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The work of a little team built by former developers of the ever spacey Fallen Earth and EVE Online, you might recognise Edge of Space [official site] from its successful Kickstarter campaign a few years back. It racked up just over $35,000 at the time, with the team providing regular patches and updates ever since. Now the game has finally gotten its official release date, September 17th – My birthday, Gera Fact Fans!

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We've covered Edge of Space a bit over the past couple of years, most recently in the form of an Early Access preview from May in which Ian concluded that while he couldn't quite recommend the game at that time, there were "a lot of great ideas here (and a lot of great writing)," and he remained hopeful that it would ultimately come together in the final release.

We'll find out if his optimism will be rewarded on September 17, when the game finally leaves Early Access. Developer Handyman Studios announced the official launch date today, and even though it's been more than two years since it first appeared, it also promised that development will continue. 

"This is a major milestone goal for us, but the journey doesn t end here," studio founder Jacob Crane said. "As we ve demonstrated in our Early Access development, we will continue to deliver consistent content updates to include new missions, weapons, monsters, events, and much more."

Edge of Space is an "open-world, dynamically-generated, sandbox survival-adventure game," in which players must explore and survive in a strange and dangerous world, equipped only with a "laser mining pick" and the bits of gear they were able to salvage from their crashed cryopod. It's still available as an Early Access release on Steam, and more information is available at

Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Rejoice, ArkcoNauts!

There is finally a launch date for Edge of Space! After sharing this journey through Early Access with all of you, we are preparing to cross the finish line, and deliver the 1.0 version of the game. It's terrifying, and it's thrilling all at once!

Can't wait for the 17th to see what the launch version has in store? We're keeping the closed beta test open right up till launch day. For the small price of your souls (an NDA), you can opt in and check out all the work that's gone into the game since we last patched the main branch. For those who want to see it for the first time when we launch, you can mark your calendars for September 17th!

Either way, we have our new Coming Soon trailer available for everyone to check out:
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts!

Wow, one week into the pre-launch testing already! So far, we're really happy with the testing, and highly encourage everyone who owns the game to come sign up and take part. We're cramming in some very special surprises for launch, and our internal testers will be the first to see what's up our sleeves!

For those not in the test, and who don't want spoilers, look away, because these test updates may contain spoilers! Everyone else, read on!

Last night on the stream, we showed off one of the new content additions to the game, updated outposts and nests, as well as an early look at terraforming. These new events are now replacing the empty ruins and outposts that littered the game world up till now. They will have tasks to be completed, and doing so allows you to dominate the area. Once dominated, you're free to mine out special tiles left behind from the generous explosions. This is the core foundation for the Terraforming system as well. Terraforming surrounds "Primal Zones." which need to be dominated in the same way. Eventually you will be tasked with dominating the entire map to reach the end game condition for Edge of Space. Both events and primal zones present the player with new tiles to collect and use, as well as bringing more variety to the terrain. Our testers are definitely enjoying their new-found dominance over their surroundings.

Again, we want to encourage everyone that owns the game to get in and take part, the only qualifications are signing an NDA, and owning a copy of Edge of Space. With the help of the community we'll make the launch of Edge of Space something to remember!
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts!

Today is a very momentous day in the history of Edge of Space. Today, for the very first time, we will mention the “L” word.

Yes, I went there. Launch. It’s coming.

As the internal goal we’ve set for ourselves (no spoilers just yet, sorry! :P ) looms closer, we have decided that the next patch to the main branch, will be 1.0. Does this mean that a buggy version will be launched? No. We want to weed out every possible bug, and make every possible improvement to the game before the time comes to set it free. The pre-launch build already has a significant amount of content and features which have been added, and are waiting to be tested. To that end, we are opening up a large scale internal test of the pre-launch build, and we want anyone and everyone interested in seeing it to please sign up for access to the pre-release test build. Please note, we do require the signing of a simple NDA to participate. We want to leave some surprises in store for launch day, and for those who don’t want to see it till it crosses the line to 1.0.

Due to the above large scale testing, the patches between right now and launch will be showing up on the tester branch, where they will be beaten on, cleaned up, and polished to a lovely shine. We do realize that some will get impatient waiting for the 1.0 update to Edge of Space to go live on the main branch, but we feel that we need to focus on testing to do this right. We need feedback now more than ever to address any significant concerns and issues before launch. Our plans to continue to add content and patches after launch haven’t changed. As long as we get the support at launch, Edge of Space will be updated for a long time to come.

To join the internal test, please contact me; I will get your NDA to you, and add you to the Skype group. Anyone interested in previewing the NDA before signing, I am providing it here in a view only format. The PDF version will be sent to you upon request.

This is both the most exciting, and also the most terrifying time for the game - it’s the culmination of 3+ years of blood, sweat, Red Bull, and tears. Over the coming weeks, things will definitely get crazy around here, and we want to thank the community for all of the support over the course of the game’s development. We know it hasn’t been an easy road, and at times things haven’t looked the greatest, but we feel proud of the game Edge of Space has become, and we wouldn’t have made it this far without the help of over 100,000 people who took a chance on us. Thanks for being awesome!!

Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts!

Just cleaning up a few bugs and issues that cropped up in yesterday’s patch. Keep those reports coming!


  • Corrected an issue that made some guns not fire
  • Corrected an issue that prevented factories from being placed
  • Corrected a rare issue that caused plants to form inside of tiles
  • Guns now have their default shell throwing particle setup
  • Optimized the rendering of plants
  • Added sounds for several kits
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts!

Another big round of fixes and polish come your way today, as the quality of life passes continue. We’ve got some fun additions, including a much improved minimap system, and expansion of player inventory! We’ve also empowered the NPC’s to help protect your base, and they will now fire on enemies within range.

Headline Features:
  • Formations have been rewritten to improve and expand their functionality in the near future.
  • New generation/growth algorithm for all formations in all biomes, they should be a lot better!
  • Minimap!
  • Revamped Knowledge Tree
  • Revamped Early game experience

Changes & Additions

  • Moved the Full Inventory alert to below the clock
  • Added sounds across the board and better animated banners
  • Added full video tutorial recap accessible via codex entry granted after tutorial
  • New formatting for knowledges screen
  • Various theme tweaks to the crafting screen.
  • Reworked science xp usage system
  • Five new NPCs added
  • Prevented double reloads of guns
  • Added new emitters to guns
  • Added a reload bonus to guns, manually reload before you run out of ammo to reload faster
  • Added an audio indication as your gun runs out of ammunition
  • New more detailed minimap
  • All schematics use their result item name in the schematic list now
  • Rebuilt formation system (plants and other world objects)
  • Adjusted progression unlocks
  • Creatures now can inflict a range of damage
  • Creatures now have a range of health
  • Gun damage range has been adjusted
  • Increased player base inventory to 30
  • NPCs that have weapons now attack enemy creatures in range
  • Chat bubbles now have more consistent formatting word wrap
  • Adjusted arklight clip
  • Adjusted jelly mount stats
  • Adjusted lat/long/elevation items to be more efficient (you still will require the same number of items however will not have to hunt for 3 separate items)
  • Several fixes for the “Save Gilbert” quest
  • Mech Anomaly no longer spawns the Mech partly underground
  • Tooltips will now show if a kit needs extra stations to be equipped
  • Adjusted MCP and death mechanics
  • Kits have been adjusted and re-ordered
  • Early kits no longer require an outfitting station
  • Adjusted projectile xp requirement
  • Added mouse over labels to many plants
  • Added mouse over labels to creatures
  • Added sounds to doors
  • Added the crab mount’s jetpack sound
  • Placeables now sleep/wake based on having players near them, will improve performance.
  • The saw has been rewritten to perform smoother.
  • Various new placeable rules to work with the new formation system.
  • Fixed rules relating to system and invisible tiles in their relation to placement and removal.
  • Master pod no longer has cryorods in it and will no longer produce them
  • Master pod generates a regeneration buff periodically around it
  • Command node was moved to rank 1 base construction
  • Cryopod 1 was moved to rank 1 base construction, Cryopod 1 can now be crafted with basic workbench


  • Formations will no longer grow inside of tiles.
  • Formations growth limits are now correctly obeyed.
  • Numerous fixes and adjustments for NPCs, NPC animations, and NPC quests
  • Corrected an issue that allowed more than one Dennis to exist
  • Fixed several issues related to killing certain creatures with AoE weapons
  • Corrected an issue that prevented NPC chat appearing in multiplayer
  • Corrected an issue with projectiles needing optimizations
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts! More polish and fixes coming your way today, as we smooth out the game and continue to do quality of life improvements to improve the overall experience. More importantly, we introduce the party system! Keep track of friends, or troll them! Polish will be the focus in the near future as well, so keep the feedback coming.

Headline Features:
  • New Party System and Social UI! (check the quick menu in bottom left corner)
  • Many Networking Fixes!

Changes & Additions

  • Added Hourly Autominer grant to Rob
  • Increased protovine drop rate
  • Added an Inventory Full alert icon
  • Creature aggro alerts are now drawn over the lighting
  • Various in-game text and health bars have been moved to draw over the lighting.
  • Updated ProtoSeed icon
  • 3 new NPCs have been added
  • Added an audible change to weapon firing when clip is running low
  • Added hover text names, mouse over to see somethings name
  • Added banner text to alert players to when items go into their reward bin
  • Laser picks now have a slight recoil
  • Craft result window added
  • Added banner text to alert player to inventory overflow
  • New Party system! Much easier to play with your friends now!
  • New Social Menu (accessed via the quick menu in the lower left) to manage parties.
  • Chat window now lights up for a few seconds after a message is received.
  • Added indicator for when the players inventory is full.
  • New Codex Required’ and ‘Task Complete’ popups now have sounds and are animated.
  • Servers can now define a custom port (use command line argument -port:<PORT> to define it in the server, and define it in game like so ‘ADDRESS:PORT’)
  • Added hue dynamics to some creatures


  • Fixed some AoE issues in MP mode
  • Fixed a memory leak in critters
  • Fixed various issues related to edges of tiles between other tiles.
  • Fixed some issues with alternate worlds (dungeons included) that made players disconnect when transferring between worlds.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing tickets from being filed
  • Frame Rate Improvements
  • Fixed a performance issue related to quests in alternate worlds.
  • Fixed a bug where placeable could be activated through a UI menu
  • Fixed a network loop error
  • Fixed an issue where dome world chests could delete a player’s stored items
  • Fixed an issue where guns placed in crafting slots would lose stats
  • More performance optimizations
  • Fixed an issue where laser picks could pass through locked tiles
  • Fixed an issue where day and night could lose sync in MP Mode
  • Fixed an issue where world chunks would not load correctly in MP randomly.
Community Announcements - Ste4mPunkProgrammer
Hey ArkCoNauts! It's that time of the year again, and the summer sale is upon us! To celebrate, we've come up with some crazy new vanity items for you, in typical Handyman Style! Please note, you must own the game to claim these items.

Once we start dropping the codes, they will be validated through our Steam API here:

Keep that link handy, because throughout the sale there will be codes aplenty, starting with our livestream at 1PM Central, with and continuing till the sale ends!

Here are our first crazy creations to preview! These are claimable items, so visit the link above to snag yours!
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts!

As we brace for impact for the summer sale, we bring you another huge update! This one brings in new NPC’s for you to meet, Steam Inventory integration, bug fixes, video tutorials, and more! You’ll see a lot of quality of life features coming in here, such as level up banners, exposure warning, and other information to better understand what’s going on around your character. As always, keep those bug reports coming in, and we look forward to your feedback!

Headline Features:

  • New integrated video player to help with the tutorial as well as codexes in the future.
  • New In game Tutorial videos provided and voiced by: Martin Olav "Mr Crow" Andersen (AKA: TheNorseCrow)
  • Weapon Reforging and release of R&D section of knowledges (Disclaimer: there is an issue where using the auto button to place a weapon into crafting slots then removing the weapon will remove the weapon’s stats. the weapon can still be reforged however it will not be able to be used until it is reforged)
  • 7 New NPCs hidden around the world and in dungeons for players to find!
  • Corrected player movement when moving up/down/jumping from slopes
  • Steam Inventory integration
  • New Steam API Created from scratch to give us more control
  • Added new banner popups for various progression unlocks (codexes, knowledges, ranks, tasks completed)
  • Added lots of new tasks for players to enjoy and experience on the edge of space!

Changes Additions

  • Updated Roof Exhaust Placeable to be animated
  • Updated PipeVent Placeable to be animated
  • Adjusted Fineous’ flying height over MCP
  • Biome overlay effect has been intensified
  • NEW Exposure warning alert added
  • New Level up alert for knowledges
  • Added banner text to indicate when player is not close enough to activate an item
  • Changed Button art for selecting avatars
  • Added some text shadows to make reading easier
  • Added an animated loading spinner on loading screens to indicate unseen functions being processed
  • All phase carbine weapon types now reload 33% faster.
  • Phase Shotguns damage has been increased
  • New jelly net mounts
  • Outposts have been fixed and spawn more frequently and more of them
  • Fixed a performance issue related to placeables that cost 10x the normal amount of time to render the scene.
  • Added Claimable items (secrets!!)
  • Vehicle consumable items can now be stacked up to 50
  • All weapon schematic costs have been tuned up slightly, with the advent of reforge schematics
  • Transportation tree has been rebalanced and allows earlier access to them
  • Updated a ton of armor icons with their unique icons
  • Increased the granularity of exposure math
  • Crab and JellyNet mounts now destroy themselves when out of fuel
  • New NPC Chatter Matrix so NPCs can talk amongst themselves.
  • AoE damage was cleaned up
  • Generic tool tips to indicate the powered icons
  • PIOS items now have better descriptions to help reinforce their use
  • Rare chests in the world no longer give unlimited loot (QQ)
  • Granted items in the Knowledges window now have tooltips
  • Moved the Codex to a separate window
  • Updated descriptions for vanity items
  • Updated skiffpad discription
  • Updated Command node discription
  • Adjusted shaders to improve appearance


  • Changed helmet flash effect to be better aligned with the player
  • Corrected an issue where items could be lost when removing inventory size boosters (items removed now go to the rewards menu instead of creating world items)
  • Fixed an issue that caused rifts to spawn inside or near player constructed bases
  • Fixed an issue when merging stacks where the source item had the wrong number of charges
  • Fixed an issue where biome effects were not visible

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