Jun 24, 2017
Electronic Super Joy - 2&30 Software
The development of Electronic Super Joy 2 is now public! Come check it out! https://www.patreon.com/thegamedesigner
Community Announcements - thegamedesigner
ESJ is 90% off this weekend, because we're raising money for Run For the Cure!

This supports breast cancer research AND motivates me, michael todd, to look like an idiot and run marathons. Yay!

As an added bonus, for the fans of indie games & game development out there, I’ve collected some behind-the-scenes cool stuff from some awesome game designers. I asked them for design notes, sketches, art style mockups & early prototypes, and they’ve delivered!

- Ron Carmel, known for World Of Goo, with some art style mockups.
- Metanet (Mare & Raigan), known for N++, with notes sketched during N++ development.
- Terry Cavanagh, known for VVVVVV & Super Hexagon. He’s donated a super early prototype of Super Hexagon.
- Zach Barth, Zachtronics, known for Infinifactory, TIS-100, SpaceChem & Infiniminer. He’s scanned in a bunch of his puzzle design notes from SpaceChem.

So, to get your hands on these lovely goodies, buy Electronic Super Joy on Steam & you’ll find an extra folder, called RunForTheCure (.../SteamApps/ElectronicSuperJoy/RunForTheCure), that contains all these wonderful things. :)

Already own ESJ & want to help? Donate directly at RunForTheCure.com or buy ESJ as a gift for a friend!

- Michael
Community Announcements - MichaelToddGames
4 new levels & 4 new hazards, all set in the Science Laboratory! Work your way through Time Distortions, Acceleration Testing, Viewpoint Rotators & Dimension Doors!

- 4 new levels
- Boost Cannons. Get shot out of a cannon!
- Time Bubbles; Dodge missiles in Matrix-Slowmo style
- Camera Rotators; Twist your brain around these!
- Dimension Doors; Flip in & out of the Electronic Super Joy dimension!
- Adjusted difficulty curve & fixed some bugs
- Lost some sanity playtesting this f***ing game.
- Completely unrelated news, I broke f***ing my keyboard.

Details are here:
Community Announcements - MichaelToddGames
I've built 5 levels & added them to the game! Check them out in the new campaign, 'Micro-Hell'!

The update includes a new Boss Fight, against Micro-Satan! Get revenge on him for farting on your dog!

Also, the update includes a new player ability, the 'Badass Gun'. Shoot hot electric death at your enemies, while dropping cool one-liners.

See the update details here:
Community Announcements - Black Majic
  • Fix issue where some players pass through EOL portals
  • Fix Damn Right, It's Better Than Yours! and Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle! achievements not unlocking
  • Lock Achievements where applicable
Community Announcements - Black Majic
OSX Users: It is reccomended that you uninstall Electronic Super Joy before launching this update. Furthermore, I reccomend that you check the install directory and remove any remaining files prior to installing.
  • Fix display of collected stars in menu.
  • Update save file format NOTE: It is no longer backwards compatible to v1.10 and before.
  • Fix Linux blackscreen for locales not using a period for floating point numbers
  • Fix wonky gold times for locales not using a period for floating point numbers
  • Fix 'Electronic Super King' achievement unlock requirements
  • Fix incorrect unlocking of World 4 Completion Achievements
  • Lock checked Hot Sticky Mess achievemnts where applicable
  • Revert to Steamworks dlls used for 1.09

December 8
  • Lock levels and achievements if you don't own the DLC
  • Removed timer from DLC2 cutscene
  • Trimmed down the size of the game by ~4MB

December 7
  • Fixed One-derful achievement re-locking
  • Fixed world time not updating in menus
  • Replaced the bounce arrow spawners in A Big Ole Mess
  • Improved performance on A Big Crumbling Mess and A Big Ole Mess
  • Menu flipping animation now 2x faster
  • Tweaked An Evil Portal Mess
  • Locked A Hot Sticky Mess for people who have 'So Long and Thanks for All the Stars'
Community Announcements - LeoFilante
A Hot Sticky Mess
  • 1 new world to conquer!
  • 15 brand new levels!
  • 4 new tracks!
  • 6 new achievements!
  • 26 is the sum of the above numbers!
  • Find out the mystery of the mysterious SACRED pudding thief!
  • Less blasphemy!
  • MORE blasphemy!
  • Boris!
  • Available now on the Steam store! http://store.steampowered.com/app/317770
Community Announcements - Black Majic
*It is reccomended that users on OSX uninstall and re-install Electronic Super Joy for this update.*
  • Added No-Checkpoint mode (Accessible through the Game Modes menu)
  • Added a few levels from 'A Hot Sticky Mess'
  • Added new menu system
  • Added support and Achievements for 'A Hot Sticky Mess'
  • Fixed bug causing sticky walls to lag the game
  • Fixed music not pausing in the final pope stage
  • Fixed rain effect not pausing on Babylon
  • Fixed bug when pausing while holding smash
  • Fixed some achievements being awarded incorrectly on startup
  • Fixed Infinite Love icon on Game Modes screen
  • Improved performance in some levels
  • Improved usability on Achievements screen when using mouse
  • Reformat DLC Leaderboards (will affect scores posted between now and users updating)
  • Updated Steamworks dlls
Community Announcements - MichaelToddGames
A new adventure! Team up with Pope Boris the Super Sexy!
  • Level Editor!
  • Ghosts! Play against your Steam friends!
  • 20+ Secret Areas!
  • New achievements!
  • New music!
  • New worlds!
Play here!
Community Announcements - Black Majic
  • Added missing music to W4 boss
  • Fixed random line in Hardcore1
  • Fixed memory leak on title screen
  • Fixed crash on start for non-steam builds
  • Fixed world time achievements not triggering correctly
  • Fixed Linux x360 DPad not working correctly using xpad (if pressing left/right sent you up/down.)

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