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I’m always fascinated how people customise things, from pencil cases to player characters – and trucks, of course. Euro Truck Simulator 2 [official site] lets folks fancy up their rigs with fancy paint jobs, but now with new DLC opens a wonderful new space to blow cash on trinkets to make you happy, adding cabin accessories.

Nodding dogs, pennants, hula dancers, laptops, handbags, ice boxes, and fluffy dice are among the treasures truckers can now fill their cabins with, and yeah, I am keen to see the scenes people create. Have a look at all this junk:

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Timmy the Duck Thief

We are happy to announce that our brand new Cabin Accessories DLC is available now on Steam.

Accessories is a thematic departure from our usual map and paintjob DLCs. We hope you'll enjoy it, let us know if we are on the right track creating such new content for you.

Along the launch of Cabin Accessories DLC, after a short beta, the 1.21 Update is available as well. This update aims to update the game code for the DLC in order to fully support accessories physics simulation, but it also includes a ton of small fixes across the project.

To recap the update changes:

  • Improved reflections in the cabin interior
  • Fixed spider paintjob from Halloween DLC missing for some variants of DAF Euro 6 cabin
  • Adjusted external interior for Actros 2009
  • Added automatically generated Range-Splitter layout for H-Shifter
  • Improved compatibility with G29 force-feedback
  • Improved sounds of tires and suspension
  • Improved sounds for manipulating blinker and brake sticks
  • Reduced volume of interior stick noises
  • Workaround for missing geometry on low-end Intel GPUs on OSX
  • Fixed possible use of incorrect files after switching between profiles with different set of mods
  • Corrected vegetation sometimes appearing at wrong places in the map
  • The hud mirror switching key (F2) now enumerates all combinations: both off, only far on, both on, only near on
  • Improved road collisions
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Andy loves him some Euro Truck Simulator 2, and a just-announced spot of DLC seems the perfect thing to inspire another road trip. The Cabin Accessories DLC adds, well, cabin accessories, letting you adorn your virtual truck with an assortment of physics-enabled tat. I don't see the option to recreate the British trucking experience, with a wilting, forgotten pasty and a wrinkled copy of The Sun, but you can add that wobbly hula lady from the Far Cry games.

An official comment under this Facebook post reckons the DLC will be released shortly after the forthcoming 1.21 update, which improves interior reflections, road collisions and more.

Community Announcements - Timmy the Duck Thief
We are about to launch open beta of another Euro Truck Simulator 2 game update - version 1.21. This is mostly maintenance release, with hundreds upon hundreds of touch ups of the map, improvements in road and terrain collision detection, AI code optimizations and improvements, some tweaks to physics, UI, sounds, and more.

This update also paves the way for a new DLC - Cabin Accessories. It's a collection of practical as well as totally impractical things with which you can decorate the interior of your truck cabin. Showing you the video below is better than trying to describe it in words; all the accessories are physics-enabled...
Full changes can be found in Steam Discussions.

You can find the beta in the public_beta branch on Steam. (Steam client -> LIBRARY -> right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 -> Properties -> Betas tab -> public_beta - 1.21 public beta)
Community Announcements - Timmy the Duck Thief
Our fans have kindly reminded us that this week, American Trucking Associations, the largest national trade association for the trucking industry in the USA, is commemorating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

These eye-opening figures from an ATA's press release are worth quoting here: "There are over 3.4 million professional truck drivers delivering our everyday needs nationwide. These professional men and women log more than 169 billion miles each year."

The numbers are staggering, but it's only "just" the United States. All around the globe there are millions more truck drivers who all deserve appreciation for their hard work. Without trucks and their drivers, our modern world would be simply impossible. Too often we see that people fail to recognize and appreciate this fact and concentrate instead on some of the negatives that transporting goods and supplies by trucks may bring unfortunately, while so little attention is paid to its critical importance for our everyday lives.

We would like to join the celebration and show you a couple of truck paintjobs that are going to be a part of the initial release of American Truck Simulator. You can see them in the American Truck Simulator Steam hub.
Community Announcements - Timmy the Duck Thief
Today marks the fifth anniversary of our blog. Those five years were a very exciting time for us; the success of Euro Truck Simulator 2 has absolutely exceeded our expectations. It would not be possible without the support of our loyal fans, thank you guys and girls!

However, we are still just warming up for bigger things to come!

With the release of the starter edition of American Truck Simulator, we'll finally set our foot on the new continent to attract new fans. We are crossing our fingers for at least moderate success with the game's release - to earn additional resources to keep growing the SCS Software team. We would like to accelerate the pace of development considerably, and I am sure you would appreciate it too.

Meanwhile, work continues on World of Trucks. It may not be visible yet as the website is currently focusing mostly on presenting cool screenshots, but the grand plan for it is to make it a destination providing deep gameplay features for both ETS2 and ATS - features that would not be possible to pull off in the context of our current single-player games ;).

We have made the commitment to continue supporting and expanding the universe of Euro Truck Simulator 2 for many years after its release, and there are many cool features and great new content in development for the game. See below for a glimpse of what is coming soon...

By the way: We have over 100,000 members in our ETS2 Steam group. Thank you for this, and don't forget to join the American Truck Simulator group too (just click on Follow). ːcsdsmileː
Community Announcements - Timmy the Duck Thief
As of now ETS2 1.20 update is live. We would like to thank all participants of the open beta for helping us polish this release.

A quick recap of the three main features of this update:
  • GPS route customization
  • Geographically correct sun position
  • Image Spotlight (community feature)
Plus a ton of other tweaks and fixes we listed in our previous announcement.
Steam version of the game should be updated automatically unless you have opted out of automatic updates, the legacy retail/digital edition of the game can be updated through our Updater tool.

We hope that you will enjoy the new features! Keep on trucking - many cool things are planned for update 1.21 and beyond!
Community Announcements - Timmy the Duck Thief
We are happy to announce that open beta of 1.20 Update of Euro Truck Simulator 2 is now available on Steam.

There are a ton of minor improvements and fixes included as usual, you can see them listed in the change log at the bottom of the blog post, but let us elaborate on three major features that we would like to bring to your attention:


From now on you will be able to customize the route set by the Route Advisor, or create your own route at will if no job had been taken. Route configuration is performed on the map screen. You can modify the existing route by
  • adding up to 10 custom waypoints;
  • inserting waypoints into existing route;
  • interactively moving waypoints;
  • or adding waypoints at end of a route.
We hope that you will appreciate the flexibility and simplicity of the system, as you can really now create any route you desire.


We have received plenty of feedback from our fans in Scandinavia territories that we have the same daylight and night periods in the game as in southern Europe. Well, not any more!

To address the problem, we have written new code that positions the sun at the exact astronomically correct place in the sky as you would expect for the given geographical location at the particular time of day. In fact the definitions driving the whole system allow now to set up any location on the globe if anyone would so desire. The new system produces quite different feel of the day cycle depending on whether you in the north or closer to the equatorial. The sun is higher on the sky at noon in the south than we had it hard-coded before - with appropriately quicker sunrise and sundown - while in the north the sun is correctly following a lower curve in the sky with prolonged evenings and mornings; lingering low at the horizon. We had to adjust our weather profiles and sky textures to correspond to physical sun location (mod makers beware!).


We see so many fantastic community-created screenshots on World of Trucks website uploaded every day, with inspiring content that is leaving us speechless. We felt that these images are so cool that more people should see them, not just regular visitors of the site.

We are introducing a new feature - "Image Spotlight." Hand-picked selection of images from World of Trucks will now be made available to the game as additional loading splash-screens. The first batch is there now, we plan to update and refresh the selection from time to time with newly coming images. You can browse the current selection inside the Image Spotlight screen, accessible from the Photo Studio screen, if you want to drill deeper and see the original image in full detail.

For this feature to work, you will have to enable it at the game start. We did not want to unleash it at everyone automatically, as the images are downloaded from our server (however just once), and not everybody is comfortable with applications accessing network without their consent.

In general, the images had been and will be picked from Editor's Pick from World of Trucks, but that's not necessary a must for the selection in the future. Although there's a huge amount of quality images there, not all of them can go into Image Spotlight for various reasons. For example we have to avoid featuring real brands in the game for which we do not have an explicit licence signed. Also, sometimes even a gorgeous image didn't fit into the aspect of the loading screen for proper composition needs.

The code is set to randomly choose between loading screens of the original game and Image Spotlight images. We hope that you will enjoy this little feature as much as we enjoy seeing user created images in the loading screens ourselves.

The list of fixes and improvements in ETS2 Update 1.20:

  • Increased traffic density in city areas
  • Added 'village area' rule to allow specifying urban area without increased traffic density
  • Fixed non-urban speed limit in UK
  • Support for spawn_trailer_count attribute of traffic_vehicle_type
  • Lower probability of spawning an AI truck without a trailer
  • Fixed license plate definitions switched between bus and trailer
  • Uses correct wheel position when placing AI trailer wheels on ground
  • Fixed rear wheels of AI vehicles not being placed on ground in steep hils
  • Fixed vehicles remaining on wrong way lane after avoiding obstacle in some cases
  • AI vehicles turn off engine during fueling
  • Free camera supports inverted mouse (respects the c_minvert input constant)
  • Changed design of road dialog
  • Fixed "grave" key not working with some keyboard layouts (e.g. Hungarian)
  • Separate snapping of nodes and control points
  • Editor shortcut mapped to bezier patch
  • Added support for rotation undo for bezier patch control points
  • Increased node joining tolerance to fix problems with joining nodes far away from center of the map
  • Grid size shortcut changed from Alt+wheel to Ctrl+wheel
  • Mercedes Actros 2014: Fixed speedometer in UK variant, Improved interior, Tweaked normal map, Smoothed some hard edges, Shadowcaster tweaks
  • Iveco Hiway: Smoother horns
  • DAF XF Euro6: Cleanup of the models
  • Scania Streamline: DRL
  • Fixed UV on bulk cement trailer
  • Fixed missing wheels on brick trailer
  • Vertex optimizations of AI trucks for DAF Euro6, Man TGX, Scania R
  • Volvo: Original sound of blinker on/off, Original sound of wipers, Equalization of gear_air sounds for interior
  • Mercedes Actros, Renault Premium: Fixed armrests missing in the exterior view
  • Fixed size of wheels
  • Particles are not generated for lifted wheels
  • Mirror resolution setting is not disabled on high quality
  • Longer mirror distances on high and ultra settings
  • Enabled support for download of additional hand-picked loading screen images from WoTr. All images can be seen using the "Image Spotlight" feature in "Photo Studio".
  • Brake lights activate on slightest pedal touch
  • Correct turbo sound used on reverse
  • It is possible to use Steam controller-based keyboard for entering search text in mod manager
  • Fixed reporting of no-lights offense when driving in rain
  • Improved compatibility with Windows XP

You can find the beta in the public_beta branch on Steam. (Steam client -> LIBRARY -> right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 -> Properties -> Betas tab -> public_beta - 1.20 public beta)
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I’ve been on holiday, which means I’ve spent more energy walking around and looking at things>, than I do when I’m at work. It’s a tricky thing, this holiday business. How am I supposed to enjoy the majesty of nature (and the cold pint in a country pub that waits at the end of nature) when my muscles are aching, the sweat is like an oil slick on my brow, and I’ve fallen into the habit of checking my maps every fifteen minutes because I’m convinced I’m walking in the wrong direction.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Timmy the Duck Thief
We have spent two very busy (and very hot) days at the biggest European games fair - Gamescom 2015. The show is huge, noisy and overcrowded, but still very inspiring!

It was great to see American Truck Simulator presented at a public event already in playable form! Thanks to everyone who has stopped by!

Here is the American Truck Simulator promo trailer that we have created for Gamescom 2015:

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