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Ark hunters,

A new way to buy and sell items in Defiance is on the horizon! You’ll be ready to take your inventory to a whole new level with The Exchange.
  • Filter, sort, and search for specifics to find your perfect purchase
  • Start selling when you purchase Patron Status or an Exchange Slot
As an added bonus, a new innovation will soon change the way ark hunters level up their EGO implant.
  • You’ll be able to reach EGO level 6000 solely through XP
  • Additional rewards can be gained every time you max out your XP bar once you reach 6000
  • Pursuits remain available and will still add to your EGO level
Whether it’s PvE, PvP, or arkfalls for days, you’ll be on the right road to 6000 in Defiance.

Happy Hunting,

The Defiance Team
Community Announcements - Kiwibird

Tune in and catch up with the Defiance Team today! We'll tackle our Community Q&A and we can't wait to see all of you there!

Defiance Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, April 22 at 11:30 AM PDT
Duration: 30-45 minutes
Community Announcements - Kiwibird

Tune in and catch up with the Defiance Team today! We'll tackle our Community Q&A and we can't wait to see all of you there!

Defiance Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, April 22 at 11:30 AM PDT
Duration: 30-45 minutes
Community Announcements - Kiwibird

Ark hunters,

Join Creative Lead Carble "LoCarb" Cheung, Producer Matt "Destromathe" Pettit, and Community Relations Manager Sarah "Kiwibird" Walters this Friday at 11:30 AM PDT! This week we'll be talking about our new May synergy, focusing on questions asked in this thread, and we'll cover some cyber rig vendor changes!

We can't wait to see you all there!

Defiance Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, April 22 at 11:30 AM PDT
Duration: 30-45 minutes
Community Announcements - Kiwibird

Now when you purchase any Atlas Reactor Pack, you can get a special bonus headgear for Defiance: Zuki’s Helmet. Have a blast!
Community Announcements - Kiwibird

Armistice is a celebration of life on the new frontier, following the end of the Pale Wars on April 15, 2031. Help celebrate 3 years of Defiance with Armistice from April 1 to 25 with Arkfalls of all flavors: Midsummer Mutiny, Hulker Hell, New Frontier Harvest, Solstice Strike, and Colony Courtship!

During this special event, we will celebrate 3 years of Defiance on April 2! Share your memories and triumphs on Twitter, Facebook, or your sharing device of choice to help celebrate this very special Armistice!
  • Save up 1000 Defiant Few Rep with daily contracts to redeem a random event Jackpot reward!
  • Score a whole year of Synergy – Midsummer Mutiny, Hulker Hell, New Frontier Harvest, Solstice Strike, and Colony Courtship Synergy Crates return to the Store!
  • All previous Elite Jackpots return to Elite and Premium Elite Lock Boxes!

"From the ashes of war, we have risen into unity. Should we forget the discord which drove us apart, we will be doomed to repeat it and destroy the harmony we have achieved." - High Council Sett Morcu

Happy Armistice and Happy Hunting,

The Defiance Team
Community Announcements - Kiwibird

Ark hunters,

For a very limited time, Tin Foil Hats will be available as a rare drop from Armistice Major Arkfalls. Log in today after 12:30 PM PDT to find yours!

Happy Hunting,
The Defiance Team
Community Announcements - Kiwibird

Celebrate Defiance Picture Contest - Link to Contest

Welcome, ark hunters! We're celebrating 3 years of Defiance with a picture contest! Capture the essence of your celebration and the team will pick the winners of a very special prize: a small Hellbug Plush!

We're back with another RT to win contest as well, check out the rules here!
Community Announcements - Kiwibird


The shrill have invaded Silicon Valley! A new siege has arrived that contain the shrill menace. New special rewards for this new siege will be added in the near future!


Brand new weapons and shields have been showing up on the new frontier! The brand new Shrill siege, as well as Shrill and Grid minor arkfalls in Silicon Valley, have had their loot tables adjusted to drop brand new never before seen items. Take down the Shrill and Grid for your chance at new loot!

Ventilator: New rapid fire shotgun with high magazine capacity. Ideal for close combat.
Longbore: Quick reloading pistol with high damage and high crit, but small mag. Highly accurate when still and crouching.
Purgatory: Rapid firing, long range cluster Detonator that burns targets.
Tachyon Pulsar: New shield with the San Andreas backpack synergy.
Community Announcements - Kiwibird

Hello ark hunters,

We're back with more Q&A action after our livestream today, it was wonderful to see you all on stream!

  • What is the current status of new expeditions?
    We want to do more expeditions, but have to balance that with other content and game systems. Rest assured this is in our future plans.
  • Will we ever get new weeklies or dailies?
    Yes, we're taking a look at these with the team.
  • When is the next event?
    Armistice, April 1-25!
  • Will the Solstice Warmaster return?
    Yes, with Armistice! Drag me to hell will also return.
  • Will we be seeing more new weapon types in the future?
  • Can you get rid of the masteries on weapons and just have basics? Examples: dmg, crit, rec, reload, bug dmg, mag
    This is definitely something we are discussing revamping. We have no ETA at this time, but it is definitely something we want to do in the future.
  • Are there plans for new vehicle types or possibly getting the Cerberus as a purchasable vehicle?
    Yes. We actually will hopefully have a new vehicle coming soon! As for the Cerberus being a purchase, no, this will not be possible.
  • There is no real difference in rewards in Expeditions between tier 35-50 and in tier 100-115, but there is quite a big difference in enemys strength. Can we have that fixed?
    This is something we want to improve on, but is difficult to implement. Rest assured we are talking about it.
  • Are you planning on balancing other weapons?
    If you have noticed, when we release new synergy boxes, we often buff one or two other weapon bases. This is a goal of ours going forward to bring other weapons in line.
  • Any upcoming changes to vendors and the Defiance economy?
    Yes, we are looking at vendor revamps, and in fact are utilizing venders for this years Armistice celebration. Additional features are being worked on now for use in the economy. Keep your eyes peeled for updates about new systems.
  • Are we going to have a similar boss to Warmaster?
    We don’t have any current plans to add another encounter like the warmaster, but we are always thinking about it!
  • Any chance of weekly leaderboards?
    This is something we absolutely want to do, and are looking into. Please keep your eyes out for future updates.
  • Will you be adding future Shrilltech content? Maybe Shrill Majors with Shrill weapons and mod drops.
    Yes! We are looking into adding these. No time estimate currently.
  • Any plans to add a Minigun-like weapon to the game?
    There already is one! It is a super weapon that you can pick on in some of the missions. Besides that though, we do not plan on adding regular miniguns as a weapon base.
  • What's the new Elite box JP?
    The next jackpots will be with Armistice, and these will include all past Elite Jackpots. After that, we'll have another jackpot in the works!
  • Any plan on adding more races?
    No plans for this currently.
  • After some time, leveling your ego becomes dependent on PvP. Will this change?
    Keep an eye out for changes to the way you get to 6K EGO. We have some changes incoming that should allow you to level without the need to PvP if you don’t want to .
  • Will we get more clan activites? Clan tournaments for an example, global clan rankings (based on contribution or something else). Any plans on making Clans more interactive in the game like Clan dailies/weeklys, Clan leaderboards (So we can see which clan is most strongest/oldest etc.) or just some board with a list of current clans on particular server. Maybe 2 Clans can fight each other over an Arkfall?
    These are great suggestions, and we are always looking for social improvements to implement. We will definitely discuss some of these options.
  • Will we see new ego caps and pursuits in the near future for those that hit 6000 ego so we have something more to do?
    There are no current plans to increase the EGO cap, but we do plan on adding further gains for 6k EGO players in the future.
  • There is a consistent general consensus that Arkforge costs both in-game and Bit prices are too high. Any considerations on changing/lowering the costs?
    We have had internal discussions regarding mastery reroll costs and EGO rating upgrade costs. We are looking for possibly adjustments in the future, but they may lean more towards lowering costs for lower EGO players.
  • What’s the word on future events and can we have event themed sieges/incursions?
    We are always looking for ways to make the holiday events better. Also we are looking at adding new sieges/arkfalls for future events.
  • Can we get Blue mods of the Bit Store Synergies added to some vendors so we can complete synergies? The current Shrilltech story line mission reward is flawed if you can't get the mods in future to mod the Shrill Buster Saw.
    We can certainly look into this option once the synergy box goes away. This is a very good point.
  • Are there any plans for a personal/clan bank?
    Not currently, we have no plans to add a bank in the near future.
  • Warmaster Public Massive Invites haven't been working, any update? Can we block them or put an expiration on them in the future?
    We can review that suggestion, but the fix for public invites is on our internal servers, and should roll out sometime in May.
  • What is being done to address the VFX issue related to certain weapons?
    This fix is always on our radar, however the VFX is very difficult to fix, and we have other issues that have more widespread effect on the game currently. It is something we want to fix when we can.
  • Any plans to make Season 4 replayable?
    Yes! LoCarb is taking a look at the replayable option as a whole.

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