Scoregasm - charlie
Hi Scoregasm fans,

I thought i'd let you know that the sequel to Scoregasm, Son of Scoregasm is now out on Steam.

Please take a look at the game page here for more info

Son of Scoregasm is a refinement of the original, with a much more focused score system, more options for exploring the map, more bosses, more biscuits and a great emphasis on variety in level designs.

Reviews have been really string so far, and i'm really pleased with how it's come together. If you've got time, please take a look.

Also, if you've got any feature requests/things that you'd like fixing for the original Scoregasm, please leave me a message in the update requests thread on the community hub discussion page.

Have fun!

Dec 5, 2017
Scoregasm - charlie
I've updated the Windows version of Scoregasm to fix the online boards.

Mac and linux versions pending on whether i can get the game to compile on those systems. The language used for writing scoregasm has been dropped by it's developers, and it's rather difficult to get things building on modern machines.

Scoregasm - (Matt Cox)


I haven’t played Scoregasm, but I can describe it in one word – and that’s ‘crisp’. Ok, actually I also need to tell you it’s a top down shooter that might not qualify as bullet hell, but at least counts as bullet limbo. Building up combos enhances your weapon and opens up new levels based on which combo targets you go for, but ‘crisp’ is my main takeaway from what I’ve seen. Your brightly coloured foes stand out against the blackness of the void behind them, and every ‘zap’, ‘plink’ and ‘thunk’ sounds just right.

Scoregasm’s follow-up, Son of Scoregasm, is out today, and you can soak it all in via the trailer below.


Product Release - Valve
Scoregasm is Now Available on Steam and 10% off until Wednesday February 15th at 10AM PST.

Scoregasm is an incredible, variety rich shooter with a non-linear, branching paths style galaxy to explore. It's pretty, accessible, fun and really rather good! Blast your way through the galaxy's many varied levels and use your skills to change your route, find new levels, new enemies, unlock bonus challenge stages and fight the bosses to discover multiple endings!


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