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PC Gamer
title="Permanent Link to Company of Heroes and Alpha Protocol among the deals in Sega’s Humble Weekly Sale">Company of Heroes

Sega used to spend their time faffing about with console boxes and a blue hedgehog. Now they spend their time more productively: publishing cool PC games (and occasionally trying to resurrect the blue hedgehog). Sometimes these many projects collide into a single, gloriously incomprehensible mess of different games and styles. It happened with the bizarrely compelling Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed - a game in which an anthropomorphic fox could lose a kart race to the football manager from Football Manager. It's also now happened with this week's Humble Weekly Sale.

The pack collects some of the publisher's more celebrated series, along side smaller projects and a collection of classic console games.

At the lowest pay-what-you-want tier, you'll get Alpha Protocol, Company of Heroes, Rome: Total War and Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit. Pay more than $5.99 and you'll also receive The Typing of the Dead: Overkill, Binary Domain, Renegade Ops, Medieval 2: Total War, and a collection of 10 old "Genesis" games. The Genesis, in case you're unaware, is what incorrect people call the Mega Drive.

The deal also includes Total War: Shogun 2, available for purchases over $14.99. In addition to supporting Sega, the money will also go towards the following charities: Make-A-Wish, Whale & Dolphin Conservation, Willow, Special Effect and GamesAid. As always, the bundle's sliders will let you choose exactly where your money will go.

It's probably one of the best Weekly Sales that Humble have run in some time. Company of Heroes, Rome: Total War, and Medieval 2: Total War are often considered among the best entries of their respective series. In addition, Alpha Protocol and Renegade Ops are definitely worth checking out for the sort of price you can grab them for here. Also, there are a few Mega Drive games - including the Golden Axes. Weirdly, there's no Sonic anywhere in sight, although at this point, maybe it's for the best.

The Sega Humble Weekly Sale will run until March 20th.
Announcement - Valve
Save 50 to 75%* on Total War Titles and master history during the Total War Week!

Steam Trading Cards Now Available for Medieval, Empire, Napoleon, and Rome.

Plus, pre-purchase Total War: Rome II and receive the laurel wreath in Team Fortress 2. Wearing the laurel wreath unlocks a special "Romebot" invasion in Mann vs Machine mode.

*No discount on pre-purchase titles. Offer ends August 26th at 10am pacific.
PC Gamer
title="Permanent Link to Total War: Rome 2 video shows off campaign mode, stonking world map">total war rome 2

Rome wasn't built in a day, as slow people are fond of saying - no it took, like, at least a week. Creative Assembly seem to be taking even longer with Total War: Rome 2, their latest enormo-strategy title which is set - if my history is correct - in the late 1970s. To make the wait more bearable, the devs have started their own Let's Play series, this latest entry showing off the game's campaign mode. It's a pleasantly in-depth video, detailing the different starting choices and factions, before- cor, look at that gorgeous world map.

There's not much in the way of fighting there, but thankfully CreatAss (I promise never to use that contraction again) have recorded a more battle-focused Let's Play entry too. You'll find it below.

If you want to know our take (you do), have a read of our recent hands-on preview. Total War: Rome 2 is out September 3rd.

Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Rome: Total War™ is $1 / £1 / €1 / 99 rubles / R$1.49!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time
PC Gamer
title="Permanent Link to Total War: Arena devs explain free-to-play format">TWA Featured

We still don't know much about Total War: Arena, the PvP strategy spin-off that will pit teams of up to 10 players against one another, each controlling small units led by historical generals. We don't even have concept art to speculate over yet. But in a recent interview with Edge, Lead Designer James Russel has shared some tidbits about the game's free to play business model, and the reasoning behind it.

It may sound incredibly obvious, but Creative Assembly says it's going with free to play because they feel they need as many players as possible in their multiplayer pool. “The first is the reason why we’re doing this is to make this great multiplayer experience…to have a player population on a different level,” says Russell. Previous games in the series have suffered with long matchmaking times and deserted lobbies—something I docked Shogun 2's otherwise great Avatar mode for. Thus, it stands to reason that something would need to change for a Total War title intended to stand on the strength of its multiplayer.

Creative Assembly also reassures that "pay to win" won't be a concern in Arena. Rather, the plan is to sell accelerators that "let you level-up your character faster so you get to high-level content more quickly." Again, nothing we haven't seen before in the free-to-play space, and nothing all that unexpected. If you haven't already, you can head over to the Total War: Arena site to sign up to be informed of when the closed beta goes live.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Cara Ellison)

I like a man with a pike that can cause a severe injury or deathHey, oh

Let me hear you say it


Come on

(Cleopatra, comin’ atcha)(Cleopatra, comin’ atcha)(Cleopatra, comin’ atcha)(Cleopatra, comin’ atcha) (more…)

PC Gamer
title="Permanent Link to Total War: Rome 2′s latest faction cries wolf">Total War Rome 2 Suebi

Creative Assembly continue to announce Rome 2's playable factions. Today's reveal heralds the Suebi as the sixth of the game's eight factions, meaning we're only a few weeks away from the full roster. "The Suebi are an indomitable Germanic culture dwelling to the north east of Gaul. Not a single people, but rather numerous tribes sharing a common language and similar religious beliefs," says the wiki page. From the look of the above screenshot, they also make passing wolves rather nervous.

"Heavily reliant on infantry and ambush tactics, raiding is their predominant form of conflict. Lightly equipped, most Suebi warriors make use of the framea, a javelin-like spear, as swords are a rarity. Often unarmoured they carried their rounded, oval or long, hexagonal shields into battle and wore little more than simple cloaks or other garments at times."

From the sounds of things, their Berserker units will prove powerful fighters, and the Night Hunters will camouflage well in forests. "Like other Germanic factions, the Suebi are masters of forest warfare and plunder. Stemming from a confederation of smaller Germanic tribes, they have a diplomatic edge when dealing with other barbarians and excel at fighting lesser tribes who dare to stand in their way." Despite this, their isolationist stance will likely hamper trade with outside factions.

The Suebi join Arverni, Iceni, Macedon, Carthage, and, of course, Rome. But which civilisations will make up the final two factions? Place you bets... Now!

Rome II is out in October.
PC Gamer
title="Permanent Link to Total War: Rome 2 video interview: inside Creative Assembly’s motion capture studio">Total War Rome 2

I visited Creative Assembly late last year for a look around their brand new motion capture studio. While I was there I spoke to CA mocap manager Pete Clapperton about what it took for the Total War developer to set up their own facility and the way it fits into the development of Total War: Rome II. I also got suited up, covered in pingpong balls, and told to attack a bag of wood chips with an sword. As you do.

Fun fact: I once trained as a mime and was paid to hang around parties pretending to be trapped in a glass box. I say this now to establish that, no, CGI Disco Centurion is not the stupidest thing I have done in my professional life.

Find out more about Rome 2 in our most recent preview - and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos in which I humiliate myself. Most of the time, they also feature PC games.

Edit: At the end, I am the orange Roman. For better or worse.
PC Gamer
title="Permanent Link to Total War: Rome 2 reveals Carthaginian faction">Rome 2 Carthage thumb

Creative Assembly continue to slowly reveal info on Total War: Rome 2. Following last week's shock announcement that the game will feature Rome as a playable faction, today they announce Carthage will also be making it into the game. It's not quite as blindingly obvious a reveal, but Rome: Total War fans won't be surprised to see the return of the North African state.

The Total War Wiki has a rundown of what traits and benefits the Carthaginians will offer. "Carthage is an expansionist trading state with a small indigenous population. As such, the bulk of its armies consist of mercenary units."

"The core of its land forces, however, are elite Carthaginian citizens known as the Sacred Band and mighty war elephants from the forests of North Africa. Accomplished seamen, their ships are fast and manoeuvrable, with good ramming and missile capabilities." Elephants! The stompiest of land mammals.

For players this means they'll serve as a great trading nation and, thanks to being a democracy, will grant a bonus to happiness. You'll also have a choice between three political powers within the state, each offering military, economic or cultural benefits.
PC Gamer
title="Permanent Link to Creative Assembly unveil giant Total War: Rome II panorama">total war panoramic

Creative Assembly have revealed an enormous battle scene from their upcoming historical strategy epic Total War: Rome II (or possibly Rome: Total War II, or even Total Rome: War II - it's hard to keep track). Well whatever it's called, the game will boast what the developers are describing as "the biggest city – indeed the biggest battle – we've ever created in a Total War game". History fans, they're talking about the Siege of Carthage.

That image up there is just a slice of the full panorama, which is a lovely thing to behold, zoom in and explore. You can see cannons mid-fling, and soldiers mid-fall, as the city of Carthage is sacked and obliterated before your eyes. Frustratingly, we won't get to enact this battle ourselves until 2013, so in the meantime I'm going to photoshop in a mouse cursor and pretend I'm playing it right now. Don't judge me. War: Total Rome: No Place Like Rome II is due out in October next year.

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