Community Announcements - Noontide

Dear players!

We’re pleased to officially announce the formation of Brightrock Games! Astute members of our community will know this has been a long time coming, with many of our public-facing services having already changed over to the new name.

Meet the team!

Team 2Never before have such a bunch of ugly mugs come together to create games.

We’d like to introduce ourselves properly so you can put some lovely faces to our delightful names. Please observe the diagram above. You'll find every member of our core team, what they do and what corner of the world they hail from!

What happened to Subterranean Games?

We’re the same bunch of people, just operating under a new company and name. Subterranean Games was formed to develop and launch War for the Overworld, joining together the developers who were then based all around the world. Now that task is (mostly) complete, we’re rebranding and reorganising ourselves as we look to build a sustainable studio for the future. The core team has already relocated to a new office in central Brighton, England, and we’ll continue to work with the same talented band of freelancers.

We’ll still use the Subterranean Games name to publish War for the Overworld, but Brightrock Games is now the developer, starting from the new expansion, Heart of Gold.

What does this mean for War for the Overworld and the future?

Updates to War for the Overworld will continue apace as they always have done, and the team is also looking to the future and their next project. The future’s bright (we went there).

In short:

You can expect the same service, authenticity and transparency that you've come to expect from us over the years. Think of it like we’ve changed our hat. We’ve taken off the mining helmet and put on the space helmet. But we’re still the same person underneath, deep down inside ... Honest, guv’nor!

Why “Brightrock”?

We’re based in Brighton (mostly) and we rock! Or is it something to do with that classic movie, Brighton Rock? Or bright rocks in the sky aka meteors? Or bright rocks in the ground aka prized jewels? Probably the last two. Or maybe any of them. Or maybe some we haven’t thought of yet - let us know!

How can I keep up to date with Brightrock Games?

We’re looking to build a stronger relationship with you chaps than ever before. As such we’d like to invite you all to chat with us live on the Brightrock Games Discord - you’ll find us to be rather pleasant when you get to know us.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to make sure you catch our other updates. We hope to use these channels quite soon to share with you much more about what we’re working on..

You can also make sure you never miss an update from us regarding WFTO and beyond by signing up to our newsletter.


Brightrock Games

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

Another few weeks have passed and it’s time to look once more into the murky primordial depths that is Heart of Gold. This time we’re going to investigate the new spell, Gild, and take another look at the Sentinel, the new defence.

We’ve also got the continuation of our previous short story, as well as the announcement you’ve all been waiting for! So be prepared to delve once more into the land of Phaestus!

Heart of Gold Release Date
Let’s not dilly-dally around! We’re happy to announce that Heart of Gold will be joining your Steam libraries on the 27th of May - that’s just a week from now!

We know the delay last month was disappointing for many of you, but it has proven to be very fruitful, with more features and polish being poured into the bubbling cauldron of creation. We hope you’ll all enjoy the expansion when it releases!

The Sentinel
If you remember back to our very first Heart of Gold preview those many months ago, we introduced the Sentinel, a new defence that will be gracing your Veins of Evil in the Heart of Gold expansion.

These golden statues will emerge from their sarcophagi once triggered by your Hand of Evil, or by a nearby enemy, ready to stand toe to toe with your foes. Their forms makes them immune to the common necessities of living minions, such as food and sleep, but they do demand a hefty sum at payday. Let’s hope your coffers are brimming! Being non-fleshy, they also can’t be healed by conventional magic - only by gold itself, which is where the Gild spell comes in!

New Spell: Gild
Weaving arcane magics is of course a doddle for one as powerful as you. So it’s no surprise that you already have a new trick up your sleeve: Gild is a brand new spell that will automatically become available once you’ve unlocked the Sentinel, or the as yet unannounced Colossus.

Gild will serve you well in supporting your Sentinels, as it will expedite the process of healing them. Unlike normal spells it doesn’t cost any mana, but instead requires gold from your Vault.

Gild will take 500 gold directly from your Vault and drop it on the highlighted unit. For those wealth-focussed minions, this will simply serve as an extra bonus to their payday, and make them very happy. However, for Sentinels and the Colossus, it will patch up the broken plates of their armour, and heal them for a significant amount. (They can also be healed simply by dropping piles of gold onto them.)

Gild is certainly a must-have ability for supporting your front-line golden warriors, but it’ll also serve as an excellent way to make those particularly sensitive minions in your army happy with your rulership. Simply find one who’s unhappy via the Creature tab, and cast Gild on them!

Short Story: The Aureate Artisan
It seems you’ve been enjoying our short stories thus far, and are eager to devour more of our delicious lore surrounding Heart of Gold. We’re certainly not going to disappoint this week, as we continue the story of the stalwart artisan, Gidro Brunnsen, as he journeys deeper into the land of Phaestus.

Delve into his precious little mind and explore his backstory, before you ruin his future in Heart of Gold! Here’s a brief excerpt - if you want to read the whole thing, check out its thread on our forums.

    Gidro waited. And waited. And began to wonder if he was the victim of yet another prank. A twinkle caught his eye, then the rock face in front of him began to glow. It glowed brighter and brighter, until Gidro swore the sun itself was rising inside the cavern. He shielded his eyes. There was a metallic ring, and the light receded.

Read the full story on our forums!

Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

It’s been a little over a week since our reveal of the new Titan mechanics in patch 1.4, and we’re sure you must be salivating at the prospect of getting your hands on that and the Heart of Gold expansion.

Today we’re going to look at one of the new Aspects being introduced in Heart of Gold - the Aureate Monolith, we also have a new short story for you. But first we have an unfortunate announcement regarding the release date.

The Bad News

In the Heart of Gold announcement post we stated that Heart of Gold would be releasing this month. However, based on the current state of Heart of Gold we don’t believe it will be ready for the original target. As such we are pushing the release back to May.

We know that this news will be disappointing to the many of you who are excited to see Heart of Gold grace your Steam libraries - we’ve seen regular calls from you for a clear and set release date.

So far we have tried to avoid being specific with our release dates on all content since release, as we feel that announcing specific dates will lead to greater disappointment if we decide that upcoming content requires more work. As a general principle we try to stick to the “done when it’s done” philosophy of development, and when circumstances have forced us away from this it has proven extremely damaging.

The good news is that this delay will give us time to further develop and polish all the content coming in Heart of Gold. It will give us another session with Richard Ridings to record more voice-over for the mentor, and give us more time with other third parties to deliver on areas such as cinematics, translation and more. It’ll also give us the chance to integrate, test and polish more features internally and make sure the campaign stands out as the best WFTO experience yet!

New Construct: Aureate Monolith

A glimmering totem of awesome power, the Aureate Monolith is a powerful construct that will certainly help you keep your coffers well stocked. Friends and foes foolish enough to fall unconscious within it’s influence will never awaken again, trapped forever as golden statues.

The Aureate Monolith is a new construct that will be slotting neatly into the Veins at the end of the neutral tree. It occupies a unique role of enhancing the result of combat by instantly turning fallen friends and foes into golden statues to be mined. It’s also capable of stealing gold directly from the earth, statues, or even your rivals.

Once placed an Aureate Monolith will project a small field around itself; any unit that is rendered unconscious in this field is instantly turned into a gold statue. Setting up killzones with Aureate Monoliths and Bombards, or other defences, will certainly provide a useful source of income.

When clicked the Aureate Monolith will draw in all gold within its radius and deposit it within your Vaults. This includes gold from wall tiles, statues, piles and even gold from enemy Vaults! Stick one of these next to your enemy’s Vaults and watch all their shiny treasures disappear from their possession. However, once the Monolith has drawn in all the surrounding gold, it will explode.

The Aureate Monolith is positioned to be used as both a defensive and offensive tool if you want to turn over a frightful profit when facing down an enemy.

Short Story: The Aureate Artisan

We know how much you loved our previous short story that released alongside the Sentinel Preview, so we thought we'd once again dive into the world of Kairos and explore the adventures of Gidro, a particularly unfortunate dwarf who is currently making his way to the southern Phaestian border.

To save space we're going to preview the story here, but if you want to read the full version then head on over to it's thread on the forum!

    The gold dust swirled in front of him. He wobbled, his eyes watering in the heat, and squinted through the blinding orange glow. Steadying himself, he focused hard and watched the golden dust whoosh away down the tunnel and out of sight.

    Gidro put one foot gingerly in front of the other, and tried not to look over the edge of the road ... at the bottomless pit of lava-coloured doom. Dwarves were never meant to scale such heights. How could anyone live in this god-forsaken land? No wonder he’d never heard of Phaestus - it was nothing but a volcanic ruin!

Read the full story on our forums!

Decorate your Dungeon

Given the subject of this week’s teaser we felt that we should remind you of a little known feature in WFTO: decorative statues! We originally introduced this upon fan request when we implemented the Blood Money spell, but we feel it will have special relevance within the Heart of Gold expansion.

To turn your golden statues into permanent fixtures with which to showcase your domination, simply cast Lightning on any golden statue within your dungeon. As part of patch 1.4 we’re adding bases to these statues to better differentiate them from the ones you want melted down for scrap!

That covers our teaser for this week. We’ll be back in the near future for more previews, so keep your eyes peeled and don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter to make sure you never miss an update!

Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Hello Backers,

It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally happening. Our fulfillment provider began shipping your physical rewards to you late last week - some of you (in the UK) should have already begun to receive your rewards.

We know that you’ve had to wait a long time for this and we can only apologise for the regular delays in shipping your rewards. We’ve learned a lot of lessons from this campaign and if we ever do this again we’ll be sure to carry those on!

Regardless, we hope that the end result will have been worth the wait and that you enjoy your physical goodies, whatever they may be.

We here at Brightrock Games (yup that’s a new name, full announcement soon ;) ) would like to thank you all for your continued support and patience. Without your backing and dedication we could never have brought War for the Overworld to market, and certainly never continued to support it through dozens of free updates as well as the upcoming expansion Heart of Gold!

Your generosity has helped us to transition our operation from a group of plucky fans distributed across the world into a studio centred in the heart of Brighton, with big plans for both the present and future. Together with you we’ve celebrated our successes while weathering and learning from our failures. We hope that our commitment to you has shined through during the project and beyond.

A Few Reminders

With all that said the War for the Overworld Kickstarter is now nearly complete, with almost all rewards fulfilled to the best of our capabilities. But there’s still a few more things to remind you of and assure you that we’ve not forgotten:

  • The Dungeoneer’s Guide is still in production and is nearing completion. We hope to have this released and into your Steam folders during the summer.
  • Just before release you voted on what flex-goal you would like to see. You voted for an enhanced Survival mode, so expect to see that in a free update after Heart of Gold.
  • The DRM-Free build will be updated sometime after Heart of Gold, though as always with the standard caveats (limited updates, no Steamworks features, no DLC).
  • We’re looking to start community translations post Heart of Gold. If you want to see translations into your language or just want to see better ones, drop by this thread and sign up!
  • Finally, we’d like to remind you all that Heart of Gold is free to you as backers once it releases, and you should already see it linked to your Steam Account. If you’ve not played in awhile this will be the perfect time to jump back in!

To close we’d like to issue one last thank you to everyone who has worked with us on War for the Overworld, including contractors and colleagues from across the world, and our team of dedicated volunteers who help to QA the game. Without your hard work this would not have been possible.

Our deepest thanks to you all,

– Brightrock Games

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Darkest Greetings Underlord,

Yesterday we posted some truly ambitious release notes for the upcoming patch 1.4. Unfortunately we must announce to you today that in fact those were a cleverly conceived ruse, concocted by the brilliant minds at Brightrock Games and their merry band of volunteer QA analysts.

Indeed we are talking joke of the decade, jape of the century and April, May, June and July fools all at once. What’s that? You weren’t fooled at all? Alas it appears as though our carefully concocted plans were foiled.

No matter, we feel that we owe you an additional announcement today so today we’re going to expand, very briefly, on the new Titan systems that are being added in Patch 1.4.

Titans in 1.4

We’ve been listening to feedback on the Titans since the game launched last year. With the changes coming in 1.4 we’re looking to make them more impressive, powerful and less readily available.

In the current game, once you have unlocked the aspects in the Veins that you need you can continue to spam Titans at an alarming rate, with barely any cost or repercussion. This results in tactics such as the fabled Behemoth rush strategy which has been a thorn in the side of multiplayer players for many months.

To address this we’re making several changes to the Titan system so that they fit their purpose as living super weapons more snugly:

  • All three Titans have received significant stat buffs, positioning them unconditionally as the strongest units in the game. Deploying one of these will certainly be a game changing moment.
  • All Titans now cost 3 Sins rather than 1, raising the requirement for owning one.
  • Upon selecting a Titan from the Veins a summoning stone will appear near the player’s core, this stone will remain for five minutes and can be damaged or destroyed, after 5 minutes the desired Titan will spawn.
  • All players will receive a warning both when a Summoning stone is placed and when a Titan is spawned.
  • Titans will spawn with HP directly proportional to the remaining HP of the summoning stone.

These changes should make the gameplay around Titans more involved, it’s now possible to counter a Titan before it spawns and impossible to instantly replace one when it is destroyed; making them more valuable and less expendable.

We’re also giving them a visual overhaul with new VFX auras, see the video below for a peek at these!

April Fools

As a final message today we’d like to acknowledge the excellent work put into the April Fools patch notes by our voluntary QA Team, especially Fireeye who played a key role in organising the whole thing.

If you enjoyed our April Fools patch notes this year you can have a look back at previous years by checking out the April Fools category!

Until next time Underlord!

– WFTO Team

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

With WFTOs first expansion, Heart of Gold, on the cards this month we felt that now would be a good time to share some highlights from the upcoming v1.4.2016 patch. Among these pages you’ll find some of the changes we’re most excited about, many of which have been inspired by your own suggestions.

So without further ado we’d like to introduce you to Patch 1.4.2016 “Fools Gold” which will be releasing alongside Heart of Gold this month!

Read on Underlord!

General Changes
  • Following ample of feedback concerning the game’s pace, we have come to the conclusion that the gameplay is much too slow for many players. Because of this, the game speed slider now is locked at 150% speed for skirmish games and scenarios, and 200% speed for the campaign.
  • To emphasize the game’s comical nature, the main menu screen will now permanently feature the backside of a Chunder.
  • To prevent the game from being overly repetitive, the “Load” function now randomly loads one of the player’s save files rather than the desired one.
  • As we felt that the Home Realm didn’t feel fresh and exciting enough, it now will automatically be reset roughly once every thirty minutes.
  • Given that you never actually venture to the Overworld, the game’s title has been changed to “War for the Underworld (WftU)”.
  • Impenetrable Earth can now be mined but it will take your workers 24 hours to excavate a single tile.


  • Workers no longer lock any of the player’s mana, but instead lock RAM. Every worker above the fifth one will lead to increasing performance issues for the player, making a good balance between worker numbers and hardware quality crucial.
  • Mistreated workers can now form unions.
  • Workers may now level up to level 60. Players who buy the Heart of Gold DLC may level their workers up to level 70.
  • To aid players with a defensive playstyle, workers will now prioritize fortifying walls over all other tasks unless manually ordered around by the player.

  • Now has a significantly higher spawning rate than all other minions as we felt there weren’t enough of them on the battlefield.
  • Renamed to Goblin.

  • Cultists now know who Brian is.

  • To enhance the simulation experience expected from War for the Overworld, units will now refuse to work, eat or sleep in rooms which contain a chunder due to the unbearable stench.

  • Due to their volatile potions, picking up and dropping a Crackpot will now cause it to explode, killing the unit and destroying all wall tiles in a small radius.

  • Now makes suggestive noises when torturing units in the Torture Chamber
  • We have removed the Succubus “Over the Shoulder” victory pose. We felt the pose was far too sexual and did not fit her character as a “vile demonic temptress of men and women”. All other aspects of the Succubus remain the same.
  • Based on popular community feedback the Succubus will now have scalable breast size, you can find the new “Bazonga” slider in the gameplay options menu.
  • There is now a small chance that the Succubus “Charm” ability will backfire, causing her to fall in love with the target. In this case they will both return to surface world to produce a batch of quarter demonic children who will subsequently star as badly written RPG characters.

  • In respect to his Augmented status the Augre has received new voice lines such as “I never asked for this”, “What a shame” and “My vision is augmented” He’s also taken to wearing sunglasses, despite being underground.
  • All Augres have mysteriously grown a tail.

  • Will now refuse to eat pigs in the Slaughterpen due to family matters (but you can still trick him to eat in the tavern. You monster)

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Shadow’s invisibility to be non-functional. The Shadow is now invisible to all players as intended (including his owner).

  • Now turns into a level 1 Dragon upon reaching level 10.
  • Is now correctly referred to as “Bad Ass Flying Unit”

  • Fixed a VFX bug that caused the Vampire not to sparkle when he stands close to light sources.

  • Now literally an unstoppable force, once spawned will choose a random direction and velocity then crash through any wall, object, defence, unit or Dungeon Core that gets in it’s way until it leaves the map.

  • Now literally and immovable object. The eternal cannot take damage and cannot move from it’s spawn coordinates under any conditions. If a Behemoth collides with an eternal units will crowd around and debate the philosophical implications until the game crashes.

  • Removed from the game to make room for a new titan.

New Titan: The Horned Reaper
  • A new Titan, the Horned Reaper has been added to the game
  • The Horned Reaper can be summoned using a Magical Talisman and will last 60 seconds, or until slapped
  • The Horned Reaper is far, far more powerful than the other Titans in the game and will cause them all to flee instantly upon seeing him.
  • Magical Talismans can be purchased from the Steam store for $1.99, or in a bundle of 10 for $15.99


  • Can no longer be called down on the same tile twice.

  • Will now remove 250 gold per cast from all affected units, unless those units have Health Insurance. Will ruin the life of any unit unable to pay.

  • Now actually makes the target minion mad.
  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to cast this spell on enemy minions.

Blood Money
  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to use this spell in the “water” tiles of Rhaskos’ realm.
  • Fixed a bug where Blood Money would affect other biological aspects of the target creature. Now only the blood is affected, instantly killing the creature but leaving a perfectly preserved golden copy of it’s circulatory system that you can submit to a museum.

Magical Meat
  • Due to heavy criticism by animal rights’ groups, micropiglets spawned by ‘Magical Meat’ now come equipped with parachutes to soften their landing.

New Spell: Micropiglet
  • Turns the target minion into a micropiglet for 30 seconds.
  • These pigs can be eaten by other minions.
  • However, this can have unexpected side-effects when the 30 seconds are up.

Haste Potion
  • Now makes affected units turn blue for the duration of the potion’s effect to make it easier to tell them apart from minions that can’t go fast.

  • Wormhole now has three distinct effects:
    • May open a wormhole to a alternate dimension where the servants of the Empire are evil, Underlord minions are good and everyone has hysterically unstylish facial hair. Apart from Dwarves, who have no facial hair and are thusly shunned by their allies.
    • May open a wormhole to an alternate universe where the servants of the Empire are a spacefaring race of doctors who seek out and cure all maladies.
    • May open a wormhole into deep space causing all affected minions to be lost permanently and potentially causing a permanent rupture in the space time continuum.
  • Also houses ravenous worms.


  • The enhanced mana regeneration caused by this ritual has been further increased. However, if the players does not cast enough spells during the ritual’s time of effect and they return to full mana, the mana bar will explode, killing the player.

  • Now automatically casts upon building a Sanctuary.

  • Now queues up the Armageddon ritual after completion.

  • Now causes all units in the player’s command to rebel and depose them. Causing an instant loss and deleting the game from their hard drive.

  • Literally ends the world. DO NOT USE
  • Icon replaced with a big red button with a sticky note saying “DO NOT USE”


  • The player can now stuff additional micropiglets from the Slaughterpen into the training dummies of the barracks, which increases the work efficiency of minions training at the enriched dummies.

  • Every 1,000th meal will now be a ‘Jackpot Dinner’, which will be (loudly) announced by Mendechaus and followed up with a delightful rendition of ‘Disco Inferno’ whilst nearby minions show off their newly implemented “Dance” animations.

Wooden Bridge & Stone Bridge
  • Both of these bridges have been removed in order to encourage players to use the Volcanic Bridge spell.

  • Micropiglets will now leave the Slaughterpen and stalk your dungeon. Beware.


Wooden Door
  • As we felt that players were not polite enough to their minions, the wooden door now remains closed to minions trying to pass through it unless the player holds it open for them with the hand of evil.

  • Same as above, except the player has to pull it up instead of holding it open. As an added side effect, letting go of the portcullis will cause it to squash whatever unfortunate minions may currently stand under it.

Midas Door
  • All Midas Doors are now subject to VAT (Value Added Tax) and will now cost an additional 20% of their previous price.

Glacial Door
  • To limit the amount of micro-management needed for effective use of the Glacial Door, it can now no longer be opened at all.
  • Glacial doors can now shift across the map gradually at a pace of 1 meter per day.

Augrum Wall
  • Augrum walls are now made from Augres instead of defence parts.


Replacement Earth
  • To encourage well-planned dungeons the price of “Replacement Earth” has been increased to 10,000 gold, each additional replacement earth will increase this price by 5000 gold.

Warding Totem
  • Can now only be built in 2v2 games and only if the player formally announces he will go “Support” while in the mutliplayer lobby or at the start of the game.

Ember Rift
  • Ember demons spawned from the rift now place an additional rift every 5 seconds, these additional rifts are free from mana locking and will spawn further Ember demons which will then create further rifts, until the game crashes.

Shrine Changes

Gold Shrine
  • To simulate the hyperinflation that an unlimited source of gold would produce, all gold prices in the game will increase by 5% for every 10,000 gold mined from a Gold Shrine.

Manufacturing Shrine
  • Manufacturing Shrines have been tweaked so that they now continue to produce defense parts indefinitely until claimed by an Underlord. This adds a cool new gameplay element that forces the player(s) to claim the shrine before the accumulated mass of defense parts crashes the game.

New Artefact: Transfer Creature
  • This new artefact will allow the player who activates it to transfer one of their minions to the next single player level or multiplayer game they play.
  • Only works with level 1 minions.

Misc. Changes and Bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible for the player to claim the Kenos before Mira did in Campaign Mission 10.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the three AI Underlords in Campaign Mission 12 from attacking all at once.
  • Removed Herobrine.
  • Fixed several bugs that allowed the player to win against the Steven Fright
  • AI personality on any difficulty setting.
  • Fixed the bugs on the floor of the game’s main menu.
  • Fixed two bugs that caused the Imperial attack waves in Campaign Missions 7 and 9 to attack much later than planned.
  • The game should now feel snappier.
  • Replaced Placeholder Bard Voiceovers with the correct Voiceovers recorded by Simburgur.
  • Minions will no longer cross the river to the west.

Until next time Underlords,

- WFTO Team

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

The Emperor is gone and the Empire rudderless, the balance of power easily swayed to any Underlord that is not 600 feet under. You will now assume the role of rival Underlord, Kasita, and with the mentorship of the deliciously sardonic Mendechaus (voiced by Richard Ridings), you will sate your thirst for wealth and power in the golden and volcanic dukedom of Phaestus.

The word in the Underworld is that Kasita’s heart is a giant gemstone, hewn from the dirt by her prospecting workers. They say molten gold flows through her cavernous, subterranean arteries, and that soon her temper shall erupt in an all-consuming gold rush of greed! Miserly miners beware ...

War for the Overworld’s first expansion, Heart of Gold, continues where the story left off, with 4 earth-shattering new Campaign levels, a smattering of new defences, units and spells, and a gleaming new Dungeon Theme! This builds upon the 39 free patches that have massively improved the game since launch, including the recently released patch 1.3 with a map editor and Steam Workshop support.

Heart of Gold features:

  • An expanded story told across 4 brand new, fully voice acted Campaign levels, this time played from the perspective of Underlord Kasita. The levels are more open-ended than in the original game, directly addressing feedback from our most loyal Underlords.
  • An additional 4 Aspects to master: Sentinel (defence), Gild (spell), Aureate Monolith (construct), and a golden Titan - the Colossus. More details to be revealed soon.
  • A new Dungeon Theme for Kasita, which includes a Dungeon Core, new tiles and walls, a Worker skin, and a much-requested custom Underlord hand.
  • New terrain, system overhauls, map editor features and much more!

Priced at just £5.59 / $7.99 / 7.99€, the Heart of Gold expansion will be released on Steam in April 2016.

Heart of Gold also constitutes the Early Adopter Bonus (FAQ) for those that purchased War for the Overworld on or before May 2nd, 2015 (which includes Kickstarter backers, Early Access customers, and owners of the physical Underlord Edition). These Underlords will be able to download Heart of Gold from Steam for free when it launches.

Patch 1.4

This expansion is the next in a long line of updates that have added heaps of new content and fixes since launch. Some of the meatiest updates so far: 4-player multiplayer; a map editor with Steam Workshop support; balance passes to improve single-player and multiplayer; addressing player feedback on the UI, room efficiency, adjustable game speed and more.

Heart of Gold will release alongside Patch 1.4 which will introduce a huge range of changes and improvements to the base game including:

  • Revamped Titan system
  • Revamped combat
  • New unit voices, VFX, animations and behaviours
  • Significant performance improvements
  • New systems such as the peace warband to keep specific units out of combat
  • Improved AI which makes use of Titans and Artefacts properly
  • Improved UI including a new payday overlay
  • Many balance improvements including a revamp of the unit leveling system, making high level units more valuable
  • Many more gameplay improvements

We look forward to seeing your response and feedback in April!

Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

Over the course of the new year thus far we've been settling into our new office, in the past few weeks we've moved in and are working once more. It's still something of a building site but we're looking forward to sharing it with you once finished.

Today we're delivering an update on the status of our long awaited physical rewards for our Kickstarter backers. We're pleased to announce that we're rapidly approaching fulfillment and if all goes according to plan will be shipping within a months time.

Pop on over to our website to read the full post and see the latest images.

Until next time Underlord,

- WFTO Team

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

It’s been a little over a month since the last time we peered into the broiling cauldron of creation that is the WFTO Workshop, a place where new maps and challenges are dreamed up and shared across the community.

In that time we’ve seen the number of user-created levels explode from 240 to an incredible 649! That’s nearly 13 maps per day since our last spotlight, or 15 maps per day since the Map Editor was released!

With such a huge number of maps now available it can be tough to pick out the best of the best; lucky for you we’ve sent in our spirit workers to select a handful of the greatest maps on the Workshop! Let’s take a look at what the community crackpots have been brewing up!

Community Map Spotlight

We’ve put ourselves through our paces on this one, Underlord! Combing through the huge number of new maps, we’ve selected just a few of our favourites to shine the spotlight on!

This month we’re even changing the rules and granting all highlighted makers the coveted “Golden Worker Skin”! (Don’t worry last month’s winners, you’ll get one too!) We'll be sending the rewards out in the next few days!

All maps are presented in no particular order:

Ribbons by Deteno
4p Skirmish

A deceptively simple map but one with plenty of depth. Deteno has worked wonders to create this level which features winding ribbons of water and gold, plenty of shrines to contest, and an Empire fortress to overrun!

Lakefront by MastaX
4p Skirmish

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of unusual levels that require thinking outside the box. In Lakefront, all four players have a moderately sized pre-shaped dungeon at the edge of a large open lake of water.

With only a small but easily defendable space available to you on your edge, be prepared to push forward and face your rivals at regular intervals for control over the space and shrines in the center of the map.

Through the Back Door by roysten712
1 Player vs Empire

This stunning level is a huge slog against multiple Empire fortresses. Be prepared to utilise every trick in your arsenal to overcome the enemy. This map absolutely rewards exploration, with many back doors, secrets and more to discover! The Prophecy spell will certainly be your friend here!

Motley Moat by Xander / xMadKill40
4p Skirmish

This huge 4-player skirmish level will see you scrambling to control the crossings into your map quarter. A huge chasm creates a natural divide between each Underlord, acting both as a defence and a centre for conflict.

Deepmist by BlueDragon463
2p Skirmish

While the 4-player maps have certainly garnered the attention this month, there is a 2-player map which has stood out in our minds. Deepmist is a demonstration of how adding Empire units to an otherwise normal level can help add depth and challenge.

Throughout the map you’ll discover ghouls, which serve to slow your progress and protect important areas. Be careful when exploring, lest you be overwhelmed by a clattering horde!

The Rift by Vetraeus
4p Skirmish

We hope that you brought your compass, Underlord - you’re certainly going to need it to navigate the chasms. This huge level is filled with tunnels, shrines and objectives to fight over. But beware as there are some very powerful hostile units within the Rift. Explore too quickly and you’ll find nothing but death!

Wading through 649 maps is a challenging task! There are a lot of fantastic designs out there that unfortunately won’t see a mention this week. But rest assured we’re always looking for more!

If you have a favourite map that you think deserves a spotlight then mention it in the comments! Who knows, perhaps you’ll see it in next month's spotlight!

WFTO Multiplayer Group

Are you looking for others to play WFTO with? Want advice on how to open your ports so you can host multiplayer matches? Then you’ll want to check out the official WFTO Multiplayer Group on Steam!

If you’re ever looking for people to play with, it’s members of this group that are most likely to be up for a game. Moreover, the group leader, Bohser Onkel, is a dedicated member of the WFTO QA Team, and dedicated WFTO multiplayer participant. He’s got plenty of advice for you, and the thread he’s set up will help match you with similarly-skilled opponents - provided you rank yourself appropriately.

Check out the Multiplayer Group and sign up to find a match!

Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlords,

We're pleased to see that Patch 1.3.2 has been extremely well received across the community. With reports of significantly improved performance in some cases as well as many issues you've raised since the release of Patch 1.3 having being addressed!

As we head into the new year with WFTO we're looking to make it easier for you to get in touch, report bugs to us and see progress being made on the issues that matter most to you!

To this end we're introducing a new bug tracker, a fully featured suite that will allow you to search for known bugs, comment on them, raise new ones or just track our progress!

It's a big old post so head on over to for the full scoop!

If you'd like to skip the instructional then why not check out User Echo right now? Don't forget to follow our bug report guidelines if you have something to report!

Until next time Underlords,

- WFTO Team

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