Community Announcements - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

Amongst these darkest nights of the year it’s easy to lose sight of the things that are truly important in life. Things like having one of your evil magnificence throw a bard on the torture rack, so you can sit back and let the heat of the scorching fire and the tone-death screams of the burning mortal wash over you.

It’s fortunate for you then Underlord that I have compiled the most outstanding events from across the realm of Kairos for your perusing. Read on Underlord!

Multiplayer Tournament Results

The Multiplayer tournament held amongst your fellow Underlords has yielded most entertaining results - amongst those 26 Underlords who entered the arena one has emerged as the greatest of all!

Slichizard, a long-standing member of the WFTO community, has risen to the lofty standing of Grand Underlord! With only a single defeat in the group stages against Vindi_NL, he continued to dominate his rivals at each step in the elimination brackets.

Defeating such opponents as Nutter666, Beneathar, semi-finalist (and tourney host) Marados, and finally facing off against Böhser_Onkel_AUT in the final, he emerged victorious from the broken Cores of the others. As the overall winner of the tournament he’ll be the first to receive a Founder’s code and the prestigious Golden Worker skin, which is sure to drive fear into the enemies he’ll face in the future!

Runner-up Böhser_Onkel_AUT and third place semi-finalist Vindi_NL have both received Founder’s codes which grant them access to exclusive Kickstarter and Founder’s Themes.

That concludes the results of this very first WFTO Multiplayer tournament. Marados is already planning to run another in the future so keep your eyes peeled for more!

We’ve been watching the tournament very closely, and with the community reporting directly to us on balance we’ll be taking the feedback into account for future balancing - in particular the balance of the devastatingly powerful “Behemoth Rush”.

Community Spotlight: Wallpapers by DJPavlusha

While other Underlords have been participating in a gruesome death sport there are some who have taken the time to create works of art. Though we don’t usually rate such … unconventional behaviours … in our Underlords, we can’t help but appreciate the fine work that DJPavlusha has been doing over in this thread.

Over the past few weeks he’s been churning out some quite frankly excellent looking wallpapers of Dungeon Cores, Shrines, Inhibitors, and practically every other major set piece in WFTO.

With twenty-five 1920x1080 wallpapers in the opening post at the time of writing there are a whole bunch to choose from. But if you want something custom - a different size, colour or even object - he’s been happy to oblige thus far!

Check out all his wallpapers in this thread!

Have something WFTO related you'd like to share? Get in touch, we love to see the great stuff our community makes!

Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Darkest Greetings Underlords,

We hope you're enjoying the Halloween season, and if you're among those who have purchased our brand new Jack O'Worker skin thank you for your support.

What we didn't mention is that there was a small patch released along side the skin and today we have the patch notes for you! Read on Underlord!

Gameplay & Balance Changes
  • Mana cap is now increased by researching sins as opposed to unlocking aspects in non-campaign modes

Prison (Room)
  • Prisons can now become overcrowded and will breach if there is not enough space for units

Visual Changes
  • VFX added when opening and closing the Midas Door

Misc Changes
  • Jack O’Worker skin added to game
  • It is now possible to select skirmish maps as 1-player sandbox in the Skirmish and Multiplayer lobbies
  • Sandbox Lobby has been added, you can now select your own colour, theme and worker theme. No new maps yet.

AI Improvements
  • Units will now correctly use their abilities out of combat (I.e. Heal, Revive etc.)

Performance Optimisations
  • Some small optimisations to garbage collection processes

Audio Changes
  • UI Sounds added for when players join or leave a multiplayer game

Bug Fixes
  • Worker Rally flag mesh offset corrected, should no longer be sunken into the ground when placed
  • Fixed an issue where the oculus VFX for attacks would not be displayed
  • Quick freeze’s ice mesh now works properly with fog of war
  • Fixed an issue where Dungeon Cores in fog of war would be shown floating above the ground
  • Fixed an issue where well of souls was not correctly dealing damage through walls
  • Fixed an issue for clients in multiplayer where the well of souls would not generate wraiths
  • Fixed a bug where the Fortify ritual would not repair walls
  • Fixed a rare issue where you would no longer be able to tag tiles for digging each attempt would prompt “You do not have enough gold”

Re: The Jack O'Worker skin

There have been some questions as to why we're charging for this skin. The short answer is that we're committed to providing as much content as possible for free to you, our players.

We decided that by releasing a small, fun skin that doesn't affect gameplay at what we believe to be a reasonable price point will help us to continue in that direction.

The release of the Jack O'Worker does not mean the end of free content in fact this is what you can expect for free in the coming months:

  • The Map Editor in Patch 1.3
  • Multiplayer Mutators
  • Enhanced Survival Mode
  • New aspects (Rituals, spells, units etc.) for Multiplayer/Skirmish/Survival/Sandbox modes, including the non-campaign specific ones from the upcoming Heart of Gold expansion
  • and hopefully more!

If you're wondering what paid content is coming or on the agenda:
  • Heart of Gold expansion - Adding new fully VOd campaign levels and expanding the story of WFTO, free for Early Adopters
  • Likely a few more worker skins, some of which will donate proceeds to charity
  • A few other things which will donate to charity

I hope that helps to clear things up, we look forward to hearing your views on the Jack O'Worker and the latest patch! Keep your eyes peeled for more content coming soon!

Until next time Underlords,

- WFTO Team

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Darkest Greetings Underlord,

The season of ghouls and gnarlings is upon us and everywhere in Kairos the denizens are dressing up. Join the festivities and get your hands on the Jack O'Worker who thanks to a freak hairdressing accident was with a face that not even a mother could love.

Still he's not one to miss an event and has donned a hollowed out Jack O'Lantern to bring the frights to the unsuspecting citizens of the Empire.

Grab your Jack O'Worker skin any time in the next two weeks for a special Halloween discount!

You can discover more about Jack O'Worker and his tragic history in our full announcement post!

Happy Halloween Underlords,

-WFTO Team
Community Announcements - Noontide
Greetings Underlords,

We've got a quick one for you today as we've identified a couple of major issues in the latest release. It seems these had gone unnoticed until recently by both QA and the general playerbase.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where units with projectile attacks were unable to make use of their attack
  • Fixed an issue where room upgrades granted on level start were not applied (Level 11 onwards)
  • Quickfreeze no longer leaves unwalkable tiles after the duration ends

Until next time Underlords,

- WFTO Team
Community Announcements - Noontide

Greetings Underlords,

It's been a busy few months and what with you mortals occupying yourselves with these so called "lives" you'd be forgiven for missing one or two updates from the WFTO Team!

Still not to fret, although not known for it the dark gods do forgive servants who have gone awry and bless upon them the gift of knowledge.

You're probably thinking "What in the world are you talking about you loon? Dark gods? What? He's lost it..." well I'm glad you asked!

Our very first newsletter has been released and it encapsulates all the news you might have missed in the past few months. Stuff like:

  • Patch 1.2 and beyond releases
  • The tease of a new unit coming in the Heart of Gold expansion
  • Patch 1.3 and the upcoming map editor
  • Kickstarter rewards and some rocking statues
  • Imps who've escaped from Prison Architect
  • and more!

If you feel that's your cup of tea click this link to check the newsletter out!

You might do well to remember though that the dark gods have but a limited reserve of patience. Be sure you don't miss out on any more news and subscribe to the newsletter itself to get this broadcast straight to your digital door!

Until next time Underlord,

-WFTO Team
Community Announcements - Noontide

Greetings Underlords,

Today we have a small teaser for the most avaricious among you, something is stirring in the dark, something new... Those who harness it's power will surely crush their foes.

Learn more about The Sentinel, a new defence from the upcoming Heart of Gold expansion in our latest blog post!

Want to know more about Heart of Gold? A full announcement will follow soon!™

See you soon Underlords,

- WFTO Team

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Greetings loyal Underlords!

You might find that today conquering the realm of Kairos is as easy as 1,2,3 as by the graces of the dark gods we have unleashed upon the world a new patch.

Patch 1.2.3 brings with it a handful of performance optimisations, new features, gameplay changes and bug fixes. In total there's 58 changes and fixes included !

But don't take our word for it, read on for the full patch notes!

Gameplay and Balance Changes

  • It is no longer possible to pick up defence parts, artefacts and gold piles from allied dungeon tiles
  • Destroying a Dungeon Core will now cause all the units belonging to that
  • Underlord to become KO’d allowing players to vie for imprisoning rights over them
  • Rooms can only be repaired from edge tiles as opposed to any tile in the room

Outpost (Construct)

  • Can no longer claim tiles that it cannot “see” i.e. tiles diagonally open but blocked by two walls

Emperor Lucius (Unit)

  • Resistances substantially increased

UI Changes

  • Team colour added to prop efficiency and progress shields
  • The “M” button next to the minimap now opens the pause menu
  • A reset home realm button has been added to the campaign menu, you no longer need to enter the home realm to reset
  • Added a confirmation dialog when deleting a saved game
  • Improved several tooltips

AI Improvements

  • Your units will now all attack a rebelling unit if they see them attack another friendly unit
  • Units that miss with a ranged attack regularly will attempt to move closer to increase their chance of hitting

Performance Optimisations

  • Improvements made to threat identification for AIs to reduce load on CPU
  • Large number of units moving into a tile in the same game tick could cause a microstutter
  • Improvements to object creation to reduce load on CPU and overhead for garbage collection
  • Reduced overhead from the Fog of War visibility renderer

Visual Improvements

  • The Wormhole potion now plays a VFX at the destination for each unit travelling
  • VFX added to show when units are frozen in place by the Bonechiller active
  • Extended the radius at which walls are clipped, this should make it so you can’t see a black abyss at the edge of the visible area in certain camera positions

Level Changes

Belmornes Pass - Level 9

  • Added a loss condition when the player Dungeon Core is destroyed

Home Realm

  • Units belonging to the Empire no longer have needs in this level

Misc Changes

  • Various backend changes to add support for upcoming features
  • Some cleanup to underlying codebase
  • It is now possible to play skirmish levels in a pseudo sandbox mode by closing all other slots than your own

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent Kasita from replacing stone bridges that have been sold in Level 12
  • Fixed exceptions that would occur upon the death of workers spawned above the mana lock limit
  • Tooltips for rooms will no longer show constructs as placable
  • Fixed a bug which would cause prisoners to seek their beds, causing them to stop pacing the prison
  • Master AI will demonstrate its outstanding grasp of human social interaction by not spamming you with the same messages
  • Fixed an issue where the flight ability was not passive for several units and using it would break their movement
  • Fixed an issue where when possessing certain units would cause their collision box to become so large that it rendered some areas impassable
  • Fixed an extremely long standing bug which would cause the unit panel to become unscrollable (Thanks to Biliskner for helping pin down the cause)
  • The camera in multiplayer spectator mode will no longer disappear below the level
  • Fixed an issue where the Worker rally and Impasse flags would not be placed reliably when a Rally all or Beast rally flag is already placed in the level
  • Fixed a bug where spirit workers could be damaged by AOE attacks
  • Fixed an issue where mana locks for workers would be duplicated upon loading a saved level
  • It is no longer possible to cast “Blood money” on the same unit multiple times
  • Workers that are dragging items and units will no longer be displayed as idle on the worker display
  • Fixed an issue in the behaviour of Well of Souls which would cause it to deal it’s damage inconsistently
  • Fixed a bug that occured on level 8 where spawning certain heroes would cause them to spawn continuously as black ghouls
  • Fixed a bug where ramparts could not be sold after loading a saved game
  • Fixed an incorrect animation on the Archon that caused it to behave erratically when possessed
  • Fixed a visual issue where Gnarlings would face the wrong direction when assisting in training
  • Fixed a bug where enemy tiles would change team colour if you dragged a build selection over them from one of your tiles
  • The home realm will no longer award you with a random number of sins upon loading
  • Fixed the sin cap being incorrectly calculated due to Titan aspects
    Workers should no longer have issues grabbing units that were KOd near a prop
  • Giant workers no longer appear for clients in multiplayer when dropping workers on a Dungeon Core
  • Fixed an issue where clients were unable to pick up workers in Multiplayer
  • Lord O’Theland now behaves correctly in the Home Realm and can be dropped in Arena, Torture Chamber, Crypt etc.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip delay option would not work as expected
  • Fixed a visual issue where Unit shields would occasionally stay black where a unit had previously rebelled
  • Ghouls and other units which do not benefit from experience are no longer counted in the distribution for the effects of “Wisdom Juice” potions
  • Fixed a case where possession abilities would not work for clients in Multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug where the bombard overdrive VFX would not persist through a save and load
  • Gold shrines will behave better with saving and loading
  • Gold Vortex constructs will no longer activate themselves after loading a save game
  • Gold Vortex constructs will now correctly render their VFX when active after a save and load
  • Fixed a bug where workers would behave as if they had just been dropped, locating a job in the near vicinity after a save and load
  • Fixed a bug that occurs after loading a save game where picking up a unit from the arena and dropping it would cause it to attack friendly units outside the arena.
  • Fixed a bug where units would fight to the death in the arena if a saved game was loaded
  • Fixed a bug where the Beastmaster would not heal friendly beasts under any circumstance

We hope that the new patch will deliver the most comprehensive experience of conquering Kairos yet and we're excited to hear your feedback!

Until next time Underlords,

-WFTO Team

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlords,

We're rolling out a small patch today in support of our friends over at Introversion Software, they'll be launching v1.0 of Prison Architect tomorrow on October 6th.

If you love management games and want to see more of them be sure to grab yourselves a copy, and to show our appreciation we'll reward you with an exclusive worker skin that we know you'll want on your side in a prison break.

Don't worry we've got another patch coming sometime next week with many more changes, we just want to sure we've tested it extensively before we roll out the majority of changes for you!

Prison Architect Worker Skin
Our good friends over at Introversion Software are releasing their outstanding management game “Prison Architect” from early access. Help support our fellow indies by grabbing yourself a copy on steam and get an exclusive worker skin in War for the Overworld!

  • Available now, grab yourself a copy of Prison Architect and get the “Prison Architect” worker skin for use in Skirmish and Multiplayer
  • Anyone who owns Prison Architect on steam will automatically find this reward in their Skirmish & Multiplayer lobbies, no need for any codes!

UI Changes
  • Team colour added to prop efficiency and progress shields

Performance Improvements
  • Reduced overhead caused by unused animation bones on the standard theme worker

Until next time Underlord,

- WFTO Team

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Greetings Underlords,

We're always looking for new ways to assist the cause of true evil here at Subterranean Games and next week we're branching out.

Our friends over at Introversion Software are releasing their superb management game Prison Architect from beta on the 6th and we're sending a few of our imps to cause some mayhem in their wonderfully run prisons.

Grab yourselves a copy of Prison Architect on Steam and you too can have these exclusive worker skins re-enacting the great escape in your Dungeon!

Want to know more? Read the full post on our website!

Stay evil Underlords,

- WFTO Team

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlords,

It's been just 13 days since Patch 1.2 released and we're already pushing out Patch 1.2.1, with over 60 changes in this patch it almost defies the term "Minor".

Before we get into the Patch notes we'd like to thank you all for your continued support and feedback. It's only thanks to your reports and suggestions that we can continue to push out updates at this rate!

Now without further ado here are the notes you're looking for!

Gameplay and Balance Changes

  • Capped the acceleration speed of all units to prevent some fast units having jerky movement

  • It is no longer possible to build constructs on rooms other than shrines

Obey (Spell)
  • Added recast time of 2.5 seconds, this should make it impossible to accidentally cast Obey on the same unit twice

Necromancer (Unit)
  • Sacrificing a Necromancer in a Crypt or to a Vampire ritual will now cause their Ghouls to dismantle

Frost Weaver (Unit)
  • Fixed death VFX to not be an exploding fireball
  • Now has the fly ability and is able to cross over any terrain, excluding lava.
  • Reduced movement animation speed slightly

Eternal (Unit)
  • Fixed death VFX to not be a dying worker
  • Now has the fly ability and is able to cross over any terrain
  • Reduced movement animation speed slightly

Archon (Unit)
  • Now has the fly ability and is able to cross over any terrain
  • Reduced attack range from 3 tiles to 1.5 tiles

Dungeon Core
  • Damage resistance has been removed (it wasn’t actually working)
  • Health increased from 10,000 to 25,000
  • Health regen increased from 55/s to 140/s

Level Changes

Heart Attack (Level 7)
  • Lowered starting level of enemy units from 3 to 2

Belmorne’s Pass (Level 9)
Since the changes in Patch 1.2 the overall difficulty of Belmorne's Pass has been out of line with the rest of the campaign. We've made a major balance pass on this level to bring the difficulty back in line and generally lower the difficulty spike players were encountering here.
  • Fixed missing bridge tile to the East of the map
  • Fixed bridges using the water bridge tileset instead of the chasm bridge tileset
  • You now get 10 minutes before each wave instead of 7.5 minutes
  • Lowered the overall number of units by about 15%
  • Lowered starting level of enemy units from 5 to 4
  • Adjusted the layout to make it easier to find the Gold Shrine
  • Revealed objectives are now visible for 6 seconds instead of 2 seconds

The Kenos (Level 10)
  • Revealed objectives are now visible for 6 seconds instead of 2 seconds

Desperate Power (Level 11)
  • Revealed objectives are now visible for 6 seconds instead of 2 seconds

Subjugation (Level 12)
  • Revealed objectives are now visible for 6 seconds instead of 2 seconds

Equilibrium (Level 13)
  • Revealed objectives are now visible for 6 seconds instead of 2 seconds

UI Changes
  • Tooltip for Enemy prisoners now displays their torture progress in the activity section
  • Prisoners are now slowed like your own units when you hovering over them
  • Ctrl + Page Up, Ctrl + Page Down now adjust the game speed up or down by 5% respectively

Performance Improvements
  • Reduced the performance footprint of the Mira AI player in level 10
  • Fixed several underlying bugs in multiplayer that may have negatively impacted performance

Misc Changes
  • Some minor under the hood changes
  • Several new features added to the pathfinder for more complex pathfinding
  • The “Stay awhile and listen” achievement condition of Level 13 has been reduced to 10 minutes

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an exception that could potentially prevent the loading of saved games
  • Fixed a crash which would occur upon selling a Prison
  • Fixed a visual issue where the spitroast cannon in the tavern would show a huge decimal number for it’s capacity
  • Fixed an issue where unit shields would suddenly become giant
  • Units will no longer train over level 10 if they were assigned to a barracks by dropping
  • Fixed an issue where the fortify ritual would not correctly fortify walls
  • Fixed an issue where the unlockables screen did not visualise if subitems are unlocked
  • Fixed an issue where the unlockables screen would show top category items as unlocked even if there were locked subitems
  • Fixed an issue where dropping lots of units at once could cause the UI to cease functioning
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Sanctuary to incorrectly display the efficiency of it’s props
  • Fixed a visual issue where defence shields would not show when a rampart was damaged
  • Energy bill balanced
  • Fixed an issue with imprisoned units tooltips where multiple sets of information would display at once
  • Fixed an issue where the minimap would load in after a few seconds of the level
  • Fixed a bug where sacrificing workers would randomly unlock 0, 50 or 100 mana as opposed to 50 consistently
  • Fixed Juggernauts assigned to the wrong unit group by default
  • Fixed a bug where status alert tooltips would not update correctly
  • Fixed a bug where obey would not be castable at correct mana values if the player owned a mana shrine
  • Fixed a bug where prisoners dropped into the spitroast cannon would float forver above the cannon
  • Fixed a bug where the Camera would jump too far if micro-stutter occurs while panning
  • Fixed a bug where in the event of a player not constructing a lair on level 12 all the player’s units would suicide to reach Draven’s lair
  • Fixed incorrect description for the Wooden Door
  • Fixed a typo in the description for besiege
  • Fixed a bug where the launcher splash screen would cut off the WFTO image
  • The manufacturing shrine will now correctly stop playing it’s working animation when not producing defence parts
  • Fixed a highlighting bug on the spirit chamber props
  • Fixed a bug where fighters in the arena would die after loading a save regardless of arena mode
  • Fixed a bug where fighters in the arena would be instantly moved from the arena upon loading a save file
  • Fixed a pathfinding issue where units would attempt to move into the arena even after being moved out
  • Fixed a UI issue where units would be displayed as both level 1 and their correct level in the creatures UI
  • Fixed a few issues with specific VFX not triggering at the correct time
  • Fixed a small number of mistmatching textures
  • Fixed a bug where unlockable themes would not unlock without owning the Founder’s DLC

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Until next time,

- WFTO Team

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