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Community Announcements - Black Majic

  • Added missing music to W4 boss
  • Fixed random line in Hardcore1
  • Fixed memory leak on title screen
  • Fixed crash on start for non-steam builds
  • Fixed world time achievements not triggering correctly
  • Fixed Linux x360 DPad not working correctly using xpad (if pressing left/right sent you up/down.)
Announcement - Valve
New Weeklong Deals, on sale until Monday, January 27th at 10AM Pacific Time

Community Announcements - Black Majic

  • Added two bonus levels for people who purchased the DLC
  • Changed the timer in Infinite Love mode to display portals instead of time (enable timer in options screen)
  • Pressing Escape in sub-menus will return you to the previous
  • Specify random seed during boss battles
  • Fixed an issue with the steam overlay and big picture mode
  • Player no longer slides right when bumping into ceiling with wings
  • Fixed vSync not being correctly set between sessions
  • Fixed game making noises when audio is muted
  • Fixed an issue where the game would save localy instead of to the cloud on shutdown
  • Fixed the rain sounds on babylon not being affected by audio options
  • Fixed an issue where visiting the World 4 menu would unlock more levels if you had every star
  • Fixed more audio hijinx in Grooving
  • Audio file rejiggering
Community Announcements - Black Majic

  • Update Steamworks API version
  • Stomping on bounce arrow behavour reverted.
  • Correctly award One-derful... How Four-tuitus, etc.
  • Fix W5L1 leaderboard not recording correctly.
  • Better handling of leaderboard writes.
  • Fix issue where jumping into a portal would not bring you to the next level.
  • Game should now close with Escape key on title screen.
  • Achievements should unlock on launch if you've achieved them.
  • Fixed some graphical issues in Infinite Love.

After a change, I tested Infinite Love mode for several hours and did not spawn into an empty chunk.
Community Announcements - Black Majic

  • Added three new bonus content levels
  • Added hardcore boss level
  • Added fifteen new achievements
  • Screen resolution is no longer erroneously set to 720p on launch
  • Fixed Infinite love chunk doesn't correctly spawn and player falls off screen or can't collect wings.
  • Fixed ability to quit game with controller.
  • Fixed Restart/checkpoint buttons functionality.
  • Made Can't Touch This achievement easier to get.
  • Fixed Grooving music and boss behaviour.
  • Deleting data now erases all data, not just progress.
  • Apply default binding on Mac/Linux 360 controllers.
  • Fixed incorrectly displayed apply and discard buttons in video settings.
  • Fixed text not updating when toggling pg mode and timer
  • Fixed "Stars" text appearing when it shouldn't.
  • Minor optimizations

Also, it's my birthday.
Community Announcements - Black Majic

  • Steam Cloud support
  • Add World and Total Time Leaderboards
  • Add World Time and Total Time to level select screens.
  • Fixed Lag issues in Drop The Beat
  • Infinite love record now displays correctly in-level on first launch
  • Fixed bug where several actions can be bound to the same key.
  • Added key bindings "reset to default" option to options screen.
  • Fixed timer reset glitch (again, I hope)
  • Fixed music and checkpoint related bugs in Grooving.
  • Fixed bugs/exploits related to new collision detection code.
  • Fixed bug where it's possible to fight the wizard twice in "Flap Your Brains Out"
  • Menu music popping when looping
  • Embiggen joystick deadzones
  • Sync Steam achievements on startup.
  • Exit game from big picture mode by pressing the key bound to restart (Back / Q by default)

If the write to the steam cloud fails, a local copy of the save file is created. When the game is launched again, it will read from the local copy, not the Steamcloud. This may be an issue if you have played on another computer that successfully synced. If for some reason your progress is incorrect, rename or delete

This file won't exist if you have successfully saved to the Steamcloud.
Community Announcements - Black Majic

  • Custom control bindings
  • Removed pre-launch window, graphics settings now available from the options menu.
  • Add Save data reset option (Resets progress, achievements, controls, everything! - be careful.)
  • Add VSync options at 60 and 30 fps
  • Add portal ambient sounds
  • Fixed Mean Green Machine achievement not unlocking in-game or on Steam.
  • Wizard should no longer causes a lag spike when he fires a jolt of 5 missiles.
  • Fixed a forward-teleporting teleporter killing you isntead of a camera snap in bounce party
  • Tree Leaves no longer spawn offscreen and tween in
  • Fix script error in certain levels
  • Performance Improvements

Please let us know any issues you run into!
Community Announcements - Black Majic

  • Steam Trading Cards are now available for Electronic Super Joy!
  • Expanded supported resolution list
  • Added Volume Sliders for sfx and music
  • Fixed collision issue in Down The Rabbit Hole
  • Backing out of Achievements/options can now be done with B button or back key
  • Fixed checkpoint restart timer exploit
  • Fixed issue where World 4 would display the wrong number of collected/total stars
  • Better controller support
  • Some performance improvements
  • Other minor bugfixes/tweaks

Custom controls are still incoming, but I do have a workaround to save you azerty/qwertz players that I've posted in the forums.
Community Announcements - Black Majic
Electronic Super Joy now supports Steam Trading Cards!

  • Five cards featuring your favourite characters from ESJ!
  • Five colourful backgrounds to spruce up your profile page!
  • Five emoticons to use in chat and elsewhere!
  • We really like the number Five!

Collect them all!
Confuse and amaze your friends!
Community Announcements - obiedog

Saturday Twitchtacular!!

All day there is going to be epic streams showing off the full release!

Check out streamers like:

Keep an eye on @thegamedesigner for all the streams!
Also check out here for all Electronic Super Joy Streams!

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