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Prepare yourself, ark hunters: Supreme Tier weapons have arrived in time to combat dangerous new parasitic lifeforms appearing throughout the Bay! Supreme weapons boast an innate damage boost plus new rarity bonuses and masteries, and they launch alongside a new reroll system you can use to adjust one rarity bonus per weapon.

After scooping up Supreme weapons in high-tier Expeditions (or through Salvage Matrix upgrades), you can put them to use in new private instances by opening your very own Major arkbreaks. Want to keep other ark hunters from joining your Warmaster instance? No problem! You can invite friends and clanmates to your party (and show everyone else to the airlock).

For an in-depth look at Supreme Weapons and Rarity Tier Bonus Rerolls, jump to our Supreme Update preview – and enjoy the brand-new tier!

Happy hunting,
The Defiance Team
Community Announcements - Kiwibird

Ark hunters,

Sting has arrived on the New Frontier! Manufactured with excellent hip accuracy, this new Legendary Pulser is designed with movement in mind.

Sting is available now as a rare-drop from Premium Elite and Elite Lock Boxes sold from the Defiance Store (and vendors throughout the Bay) – but it’s only available for a limited time!

Happy hunting!
The Defiance Team
Community Announcements - Kiwibird

Ark hunters,

Our new synergy is here! From now until August 25, your EGO will get a huge boost with the powerful Sustained Suppression synergy. Just using your EGO amplifies your damage, while reloading reduces the cooldown!

Sustained Suppression Synergy
  • +10% Health
  • -15% Reload
  • 5% EGO power recharge on full reload (Cooldown: 7s)
  • EGO power grants an additional 10% damage and fire rate
This awesome synergy comes with the Sustained Suppression Crate, which will also include one epic or better weapon and three rare to legendary mods.

Through August 11, Sustained Suppression Crates also have a chance to contain the legendary, limited time Lockstock, the latest jackpot weapon! Coupled with Sustained Suppression, this sawed-off shotgun will end your enemies, lock, stock, and barrel.

Stock up on crates today before time runs out!

Discuss this new synergy on our official forums!
Community Announcements - Kiwibird

Launching off of the success of Order and Chaos, Von Bach Industries is proud to present the RA-44 Hellcat. Aptly named and recently acquired, the RA-44 Hellcat is the first Alien Guided Rocket Launcher of its kind. Reminiscent of the alien technology that made the Chimera Horn possible, this innovation is the latest jackpot weapon available from the Premium Elite Lock Box and Elite Lock Box. With the ability to lock in on targets with the right aim, this heavy hitter will have your enemies running for the hills.

Due to limited manufacturing facilities in the Bay Area, Von Bach Industries is restricting supply of this legendary weapon to Premium Elite Lock Boxes sold from the Defiance Store or lock box vendors throughout the Bay. The RA-44 Hellcat will only be available for a limited time, so pick up Premium Elite Lock Boxes or Elite Lock Boxes for a this chance at raising hell!

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Community Announcements - Kiwibird

Defiance returns to TV today, June 12, with “The World We Seize,” a special two-hour U.S. premiere live on Syfy at 7/8c. Pick up the action seven months later in a very different Defiance filled with new villains, new aliens, and one game-changing, jaw-dropping moment!

Each episode will air a unique code for free game loot or bonuses in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, and Germany, but the codes are limited-time offers! Tune in to catch the code, and collect all 12 over the course of the season to complete a new in-game Pursuit for epic rewards.

Watching outside the U.S.? Check your local listings or the cheat sheet below:

Canada – June 14, 2015
9pm PT / 6pm ET on Showcase

Australia – June 13, 2015
8:30pm on Syfy

Spain – June 15, 2015
21:30h on Syfy

France/Germany – June 16, 2015
8:45pm France, 8:15pm Germany on Syfy (catch the rest of the season at 9:00pm)

Mexico - June 23, 2015
20hs on Syfy

Brazil - June 23, 2015
21h on Syfy

Central/South America – June 23, 2015
22hs AR on Syfy

UK – June 25, 2015
9pm on Syfy
Community Announcements - Scapes

Ark hunters, rearm and regroup for twice the expedition action! From today, May 27, until 12:00 PM PDT on June 3, all ark hunters will enjoy double grants of their normal weekly Hunter Requisitions. As a Patron, set off on 20 free expeditions from Alcatraz this coming week!

The Defiance Team would also like to thank the ark hunters who have submitted reports and feedback about connectivity issues during expeditions since the launch of the Alcatraz update. As thanks for your patience during this instability, you will be granted an additional 20 Hunter Requisitions if you purchased any before now.

As an added bonus, all ark hunters can prepare for a very lucrative weekend with Double XP plus 50% Bonus Faction Reputation from May 28 to June 1!

Check out the full article on our website!
Community Announcements - Scapes

Expand your arsenal with new Ark Hunter Bundles built to thrill no matter how long you’ve played!

You can buy each bundle now on the Defiance Steam page and redeem them for massive savings on new vehicles, weapons, and more.

Adapted Ark Hunter Bundle – $4.99 ($20 value)
Just getting started? Choose an Adapted Bundle to unleash the power of 10 new Epic Adapted Weapons – one of each type in Defiance! With 3 days of Patron time, 15 Inventory Slots, and a new in-game title, this bundle is a STEAL for new and returning players.

Evolved Ark Hunter Bundle – $19.99 ($70 value)
Nuzzle the muzzles of the same epic new weapons, plus a Legendary Tachmag Pulser SMG, special Duni Shetarru vehicle, and more. Once you evolve, there’s no going back!

  • Adapted Weapon Box (10 Epic Weapons!)
  • 15-Day Patron Pass
  • Unique Title: Evolved Ark Hunter
  • 35 Inventory Slots
  • Duni Shetarru Racer: Unique tinted Duni Vehicle
  • 1 Pack Rat Boost
  • 5 XP+ 50% Boosts
  • 250 Arkforge
  • +1 Loadout Slot
  • Legendary SMG: Evolved Tachmag Pulser
Apex Ark Hunter Bundle – $99.99 ($220 value)
Do your implants twitch in the presence of arktech? Does a Jackpot Big Boomer make you weak in the knees? Stalk the New Frontier at the peak of your game with this legendary ark-full of loot.

  • Adapted Weapon Box (10 Epic Weapons!)
  • 60-Day Patron Pass
  • 50 Inventory Slots
  • 1 Pack Rat Boost
  • 5 XP+ 50% Boosts
  • +1 Loadout Slot
  • 2000 Arkforge
  • Unique Title: Apex Ark Hunter
  • Velociraptor Vehicle: Unique Raptor with Improved Speed and Control
  • Ark Infiltrator Outfit
  • Legendary Jackpot Weapon: “Apex Sludge Hammer” Big Boomer with Biological Nano
Learn more on the Steam page!
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Attention, ark hunters: some of the limited-time lock boxes are about to leave the Bit Store!

Now is your last chance to claim nine synergy and holiday lock boxes: save 25% on Heartbreaker, Radiant Solstice, Blackened Hellfire, Cornucopia, Machinist, Survivalist, Outlaw, Veteran, and Full Synergy Lock Boxes now through 12:00 PM PDT on Tuesday, May 26. New lock boxes will be introduced in the future to replace them, so keep an eye on the Bit Store after they're gone!


Read the full article on the website.
Community Announcements - Scapes

Join Creative Lead Carble “LoCarb” Cheung, Associate Producer Matt "Destromathe" Pettit, and Senior Community Relations Manager Evan "Scapes" Berman on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel! We'll be discussing Defiance's new developments including upcoming game content, improved server stability, plans for more Hunter Requisitions, the latest Season 3 details, and more.

Got a question for the team? Post it in this forum thread!

Defiance Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, May 15 at 3:30 PM PDT (GMT-7)
Duration: 45 minutes

Stick around until the end for a chance to win a special in-game giveaway. See you on Twitch!

Read the article on our website here!
Community Announcements - Scapes

Attention ark hunters! We're getting reports from your fellow expeditioneers that a fortuitous opportunity is about to hatch. Literally.

The rare loot-hoarding golden skitterling breed of hellbugs appear to be spawning in increased numbers in response to the threat from marauders. That'd be you, of course, as this particular breed drops Cyber Rigs and Cyber Chips and is hunted with great zeal.

Read the full article on the website.

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