Community Announcements - Mitaki

Awesomenauts 2.13.5 is now live! This will be the final update before we release Awesomenauts: Overdrive in a few weeks, and introduces a large number of balance tweaks!

Highlights include the removal of axis-snapping when playing with a controller on Mac / Linux, removal of mini-knockbacks, and an increased base movement speed for all characters, with a proportional reduction in bonus speed from Space Air Max and other relevant footwear.

There are too many changes to post here, so head over to our forums for the full patch notes:
Community Announcements - Mitaki

Capitalizing on an early elimination for Harold's Boys and Girls, American Mojo has moved into the second place of the overall Warzone Weekly leaderboard by winning the third round last weekend. Mature Gaming is still in the lead, having dominated the earlier rounds, but the American Mojo, Harold's Boys and Girls and The Full Monty are close on their heels.

If you missed the stream last weekend, catch the VOD featuring commentary by Skner, Devmon, and Burrhe at Twitch:

Sign up for the new round of Warzone Weekly, taking place this weekend, by heading over to:
Community Announcements - Mitaki

The third and final Overdrive character is now available in the Awesomenauts beta! Check out Jimmy and the LUX5000, and pummel your way to victory!

In addition to his giant rattles, Jimmy and the LUX5000 take to the battlefield armed with a rocket barrage and a fierce Charge ability - allowing them to bash their opponents around!

Download the public Beta for Awesomenauts to check out this new character, as well as the other Overdrive characters: Professor M. Yoolip and Chucho Krokk! Find out how to access the Beta by checking out this thread:

All these characters will be part of the Overdrive expansion that launches next month. Pre-purchase it now and receive a free Clockwork Yoolip skin when it launches!
Community Announcements - [TrendyEnt] iamisom

Greetings from the Community Development Team, Defenders! We are now into February of the new year and we continue to press on with the task of providing you new content and changes to enjoy as you defend Etheria. We have a couple of things we would like to share with you today to get you ready for what is coming.

When is the next update?
First up is the question that many are asking and direct at us quite frequently. Our usual response is "soon" since it is hard to get exact dates in place for various reasons. However we would like to let you know that we are targeting mid February to release the public beta.

What is in CDT Update 2?
As many may know by now, we are bringing Embermount Volcano over from DDE. Along with the new map comes a new tavern theme, new enemy, new weapons, accessories and pets. Here comes one of the pets trotting in now.

There are also plenty of QoL fixes and some rebalancing of a few towers that have needed it.

How can I help?
Help us test! This update is packed full of content and changes that need to be checked by you, the community. We would love to think that the release will be perfect, but we know bugs happen. So please give it a good run through when it is released and report any issues back to us.

Dev Help Needed!
We are in need of a visual effects artist. While the team is great at many things, this is one area where we could use some help. If there is someone in the community who is willing to share their talents in creating visual effects with Unreal Cascade, we would be grateful to have you on the team. The community would be grateful too.

New Community Event: Depths and Bubbles Event
There is a new event planned for Feb 12th - 14th. Please check out the details in the Depths and Bubbles thread.

More to Come
There is definitely much more come. Be on the lookout for futher news and opportunites for you to vote and share your opinions about what you think will make Etheria even better. We are already planning Update 3 for you so please keep the ideas flowing and submitting them to us.

I will leave you now with a couple of screenshots from the upcoming Update 2 for you to enjoy and see what is coming your way.

Happy Defending!!!

- Community Development Team

The Community Development Team is a group of volunteer community members dedicated to adding new content, adjusting balance and fixing bugs in the Ranked version of the game. If you'd like to help out, head to the Community Development forum!
Community Announcements - Mitaki

Warzone Weekly Round 2 was completed this weekend, and Mature Gaming once again took down Harold's Boys and Girls in the finals to strengthen their lead in the overal leaderboard. American Mojo completes the current Top 3 with 15 points, followed by Spade & His Incredible Team at 13 points.

If you missed the stream last weekend, catch the VOD featuring commentary by Slow Wolf and Eddster over at Twitch:

Sign up for the new round of Warzone Weekly, taking place this weekend, by heading over to:
Community Announcements - Jasper
Hi everyone. Thanks for all your support for this game over the last four years. Thanks for all the kind messages and amazing fanart.

Today I'm releasing the Lone Survivor Original Soundtrack as DLC on Steam, for all those who've asked. The soundtrack has sold really well elsewhere and in future I plan to release it via more outlets, but I know a lot of fans would like to see it on Steam, and so I'm bringing it here first.

It's received a lot of praise from the gaming press and the fans, finding itself in some 'best of year' lists and so on. I'm constantly humbled by the kind words people have, so thank you all once again.

Over the last four years I've primarily been working on music, but also on games. I hope to have a new game to show you all within the next four... :)

Hope you have a great 2016!

~ jasper
Community Announcements - Mitaki

Coming up on the Ronimo Streamisho this Wednesday: the full reveal of Jimmy and the LUX5000, the third character to be included in the upcoming Awesomenauts: Overdrive expansion.

Join us this Wednesday over at at 19:00 CET / 18:00GMT / 1PM Eastern / 11AM Pacific.

In addition to the full reveal of Jimmy and the LUX5000, we'll have some great surprises, discuss news, and take your questions!

Community Announcements - Mitaki

A new round of the Warzone Weekly is coming up this Saturday! Gather your team and sign up for the second round of this community-run tournament! Head over to our forums to figure out how to sign up for the round that will be held this Saturday:

Last weekend, the first round of this new tournament took place, with team Mature Gaming claiming victory over Harold's Boys and Girls! For the full stream, hosted by Eddster and Slow Wolf, head over to

The Warzone Weekly is a tournament with weekly rounds, where teams that rank the highest after several rounds are invited to an 8-team double-elimination showdown where the winner wins cash prizes and Lensflare Cat icons for their entire team!
Community Announcements - Mitaki

We just released Public Beta 4 for Awesomenauts 3.0 onto Steam! This Beta update contains the second Overdrive 'Naut: Chucho Krokk! In addition, many balance changes that will be part of Awesomenauts 2.13.5 are included as well.

Check out the Beta and share your input on our Beta forums ( For the full patch notes, check out this thread:

For information on how to access the public Beta, head over to:
Community Announcements - ronimo | big baller oli
The upcoming expansion for Awesomenauts is now available as a pre-order on Steam. Get immediate access to 3 new characters when the Overdrive expansion goes live, and get a Clockwork Yoolip skin as a pre-purchase bonus!
Yoolip, Chucho and Jimmy are the premium part of the Overdrive Expansion. Other content coming with the expansion, such as the new matchmaking, mechanics improvements and the (Lonestar) character overhaul, will be available to anyone, regardless of wether you purchased the characters.

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