Community Announcements - Trion_Ocho

Hellbug love is in the air and a special synergy has arrived for the Colony Courtship event. The Flames of Passion Synergy may sound sweet, but your enemies will find the scorching effects to be anything but!

[1] Being hit by an opponent increases your movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds. (Cooldown: 10s)
[2] +15% Nano-effect chance
[3] +10% Damage and Bug Damage
[4] Sets target on fire when hit, causing additional fire damage for 3 seconds. While on fire, target takes increased health damage. The fire may spread to nearby enemies when the target dies. (Cooldown: 6s)

Found only in the Flames of Passion Supply Crate, this hot new mod synergy absolutely radiates with power. With mods attached, you can add on speed, nano-effect chance, a damaging love-bug bite, and FIRE. That’s right, your adversaries could face spontaneous combustion at your hands in Defiance. Learn more about synergies here.

Each weapon included is designed to blast colorful hearts, while non-projectile weapons will leave traces of pink as you fire with fury. We have equally sweet Jackpot weapons for this sweet synergy!
  • Stalker (Blast Hatcher)
  • Secret Admirer (Brood Lobber)
  • Fatal Attraction (Brood Launcher)
  • Until Death (Blast Rifle)
  • Sweet Nothings (Tachmag Pulser)
  • Predator (INF-27 Immunizer)
  • Black Heart (LM-43 Thunder)

Be pretty and powerful with pink this February while supplies last. Share the love and stock up in the Bit Store today!
Community Announcements - Trion_Ocho

The latest update to Defiance brings a number of player requested improvements to the game, along with a healthy side order of crushed bugs!

We’re in the depths of winter now, the perfect time to settle in on the couch and spend some quality time in Paradise! Winter’s Bash is focused on making every aspect of Defiance just a little better; check out some of the top features of the Update!

  • Boom - Headshot! PvP in Defiance has gotten a whole lot better with Winter’s Bash, with an all new emphasis on skill over volume of fire. Overall damage has been reduced, but Crit damage has greatly increased, so make your shots count! You’ll also earn experience quicker, get better rewards, and play on a more even field regardless of EGO rating.
  • Manage Your Clan. Now you can find your clan members easily, no matter how deep your crew rolls! Clan lists are now separated into pages, allowing you to browse through them faster. As an added bonus, you can sort by Online status, so you can find the perfect Arkhunting companion anytime you are on.
  • Advance Farther in Expeditions. Expeditions now save your progress for the week, so as long as you keep winning you can keep progressing. Also, those disconnected from matches have an opportunity to reconnect and rejoin their friends simply by using the QuickMatch option!
  • And much, much more! How much more? Everything from improved display of Chip Pullers to UI and improved mouse/keyboard functionality. Hatchling grenades now scale to EGO properly, console stability is improved, and text strings have been corrected to make Defiance more engaging than ever!

Log into Defiance today to celebrate Winter’s Bash, and don’t forget to pick up your Arctic Assassin Pack!
Community Announcements - Trion_Ocho

To go along with the Winter Bash Update, we’re also releasing the brand new Arctic Assassin Pack!

Available for 2600 Credits, this pack ensures your hunts throughout the cold winter months will be fruitful.

Arctic Assassin Pack
  • 'SB-32 Freezer Burn' An incendiary detonator that fires snowballs. Burn and freeze your foes at the same time!

  • 'Arctic Assassin' Outfit + Headgear. This stylish combo allows you to blend in with your surroundings during the winter months, and look quite dapper the rest of the year.
  • Vehicle: Duni Shetarru Racer "Avalanche"
  • Titles: 'Arctic Assassin' and 'Special Snowflake'
  • 30-day Patron Pass
Don’t wait though; the Arctic Assassin Pack will melt away with the snow. Get yours today!
Community Announcements - Trion_Ocho

The new Resolution Synergy has definitely hit the mark, and we’ve swapped out the Jackpot available in Resolution Supply Crates to bring you a special Infector!

The Resolution Synergy brings bonuses to Accuracy, Reload Speed, Rate of Fire, and Damage; perfect for an infector. Now available as a rare drop from Resolution Supply Crates is the Misfortune Jackpot; an amazing windfall for you and bad luck for your enemies!

Resolve to kill more enemies this year with the new Misfortune Jackpot!
Community Announcements - Trion_Ocho

Our new synergy is here! Appropriately launching in the New Year, stay on target with the Resolution Synergy, available until February 2!

Synergy: Resolution
+20.16% Movement Accuracy and Aim Accuracy, -20.16% Recoil
-10% Reload
+10% Rate of Fire
+10% Damage

This really hits the mark! Pick up this synergy in Resolution Supply Crates - inside the crates, you’ll find weapons including Disruptors, Blasters, SMGs, Fraggers, Assault Carbines, INF-3b Blighters, and AR2 Bonfires as well as the mods to customize them the way you want.

Rumor in the back alleys hint that there’s a chance for any Resolution Supply Crate from now till January 18 to contain a Fate’s Breath Jackpot, a Blaster Pistol that packs a ferocious punch. There's no time to waste!

If you make only one resolution this year, make it to acquire this amazing Resolution synergy!
Community Announcements - Trion_Ocho

In times long past, humanity celebrated a warm holiday tradition in many parts of the globe. Even now, memories persist of decorated conifers, reindeer, snowmen, massive feasts and giftgiving. Then the world changed, and life become harder, rougher, and less prone to celebration. We’re DONE with that.

We are committed to bringing cheer and fun back to this darkest time of year. It’s beginning to look a lot like the traditional holiday season in Paradise! We thumb our noses at death and hardship, Volge and exposure.

In fact, from December 14th to January 4th, we’re going to take the celebration TO the Volge. We doubt they’ll appreciate the sentiment, so we’ll warm them up one way or another… feel free to fill them with hot flaming death.

Solstice brings in a new pursuit, the Solstice Slayer, that will net you an epic jackpot SO2 Courier – this beauty can be upgraded to supreme!
Look for the Volge in both major and minor arkfalls during the Solstice Strike. You’ll find heaps of seasonal loot and battle your way through Volge to collect rewards of the new Eternal Presence synergy.

Oho, ho, ho, you say, what is this Eternal Presence synergy? Glad you asked!
[1] 5% Ammo pool regen on kill (Cooldown: 10s)
[2] +10% Mag Size
[3] 15% chance to fully reload equipped weapon on kill (Cooldown: 10s)
[4] 10% chance to refresh all cooldowns on kill (Cooldown: 30s)

Not to be outdone, the Tarr family will offer daily and weekly contracts that pay out epic and legendary Eternal Presence loot. Who says that Datak is a Scrooge? Best of all, he couldn’t care less if you’ve been naughty or nice, as long as you get the job done.
Finally keep an eye out for the Abominable Warmaster, only found in a special summoned Major Arkbreak!
On the store, two new cosmetic holiday bundles are also available during the Solstice, to outfit you in the holiday spirit:

Wreck the Halls Pack – 2600 Bits
  • Cyberclaus Outfit and Headgear
  • Grim Wreather Title
  • RM Nomad V6 Camo "Mistle Tow Truck"
  • SB-32 Freezing Swam (Legendary)
  • 30 Days Patron
  • Cinnamon Sugar Shank Charge Blade

Abominable Warmaster Pack – 2600 Bits
  • Abominable Warmaster Outfit and Headgear
  • Frosty Abnomination Title
  • TMW Hannibal 800R "Ice Hunter"
  • SB-32 Volge Icestorm Pistol
  • 30 Days Patron
  • Coolmint Sugar Shank Charge Blade

So to hell with the cold and dark of Solstice – celebrate in style and defeat the winter blues!
The Defiance Team
Community Announcements - Trion_Ocho

Our new synergy is here! From now until January 5, stay in the fight forever with the Eternal Presence Synergy!

Eternal Presence Synergy

[1] 5% Ammo pool regen on kill (Cooldown: 10s)
[2] +10% Mag Size
[3] 15% chance to fully reload equipped weapon on kill (Cooldown: 10s)
[4] 10% chance to refresh EGO power, grenade, spike, and stim cooldowns on kill (Cooldown: 30s)

Pick up this synergy in Eternal Presence Supply Crates to keep the shootout going longer and use your abilities more often. You’ll also have a chance at 7 unique Jackpot weapons!

  • Frostbite (Mazu Blast Rifle)
  • The Grinch (Grind Fragger)
  • Christmass Cannon (Cannon)
  • Stalking Stuffer (Nomad SMG)
  • Little Helper (Wolverine)
  • Krampus (Crash Boomer)
  • Winter's Grasp (INF-3 Canker).

Don’t run out of steam: maintain an Eternal Presence!
Community Announcements - Kiwibird

Now until October 25, the 41st Century Agent Costume Pack is available in the Defiance Store!

41st Century Agent Costume Pack
  • 41st Century Agent Outfit
  • TR-04 Courier
  • Wicked ATV
  • Ammo Pumpkin Spike
  • “41st Century Agent” Title
  • 7 Days of Paradise Patron Pass
Community Announcements - Kiwibird

Ark hunters,

Let the festivities begin! Absurd numbers of Hulkers have gathered in anticipation of this momentous event: Hulker Hell.

Hulker Hell will hit the New Frontier starting on October 12th. A long awaited celebration of tricks and treats, this event brings a special delivery of pumpkins to Paradise until November 2.

This seasonal celebration brings both terror and toys – take full advantage with new weapons and mods from Hulker Hell Arkfalls with the powerful Hallow Point Synergy .

Are you seasonally savvy?
  • Make your own Hulker Hell happen with the Drag Me To Hell Arkfall Summon when you own the Arkbreaker DLC!
  • Limited-time Halloween Contracts and Instances now welcome 12 total players!
  • Complete the new Halloween pursuit to gain the new Legacy Hacker Outfit!
To celebrate this event, the Defiance Team has prepared Hulker Hell Cosmetic Packs for the Defiance Store. These new cosmetic bundles will be released on a weekly basis and are available for a limited time, but you can treat yourself to the Triple Costume Pack to instantly gain access to all of these goodies.

Available October 12 - 18: Earth Defender Costume Pack
  • Earth Defender Outfit
  • TR-0R Flare Pistol
  • Grim Reaper Truck
  • Protection Pumpkin Spike
  • “Earth Defender” Title
  • 7 Days of Paradise Patron Pass
Available October 19 - 25: 41st Century Agent Costume Pack
  • 41st Century Agent Outfit
  • TR-04 Courier
  • Wicked ATV
  • Ammo Pumpkin Spike
  • “41st Century Agent” Title
  • 7 Days of Paradise Patron Pass
Available October 26 – November 2: Lost Warrior Costume Pack
  • Lost Warrior Outfit
  • TR-0R Ground Pounder
  • Grave Digger Buggy
  • Damage Pumpkin Spike
  • “The Lost Warrior” Title
  • 7 Days of Paradise Patron Pass
Available October 12 – November 2: Triple Costume Pack
  • All of the above items, and more!
  • Gemini XIII Outfit
  • "The Right Stuff” Title
  • 30 Days of Paradise Patron Pass Total
Hulker Hell Event Details
Start time: Monday, October 12
End time: Monday, November 2 at 12:00 PM PDT

Fall into fun with Hulker Hell Arkfalls, limited-time Costume Packs, pumpkins and more.

Happy Halloween,
The Defiance Team
Community Announcements - Kiwibird

Ark hunters,

This fall, take your enemies to hell and back with the Hallow Point Synergy! Available in Hallow Point Supply Crates in the Defiance Store until November 2, this explosive synergy will leave you feeling like the Pumpkin King.

Each time-limited box contains 1 epic or better weapon and 3 mods ranging from rare to legendary, all featuring this amazing seasonal synergy.

Activate this synergy by attaching Hallow Point Synergy mods. You’ll need to apply four mods to your Hallow Point weapon to activate all bonuses, but it only takes three to bring pumpkins into play! There’s nothing nice about being on the business end of this explosive pumpkin spice. (Removed extra add)

Synergy: Hallow Point

[1] +6.66% Ammo Regen / 10 Secs
[2] +13% Mag
[3] Damaging an enemy will summon an exploding pumpkin (Cooldown: 30s)
[4] +10% Life and Shield Steal!

Attach just one more mod and you’ll be set to suck the life out of your enemies with +10% Life and Shield Steal! As an added bonus, each Hallow Point Supply Crate now contains a chance at one of seven Jackpot Weapons:
Spice up your arsenal now while these seasonal supplies last!

Happy hunting!
The Defiance Team
Psst... You. Yeah, you. Do you want to know a secret? These crates contain a chance at a special seasonal headgear!

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