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Hey there, POSTAL fans! We here at Running With Scissors are delighted to announce that the wait for the upcoming DLC expansion pack for POSTAL 2 is coming to a close. Paradise Lost will be hitting Steam like a post-apocalyptic nuclear blast on April 17, 2015!

The Windows version will launch first with Mac and Linux versions to follow, along with the long overdue POSTAL 2 free updates for those platforms.

More information about the game will be revealed in the coming weeks, but just to whet your appetite: Paradise Lost is a full-fledged free roam experience with five days of gameplay and multiple errands per day. Prepare yourself for new characters, weapons, power ups, gameplay features, and the many twists and turns to come!

Oh, yeah, and the Dude's original voice is back!
Community Announcements - Kamek
Happy Halloween, everyone! We've been busy putting together a special treat for you. For the duration of the holiday, you can play in nighttime versions of the POSTAL 2 single player maps! The citizens of Paradise are in costume, and we've also arranged for some ghastly visitors, so grab the pitchfork out of your shed and prepare to greet them POSTAL style!

As you may already know, we've also been hard at work on Paradise Lost, the upcoming expansion pack for POSTAL 2. In the process, we've enhanced the POSTed development kit and squashed quite a few bugs as well! So put on your modding hat and feast your eyes on our complete changelist at the Running With Scissors forum. Some of the biggest changes include:
  • Fix for audio cutting off when pausing the game
  • Fix for crouching NPCs being immune to headshots
  • Fixes for various display glitches
  • Launcher window can be set to not display (perfect for Big Picture and in-home streaming)
  • Helpful descriptions of properties in POSTed's Object Properties window
  • "Play Map From Here" feature added to POSTed
  • Ability to select multiple files at once for upload to Steam Workshop
  • Several new editor hotkeys to streamline your map building
  • New actor and scripted sequence classes
  • Several fixes and new features in UnrealScript
Mod authors, please test your content with the new 1416 patch. If you experience issues you may have to recompile, as some of the UnrealScript source has changed. There will be a new UnrealScript source file landing in your copy of POSTed shortly, you can recompile under this source. If you have trouble compiling please contact me on the Workshop forums.

Additionally, Steam Trading Cards are now LIVE for POSTAL! Pick up a copy if you haven't already and enjoy the game with Steam Trading Card support.

Thanks for all your support. Now stop reading this and go have fun playing or modding! And don't forget to tell your friends to buy POSTAL 2 if they haven't already - it's on sale this weekend!

Running With Scissors
Community Announcements - Kamek
Hello all,

We've released a small update for POSTAL 2 multiplayer that fixes the uplink to the Master Server after the GameSpy shutdown. Now you can share the pain without having to tweak your INI file!

Happy fragging!
Community Announcements - Kamek
We've released a hotfix for POSTAL 2 today! The hotfix resolves an issue with custom music not playing back properly in Steam Workshop items. Additionally, we've gone ahead and taken care of that "floating Champ" problem you might have noticed in the intro cutscene. Enjoy!
Community Announcements - Kamek
Happy Friday! Here's a hotfix for POSTAL 2 1415 that addresses a few glitches and issues.

  • Resolved an issue where the player could get stuck in the obstacle course in the Taliban Training Camp on Sunday.
  • Resolved an issue causing inventory items to disappear if the player collected too many cats and/or donuts.
  • Resolved a rare crash-to-desktop issue involving police officers.
  • Firing mode display for Glock and MP5 moved near the ammo display in the HUD.
  • Resolved an issue where dynamic fluid surfaces would disappear under certain circumsances.
  • The Custom Map option under Options has been removed, as its functionality is duplicated by the Workshop Browser.
  • Reduced the zombie kill requirement in Vince's House on Sunday.
  • Resolved an issue in Vince's House on Sunday where killing one zombie after the house is breached would count for several kills.
  • Resolved an issue where not all weapons would be taken from the player at the Military Base on Sunday.

Workshop Support
  • Custom tags have been removed due to glitches. Unfortunately, they are not likely to make a return. Any items with custom tags will have those tags removed, and any "glitched" tags will be removed and fixed.
  • Music file support added! You can now include custom OGG tracks, which will be played back with SongThings or level music settings.
  • Download status is a bit more informative.
  • "Reset" button added to Workshop Browser. This resets all added modifiers and changes the game mode back to POSTAL 2. Use this if you get in over your head and add too many mods!
  • Downloaded items are no longer deleted automatically if unsubscribed. This resolves issues with multi-user support, and with saved games becoming inaccessible due to removing Workshop items that were used in a saved game. To permanently delete these items from your hard disk, use the "Purge Workshop" menu option in Options.
  • You will be warned if you attempt to upload a Workshop item that cannot be played automatically by the end-user. As a reminder, it is highly recommended to properly script texture and sound replacements when possible -- requiring manual installation of mods defeats the purpose of the Steam Workshop.

POSTed Development Kit
  • WaterVolumes can now be placed normally, without having to resort to undocumented editor tricks
  • Volumes now color-coded based on purpose
  • Toggling the Real-Time Preview now resets all emitters and kills all active particles
  • Added ACTION_Stand for scripted sequences.
  • Gimp pawn now added correctly via actor toolbar icons.
  • Auto-saved maps are now saved to your Saves folder, meaning they will be backed up to the Steam Cloud.
  • Pressing Shift-1 through Shift-4 will let you change viewport arrangements on the fly.
  • BSP toggle switch added to viewport toolbar.
  • Toggle Paths removed from right-click menu, redundant.

Enjoy the updates and keep those Workshop mods coming! We have some more tutorials headed your way, so stay tuned.
Community Announcements - Kamek
With the Easter update now settling in to the dust, it is time to unleash our latest endeavor… another massive update! Perhaps the largest and most exciting we have ever done and with it comes a much requested feature…

Steam Workshop!

That’s right! Steam Workshop support has been fully implemented! Use the POSTed Development Kit to design and upload your Workshop items and then play them with the new Workshop browser in POSTAL 2 Complete. Accessing the POSTed Development Kit Tool is very easy. All you need to do to access the POSTed Development Kit is simply just go to your Steam Library, Click Tools and find it in the list. As a bonus it has its own self-contained installation of POSTAL 2 so you don’t even need to worry about breaking your own base game installation. RWS has even provided you with a testing map so you can easily test all your creations. Who knows, maybe you will make something so famous or so infinitely great we might have to bring you in to our team to take advantage of such superior workmanship. If that isn’t enough motivation to get you cracking on quality Workshop items we just don’t know what is. Perhaps for years you have thought that POSTAL 2 could use a little touch of something even more rare and unusual, maybe it's something that you think is so great or so awesome that you just don’t understand why we never added it ourselves. The explanation could be because we have just never thought of it or it could be that your idea is so strange and bizarre that even trying to comprehend it gives us nightmares. Maybe you thought it wasn’t worth your effort to make your POSTAL 2 mod or item. You may have thought after you were finished you painstaking work it would just get relegated to a random mod hosting site and chances were it would just get lost and forgotten in a cumbersome index. Well thanks to Workshop, your ideas will now get centralized which leads to more exposure and easier access. You will get a one-stop shop for feedback from other Steam users in the form of ratings, favorites and comments in general. You won’t need to bounce between sites just to see how your mod is being reviewed. You also only need to worry about updating at one place if you decide to update your mod with fixes or new features. Steam Workshop really streamlines the process nicely so what are you waiting for, get started today!

If you are not creative enough to make your own Workshop items don’t worry about it. In time there will be plenty of user generated content for you to download and enjoy. It’s very simple to use too. In the Steam client when you click on POSTAL 2 you will see a link to the Workshop. Click Browse Workshop and you will be taken to Workshop’s front page. Look through all the available items and if one catches your eye seek medical attention because that sounds painful and wasn’t supposed to happen. Once you are healed, click on the ones you find interesting and read more about them. If you still think it sounds great, push the subscribe button and they will download into POSTAL 2 for you to use them.

Steam workshop isn’t just limited to adding a hat here, a new weapon there. You can actually download user made expansion packs and brand new features. Of course none of these features or expansions are officially supported so if you are experiencing bugs while playing it, drop the mod creator a note letting them know what is wrong. The mod creator will likely welcome your feedback and do their magic to make it work the best they can.

I guess it's pretty obvious and you can tell by this post so far that RWS is really excited about the Workshop feature. We are really looking forward to everything wildly imaginable that our fans will create. Even more exciting news is that Workshop is not all that has been added in this new massive update! There are some secret weapons and other fantastic and fun things too. For more information check out the patch log on our official forums:
Community Announcements - Kamek
Happy Easter, everyone! We at RWS are proud to bring to you today's update, which includes a brand-new area linked to the Forest map with a very special guest. Go hunting for Easter Eggs near the Peace Tree Farm at the south end of Paradise, but you may want to arm yourself in case you run into any mythological creatures!

This update also includes several bug fixes and improvements to both the main game and the POSTAL Editor (POSTed) in advance of our Workshop release, which is set for the end of the month. We'll have a more detailed changelog for you when that update goes live. As we get closer to release keep an eye out for guides and tutorials on creating your own maps, mods, and porting your 1409-compatible mods over to the Steam Workshop.

The last note today touches on the long-awaited Mac and Linux ports of all these awesome updates... unfortunately we're going to have to ask for your continued patience for just a bit longer. Once Workshop support is fully in place we can hand the code off to our Mac and Linux support coder who will do his best to get this update out to you as quickly as possible.

Have a very POSTAL Easter holiday, and we'll see you at the end of the month for Steam Workshop ːDː
Community Announcements - Kamek
This hotfix resolves an issue introduced in 1413 Hotfix 2 that would cause all saved games to be flagged as cheated, preventing achievements from being unlocked and end-of-game stat screens to not display the elapsed time.

Saves made prior to this hotfix that were flagged as cheated cannot be repaired. To score achievements and receive an elapsed time at the end of your game, you will need to start a new game.

You have our apologies and thanks for being such awesome and understanding fans while we get these minor speed bumps worked out ːB1ː
Community Announcements - Kamek
We've released a small update to Hotfix 2 to patch out a crash that occurred when players attempted to break out of their jail cell at the Police Station.

If you already have a saved game inside one of the jail cells, this patch will not affect that save. You will have to delete that save and load up an earlier one. Sorry about that!
Community Announcements - Kamek
Happy St. Patrick's day, everyone! May the luck o' the Irish be with you as you enjoy today's hotfixes.
  • Addressed several mapping issues, including a grate in Paradise Mall that could cause the player to get stuck, floating ATF agents during the cutscene at the Compound, and more
  • Resolved an issue that could cause mouse lag immediately after saving, loading, or going through a level transition
  • Resolved an issue that could cause the player to pick up a weapon while in suicide mode and get stuck
  • Resolved an issue where bystanders would wait in line at a cash register with no cashier present
  • Resolved an issue where the Glock pistol could go into negative ammo
  • Increased the number of audio channels available to the game
  • Resolved an issue causing the loading screen to display the wrong day. Saves made before this hotfix will not be affected.
  • The correct logo will appear in the pause menu for each game mode
  • Quitting an Apocalypse Weekend game will now return you to the Apocalypse Weekend startup screen
  • The player can now be spotted more easily while carrying a weapon. POSTAL and Impossible mode players, beware!
  • Certain bystanders will use bare hands when fighting
  • Various other minor fixes and some new hidden easter eggs... can you find them?

Now, on to some other news!

Workshop: I'm pleased to announce that Workshop support is chugging right along! I can't give you an ETA on this, but I can say that it will be worth the long wait. We're making it easier than ever for you to start developing for POSTAL 2 Complete, with a new updated look and new features in the map editor, and some new functions in the code to help you get started with mods, allowing you to add in modded weapons or new skins with relative ease. We'll also have a good amount of custom content for you to get started with, plenty of code samples, and brand-new tutorials to help you get started from scratch.

Mac/Linux support: We're planning on finally releasing the updated Mac and Linux versions after Workshop is finalized. Again, I can't give you an exact date for this, but we hope to have the code base stable enough once Workshop is out. I'll keep you updated as I find out more.

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