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Every game released before 2005 is being destroyed. We only have time to rescue one game from each year. Not those you’ve played to death, or the classics that the industry has already learned from. We’re going to select the games that still have more to give. These are the Saved Games.>

It s not just that I want to save Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns from whatever gaming apocalypse is about to wipe all our hard drives clean, it s that I want to save it from outright obscurity. I don t know what happened to Kohan. I don t know why more of us aren t still talking about it, any of us. I suppose it s ridiculous to expect any of us to actually still be playing it. But I am.

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Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 75% off Kohan Warchest

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Product Release - Valve
The to celebrate the launch of the classic, real-time strategy Kohan games, which are now available on Steam, save 10% off! Kohan: Immortal Soverigns, Kohan: Ahriman's Gift and Kohan II: Kings of War are available individually or pick up all 3 in the Kohan Warchest, which is also 10% off!

Take on the role of an immortal known as the Kohan and help restore your once glorious world, which has been devastated in a series of massive cataclysms.

Discount ends August 31st, 10am Pacific Time.


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