Community Announcements - Black Majic
  • Fix issue where some players pass through EOL portals
  • Fix Damn Right, It's Better Than Yours! and Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle! achievements not unlocking
  • Lock Achievements where applicable
Community Announcements - Black Majic
OSX Users: It is reccomended that you uninstall Electronic Super Joy before launching this update. Furthermore, I reccomend that you check the install directory and remove any remaining files prior to installing.
  • Fix display of collected stars in menu.
  • Update save file format NOTE: It is no longer backwards compatible to v1.10 and before.
  • Fix Linux blackscreen for locales not using a period for floating point numbers
  • Fix wonky gold times for locales not using a period for floating point numbers
  • Fix 'Electronic Super King' achievement unlock requirements
  • Fix incorrect unlocking of World 4 Completion Achievements
  • Lock checked Hot Sticky Mess achievemnts where applicable
  • Revert to Steamworks dlls used for 1.09

December 8
  • Lock levels and achievements if you don't own the DLC
  • Removed timer from DLC2 cutscene
  • Trimmed down the size of the game by ~4MB

December 7
  • Fixed One-derful achievement re-locking
  • Fixed world time not updating in menus
  • Replaced the bounce arrow spawners in A Big Ole Mess
  • Improved performance on A Big Crumbling Mess and A Big Ole Mess
  • Menu flipping animation now 2x faster
  • Tweaked An Evil Portal Mess
  • Locked A Hot Sticky Mess for people who have 'So Long and Thanks for All the Stars'
Community Announcements - LeoFilante
A Hot Sticky Mess
  • 1 new world to conquer!
  • 15 brand new levels!
  • 4 new tracks!
  • 6 new achievements!
  • 26 is the sum of the above numbers!
  • Find out the mystery of the mysterious SACRED pudding thief!
  • Less blasphemy!
  • MORE blasphemy!
  • Boris!
  • Available now on the Steam store!
Community Announcements - Black Majic
*It is reccomended that users on OSX uninstall and re-install Electronic Super Joy for this update.*
  • Added No-Checkpoint mode (Accessible through the Game Modes menu)
  • Added a few levels from 'A Hot Sticky Mess'
  • Added new menu system
  • Added support and Achievements for 'A Hot Sticky Mess'
  • Fixed bug causing sticky walls to lag the game
  • Fixed music not pausing in the final pope stage
  • Fixed rain effect not pausing on Babylon
  • Fixed bug when pausing while holding smash
  • Fixed some achievements being awarded incorrectly on startup
  • Fixed Infinite Love icon on Game Modes screen
  • Improved performance in some levels
  • Improved usability on Achievements screen when using mouse
  • Reformat DLC Leaderboards (will affect scores posted between now and users updating)
  • Updated Steamworks dlls
Community Announcements - MichaelToddGames
A new adventure! Team up with Pope Boris the Super Sexy!
  • Level Editor!
  • Ghosts! Play against your Steam friends!
  • 20+ Secret Areas!
  • New achievements!
  • New music!
  • New worlds!
Play here!
Community Announcements - Black Majic
  • Added missing music to W4 boss
  • Fixed random line in Hardcore1
  • Fixed memory leak on title screen
  • Fixed crash on start for non-steam builds
  • Fixed world time achievements not triggering correctly
  • Fixed Linux x360 DPad not working correctly using xpad (if pressing left/right sent you up/down.)
Announcement - Valve
New Weeklong Deals, on sale until Monday, January 27th at 10AM Pacific Time

Community Announcements - Black Majic
  • Added two bonus levels for people who purchased the DLC
  • Changed the timer in Infinite Love mode to display portals instead of time (enable timer in options screen)
  • Pressing Escape in sub-menus will return you to the previous
  • Specify random seed during boss battles
  • Fixed an issue with the steam overlay and big picture mode
  • Player no longer slides right when bumping into ceiling with wings
  • Fixed vSync not being correctly set between sessions
  • Fixed game making noises when audio is muted
  • Fixed an issue where the game would save localy instead of to the cloud on shutdown
  • Fixed the rain sounds on babylon not being affected by audio options
  • Fixed an issue where visiting the World 4 menu would unlock more levels if you had every star
  • Fixed more audio hijinx in Grooving
  • Audio file rejiggering
Community Announcements - Black Majic
  • Update Steamworks API version
  • Stomping on bounce arrow behavour reverted.
  • Correctly award One-derful... How Four-tuitus, etc.
  • Fix W5L1 leaderboard not recording correctly.
  • Better handling of leaderboard writes.
  • Fix issue where jumping into a portal would not bring you to the next level.
  • Game should now close with Escape key on title screen.
  • Achievements should unlock on launch if you've achieved them.
  • Fixed some graphical issues in Infinite Love.
After a change, I tested Infinite Love mode for several hours and did not spawn into an empty chunk.
Community Announcements - Black Majic
  • Added three new bonus content levels
  • Added hardcore boss level
  • Added fifteen new achievements
  • Screen resolution is no longer erroneously set to 720p on launch
  • Fixed Infinite love chunk doesn't correctly spawn and player falls off screen or can't collect wings.
  • Fixed ability to quit game with controller.
  • Fixed Restart/checkpoint buttons functionality.
  • Made Can't Touch This achievement easier to get.
  • Fixed Grooving music and boss behaviour.
  • Deleting data now erases all data, not just progress.
  • Apply default binding on Mac/Linux 360 controllers.
  • Fixed incorrectly displayed apply and discard buttons in video settings.
  • Fixed text not updating when toggling pg mode and timer
  • Fixed "Stars" text appearing when it shouldn't.
  • Minor optimizations
Also, it's my birthday.

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