Community Announcements - DTG_Admin
Tomorrow we will be releasing an update to the Metronom ME146 which fixes issues the community have told us about as part of our content review programme. The patch will download and install automatically through Steam if you own the Metronom ME146.

The full patch notes are as follows:

•Fixed - No headlight illumination from loco.
• Added cab light.
• Fixed - Broken glass.
• Fixed - Window wipers not working from inside cab.
• Fixed - No horn sound.
• Fixed - Task listing not correct.
• Fixed - Doors not opening at Großburgwedel Gleis 2.
• Fixed - No rain effect.
• Fixed - Window wiper on driver trailer coach does not work.
• Fixed - Grammar error in message boxes.
• Fixed - Rankings tab is shaded out.
• Fixed - Locomotive does not appear in Quick Drive menu.
• Added manual
• Added thumbnail image for loco in menu.
• Added locomotive information in menu
• Added Meta data
• Fixed - Shadows do not appear under rail vehicles.
• Fixed - Dynamic brake not working.
• Fixed - Handbrake control does not work using icon on the HUD and/or keyboard command.
• Fixed - Dynamic brake control lever animates the wrong way.
• Fixed - No direction control lever present to use.
• Fixed - Unable to use light control lever inside 146 cab.
• Added light switch in cab of 146.
• Added sounds on cab control levers, switches and buttons.
• Added rain on window and roof sound effect.
• Fixed - Wiper sound is not consistent.
• Added animated Sun shields
• Fixed - Cab view in driving trailer coach is partially missing.
• Added wiper switch.
• Added locomotive brake information message box.
• Fixed - Cab roof not welded.
• Added Power indicator Z-fighting.
• Fixed Emergency brakes applied by reverser.
• Added AFB instructions to manual
• Updated Screenshot of loco in manual
• Fixed - AFB not reaching target speed.
• Fixed - Loco slowing below AFB control.
• Fixed - Incorrect information in message box.
• Added reverser information to manual.
• Fixed Missing driver.
• Added switch legend for headlights.
• Fixed - Start/Stop engine keyboard control not working.
• Fixed - Keyboard control does not activate handbrake.
• Fixed - AFB reaches full at half setting.
• Added door handles on inside of cab.
• Added physical cab light.
• Fixed - Cab light casts strange shadow on cab.
• Adjusted Throttle and AFB grab points.
• Added hook
• Fixed - Left wiper arm disappearing
• Corrected spelling mistakes in manual and scenario text.
• Fixed - Incorrect naming description given for quick drive consists.
• Added Localisation for German.
• Fixed - Message box errors.
• Fixed - Wiper sound from driver trailing cab coach is missing.
• Fixed - Loco name inconsistent in menu’s.
• Fixed - Driver train name wrong in Quick Drives.
• Fixed - Driver train name wrong in “The Early Morning Commuter” scenario.
• Fixed - Unnecessary apostrophe in description, briefing and first message box.
• Fixed - AFB causes sudden stops and loses points in career.
• Fixed - Disabling AFB enables AFB bug on speedo.
• Fixed - Blue line for brakes not completely disappearing on driving trailer.

We would like to thank everyone who provided us with suggestions and feedback about the Metronom ME146. We hope that you enjoy this new updated version.
Community Announcements - DTG_Admin

The naughty group of garden gnomes,
Have taken presents from people’s homes,
Hidden around the garden high and low,
Will you be able to find them with all that snow?

Drive the miniature train called Little Ned,
Around in the darkness after everyone’s in bed,
And gather up all the gifts and toys,
So that Christmas morning can be filled with joy.

Winter is here and Christmas is coming!

However, the naughty gnomes from the garden have made off with the children’s presents and hidden them in the snow.

As driver of ‘Little Ned’, the Richie Rails garden scale train, it’s up to you to gather all the lost toys before the Children awake on Christmas Day.

Chase the gnomes, collect the presents and return them to the house – but watch out for snowballs and those mischievous gnomes! If all goes to plan, ‘Little Ned’ will be back running around the Christmas tree and no-one will have to know about the night-time adventures……
Community Announcements - DTG_Admin

As small mixed traffic branch locomotives, the Great Western Railway’s Prairies were diminutive workhorses of the railway network, and are now available for Train Simulator from Victory Works.

The 2-6-2 tank engines were introduced to the GWR in 1904 with the 4400 Class, primarily for use on the railway’s numerous hilly branch lines. Only 11 of the class were built before the production of its successor, the 4500 Class – the same in design but with larger driving wheels, giving the locomotive extra speed and therefore more widely used on the GWR network.

Between 1927 and 1929, a further 100 small Prairies were built with larger 1,300 gallon water tanks, and were allocated the Class number 4575. A number of these locomotives were fitted with equipment to run push-pull trains with autocoaches, which saw them pressed into service on lines through South Wales.

Withdrawal of the Prairies began in the late 1950s and by the mid-1960s all had been assigned to the scrapyard. However, three 45xx Class and 11 4575 Class locomotives were saved and many run today on preserved railways around the UK.

The GWR Small Prairies for Train Simulator, developed by Victory Works, are available in a variety of GWR and BR liveries – GWR Green and BR Black, plus BR Green (45xx Class and 4575 Class) and a fictional red livery for the 4575 Class.

Three operating modes await drivers – simple, standard and advanced – each with their own style of driving and features for the novice and expert drivers. An abundance of detailing can also be found on each locomotive, including realistic wheel slip, simulated steam chest, operable cab doors, windows and hatches and 3D fireboxes. The 4575 Class can also be set with optional auto-gear to make it fully compatible with Victory Works’ GWR Class 14xx autocoaches.

A number of freight wagons are also included with the locomotives, including fruit vans, covered goods vans, standard vans, banana vans, iron minks, milk siphons and toad brake vans.

The locomotives are also Quick Drive compatible, giving you the freedom to drive the GWR Small Prairies on any Quick Drive enabled route for Train Simulator, such as those available through Steam. Also included are scenarios specifically for the Falmouth Branch route (available separately and required to play these scenarios).
Community Announcements - DTG_Admin
This afternoon we are releasing a Hotfix update for the Metro-North Kawasaki M8 EMU. After we released a patch for the M8 last week some players reported that the tail lights were not turning off. We would like to thank you for telling us this and based upon your feedback this Hotfix now fixes this. As usual, the hotfix will download automatically from the Steam client once released. The original patch notes can be found here if you would like to know more about the earlier patch -
Community Announcements - DTG_Admin
Today, Monday 8th December, we will be releasing a hotfix update for Train Simulator TS2015. The hotfix updates the core game files to latest version of Steam’s API in order to ensure continued compatibility with the Steam platform. The update is approximately 22.3 MB in size and makes no changes to the content of the game but the version number will change to 49.4a. As usual, the hotfix will download automatically from the Steam client once released.
Community Announcements - DTG_Admin
I am really pleased with our new German Route: Koln‐Koblenz. We think it really shows off the features of this part of the country and am certain it will provide hours of enjoyment to German rail fans.

After the initial screenshot release from this new route it was pointed out to us by the Train
Simulator community that we'd included the 146.2 locomotive instead of the 146.0 that operates on this route. Needless to say this is absolutely not what we had originally planned, but we’re incredibly grateful to have had this error highlighted. We know that we've included the wrong locomotive and are now working to fix this as quickly as possible.

Rather than delay the release of the Koln‐Koblenz route to await the arrival of the correct loco, we have taken the decision to release what we believe to be an excellent addition to Train Simulator, despite this shortcoming. We would rather give you the choice of whether to pick the route up now, or wait for it to be as we originally intended, with the 146.0 included.

The good news is that work has already begun on the 146.0 to replace the included 146.2 and we expect it to be added to the route in a matter of weeks. We will automatically update the game to include the 146.0 and rerelease the scenarios so they work with the correct locomotive as soon as this is complete. If you get attached to the 146.2, don't worry, we will leave this for you to enjoy in QuickDrive.

Once again, my thanks to those who pointed this error out to us, and please accept my apologies for any initial disappointment this brings. We will be correcting the error with all due haste, but stand by the Koln‐Koblenz route as a worthy addition to your Train Simulator collection.

Tim Gatland
Chief Technical Officer
Dovetail Games
Community Announcements - DTG_Admin

Become King of the railway with the new N15 King Arthur Class for Train Simulator, recreating the only preserved locomotive in the Class, ‘Sir Lamiel’.

The N15 Class was born from a need of the London & South Western Railway for more powerful express passenger locomotives that could cope with increasing train loads on the long and arduous West Country routes of the UK. The result was the N15 class design, completed by the Chief Mechanical Engineer of the L&SWR, Robert W Urie.

A total of 74 ‘King Arthurs’ were built between 1919 and 1926, although during this time the design was changed when the Southern Railway absorbed the L&SWR during ‘grouping’. Later batches of the Class were built by different works and with updated designs to make them more efficient and streamlined.

Early versions of the N15 Class were named after the Knights of the Round Table, hence their ‘King Arthur’ nickname, a tag that set them apart from other express steam locomotives of the time.

Withdrawal of the class began in 1953 with the last locomotive retired from service in 1962. However, one ‘King Arthur’ – Sir Lamiel – was saved from the scrapyard and has been preserved as part of the National Collection in the UK. The locomotive currently resides at the Great Central Railway in Leicestershire and regularly runs mainline tours.

The N15 King Arthur Class ‘Sir Lamiel’ for Train Simulator is available in BR Brunswick Green livery and recreates the locomotive as it appeared in 2012 running rail tours on the UK rail network as a preserved locomotive. Also included are BR Mk1 coaches in chocolate and cream livery.

The locomotive is also Quick Drive compatible, giving you the freedom to drive the N15 King Arthur Class ‘Sir Lamiel’ on any Quick Drive enabled route for Train Simulator, such as those available through Steam. Also included are scenarios specifically for the West Somerset Railway route (available separately and required to play these scenarios).

Announcement - Valve
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Today’s Featured Deals Include:

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One of the smallest Standard Class locomotive, the 6MT, comes to Train Simulator in British Railways livery.

Ten 6MT Clan Class locomotives were built by British Railways between 1951 and March 1952 at BR’s Crewe Works, although another 15 were planned but never built following BR’s modernisation plan in the early 1950s.

Designed by Robert Riddles, the 4-6-2 Pacific tender steam locomotive was based on the Britannia Class design but incorporating a smaller boiler and various weight-saving measures to increase their route availability, including the west of Scotland.

Ultimately, the Class was deemed a failure and all 10 locomotives were withdrawn from service by June 1966. None have survived into preservation, although a private project to build the next locomotive in the class, 72010 Hengist, is currently ongoing.

The 6MT Clan Class for Train Simulator is a former Iron Horse House model, which has been updated to TS2015 standard, including new scenarios and improved exterior modelling. It is available in BR Brunswick Green livery with BR Mk1 passenger and sleeper coaches in maroon livery.

The locomotive is also Quick Drive compatible, giving you the freedom to drive the BR 6MT Clan Class on any Quick Drive enabled route for Train Simulator, such as those available through Steam. Also included are scenarios specifically for the Western Lines of Scotland route (available separately and required to play these scenarios).
Community Announcements - DTG_Admin
Today we released a new patch for Train Simulator 2015. The patch adds language support to Train Simulator Standard Edition (also boxed edition) and Steam Edition for German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Russian.

This means that these languages will be available for the following content:

• Train Simulator Academy
• ECMl London to Peterborough
• New York to New Haven
• Munich to Garmisch-Partenkirchen
• Pacific Surfliner
• Class 801 EMU
• Acela Express
• F59PHI San Diego Commuter Rail
• F59PH Los Angeles Commuter Rail

The patch sizes are as follows :

TS2015 Standard Edition - 2.1GB
TS2015 Steam Edition - 3.1GB

If you only own a selection of this content then the patch will include languages for just the content you own. Each items is approximately 800mb to a 1GB in size.

Please note that you do not require an additional 2-3GB of hard drive space. Instead the update will overwrite existing language data saved within your current installation of Train Simulator.

Download times for the patch will vary depending upon your Internet service provider and connection.

Please note that the patch makes no changes to the actual game content and as such the version number will not change.

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