Defiance - ZamboniChaos
Hey there Ark Hunters,

Just a quick update for you all. This will be our final weekend for Midsummer Mutiny, so we've decided to return the Frontier Loyalist Pack to the store for the last few days of the event! This pack contains the following:
  • Legendary “Malicious Daisy Cutter” Guided Rocket Launcher
  • Firework Spike x 10
  • 30-day Patron Pass
  • “Frontier Loyalist” Title
  • MR-KA “Loyalist” T.I.T.A.N. outfit with headgear
  • Duni Shetarru Racer “Loyalist” vehicle
Both the Midsummer Mutiny event and the Frontier Loyalist Pack will be available until 10:00 AM PT on 7/24. Keep an eye out for more information about future events in the near future!

Have a great weekend everybody!
Defiance - TrionFasti

Update - We're back, everyone. Thanks!

Greetings ark hunters,

We're bringing Defiance offline today at 10 AM PDT (5 PM GMT) for an important hotfix in an effort to resolve some lag spikes.

Downtime should last approximately 90 minutes. If we come back early, or need more time, we'll update this post.

Defiance - TrionFasti


We're bringing all versions of Defiance offline for maintenance and Windows Updates on the server hardware on Monday, July 10, 2017 at 10 AM PDT (5 PM GMT).

Downtime should last approximately 2 hours but if we need more time, or come back early, we'll update this post.

Defiance - TrionFasti

Midsummer Mutiny returns to the New Frontier on July 10th! Celebrate the spirit of independence by battling through a storm of Dark Matter arkfalls to pick up Purified Gulanite and unlock these Midsummer Mutiny titles: “Sol Survivor,” “Zenith Crusader,” and for our Patrons, “Midsummer Knight.”

Use the Purified Gulanite currency at the Ex Inanis vendors to get loot boxes that hold your favorite mods and synergies. Get more info on the Ex Inanis here.

They may take our Purified Gulanite, but they'll never take OUR FREEDOM!

Defiance - ZamboniChaos

Save 25% on the Hot Streak Supply Crates from now until 11:59 AM PDT (6:59 PM GMT) on Monday, July 3. This crate contains the new HOT manufactured weapons, which grant an additional 10% Nano Proc Chance and 10% health damage!

Synergy: Hot Streak
[1] On kill or full reload, 2% ammo regen (Cooldown: 3s)
[2] On kill or full reload, gain 15% rate of fire for 10s (Cooldown: 10s)
[3] +15% Damage
[4] Gain 'Hot Streak' for 10s after 3 kills or 3 full reloads within 15s  (Cooldown: 15s)  Hot Streak grants an overcharge and blur-like effect.

Discuss this sale on our forums!
Defiance - ZamboniChaos

The winds of change sweep across the New Frontier, providing you more opportunities to play your way and acquire the loot you want!

The Ex Inanis

A mysterious faction of the Gulanee calling themselves "Ex Inanis" have appeared and seek a new resource: Purified Gulanite. In exchange for this new currency, Ex Inanis vendors offer loot boxes that contain your favorite synergies and mods! Purified Gulanite is obtained from a number of different sources:
  • Expeditions
  • Emergencies
  • Sieges
  • Arkfalls
  • Contracts
Also, all of the boxes sold by these vendors will have premium versions available on the store. Premium versions will:
  • Always contain Epic loot or better
  • Have a much higher chance to drop Legendary mods or weapons
  • Have a much higher chance to drop Perfected Weapons
No matter what you choose to do, you'll be able to acquire Purified Gulanite and purchase the specific loot boxes you want! Now more than ever, you'll be able to build an arsenal tailored to your specific playstyle.


This enigmatic Gulanee, who is rumored to be the leader Ex Inanis, has been seen in a few emergencies in Paradise. He is wily though, and will remain for only 2 minutes after the emergency has ended. During this time, you will be able to purchase the following items from him in exchange for Purified Gulanite:
  • Jackpot Weapons – Available weapons will rotate each week
  • Perfected Weapon Box – Contains one Perfected Weapon
  • Legendary Mod Box – Contains one Legendary Mod
Seek out this mysterious broker to get the best loot in the game!

Perfected Weapons

New weapons known as Perfected Weapons replace the old jackpot structure. Weapons within certain synergies have a chance to roll a perfected version, which will contain one of 3 different manufacturer bonuses:
  • Dynamic: +10% Increased Damage, +5% Rate of Fire / Crit / Reload / Mag / Recoil / Accuracy
  • Precise: +10% Increased Damage, +10% Crit / Reload / Accuracy
  • Berserk: +10% Increased Damage, +10% Rate of Fire / Mag / Recoil
These new Perfected Weapons will roll with random bonus stats, and will always be Legendary. In addition, we have added MORE weapon types to some of the most popular synergies. The first three synergies that are receiving new weapon types are:
  • Plate Slicer
  • Spinal Tap
  • Sustained Suppression
Old synergy boxes had only 7 different weapon types, but these will have up to 51! This means you have access to even more combinations of your favorite weapons & synergies to utilize in whatever way you choose. All Perfected Weapons will also drop from these weapon types.

Bonus: Daily Login Rewards for 4th of July Weekend!

As a special bonus, we'll be providing 250 Purified Gulanite per day to players who log in from 6/30 - 7/05. Each day resets at 10:00 AM PT (5:00 PM GMT).

Take advantage of this special 4th of July bonus and start collecting Purified Gulanite today!

You can find the full patch notes for this latest update on our official forums:
Defiance - ZamboniChaos

Hey there Ark Hunters,

We'll be bringing down the servers for all of our environments on Wednesday, 06/28 at 10:00 AM PT in order to deploy the Ex Inanis update! Estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours, but as usual we'll update the following thread if additional time is needed.

Defiance - ZamboniChaos

Summer is here, and to celebrate we're offering special discounts on some of our most popular bundles! 
  • Defiance Gold Edition – 60% off
  • Defiance Havoc T.I.T.A.N. Bundle – 65% off
  • Defiance Obliterator T.I.T.A.N. Bundle – 50% off
  • Defiance Sentinel T.I.T.A.N. Bundle – 50% off
These deals will only be available until July 5, so take advantage of them while you can!
Defiance - ZamboniChaos

Hey there Ark Hunters,

We'll be bringing down the servers for all of our environments on Thursday, 06/22 at 10:00 AM PT for some additional server stability adjustments. Estimated downtime is approximately 1 hour.

Defiance - ZamboniChaos

Hey there Ark Hunters,

We'll be bringing down the servers for all of our environments on Tuesday, 06/20 at 10:00 AM PT so we can make some stability improvements. Our estimated downtime is approximately 1 hour, but as usual we'll update the following thread on our forums if additional time is needed:


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