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What are the best Steam Summer Sale deals? Each day for the duration of the sale, we’ll be offering our picks – based on price, what we like, and what we think more people should play. Read on for the five best deals from day 10 of the sale.>

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The ghost of THQ is still with us today as some of the publisher s greatest hits find new life on GOG. Deep Silver and Nordic Games, who bought the rights after THQ’s demise, have released Saints Row 2 + 3, Darksiders 1 + 2 and Metro: Last Light Redux on the digital store, all at a discounted price until May 18th.

This is the first time any of these games have been made available completely DRM free.

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A couple of weeks ago, a roguelike which uses the Banner Saga engine to create a rather attractive post-apocalyptic cocktail of FTL, The Oregon Trail and XCOM popped up on Kickstarter. Bedlam’s around $90k into its $130k goal, with just eight days left on the clock. I’ve had a chat with the devs, who include veterans of Darksiders studio Vigil, about what they’re aiming for with the game, what the Banner Saga engine enables them to do, what they’ve changed about it, and the 80s/90s comics visual influences for this game of desert bandits and desert death-buses. Also – what about that other> game called Bedlam? … [visit site to read more]

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Darksiders studio Vigil Games came to an untimely end in the wake of THQ's collapse, and yet it didn't: Instead of purchasing the studio, Crytek left it to wither and die, then hired a big chunk of its staff for its Austin-based Crytek USA. Now its happening again, as Crytek USA has been vastly downsized in the wake of Crytek's move to free-to-play, but the Vigil team is sticking together under yet another new name.

Vigil Games founder David Adams, who was also the chief of Crytek USA, actually left the studio three weeks ago, taking the "core team" with him to form Gunfire Games. He said Crytek's money issues were part of what convinced him to go, but it was also the fact that Crytek's problems were causing others to leave.

"It really was the team," he told Polygon. "When you make a game, one of the most important elements of that is the people you work with. You could get 12 of the best developers in the world and put them into a room and they may not make a good game."

There are currently only seven people at Gunfire, all of them "leads at Crytek USA," according to Studio Director Matt Guzenda. "We're still working on the next round of guys coming around."

Adams said the new studio is "exploring" the possibility of making Darksiders 3, and has actually spoken with Nordic Games, the publisher that currently owns the IP, but added that he doesn't want to "jump into anything immediately." For now, the team is looking at some smaller projects to get started, with a long-term goal of launching a brand-new game that would "build upon what we've done in the past."

"Third-person, games with a lot of characters, adventure aspects, player progression, hunt cool bosses, fantastical creatures," he said. "We have some ideas kicking around."
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Darksiders lives, but what that means for the series is anything but clear, according to the action RPG's creative director Joe Madureira. In a followup post on Facebook today, Madureira writes that his comment yesterday about how the Darksiders series "is not dead" doesn't mean its future has been secured.

A remnant of publisher THQ's collapse, the rights to Darksiders were bought by Nordic Games last year. And as Madureira points out, Nordic is ultimately responsible for determining the fate of the series.

"My enthusiastic outlook on the future of the series is in no way a confirmation that it's happening!! (Sorry guys, I hate being a wet blanket!)" Madureira writes. "My post was in response to the countless messages I get from DS fans that are mourning the 'death' of the series or asking me to 'bring it back' (which it's not in my power to do!). Many fans still do not seem to know that the series didn't end with THQ's demise, and that the rights were picked up by Nordic Games. What that means is that a 3rd game is still *possible*. ie. 'It's not DEAD!' And that Nordic seems committed to continuing the series. Again, this isn't a confirmation just my own positive outlook based on what I gathered from speaking with them."

We liked both Darksiders 1 and 2 for their satisfying approach to hack and slash combat. And while Madureira seems intent to walk back his Monday statement about the still-beating heart of Darksiders, he also sounds pleased with the response to his comments.

"Only Nordic, as the owner of the franchise can make any official decision or announcement, about the future of Darksiders," Madureira writes. "Not me! So I probably should've chosen my words more carefully. That said, I can't help but see the feverish excitement and support from both gamers and press as an encouraging sign that DS is indeed a beloved series, and that the demand is obviously still there!"

Hat tip, Gamespot.
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Update: Confirmation/statement from Nordic Games below. The short version? “We can and will not settle for second-best solutions in the case of Darksiders.”

Original: Things were not looking so great for, er, Death for a little bit there. THQ had a run-in with its own sort of reaper, and the Darksiders license sat in limbo seemingly unwanted for ages. That is, until Nordic Games scooped it up along with roughly one trillion other pieces of THQ’s flaming wreckage. But it’s not like the Painkiller: Hell & Damnation publisher can just churn out sequels to everything from Red Faction to Supreme Commander. You’d figure, then, that Darksiders is probably stuck on the sidelines – not pushing up daisies, but not pushing blocks or scything occult beasties either. Former series creative director Joe Madureira, however, claims we might not have to wait long to see something new after all.

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Dear Darksiders II fans,

The official soundtrack for Darksiders II is now available:

For all buyers of the Darksiders Franchise pack ( we are happy to announce that your Franchise pack stay complete - the Soundtrack has been added to all excisting (and of course future) owners of the Franchise bundle.

Hope you like that step.
Your Nordic Games Team

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