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The game isn't fortunately called "European Union Truck Simulator", so all is good.

UK and Scottish Paint Jobs are ~52% off in the Steam Summer Sale! (We didn't know the results, we promise.)

Take care, British residents. ːGBRflagː
Community Announcements - Timmy the Duck Thief
Euro Truck Simulator 2 has a lot of fans outside of Europe. More than we have expected when we released the game actually. For example on Steam we can see that 39% of revenue is coming from outside of what would be the natural target region for a Europe-focused product (Western and Eastern Europe including Russia).

Today we would like to send our warm regards to truck simulator fans in China and South Korea. We are releasing two new DLC packages on Steam: Chinese Paint Jobs Pack and South Korean Paint Jobs Pack!
Community Announcements - AciD
While, of course, the eyes of European football fans everywhere are fixated on France these days we have our own reasons to focus on the country and its geography. We would like to show you a few more screen shots from the upcoming Vive La France DLC that's under construction.

The map team is paying a tremendous amount of attention to detail to the road network, and it shows.  In this particular case we can demonstrate several new roundabouts.  As you can see below they don't have to have the island filled with just boring grass or shrubs.  Our artists picked a few of the unique and scenic ones from the real world and brought them to life in our game.

Speaking of sports fans and France, over 22 thousand people already earned a key to the National Window Flags DLC in recent days.  Have you gotten yours to celebrate your team's success?  The flags may come in handy not just to Europeans currently obsessing about Euro Cup 2016, as we have realized that Copa América is taking place at the same time!  More details here.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Philippa Warr)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 [official site] now has “National Window Flags” DLC, allowing you to stick your preferred country’s flag onto the side of your cab. It’s a small cosmetic paid-for bit of DLC but its release coincides with the ramping up of Euro 2016 interest and prompted some interesting reading about how national sides work in international football.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - AciD
There are special occasions when a proper sports fan simply must root for their team. We thought it would be cool if it was also possible inside the world of Euro Truck Simulator 2. So here we are, bringing you a new cosmetic option to decorate your vehicle with a flying national flag. The timing is not a coincidence, as fans of football especially in Europe will no doubt understand.

We are happy to announce the release of National Window Flags DLC for ETS2. The package features hundreds of national flags, so pretty much everybody on the planet should be able to find their own. This type of decoration is not something for everyday use, but it may be quite handy during special days, like national holidays or major sports events.

To promote our recently improved external contracts on World of Trucks, we are offering you a time-limited chance to earn an activation key for this new DLC without having to pay a single cent. Here is the deal:

Between today June 8th and June 15th 2016 midnight CET, deliver three (3) World of Trucks contracts in Euro Truck Simulator. To avoid cheating with extremely trivial jobs, each contract must be over a minimum distance of 200 km (125 miles) (segments on a ferry are not counted!).

We will be dispensing the keys in batches once a day, so after completing the required number of jobs, you may have to wait for up to 24 hours before receiving a message through the World of Trucks system with the activation key. Thank you for your patience.

For maximum effect, it is possible to combine the flags together with other dedicated tuning DLCs like unique flag-inspired cabin paint jobs or colorable wheel tuning pack to get cool combinations like the ones below:

The National Window Flags DLC covers the countries listed by the International Organization for Standardization.
Community Announcements - Timmy the Duck Thief
We would like to thank all the participants of the Open Beta for their feedback. It was very helpful for us, especially the stress and functional tests of World of Trucks improvements!

Both American Truck Simulator as well as Euro Truck Simulator 2 Updated

There is good news for owners of both of our flagship truck sim games - they are getting a bunch of new features as a part of a new game update coming out today, too.

Advanced players will for sure welcome the optional physically simulated truck and trailer coupling, while the improvements for our World Of Trucks platform should be appreciated by people playing online contracts.

For American Truck Simulator, we have released a new free map expansion - the Grand Canyon State Arizona.

Changelog of improvements that are a part of this update:

  • Improved external jobs support in game (direct control, freight market).
  • Physically simulated truck and trailer coupling (option).
  • Blinker auto off can be disabled (option).
  • Speeding highlight can be disabled (option).
  • Cabin accessory physics does not require DLC anymore.
  • Torque converter simulation greatly improved.
  • Automatic transmission behavior improved.
  • XInput support added - custom support for XBox controller.
  • Added UI support for 4th and 5th controller.
  • Gear shift selectors (range, split) now have UI support for position-based switches.
  • Scania trucks reworked.
  • Unit name fixes, most interior accessory and some other mods need update.
  • Damage params moved out from game_data.sii and some more added (including wear and part damage factors).
  • Data driven engines (torque curve, rpm limits).
  • Force feedback data for XInput added (force_feedback.sii).
  • Torque converter physics data added, separated manual clutch data (physics.sii).
  • Data change from driven wheel to driven axle.
  • Added check for internal camera continuity.
Community Announcements - Timmy the Duck Thief
Our quest to cover more of the countries where Euro Truck Simulator 2 has a sizable fan base continues today. This time we are paying tribute to Spain with a new Spanish paint job DLC pack!

PS: quite a big behind-the-scenes switch in the server infrastructure of World of Trucks is going to be happening later today, we may need to go into maintenance mode for a few hours to migrate all of the data to the new cloud. Please have patience during the change.
Community Announcements - Timmy the Duck Thief
We love to be surprised by cool things happening in the truck sim fan community. After blazing through their Kicstarter for SKRS 18 Speed USB Shift Knob, Cory & gang at CSIO Technologies have built a company around a unique business plan - offering high-quality custom hardware tailored for the specific need of truck simulator games. We feel that they deserve a mention here in the Steam hub.

The replacement shifter knob is actually using original Eaton Fuller part with additional circuitry for communication with the game. It is compatible with several high-end shifters: Fanatec, Thrustmaster TH8RS and TH8A, and Logitech G25, G27 and G29 steering wheel shifters.

Given the price point, it is something only for the most enthusiastic fans. But as there is quite a lot of people who have been ok with buying a $200-$300 steering wheel just to play our games, CSIO may have a decent chance to be viable in the long term.

For the upcoming updates for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, we have improved the setup screens in the game to autodetect the new controller, and to understand the new type of switches on the shifter. We are happy to embed one of CSIO Technologie's YouTube videos on setting up the device in our game (as it currently works in the open beta).

Talking about community involvement, we had the pleasure last week to welcome two influential Polish youtubers playing our truck sims - our Prague office was visited by Wujek Bohun and Wolny Kanał.

The guys had a lot of opinions on particular features and suggestions for our games to unleash on us, we felt that it was a very constructive discussion. Mixing together Czech, Polish and English languages, we got along pretty well. Hezký den! Miłego dnia! Have a nice day!

Community Announcements - Timmy the Duck Thief
A new wave of game updates is almost here. We are going to do a staged release for Open Betas of our truck sim twins; the first in line is Update 1.24 for Euro Truck Simulator 2. We want to avoid receiving too much feedback on too many things at the same time, so we will try your patience a bit more, and wait for a day or two with the Open Beta of the update for American Truck Simulator (+Arizona at last!).

As with every major game update, there are hundreds of changes and tweaks under the hood, but there two very notable new features, and a host of changes worth mentioning in a short changelog:


Full list of changes:

  • Speeding highlight can be disabled (option).
  • Torque converter simulation greatly improved.
  • Automatic transmission behavior improved.
  • XInput support added.
  • Added UI support for 4th and 5th controller
  • SKRS detection and support
  • Gear shift selectors (range, split) now have UI support for position-based switches.
  • Scania trucks reworked, accessories added (intake, mask, bumper, mudflap, etc.).
  • Unit name fixes, most interior accessory and some other mods need update.
  • Damage params moved out from game_data.sii and some more added (including wear and part damage factors).
  • Data driven engines (torque curve, rpm limits).
  • Force feedback data for XInput added (force_feedback.sii).
  • Torque converter physics data added, separated manual clutch data (physics.sii).

You can find the beta in the public_beta branch on Steam. (Steam client → LIBRARY → right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 → Properties → Betas tab → public_beta - 1.24 public beta). No password is required. A word of caution: make sure to back-up your profile and save game data before experimenting with beta builds!

Please keep in mind that this is still only a test version of the update, it's perfectly ok for you to wait and stay away from it until it's stable and final. If you are curious though and want to assist us in polishing it, we greatly appreciate your help. Please report any bugs on our forum.
Community Announcements - Timmy the Duck Thief
The upcoming open betas for the new game updates of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator are coming with a new feature: advanced trailer coupling. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and a video can show even more, so let's take a look at it first:

The new trailer coupling feature is optional - you need to enable it in the game's options to adjust the game's default trailer coupling behavior. Make sure to consider your precise reversing skills before doing so! ;)

The standard trailer coupling allowed for quite some room in the relative positions of the kingpin and the fifth-wheel. You could also "cheat" it by approaching the trailer from an angle. The new trailer coupling option uses full physical collision simulation for the kingpin and fifth-wheel - you will be faced with the same challenge as a real truck driver. Expecting this precision from a newbie player may be too intimidating, so we are keeping the standard simple coupling as a default, but we know that a lot of our experienced truck sim players are asking for more realism, and we hope that you will appreciate that we are improving the game in this regard step by step.

In addition to the kingpin/fifth-wheel simulation, we have also added an additional visual treat to several trailers in the game, with an animation of raising the trailer landing gear.

If you have really sharp eyes, you may notice something in the video which is also a teaser for a whole bunch of new tuning content coming to American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 soon)

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