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Community Announcements - Zero
Here is a video log update of our development progress on StarDrive 2!

Shacknews - Alice O'Connor
As recently as 2012, I could approach people in the street, look them square in the eye and ask their opinions on space, only to receive a blank-faced reply of "Never 'eard of it guv." But now, oh now everyone adores space! Riding that rocket to the stars, StarDrive creator Zero Sum Games has announced a sequel to its spaceborne 4X strategy game, logically titled StarDrive 2.
Jan 18, 2014
Community Announcements - Zero
Here is the changelog for the 1.15 patch. I think many players will appreciate both the fixes and the additions, and it also holds some good stuff for modders.

  • Fixed an issue with the Fletchette cannon and other dual-purpose Anti-Ship/PD weapons not damaging ships as they should.

  • Increased the 'time-out range' of all weapons by 25%.

    You may have noticed your missiles exploding prematurely and other projectiles disappearing before they reached their target, therefore resulting in misses. This was due to the 'time-out' range of projectiles in the engine being equal to the maximum firing range of that weapon, so your ships fire on inevitably moving enemies at a range that means the projectiles can't travel far enough to hit them. This change will result in more satisfying projectile behavior, as projectiles fired at a moving ship that is in range will no longer time out before the target is reached when fired at maximum engagement range unless the enemy ship performs successful evasive manoeuvres.

  • The automated freighter system has been patched so that it will no longer assign freighter-class vessels with no cargo capacity to carry cargo.

    This means that vessels designed on freighter hulls but purposed for other uses (e.g. supply ships, repair ships, 'Q-ship' warships) will no longer have their user-assigned orders overridden by the auto-freight AI if enabled.

  • Adjusted the AI's desired ratio of ships to ensure mixed fleets.

    This now results in the AI splitting its proportions roughly between: Capitals: 3, Cruisers: 5, Frigates: 7, Fighters: 7, Dedicated Bombers: 1. This means that, given 23 ships, the ratio would break down like that. This should result in some more mixed AI fleets, and fix the issue seen at present wherein the AI is only fielding the largest ship type available at once. Expect more dangerous enemies with mixed target types - bring some anti-fighter cannons!

  • Flak Cannons are now proximity fused.

    They therefore do not require direct hits to detonate anymore, and instead detonate either in proximity to any enemy vessel, or at their maximum pre-determined range, so they can be used as area-suppression weapons against fighter swarms.

  • Enabled the use of the "ProjectileRadius" tag in weapons files. This will work on any weapons that modders may want to add this functionality to.

  • Removed the requirement that you need money to rush production.


    You only need production now. I think this was causing a great deal of confusion about the economy, as players would see their income decreasing and have no feedback as why. What is happening is that your governors are spending your cash. Well, no more. Both the AI and the player will benefit from this change so it should be balance-neutral. In fact, I expect the AI will become more dangerous.

  • Fixed an issue where Remnant kills weren't tracking properly through saved games which could result in you either missing the event or getting the event multiple times.

  • Significant buff to the Disintegrator Cannon (ultimate beam weapon in vanilla SD) so that it is both superior to earlier beams, and also generally just deadly.

  • Added a tag for Mod files < DisableDefaultRaces >true< /DisableDefaultRaces > if you want to remove the original StarDrive races from appearing while your mod is loaded.

  • The sickbay should now appropriately heal injured troops that are stationed on board the craft

  • Fixed the victory music not playing on the victory screen

  • Fixed some inconsistencies between the displayed empire income and the calculated empire income. Somehow these could become desynced, but now they use the same function and should not desync.

  • And finally..:

    Added a satisfying conclusion to the Remnant quest line. Be ready.

Nov 4, 2013
Community Announcements - Zero
This latest patch does a lot of tinkering under the hood of StarDrive. You should see substantially better performance memory-wise and in the late game. You should also see much better play out of the AI due to economic tweaks. Their Core Strategic AI remains unchanged - it should be quite tricky as is. But now their Economic AI is much better, which means they will have more ships and better ships to fight you with. I took a long look at what type of things players were doing to get good economies and also at where the AI was making dumb economic choices. Let me know how your conquest goes!

Added fairly major memory optimizations. Possibly eliminated OOM errors. Please let me know your results
Added the Kulrathi Titan
Added Vulfar Titan
Changed the peace treaty notification icon to a dove icon
Double clicking a planet will no longer explore it automatically
Ships with ordnance fabricators will no longer be the target of resupply shuttles
EMP Torpedoes now actually do EMP Damage!
Added an indicator on the planet list screen for systems that have a known enemy presence
The cancel colonize order button on the planet list will properly abort the mission of a colony ship en route
Fixed an error where Cybernetic governors were not considering the effects of the tax rate in deciding how to set their production labor allocations, which could lead to poor results and starvation.
The Cybernetic AI will no longer colonize planets which have less than 1.0 richness
The Cybernetic governor will build biospheres on the best planets
Core World governors will now build biospheres automatically if they determine that it is beneficial to do so
Added new Core / Research world governor behavior which will adjust production and research percentages to try and make a profit when running at a deficit
Drastically changes the weight the AI gives to making capital ships (want them to build lots more)
Reduced the number of freighters and passenger transports the AI wants to build
The AI will be smarter about building up its fleet so as to keep its economy running smoothly
The AI will now be more aggressive about scouting
Governors will be more careful about building shipyards unless they can be properly supported financially
All governors will be more careful to only begin construction projects when they believe they can afford the maintenance
The AI will build projectors only if they can very comfortable afford them
Changed a Core World governor rule that would have them switch to research if their production stores get full. Won't do that anymore because it affects their taxes
Changed the way ship maintenance works. Maintenance is now a fixed amount depending on ship class.
Fixed an error where the Ship Scrapping logic would collide with the Auto Explore logic to have stuttery-looking AI scout ships
Fixed an error where expeditionary fleets could run out of ammo and fail to rearm
Oct 11, 2013
Community Announcements - zer0sum
Greetings people of Earth.

We have seen some confusion floating around the internet about the state of StarDrive - rumors that StarDrive is a dead or abandoned game. To help clear that up, we wanted to make a post here to confirm that StarDrive is, in fact, a feature complete and comprehensive 4x game that receives regular updates.

If you want to follow our development progress, then you can join us over at the official stardrivegame.com forums. You can also view all of the patch notes for each version in the Patch Notes forum, found here:

Thanks for your continued support! Have fun conquering the galaxy.
Community Announcements - Hplx_Iceberg

  • Fixed Heavy Siphon beam to have the buff from last patch
  • Ships with supply bays will no longer resupply other ships with supply bays
  • Shamelessly stole ThomasGideon's arc art
  • Fixed a font issue with Arial 20 bold being way too large and screwing some spacing up
  • Changed arcs and shields in the shipyard to always draw over the ship module textures
  • Troops now spawn from planets in freighter class vessels rather than scout class vessels
  • Fixed a crash on the ground combat screen that could result from clicking the exact wrong spot
  • Planetary Gravity wells are now a vanilla rule
  • Subspace projectors and home territory now negates gravity wells
  • Planetary shields get a large HP buff; planetary shield regen reduced to 1 per turn
  • Changed the freighter algorithm to be more efficient when supplying planets in need of food
  • Added the ability to spawn new random resource items on planets by planet type. For instance, Crystal clusters on a Barren planet, etc.
  • Added new star types (green, blue, orange, etc)
  • Further tweaked the freighter algorithm to be more efficient
  • Added French localization
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would keep building projectors to colonies it has lost
  • Added support for broadside weaponry. Some weapons can be rotated using arrows keys.


  • Added a tag to XML to allow for shields to recharge during combat ()
  • Added support for Flags in the Mod Manager
  • Added support for custom video files to be managed by the Mod Manager (when designing a race, put true in the EmpireData file. The video will then play from YourMod/Video instead of Content/Video)
  • Clearing a mod with the mod manager will now uninstall anything it added to the Content Folder.
  • Added support for custom music on the main menu
Product Release - Valve
The Steam Summer Getaway Sale continues!

Today's Daily Deals include:

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Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 50% on StarDrive!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends June 29th at 10AM Pacific Time
Community Announcements - Hplx_Iceberg

  • Added Russian language support
  • Changed a number of fonts around to support russian characters; let me know if you see any oddities
  • Fixed repair drones, which were accidentally disabled in 1.10 while trying to fix repair drones. Recursive failure/
  • Fixed bug where ships being refitted would jump to full price upon loading a saved game
  • Fixed a bug where beams would sometimes misfire
  • Fixed an issue where buildings added to the construction queue by a governor weren't getting the pacing modifier
  • Fixed a rare race condition regarding ship hangars
  • Fixed a rarer crash caused by the autosave
  • Fixed a bug where reloading a game would cause ships to lose their boarding defense.
  • Increased the range of the EMP cannon to fit with some new stuff I'm doing with AI that wants to capture your ships
  • Siphon beam is now 5x more effective
  • Siphon beam works properly now. It wasn't working before. Probably no one noticed because it sucked. But not anymore!
  • Thalaron beam now applies 5x more damage in addition to killing troops
  • Assault shuttle bay cooldown is reduced from 5 minutes to 30 seconds
  • Added a tougher remnant challenge to top tier planets
  • Fixed a weird issue where you could click the shipyard button when you were in the shipyard and make the screen flicker; may also cause errors


  • hotfix a problem with carriers not launching fighters
  • Fighters will now attack the carrier's target if they don't have targets assigned
  • Ships should ignore the range on their drones when calculating their weapons range
Community Announcements - Hplx_Iceberg
Hi everyone. I have pushed out two small patches yesterday / today. Combined patch notes to 1.10:

  • Fixed the bug where loading a mod would not load your modded ships
  • StarDrive will now remember what mod you have loaded between plays
  • Fixed a crash referencing the Agent Operations list
  • Added modding support for adding or overwriting default ship designs with a mod
  • Fixed an issue where the game would freeze sometimes when firing beam weapons
  • Hotfix for a Repair Drone related issue that could cripple your game to 1fps
  • Fixed race condition crash involving the drop-down notifications
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to save if there is a corrupted saved game file
  • Small improvements to the combat collision code to speed things up. 5-10%
  • Fixed a race condition involving AI tasks
  • Fixed a crash in the planet list if you hide owned planets when all known planets are owned
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading a saved game
  • Fixed an issue where if you bomb the shit out of a planet and then colonize the leftover wasteland, then you can sometimes find an alien build queue still waiting there for you
  • Fixed issue where repair drones would not fire when out of combat
  • Resupply shuttles will now disappear when they complete their supply run. Should help clean things up
  • If you have an invalid ship design file (Like one made with an external tool; sometimes these are faulty) the game will no longer choke up trying to load it, and will instead skip loading that design
  • Fixed some odd behavior with scrollbars
  • Fixed another race condition crash that could occur if a building list for a planet was accessed by a different thread at exactly the right/wrong moment
  • Added potential fix for "Attempted to Read or Write Protected Memory" crash related to late game Beam Weapons
  • Fixed an issue where "BuildOnlyOnce" tags on buildings were not being respected
  • Fixed some issues where the Pacing setting was not correctly affecting the cost of Buildings

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