Community Announcements - Dev Langor
Patch # 1.13 - And Dragons for All!

We are happy to present the long awaited patch 1.13. This massive patch takes game`s performance to the next level, boosting visual FPS on all types of hardware. We`ve also given Invite a Friend system a big reward boost - now giving out random Dragons and large Crown rewards, as well as Premium. So please help our community grow and send out a few invites. We`ve also made the early game even more accessible and rebalanced a good deal about the game. Please let us know what you think, and stay tuned for a big combat update patch in a couple of weeks.

::::: Major Fixes and Additions:::::
-Huge visual performance boost across the entire game
-Fixed various issues with players not receiving crowns
-New Player Referral System - now gives Random Dragon or 90 Crowns, + Premium for each player

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
-Reworked how Premium days are counted - now uses 24 hours from hour player logs into city
-Adjusted Store prices - cosmetic changes price dropped from 0.99$ to 0.49$, some other changes
-Fixed King of the World achievement
-Fixed various bugs with Whisper/Friends chat not working
-Fixed minor text descriptions with Orc walls
-Fixed Thorndale's front gates to be passable
-Garviola cannot swallow Mantlet, Dragon's Breath, Tosser and Grinder
-Fixed small lakes visual bug on the World Map

:::::Balance Adjustments:::::
-New town starting income bonus greatly increase
-Removed 2X income bonus for all towns
-Increase all homeland income by 5X
-Reduced offline homeland income by up to 3 times
-Increase player Hero stats, 20% more HP, 50 Stamina, 25% attack
-Increase new homeland starting resources
-Quests give 2.5X more resources rewards
-Homeland quest Crowns rewards 2X
-Building prices start low and increases slower
-Max building price is capped at 4 times the default not, from 6
-Towers, and other wall upgrades are 50% cheaper, and build faster
-Palisade wall cost greatly reduced, especially in crowns
-Inner Stone walls crown cost reduced by 60%
-Stone walls build time reduced from 40 minutes to 5 minute per segment
-Palisade wall build time reduced from 20 minutes to 1 minute per segment
-Ogre/Treant resources storage reduced from 900 to 500
-Horse Cart resources storage reduced from 1700 to 750
Community Announcements - Reverie World Indie
We have a pretty awesome patch for you today! And we promise we won`t wipe anyone`s towns this time around.

This time around we looked into making game run smoother, much smoother and to rework out combat model. We still have a bit of work left - and by the time we are done next week you won`t recognize the combat. Such thing as battalions fighting as one, and unit turn times and animation blending are still left to do, meanwhile we have added unit to unit collision and rebalanced a few things about combat.

We thank you for continuous support, and hope you`ll continue to enjoy the game.

::::: Major Fixes and Additions:::::
-Added combat unit to unit collision - units will block enemy units
-Archer behavior changed not to chase enemies
-Improved visual performance on the homelands
-Improved visual performance on the world map
-Improved visual performance on the main scene

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
-Fixed crash in the Orc View mode
-Orc tribes in Orc View mode are now only hostile to player
-Fixed issue with Orc building refund on construction abort
-Archer units are in stand-ground mode on default
-Increase button size for New town and Delete town
-Flashing New town button for new players
-We don`t show Market button on the first homeland Run
-Main menu scales down on lower resolution
-Orcish elite buildings can no longer be constructed in the PvP unsafe zones

:::::Balance Adjustments:::::
-Max price of large buildings now only goes up to 6X default, before was 10X
-Human Fire Cart population requirement is now 1, instead of 4
Community Announcements - Dev Langor
Patch # 1.09 - Easy Begining

Dear Players,

In today`s patch we looked into making things more appealing for our new players, The new Economic Boost features increases player income by giving 10X more resources their workers gather, and scales down as their progress through the early game. We hope this will help new players get attached to the game faster, and will eliminate all these "it`s very slow to start" concerns.

We also included several improvements across the board with notifications, announcements, email check and so on. And by popular demand - we are raising reward for inviting your friends from 1 to 3 Days Premium for each friend you invite. Thanks for supporting our game - and we are really happy to see hundreds of you inviting friends to join us!

::::: Major Fixes and Additions:::::
-New Players will now get major boost in resources income
-Fixed micro-transactions not working for players using non-English game language

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
-Improved Announcement notification window
-Add notification to Turn on Steam Overlay to use the Shop
-Added reward value text to the invite promo
-Option email check, and newsletter signup are back to the main menu as well
-Fixed micro-transaction issues with some currency values

:::::Balance Adjustments:::::
-Inviting new players using referral window now gives 3 days premium instead of 1 day


-Mounted GrandMaster reduced movement run from 120 to 95
-Enchanters: +50 hp (now 500) +50 fatigue (now 200) +10 crush dmg +5 pierce res
-Bolt Thrower: gestation time -50% now 20 +50% hp now 1500 +75 crush dmg +50 pierce dmg +100 range now 1950 +10 movement speed run/walk
-Bladestorm: +20hp (now 550)

-Mounted Knight: reduced movement speed walk 60 from 70 and run 95 from 110, augmented strenght by 1
-Cavalier: reduced movement speed walk 80 from 90 and run 130 from 150, augmented strenght by 1
-Foot Knights pray ability health regen augmented by +4hp/sec (from 14 to 18)

-Warg: +80hp (now 400) +50 fatigue (now 250) +50 runspeed (now 160) +20 walkspeed (now 90) +20 slash res +20 crush res +15 pierce res +10 crush dmg +10 slash augmented strenght by 1
-Warg Howl ability +50 range + 100% duration (20 sec now) +10% dmg (+60% instead 50%)
-Berserker: reduced production time from 20 to 15 augmented hp by +25 (now 650) augmented str by +1
-All Goblins gestation time reduced by 50%
-Goblin Prowler: +70 stamina (now 300) +10 hp (now 250) augmented str by +1 +5 pierce dmg
-Goblin Raider: +20 hp (now 350) +70 fatigue (now 300) +5 slash res
-Impaler: +40hp (now 450) +20 fatigue (now 250) +5 slash and crush res +10 crush dmg
-Impaler Warg: +50 hp (now 950) +20 fatigue (now 250) augmented str by +1 +5 slash res +10 pierce dmg, reduced movement speed
-Ogre: reduced food cost by 50% +50 fatigue (now 250) +5 crush and pierce res +20 crush dmg
-Slayer: +20hp (now 640) +40 fatigue (now 250) +5 slash dmg
-Slayer Warg: +100 gold cost +100hp (now 1050) +40 fatigue (now 250) +10 slash dmg, reduced movement speed

Hero abilities
-Battlecry: health regen augmented from 5 to 8, duration +5 seconds (25 now) dmg bonus augmented to +40% from 30%
-Dwarven Horn: Duration +5 seconds (25 now)
-Healing Potion: reduced to half the effect but augmented the heal rate, so it work faster but no change in the amount
-Mass Heal: Augmented regen from 15 to 20, duration +5 seconds (20 now)
-Blood Purge: +27 magic dmg (60 now) -20 sec duration (20 sec now)
-Acceleration: speed bonus reduced to +30% from 40%
-Dwarven Horn: augmented effectiveness on movement malus from -50% to -75%

Dragons and monsters:
-Royal Dragon: Augmented food cost from 5200 to 8000 and gold cost from 11000 to 15000 reduced strenght value by 5 (65 now) +50 fatigue (350 now) +10 slash res +10 crush res +15 all magic res +50 crush and slash dmg +10 fire dmg -20 runspeed
-Red Dragon: +4000hp +50 fatigue (350 now) +5 strenght (50) Augmented food cost from 3700 to 5000 and gold cost from 8000 to 10000 +8 slas and crush res +30 crush and slash dmg
-Haunter Dragon:+2000hp +50 fatigue (350 now) -5 strenght (55 now) +20 slash and crush dmg +20 walk and run speed (faster dragon in game)
-Ice Dragon: +4000hp +50 fatigue (350 now) +20 slash and crush dmg +10 cold dmg +8 slash and crush res
-Green Dragon: Augmented food cost from 2500 to 3600 and gold cost from 5200 to 7500 augmented walk and run speed by 20 fatigue +50 (350 now) +2000hp , +6 slash and crush res 20 crush and a slash dmg
-Hydra: Augmented food cost from 7500 to 10000 and gold cost from 4000 to 18000 hp +6000 fatigue +200 (300 now) strenght -50 (80 now) reduced runspeed -30 (160 now) augmented walkspeed from 70 to 90 +30 slash and crush dmg
-Minotaur: + overall magic res and +15 walkspeed

-Firewall :+100 fire dmg +50 crush dmg
-Fireball: +100 crush and fire dmg +300 range
-Mages: Reduced all mages base strength value to 16 from 20, this will reduce the strength of a lev 100 mage from current 450+ to roughly 350

-Dwarf Axeman:+50 hp (850 now) +50 fatigue (200now) +10 walkspeed (40 now)
-Dwarf Battler: +30 hp (650 now) +50 fatigue (200now)
+10 walkspeed (60 now) +20 crush dmg
-Cannon: Augmented hp +1800,augmented crush and slash res +20, fatigue +100 (250 now) augmented run and walkspeed by 10 (35 now)
-Grape Shot: Due to difficoulty to land such shot at short range with an artillery the damage is augmented by 500 crush 500 fire (bringing current damage to 900 crush 900 pierce 700 fire = 2500 overall damage)
-Bonus of grapeshot damage against all kind of monsters +60%,also augmented bonus vs heroes from +50% to +75%
Community Announcements - Reverie World Indie
Dear Players,

We are extremely happy to see over 25,000 new players join our game world over the past week and a half. And now that you have spent some time with Kingdom Wars, we would love to know what you love about the game and what we can improve on. And to make this interesting we decided to ask for your opinion - as part of an epic Steam Review Contest.

This contest will run between November 2nd and November 10th, all you have to do is to visit Kingdom Wars page and review the game. The 60 best (informative, constructive, humorous) reviewers will be awarded an amazing prize package:
-Haunter Dragon
-120 Crown Points
-Ice Dragon

To take part in this contest, simply login to Steam and Visit Kingdom Wars and write a new review. We will announce the Winners on November 10th, and automatically send you reward inside the game.

Good luck, and thank you for your feedback, and please note that we are not biased towards Up or Down votes - so please rate the game according to your opinion. We will be choosing winners depending on the quality of the review itself including constructive, witty, informative factors.
Community Announcements - Reverie World Indie
Happy Halloween everyone!

It's been a long week since Kingdom Wars free to play release, so we thought it was time to celebrate Halloween together, and show our appreciation to our fans, without whom none of this would have been possible!

Nightmares have come to Kingdom Wars - as eternal night engulfs the game world for the next 48 hours.

As part of the Halloween event the main menu has been transformed with scary music, cinematic and menu arts. Only the bravest will enter the game world now.

We also included an Undead hero skin for our players main hero`s, available in Hero Customization menu in the Market.

As always - thank you for your support, and see you on the battlefield! Something about bloody siege combat in the dark.
Community Announcements - Dev Langor
Patch # 1.05b - Huge Leap Forward

Dear Players,

Today we continue with fixing the majority of the remaining major issues - including the server not properly saving player's progress, resulting in lost progress or lost units. We have also re-enabled deleting town and Importing, and fixed various other bugs across the board. Things should work much much better now, and we hope to have Kingdom Wars on it`s top performance by Thursday, so that we can start adding new content and cool features.

Our team is working full speed on providing the best customer support we can, and at the same time improving and adding to the game. Thank you for your support, and we hope you`ll continue to enjoy what the world of Kingdom Wars has to offer. See you on the battlefield!

::::: Major Fixes and Additions:::::
-Fixed various issues with missing resources and units
-Fixed issues with town capture - vassal and hostage stance
-Fixed issues with saving players progress
-Fixed damaged unit cloning after transferring from homeland to army
-Importing cities is fixed and enabled
-Deleting cities is fixed and enabled

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
-Different chat color for Head Moderators
-Several new Moderators added to the game
-Fixed problems with Bank not working

:::::Known Issues:::::
Resource bar does not update with Tech Upgrades for Units and Buildings
Community Announcements - Dev Langor
Patch # 1.04 - Faster, Better, Stronger

Dear Players, the past few days been a thrilling roller-coaster, with so many things going wrong, but at the same time thousands of players enjoying the game, and our community growing like never before. The main problems were all related to our mega game server performance - and we are happy to say today we`d made a huge leap in getting our server to run smoothly with thousand+ players online.

Our team is working full speed on providing the best customer support we can, and at the same time improving and adding to the game. Thank you for your support, and we hope you`ll continue to enjoy what the world of Kingdom Wars has to offer. See you on the battlefield!

::::: Major Fixes and Additions:::::
Server updates to reduce lag and stuttering
Added in-game email support from the Help and Forum tabs below resource tool-bar

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
Improved Login Time Out, will automatically try to login 3 times
Market trading now costs the proper amount of crowns
You are no longer able to sell ogres to trade cities
You are now able to build the Human Alliance Hall after joining an alliance

:::::Known Issues:::::
Temporally disabled importing of CD-Keys
Resource bar does not update with Tech Upgrades for Units and Buildings

NOTE: You may have to relog after patch to activate Human Alliance Hall.
Community Announcements - Reverie World Indie
The long awaited day has finally arrived - Kingdom Wars Free-To-Play is here!

We at Reverie World Studios would like to extend a welcome to all those who are joining us as well as a big thank you to all those players who played Dawn of Fantasy and Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars which helped us get to this point.

Since we announced Kingdom Wars Free-To-Play, the response from players has extremely positive and your feedback has helped shape the game, making things even better. We hope everyone enjoys all the new content from Female Heroes to customizable banners and much more.

If you previously played Dawn of Fantasy or Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars, don't forget to Import using your game key to claim all your free rewards.

We look forward to seeing thousands of players building their cities and battling to expand their empires.

See you on the battlefield!
Community Announcements - Hi11Zone
As you might know, we are going Free-to-Play with Kingdom Wars later this month, and all of us hope, and expect our player base to skyrocket. As it was from the start - our goal is to continue answering every question from our players - in-game, forums, or email. It won`t be easy - but we hope that with our expanded team of Moderators - we`ll be able to face this challenge.

So as you might have guessed - we are expanding our staff to hire a dozen of new moderators. We'll be recruiting from our loyal player base, and these veterans will be able to help our newest players settle in, as well as to have direct commutation with developers, and help improve and shape the game in the future.

Our greatly expanding team is highly organized, with core team of 3 leads and 8 head moderators who`ll help you get started and turn this part-time work into an enjoyable and memorable experience. We believe that being a moderator is not a tedious, routine job, but a fun, and important role to play in the game`s community.

-Have spent at least 30 hours in-game. Preference will be given to players with 50+ hours.
-Available to Moderate in-game or in the forums for 16-25 hours per week
-Availability to attend Moderators team meetings at 3pm EST, at least twice a month

-Spend “working” time inside the game`s chat. Helping new players get started, answering questions about features and potential bugs.
-Keep an eye out on players losing units and or resources and refund them accordingly.
-Monitor trouble makers and applying chat bans. Reporting more serious offenders to Head Moderators for a permanent ban
-Recording your weekly activity - players helped, amount of compensation resources sent, and submitting a small weekly check list to Lead Moderators
-Install Developers build of the game, and occasionally work directly with Dev Team on testing new content before it`s released to the public
-Moderators are not allowed to join or host alliances. If you are promoted to a Head Moderator, you will also loose ability to PvP
-Be patient with plyers. Understand not all players know everything in game, and for many English is not their first language. Or some players might still be just a few years old, and can`t be expected to follow instructions well
-Finally - try to log into the game at least every other game, and have fun! Even though this is a job, we wan't you to enjoy your time, and help shape the community.

-Moderators who have good performance for at least 1 month, will be given in-game credit
-Each month few best moderators will receive $ bonus, around $300
-Strong possibility of promotion to Head or Lead moderators, monthly salaried position. Typical time for promotion - 2 months of good service
-Access to developers build - try new content months before it`s available
-Access to all the game has to offer - keep in mind though, that we restrict the mods can interact with other players - no alliances for regular mods, no pvp for head mods e.t.c
-Weekly communication with the development team, and after a month personal Skype access to development team. We`ll listen to your feedback, suggestions e.t.c. This is your chance to shape the game
-Half of our current employees have originally joined the team as volunteer moderators. If you have skills, talents, and want to pursue career with Reverie - this is the best way to get your foot in the door, to move in to take over Game Designer, QA, Sound Designer, Art positions in the company.

How to Apply:
If your Application is chosen you will be contacted and interviewed via Skype. Only successful candidates will be contacted. We expect to finish recruitment by October 16th

Please follow exact format listed bellow, and submit all application to our Community Manager - Brandon Allgood:
Send Your Application Titled as “Kingdom Wars Moderator App”

What to Include:
-Your Name, Skype contact, Email contact, Country you live in
-Steam username, Your Steam ID (64 bit)
-Kingdom Wars public forums username (register one if you don`t have one yet)
-Availability: Please provide times in EST timezone values, like Tuesday 4pm-10pm, Friday - busy all day e.t.c

-Community Status: Please mention If we have spoken to you before via PM or in-game chat, or if some of the existent mods referred you, or if you have been with Kingdom Wars for a very long time. And if you have other involvement in the gaming community - Such as your Youtube or Website or if you were a Mod in other games e.t.c. List your responsibilities.
-In under 300 words, please describe why you would be a good candidate, and how you would improve Kingdom Wars. More info the better, but please keep it under 300 words - our chance to see how well you can present information in condensed format
-How many time per month, are you able to make our Mod Team meetings? To recall - We hold weekly meetings every Thursday @ 3PM EST. You must be able to attend at least twice a month.

For more info:
Community Announcements - Reverie World Indie
Finally, the long awaited announcement! Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars is going FREE-TO-PLAY this October!

Thousands of new players will build their empires and battle online without having to pay anything. We are also taking good care of our current players with a huge update - transforming the game with a lot of new content, new features, and massive changes to gameplay and balance.

And the best news - we are keeping Kingdom Wars as a game of skill, not bigger wallets. Kingdom Wars will NOT become a Pay to Win game, with micro-transactions only adding cosmetic items and decorations.

With just a few weeks left before the f2p launch, we wanted to extend a great "pre-order" offer of sorts to the new players, offering the game on sale for $4.99. This is a great chance to get a head-start on thousands of players to follow, as well as to get over $20 of content, that the new f2p players will have to unlock.

What's in it for our current players?
Very soon we'll have a game world alive with more players than ever before, with thousands of new players to fight and coop, as well as continuous updates for Kingdom Wars. All that comes with expanding our player population that's only possible with free-to-play business model.

Our loyal players, who paid for the game in the past, will not have any regrets about buying the game. Our players will get:

- All your town progress carried over, and start as elite in the new f2p game world. But it wont be long before new players to catch up
- The majority of micro-transaction content unlocked. Content that f2p players would need to spend over $20 to get
- A premium account, so that you can earn crowns from combat and quests twice as fast

What`s New?
We are planning to release all the new content in a patch later in August, before our free-to-play release in October.

Some of the new content and changes includes:
-Login using Steam Login and play using Steam client
-Gameplay and balance reworked from the ground up
-Countless bug fixes, and performance improvements
-Greatly expanded mod support team available around the clock
-More City Slots so you can play as more races/regions
-Removed the old Crown item shop, all elite units like Dragons are accessible from buildings like regular units
-Several new buildings for each race, including Market buildings for Orcs and Elves
-Select the colour of your soldiers armour
-Customize your Hero's armour, face and heraldry
-Design your army banner with colours, patterns and heraldry
-Decorate your buildings and battalions with your banner and flag
-Customize your town with different building materials
-Utilize one time use booster packs to give your town a kickstart
-Utilize Premium Account to temporarily boost quest and pvp rewards

NOT Pay-To-Win
With Kingdom Wars going free-to-play our primary goal is not to make hoards of gold, but to create a large player community that know about our games and hopefully like them enough to maybe spend a few dollars here and there to help support us.

We have considered different options for monetization, taking into consideration player suggestions and trying to avoid the common pay2win traps, and we think we have come up with a good model. Even now, things are not set in stone, as we will continue consulting with our players over the next month to come up with the system that makes everyone happy.

We hope you are all as excited as we are about this and we look forward to seeing you all in-game soon.

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