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Do games still use gouraud shading? Probably not, but it’s the only relevant word I could think of that sounded even slightly like ‘gorillas’. Myst is ancient source of division amongst PC gamers, and also one that’s never quite managed to go away. Remade in 2000 as both Myst: Masterpiece Edition and realMyst, with any number of ports and sequels and spin-offs since then, it’s now back again again as realMyst: Masterpiece Edition.

There’s still no sign of a Pyst remake, however. … [visit site to read more]

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Witness the majesty and grace of the twin gumball moons orbiting chewed-up-and-spat-out gum world. Look at those soaring mounds, still wet with stringy saliva. Ah, such natural beauty.

It’s not hard to see why once-legendary developers who’ve lost their way flock to Kickstarter. Second chances are rare, especially in an industry where a single dud can sink entire 100-person studios. Rebirths and reinventions, meanwhile, used to be damn near unheard of. But now it’s all possible, and wouldn’t you know it? Everyone> you fondly remember from your childhood is coming out of the woodwork. A true Myst revival, however, has been conspicuously absent throughout NostalgiaFest 2013, but then, I suppose it’s only fitting that exploratory, methodical puzzling took its sweet time getting to the scene of its own potential resurgence. So then, what exactly is Obduction? Pretty much what you’d expect: a spiritual sequel to Myst and Riven, powered by shiny Unreal Engine 4 tech.


Mar 16, 2012
Product Release - Valve
Myst V is Now Available on Steam and 10% off until Friday 10AM PST.

The Grand Finale of the greatest adventure! Decide the fate of a civilization in this triumphant final chapter to the Myst saga. Embark on an epic journey into the heart of a shattered empire as the only explorer who can still save it— or destroy it with the wrong choices.


Man Lights Fireworks. Man Blows Up Manhole.A man in a blue jacket crouched, lighting a firecracker on a manhole. The children stuck their fingers in their ears.

What happened next was caught on a security camera. It can only be described as unbelievable.

Gas in the drainage system unexpectedly caught fire, causing an explosion that sent the 44-pound manhole several stories into the air, before hitting the side of a building.

The man's jacket, not his arm, was blown clean off, and he was lifted up, landing over six feet away from the blast. His arm is visible as he falls out of frame.

The incident occurred on Jan. 29 in China's Hunan Province. This clip was broadcasted on Japan's TV Asahi evening news.

According to TV Asahi, the man suffered burns to his face, but thankfully, neither of the children was injured.

This is like watching Nintendo's Manhole Game & Watch gone very, very wrong. Glad to hear the kids are okay and hopefully the father will make a full and speedy recovery.

マンホールが突然、爆発 [TV Asahi via Amaebi]

Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 50% off the Cyan Complete Pack

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Product Release - Valve
Myst: Masterpiece Edition is now available on Steam!

Enter a world where nothing is as it seems... and adventure knows no bounds!

To celebrate this release, Myst: Masterpiece Edition and the Cyan Complete Pack are 25% off until February 9th at 10am PST!


Myst May Be Coming To A Theater Near YouPuzzling adventure game Myst, the best way to show off your bad-ass new CD-ROM drive in 1993, may be the next video game to get a big screen adaptation.

According to a report from Deadline, Cyan Worlds' adventure game series has been optioned for "live action film treatment." Producers Hunt Lowry (Donnie Darko) and Mark Johnson (The Chronicles of Narnia) have partnered with Mysteria Film Group, which secured film rights to the Myst franchise last year, in an attempt to bring the franchise to movie theaters.

Does that mean a Myst movie will actually see the light of day? Maybe. Maybe not.

But the filmmakers say they will draw from the Myst game and a series of novels that served as companion pieces. They're looking for a screenwriter now.

Computer Game 'MYST' Gains Movie Steam [Deadline]

Product Release - Valve
Now on Steam, you can play all of your favorites from the creators of MYST! Cyan Worlds released the following titles today: realMYST, Riven: The Sequel to Myst, URU: Complete Chronicles as well as The Cyan Complete Pack.

Revisit the world of Myst like you've never seen it before!


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