Community Announcements - Keyvias
The skies will darker with bosses and new players!

Hello everyone,

The event we've been talking about for the past couple weeks, the open alpha has a date!  August 1st will be the start of the open alpha week.  We'll have more information coming up soon. Also Alliance won an award for Best 3D Graphics in the 2016 Intel Level Up Game Dev Contest!

As always we'll be talking about the open alpha, new updates, and answering questions at 3 pm on Stop by, enjoy the rambling, and learn Icarus secrets!

This week's highest applauded player is Szalony and Sorrow.
He'll be receiving any item of his choice for being a strong member of the community with applauds like:
"Great captain. One of the best I have had the honor to be led by."
"amazing leading and piloting"
Community Announcements - Keyvias
What some of us stare at daily

Hello Everyone,

Unity 5 is in full force and you can see Guns of Icarus on Unity 5 in our dev app. We're testing it for bugs and issues that the new engine upgrade introduced. Also be sure to try fighting against our new AI pilots!

We'll be talking about unity 5 and the upcoming open alpha today at 3 pm eastern at Come ask us about it, other things, and hear us ramble and get off topic!

Next up what some members of the team work out.

Tracking down a few Unity 5-related issues revealed by Dev App testers, and performance work on both client and server.

Ambush, testing enemy AI and behavior.

Video editing, test planning, and orchestrating casters and youtubers.

Last and never least, our player of the week is:
He will receive free muse made item of his choice for earning the most applauds this week including
"A natural leader and stalwart comrade. One of the best to have at your side when the cards are down."
"Thanks For Being the Best Leader"
"You make a great leader and a great captain. I am sure you will go far!"
Community Announcements - Keyvias
Our process for map making

Hello everyone,

A long slow clap for the beautiful gif above from Tim, our art director. This should show an outline of the process that goes into all of our maps.  We're coming up to the final week for the "Why We Fly" video event, please send in your submissions so you can get exclusive titles that will NEVER be given out again!

Our apologies for last week's stream being missed. We had a pressing press engagement that ran long, but we're back this week! We're be at at 3 pm eastern talking about the hotfix and upcoming Open Alpha that's in the works!

Next what the team has been working on:

Fixing assorted graphics bugs introduced by Unity 5.

-Tweaked sand storm cloud texture/mat to differentiate from normal clouds better.
-Resized base & boss guns and their bullets to increase visibility.
-Tweaked mines to look better with metalmap shader to be more noticeable in the field.

Ambush mode and bugs.

Fix unity 5 bugs, Fixes to AI ship state effects, fixing bugs with the newly added guns.

Marketing content, testing plans, and press engagements.

And now: Our player of the week and winner of a free item!
For being applauded the most in the past week including
"Great communication as fellow captain"
"Excellent at communication and encouraging to the novice players."
"jolly good and enjoyable chap"
Community Announcements - Keyvias
Reduce the limit of veterans necessary to open Vet Games
Rematch vote logic change: 1~2 DM, 0~1 VIP, 1 CP. Last played map will not show anymore.

Bug fixes:
Added tutorial loading screen pictures
"ChatCrew" correctly binds to ‘L’ by default, default binding of “TaskList” moved to ‘T’ (was conflicting)
Fixed TAB Scoreboard data issues in Practice
Player popup shows in ESC scoreboard again
Fixed an effects leak on the Banshee that was causing lower frame rates
Community Announcements - jerry
  • Reduce the limit of veterans necessary to open Vet Games
  • Rematch vote logic change: 1~2 DM, 0~1 VIP, 1 CP. Last map will not show anymore.

Bug fixes:
  • Added tutorial loading screen pictures
  • "ChatCrew" correctly binds to ‘L’ by default, default binding of “TaskList” moved to ‘T’ (was conflicting)
  • Fixed TAB Scoreboard data issues in Practice
  • Player popup shows in ESC scoreboard again
  • Fixed an effects leak on the Banshee that was causing lower frame rates
Community Announcements - Keyvias
Trying out a new ambush mode, but the AI jumped us with over 100 objectives!

Hello everyone,

We've been testing out a lot of new ideas all through the week. Ambush, Skyball, and new VIP changes are being worked on right now. With all the work both Skyball and the VIP changes are ready to get dirty and have players run though them. You can find their testing through the Experimental Crew. We'd love everyone to show up and let us know what you think of what we're working on.

As always we'll be live at 3 pm eastern at to talk about these changes and new game modes live.  Come ask questions, be a part of exclusive events and rewards, and join in the community experience!

Don't forget the "Why We Fly" Video event is live! Exclusive titles and a chance to be one of the faces of Guns of Icarus is up for grabs!

Next up is what the team has been working on this week.

Been recovering from a viral infection thing with symptoms that somehow sounded a bit like ZIKA. Otherwise, I've been doing a bit of planning for CoxCon, for an open alpha event (stay tuned!).


Ambush mode and bug fixes.

Bringing the whole of Guns development into a newer version of the game engine (Unity 5.2), and dealing with the inevitable complications of that.

​​Working on new States for Ai Airships, ship editor improvements to improve artist workflow, Fixing AI Flare issues, testing Unity 5.

Press organization, content generation, and testing optimization.

Last and never least is our player of the week:
"Wonderful leadership"
"good communication"
"This... beautiful man is a legend. He not only always keeps a positive outlook towards anything he always has that calm voice even when everything is falling apart."
Community Announcements - Keyvias
Why do you choose to fly in these bullet riddled skies?

Hello Everyone,
We’re creating a video of the best part of our game: the community! All you have to do is send footage of yourself or of you playing in one of the listed situations.  Everyone who sends in footage will receive an exclusive title reward: Evangelist. If you do one for every situation you will receive a second exclusive title: World Bearer.

The videos that make the cut will be edited together into a community “Why we fly” video. We truly appreciate the time our players put in and want to show them off to the world!

Send your entries to, please have the subject line read “Why we fly” and include your in-game name. Contest submissions will be accepted up until July 1st

You can send in footage for one or all of these situations. These help us put a theme to the video and make editing and categorizing much easier. Examples are included for each of these. Feel free to take artistic license with any of these ideas. Videos can use webcam, in-game, related media, or any combination. Feel free to let your creative side flare!

There is no time requirement or limit for these videos.

Why I fly: A video with a description of why you love guns of Icarus.

Favorite Gameplay moment: Some gameplay (Can be of yourself or someone else) with commentary (either taken in the moment or added after.)

My faction: Announce your faction, it’s up to you if you want to include your reasoning.

Favorite Ship: Announce your favorite ship, it’s up to you if you want to include your reasoning.

Here are some simple examples:
My Faction Favorite Ship

How to record:

Feel free to use any software or tools you feel comfortable with, these are for players not experienced with video recording my advice is Open Broadcaster Software (free)

To get started

  • Open the program
  • Go to Settings and settings
  • Under broadcast settings go to Mode and set it to File Output Only
  • Set where you want it to save the footage.
    • Now when you press start recording it will always go there
  • Make sure your microphone is properly set up
  • Add a new scene on the main screen
    • Right click to add a new source to that scene either game and/or your webcam.

If you’re feeling really ambitious:
How to make local recordings high quality

You can also send any questions to
Can’t wait to see everyone’s footage!
Community Announcements - jerry
  • Allow players to change to opposite team's empty slot if balance allows
  • Easing rematch requirements
  • Increased Voice Over volume in Tutorials

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed store's tooltip header issue with some items
  • Fixed respawn and loading issues on 3v3 Fight Over Firnfeld
  • Fixed floating map elements in Paritan/Labyrinth
  • Fixed some subtle effects and UI errors that were causing performance issues
  • VIP icon in lobby intersecting with other text
  • Captain command icons missing
  • Player name above gun selection menu
  • Tabs missing on match end screen
  • Pressing Enter or Space in chat at match end screen un/checks the rematch vote
  • Match end stat text issues
  • Mastery achievements aren’t listed
  • Can't block players on score menu

New Content:
  • New tips for matchmaker waiting screen created by the community and vets to make sure players get the best advice.
Community Announcements - Keyvias
Editor’s Notes:

Welcome to 1.4.6, one of the biggest patches to hit Guns of Icarus, with the first new entirely new game mode - VIP - in a long while! VIP is tactical, but also thrilling and violent. It's been really exciting and rewarding for us, as we're finally able to take the mechanics we've been developing for Alliance and bring them back to Skirmish PvP. Not only do we have the new VIP mode, we also have a massive tutorial revamp, complete with voice over, more interactive scenarios, and final tests for players to earn higher medals and rewards. There's more! A new coupon system and friend referral bonuses are here to reward everyone who's been so instrumental in helping us grow the community. This isn’t the end of skirmish content either. As we speak, another game mode - Skyball - is being designed for the next patch. It is an entirely different and unique sky sport game coming FREE to all owners of Guns of Icarus. Get ready for some zany fun and more explosions and stay tuned!

New content:

New VIP Game Mode
You’ve gone out on your own to play this mode, and we’ve seen how much fun you all have.  We’ve connected with Tropo, Richard, and KitkatKitty the creator and organizers of the player run VIP matches to discover how your rules and nuances make the mode fun.  Score points by killing each team’s VIP.  If the VIP kills another VIP, you get bonus points!  First team to get the required points wins the match.  Important thing to note, the first ship on each team in the match lobby is designated as the VIP.  Plan accordingly!  There are 5 revised maps to play this hectic mode on with a set of achievements to boot.  Happy Hunting.

Alliance Sprung a Leak!!

While we’re deploying this morning, we misconfigured something…  And! All the first level costumes for Alliance are now in the game!  it’s not often that our mistakes have pure, unintended, and positive consequences. While we have to rework our progression for Alliance, we’re happy to announce that everyone in game is now gifted (accidentally :D) an Alliance custom free! Enjoy! If you so choose, the Alliance preorder is on our Steam store page, feel free to check it out.

New Tutorial
The best crew member is a crew who knows how to complete basic tasks on the ship.  This is why we’ve completely revamped our tutorial to ensure that new players can have a place on every ship.  It even offers mini-game challenges that even the experienced players can test the skills with and earn medals.  There are tutorials for all classes and each one is meticulously instructed by Captain Morrison via radio (just in case you crash the ship).  These revisions should offer a more in-depth yet concise, and highly engaging way to learn how to play the game.

New Friend Referral

Our players have gone out of their way to recruit, refer, and bring in an amazing number of friends, and it’s vital to the growth of our community. It’s the reason we have such great clans and upstanding players. To reward and push for more players to do the same, we’ve added in a referral system. On the main page you can click the “Review and Recruit” button to get your code and give it to friends. Once they redeem this code you and them will earn items, dyes, and exclusive titles! Each player can only be recruited once so make sure to grab your friends quickly and look for more.

New Coupon System
A new reward has been added into the game. Coupons! You’ll be able to receive these in the new friend referral feature and in other upcoming reward systems. These coupons will give you your choice of items from the store at a discount instead of simply being assigned a reward. Once you get one all you have to do is use the store and you will see your coupon applied on checkout.

New Workshop Items

  • Anti-aliasing method is now stated in the options menu
  • Different animation for Character in customization window when zoomed in
  • Notification when a novice player’s class gets changed from pilot in non-novice matches
  • Increased character limit for notifications
  • Functionality of hold R and F to throttle forward and backward
  • Performance optimisation for multiple Flares
  • Bounty and bounty hunter scoring improvement
  • Different mechanics for Captain's recommendation spam filter (now works in a similar way like chat spam filter)
  • Disallow players to move to the other team via spectator in system-made lobby

  • Engine sound cuts off abruptly when changing direction
  • Match end screen gunner stat text overlaps
  • Match end screen effect out of borders
  • UI bug when you're inspecting a ship from a running lobby, but the lobby ended
  • Multiple notifications when AFK kicked
  • Clipping on top deck of Pyramidion
  • Seats misplaced on heavy guns after swapping them in practice mode
  • Floating smoke on Junker and Spire
  • Message saying guns are locked because player is in novice yet he isn't
  • All-weather Service Cap is missing the upper half of the model
  • Clan page text might get out of border
  • Display issue with hair 'Cropped Pixie'
  • Display issue with hair ‘Nihongami’
  • Dye confirmation UI element shows up when viewing another players’ load-out
  • Message saying guns are locked because player is in novice yet s/he isn't
  • Too long titles at match end screen
  • Ship type name cut off on match end screen
  • The size of gaps vary between the notches of the hull health
  • Hwacha fire animations missing occasionally
Community Announcements - Keyvias
Credit to  player jamesmokka who made this amazing piece of art.

The team has been hard as work squashing bugs, putting the final touches on, and finishing the last little bits onto skirmish 1.4.6. We're really excited to have everyone play VIP, recruit friends, and use enjoy our novices taught by the new tutorial.

At 3 pm eastern on where Howard, Matthew, Mikko, and Josie will be talking all about the new patch incoming your way hopefully next week.

Keep reading to see what the team has been working on and the player of the week

-7 Deadly ship image and event support
-General assistance the Sunday Community Skirmish, Chaos Skirmish Saturday, & Spread Your Wings
-Alliance keys/support
-General intermingling with the player base

An assortment of small fixes to bugs and performance issues in Alliance.  Testing some rendering improvements on a wider variety of hardware and discovering the inevitable problems that they introduce.

Various bug fixes, testing, and finishing up tutorials.

Bug fixes, meetings, and finished up sound design test.

Some moderation work, bringing in our next round of CAs, and expanding testing to three days a week!

Our player of the week:
"This player is always focused on making sure every team has enough players even if it hurts their team. Excellent player."
"This player has helped me train quite a few new players in the game. Also this player is always more concerned about everyone else having fun than their own success."

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