans to balance the game based on feedback from top CS pros. Their main focus at the moment is on weapon recoil, which is essential to the feel of Counter-Strike's finely balanced guns.

"Recoil is tricky. It isn’t just math. It’s also about feel and one of the defining parts of Counter-Strike," say Valve in the latest blog post. "A few weeks back we had pro player Salvatore “Volcano” Garozzo by our offices and one of his biggest pieces of feedback he gave us was about recoil. It was still too hard to control."

Valve have adjusted weapon recoil twice in the last week, bringing it down and then asking players for their opinions each time. "During this Beta, community feedback is really important to us," they explain. "Counter-Strike has been around for 12 years and has been played by over 25 million players. We want to make sure to capture all of that experience and knowledge as we make Counter-Strike: Global Offensive the best version of Counter-Strike."

This Spring sees the release of Tactical Intervention on the PC, a game noteworthy because its development has been led by one of the co-creators of Counter-Strike. So the fact the two games look similar is no coincidence.

Former Valve staffer Minh Le, who has been working on the game in Korea for a few years now, will be publishing the game in North America through OGPlanet, with a beta to kick off next month.

While Valve's own Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an iterative update to the venerable old franchise, Tactical Intervention looks far more ambitious, including some unexpected stuff like driving sequences.

Tactical Intervention launching in spring 2012 [Neowin]

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YouTube user Blitzkrieg1981 has, after spending around 55 hours pausing and examining episodes of the hit TV show The Office, gone and replicated the entire thing as a map in first-person shooter Counter-Strike.

Fans of the original British series, sorry. This is the American version.

Counterstrike Source The Office (TV) map [YouTube, via Reddit]


Classic PC game Counter-Strike (1.6) has been recreated for Android devices using the nifty Unity 3D engine.

There are two versions of Counter-Strike Portable available from the XDA forum now for free. One version - 5o - is for older phones; the other - 6p - for Android 2.3+ devices.

Online multiplayer is supported, and new maps are being added.

A video of Counter-Strike Portable running on Xperia Play can be found below.


The gang at XDA-Developers are hard at work on a full port of Counter-Strike to Android devices, but they've already released two playable versions Android owners can run go get free right now.

The video above shows Counter-Strike being played on a smartphone (using the game's Matrix mod) and a tablet and it appears to have variable touch controls, although I could be seeing that wrong. My personal preference is that looks a little sludgy to control—notice how many rounds he fires (touching the rifle, to do so, apparently) before bringing someone down with a headshot. However, if you have Sony's Xperia Play, well then you also have a gamepad, and now the experience becomes a little more intuitive.

Still, it's Counter-Strike. The port is being built with the Unity3D platform, will support multiplayer and can be downloaded with either Facebook or Kongregate versions available. There are two versions out there, one for devices running Android 2.0+, another for those running Android 2.3 and up. (See the XDA-Developers thread for links.) That means it won't work on anything with an earlier version of Android.

Counter Strike Now Available On Android Via Unofficial Port [RedmondPie, thanks Tanishq D.]


There Is Half-Life Stuff Hiding in Counter-Strike: GOThe people at Valve Software like to tease. They don't, however, like to confirm the existence of new Half-Life games.

Kotaku reader ZombieK says he spotted these images in the beta for Valve's spring-scheduled multiplayer shooter Counter-Strike: GO. Let's classify them as teases. Or taunts. Or.. Easter Eggs?

The shots first appeared on the Steam forums last month.

ZombieK says the images all come from the beta's unreleased office map. "The textures and all the files for the unreleased maps are there except for the maps," he said over e-mail. "I originally ported only the map cs_office from source. And when I opened it in GO the chalkboard spread all over the wall . So obviously it didnt have any coding for how big it should of been but when I saw it, I started digging through every directory."

The first two images are screenshots. The others are art files pulled from the game's directories. The Mesa bits and the crowbar are Half-Life references. The others are jokes about other Valve games, Counter-Strike included. Good teases, Valve fans?

And no, this isn't a confirmation of Half Life 3 either.

There Is Half-Life Stuff Hiding in Counter-Strike: GO
There Is Half-Life Stuff Hiding in Counter-Strike: GO
There Is Half-Life Stuff Hiding in Counter-Strike: GO
There Is Half-Life Stuff Hiding in Counter-Strike: GO
There Is Half-Life Stuff Hiding in Counter-Strike: GO
There Is Half-Life Stuff Hiding in Counter-Strike: GO


Um, the NES Did Not Feature Counter-Strike HumpingAn article on Hungary's MSN portal about teen sexuality uses an interesting image to illustrate its point. And by interesting I mean amazing.

For those who can't instantly see the disaster zone, it's a Holy Trinity of PhotoShop disasters. For starters, either the main is playing on a cardboard box, or the screenshot overlay was so poorly implemented that it looks like he's playing on a microwave door.

Next, that's a Nintendo Entertainment System. Of which Counter-Strike, pictured, missed by over a decade. And finally, it's a Counter-Strike screenshot of two dudes humping.

See? Amazing.

Kamaszok szexuális élménybeszámolói a neten [MSN, via Reddit]


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