Hotline Miami - br33dlove

Our friends Terri Vellmann and Doseone have released their incredible, full throttle first-person shooter High Hell today! It's been called Hotline Miami 3D so it might be up your alley - watch the trailer below and give it a shot. If you purchase before November 2 you get their first game Heavy Bullets for free!

Also, today is the anniversary of Hotline Miami which was released five years ago today - thanks so much for your love and support from the start! Check out this nice retrospective from Tech Raptor!

Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki We've teamed up with Slow Wolf to bring new players a video-introduction to Awesomenauts! This video helps new players learn everything they need to know about the game, and should help them prepare for their first matches.

Over the coming weeks, we'll be releasing a couple of additional videos in which Slow Wolf covers the basics of Froggy G, Sheriff Lonestar, and the Scoop of Justice!
Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki
With Awesomenauts 4.4: Cirque du Brawlee live for two weeks, we're slowly turning our attention to the next update for Awesomenauts. We're hard at work to finish Qi'Tara, the fourth Renegade to join the Awesomenauts, and will be giving you all a gameplay demo during the next Streamisho on November 2nd.

For now, we do have a couple of teaser images that highlight some of the new skills for this mysterious 'Naut!

Qi'Tara is shaping up to a great new addition to the cast, and we can't wait to show you more. Stay tuned for more teases over the coming weeks, and a full reveal on November 2nd!

In the meantime, don't forget to log in this weekend for a new Brawl! This week we're playing Team Deathmatch, which pits your team against three players on a small map with very few opportunities to escape or heal!
Super Meat Boy - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 90% on Super Meat Boy!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Friday at 10AM Pacific Time
Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki
Hey everyone, we just released Update 4.4.2, which addresses several of the remaining bugs from our last update and makes improvements to the stability of Brawls. As always, please let us know about issues by reporting them in the Support section of our forums:

Thanks for helping us iron out the last couple of issues over the last week, and we hope you have a blast with the latest update :)

Update 4.4.2

  • Fixed that 2 missions would be granted after a day rather than 1
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when quitting the game
  • Fixed incorrect display of ‘M_PartySlot_DownloadingMods’ when locked out of matchmaking
  • Unlocked Raelynn for recruits who didn’t unlock her when they were first recruited
  • Added some UI elements and effects to Daily Mission UI to better clarify that only 1 Daily Mission will appear per day.
  • Fixed that the brawl timer tooltip that appears when hovering over the Brawl button in the Play menu sometimes showed incorrect brawl ETA.
  • Fixed that quitting the game sometimes took very long
  • Fixed that it was possible to play with other nauts than Rocco in the Tip Top Brawl, and prevented the same from happening in similar Brawls.
  • Fixed that players could make custom changes to Brawls

Commander Rocket
  • Box of cirean cigars, fixed that the second stage did nothing.

  • Derpl should no longer fire his Nuke from his feet.
  • Nuke, fixed an issue where it was possible to desync the charging and firing of the Nuke.
  • Tweaked Derpl’s visual indicator to show the area in which Derpl’s nuke deals damage.
  • Deployment Pads, fixed that the knockback pulse sometimes wouldn't trigger.

  • Gettin’ Out of Da Hood, no longer applies to allied droids.
  • Spiritual Cooking, no longer applies to allied droids.
  • The last pieridae transformae, fixed that it didn’t kill enemy droids when playing as team blue.
  • The last pieridae transformae, fixed that the gold from the killed droid wouldn’t fly to Genji.
  • The last pieridae transformae, fixed that a droid would spawn and despawn whenever a floor or ceiling was hit by cocoon.

  • Overexposed nature photo, fixed that the upgrade would still extend the duration bar shown during bond.

Jimmy and the LUX5000

  • Micey the Mech-pilot, fixed that the knockback pulse wouldn't trigger correctly when the skill isn't cancelled.

Max Focus
  • -Galactic police scanner, fixed that it didn’t stack correctly with Incriminating dirt and Addresses of the Stars!

  • Orb of Omicron, fixed that the orb sometimes wouldn't spawn.

Penny Fox
  • Tweaked Penny Fox’s visual indicator to show the area and trajectory in which Pulse deals damage.

Professor Yoolip
  • Badly washed lab coat, fixed that the cooldown effect was also triggered by hitting turrets.
  • Laboratory Centrifuge, affected droids now drop healthpacks again.

  • Fixed that Soulhuntress’ Raelynn’s trail would show up when invisible.

  • Circuits of Time, fixed that the upgrade wouldn't create a clone.

  • Steeldrum, fixed tooltip stat.

  • Bash with Fistbump upgrade can now deflect projectiles again.

Ted McPain
  • Shotgun, fixed that it was possible to shoot at the same time as activating stimpack. This resulted in a shotgun blast from Ted’s feet.
  • Angel wing toilet paper, fixed that activating stimpack and teleporting at the same time while in possession of this upgrade would keep your shotgun filled up during the stimpack’s effect.

Vinnie & Spike
  • Tweaked Vinnie & Spike’s visual indicator to show the area in which Spike Dive deals damage.

Known Issues
  • Purchasing Dead Seahorse Head causes the skill visualization of Spike Dive to remain fixed in the level until cast again or casting Smoke Screen.
  • Not all skill visualizations accurately predict the range of an ability when targetting behind you.
Thirty Flights of Loving - (Alec Meer)


Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.>

Super-cool micro-Hitman, getting on for a decade old but feeling as fresh as ever.

My memories of Gravity Bone [official site] turned out to have been a little scrubbed by those of its successor, the more stylish, showy and cut-up Thirty Flights Of Living. I’d forgotten that, unlike 30 Flights, Bone is a fairly involved affair – jumping puzzles and death-traps and target-hunting. It’s all very active – you are the agent, not a mere witness to events. (more…)

Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki
It's time for the beakening! The new Brawl of the Week is now available and it's time to get your bow out with Rocco. Tip-Top is here, and you should be playing it right now!

This brawl pits both teams, with every player as Rocco, against each other in a Team Deathmatch-style encounter... with damage boosted up to 300%! You'll have to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge as many arrows as you can to survive while taking out the opposition.

Log in to Awesomenauts and play a couple of Tip-Top matches to earn a massive XP and Awesomepoint bonus!
Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - Mitaki
A new week, a new set of 'Nauts available for free in our weekly rotation. This week, sneak around and get the jump on your enemies with Leon Chameleon, or spike-dive into battle with Vinnie & Spike. Use Sentry X-58, one of the original Starstorm 'Nauts, to dominate the battlefield with his versatile teleport ability and Black Hole Sun attack.

The final character available in this rotation, Rocco, also has a special role to play in the next Weekly Brawl... so if you're not familiar with him yet you might want to play a couple practice games with him to get ready for the weekend!

All these characters are available to all players with account level 6 or higher, and can be played in all game modes until the end of the week. Enjoy, and let us know whether any of these are your new favorites!

Every week, we ask our panel of PC Gamer writers a question about PC gaming. This week: what's your favourite game soundtrack? We also welcome your answers in the comments. 

Evan Lahti: Cuphead

I'll go with the best soundtrack right now, and surely of the year: Cuphead. The ragtime, '30s jazz looks to Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway as big influences, but it's so much more than an attempt to put a period-authentic sound into a game inspired by the animation of that era. Cuphead's music is inseparable in its style and tempo, and the big band/jazz sound enhances the calamity of its boss fights and platforming, where you're meant to feel off-balance and improvise to stay alive.

This great Paste interview with composer Kris Maddigan (who'd never written game music or this style of music before), highlights one unique approach they took to recording, too: "... [I]n most of the big band tunes you'll have some ensemble piece which is written out and then you'll have a section where someone takes a solo and then you'll have another ensemble section, and what we did with all the solo stuff is we recorded all of that separately," Maddigan says in the interview. "Once we had completed all the big band sessions we brought in half a dozen soloists and we recorded them playing over top of a lot of the solo sections on the charts. So that's why you might have one tune but six different versions of it. So each tune, you can have the same tune but it's going to have different solos on it, just to keep things interesting in the game. So if you die at a boss, if you leave and you come back to that tune, it's going to be the same tune but it's going to have somebody else soloing over it. We were conscious of it that way, too, trying to maintain a certain amount of interest on repetition like that."

It's also almost three fucking hours long. Runners-up: Any of the Crypt of the Necrodancer soundtracks, Samorost 3, Doom 2016, and Brigador.

Phil Savage: Command & Conquer: Red Alert

Obviously the correct answer is a Command & Conquer soundtrack. But which one? Clearly not Tiberian Sun. Its brand of dark, ambient electro is pleasantly late-'90s, but I played that game for tens of hours and I can't remember a single one of its tunes. Red Alert 2 is strong—Grinder is arguably the best bit of menu music in PC gaming. But HM2 is just a touch overproduced, and I'll be damned if I'm calling a soundtrack with the second best version of Hell March my favourite.

It's between the original Command & Conquer and Red Alert then. I have a lot of love for the former, mostly because of how weird and experimental it is. Act On Instinct is a legit good industrial pop song, soundtrack or not. And Just Do It Up is just amazing. Yes. But, if I'm honest with myself, there's something that feels slightly off kilter and embarrassing about it all, sort of like that time in Nine Inch Nails' Pretty Hate Machine where Trent Reznor—for no particular reason—recited the nursery rhyme “rain, rain, go away” and it felt inherently silly but we all collectively agreed to pretend it didn't happen for 28 years. So: Red Alert, the Broken to Command & Conquer's Pretty Hate Machine. It's full of driving, churning aggression trapped inside a harrowing machine, which is probably a metaphor or something. Also, it's got Hell March, so obviously it's the best.

Jody Macgregor: Bastion

Darren Korb calls the soundtrack for Bastion "acoustic frontier trip-hop", because he's a musician and they say things like that. It's a mix of folksy guitar, sampled beats, and instruments from all over the world that sounds unique to its fantasy setting. It's excellent enough on its own, but even better in context.

You're exploring and rebuilding fragments of a broken city, and one of the vocal tracks, Zia's Song, has an entire level built around it. You walk across rusted train tracks, cross wooden beams connecting floating islands, and as you do the music gets louder. Vocalist Ashley Barrett's singing gets clearer too, cutting through the reverb. And then you realize why—this isn't just a soundtrack you the player are listening to. It's being sung by another survivor, a lament both sad and hopeful, and at the level's end you meet its singer.

Bastion's music isn't just good stuff to listen to while you smack monsters with a hammer or shoot them with a bombard cannon. It's a part of the game that matters to its characters the way great music matters to us, that allows them to remember their past and look forward to a better future even while their world's in ruins. The soundtrack is available at Bandcamp

Wes Fenlon: Neotokyo

Here's a bit of an odd one: Ed Harrison's soundtrack for Neotokyo, a years-old multiplayer shooter mod for Half-Life 2. It's not that the music is odd—it's just a slightly strange pick for me, because I've never actually played Neotokyo. I once went hunting for moody electronic music that evoked cyberpunk, and I came across Neotokyo. It's the more menacing alternative to Deus Ex's peppier score, and for years one of my go-to soundtracks to write to. I could put it on, lean back into it, and enter a cyberpunk trance. 

You can listen to it for free on Bandcamp, and I especially like disc one of the double album. It all blends together for me—I can't call out any particular tracks—but if cyberpunk to you is more ominous than Vangelis, you won't be disappointed.

Austin Wood: Nier: Automata 

I love Nier: Automata's soundtrack for its quaking, operatic ancientness, but I'm highlighting it here because, like the game itself, it gets better with age. Automata's layered endings gain poignancy with each subsequent play through, and the music piles on verve in kind. Composer Keeichi Okabe did a fabulous job of not only keeping pace with Automata's replay value and preventing the music from getting repetitive, but also leveraging that design with a truly dynamic OST. On top of orchestral and vocal variants, there are low, medium and high intensity versions of most tracks—which add up to roughly six hours of music altogether. There are some real bangers tucked away in the song list, and the way versions build on each other is a tidy echo of Automata's central themes. 

Andy Chalk: Machinarium 

The one soundtrack I always seem to come back to is Machinarium, by Czech artist Tomáš Dvořák, also known as Floex. All of Amanita's games are beautifully musical, but this is the one that that's stuck with me. A lot of it is mechanically percussive, and some of the songs are really upbeat—the Robot Band Tune comes to mind—but what I particularly enjoy is the distant dreaminess of the ambient electronica in tracks like The Glass House With Butterfly or By the Wall. Wonderful game, wonderful music.

The soundtrack is available for purchase or free listening here:

The bonus EP is a free download:

Steven Messner: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn 

MMO soundtracks are massive, messy beasts meant to accompany an entire world's worth of themes and flavors. But Final Fantasy XIV's soundtrack deftly explores new sounds and styles while still feeling true to Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu's original work. There's a stunning breadth of genres on display, but each becomes a piece of a mosaic that colours in the wider world of Eorzea. And like the best Final Fantasy scores, each composition becomes a part of the area it accompanies. I love the quiet, comforting piano that plays as I walk the streets of Ul'Dah at night.

One other aspect that deserves being recognized is how incredible the boss fight music is. It turns every raid fight into a WWE match, where the boss steps into the area accompanied by a theme that becomes inextricably linked with their persona. That music sets the tone and makes each raid fight feel climactic. Again, there's an amazing breadth of musical flavor on display, from the raging tempest of guitars that accompanies Garuda to the rousing and catchy Lakshmi theme.

Samuel Roberts: Silent Hill 2

If I had to pick a single entry from Konami's once-great series, it'd be Silent Hill 2. Akira Yamaoka's score is somehow extremely chilled out despite being the soundtrack for one of the best horror games ever made. The highlight is probably The Theme of Laura, as embedded above, but there are tons more great instrumental tracks that make for perfect working music. Heaven's Night, for example, or Restless Dreams

The series has fantastic music across the board, particularly the title tracks. A special shoutout for the grunge-infused and deeply mid-'00s Cradle of Forest from Silent Hill 4: The Room, which is a personal favourite, and obviously You're Not Here from Silent Hill 3. I saw Yamaoka and his band play a bunch of these live two years ago, and it was an amazing experience. 

My only gripe: Konami appears to have pulled Silent Hill 2's soundtrack from iTunes in the UK (you can still get it in the US), so even though I've bought Theme of Laura to listen to on my phone, I can no longer redownload it because they stopped listing the album, which is...shit. Ah, the digital future. The music's amazing, though. 

What's your favourite game soundtrack? Let us know in the comments. 

Awesomenauts - the 2D moba - nog1potje

Hotfix 1 for Awesomenauts 4.4: Cirque du Brawlee is now available! The patch notes for this update are included below.

Click here to get a quick overview of all that is new in Cirque du Brawlee!

Update 4.4.1

-Fixed that the ‘Gain 4 naut levels’ mission didn’t track properly
-Fixed droppod tiles playing continuous sound.
-Fixed that it was possible to trigger skills twice in the ‘try’ map.
-Added the proper Ringmaster announcer icon in the in-game pause menu.

-Ball lightning, fixed that Coco couldn't autoattack while aiming.

Commander Rocket
-Laser Trap, the trap does now fly through glass platforms from above.

Froggy G
-Tornado, fixed that the skill could be triggered without effect during Splash Dash.
-Bio Fuel Cells, fixed that Twister Tweeters damage wasn’t applied when canceling Tornado.

-The last pieridae transformae, hitting neutral creeps with cocoon now also produces flying droids.
-The last pieridae transformae, resulting flying droids rewards such as Solar now go to Genji.
-Auto attack, removed delay caused by skills.

-Acid spit, fixed that Gnaw couldn't autoattack while aiming.

Jimmy and the LUX5000
-Missile Barrage, fixed that the skill fired 3 rockets, instead of 4.

-Suprise party mask, fixed description which implied a second stage.

Max Focus
-Scene Illumination, fixed that it shows the right cooldown in the tooltip.

Professor Yoolip
-Gripping Gaze, fixed that Yoolip couldn't autoattack while aiming.
-Remote controlled whisk, fixed that the effect would only briefly show up at the end of Gripping Gaze.

Fixing a holdover bug from the beta.
-Receding Ponytail, solar cost increased from 220 to 270.

-Circuits of time, fixed that no clone was produced upon teleporting.

-Sawblade, fixed that Skree couldn't autoattack while aiming.

-Drop Anchor, fixed that turning off the skill aiming visual had no effect.
-Drop Anchor, fixed that the Admiral couldn't autoattack while aiming.

Ted McPain
-Added a visual indicator for airstrike showing the width of the airstrike ability.

-Increased jump height by 2.5% to make Voltar more reliably reach the platforms in front of the lower turrets in Aiguillon.

Known issues
-Yoolip’s Laboratory centrifuge upgrade doesn’t work currently.

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