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Community Announcements - たつと (Tatsuto)
Hey Maniaplanet Fans!

Here are the Winners of the Maniaplanet 3 Beta Contest!













Honorable Mention (Already won in Skin Category)



If you are one of the winners then add me in steam and send me your maniaplanet login! I will give you the exact details on how this is going to work via instant messages.

Here is a link to my profile so you can't miss it :D

Thanks for all your entries ;)
It's great to know that there are such awesome people in the community!
Community Announcements - たつと (Tatsuto)

Hello Maniaplanet Fans!

The Maniaplanet 3 Beta started recently and that is why we are going to run a contest.

Q: What can you win?
Well, you can win Steam Access to the Maniaplanet 3 Beta!

Q: Hurry and tell me how I can win!
A: For starters post a comment and you have the chance to get your key because one out of all the commenters will be randomly selected. But now here are the details about the main contests.

The contests are split into three sections with 3 winners:
- Mapping
- Pictures/Screenshots
- Skins

Every player can enter all contests but you can only win once!

Q: What makes my entry valid?
A: The first requirement is that all of the entries have to be uploaded via steam.
This means either the Artwork section or one of the Trackmania 2 workshops.
The next reqirement is that this contest is about Trackmania 2 and not about Shootmania.
So you will have to make Trackmania 2 Maps, Skins or Artwork.

You entry is valid if it starts with these letters : [MP3BC]
Please do not post more than one entry per contest.

Q: What's the deadline?
A: 18th April 14:00 GMT.

So that is all. I hope you all have fun!
Community Announcements - Alinoa

RPG Nightcup #6

ESL will be hosting a new RPG Cup on Saturday 15th Ferbruary at 20:30 CET. Signup open until 19:30 CET: http://www.esl.eu/eu/tm2_stadium/1on1/rpg/nc_6/signup/

In order to take part in this Nightcup, you have to install the Trackmania 2 RPG Title Pack! Type in the Maniaplanet browser: TrackManiaRPG and click on “download”.

Nascar Cup #1

The first edition of the Nascar championship is starting on Sunday 16th February at 30:30 CET. Registration is over but you can follow matches on ESL.
Community Announcements - Alinoa

Greetings Maniacs!

This Friday, 31 January, at 8PM CET / 2PM EST the fifth ESL TrackMania RPG Cup will be taking place. The race will be on the TrackMania RPG track Wounder by Basbaas and can be downloaded HERE.

Signups are still available on the ESL site, so head over there and compete in one of the most creative community built titlepacks.

It will also be live streamed in English on Team Acer's frostBeule's Twitch.TV Channel, so you can still watch it even if you're not in game.

For more information on the community created TrackMania RPG titlepack and how to download it, check out this awesome write-up on Mania-Actu.
Community Announcements - Alinoa

From the Maniaplanet blog article

Greetings Maniacs!

We are celebrating TrackMania's 10 years of awesome with a huge day of events and we invite all of you to join in. TrackMania is being celebrated around the world with multiple live streams on Twitch and lan parties.

Schedule & Where to Watch:

North America Stream starting at 12PM PST: http://www.twitch.tv/Fragdolls
French Stream starting at 7PM CET: http://www.twitch.tv/Drakoniatv
European English Stream starting at 7PM CET: http://www.twitch.tv/ManiaPlanet

During the french and european streams at 8.15PM CET, you'll have the chance to see compete the best TrackMania pro-players together on the Myhtical Race: Bergie, Carl, Carl Jr, DVD, Hakki Junior, Karjen, Lign, Riolu, Spam, Tala, Tamarillo, T0to, Wally and Yoyo! This will be the most amazing race ever on TrackMania!

You will NOT want to miss this event. You will be able to win prizes, race with some awesome special guests, and there will even be some tournaments you will be able to participate in on the North America stream.

The TrackMania Celebrat10n packages are still on sale at up to a 66% discount, but they are ending this Sunday, December 15th. Move fast! You can purchase them right HERE.

We thank you all for racing with us for 10 years and we hope you celebrate with us this weekend!
Community Announcements - Johkr
Greetings TrackManiacs!

Today we are opening community voting for the TrackMania 10th Anniversary Track, Car, and Video Creation Contest. You will have the opportunity to try out and vote for your favorite submissions until December 8th at 11:59PM PST.

Head over to our ManiaPlanet Blog post for official links for voting.

Track Testing/ voting: http://maniapla.net/#join=tm10@TMStadium

Car/skin voting: https://surveymonkey.com/s/7KPM9V6

Video voting: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/R8X8QBB
Community Announcements - たつと

Hey Everyone!

As we previously announced, TrackMania will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary on December 14th, 2013! Celebration events will include a community driven LAN event [aka LANniversary] alongside streaming events.

In addition, today we are announcing the official TrackMania 10th Anniversary Video, Car Creation, and Track Creation contests!

In order to be considered for any of the three contests, participants will have until November 24th to submit their entries. Official rules of entry for each contest are linked below. All entries for each event will be considered. You won’t be able to edit your entry once it’s been submitted, so make it count!

All entries will go through an extensive judging process to select the best from the best, and the winners will be featured in the Official ManiaPlanet store alongside other cool prizes. See the “Contest Judging” and “Contest” Prizing on each contests official rules page for more information.

During the LANniversary Livestream, we will feature all Finalists as decided by the Community, and announce the top three winners for the Video, Car, and Track Creation contests, including the Grand Prize winners of each competition.

Get out there and start building!

Official Rules of Entry:

Car Creation Contest | Video Creation Contest | Track Creation Contest

Submission Forms:

Car Creation Contest | Video Creation Contest | Track Creation Contest

Questions, Comments, Concerns? Share them with us on the forums.
Community Announcements - Johkr
Beyond Gaming is hosting their fourth TrackMania Challenge!

This community driven event is a great event to test your skills against other players and win great prizes. It is free to join and everyone has a chance to compete for the final round prizes: a Cooler Master GX 650W Power Supply, and Sound Blaster Z Sound Card!

For more details on the event and schedule, please visit the Beyond Gaming contest site: http://bit.ly/GZRnkb

Register now or get left in the dust!
Community Announcements - Rook Fell
There is still a few days left to compete in the Open Tier portion of the TrackMania² Stadium Challenge, brought to you by Beyond Gaming. Registration and Open Ladder play ends on August 25th, so don't wait! The Top 8 players will advance to compete in the Finals on August 26th, with prizes brought to you by Gunnar Optiks and SoundBlaster.

Visit: Beyond Gaming TrackMania Challenge to register.

This event is open to all players worldwide, though eligibility for prizing may vary based on location. See the Official Rules for more details.
Community Announcements - Anthodev
Hello everyone,

We’re glad to announce a new update for ManiaPlanet!

You’ll find the detailed changelog here:


  • Valley (release on 4th of July)
  • Car lights in very fast & fast configuration
  • Mediatracker: Car lights on/off in mediatracker + keys
  • IsMasterJump working (will look additions later)
  • Camera numbers on actions (1,2,3 key in addition to numpad)
  • Improved wheel support like dead zone configuration & separated axis for accel/brake.


  • Powerpath with Nucleus bunker structures
  • Rooftops wooden & sliding structures
  • Technical structures include new blocs and a power grapling hook
  • Cloister road without roof
  • Red platform with curved borders
  • Corresponding curved fences of red plateform shapes
  • Progressive micro boost for jump from static position
  • Force color improved (ping, switchs,spectator etc.)
  • Pings & nametags in replays
  • Mediatracker: Shield keys
  • Reload of stamina & weapon 30% faster on red plateforms, like the blue ones (powerpath)
  • When player is blocked in 'holes', he will be capable to jump quickly after
  • Eliminations made and taken are displayed in Elite scoreboard
  • Elite matchmaking: attacking order is based on LP (will soon include a way for allied to define their order)


  • Echelon system (0 to 9, nothing, bronze I,II,III, silver I,II,III, gold I,II,III) [first tests on Elite]
  • Improved lobby design [first tests on Elite]
  • Mediatracker undo/redo
  • Custom settings in launcher (save as & quick menu)
  • Callvote commands (enable to callvote operations, like set score)
  • Hyperlink working on multiple lines
  • Chat hides itself after some seconds
  • Mediatracker: triangles2D fix
  • Chat typing sending keys to script fix
  • Can add lights to export of objetcs
  • Screenshot now JPG by default (F10 key)
  • Connected terraforming not taken instantly in map editor
  • Better auto-terraforming from blocks
  • Autosave of replay fixed
  • Option to concatenates replays
  • Freemouse in maniascript to enable user to use mouse
  • Manialink UI track possible in Mediatracker
  • Playsound in script (only for the included sound, it will arrive later for customs)
  • HttpRequests works in CMlScript
  • Xmlrpc for openlink
  • Manialink call to open quit server dialog
  • Graph UI item for Manialink
  • Batch video shooting
  • Lightmap computation working again from replay
  • Envmix header
  • Manialink resizes (it was possible to move the elements, not to change their size)
  • Improved texture memory management to improve 32b OS stability

You only need to restart ManiaPlanet to do the automatic update.

Enjoy this new update and don’t hesitate to let your feedback on the forum.

Have fun and see you soon for the release of Valley!

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