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Hey ArkCoNauts!

Been awhile since we did a newsletter and caught you all up on what's been going on, and what's still to come. We've kept the patches coming, and the majority of our focus as been in that direction, and rather than just news, we wanted to be cranking out patch notes. With the latest patches coming to opt-in, players may be wondering what's going on, so I felt it was time to sit down and give you guys a lot more insight into the current development of the game. So, what IS going on with the game, you ask? Last weekend, the team headed out to PAX to show Edge of Space, and it was awesome. We got more media showing up, and more player engagement than any of our previous PAX showings. Overall, everyone enjoyed the game, and we were able to pinpoint a few of the things that were making hitches in the early game experience. Here are a couple of great articles from some of those who played at PAX: (

On the development side of things, we've turned an eagle eye to the beginning of the game. We watched players at PAX, and have heard the community talk about the beginning of the game being slow and difficult to get into. With that feedback in mind, we're going back and looking at ways to remove grind, and to smooth and enhance the beginning part of the game. To that end, we have eliminated the extra step of having to craft data to advance research. Instead of being mandatory, it will just become an option for those who are crafting it to share. You can now directly spend your research points, which we agree with the community will bring a much more simplified and streamlined feeling to the research system. It should definitely cut down on wasted materials, especially for those playing single player or not interested in leveling friends.

Along with this, we are exploring ways to bring more objectives into the early game, to help shed that feeling of bewilderment after first spawning on the planet. Edge of Space is, and always will remain a game where the player is writing their own story, and has the option to play in the style that best suits them. While embracing that fundamental freedom in the game experience though, we want to incorporate new ways to give the player something to do. Looking for a material that's rare and hard to find? The goal is to keep you busy while you search, so that even while carrying out routine tasks you can accomplish more in that time. Our thoughts are that we can bring in more ways for a player to earn those materials as well, so that random chance isn't your only chance.

Coming back to the big question, why the opt-in, there is good news on that front. Edge of Space is making the change to Unity 5! During the upgrade, we've chosen to keep updates on the opt-in branch, to allow us to transition the main branch first. Once that's done we'll bring over the new updates to the main branch, and continue to smooth them out.

Still not enough going on? Don't worry, we've got you covered! The wheels are turning and we're planning something fun for a Spring event. We won't spoil too much just yet on what we're up to this time around, but keep your eyes on the social sites for news as we get closer. Thanks as always for reading, and we'll see you next time for ArkCo News!
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Hey ArkCoNauts!

We’ve survived another PAX, and it was a great one! Now that we’re home, we’re rounding up the bug reports on the opt-in and getting to work on the fixes for those. For the time being, this will remain on the opt-in test, but for the most awesome reason: UNITY 5! We’ll be going in depth in a newsletter soon on what that means for Edge of Space, and what our current plans are. In the meantime, enjoy a fresh helping of squashed bugs!


  • Fixed an issue where certain placeables were not functional
  • Fixed an issue where creatures would spawn in crafted bases
  • Fixed an issue where science xp was not being spent in MP mode


  • Tutorial tasks no longer need to be completed, they will autocomplete
  • Phase shotgun 1 and 2 increased base damage
  • Pushed zombie spawn during the night a little bit lower
  • The tutorial tasks have been updated
  • Right-click no longer puts items in chests in the tutorial
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts!

We’ve been working like crazy to bring the patch together ahead of PAX, and for that reason, we’ve made a judgement call. We’re going to release this one to the public beta branch for the time being, before pushing it to stable. With the team away this weekend for PAX, we don’t want the main branch to experience any major patch related bugs or hiccups. This patch marks some significant changes in some areas, especially in the research system. The scope of this change means that things are more likely to break, and we need to see how this all plays out when you guys are beating on it for us. Once the team returns we can iron out issues that are found over the weekend, and get back to business as usual.

To opt in and check out the new update, follow these steps:

Right click on Edge of Space in your Steam library
select properties
select betas
select Public test from the drop down menu

Changes & Additions

  • Crafting data no longer required to spend Science XP, data schematics are now unlocked at tier 5 of each track, for the option of sharing with friends. (See? We do love you!)
  • Renamed and realigned the AntiAliasing and Ambient Occlusion settings in options
  • Various Optimizations to the system
  • Added various animated menu buttons (review, create character, create world)
  • Animated rewards button in game
  • Animated track and auto buttons on crafting menu
  • Projectiles now have a limited lifespan
  • Added new creature, Zombies!
  • Replaced proto biome trees with new version
  • Most items that required CCC now use PIOS
  • PIOS power generation added to CCCs
  • Reduced Frog health
  • Phase Shotgun 1 no longer requires computerized workbench, now only requires basic workbench
  • T1 specialty armors have had requirements reduced
  • Added a slight screen shake when a creature is killed close to the player
  • Added a new Disposable Crab mount (Crabbler)
  • Added a new task tracking log (default key J)
  • Separated enhancements from player window (default key K). If pressing L opens both the character window’s upgrade panel and the enhancements window, you may need to reset one of these keys in the options.
  • Updated “grass” art
  • Added powered arrows to guide in tutorial
  • Added some tracer particles to projectiles
  • Rearranged early progression unlocks
  • Added a quest complete button near the player which appears when a quest is waiting to be completed


  • Fixed an issue with high inventory counts which caused items to not be able to be picked up
  • Fixed an issue where background tiles would not always drop materials
  • Fixed an issue where creature gib particles would randomly spawn in MP Mode
  • Fixed an issue where amnesia pulse kit was not craftable
  • Fixed an issue where player invulnerability and knockback was not triggered when colliding with a creature

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Hey ArkCoNauts!

Time for another round of bug fixes and adjustments! We’ve done plenty of repairs to the dungeons this time around, eliminating some of the more irritating issues such as boss doors that didn’t want to open for you guys. We still have a lot more in store in terms of polishing, balancing and fixes, as we focus on fine tuning the game.


  • Fixed an issue where one factory would would display another factory’s contents
  • Fixed an issue where severe lag could occur when using more than 1 time gate
  • Fixed an issue where gates would not always update their animations
  • Fixed an issue where Omegatron Switch and door would not function
  • Fixed an issue where Dj Penguin dungeon door would not function
  • Fixed an issue where some plants would not drop items in MP mode
  • Fixed an issue where the crafting filter would not reset
  • Fixed an issue where hotkeys would not open the proper tab in character screen
  • Fixed an issue where refined cardice could not be used in some schematics
  • Fixed an issue where some barrens creatures would not give proper xp
  • Fixed an issue where the large chest could not transfer items via right-click
  • Fixed an issue where the craft materials tracking could not be canceled

Changes & Additions

  • Optimized Position information in creature packets
  • Rearranged some order in schematics given out by knowledges
  • Added a duration timer to waypoint kit
  • Moved amnesia kit 1 to first tier
  • Moved backpack kit to tier 3
  • All phase rifle base damage modifier reduced by 40%, and damage range reduced by 50%
  • Starting jetpack now has 120 max energy from 80
  • Earthen jetpack went from 135 to 165 energy, thrust power from 11 to 12 and fuel inefficacy 30 to 28
  • Metallic went from 167 max energy to 197 max energy
  • Added functions to turn off AntiAliasing and Ambient Occlusion
  • Adjusted drop rates from Omegatron and DJ Penguin
  • Added auto allocate button to the crafting window
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts! We’ve been working like crazy since the big patch rolled, working on fixes and adjustments, and smoothing out issues that arose with it. Additionally, we’re starting to bring in more polish on the early game, including work on shaders and continued improvements to sound.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Amnesia kit from being crafted
  • Fixed an issue where the Dervish Jetpack was not being granted
  • Corrected an issue with Recon Armor stats
  • Fixed an issue where players could not drop down from crafted platforms
  • Fixed an issue where the “heat-up” effect could not be seen when breaking platforms placed without background tiles
  • Fixed an issue where the category filter would duplicate itself
  • Fixed an issue where the category filter would not update when learning new schematics

Changes & Additions

  • Added Logic Gates to the decoration track ( This is for testing and given out at the first rank to make it easier for people to play with)
  • Added pixel perfect anti-aliasing post effect
  • Ambient Occlusion is now calculated in a post effect, improving its quality, and reducing lightings cost per frame
  • Added 'mood' overlay effects to be applied to each biome
  • Audio: Added more pew-pew and volume changes
  • Lighting is now calculated in a single pass, improving overall performance and creating a better feeling of depth to the darkness

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Hey ArkCoNauts!

The wait is at an end, and here it comes, the Tier 3 content patch! For the first time in Edge of Space’s history, you can now delve down into the deadly depths of the Barren biome, and all the terrors it holds. Along with this comes the return of PIOS! We’ve been working harder than ever to release this much content alongside the beast that is the power grid system, but we got it done and we can’t wait to see everyone in game enjoying all the new content. This being a complete re-write of PIOS, there will most likely be bugs in it, so please be sure to file bug reports and help us kill those off as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing your feedback on everything, and we’ll see you in space!

Headline Features:
  • PIOS has been rebuilt and is being released. All new art, icons, better connection layout, and directional animations have been added. ( Decoration 1 now houses 3 items that use the new PIOS system initial implementation testing, more will come soon after)
  • Tier 3, First Pass release of the Barren biome is now available! (More tools, pets, and vehicles to come soon)

    Changes & Additions

    • 8 New Tier 3 kits & 2 New Tier 1 Kits!
    • New Tier 3 Armor, 10 new complete sets
    • New Tier 3 Weapons, 10 upgrades and 8 new ones
    • New Resource Tiles
    • Many New Item Drops
    • New Device, Matrix Factory
    • 12 New Creatures
    • Barren Biome is being populated with plants and creatures
    • New kit cooldown UI {placed under the toolbar}
    • Each point of reserve ammo acts as a full clip when reloading instead of acting as individual rounds
    • The size of all ingame Audio has been reduced by 86%
    • Added many new sounds to items and creatures in game
    • The Crafting Window now has subcategories in the pull-down filter.
    • The Crafting Window now shows tier icons in the schematic list.
    • The Crafting Window has been resized to make it easier to read.
    • You can track the ingredients required for a schematic by clicking the “track” button in the Crafting Window.
    • The ‘NEW’ indicator now persists through opening and closing the Crafting Window. It is removed by selecting the schematic.
    • The Server Select window can once again save servers and select from a list of previously saved servers.
    • Updated background colors to be easier on the eyes
    • Inertia Kit and Waypoint Kit added to Tier 1 and added higher tier versions
    • Command Control Centers now grant power (like a generator) for use in the PIOS system
    • Metal Platform (player crafted) has been added (NOTE: We are working on an issue in respect to downward movement, please use with caution!)


    • Fixed Middle Mouse wheel UI scrolling in the Menu and in game
    • Fixed an issue that prevented options settings from being applied and saved
    • The Max ScienceXP is correctly set when players enter the world.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the improper state to be initialized on doors in MP servers.
    • Dropped items now have a 10 min lifespan before despawning

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Hey ArkCoNauts!

This evening we hit some technical difficulties while getting ready to push the patch, so we made a tough decision, and we're going to hold it till Monday. Giving ourselves that extra time this weekend will allow us to cram even more into the update, and round things out better before it goes out. On the bright side, those who haven't had a chance to pack up all their favorite items and stick them on characters will have more time to do so in advance of the wipe. We'll be setting the timer accordingly, and if anything the patch will be even more worth the wait. Thanks for your patience and understanding guys, and stay awesome!
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts!

Hope everyone's holidays were wonderful, and that you're all as excited as we are about the new year! As you may or may not know, depending on whether you watch the countdown on the main menu screen, the next huge update is drawing near! We're very excited about this one, and so we wanted to fill you in on a few things we're working on. The headline is TIER 3!! The biomes in Edge of Space are massive, and the first two tiers of content are still being fleshed out as we go. Up till now, the gear in game has been just barely strong enough to glimpse the desert biome below, but not venture into it yet. We felt it was high time to finally unveil the mysterious 3rd biome, and let players advance that low for the first time in the game's history. It's a huge undertaking to be sure, and the first iteration will feel slimmer than the first two tiers in terms of content. That being said, once the foundations for it are there, it becomes easy to cram content in and bring the area to life. Along with the new biome, will come the new weapons and armor to accompany it, letting players stretch further along the progression chain. Here are a couple of screens of some of the new gear that awaits:

Along with all this awesomeness, we have good news and bad news. The bad news, there will be a wipe needed, due to the extensive changes to the world in this patch. The good news? As of this writing, it appears only worlds will be zapped by it, your characters look like they will survive this one. This means if you get your inventory expanded, you can stuff your most prized possessions into your inventory, and bring them with you into your brand new worlds. Should this change before patch day, we will most definitely update the community, but here's hoping our little ArkCoNauts get to live on!

On the Community side, I wanted to take a moment to thank the 160 awesome people that turned out for our day-after-Christmas live giveaway on IRC! It was a record breaking event for us in terms of attendance, and because of the awesome success, I'm happy to announce we'll be doing it again! Our next ArkCoNaut Appreciation Day (a.k.a. live giveaway event) will take place Friday, January 30th, in anticipation of the big patch. You can find our IRC channel here:

or connect with us via client at: ( #Edgeofspace any time! We're always there to hang out, answer questions, do some gaming, and have a good time, so you can show your support for EoS and future live events by getting involved in the community. We don't bite, I promise, and Core has had all her vaccines! Stay awesome everyone, and we'll see you guys next time for ArkCo News!
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Hey ArkCoNauts! Who’s ready for the New Year? We are! 2014 has been amazing for Team Handyman, and we can’t wait to crank things up in 2015. This is our final patch of 2014, and with it come some much needed optimizations, which should help some of the performance issues players might have noticed hanging around.

*Special Bonus*
Christmas Event will remain in for the duration of January! After that the event will remain however it will be far more rare and only attainable in the arctic biome.

  • Fixed the display of the arctic armor on avatar screen and on avatar (Thanks for my pants!)
  • Fixed icons for chitin items so they are no longer the same (All shapes and sizes!)
  • Fixed an issue with cloning pod in respect to crafting raptors (no more diminishing returns!)

Changes and Additions
  • Massive optimization to the rendering loop (ENHANCE!)
  • Reduced memory usage in respect to sky rendering (It’s not supposed to be that big?)
  • Added controls for “V-sync” and “Tile Detail Level” in the options menu (One Size can fit all)
  • Improved performance of darkness rendering (Darker than Black)
  • Improved performance of placeables in respect to rendering (Place as many as you want, really!)
  • Improved CPU cost (Make it cheaper!)
  • ReTuned storage chest from 12-20-28 capacity to 15-25-35 capacity (small/medium/large) with a small increase in required metal resources (remember proto roots are abundant and can be used as a metal resource)[BIGGER is BETTER!]
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Happy Holidays, ArkCoNauts!

We hope you’re all on the good list this year, because you’re in for a treat from Handyman. Our Holiday event is here! During the event, look out for Santa, who will be on the loose bringing his own mayhem to the game. After the event, the Christmas Dungeon will remain in the game in a more limited fashion, appearing in the comet biome on a more infrequent basis. That’s right! Even if you fall victim to future wipes, you’ll still have a chance to get back all that lovely holiday loot!

New Content

Christmas items are now available
Christmas Dungeon is now available
Christmas Dungeon TIPS: Chocolate Coins are given at start and dropped by creatures, these are for upgrading defense towers.
Christmas Dungeon TIPS: Dungeon Nav Data drops from Lower Proto-Biome and Comet Biome


Fixed an issue where arklights could not be seen by other players in dungeons in multiplayer
Fixed an issue where chitins for Speedy Raptor were not dropping

Changes and Additions

Nav Data now stacks to 21 instead of 7
Penguin and DJ Dubstep Penguin dungeons are now accessible
Added dialogue to explain failure to connect to a server, should now give reason for failure

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