Community Announcements - Nevigo | Martin Gebske

Have you been toying with the idea to buy articy:draft 2 SE for your game projects but thought it was too expensive?

Do you have articy:draft 2 on your wishlist you've sent to Santa?

Would you like to upgrade your existing copy of articy:draft SE to version 2?

NOW is the time. Wintertime is Steamsale-time, and it’ll only last until January 2nd 2015.

Happy Game Developer Holiday Season!
Community Announcements - Nevigo | Peter Sabath

Have you been toying with the idea to buy articy:draft 2 SE for your game projects but thought it was too expensive?

Are you one of the more than 15.000 people that have articy:draft SE on their wish lists?

Would you like to upgrade your existing copy of articy:draft SE to version 2?

NOW is the time. This is the biggest sale in Nevigo history, and it’ll only last until November 3rd.

Happy Game Developer Halloween!
Community Announcements - Nevigo | Peter Sabath
The long wait is over. Save 65% on all articy:draft products and DLCs in the week between September 15th and 22nd!

Starting Monday at 10 AM PST
Community Announcements - Nevigo | Julius Kuschke

Do you want to take your articy:draft experience to the next level? Now is your chance to get a lot of new features for half the price!
From February 24th until March 3rd you can upgrade from version 1.x directly to articy:draft 2.3 for 50% less and get the following improvements:

  • Excel roundtrip: Export to .xlsx, modify values and re-import your data into articy:draft.
  • Global variables: Organize your global variables and use them to design state changes during the game flow.
  • Conditions & instructions: Control the flow of your game by using the built-in scripting language. Check variables in conditions and change their values in instructions.
  • Document view: Create living design documents or write linear dialogues with convenient script formatting.
  • Text formatting and hyperlinks: Structure your texts with lists or use formatting to highlight important parts. Use links within texts to create even more cross-references.
  • Spell checking: Get rid of your typos. In 25 languages.
  • Location layers: Group your location objects in folders and toggle their visibility conveniently.
  • Advanced search: Use queries to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Calculated reference strips: Let articy:draft gather references automatically according to your custom query.
  • Export to image: Use the export to .xps to save your flows and locations as vector images.
  • Export Flow to Word: Export your branching flow structures into an easily readable .docx-file with hyperlinks.
  • Better performance: Everything is faster and more responsive - especially in large projects.
  • Improved usability: Built-in tutorials, faster template editing and many usability tweaks more make your work with articy:draft even more convenient.
  • Extended language support: The articy:draft UI is now available in Russian and Italian language.

Shop page: Upgrade to articy:draft 2.x
Community Announcements - Nevigo | Julius Kuschke

Curious about what's coming next? Our first developer diary provides a sneak peek at articy:draft's update 2.4. We’re focusing on two features that are very high up on the community’s most wanted list:
  • Simulation of flow logic to test conditions and variable changes right inside articy:draft and
  • Lots of improvements for the location editor.
You can read the developer diary on our blog.

Jan 30, 2014
Community Announcements - Nevigo | Julius Kuschke

In the last weeks we’ve worked hard to improve the overall performance of articy:draft, especially for those of you working with very large projects (> 100k objects). We know that some of you can’t wait to feel the impact of these improvements, so we decided to make them available as soon as possible. If you want to test the upcoming version 2.3, you are very welcome to install the just released 2.3 BETA build.

Besides performance improvements and minor fixes the 2.3 update also contains some new features:
  • Flow to Word export: You can now export all your branching flow structures into an easily readable .docx-file, which you can e.g. use for voice-over recordings.
  • .XPS export: You can now export your flows and locations to .xps (a vector graphic format), so you can send your visual designs to others more conveniently or print them and decorate your office walls
  • Better usability for editing templates: Get from the property sheet of an object to the template editor with just a single click.
Click here to see a more detailed overview of the recent changes.

But please keep in mind: This is a beta version and it’s likely that you find a bug or two. So, thanks a lot to everybody who is helping us to hunt them down!
Community Announcements - Nevigo | Peter Sabath
This announcement informs you about the most important changes and improvements introduced by version articy:draft 2 SE version 2.2. (articy:draft SE - Upgrade to articy:draft 2 SE DLC required)

You can also find a detailed change list here.

New! "Conditional flow logic"

The most significant set of improvements concern modeling logic in the Flow using variables, conditions and instructions.

Global Variables
In a new area in the project structure called “Global Variables” you can create variable sets (i.e. “Quest Variables”) and fill them with variables, sometimes called “flags”. Variables can be Boolean (true / false) or Integer numbers.

You can use those variables in condition scripts or assignments.

New flow nodes: Conditions / Instructions
To use conditional branching points or pieces of script code in the Flow, you can add these two new node types. The text fields for conditions and instructions support syntax highlighting and auto-completion.

Make sure to switch this on in the Flow-settings for migrated projects.

Conditions and instructions as property types in templates
A new “script” property type allows you to use text fields for scripting (with syntax highlighting and auto-completion) in your templates.

Circular node connections
You can now connect a node’s output pins with its input pins to create loops.
Community Announcements - Nevigo | Peter Sabath

Watch the new showreel 2013 video "Games designed with articy:draft" here @ YouTube.
Announcement - Valve

Save 30-80% on new Weeklong Deals on Steam, available now until October 7 at 10AM PST.

Community Announcements - Nevigo | Peter Sabath

Nevigo celebrates 4th birthday - articy:draft products are 30% off!

During the week of September 30th till Sunday, October 7th, we want to celebrate our 4th anniversary with you - right here on STEAM.
All articy:draft products will be 30% off - including our latest release, the upgrade DLC to articy:draft 2 SE!

When Nevigo was founded 4 years a ago, there simply was no professional tool for game designers and writers of interactive stories. Today articy:draft is used by studios around the globe to manage the content needed to build commercial games, including CD Project Red, Bigpoint, Cloud Imperium and Supermassive Games. What also makes us proud is the huge number of indie developers who trust their most precious data to our software as well.

If you are interested in the team versions, please come see us at where we offer the same price reduction for the multi-user versions throughout October.

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