UBERMOSH:WRAITH - Walter Machado
Howdy folks, the retro visuals of the UBERMOSH series allowed the use of super heavy audio assets without crippling performance. From bullet cutting sounds to tribal drums, egg shakers and B tuned guitars, every SFX works as extra percussion elements and the 254 bpm combat tracks push players to action. WRAITH has the most "complex to achieve" audio balance in the series and the version 1.1 shows my serious effort tweaking volumes, sound priorities and effect timing to sync, mix and tune every shoot, slash and splash you make... in the pits... of UBERMOSH!

Thanks a lot for all the support, reviews, recommendations and kind words.

It's awesome to make games for you. Player's feedback has been fueling my developing process in a deep, inspiring and rewarding way since the first volume.
Community Announcements - Walter Machado
Howdy folks, the "UBERMOSH framework" started at early 2015. Few weeks separated the first prototype from the Steam Early Access launch. With 3 guns, 4 music tracks and a few thugs to fight, the "90 seconds arena" concept started to grow with community feedback.
It left early access with "the best gun", 7 tracks, class mods, achievements, new SFXs and the hardboiled mode.
Community asked for a hardcore version and I was experimenting with black particles around bullets. The particle effects updated the first UBERMOSH and UBERMOSH:BLACK came with more enemies, harder achievements, a new gun, more class mods and the Brainclap. The psionic power triggered by KO´s made the game more dinamic and intense.
The quest to make it faster and with more freedom of movement made me rewrite a huge part of the codes. SWARMRIDERS born during the tests to create a functional coverless map.
UBERMOSH Vol.3 appeared with a different camera, endless map, swarm enemies, more achievements and a more "open" way to play the "90 seconds" arena.
"Can I make it more intense?" The experiments with "game timing" created the "non ubermosh-lore related" minigame Trip to Vinelands. With the Manastrike (a time triggered power) UBERMOSH:WRAITH maxed out the initial concept opening a bit of room for a shielded enemy, a bit of extra lore, swarm empowerment, harder achievements and the last volume of the series.

Some players ideas and feedback could not make it to UBERMOSH:WRAITH due engine and concept limitations but I keep working fulltime to give you new gameplay experiences.

Thank you so much for the support.

Walter Machado
Aug 15, 2016
Community Announcements - Walter Machado
Howdy folks,

I remember my younger self trying to find the next volume of my favorites underground comics but they usually could not survive long enough to have a third volume. Darker and sharper than mainstream stuff, those punk pieces of art had a hard time during the printed era. The crunchy vibe of that comics were a great source of inspiration for my games.

UBERMOSH aimed for intense close quarters combat. UBERMOSH:BLACK spiced it up with hardcore close quarters. Vol.3 aimed for open field combat. A new AI tree took place (more evasive and smart, because of the new coverless situation), new camera algorithm (in a sprite based game this means that the game screen resolution had to be changed) and a digital swarm haunting the main character, not a sprite swarm block, smart units behaving in a swarm. Some concepts to make the interface cleaner and the initial camera and swarm experiments gave birth to SWARMRIDERS, a swarm shooter minigame that I set free to you, the UBERMOSH community.

The following procedures aimed to make the borderless terrain viable with UBERMOSH combat. I had to make more thug cosmetic models because players will start to see more enemies on screen and I do not want two thugs with the same face at the same ... Vol.3 had to feel like UBERMOSH but with different codes under the hood lots of balancing was necessary.
After the final tweaks, I present you Vol.3.
Thank you all the feedback and support during this journey. Hope you have fun with this new stand-alone expansion and I will be happier if my works can add a bit to your inspiration pool.

Até breve.
Jun 15, 2016
Community Announcements - Walter Machado
Howdy folks,
It is pretty amazing and rewarding for me as a solo developer that after over a year since the first appearance of UBERMOSH (Steam Early Access, that time) we still have a living community, streamers, youtube videos and reviews. So, with a runner mashup and new music tracks, made for this fine moshing community, I present you SWARMRIDERS, a free "machine gun swarm surfing minigame" featuring our heroine 200 years before UBERMOSH (and 400 years before BLACK). No swords. Time achievements... and probably 2 minutes of gameplay.
Thank you all.

Feb 23, 2016
Community Announcements - Walter Machado
Howdy folks, after several months updating the classic UBERMOSH we got a pretty elegant and balanced build, hard but not hardcore and fitting perfectly with the initial concept. Community asked for more badges and a hardcore experience. Just 2.7% of the players got the final achievements and I could not break the game for the players that were still trying to beat the classic version.
That started the quest to find a new mechanic to pump even more the hardcore version. From turrets to landmines I tried a lot of stuff. Finally the "Brainclap" happened. The new feature allows more enemies without breaking the flux of the gameplay. That was the spark that started the hard journey to bring this hardcore version to life. This update adds some performance and cosmetic tweaks to UBERMOSH:BLACK, another step for this lonewolf fulltime developing ride of the UBERMOSH Collection.

Thanks friends!

Feb 17, 2016
Community Announcements - Walter Machado
Howdy folks, version 1.9 brings some performance updates reducing the processing weight of the particles effects. Less than 10% of the players got the tougher badges and I can not morph UBERMOSH more without transforming it to another product or increasing the minimum requirements.
So, for the veterans wanting an even more hardcore challenge, please try UBERMOSH:BLACK, the feature "briainclap" was not possible to insert to the classic UBERMOSH framework and the ranks and difficulty levels had been increased on the new version without compromising the balance of the classic version.
Hope you like it!
See you soon, now on both hubs.
Community Announcements - Walter Machado
Howdy folks, update 1.8 brings some performance tweaks, camera algorithm changes, little color palette adjustments and a new combat track "Bonespike".
Hope you have the same fun listening it as I had recording it.

Thank you all, if you like the way the game is being shaped, please, recommend it.

Até breve

Community Announcements - Walter Machado
Howdy folks, some updates take more time than others (like the "smoking guns update") with the new camera working I could polish the particles performance and finish the new enemy respawn system that will bring more fun to the screen without the risk of unfair enemy respawning positions. I suggest you to start "Classic", get used to the advantages of nobody spawning near your feet and beat your personal best.

Thanks guys,

Walter Machado
Community Announcements - Walter Machado
Howdy folks, update 1.6 brings dark particle effects, better camera control, some AI tweaks, and now you can press left or right attack buttons on Gunner and Kensai Class modes (time to get that badge).

Thanks a lot for the support, reviews, youtube moshing, twitch pit and hub feedback. If I have not answered you on the hub yet, I am still figuring out a way to test your ideas and give you proper attention.

If you like the game, please recommend it.

More stuff soon.

Walter Machado
Sep 23, 2015
Community Announcements - Walter Machado
Howdy folks, update 1.5 is online.

Gunner class got some recoil reduction, mini boss sprites updated (that yellow blooded that carries the best gun), some tweaks on the challenge ramp (or enemy respawn system) and thugs momentum.

Thank you all for joining me on this crazy ride developing UBERMOSH.

If you like the game, please recommend it.

Até breve,

Walter Machado

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