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Community Announcements - Darkfall Unholy Wars
Today with this communication we hope to make the community a part of our vision, direction and immediate development plans for Darkfall Unholy Wars.

Direction is a critical issue for the game and the development team, and it has been a hotly debated topic within the community. Compromises have been made along the way; however we are committed to our original vision of a politically and economically driven sandbox PvP MMO, where risk dictates the reward, leading to meaningful massive battles. Sandbox is part of our culture and, to us, it’s the essence of gaming, rather than a current industry trend.

To realign with our vision, we have evolved our internal structure and workflow, and we have our development strategy to guide us back on track. We are also committed to our interaction and communication with the community since our players are an integral part of our vision.

To that end, we are pleased to present the major features from our next few updates:

Custom Roles

Drawing from Darkfall’s heritage we are introducing custom roles. Players can mix and match skills, boosters, and perks, to fully customize their combat role, enhancing sandbox character development. Armor sits on top of the whole system, affecting different skills in different ways, but blocking none. The endless combinations promote player freedom and the open ended experience. The introduction of Custom roles is our highest priority; expect to see them in game very soon.

Economy Rebalance

The driving force behind meaningful conflict and combat is a robust economy. We have been going over every monster, resource node and recipe. Additionally, new higher tier tools as well as special nodes are being introduced, along with more variation in recipes. These changes are coming in waves; expect to see them in most of our upcoming patches. The next step in the economy rebalance is enchanting; once custom roles are launched, enchanting will follow.

Siege Engines

A highly requested feature, siege engines have been on our backlog for a while. Proper catapults, siege towers, battering rams and siege ladders are in the works and their introduction will change the face of sieging. These engines are driven across terrain, and need to be positioned properly following a realistic medieval approach to their design and operation. This feature, currently in the design pipeline, will become our development focus right after custom roles have been implemented.

Quest System

Aimed mainly at improving our new player experience, quests will also provide content for all players. Darkfall lore is reintroduced through engaging storylines to help new players learn the ropes and explore the world. For experienced players, quests offer meaningful rewards like unlockable perks. This is a resource demanding system we’re already working on, so we’ll keep you updated on its progress.

These four systems are our major development goals, along with various other smaller ones, such as improvements to the feel and responsiveness of combat, additional improvements to the new player experience, and more. Overall, we aim to move away from features that are not consistent with our sandbox vision. A very specific example: we are rethinking timed events and the purpose of safe zones, and we are experimenting with meaningful alignment system setups.

As a philosophy, we will always challenge our development decisions against our sandbox strategy and decisively move forward with making Darkfall the game it’s meant to be.

The Darkfall Team
Community Announcements - Darkfall Unholy Wars
We released a short highlight video of the Burning Embers Rumble tournament, as we approach the finals this coming weekend. Let's get Ready to Rumble!
Community Announcements - Darkfall Unholy Wars
Darkfall Unholy Wars Territory Control Update

Athens, Greece – April 7th, 2014 – Aventurine S.A., developer of the PvP MMORPG Darkfall Unholy Wars, announces an April patch update which contains exciting changes to the game

Territory Control Video

In our upcoming patch, Darkfall Unholy Wars takes a massive step towards the endgame via exciting new territory-control features, as we refocus on our sandbox PvP and massive-battles heritage.

Check out our new video and find out how territory control is changing the face of the game.

For detailed patch notes please visit the Darkfall Unholy Wars Website

Territory Control

Territory ownership taps into Darkfall Unholy Wars’ strategic and political potential and will be the driving force of massive battles to gain control over highly contested areas. These sandbox features are based on the implementation of large, complex, scalable systems we will continuously expand on. Your feedback on the territory ownership features is extremely valuable to us and we are committed to reacting swiftly to your reports to make any necessary adjustments and improvements.

Following are the update's highlights:

Areas of Influence

Essentially, this is the basis of the whole territory control system. All control points that can be captured (holdings, villages and sea fortresses) have an area attached to them and the clan that owns the control point is considered the owner of the area of influence around it as well. On its own, this system offers a visual element to the map so that anyone can have an overview of what and how many territories are owned by which clans. Its true potential lies in the features that are tied to it.

Area Bonuses

Each area offers a set of buffs to clan members and allies of the owning clan, who operate within the area of influence. These buffs have to do with prowess generation rates, rare item drop chances from harvesting and monster-killing as well as gold generation. These buffs stack in the case of connected areas, so expanding your territory by conquering neighboring ones will yield the best results.

Levy Collector

A form of taxation on generated resources in a clan’s area of influence is another feature that next week’s patch brings. . Resources generated in an area will also fill up the levy collector of that area. While this is a taxation mechanic conceptually, no resources are actually deprived from the harvester or monster-killer. Instead, there is a chance for extra resources to be generated and placed in the levy collector inventory. Normal harvesting and monster-killing, as well as village requisitioning are actions that generate these extra resources at this point. While filling up, the collector cannot be interacted with by anyone. It’s important to note here that while the Levy collector building is close to a clan holding (cities and hamlets), it does not technically belong to it. Because of this it cannot be damaged and it does not need to be built like other clan buildings. Once it is full with resources, the structure becomes available for requisitioning. The requisitioning mechanic is exactly the same as the one that is used for villages. The same rules apply and you will still need a requisitioning gauntlet as well as globules of greed. The fill progress of all levy collectors is displayed on the map for all to see but since it is player activity based, there is no timer.

Feat window and feats

We have also shared images of the new feat window. Redesigning this element is part of an ongoing process of improving our GUI elements with availability of information and intuitiveness in mind. Additionally we are introducing a first round of PvE repeatable feats to serve as daily and weekly goals for players of all experience levels.

Additionally, this patch features some loot adjustments for some of our top tier monsters, new masks and various bug fixes and tweaks.
Community Announcements - Darkfall Unholy Wars
Check out the new Darkfall Unholy Wars Patch Notes which features

  • Clan Markets
  • Realistic Weather Effects
  • Masks
  • Many fixes and additions to the game

    You can read the full patch notes and watch a very cool video with the new environmental effects by visiting the Darkfall Unholy Wars Official Site
Community Announcements - Darkfall Unholy Wars
In today's patch we have major changes to Villages and the new Primalist School, as well as Elementalist and Primalist changes, along with several other important updates.

You can check out the full Patch Notes here
Product Update - Valve
Darkfall Unholy Wars is now featuring 6-month subscription plans on Steam!

As a special gift to customers, all lapsed accounts are reactivated, free of charge, for the entire week.

Subscribe with a 6-month plan and save 44%.

To celebrate the new subscription plans, the game is on sale through February 12th.

During the discount week, customers can purchase the game (and a free first month of subscription) for just $9.99, with $14.95 recurring monthly payments (a 75% discount on the initial purchase).

OR for $59.99, get the base game and 6 months of subscription, with $49.95 recurring payments every 6 months. (a 20% discount on the initial purchase, plus a 44% discount on the recurring payment).

Darkfall Unholy Wars is an innovative, Real-Time, fast-paced, PvP, Sandbox MMORPG. Players are called to form clans and battle for dominance across the seamless, zoneless, uninstanced open fantasy world of Agon. Recruit and train new warriors, conquer fortresses and clan cities, engage in epic land and naval battles with thousands of concurrent players to build and defend powerful empires.
Community Announcements - Darkfall Unholy Wars
This is the third of our scheduled patches before Christmas, that includes the new actionbars, the Prowess Monoliths, and other fixes and various updates.

You can check out screenshots we posted on Facebook of the Prowess Monoliths, the Actionbar and the new skill icons.

Prowess Monoliths

Three enabled prowess monoliths have been placed in the world. They will become active once a day, all at nearly the same time, for half an hour while the system is being evaluated. You can check their activation times on the map by enabling the clans map overlay.
Each of the three monoliths is of a different tier.

Lake Aegrah close to the center of the map – Tier 1
Grenguk in Cairn – Tier 2
Iyrtanhall in Yssam – Tier 3

Tier 1 - Only rewards players that have up to 15000 prowess.
Tier 2 - Only rewards players that have up to 45000 prowess.
Tier 3 - Rewards all players regardless of their gained prowess.

Prowess gained from Monoliths is not affected by diminishing returns.

The higher the tier the higher the prowess reward per tick. Every 60 seconds the monolith will deliver a deadly blast to everyone near it, making it imperative to step off momentarily.

No item can be spawned on the monolith. In the case of mounts or other movable spawned items, if they are driven onto the monolith while it is active, they will get destroyed immediately.


- New actionbars and skill icons, including numerical cooldown indicators.
- Added three options for each radial slot (Available in radial wheel configuration - default: TAB)

  • Select default attack after the skill executes
  • Perform default attack when the skill is unavailable (disabled/cooldown)
  • Executing the skill directly using the shortcut key assigned to it

- You may use “Ctrl+x” (by default) to switch between expanded and compact mode.

Examples using the new actionbar functionality:

- If you are casting a short cooldown spell such as thunderbolt, you now have the option to NOT cast the default “staff bolt” in between.

- You may cast a spell immediately upon selecting it (without having to press any mouse button), for that extra 0.2 second speed. For example: transfer spells, tornado, heal-self.

- You may have a skill selected to better monitor its cooldown, while you are using default attacks.

By default, left and right Radial Wheels keep their current functionalities, until skill slots are manually customized.

General Changes

- If you release and press the mouse button again, while a skill is charging, the skill will not automatically restart after it is cast ( a.k.a. the “extra arrow fired” bug)

- Added a chat button to toggle the input area's visibility.

- Implemented an anti-spam mechanism in which long messages must be sent at least 20 seconds apart for the same channel.

- Enabled selection of sub-channels in the chat tab options window by using Ctrl+ left mouse button.

- Added/tweaked some sound notifications on drop,drag,use and equip of items

- Added whisper and friend online/offline audio options.

- Changed friend online/offline sound notifications.

General Fixes

- Fixed a bug where playing an emote while switching weapons would result in the player appearing to wield both weapons.

- Fixed a bug where monsters would not attack mounts or mounted players.

- Fixed a bug where disabling “Message Tags” would also hide the timestamps.

- When only one chat window is active the close button becomes disabled.

- Fixed block friend command not working.

- Fixed a bug in anti-spam system that allowed the player to post many messages the first time the chat was opened.

- Fixed the text paste on chat input to respect the 300 character limit.

- Fixed the activation of a channel command when the command is pasted (instead of typed).

- Fixed so that when pressing enter, the chat window will focus the last focused window that has input activated

- Fixed a bug where some channels would not keep their settings after relog

- Fixed a bug where you could not whisper a friend from the social window.

- Fixed the double whisper sound.

- Fixed a bug where multiple UI sounds were being played during loading screen.

- Fixed a bug where strongboxes could be deployed at the bottom of the sea.

Thank you for reading.
Community Announcements - Darkfall Unholy Wars
This is the new chat patch we talked about last week and it also includes the addition of deployable and city Cannons.

You can check out a screenshot of the new chat as well as a screenshot of a new Cannon posted on the Darkfall Unholy Wars page on Facebook.

New Feature

New Chat, including emotes and chat bubbles (with the option to turn them off)

  • Emotes can be used by the bottom right button in the chat, or by typing out the full emote command (e.g. /guitar) Keybind options are included.
  • Chat bubbles will only appear for messages that are sent through the local area channel.
  • You can cycle through previous sent messages using Ctrl+UP/DOWN

New Spawnable Cannon (Eruptor Cannon)

  • It can be crafted through engineering and requires a new material (Flash Cotton), only available as a Village reward (rare)
  • Added cannons to clan city towers

General Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with ship building and some fishing feats not being completed
  • Some ability and AI teaks for Sir Davosh and Erodach
  • Asset protection cost has been decreased by 70%
Community Announcements - Darkfall Unholy Wars
This is the first of our scheduled patches before Christmas. The main feature in this patch is an epic new Dungeon called Sinspire Cathedral

We've posted some screenshots of the new Dungeon on Darkfall Unholy Wars' Facebook page.

You can also check out the full patch notes and the description, as well as the lore associated with Sinspire Cathedral at the official Darkfall Unholy Wars forum
Sep 6, 2013
Community Announcements - Darkfall Unholy Wars
An update on the upcoming patches, the Asian beta going on right now, and our stance on and efforts against Real Money Transactions.

You can read the update at the Darkfall Unholy Wars Website

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