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What are the best Steam Summer Sale deals? Each day for the duration of the sale, we’ll be offering our picks – based on price, what we like, and what we think more people should play. Read on for the five best deals from day 6 of the sale.>

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There was a period in the mid-nineties when Rise of the Robots and One Must Fall: 2097 were the only beat ‘em ups available on PC. Believing robotic participants to be the future of combat sports, Colin Computer, CEO of PC Incorporated, banned all fighting games containing living combatants. When it became clear that people might accidentally play Rise of the Robots in a two-game market, Colin was chased out of town.

Times have changed. Now you can play the latest Dead or Alive< ! and Mortal Kombat games and a whole lot more. And this weekend, starting right now, you can play Ultra Street Fighter IV for free through Steam.

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PC Gamer

This weekend's free entertainment comes courtesy of Capcom. It's Ultra Street Fighter IV—the most Street Fighter IV of the four versions of Street Fighter IV. It's as Street Fighter IV as you can get, assuming Capcom doesn't release an Ultra Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition or Hyper Street Fighter IV: Revengeance, etc.

Whatever it's called, it does still seem to be about punching (and sometimes kicking) an opponent in complex and ostentatious ways. Should that be a thing that appeals, you can play USF4 on Steam for free until Sunday.

In addition, Capcom has a sale on their entire Steam catalogue. That includes a half-price discount on Ultra Street Fighter IV, as well as 66% of DmC and 80% off the flawed but interesting Remember Me. You can find a full round-up of deals through this link.

Ultra Street Fighter IV should have automagically been placed in your Steam library. You can install it through there, or on the USF4 Steam page.

Announcement - Valve
Play Ultra Street Fighter® IV for FREE starting now through Sunday at 1PM Pacific Time. You can also pickup Ultra Street Fighter® IV at 50% off the regular price!*

If you already have Steam installed, click here to install or play Ultra Street Fighter® IV. If you don't have Steam, you can download it here.

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time
Community Announcements - wbacon [capcom]
Balrog as a dirty bull, E.Honda as a turtle and Adon as a...chameleon? Is this real life?! As of today, yes, yes it is. The wild costumes are Now Available in various packs highlighted in the video below.
With Omega Edition just released as well as the 1.04 balance changes, now's the perfect time to go Wild!
Community Announcements - wbacon [capcom]
By now I'm sure you're all aware that patch 1.04 is live and with it has come a few adjustments to the Ultra balance. After receiving feedback from the community since Ultra has dropped, we've went and added in the most highly requested changes.

Latest changes to USFIV as well as a list of the bug fixes can be found at the URL below (unfortunately the full change list doesn't fit within this post):

OMEGA Edition Move List
With regards to the Omega characters, we've covered some of the larger changes in the Omega blogs over the last few weeks on Capcom Unity, but those didn't exactly provide an explanation on what the commands for those attacks were.

Well today, I'm providing that move list. Click this link to download the move list!
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Hadoooooh! Ken! Ken, come look at how fancy this is.

When the announcement of Street Fighter V leaked on Friday, Capcom scrambled around trying to scour the Internet of all the grainy copies of a video which didn’t say much beyond: Street Fighter V exists, and is coming to PC and PS4. They’ve gotten around to announcing SF5 now though, a process which involves a new gameplay trailer and word that- ooh! It’ll have cross-platformer multiplayer across PC and PS4. That’s unexpected, that.

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screencap from the trailer, so sorry for the TERRIBLE QUALITY

Dead or Alive: Lots Of Clothes And Yet Not A Lot Of Clothes isn’t the only PC fighting game news today. It seems Street Fighter V was accidentally let out of the Capcom bag a little early, replete with a trailer which comes across a little like a men’s fragrance advert.

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Community Announcements - wbacon [capcom]

Hey everyone, patch 1.03 is coming out in few days and with it comes content that will definitely improve both your online and offline USFIV experience that much more. Continue on for a more detailed breakdown of 1.03’s contents.

Delayed Standing Option
With the delayed standing option being added to training mode, players will be able evolve their game to the next level as they work on ways to counter its usage. It will be interesting to see what set ups players will come with now that this option is at their disposal.

The delayed standing setting in training mode has a minor issue in it where certain CPU opponents will delay stand when they shouldn’t be able to. These characters will definitely be fixed in the next patch. Please note that this DOES NOT HAPPEN OUTSIDE OF TRAINING MODE, only against the CPU when the delayed stand option is selected against certain characters in training mode.

Inconsistency Adjustments and Attack Reversions
In our continuing efforts to ensure our fans are being heard, we have addressed some inconsistencies that arose based on the initial changes that went into USFIV. In addition to those inconsistencies being addressed, we’ve also reverted the Cammy charge time and Rolento standing medium punch changes that occurred in patch 1.02.

Here’s the list of adjustments that will be included in patch 1.03:

  • Psycho Sting and DCM (Anti-Air) – Charge time reduced from 52F --> 42F.
  • Close Standing Medium Punch – Increased juggle potential so that “EX Stinger (3 Hits) --> Close Standing Medium Punch now combos.
  • Far Standing Heavy Kick – Fixed the issue where a counter hit against Abel was still possible after the active frames of the attack already ended.
  • Forward and Neutral Throw – Reduced the throw escape window by one frame, making it consistent with other throw windows in the game.
  • Light Ruffian Kick – Knockdown adjusted from soft to hard against airborne opponents.
  • Far Standing Medium Kick – Counter hit now yields proper hit advantage.
  • Back + Medium Kick – Crouching opponents now get properly pushed back on hit.
  • Yoga Catastrophe – Adjusted so that only one Yoga Catastrophe can be on the screen at a time.
  • Victory Rose – Counter hit now yields proper hit advantage.
  • Far Standing Heavy Punch – Adjusted the damage from 100 --> 113 if the front part hits.
Fei Long
  • Crouching Medium Punch – Adjusted damage on counter hit from 78 --> 82.
  • Far Standing Heavy Kick – Fixed the issue where a counter hit against Guy was still possible after the active frames of the attack already ended.
  • Forward and Neutral Throw – Reduced the throw escape window by one frame, making it consistent with other throw windows in the game.
  • EX Soul Spiral – Fixed damage on counter hit from 160 --> 163.
  • EX Tiger Knee – Fixed the issue where Sagat gained SC meter on the first hit.
  • HP and Stun – HP and Stun values adjusted from (800/900) --> (750/750) for SFIV Seth.
  • Medium Rolling Crystal Flash – Fixed the issue where Vega could not perform a red focus on the last hit against a blocking opponent.
  • Flying Barcelona Special
    • Fixed the issue where regardless of which strength of attack was used to activate the attack, the height at which Vega grabbed the wall was the same.
    • Fixed the issue where Vega would cling to the wall at a lower point if the knee hit on the way up.
    • Modified invincibility from Projectile/Throw Invincibility --> Total Invincibility when he jumps off the wall after activation.
    • Fixed the issue where it was extremely difficult to land the Rolling Izuna Drop against a cornered opponent.
  • Zenpo Tenshin
  • Adjusted throw range during Genei-Jin to match normal version.
  • Fixed the issue where Yun could be counter hit after active frames of the throw have already ended.
  • Fixed the issue where the “Red Focus” shortcut command was not being saved within the key configuration.

PC Netcode Changes
And last, but definitely not least comes further adjustments to the PC net code. We made some changes to the net code earlier in the year through our Beta branch program, but our efforts didn’t stop there. We are applying three new changes which we believe should improve our users’ experience even further.

Those changes are as follows:
  1. Change in Endless Battle – Users will not be able to join the game if the host is currently in a fight. Only once the fight ends and both the host and guest are returned to the lobby can they receive requests for other matches. This will prevent users from pinging the host during their matches.
  2. The number of open connections the user can upkeep after canceling his game search has been reduced; thereby reducing the number of players pinged.
  3. The acceptable input delay limit has been increased from 15 frames to 35 frames, so now even with terrible latency issues, users should experience what feels like an input delay instead of lag or random disconnects.

Lastly, for multi-platform owners, here’s the timeframe on Oct.15th that each of our player bases can expect the patch to go live:

Steam: Wednesday Oct.15, 08:00 (PST)
Xbox 360: Wednesday, Oct.15, 18:00 (JST)/ 02:00 (PST)
PS3: Wednesday, Oct.15, 18:00 (JST)/ 02:00 (PST)/ 09:00 (GMT)

So that’s what you can expect in patch 1.03. That does not mean support stops here however, as we are still working hard on our goal of making USFIV the definitive version of the SFIV series. We will continue to monitor fan feedback and research ways to improve the player experience and will share any information as it becomes available.

(on behalf of "ComboFiend" and the Capcom Fighting Team)
Community Announcements - wbacon [capcom]

Street Fighter Fans,

In our continuing desire to ensure that USFIV is a game by the fans for the fans, we will be releasing the Version 1.03 patch in October. This patch will address some issues that were pointed out by the community, add the delayed wake up option to the dummy in training mode and for our PC users, more improvements to the online experience.

Version 1.03 Patch in October
Version 1.03 improves upon the 1.02 patch released earlier this year by addressing more of the issues brought to our attention by our most diehard fans. Some of the fixes you can expect to see are the Decapre and Rolento changes introduced in the Ver B. patch reverted, as well as Cody’s Light Ruffian Kick once again causing a hard knockdown against airborne opponents as it did in AE 2012. There are more fixes being included, which we’ll disclose closer to the release date.

For those of you out there who desire to practice your setups in the face of delayed wakeup, I’m pleased to announce the addition of the delayed wake up dummy option in training mode. Now that this setting is available, I’m really eager to see how this will advance the game and if anyone will be able to create setups that account for both normal and delayed wakeups.

For our PC fans, we’ve heard the concerns you have voiced and have some fixes coming your way that should definitely improve your online experiences. For example, we noticed that when players were in the middle of matches, they were still getting pinged by those outside of the match, thereby creating slowdown. We’ve fixed it so that this will be no longer the case. Additionally, a few other connection tweaks are going in as well -- all of which should help reduce the online connectivity issues experienced by players.

These fixes will go live sometime in October as part of the version 1.03 patch that also contains some light balance fixes, as well as adding the aforementioned delayed wake up option in training mode. We’ll be sure to update you on the exact release date and patch details as soon as we can.

OMEGA(Ω) MODE -- later this year
We’re not stopping there however! In our ongoing effort to make sure that Ultra SFIV is the greatest version of SFIV yet, we bring you a completely new, completely free and most importantly completely fun version of your favorite 44 characters in Omega Mode!

For those wondering, Omega mode is a completely new mode in which every character has been modified and outfitted with new normal and special attacks, resulting in a refreshing take on the characters you’ve come to know and love over the last six years. As the primary goal for this mode was fun, we placed more emphasis on making the characters feel new, than on their balance. This means that strong, fan favorite attacks such as Ken’s Shinppu Jinrai Kyaku and Sagat’s Tiger Raid make their return while other characters such as Zangief gain new abilities, like being able to combo into his command throws.

Words however, don’t do this mode justice, so we’ve decided to show a quick video of the madness you can expect to see with in Omega Mode.

Now I know the next question that comes to mind is, “will this be playable online?” My answer to that is “it most definitely will be!” But as this mode is for fun, Omega mode will be restricted to unranked matches only. Additionally all official Capcom tournaments and Capcom Pro Tour affiliate tournaments will use the default Ultra balance, not Omega mode, as the tournament standard.

Once again we would like everyone for their continual feedback. We are committed to making sure that USFIV lives up to it being the best iteration within the SFIV series yet. Be sure to check back later on for a full breakdown of the version 1.03 patch and for more information on Omega mode as it becomes available.

(on behalf of "ComboFiend" and the Capcom Fighting Team)

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