War for the Overworld - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

You may recall in the not-too-distant past that we announced the return to War for the Overworld of the four languages we were unable to support post-launch; namely Spanish, Italian, Polish, and Russian. Well, our translators have been beavering away like a colony of Workers who’ve just had a Work-A-Lot potion smashed over their heads!

So lo and behold, with today’s release of Patch 1.6.66, the new localisations are now live in the game! It is our hope that they will be as well-received as our recent Chinese release.

What Has Been Localised?

All game content released after the initial April 2015 launch has been localised into Spanish, Italian, Polish, and Russian, by our professional localisation partner. This brings these languages up to speed with the English, French, German, and Chinese, and means that their translations are now 100% complete!

Naturally, this covers quite a sizeable amount of content, not least the three expansions that have come since launch: Heart of Gold, Crucible, and My Pet Dungeon!

But that’s not all. It also covers:

  • Subtitles for the voiced Dynamic Tutorial System
  • Closed captions for the pre-rendered cinematics
  • Names and descriptions for the full range of Skirmish and Sandbox maps
  • All the title-screen and miscellaneous narrator lines
  • Map Editor user-interfaces
  • Mutator user-interfaces
  • And more!

We’ve also updated all our major storefronts with new localisations for these languages, to appropriately reflect the up to date nature of the translations.

Moving forward towards WFTO’s final major update, we will continue to keep these languages updated. So you can rest assured that Patch 2.0 and Expansion 4 will be perfectly playable in all the languages that we support!

Why Did We Leave These Languages Languishing?

We talked about this in our previous post on the subject, and what it boils down to is that the initial translations were graciously handled and paid for by our physical-publishing partner; after launch, no additional funds were apportioned to support the ongoing localisation of content. We assessed the possibility of continued support for all languages, but unfortunately could not justify maintaining all of them at that time with the limited resources at our disposal.

We’ve never been happy that these languages fell by the wayside. But today they return to front-line service!

Community Translations

We must also once again take a moment to thank the stalwart bastion of community translators, who stepped up to fill the void left when support for Spanish, Italian, Polish, and Russian was withdrawn. Thanks to these people, there has still been an option for players of some of these languages - not to mention that they have also brought the game to languages we have never been able to support officially! So from the whole Brightrock Games team: thank you!

We cannot ever demonstrate enough our appreciation for all the hard work you’ve put in as community translators; but if you head on over to your personal developer forums on your Steam Workshop items, you will find codes for each listed member of your team. These will grant you access to the exclusive Golden Worker skin, awarded only to the most dedicated members of our community!

All community translations still exist, both on the Steam Workshop and in our own Foundry content repository; so if you as a player have a preferred fan translation, you can still happily load it in. We’re also more than happy to take feedback from our fans on the new official translations, so please feel free to share your thoughts!

Patch 1.6.66
The new official localisations were released today as part of the fiendishly named, Patch 1.6.66, which also contains a number of bug fixes. We have prepared full release notes for your perusal (English only).

Now we must leave you, and return to the depths of the Underworld; Patch 2.0 and Expansion 4 won’t unearth themselves, after all. So until next time, Underlord: Keep it evil.


– Brightrock Games Team

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War for the Overworld - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

The patch number of the beast marks an auspicious occasion for our fans in a number of countries over on the continent! At long last we’re in a position to update our unsupported but not forgotten European languages, and bring them in line with the English, French, German, and Chinese localisations.

You can read our full announcement post here.

European Languages Return!

As announced in our previous post, and in today’s announcement, we’re proud to reveal that the discontinued European languages are now updated and back in the game, and we’ll be continuing their support into the future! We welcome your feedback!
  • Updated previously deprecated European Languages to include all the game’s text updates since Patch 1.0.1:
    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • Polish
    • Russian
  • Added subtitles in various pre-rendered cinematics throughout the game for the above languages

Gameplay Changes


  • Can no longer pass through Possession Doors

Spirit Worker
  • Can no longer pass through Possession Doors

  • Constructs may no longer be placed inside shrines or Dungeon Cores


  • Now has an effect if used twice on the same defence.

AI Improvements
  • Workers will no longer attack anything except rival Workers, regardless of how high their chances are to win. This is to keep them on task when working near low-threat objects such as doors.

Mutator Changes
  • Extra Workers granted by increasing the default minimum Worker amount no longer grant mana when sacrificed in the Dungeon Core
  • Undiggable walls can no longer be tagged
  • Wall tooltips will now update to correctly reflect if undiggable walls is enabled

Performance Optimisations
  • Improved the performance of Worker scouting behaviour
  • Optimised unit behaviour to significantly reduce “garbage” created on unit spawn

Game Text Updates
  • Clarified the mutator behaviour on tooltips for disabling Fortified Walls, and disabling the ability to dig them out, in relation to certain Aspects (prompted by a user forum issue)

Visual Changes
  • Small improvements to Slaughterpen lights
  • Increased brightness of Slaughterpen slightly

  • Gold Piles will now be placed up to 17 tiles from where they are dropped in the Vault, rather than 5
  • Achievements for My Pet Dungeon unlockable themes are now listed in level order on the unlocks screen

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that allowed units to teleport into walls/map border

  • When a Dungeon Core is claimed, the gold it held now correctly enters the new owner’s Vaults
  • The Garrison buff will no longer incorrectly stack for multiple activated props
  • Aureate Monoliths now correctly update the minimap after use
  • Removed Last Stand from Templar abilities list as the ability had been disabled for some time

  • Fixed an incorrectly rotated “corridor” on My Pet Dungeon level Ponygrasp

  • Highlight effect on the Dwarven Dungeon Core should no longer present with visual artifacting
  • Garrison prop range corrected, now more representative of actual range
  • Corrected a minor clipping VFX in the Spirit Chamber

  • Removed duplicate line from War for the Overworld Level 3
  • Fixed some errors caused by missing audio on War for the Overworld Level 3
  • Arcane Chunder now correctly uses the Chunder voice
  • The Arcanist boss should now correctly play her post sleep voice-over
    Necromancer, Gnarling, and Chunder all now issue battle cries when in the Arena
  • Gave Duke and Duchess missing voice-over from their base unit
  • Vampire now correctly plays his eating voice-over when in the Tavern

  • Fixed missing VFX and SFX for Lightning and Shockwave spells for clients
  • Fixed missing animation and effects on Bombards for clients

  • Made "fortified wall" a proper noun on tooltips for Siege Shrine, Underminer, and Augrum Wall (consistency issue)
  • Fixed a tooltip typo for the Ember Demon Rally Flag
  • Fixed the time limit on the War for the Overworld Level 5 timed achievement, so that it now correctly reads 23 minutes, not 18 (in Simplified and Traditional Chinese)

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War for the Overworld - Noontide

Darkest Greetings Underlord,

With the Chinese language release successfully completed, we’ve not stopped for a moment immediately moving to address any issues that have been reported to us. The release itself has been fantastic and we have to thank our community for the incredible reception and support we’ve seen.

We hope our continued support and the features, improvements and fixes below help to demonstrate our commitment to delivering the best experience possible and that we can repay all the dedication shown by our community over the many years of WFTOs life!

We also have great news for anyone affected by the startup loading issue where the loading bar would freeze, by working with our partners at GOG.com we have identified the cause and have moved to fix the third-party DLL that was causing the issue. Hopefully this should now be resolved and you should be able to play the game. We’d love to receive feedback on this to confirm!

Read on for the full patch notes!

Gameplay Changes
  • It is now vastly easier to grab gold piles from vaults
  • Toned down the Cultist debuff stacking effect which previously allowed a stack of three cultists to one shot a level 10 unit
Blood Money
  • Gold Statues can now be claimed
    • On Neutral ground will remain with their previous owner
    • When the tile below them is claimed the statue will become owned by the new tile’s owner
    • Gold Statues can be dropped on allied tiles to transfer ownership

Audio Changes
  • New Audio setting “Unit Voice Volume” added, separating it from the primary SFX slider

Visual Changes
  • Units dropped into Tavern Spitroast now fall in and play and SFX while being mulched
  • The Dungeon Core in the menu scene plays now a pulsating VFX as intended
  • Made some improvements to the Foundry textures

Map Editor Changes
  • The “Paint Gold” tool in map editor now places gold piles on ground tiles, in addition to vaults or wall blocks
  • Vaults in map editor which have had gold added (via “Paint Gold”) no longer spawn loose gold piles when removed
  • “Paint Gold” can remove gold from vaults and tiles

Level Changes
My Pet Dungeon
  • The MPD Tutorial video now has Spanish, Italian, Russian and Polish subtitles

Miscellaneous Improvements
  • Several improvements to game text
  • Removed some walls in the Main menu to reduce clipping on camera transitions
  • Removed unnecessary logs which could eventually cause the game to slow down

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with a GOG Library causing an loading error which prevented some users from starting the game, becoming stuck on the loading screen

  • Fixed an issue where the Oculus slimy SFX continued playing even if it has been killed (until fully rotten) or transformed into a golden statue

  • Fixed an issue that made a loaded skirmish map incompletable when it was saved a split second before the win condition was met

  • Fixed an issue that made Garrison duplicate its buff on blocks in range each time it was reactivated
  • Fixed an issue where the Beast Den would never be upgraded if a non-upgraded Beast Den was removed before upgrading
  • Fixed an issue where the Garrisons active state ring would not show after saving and loading
  • Fixed an issue which would made prisons with a certain non rectangular diagonal layout (stair like) spawn rats into the map origin (location 0,0,0) rather than into the prison, after many months of listening to walls and yelling “They’re in the frakin ship!”

  • Fixed an issue where units would not be removed from minimap when not killed by a normal attack (eg. tortured)
  • Fixed an issue where dropped units never have shields again if "Always show" is selected for shields in the options menu
  • Fixed an issue which caused log spam when a flying unit was fleeing too low over chasm, probably causing the game to lag for a moment

Map Editor
  • Fixed map editor placed doors were logically closed but visually open when they were set to open and “Disable AI Control” was selected

  • Fixed an issue which made artefacts not disappear from the artefact panel after being used when they were already present in a save game

  • Fixed an issue where the menu scene would not transition to the correct part of the menu dungeon after the Load button was clicked


– Brightrock Games Team

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War for the Overworld - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

Following our update last month we’ve been hard at work returning to the world of War for the Overworld, and beginning to pile in on the upcoming Patch 2.0 and Expansion 4. While we work on these we have a few more items of news to announce, not least that there are currently big discounts across WFTO content, to coincide with our new patch!.

But first of all we have a big announcement for a growing portion of our community!

China Release, Dragon Worker Skin, and New Sale!

We’re happy to announce that for the past few months we’ve been working on a Chinese localisation of the game. This work is now complete, and as of today we have officially launched WFTO in China, with both simplified and traditional localisations!

      People of China, meet the people of Kairos!

As such, we’d like to issue a very warm welcome to all our Chinese fans, who have been extremely patient as we worked towards localising the game. We hope that it was worth the wait! We’d also like to thank the community translation teams, who handled the Chinese translations until now (these of course are still available as well).

When loading into the game you’ll now find the new language selections in the Options menu. If your computer has either simplified or traditional Chinese selected as its default language, the game should load into that language automatically. The whole game has been completely translated from start to finish, but please let us know if there’s anything missing!

To celebrate the Chinese launch, our perky mascot, Stumpy the Blood Imp, has donned a delightful new costume, to show his appreciation to all our Chinese fans!

        Enter the Dragon

Any player who launches the game between now and the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations (February 2018) will unlock the Dragon Worker skin for use in game. Once the celebration has passed, the skin will then only become available to unlock during future Chinese New Year festivals. So don’t miss your chance to grab this awesome new skin!

But that’s not all we’re doing to celebrate the new release! From 5th to 18th of October there will be big discounts across all WFTO content on Steam, GOG.com as well as a number of other partners, not least a 70% discount on the base game!

Patch 1.6.4 Now Live!

And still there’s more! We’ve spent the last few weeks working on a few new features, improvements and fixes to help further enhance your experience in WFTO. As such, Patch 1.6.4 is now seeing the light of day, and it’s certainly not insignificant!

You can of course read the full patch notes here; but to give you a brief taste, here are the headlines:

  • Added 14 new Skirmish and Scenario maps

  • Significant performance improvements which should yield positive results especially on lower specced GPUs, up to 25% gains in FPS and reduced Stutter.
  • Dozens of changes and bug fixes

European Languages Return

With all this talk about the Chinese localisation, we’re sure there are many of our fans wondering about the existing and deprecated European languages - namely Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Polish, which we’ve unfortunately been unable to maintain since the original launch.

We’ve talked at length about this decision in the past, but the long and short of it is that the initial localisations were handled by our physical publishing partner, who graciously arranged and paid for the localisations. After release, no additional funds were apportioned for the maintenance of these languages, and upon making our cost assessment, we could not justify continued support for all languages at the time.

We’ve never been happy with this state of affairs, and we know that this feeling is reflected across our fan base. We’ve always wanted to return to the deprecated languages, and now we’re finally in a position to do so.

So we’re proud to announce that at long last we’re once again working with our localisation partners, to return official and complete support to Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Polish languages. This process will be commencing hot on the heels of the Chinese release, though it is a substantial undertaking (WFTO is a surprisingly text-heavy game) - we will update you on progress over the coming months.

We’d like to thank all our fans for their patience in waiting for these localisations. We know it has been a difficult road, and we’re sorry for the delay in returning these to active status. We’d also like to thank those that have stepped in with community translations - these will of course be going nowhere, and will still be available from the Steam Workshop, should you prefer to use them.

So, that just about wraps up our update. Don’t forget the big discounts that are now available on WFTO content for the next two weeks. Until next time, Underlord: Keep it evil.


– Brightrock Games Team

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War for the Overworld - Noontide

Darkest Greetings Underlord,

As part of the unleashing the huge undertaking of supporting an entirely new language we’ve developed a large number of fixes and improvements to your game! Want to know more about the aforementioned language? Read here! Otherwise, read on for all the awesome changes that have come in Patch 1.6.4!

Chinese Language Support

As of today War for the Overworld is now available in Traditional and Simplified Chinese, you can read our full announcement here.

Special Worker Skin - Dragon Worker

To celebrate the Chinese release we’ve unleashed a special worker skin upon the world.

The Dragon Worker has a very special unlock condition, upon logging into the game between now and Chinese New Year (In February) you will be treated to a special achievement and find the new worker already available in game.

Should you miss this window it will be available again every Chinese New Year!

New Maps

Once again we’re introducing a number of new maps all loving crafted by our excellent team of volunteer QA members. As always a huge thank you to them for their time and efforts, be sure to give them a pat on the back if you see them.

Localisation & Community Translations

  • Cutscenes now showing subtitles on all cinematics
  • Improved reliability of game loading into the correct language

Performance Optimisations

We’ve implemented a number of significant performance optimisations which should greatly enhance game experience, especially on lower end GPUs. We’re really pleased with these improvements and of course we’ll continue to keep seeking opportunities to further improve the performance of the game.

  • Numerous Performance Optimisations with up to 25% increased FPS and reduced stutter:
    • Implemented a new deferred renderer
    • Optimised Unit Shields
    • Improved Minimap Performance
    • Refactored a number of older scripts for to improve performance in newer Unity versions
    • Improved Animations to reduce memory & rendering load
    • Improved Floating Emoticon performance
    • Optimised dynamic battle music performance
    • General pathfinding performance improvements
  • Huge vaults now build and destroy much faster

Sound Changes

  • Vastly improved battle music system to improve reactivity in combat
  • Sound Effects volume slider now affects more sounds
  • Spirits now play an appropriate death sound
  • Added an attack sound to the Archon
  • Improved Audio Levels during cutscenes

Visual Changes

  • Piggy Projectiles in the tavern are now appropriately flambeed
  • Improved image quality of Floating Emoticons and Unit Shields
  • Improved Animations when units eat piglets in the Slaughterpen
  • Added a new Kasita Hand and Pickaxe
  • Improved Cutscene Quality
  • Added Warden Work Animation
  • Added VFX on Juggernaut Work
  • Traing dummys in the Barracks are now more reactive to hits
  • Improved menu transitions
  • Improved visuals on the Wormhole potion
  • Brightened the Walls, Floor and Tiles of the Mira theme to bring them in line with the rest of the theme
  • Improved Alchemy Lab lights
  • Updated the main menu
  • Chunders now play work animation
  • Skarg plays sleep animation
  • Fixed brightness of the campaign map
  • Realigned torture chamber vfx

Multiplayer Changes

  • The minimum character limit for creating a lobby in Multiplayer has been reduced to 1

Level Changes

Lockshackle (My Pet Dungeon)

  • Beasts will no longer become angry on this level

Skirmish Maps


  • Replaced Artefacts of Greater Sin with Artefacts of Sin


  • Added extra outer defenses for the Empire
  • Changed inner water areas to use Empire Water tileset
  • Changed Wooden Bridges to Empire Granite Bridges
  • Changed Artefacts of Greater Sin back to Artefacts of Sin (unintended change)
  • Set Destroyable setting of Empire Gateways to True so they can no longer be captured.


  • Moved the Core of all players closer to the middle of the continent, distance between players is now equal
  • Fortified path between players with Augrum Walls

  • Tweaked central area, now with more building space and gold!

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Upgraded to Unity 5.4.5p5
  • Updated game credits
  • Tutorial videos are now played from a local file rather than streamed
  • Port Forwarding Advice link now takes players to the updated Userecho Article
  • Clicking on the Port Forwarding Advice link will no longer revert the player to the main menu upon return
  • Gold Statues can now be dropped on allied ground and thus transferred into an Ally’s control

Bug Fixes


  • Possessing a Piglet that gets placed into an Oven will no longer soft lock the game
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to seize on startup, this only affects the GOG version


  • Double clicking buttons on the main menu will no longer cause them to disappear


  • Fixed an issue which prevented dynamic battle music from playing


  • An Empire owned tile will no longer appear next to the player’s Dungeon Core on Lagoon (Sandbox)
  • Ghouls now correctly follow necromancers on Snowhope (MPD)
  • Rhaskos’ Dungoen on Hell’s Deep (MPD) is now correctly revealed by Revelation
  • Optional Objective on Hell’s Deep (MPD) now correctly required Rhaskos to be defeated to complete
  • Home Realm can no longer be restarted as intended
  • Incorrect number of Democorns will no longer be present after reloading Ponygrasp (MPD)
  • Volcanic Bridges on Lavafall and Caldera now correctly have lava beneath them instead of Water
  • Reported Map Size should be consistent in all menus now
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed access to locked MPD levels without owning the DLC
  • Fixed map editor placed beast den for a single faction showing black incorrect tooltips


  • Fixed an issue wherre Garrisons in range of a Posession door never activated
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in defences being buffed multiple times by a garrison
  • Prevented tavern getting stuck when a table was deleted.
  • Tavern table now has correct amount of need satisfiers
  • Fixed an issue where Inhibitor’s would no longer be owned by the Empire if the Empire player had a Dungeon Core that was destroyed


  • You can no longer cast a number of Warband associated abilities (Such as Add to Warband or Peaceband) on the Warband icons. Preventing such things as accidentally adding all units to the Peaceband


  • Added handling of units in walls on map load that got there from saving under extreme lag conditions
  • Fixed workers refusing to mine golden rats and piggies
  • Fixed up the frostweaver animsation and prevented the passive ability triggering the hit animation
  • When you mine Walls as a possessed worker, your workers will now correctly claim the tiles
  • Fixed an issue that prevented workers from collecting gold/defence parts
  • Neutral Vampires should no longer die in Prisons


  • Titan Sin Summoning cost increase now also increases the excess Sin Cap to allow late-game summoning after all aspects are researched


  • Prevented Siege shrine effect persisting after level change


  • Alchemy Artefact now correctly works for clients
  • Improved Forge spell reliability in MP for clients
  • Fixed an issue that caused some defences and constructs to never build in MP
  • Fixed Unit mood constantly showing as “Content” for clients

Visual Fixes

  • Fixed the orientation on the Temple Guard’s shield
  • Corrected an issue that caused some parts of the Archons neck to be split
  • Evil Arcane Portcullis is no longer incorrectly rotated
  • Fixed a number of broken team colour instances on Theme ceilings
  • Possession door projector added
  • Fixed rotated tile in mira theme water
  • Fixed founders theme core floating
  • Fixed projector wall not being the right size when building aureate monolith
  • Removed red tiles in Empire Sanctuary
  • Ally & Enemy Titan canceled icon improvements
  • Fixed golden statues returning to their original after save & load
  • Fixed Canceling selection of a min. 3x3 room leaves a blue mark in prop place
  • Prevented an issue which could cause the menu to animate off of the screen
  • Adjusted team colouring for Dwarf floor tile


  • Numerous Text & Translation fixes


– Brightrock Games Team

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War for the Overworld - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

We have a short and sudden announcement today regarding the pricing of War for the Overworld for several regions around the world, as well as our pricing strategy moving forward. This is all part of our continuing efforts to be as transparent as possible in our business practises, and should in no way reflect on any company other than ourselves.

We’re making this announcement today to make it clear why certain actions are being taken and because we didn’t want you, our customers, to be caught off guard.

What’s This All About?

As you may be aware, regional prices on Steam are advised by Valve, and yesterday we received an email informing us that they had updated their pricing matrix.

The changes have introduced several new currencies into Steam’s systems to offer a better customer experience for these regions. They have also adjusted existing prices to better reflect the strength of those currencies against the US dollar, and the local purchasing power of those regions. As such, with the exception of the USD, which prices are based off, and the Euro, which remains unchanged, all other currencies in the matrix now have new advised values. Items have either increased or decreased in price from their current standings, in most cases by relatively minor amounts.

As this is the first major change to advised regional pricings for many years, we have considered the advised changes carefully, weighing up the repercussions for both ourselves and our customers. We’ve considered how this works into our continued support of WFTO and our future as a company, as well as how it may affect your lives.

From this careful deliberation we have decided not to follow the advised changes to the letter. Rather, we will only be adopting the advised prices where the relative cost of the game in local currencies has decreased compared to previous values. We will not be increasing the price of the game for any region.

Why No Increase?

As a business we recognise the need to maintain appropriate levels of pricing, as the strengths of various currencies and buying powers across the world fluctuate; the advice offered by Valve in this regard is both appropriate and fair.

It is a fact that many economies are in very different positions to where they were years ago, when these prices last changed, and that in most cases the price of video games has not risen in line with inflation, despite increasing development costs. Simply put, Valve’s advice is something that we expect many publishers to follow, and we believe that for the good of the industry this is a sensible action.

With that said, Valve also advised developers to “always do what’s best for your players”, and this is something that resonates strongly with us. As a team of not just dedicated developers but also gamers and consumers, we want to ensure that the game can continue to reach a wide audience who will enjoy it for years to come.

As a British-based developer, we know firsthand what it’s like to live in a country where the economy is in flux due to recent political changes; we know what it’s like to feel the squeeze of a currency weakening, and we don’t want that to be a barrier to the enjoyment of our games.

Furthermore, we do not wish latecomers to feel as though they are punished, especially as WFTO is now an ageing game - one which is still supported and developed, but ageing nonetheless. We do not believe it would be as fair on those affected by price increases as it might be for a new title.

We also believe in pricing our products based on our perception of what is fair for the work we’ve dedicated to them, and for now we do not feel that there is a need to increase any prices to achieve this.

The Future

With all this said and done, we plan to review our pricing at least once a year, and we can’t say what will happen when we do so. We cannot rightly say that price increases will be off the table if we feel they are appropriate, though they will always be carefully considered; and regardless of any changes, we’ll be sure to inform you appropriately. Rest assured that we would never ever increase the price of any of our products without giving you a window of warning.

It should also go without saying that we will of course follow Valve’s guidelines for any future titles, and as such you can expect the next expansion to use the advised pricing structure. But as always we will aim to ensure that our prices are not only fair for our team but also our fans.

And of course we’re always happy to receive feedback from you on any of these matters. It’s important to us that you feel your voice is heard, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch through any of our channels. Now, after that incredible wall of text, here’s the nitty-gritty of the changes:

Reduced Regional Prices

The pricing of all WFTO products in the following currencies has been reduced to reflect the new pricing matrix. We have submitted the pricing changes and expect them to be approved by Valve within the next few days, so if you're amongst the following currencies keep your eyes peeled for reduced prices in the near future.

Edit: These changes have been approved by valve now and should be live.

  • Indonesian Rupiah
  • Malaysian Ringgit
  • Philippine Peso
  • Singapore Dollar
  • Thai Baht
  • Korean Won
  • Indian Rupee
  • Chilean Peso
  • Peruvian Nuevo Sol
  • Colombian Peso
  • South African Rand
  • Hong Kong Dollar
  • Taiwanese Dollar
  • Saudi Arabian Riyal
  • Emirati Dirham
  • CIS Territories USD Regional Price

New Currencies

The following local currencies are now supported by Steam, and as such these regions have new prices in line with the pricing matrix. As above we have submitted the changes to allow these currencies and expect them to be approved in the coming days and weeks. The actual time will depend on Steam of course.

Edit: These changes have been approved by valve now and should be live. However we can not confirm this and if you do not see your currency it is likely that Valve has not officially launched them yet and may be waiting for more developers. If that's the case there's no timescale for the launch but we'd certainly expect them this year, probably in the coming weeks.

  • Vietnamese Dong
  • Ukrainian Hryvnia
  • Australian Dollar
  • Polish Zloty
  • Argentine Peso
  • Israeli New Shekel
  • Kazakhstani Tenge
  • Kuwaiti Dinar
  • Qatari Rial
  • Costa Rican Colon
  • Uruguayan Peso


– Brightrock Games Team

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War for the Overworld - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

It is somewhat unusual for us to announce a hotfix patch with the full hurrah, but today we’re unleashing a fix to an issue that has plagued a specific subset of users for quite some time. At long last players on OS X based systems should no longer have issues with the pre-rendered cinematics, and may breathe a sigh of relief. It may be a small change, but we know it makes a big difference for some.

For those affected we know this has been a long time coming, so we have to thank our fans on Apple machines for their enduring patience. We apologise that it has taken so long for this issue to be resolved, and we hope that you continue to enjoy WFTO.

Patch 1.6.3F2 Release Notes

  • Fixed a major issue that resulted in the game crashing on all macOS computers when attempting to play any in-game pre-rendered cutscene

For the rest of you we have another minor patch on the way sometime in early October, and of course look forward to more news as we head towards Patch 2.0 and Expansion 4!

Until then here's a little sneak peek of something yet to come.

It wails from the nether Aether, sending a tingle down even a Behemoth's spine.


– Brightrock Games Team

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War for the Overworld - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

The work on War for the Overworld marches on, and we’re really starting to make headway on the huge changes that will be due as part of our final major updates. But in the meantime, we have a small content update to unleash, and some improvements to our expansion and DLC offerings on the Steam Store.

We’ve also been working on our next project, which is really exciting for us, and marks the next step in our company’s journey! This has allowed us to reflect on where we’re going with WFTO’s final expansion, so we’ll also be talking a bit about that as well.

New Maps and Patch 1.6.3 Now Available

Patch 1.6.3 is now bounding its way to you through the bowels of the Underworld. Within you’ll find a bunch of new maps for Skirmish and Multiplayer, kindly donated by our volunteer QA team, to help fill out the default map roster. There are also additional multiplayer stability improvements, as well as a number of bug fixes.

You can read about the maps and the full patch notes here.

New Expansion Bundle and Steam Store Updates

We’ve made some changes to how the content on our Steam Store page is laid out and presented, offering easier ways to get multiple pieces of content. This won’t affect most of our existing customers, but we thought it prudent to inform you just in case!

We’ve packaged the game’s content expansions into a single discount bundle, offering a small bargain if you’re yet to pick up Heart of Gold and My Pet Dungeon. Frankly, there’s never been a better time to complete your WFTO experience!

Naturally, when we release the final expansion, we’ll be adding that as well.

        All the content, easier to manage!

To make it easier to distinguish purely cosmetic content from gameplay expansions, we’ve decided to group the cosmetics into a bundle as well. This means that both the Underlord Edition content and Worker skins can now be found in a single purchase and at a small discount.

We’ve decided to group the seasonal Worker skins together into a single DLC, aptly titled “Seasonal Worker Skins”. This is to help simplify the DLC list by compressing them down into a single item.

        The gang, together at last!

If you already own all the Worker skins there’s no need to worry, as you certainly won’t have to repurchase - your current purchases will continue to work. If you don’t yet own them all but have picked up any Worker skin and want to complete your collection, then you’ll find this package 50% off for the next six weeks. For those of you yet to take the plunge, you’ll find the skins slightly cheaper than they were before.

Looking to the Future: Expansion 4

We always endeavour to make sure that all our fans remain informed of where WFTO’s development is headed, and today we’re going to do just that. From our previous posts on the subject, the situation is largely unchanged; so for anyone who has read those, you can feel safe knowing that there’s still something in the works!

        A thing in the works!

Over the past year, we’ve made no secret of the fact that WFTO’s development cycle is coming to an end, and that we have one more big content drop in the works, which we refer to collectively as Patch 2.0 and Expansion 4. The release date of this content is as yet unconfirmed, but it’s still our aim to have it out between Q4 2017 and Q2 2018.

Why such a large window? We’ve learned from the past that we don’t want to promise a release date too quickly, but we at least want to give you an idea of what we’re aiming towards.

In addition, as we look towards the future, we’ve had to dial down WFTO’s development temporarily, while we focus on prototyping our next title. This has given us an opportunity to refine our processes as a developer, and we’re looking forward to bringing the fruits of this experience to WFTO, when we come to place the final touches upon our much loved firstborn.

For us, this is a thrilling experience of being able to look forward not in terms of weeks and months, but years, something that we’ve never had the opportunity to do before now. As always we have to thank our fans for their patience and support over the years, and reaffirm our promise to ensure that WFTO’s final major update will be the most definitive yet. To that end, here is some idea of what you can expect:

  • New single-player campaign with a focus on Underlords and replayability
  • New Underlord AI
  • New Aspects in the Veins of Evil
  • New Dungeon Themes
  • And much more

And there we have it. So until next time, Underlord: Keep it evil.


– Brightrock Games Team

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War for the Overworld - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

We’ve just unleashed another patch for War for the Overworld upon the unsuspecting citizens of Kairos. Within you’ll find a bundle of new maps for Skirmish and Multiplayer, constructed by our incredible volunteer QA team, as well as a number of stability improvements for Multiplayer and a few bug fixes.

We’ve also prepping a short statement on our future plans, and an explanation of some changes to our Steam Store, which we'll be uploading if not tonight then tomorrow!

Patch 1.6.3

Seven New Skirmish Maps!

Loose Ground - 1v1 - by Biervampir

Keeping your footing here is the least of your worries - what with artefacts just waiting to be seized.

Eutharia’s Realm - 1v1 - by Fireeye

Underlord Eutharia dwelt here in eons gone by. Would you and your opponent care to poke through her carcass?

Sub-Zero - 1v1 - by nutter666

Within the freezing depths of this tundra, you'll find all you need to dig in and build a well-fortified dungeon. But your rival is not the only thing that stirs beneath the ice.

Blood Hazard - 1v1v1 - by Biervampir

A particularly potent Underlord met their end here. Will it be you, or your enemies, that donate to the pool of blood?

Borehole - 3P FFA - by Biervampir

A newly-discovered realm which is unfortunately short on gold. It stands poised for an epic showdown of Underlord frugality.

Populace - FFA or 2v2 - by Green.Sliche

Peopled by you and your fellow Underlords, this realm is a pressure cooker of gold and ambition. But only one can rule. Prepare for a battle of biblical proportions.

Stardust - FFA or 2v2 - by Green.Sliche

Deep in the Aether, where gold twinkles like stars and chasms gape like black holes, four Underlords try to avoid oblivion.

Gameplay Changes


  • Assembly ritual now completes all defences in one cast, with the exception of the Sentinel and Stone Knight, which only take 5 Defence Parts per cast

AI Improvements

  • Improvements to targeting checks mean that units should now respond to attacks more reliable

Performance Improvements

  • Drastically improved main menu performance
  • Improved the FPS in pre-rendered cutscenes


  • General improvements to multiplayer stability

Visual Improvements

  • Removed gap in Hero and Hero Crypt Chasm border

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Cian Noonan, our QA Analyst, is finally credited in the game’s credits! Yay for him
  • War for the Overworld Level 5 speedrun achievement is now set to 23 minutes

Bug Fixes

  • The Possession camera should no longer become locked and broken if a Spirit Worker expires while being possessed
  • Doors will now correctly display their locked state in Multiplayer

Compiled 1.6.3 Hotfixes


  • Playing the game with the official Russian translation will no longer crash the Crucible


  • The Eternal now correctly absorbs 90% of damage done to the owner's Dungeon Core
  • The Eternal now correctly resists 50% damage, down from an unintended 75%


  • Fixed a few broken elements from when we made under-the-hood changes to Multiplayer - fixes Blood Money, and potentially the torture workflow
  • Clients in Multiplayer should once again be able to toggle defence states


  • War for the Overworld Level 5’s Shifting Bond ritual now goes slower over time, rather than being suspended for a fixed period and then going at a fast pace (attempt #5894 to fix this rare issue)
  • Fixed incorrect rotation on the Siege Doors in War for the Overworld Level 13
  • Increased the height of the Emperor's throne in War for the Overworld Level 13; now he can sit up straight and see the throne room once more
  • Fixed an issue where the Emperor's throne would disappear after loading a save of War for the Overworld Level 13
  • Fixed a critical issue where the Drawbridge on War for the Overworld Level 13 would become impassable following a save and load in which it was lowered


  • Prevented duplicate VFX on Research Shrine
  • Prevented the Empire Arcane Core from having a brown Underlordy base
  • Fixed a material on the Bafu projectile that became corrupt in a build
  • Fixed a broken defuse on the Behemoth, which would cause him to pop out of existence instead of fading upon death
  • Fixed a missing material in the Chasm on War for the Overworld Level 3
  • Evil Arcane theme Possession Door is now correctly team coloured


  • Improved sound disable on prop death to be more robust


  • The Disable Payday mutator will now correctly disable Payday when checked


  • Additional minor performance improvements which can yield up to 15% increased FPS in extremely late games, and minor improvements throughout earlier stages


  • Fixed "corpses" typo on Crypt info panel
  • Corrected an issue that could cause offline saves on GOG versions to become unloadable
  • Fixed My Pet Dungeon level name ordering for IT, ES, PL, and RU languages
  • Improvements to the GOG Leaderboards for Crucible; should now display more consistently
  • Small typo correction in the overwrite message for save games
  • Fixed an issue where Skirmish achievements would not be awarded if the name of the opponent AI was translated
  • Fixed missing non-English versions of a narrator line on War for the Overworld Level 6
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the Steven Fright achievement from being awarded
  • The achievement for defeating Kasita on Master difficulty has been correctly renamed in-game to "Yanis Varoufakis", to match the achievement list
  • Fixed a typo in the Wither ability description for the Cultist
  • Removed a broken miscellaneous line from Mendechaus
  • Fixed a typo in certain abilities on the Firebreather and Behemoth


– Brightrock Games Team

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War for the Overworld - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

Today is an auspicious occasion for the denizens of the Underworld! For you see, twenty years ago today, a little game known as Dungeon Keeper was unleashed upon the world by Bullfrog Productions and Electronic Arts.

        Evil certainly was very, very good - Dungeon Keeper - Electronic Arts - Bullfrog Productions

The brainchild of Peter Molyneux and the team at Bullfrog, Dungeon Keeper would be the progenitor of a whole new unholy sub-genre, now known as Dungeon Management, which melded together aspects of RTS, God Games and RPGs, to create a truly unique experience. Placed into the mind of an abhorrently cruel godlike being, you were charged with the creation and management of a deathly dungeon and its despicable denizens.

        The pioneering gameplay of slapping Imps - Dungeon Keeper - Electronic Arts - Bullfrog Productions

This unique concoction of gaming flavours would go on to touch countless lives, and become a cult classic with a dedicated following all across the globe. It is now one of the most recognisable achievements of Bullfrog, which considering their success, is truly saying something.
A sequel, the aptly titled Dungeon Keeper 2, was released two years later in 1999. It continued the ignoble legacy, even promising a third title, before the series’ life was brutally cut short by a shifting industry direction, and the loss of core members of the Bullfrog team.

        ’Twas still good to be bad - Dungeon Keeper 2 - Electronic Arts - Bullfrog Productions

Fans bayed for the promised third coming but it was never to be. Dungeon Keeper 3 would never be realised, and the original trailer and premise of the “War for the Overworld” would continue to taunt fans for well over a decade.

The deathly silence that followed was punctuated only by a few games inspired by the long absent king, many of which failed to meet the great expectations left behind in the void of Dungeon Keeper’s passing.

The years slipped away into the abyss, like so many Lords of the Land, but the Dungeon Management community grew in both size and age. With no sign of a new Dungeon Keeper on the horizon, it began to scheme and plan projects that could take up the reins of evil. If the industry would not fill the gap in our lives (with anything of value at least…) then we would do so ourselves.

        This evil was less good - Dungeon Keeper Mobile - Electronic Arts

Dozens of projects coalesced and dissolved. One such project, first envisioned on the Keeper Klan forums in 2007, reformed in 2011, and successfully Kickstarted in January 2013, is now better known by a name that meant so much to every Dungeon Keeper fan: War for the Overworld!

We’ve never made any secret of how much Dungeon Keeper has inspired War for the Overworld. We wanted to create a game that held as true as possible to the DNA of Dungeon Keeper – a game that could truly be considered a spiritual successor, taking what we felt was best about the gameplay and finding places to evolve it into a modern Dungeon Management game in its own right.

        We hope you’re having fun being evil again

This is a story we’ve told time and time and time again. But a story we haven’t told is how Dungeon Keeper has inspired us on a personal level, as developers, as people, and how it has shaped our lives in ways that we’re sure no one at Bullfrog could ever have imagined. So allow us to now share a few tales from our team:

Lee Moon – Community Manager
My first experience of Dungeon Keeper was shortly after its release in 1997 when I was just a wee lad of 6 years. I remember my older brother bringing this game home and watching him play it on our old Windows 95 desktop that was primarily used for my father’s work – but also for such gaming classics as Doom, Theme Park and Command and Conquer.

As I watched my brother play I just knew I had to have a go! This game looked like nothing I’d ever seen – the incredible isometric view, dynamic lighting, unique creatures, and ability to dig, shape and build rooms captured my imagination immediately. I waited… and waited while my brother played. Days later I finally got my chance!

I sat down in the big seat, eager as you might imagine a 6-year-old would be, and played my first level. So eager was I to build that I forgot to give my Imps time to fortify the walls. My dungeon was destroyed by the invading heroes before it even began! Rather pathetically I had lost the first level.

        Most decidedly not the screen I received on the first level - Dungeon Keeper - Electronic Arts - Bullfrog Productions

From then on I played the game on and off through the years. As I grew I became more and more competent. I finally beat the game and begged my parents to buy the sequel in 1999 (they eventually gave in). Since then I’ve played both games many, many times, most famously when I wrestled with the AI assistant on stream. I often look back on them as two of my favourite games ever made.

I remember for many years wishing for a third game, following various projects online (I’m sure you can imagine which!). For years I talked with friends about wanting to learn how to make games myself so I could work on something like that, but being pragmatic as I am, I decided to pursue a life in computer networking.

I jumped with joy when War for the Overworld’s Kickstarter happened, and backed £200 immediately. From there I became extremely active in the community, and the rest is history.

Dungeon Keeper played a huge role in my life, and without it I would not be where I am today – helping to shape a fantastic Dungeon Management game and a dedicated community around it!

Thanks for all the fun times and memories Bullfrog! You will always be missed!

Josh – Managing Director & Lead Designer

From an early age I knew that I wanted to be a game developer, after all my father had been one for my entire life so it seemed like a natural fit. Back in those early days I never would have imagined I’d have been directly responsible for one of the most popular modern Dungeon Management games.

I don’t entirely remember how old I was when I first played a Dungeon Keeper game. I know that I was certainly quite young, perhaps 7 or so when I dove headfirst into Dungeon Keeper 2. I was always a big fan of strategy games such as Command and Conquer and Populous: The Beginning, and something about DK2 really called to me. Though I wouldn’t encounter the original until much later, I can truly appreciate how much is owed to it.

        Keeper Klan is still a hot location for Dungeon Management fans!

I remember spending hours just working my way through the campaign and the disappointment that came in knowing that there would never be a third game. Over the years I watched games attempt to capture the magic, but nothing ever felt quite right. By 2007, at the tender age of 15, I knew that if I wanted to play a game that truly captured the feeling of total control, I’d have to make it myself. A decade and a whole lot of stress, sweat and graft later here I am, with something I’m proud to put my name to.

Scott Richmond – Director, Producer, Programmer

Dungeon Keeper was a game I played far before I ever considered becoming a game developer. It was a game I found myself reinstalling often to get that unique management game fix that only the DK series seems to have ever given.

My gamedev story in brief is one of self-learning and a lot of failed experiments. A lot. I have the DK series to thank for the high benchmark I pressured myself to achieve, and it was a constant inspiration and driving force as my attempts to make games became progressively more complex.

Patrick Hore – 3D Artist

Although I never played DK1 as a kid, its sequel completely grabbed my attention. Atmospherically, Dungeon Keeper 2 was captivating. The gritty colours, the eerie sounds, the twisted style of the landscape, made the dungeon management experience so inviting and addictive.

Being introduced to the game by my friends, I was immersed into a dark world so unlike many other games. It felt as if few games were willing to explore the point of view of the bad guy, which made the whole experience even more exciting. For me, creating an army of my favourite creatures and traps meant playing so many hours of skirmish matches.

I feel games like Dungeon Keeper are so inspirational for their integrity of their vision and feeling.

Nano Boucher – Director, Programmer

Hello. Many years ago now I remember having an absolute blast when playing Dungeon Keeper 2 online with my friends. We’d almost every weekend get together and devise strategies to see who could crush the others first.

From my experiences playing I was inspired to teach myself programming so that I could develop video games, and started working on a prototype in the UDK engine with similar principles to Dungeon Keeper. I’m sure you can find footage of that if you look around. It was a huge challenge – Dungeon Keeper is an extremely unique game and honestly something of a technical marvel for its time.

        What WFTO looked like circa 2007-2008

Shortly thereafter I discovered the WFTO project on Keeper Klan and I signed up to join the team. The rest is as they say is history!

Tim White – Writer

I think I’m one of the few members of the team who didn’t play Dungeon Keeper as a child – you know, how sometimes a classic will pass you by for some random reason. Thing is, I loved Theme Park. Maybe my innocent childhood self just wasn’t ready to be the bad guy! But I think discovering it as an adult, without the aid of nostalgia, just shows how much of a timeless experience Dungeon Keeper is. In particular for me, the strength of the setting is striking: the innovative mix of weird and otherworldly creatures, some of whom just don’t get along; the happy and hapless world full of places called “Flowerhat” and “Lushmeadow-on-Down”. The black comedy is always there, and I can only marvel at the succinct wit of the script, and deadpan delivery of Richard Ridings. Who can forget the intro to the first level: “The people of Eversmile are plagued only by aching facial muscles, and not anthrax as we had hoped.”


These days there are dozens of Dungeon Management games, either released or in production, all inspired by a single progenitor to some degree. Dungeon Keeper is to us what games like Wolfenstein or Doom are to the FPS genre – a true genre-defining classic that has inspired countless people to carry the torch and get into game making themselves.

We’re proud to have been one of the most influential of the Dungeon Management games in recent times, and to have been the first to achieve a successful Kickstarter, Early Access, launch, and post-release support cycle that is still going to this day!

It is our honour to truly have been a project by fans of Dungeon Keeper, for fans of Dungeon Keeper.

Dungeon Keeper 1 and Dungeon Keeper 2 are available to purchase from {LINK REMOVED}


– Brightrock Games Team

Discover Dungeon Keeper on {LINK REMOVED}

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