Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Nemiro
Last December's add-on release for Euro Truck Simulator 2 - the Special Transport DLC - has been accepted very positively in the fan community. As you may remember, a comparable game expansion is also in the works for American Truck Simulator, but meanwhile, the team behind Special Transport still keeps on tweaking and improving their creation.

We are happy to reveal that along with the upcoming ETS2 1.31 Update, the Special Transport DLC will also be updated with new jobs. There are new routes added to the core map, and several new routes will also be accessible for owners of other map DLCs.

This is not our last take on Special Transport, you can count on further tweaks and improvements down the road!
Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Nemiro
Beyond the Baltic Sea, the new DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2 that we are working on now, will be one of the largest and most complex expansion regions. The area we plan to cover is vast, and it involves parts of five different countries. This is an additional challenge for us with all the various regional differences, like road signs, or the local industries.

Particular focus is also required for country borders. The border crossings between the EU and Russia are a new phenomenon in our games, as there is much stricter regime there than within EU. Customs checks are taking place on both sides of the border line and they may take a long time to spend in a queue, which may turn out to be clashing with our desire for fluid gameplay.

In our effort for maximum realism in the world, we are building new prefabs to represent the unique architecture of these border crossing hubs. It's not just the buildings of crossings themselves, we also want to improve the fidelity with some still-functional as well as no-more-functional installations from the Soviet era which can be found along the roads near the borders.

Let us show you a little gallery of screenshots including examples of the prefabs that our team is building for the various border crossings for Beyond the Baltic Sea...

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Beyond the Baltic Sea
Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Nemiro
On this special day, we'd like to unveil one more cool improvement for our games. It's an experimental next-next-gen approach to engineering truck sounds that you would be a fool to overlook. As it is truly groundbreaking and still experimental, we did not see it prudent to put it into the standard games yet, instead, we have made it available via mods for both games. We are really curious to learn what you will think about them! (or those among you daring to install the mods anyway)

We proudly present „REAL TRUCK SOUNDS MOD by April v 1.4“!

All of the sounds were recorded by very passionate individuals with great care to make sure they receive a healthy dose of special human touch. Only a handful vehicles have got the special treatment so far. Depending on your feedback, we may be able to add more by about April 1, 2019. You can find the list of vehicles with the improved sounds in the respective mod descriptions. You can look up the mods on Steam Workshop:

Euro Truck Simulator 2 April 1.4. Update:
Mar 30
Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Nemiro
There is so much that we'd like to add to our games eventually! The input and feedback from you, the truck sim fan community, is a tremendous source of inspiration for us.

For the upcoming 1.31 update, a new feature that has spent quite a few years on the wish list is finally almost ready to be released - trailer cables!
Let us give you a quick preview in motion:
As you can see in the video, our developers were able to implement physically simulated trailer cables to both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. And believe us - it was far from easy. These „trivial“ things tend to be much more demanding than they appear, both for programmers when it comes to coming up with fast and robust code, as well as for the vehicle design team to revisit all the existing tractors and trailers and adjust them to the new feature.

We think that you may also like to see this preview image:

Trailer cable support will come for every combination of any truck and trailers, including double and triple trailers where applicable. We will provide three simulation options:
  • Simulated cables visibly connecting your truck to all the trailers.
  • Simulated cables visibly connecting your truck to the first trailer only.
  • Cable simulation turned off completely.
Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Nemiro
Let us invite you to join a new World of Trucks event. This time, we are looking north!

We have received a lot of rather positive feedback during the previous World of Trucks events. It is clear that a lot of players enjoy having a new challenge and a goal to fulfil, and the little rewards may also play a role. ;)

Our ambition is to arrange the events more frequently in the future, even though honestly we seem to struggle a bit to balance the production, testing, and release pipeline to process all the various projects and game updates running in parallel. It may bite us too this time - with the new event now starting, we may end up overlapping it with the planned open beta of update 1.31 for both games.

We hope that spending the time performing the event deliveries feels good on its own, but for some of you, having a little context backstory can improve the enjoyment even further, so here we are...

As you know, our ETS map design team is currently working hard on the upcoming Beyond the Baltic Sea world expansion. You can imagine how much material of all types would be needed if this was all happening in the real world. There are so many kilometers of roads to build, so many buildings, intersections, industries and landmarks, so much landscaping! Maybe we can all help shorten the world-building process by transporting any supplies that we can up north? We'll need to build a new ferry on Sweden's Baltic coast to facilitate the transport of goods over to Finland!

Now straight to the rules of this event:
  • You need to own DLC Scandinavia to be able to participate.
  • You need to be connected to World of Trucks service for the online jobs to register!
  • To earn the reward for this event, your goal is to complete a delivery of any cargo to or from Sweden with at least 10 different other countries in the rest of Europe. You can review your recent deliveries in the LogBook if you are logged in to World of Truck.
  • The event will last for one month.
If you'll pass this requirement, you will get the reward, which includes:

  • 'Viking Warrior' - dashboard statue
  • 'Northern Lights' - main menu background
  • 3 random country pennants

As you probably remember from the previous events, we are taking advantage of Steam's Inventory infrastructure to "drop" the rewards to you. As a consequence, the individual items can be traded or even sold through Steam. Just remember that if you get rid of a particular Inventory item, you will no longer be able to see it in the game's Upgrade Shop and equip your truck with it.
Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Nemiro
When we added the new generation Scania R and S series trucks to Euro Truck Simulator 2 recently, we have intentionally emphasized the standard factory options and avoided aftermarket tuning. The first impression of an all-new vehicle should be how the manufacturer intended it to look. When tons of screenshots and videos recorded with the new trucks in our game hit the Internet, the depiction of the vehicles should be reasonably close to how they leave the factory, that's what our licensing partners prefer.

Some months have passed now, and we can afford to venture into the realm of aftermarket at last, to take inspirations from and reflect on what we have seen at truck fests around Europe and on various tuning forums. It's time to revisit Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack and see how we can update it with yet more chrome and yet more toys for truck tuning fanatics!

Many tuning parts are completely new and the rest got a lot of love too as they needed rework to fit the new trucks' cabin shapes and dimensions. But the additions are mostly finished now and the final package is about to enter testing phase now.

From sun shields, window trim, windshield frames, stone guards, masks, masks' ribs through both front and rear mudflaps, bumpers, front grilles, bull bars, door trims, logo, badges to chassis covers, side panel, us-styled exhausts and more - this update brings a massive amount of combinations for these recently added trucks.

If you already own Might Griffin DLC, these additions will appear in your game for free, of course. If you still don't, perhaps it will be a reason to reconsider ;).

The DLC update will come live alongside the next update of Euro Truck Simulator 2.
We also have a small teaser for you of another 'work in progress' development in the picture below. Can you guess what this concept picture will be good for?
Euro Truck Simulator 2 - (Alice O'Connor)

Our Adam once told a story in the RPS treehouse about meeting with folks from Truck Simulator developers SCS Software, who were surprised and somewhat confused by how much we’re into their virtuatrucks in totally non-ironic ways as chillout games. We really are. (Well, when we’re not modding horns into alien wails.) You’ll get to see this encounter happen again live on stage in April at EGX Rezzed, the London games show run by our corporate siblings, as Adam will host an interview with two SCS fellas. (more…)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Nemiro
After our recent teaser post with screenshots, we have seen a lot of speculation and wild guessing initially. Very quickly though, the majority opinion has settled. It probably wasn't overly hard, as we have placed quite a few hints here and there to give you a chance to find out the right answer on your own. And you were right!

We are happy to confirm that the next world expansion that we are building for Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the region Beyond the Baltic Sea (working title). You can see it in the schematic map below.

This new DLC will include the whole of the three Baltic states Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, but also southern Finland and bits of Russia including Russia's second largest city Saint Petersburg.

It's quite a lot of ground to cover with unique architecture, industry, and transport infrastructure; an area that will be very different from the rest of the world we have so far.

Keep an eye on our blog and social media channels to learn more about Euro Truck Simulator 2: Beyond the Baltic Sea map expansion in the coming weeks and months!

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2's next expansion will let you ease around the bends of the Baltic states, developer SCS Software has revealed. The DLC will include the whole of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, parts of southern Finland and a section of western Russia, including Saint Petersburg.

The team did not mention a release date for the expansion, provisionally named Beyond the Baltic Sea, so I wouldn't expect it imminently. They have "quite a lot of ground to cover" and the DLC will end up feeling "very different from the rest of the world we have so far", SCS said in a blog post

You can see a map of the region that the expansion will add below—it's the purple bit.

Saint Petersburg is a particularly beautiful city, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the team handles its extravagant architecture. A lot of the expansion will be hours and hours of countryside, however, and you can see some screens of that below. 

The game is slowly building up its reconstruction of Europe, having added the cities of northern Italy in December.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - (Alice O'Connor)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 developers SCS Software today announced a new expansion for their cheery truck ’em up, tentatively named Beyond The Baltic Sea. It will add new land to pootle around the Baltic sea, with the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, along with a chunk of Russia through to Saint Petersburg and a sliver of southern Finland. The expansion is still a way away but that just gives plenty of time to plan your honking holiday. (more…)


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