TrackMania² Valley - Alinoa

Week 2 of Weekly Short Hunt Season 5 Tonight at 8pm CET
Be sure to register before that time:

LAST CALL for registration - ESL Competition Premiership
Registration until 25th November, 23:59 CET:

LAST CALL for submission - November MTC (for creative oriented players)
Submission until Sunday night, Nov 26:

NEW - the WR Cup #2 on H24 7/7

WTC TrialMaster 2017 on Trackmania² Canyon - H24 7/7

Two MX Knockout on Trackmania² Lagoon on Saturday 10:30am and 9:30pm CET

SmurfsCup on Trackmania² Canyon on Saturday 8pm CET

ICE PEPPER CUP on Sunday 5pm CET

GGGL to all :)
TrackMania² Valley - Alinoa

SmurfsCup on Trackmania² Canyon on Friday at 20:00 CET:
Info here:

Two MX Knockout on Trackmania² Multi enviro on Saturday at 10:30 CET and 21:00 CET
Info here:

Three Nascar Racing League Cups on Trackmania² Stadium
Saturday 18:35 CET / Sunday 18:35 CET and 19:35 CET
Info here:

NITRO Cup on Trackmania² Stadium on Sunday 20:00 CET
Info here:

SPAM Relay Cup - Finals on Friday-Saturday-Sunday at 21:00 CET
Info here:

GGGL to all :)
TrackMania² Valley - Alinoa
Get information about Trackmania events on Maniacalendar:

And you can use Maniacalendar for sharing your events with other players!

Happy Gaming!
TrackMania² Canyon - (Alice O'Connor)

Ah, a tropical getaway! Sun, sand, surf, and speeding through loop-de-loops into corkscrews at 300mph until you sick up your sangria. That’s the fun offered by Trackmania 2 Lagoon [official site], which launched today. The latest in Nadeo’s wonderfully silly racing series takes the tropical environment from 2016’s Trackmania Turbo and whacks it into the interconnected ecosystem of Trackmania 2, bringing new modes and whatnot too. It looks like a good time. Check out the launch trailer. … [visit site to read more]

TrackMania² Valley - Alinoa

Enjoy a taste of the new TM² Lagoon by playing for free on the Trackmania Channel tonight between 8PM & 9.30PM CEST!

Download here:
TrackMania² Valley - Alinoa

Find out more about Trackmania 2 Lagoon, launched today for PC on ManiaPlanet, Uplay and Steam on Ubiblog:

Jul 11, 2014
Community Announcements - Hylis

Maniaplanet 3.1 Update
The user ability to add their very own objects on top of the current map editor. It has been made to go even further into the creativity of the track you can discover online.

Universal Demo
With this new feature, you can create your own experience and make them available in demo for other players, or simply test the best player made experience in demo.

With the demo update, you have access to the following features:
  • 15 white solo tracks of Trackmania² Valley
  • All online servers
  • The map editor & other tools
  • Up to 3 user made solo & multiplayer experiences
Jul 8, 2014
Community Announcements - Alinoa

Hylis, Nadeo CEO wrote the fourth edition of Hello Planet.
Here is the full article:

For the people who would like the key points, here is what Hylis thinks they are:
- Unlimited demo for any title with less than 100 online players
- Super setup that enable to simply invite on a custom title
- 3d models can be added into maps under some constraints, and I think it's really great for TM!
- ShootMania "Power Up!" operation that is upcoming really soon.
- No more info yet on Trackmania & Maniaplanet 4 next steps, but we are in great shape and with great ambitions!
Community Announcements - Anthodev

After 9 months (almost 10) of work, we are happy to tell you that the biggest update ever on Maniaplanet is finally out!

A lot of things have been cooked for Maniaplanet 3 and we're now ready to give you most of them right now!

Please note that this update is an early-release and all the content planned for this update will be fully released by end of June.

Few of the biggest changes are:
- Improved user interface for buddies, news & server browser
- A central store to easily explore & play user-made titles
- TrackMania² multi-environment title & capacity to use the three cars in Canyon & Valley
- ShootMania complete upgrade: netcode, graphics and gameplay blocks such as teleporters, force fields, etc.
- And more upcoming diversity of modes, actions, weapons & maps thanks to new tools & features!

More details are available on the Maniaplanet blog >>> or directly on the forum

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