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Community Announcements - LordShaggy
Hey everyone! We’ve had to change gears a bit from our original plans with this patch. PIOS is a very extensive system, and due to complexity involved with the system, we have decided to hold back Terraforming so that PIOS can be the primary focus. For that, we need the community’s help to find all the bugs and get them fixed. We will be putting in the core of the PIOS system, along with a number of components for it at drastically reduced material cost, so that people can really go crazy with it and push the system to its limits. This will require a wipe in the future, for which we apologize, but it makes extensive changes to the game’s code. While we know that everyone is anxious to tackle terraforming as well, we hope that you guys will bear with the delay and help us pound on the power grid. Here are notes for this patch:

- Implemented gate placeables and schematics
- Implemented energy scanner/heat map system
- Implemented generator placeable and schematics
- Added schematics for track lights
- Added power relays
- Updated tutorial skip schematic grants to include PIOS schematics
- Updated creating a character to include giving all current PIOS system schematics
- Fixed issue with random avatar button not working
- Fixed issue with customization that was causing the game to get into a bad state (Issues with menus not opening, lighting, etc)
- Reduced quality canister cost from 2 metal to 1
- Jellies now absorb 50% of knockback, instead of none
- Added 3 new male and female heads, 3 new male and female hairs, and 7 new accessories to character customizations
- Added letter boxes and pressure plates
- Expanded chest is now 6 slots instead of 4, at a slightly higher material cost to craft
Mar 31, 2014
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts!

Things have settled down a bit since our big Multiplayer launch, but not for long! The next patch is only a few days away, and it’s going to be an exciting one. Players have been asking about the return of PIOS (i.e. Power Input Output System), the power grid system for Edge of Space and it’s finally here. In the words of the most famous cartoon space scientist, “Good news everyone!” The system is one of our “opt-in difficulty” mechanics, allowing for beginners to learn the basics, and our uber-nerds out there to dive in, create intricate programs, and produce simple computers in the game if the mood strikes them. We are very excited to have it back in game, and especially to introduce our new players to it for the first time.

Along with PIOS will come the first implementation of the long-awaited terraforming system. It’s one of the things that really sets Edge of Space apart from it’s genre-mates, and brings the game’s personality to life. Terraforming will have players fighting to gain control of, transform, and then maintain a hold on the world itself, while it actively fights against you. If you turn your back on your terraforming equipment for too long, you will find your machines broken, and the world reverting back to its untamed, deadly state. While this very first look won’t have every piece of the system there to start, this marks a big milestone for us in terms of bringing terraforming into play. We are very much looking forward to seeing it all in action and getting the community’s feedback!!

Once the patch is out of the way, the team will be jumping into PAX preparation, and getting ready to show the game there again this year. We hope to meet plenty of the fans and get to talk with gamers in person about the experience. We learned so much last year, and look forward to an even better time this year. We’ll have discount codes on hand, so if you haven’t picked up the game, be sure to stop by our booth (980) and snag yourself a coupon!

Beyond PAX, we’re gearing up for the Spring event, and plenty more game updates. Exciting times are ahead for the community, so stay tuned to our social sites for the announcements as they happen!
Mar 24, 2014
Community Announcements - LordShaggy
- Fixed a rendery issue that would cause no shadows

- Fixed some tool bar issues

- Fixed an issue with dedicated servers not being able to be launched
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
As we continue to pursue making the game experience better all around, we have updated all of our tech to their latest versions and deployed deep optimizations. This should address most of the performance issues players were having concerning frame drops and overall smoothness.

- Helmets now save correctly in Multiplayer
- Fixed command center 1 schematic to no longer require refined materials
- Fixed several issues with the toolbar
- Greatly improved performance in the render loop
- Upgraded to Unity 4.3, vastly improving performance even on older machines
- Corrected issue that would cause dialog boxes in character creation to appear behind the avatar and be unreadable. Game now hides avatar while dialog is open.
- Multiplayer avatars no longer mistakenly saved locally. This should resolve the issue where saves were being overwritten.
- Extensive code cleaning and optimization internally
- Added laser saw schematic to schematics given when tutorial is skipped.
- Prediction to help smooth out the movement of creatures and players in multiplayer
- Made the UI crisper and clearer to read, eliminating blurred text
Community Announcements - LordShaggy
Hey ArkCoNauts! We’re hearing you guys, and continuing to push more updates, fixes, and changes to make the game more enjoyable. This is our latest round:

  • Updated first tutorial so that players can no longer get stuck behind the door without a pick
  • Added brand new character creation screen with improved UI
  • Worked on settings being saved
  • The character creation screen can now support a large amount of customizations which we will trickling in over time
  • A few new customization options
  • Enlarged avatar image for UI, allowing better view of character during creation
  • Fixed issue where players could not select “no accessory” as an accessory
  • Revamped main menu screen
  • Pressing ESC with windows open now closes all windows before opening options
  • Added countdown to next patch on menu screen
  • Fixed helmet toggle on character creation screen
  • Implemented tutorial skipping option
  • Corrected issue where players could farm Omegatron room for placeables
  • Escape now closes all open windows
  • Added “Alert me” button to main menu that allows players to sign up for news more easily
  • Closing crafting menu now clears schematic slots
  • Adjustments to loot dropping, slightly reducing drop chance, but steering loot dropped toward craft specific items, i.e., hunt x mob for y item.
  • New gear UI
  • Added more logging to networking, allowing for better tracking of issues
  • Improved the game’s behavior when a player is kicked from server if connection is lost
  • Fixed issue that would cause the game to crash after killing polar bears
  • Adjusted damage and speed on plasma-fisted polar bear
  • Adjusted fabricator time from 1 minute per chip to 2 minutes
  • Adjusted creature spawn range slightly
  • Adjusted rift spawn range
  • implemented item swapping in toolbar, rather than having to click to clear


- Resolved issue that was causing tech upgrades not to be collectable
- Resolved issue that was causing helmets to disappear after logging out and logging back in to a server
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Team Handyman continues to churn out the bugfixes, and we want to give a huge thank you to the community for sending all these tickets! Here is the newest round of changes:

- Added new defense platforms event
- Added refinery icon
- Adjusted molten armor stats
- Reduced the chance of Anomalies spawning
- Added goal text in the research armory to make it easier to know what to do
- Fixed main menu not showing avatar on create screen when you exit back to main menu
- Fixed issue with default stats
- Updated Tutorial 4 so that players can not get under the item dispenser and activate it, skipping the save point
- Updated drop text from shotgun to “Shotgun Shells” and rifle to “Rifle Shells” when picking up dropped ammo to avoid confusion
- Chests now show activation states based on locked state
- Added goal text to defense Anomaly
- Moved dialog to be out of the way of worlds U.I. text
- Can no longer remove unremovable tile types from background
- Activation icons set up for multiple placeables
- Added PING to the hud (next to the FPS)
- Created new time/phase/circle packets for Anomaly
- Weapon projectiles have been updated and are now unable to hit placeables (i.e. Command Station)
- Fixed a bug that caused chests to show the wrong amount of slots after viewing a smaller one
- Upgrades now correctly reload in single player
- Fixed an issue with the cape swapping with the jetpack
- Fixed an issue where the command center UI would not close when you walked out of range
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
No rest for team Handyman! Here are the next round of fixes:

- Fixed issue where Firefox pet would get players stuck in infinite loading on rejoin to server
- Fixed issue where Plasma Tree health would not display correctly
- Fixed issue where players could not toggle to background mode with Laser Pick if more than one player was present
- Integrated robust new support ticket system accessible in game from the ESC menu
- Reduced protovines from 3 health per tick to 2 health per tick, and duration from 1:25 to 25 seconds
- Jelly nests now create the correct number of creatures when they are destroyed
- Adjusted to stop Crabs/Jellies/Nautiluses from stacking on each other so often
- Fixed issue allowing use of incorrect materials with drag & drop
- Fixed issues with Omegatron boss
Omegatron Adjustments:

  • Orbs go faster
  • More orbs
  • Orbs move faster in the second stage of Omegatron

- Clarified tutorial text in Beta station to be more clear
- Added jetpack schematic at the end of Beta station to prevent users losing jetpack and being unable to progress
Mar 9, 2014
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
The team has been listening to the community, and as a result we’re pushing a lot of changes to the game. Commonly asked for changes such as right click to interact, and grab and drop interface have been added, as well as a significant shortening of the tutorials. Get your feedback posts ready, because we want to know how the game feels now!

- Rift chests are now in game, and spawn after you destroy a nest
- Fixed several lockup/freeze issues
- Vanity gear now toggles, to make it clearer which slots equipment goes in
- Grab and drop now implemented for crafting and toolbar UI’s (Click toolbar slots to clear them)
- Stations now display tasks to be completed, similar to events in the world
- Crab nests added
- Extensive optimizations to rendering
- Interaction is now done by right clicking, replacing the previous use of the F key
- Complete rework of first 4 stations, and ending stations at that point (skipping will follow shortly)
- Switched toggling to background mode to tab key while holding laser pick
- Optimizations to audio to fix stuttering
- Updated and balanced mob spawn, damage, and depth rates across the board
- Tweaked spawn rate for plasma trees
- Temporarily disabled tile blending to improve FPS and performance (solution being worked on)
- Removed tile lock on nest events
- Increased the amount of construction tiles given per craft
- Updated command center schematic
- Micro consoles can now stack over 100
- Increased Arklight starting clip
- Reduced cost of starter pick to 1 rock, 1 dirt
- Adjusted plasma tree spawns
- Cleaned crabs networked movement
- End of Gamma station now grants key that sends you straight to Delta
- Removed teleporter from Gamma station to home
- Completing delta station now grants numerous schematics
Mar 7, 2014
Community Announcements - LordShaggy

  • Updated tutorials 1- 6 as a wrong version of them was pushed
  • Adjusted drop rates for T2Chips on Nauts
  • Applied a fix an issue that caused people to have issues with loading
  • Fixed an issue with the matter recombiner
  • SPECIAL THANKS TO Danielhcp for helping us with the loading issue
Community Announcements - LordShaggy
Patch Notes

  • Terraria Crossover Content: (Special thanks to Redigit)
  • Omegatron: First ever Megaboss (Modeled after Skeletron)
  • Molten Armor Set
  • Eater of Worlds pet


  • Steam Features Integration: Added “Direct Connect” ability allowing players to invite friends directly through Steam!
  • Server Admin Controls and API
  • Vaulted/server stored characters
  • First ever in-game Megaboss (Omegatron)
  • Training Stations: Linear and non-linear progression (this is the first look at a Revamped tutorial/progression system)
  • Anomalies: (Known internally to the team as “Noms”) These dynamic in-game events are tied to a director AI that controls events based on how the player interacts with the world
  • Base Management: Revamped now with drones. Placing command centers will now impact the world and activate reactive in-game events)
  • Repair Drones: Repair Drones repair (who would have thought!) the base when it is being attacked, keeping your command center safe and sound
  • Tile Repair Gun: Used to repair your base
  • New creatures have been added to the game including different types of Jellies and Artilibears

New Base Structures:

  • Foundry: Creates important items used in crafting. Beware, it can be
  • destroyed if your base gets raided.
  • Fabricator
  • Recombiner

Miscellaneous Updates:

  • Resistances: 4 different resistances that will work for and against you
  • Toolbar (Keys now bind to 1-8)
  • Weapons Re-tool: Rebalanced everything from making them feel and sound better
  • Pets: Added Firefox back into the game to guide you through those dark situations
  • Revamped alternate worlds: Optimized alternate worlds for better player experience with less lag and more awesome
  • New Armor Sets

World Revamp:

  • Art revamps: Full art iteration pass to make the world more beautiful
  • Creatures Rebalanced
  • Sound effects have been improved across the board
  • Music has been changed/added throughout the game
  • Revamped Plant Growth System
  • Lighting has been overhauled

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