Product Update - Valve
Due to popular demand, we've added the complete remixed soundtracks (by DM Ashura and Woofle) and original soundtracks for all three games in the Gundemonium Collection (Gundemonium Recollection, GundeadliGne and Hitogata Happa) in celebration of the Steam Summer Sale. That's a total of 75 tracks, counting some new bonus tracks! The soundtracks are also available to those who have previously purchased the games, so no one will be left out.

After downloading or updating any Gundemonium Collection game, you can access its songs in the "Soundtrack" subfolder, inside of the game's install folder.
Product Update - Valve
Gundemonium Collection
-Improved gamepad support.
-Added an INI setting for Steam overlay pop-up position.
-Fixed INI settings related to refresh rate.
-Fixed a minor bug with the Friends display mode in leaderboards.

Gundemonium Recollection
-Fixed a small display error in the Ain Soph Aur leaderboards.
-Fixed a small display issue with certain weapons in Holiday colors.

-Majorly overhauled Online Duet, eliminating a large amount of past issues.
-Added ability to create invite-only lobbies in Online Duet.
-Added ability to use Holiday colors in Online Duet.
-Added distinction between overheat sounds when both players use Eryth.
-Added an overheat cooldown display when Eryth is overheated.
-Changed Steam overlay pop-up to appear in the bottom-left by default.
-Fixed some issues with the non-Friends lobby list.
-Fixed some bugs related to Eternal Babel mode line count.
-Fixed a small bug when restarting from the pause menu.
-Fixed a bug that could cause replays desyncs. Only new replays are fixed.
-Fixed a bug allowing invalid input settings, causing issues in some menus.
-Fixed a bug in Duet Play Chapter 4 when one player runs out of lives.

Hitogata Happa
-Added subtitles to voices that previously lacked text.
-Added an INI setting for toggling subtitle display.
-Changed Steam overlay pop-up to appear in the top-left by default.
Product Update - Valve
Gundemonium Collection
-Added new holiday achievements.
-Added new holiday outfit color sets.
-Plus a couple other surprises!

-Made some small networking improvements.
Nov 27, 2011
Product Update - Valve
-Fixed a case of mistaken censorship in stage 2.
-Added player count to Online Duet menu.
-Added optional distance filtering to Online Duet lobby searches.
-Improved Online Duet lagspikes somewhat. Further improvement pending.
Product Update - Valve
Gundemonium Collection
-Fixed a typo in the game copyrights.
-Added basic resizing to windowed mode.
-Added screen size options to the INI files.

Gundemonium Recollection
-Fixed a minor issue with the Sound Test.

-Fixed another bug with Nagi's Relics.
-Fixed an issue with slow movement during rapid-fire.
-Fixed a small bug related to localizations.

Hitogata Happa
-Fixed a bug where the True Last Boss would appear suddenly.
-Fixed the Destructive achievement.
-Updated the game with more recent balance changes.
-Most dolls now have different bomb sizes.
-Fortuner's Fortune Wheel has been adjusted.
-Earl's Flow will now charge more quickly.
-Sikkim's Panzer Knuckle damage has been reduced.
-Rooty's Drill Cannon piercing ability has been reduced.
-Old replays can be viewed without any problems despite these changes.
-Unfortunately, due to these changes, several leaderboards will be reset for fairness.
-Affected leaderboards: Main Game, Clover, Rooty, Assam, Dimbula, Sikkim, Peco, Fortuner, Fool, and Destiny 13.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alec Meer)

If I'd hated it, I was going to call this post Gundemoanyum.

A few people have nudged and winked us in the direction of Rockin’ Android’s (and there’s a name they must sort of regret, given they specialise in PC and PSN titles) Westernified J-indie bullet hell series Gundemonium Collection, which recently released on Steam. I quietly sneered my way through the big -eyed, Renaissance-frock loading screens and menus, and was rewarded by something delightfully ridiculous on the other side of it. Its base look might clearly declare which nation it orginates from, but it wastes no time in becoming absolutely batshit crazy, both in terms of the enemies it throws at you and in the powers it’s granting your floating gunwoman. (more…)

Oct 1, 2011
Product Update - Valve

-Fixed issues with Eternal Babel. Existing scores will be reset.
-Fixed a bug with Nagi's Relics when changing stages.
-Fixed a small leaderboard scrolling bug.
Product Update - Valve

Gundemonium Collection
-Fixed various leaderboard bugs.
-Fixed an unusual leaderboard exploit.
-Fixed a case where a blank score could be uploaded to the leaderboards.

Gundemonium Recollection
-Fixed an issue with custom keyboard configuration.
-Changed button configuration to allow easier separation of the Slow and Shoot buttons.

-Fixed an issue where Nagi's Relics would behave strangely after continuing.
-Made some slight stability updates to online play.

Hitogata Happa
-Fixed an issue with custom keyboard configuration.
Community Announcements - Sara
The <a href="">Gundemonium Collection</a> is Now Available on Steam.

Rockin’ Android releases the Gundemonium Collection on Steam with some new bells and whistles! The collection includes all three games:

<a href="">Gundemonium Recollection</a>
<a href="">GundeadliGne</a>
<a href="">Hitogata Happa</a>

These 3 games are considered to be among the best shooters in the doujin Bullet-Hell genre.

Enjoy, everyone! A couple of us from RA might even poke around GundeadliGne netplay for a while today.
Community Announcements - Sara
We recently announced the official release date, pricing, and other details related to Gundemonium Collection's launch. The games will release on September 27th, and will be sold as a $9.99 USD bundle. You will also be able to purchase the games individually for $3.99 USD.

<a href="">View the official RA news post</a>

On another note,'s Dominic Tarason recently did an interview with one of us, and it is now available for reading. In this interview, a lot of subjects are discussed, including further details about Gundemonium Collection's Steam release.

<a href="">Eastern Promises - Chatting with Rockin' Android's Sara Leen</a>

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