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Greetings Ark hunters!

We're bringing Defiance offline on Wednesday for maintenance and Windows updates (these updates are for the server hardware used for all version of the game).

Downtime will start at 10:00 AM PDT / 5:00 PM UTC on November 30, 2016.

This downtime should take about 2 hours, but we'll keep you updated if we come back before that, or need a bit more time.

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Greetings ark hunters!

Defiance is heating up with these epic bonuses! Play now through December 12th at 10:00 AM PST to get access to a whole stack of bonuses:
  • +100% Bonus Reputation
  • +100% Bonus Experience
  • Double Hunter Requisitions
  • Double Golden Skitterling spawns in Expeditions
We'll see you out there!
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In a post-apocalyptic world that’s been forever changed by terraforming it’s never been more important to get the most out of the Defiance store. Black Friday sales are here starting at 12 PM PT on November 23rd until 12 PM PST on November 29th!

Steam Black Friday Deals
  • 75% OFF Apex Arkhunter Bundle.
  • 75% OFF Evolved Arkhunter Bundle.
  • Most of your favorite old synergy boxes are returning, at a 25% discount for a limited time! This means you can save big on classic synergies like these:

    • Spinal Tap
    • Hallow Point
    • Flames of Passion
    • Plate Slicer

  • Introducing the brand new Black Friday Bargain Box!

    • The ultimate lock box, priced at 55 bits. Buy a 100 pack of these Bargain Boxes and receive 10 bonus boxes!
    • This box contains 1 epic or better item: weapon, shield, mod, rig, chip, arkforge or loyalty.
    • Weapons and mods will drop with one of the 20 previous monthly synergies, and will include chances at ALL previous jackpots! Get a chance at your favorite jackpot weapons, shields, rigs or chips, at a super low price!
    • Jackpot chances are increased in these limited time boxes.
    • Included is a chance at any of four BRAND NEW, very rare, natural supreme Jackpot items, all with the new Transcendent synergy:

    • Omnipotence (The first ever Minigun with instant reload and 3x bullets per round)

    • Celestial Wrath (Charge guided rocket launcher with up to 25 splitting tracking projectiles)

    • Quantum Garrison (Ironclad with fire resist and -15% damage taken when shield is down)
    • Savage Canopy (Respark with radiation resist and 15% damage for 5s on shield break)

  • Also contains a rare chance at the brand new APS Vagabond armored truck, 2000 Arkforge, or 500 Loyalty!
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Hey everyone,

We experienced a series of network issues last week related to a piece of hardware on our side and external factors. We’ve worked hard on resolving them, and we’re happy to let you know that we’ve just installed new hardware to help manage these recent issues better.

Now that things have returned to normal once again, we want to provide everyone who logged in during the issues with a heartfelt “Thank you!” for sticking with us through last week’s challenges.

If you logged in to Defiance between November 9th and 12 PM PST on the 22nd, you will receive 5 days of Patron status and 44 Loyalty. These grants may take a day or two, so please hang in there.

Thanks again for adventuring with us in our many worlds.
Now, let’s get back to gaming!

All of your friends at Trion Worlds

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Update - We're back, ark hunters! Have a great day!

Hey all,

We're coming offline at 10AM PST (6PM GMT) on Tuesday to prepare for Black Friday.

Downtime should be approximately 2 hours. If we come online early, or need a bit more time, we'll update this post.

Community Announcements - TrionFasti

Hey all,

We're coming offline at 10AM PST (6PM GMT) on Tuesday to prepare for Black Friday.

Downtime should be approximately 2 hours. If we come online early, or need a bit more time, we'll update this post.

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We are bringing Defiance (and all Trion Worlds games) offline for maintenance tonight. This downtime will allow us to swap out a piece of network hardware that started running into issues earlier this month.

We'll come offline at 11:00 PM PST (7 AM GMT) and expect to be back online at 1:00 AM PST (9AM PST).

This earlier downtime is replacing the normal nightly restarts for Tuesday.

Thank you for sticking with us!
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Update - We're back online, folks! Thanks everyone. Have a great day!

Hey all,

We're coming offline for a hotfix on Tuesday. Patch notes for this hotfix can be found below.

Downtime will start at 10AM PST (6PM GMT) and should last approximately 1 hour. If we're back before that, or need a bit more time, we'll update this thread.


  • Fixed an issue causing old converter mods to provide zero reload time
  • Added the Jackpot Cyber rigs and chips to the loyalty vendor
  • Fixed an issue causing the jackpot Cyber rigs and chips on the loyalty vendor to cost billions of scrip
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The New Frontier Harvest event returns and we’re thankful for awesome ark hunters, a brand new Synergy, and special new holiday pack!

New Synergy: Ravenous Consumption

[1] On grenade hit, +45% movement speed for 5s
[2] On stim use, -25% Damage Taken for 15s
[3] On spike use, +25% Damage and Rate of Fire for 15s
[4] On kill, chance to reset grenade, spike, stim, and EGO power cooldown (Cooldown: 30s)

Enemies defeated by Ravenous manufactured weapons drop a bonus consumable charge (Cooldown: 10s).

Weapon Types
Assault Carbine, Magnum, Mass Cannon, SMG, SS-2 Ranger, PAS-24 Tornado, and GL-1 Ground Pounder.

New Pursuit
“Reap The Harvest” will reward an epic jackpot: Depravity – Sludge Rocket Launcher, and the “Glutton” title.

The Gobbler Pack Includes
  • Legendary Roost Hatcher – A Blast Hatcher that spawns turkeys
  • Legendary Flock Lobber – A Brood Lobber that spawns turkeys
  • Pilgrim of the Guiding Light outfit
  • Acolyte of the Guiding Light Headgear
  • Forest Survivalist Outfit and Headgear
  • RM Nomad V6 "Guzzler" vehicle

New Frontier Harvest will run through Thanksgiving and Black Friday so be sure to keep an eye on the Defiance Store for the biggest sales of the year.

Celebrate turkey day the Defiance way – doing donuts in the post-apocalyptic wilderness while blasting your way through and endless supply of maniacal monstrosities!

Happy Thanksgiving,

The Defiance Team
Community Announcements - TrionFasti

Hey all,

We're offline for the New Frontier Harvest patch on Monday at 10AM PST (6PM GMT).

Downtime should be approximately 3 hours. If we come online early, or need a bit more time, we'll update this post.


Defiance: Hulker Hell 2016

Hulker Hell is back! Fight plaguers and Hulkers in minor and major arkfalls to win back paradise!. Get the new Sanguine Extraction synergy!

Finish the daily and weekly contracts to get your weekly reward. The reward will contain a guaranteed Legendary RIP weapon and an epic mod with the chance to be legendary (chance at a jackpot weapon).

A new pursuit has been added called "Back from Whence They Came". Complete this pursuit during the Hulker Hell event to receive a special jackpot reward: The "Ifrit" TACC Assault Rifle.

In addition, some cosmetic rewards can be earned by participating in arkfalls.

Masteries have been completely revamped. Several less desireable masteries have been deprecated, while some new and exciting masteries have also been added. If a player re-rolls their current weapon mastery, they will re-roll from the new mastery table.

The following masteries have been deprecated:

* + DMG from above
* + DMG from behind
* Take less damage while reloading
* + DMG on next grenade after a full reload
* + DMG on next shot after a kill
* + Health on a reload
* + Crit Mult to out-of-combat targets
* + EGO Power duration on a critical kill
* Full Reload Refreshes Grenade
* + DMG from last shot in clip
* + Crit Mult to incoming targets
* + EGO Power refresh on explosive kill
* + Melee DMG when shields down
* + Ammo on melee kill

In addition, several new masteries have been added, and current masteries have had their values adjusted. Hope on PTS to test these new masteries!

For more detailed information regarding these new masteries, please visit Defiance Data:

Sanguine Extraction
[1] +25% chance self-revive cooldown will not be triggered
[2] +100% damage for 5s after using self-revive.
[3] +10% Damage
[4] +10% Life and Shield Steal

New Weapon Base: Chango Fragger - Brand new high damage Automatic shotgun

Included weapon types: Chango Fragger(NEW), Blast Rifle, INF-27 Immunizer, LM-43 Thunder, Surge Blaster, Surge Bolter , Pulser

Chance at one of 8 all new jackpots (one special charge blade):

Most of the Jackpot weapons will have brand new skins!

All weapons from the newest synergy will also have a new blood effect when they fire!

ALL RIP manufactured weapons (dropping from both the event and lock boxes) will have an additional 20% mag! This is in addition to all synergy and bonuses.

* Only available during the Hulker Hell event! Get it now before it’s gone! This limited time pack will contain a brand new vehicle with a unique vehicle skin: RM Renegade "Torque or Treat" vehicle

Torque or Treat Pack will also contain:
- Legendary "Mass O' Latern" (pumpkin firing mass cannon with a brand new skin!)
- Legendary "The Great Pumpkin "Launcher"" Rocket Launcher. Fires super slow moving MASSIVE pumpkins!
- "The Witch" and "The Warlock" Titles

In addition, the Triple Costume Pack from 2015 has been brought back and will also be on the store!

Surge Blaster (Charge burst pistol)
* Increased base mag size to 24 (21)
* Increased base RoF to 15 (10)
* Decreased burst delay to .2 (.5)
* Added an additional .4s of charge time increasing max burst count to 12 (from 7)
* These changes are retroactive.

* Increased maximum inventory capacity to 600

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